When the facade cracks

In 2016, White America voted in President Trump. That hit nonwhites hard. It shook their complacency about the eternal Nice White Person acquiescing to his replacement. Their assumption that we have no destiny except to transfer the accumulated capital of our civilization over to them. The result of that election awakened them into realizing that despite decades of anti-racism indoctrination, immigration, and our going along to get along, we in fact want don’t want them around. And they took that personally.

Here are samples of their expressed indignation, and fear, three years later:

No more Mr Nice Immigrants

This is from the Washington Post op-ed about a month ago:


A civil facade in public, true feelings in private

It works both ways.


As to her possibly hypothetical White friend…  instead of being gracious about the sincere overture of good will from a White person toward her, she exploits it as a fleeting opportunity to taunt. This is why they are Shithole Country people.

The Window to the Soul


What he notices is that interpersonal walls go up when Diversity becomes too close for comfort. This shouldn’t be controversial; it’s a fundamental sociobiological reality.

“I Broke Up With Her Because She’s White”

New York Times article written by a Dominican:

It’s been a year since I broke up with my girlfriend, and I haven’t told her the real reason. I talked around it, mumbling about how I was trying to figure out who I was or whatever. She didn’t understand. I’m not sure I do either. There was nothing wrong with her at all.

I don’t really know what my tipping point was. It just kind of happened. At 30, I woke up one day, took a deep breath, looked at her and thought, “I don’t think I can date white women anymore.”

Dear Penthouse Letters… These humble-brag confessionals always sound made-up. Whatever.

Contact corrupts.

False affirmations of equality corrupt.

Any more illusions?


By “white supremacist,” the Bolshevik filth is referring to all of us who voted for Trump, and even those of us who didn’t.

Antiwhite Twitter posts are a jumbotron display of their real faces. The 2016 Presidential election exposed them. Trump has to feign impartiality until he’s reelected. And then it’s the Blazin’ 20s.

47 thoughts on “When the facade cracks

  1. Dayna Steele’s twitter pages “no longer exist”.

    And her name is Dayna Steele?! Can a name get anymore more Anglo German; her face as pictured doesn’t look semitic.

    Daily Stormer had a recent article about another such tweet twat, this one was by a B-lister gen x actress, Patricia Arquette. Her nasty tweet was in the vein of I’m White and white people suck but it turns out that she is jewish and her twitter got hammered and she took it down. Anglin made the point that many of these not-young jews, perhaps those on the older side of the internal gen x divide, don’t get the new reality, of that goys are wise to them.

    In any case Steele’s is a hecked-up tweet. What an awful thing to say. Because I guess when you’re a jew getting kids molested and tortured is just another day? If jews were smarter, other jews would somehow more better keep their legion shrill twitter twats piped down a notch, or two.

    That was the thing about the Peter Fonda tweet, where he made the same suggestion for Barron Trump, that he oughta get put in his place, in a cage and molested. It’s a more-or-less certainty that these celebrity stupid tweets are made under the influence of alcohol. Peter Fonda’s tweet raises the likelihood that he himself was molested himself. And by whom. The youtuber what’s-his-name, Black Pilled [ Devon Stack? ] did an excellent takedown of Easy Rider.

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  3. Maybe you conservatives should wake up and smell the coffee.
    The article above is a perfect wake up call to you all.

    I am posting a link to a John Mark video–and you should take the time to look at most all of his videos to see what is coming down the road…

  4. I don’t share your faith in Trump, or the system in our current multicultural, globalist mess.

    I fear TINVOWOOT.

    After much study, the correct answer is that national socialism is the correct system for all countries. And each country needs to be a racially homogeneous nation. Think about the implications of this truth.

    Scary times.

  5. Trump has to feign impartiality until he’s reelected. And then it’s the Blazin’ 20s.

    Thanks for that Blast From The Past (as the radio DJ’s used to say)… it’s been awhile since anyone mentioned muh 4D chess. lzozlzozlzozlzozlozlozlozl

    All kidding aside: from your lips to God’s ear. Let’s ALL us yeggs hope the Ur-Boomer still got it in him.

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  7. “I broke up with her because she’s White.” – said no n1gger ever.


    “Ah broke up wid dat fat White bitch ’cause she’d been a-eatin’ all mah fried chicken.”

    Now I’m off to write that new hit song:

    She Spoke To Me With Her Eyes (And They Said “N!GGER!”)

  8. Best example I can think of concerning the cracked facade actually comes from a White, the hero of the airwaves- Tucker Carlson.

    Prior to those cockroaches targeting his family, TC’s message was bow-tied with the pretty wrapping paper of libertarianism and free market.

    Since then, how many suspensions has the guy racked up for speaking plainly on race… And speaking of “free market” absurdity, how many advertisers have left him in the lurch… Seems to have furthered his resolve.

    Glad you’re all my bros.

  9. I still say a Trump reelection is not the sure thing the alt-R makes it out to be… at this point, it might not even be probable, unless some REAL changes occur within the next year.

    If the Dems can put up even a semi-reasonable candidate (big IF), continue to get away with their voter fraud, and ESPECIALLY not get rope-a-doped, Electoral College-wise (like last time), then I don’t expect another conservative White person to ever get elected again.

    Remember, Trump caught ’em flat-footed (especially in said key Electoral states) and over-confident last time… and STILL barely squeaked out enough key states to swamp the Electoral College, while losing the popular vote overall (yeah, yeah, I know muh voter fraud, but the average ‘Murrican still thinks that’s macht’s nichts and couldn’t POSSIBLY account for the 3 million difference).

    The Left ain’t gonna make that mistake again.

    And a lot of the initial excitement from Trump’s core of Linientreu has dissipated due to his compromises and attempt to play nice.

  10. Well. That took all of three comments to have the NAZI party speech’s go up. I will say this. Every country that has allowed Indians (from india) to emigrate into there country has faced a communist revolution within 50 years.

  11. Why do you think that Trump has to feign impartiality until he is reelected?
    He hasn’t many non-white votes to loose. I think he’ll win with the white vote or not at all.

  12. To minimize Coalition of the Fringes turnout and keep the uniparty as complacent as possible. Secondarily, to avoid rocking the boat on the economy prior to the election.

  13. — And a lot of the initial excitement from Trump’s core of Linientreu has dissipated due to his compromises and attempt to play nice.

    Trump learned a valuable lesson from George H.W. Bush: don’t peak too early in your first term.

  14. Everything is going fine and I’m thinking, Ok maybe these guys know what needs to be done and we could take some steps to correct our current course, because destroying our heritable line through the murder babies and then importing people other than our posterity, at upwards of 100k a head, is very obviously a bad bad bad thing. So, I’m thinking, Maybe I should try to get involved here. And then, somebody with the IQ of a Negro and ZERO understanding of History, Economics, and Human Nature says we need (national) socialism. Anyway, this is why the right is failing; socialism IS communism and that’s why the commies are winning. Ugh.

    Please learn about Human Nature in the interactive exchange of goods and services and learn that socialism is a recent invention and doesn’t work because it is contrary to the design of human beings and the competitive nature of life in a fallen world. How can a person understand that we are not all born equally able and yet want to force economic social equality? Seriously, this is brain damage. And please learn what Capital is, and what the free exchange of goods is, what free markets are, and what a Capital Market is, and what trade is in the micro and macro. What these are in fact, is NOT what America has and they are not all synonymous with each other or Capitalism either. In fact, today, America economically is closer to National Socialism than to so called Capitalism and the socialism part IS the problem.

  15. Does anyone truly think the lunatic Left or the entire Dem machine is “complacent” any more?

    They got their lunch money took in 2016… since then the guns of outrage and fake news have been a-blazin’ (to borrow your metaphor), and I don’t see them overconfident the next time around in 2020.

    Not wanting to rock the boat because of muh economy, that I’ll give Trump… muh economy, in true neocon fashion, has been his one banner held high… to the ridiculous point of courting negro and hispanic favor in re unemployment… as if THAT were going to turn the coloured demographic en bloc voting tide which shortly will arise to be the watermark from which no White male of centrist-to-right views will ever see the Oval Office again.

    But muh economy AIN’T gonna win no election in 2020.

  16. A good economy is a necessary but insufficient condition for Trump’s reelection.

    As to complacency, Dems rely on frightening their base into turning out to vote. That’s why they orchestrated the Trayvon and Mike Brown incidents. Trump doesn’t want to give his opponents material.

    “and I don’t see them overconfident the next time around in 2020.”

    You overestimate their strategic acumen.

  17. Trump learned a valuable lesson from George H.W. Bush: don’t peak too early in your first term.

    After three terms of ultra-conservative administrations, the ‘Murrican public was bound to go for the novelty of a (ahem) slick new democrat with cool charisma.

    Hell, to many is was like reliving a new Kennedy coming along to replace tired old Ike and his five-o’clock shadowed sallow sidekick.

    Your analogy doesn’t work, and whatever you THINK Trump learned from the admin of a “kinder, gentler” ridiculously clumsy face plant on a bowling lane Bush… who only won his single term from the left-over good will generated by the Gipper and the singularly unremarkable (and equally boring) Dem candidate of 1988 (quick, without looking it up, who was it?)… does not make it so.

  18. I’m afraid the public’s memory is not as good as yours, PA… no one remembers or cares about Trayvon or Brown anymore… they didn’t even matter then, and Obama was going to get his second term, through nonWhite en bloc voting, the usual Dem fraud, and White naivete and cuckery regardless of any new muh racist agitprop.

    What, you think Mormon Mitt was going to win, but for those latest circuses of negro outrage?

    If Trump wins again it will be because of the same factors as last time… nobody gives a rat’s ass about muh racism, muh sexism, muh Narrative (except of course for the (((MSM))) and vocal minority Triggly Puffs) and the Silent Majority has secretly swollen in ranks to STILL stem the rising tide of color.

    The first phenomenon is likely, given the growth of South Park mentality in ‘Murrica… the second highly unlikely.

  19. As to the system’s strategic acumen: if they had it in spades, they’d suppress the antiwhite tweet-gloating, such as ones shown in the post, with as much discipline as they suppress pro-White tweets.

  20. “and I don’t see them overconfident the next time around in 2020.”

    You overestimate their strategic acumen.

    We’ll see… I hope you’re right, but I think you underestimate the sting they still feel from the kick-in-the-ass they got last time, thinking they didn’t have to bother campaigning in certain swing states… the margins of victory in which were razor-thin last time for the hard-charging campaigning ofTrump.

  21. As to the system’s strategic acumen: if they had it in spades, they’d suppress the antiwhite tweet-gloating, such as ones shown in the post, with as much discipline as they suppress pro-White tweets.

    They don’t care because the only ones to whom such trivial pursuits matter are those who pretty much live the Cyberian life on the alt-R side of things… the average John and Jane Q. Public on the street isn’t even aware of 1/10th of the antiWhite narrative, and that they brush aside as immaterial rantings of radical elements in the vast minority… because that nice Hispanic fambly down the street is so hard-working and good Catholic church goers, and that one black guy they work with is a good-natured and amusing sort.

    And ALL the other (((MSM))) entertainment they fill their little heads with validates the good feelz of diversity.

    A bit of hyperbole, I grant you, but lest we forget, Trump merely got 46% of the popular vote last time, and that was when the (((MSM))) and the Dem machinery didn’t REALLY take him seriously.

  22. Relentless blackpilling on Trump and with an air of glee about it, and with no allowance for the slightest possibility of a positive scenario on things unknown (combined with other things), is how I concluded with certainty that Ari–us is a jew.

  23. I’d like to be optimistic about Trump – really I would. I lost friends over my support of him. It hurt badly. But in the three years, I’ve gotten not much of what I supported him for. I don’t wish him to lose, and I think it would almost certainly be better if he won, but I can’t be an outright supporter of him at this point.

    What will it take, finally? The only thing I can think of is material discomfort. Hunger sharpens the mind; hardship brings people and communities together. We’re well adapted for stresses which most frighten us and not-at-all adapted for the stresses abundance has brought us. Growing up, I never understood why it would be easier for a camel to fit though the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into heaven. Now that I’ve lost everything, I can see exactly why that might be. So while White middle class people claim (and do, on an overt level) to want a great economy, I can’t help but think it might be better to face some very, very harsh times.

  24. Well, if relentless black-pilling with glee about Trump makes one a jew, then quite a few that hung around the chateau, foremost one of your supposedly favorite commenters of a certain gourmand bent, is Union of Rabbis approved in spades.

    Sometimes said black-pilling comes from severe disappointment… and any glee read into it is more in the eye of the reader whose ox got gored, rather than the actual feelings of the writer.

    I don’t think Ari was an operative or a jew… he merely rubbed many the wrong way when one didn’t agree with him… which reflects more upon the character (or lack thereof) of his accusers than his, due to said accusations and aspersions.

    It’s a flaw exhibited by all-too-many of fallen Mankind… a failing over which especially we yeggs (who pride ourselves upon being better than our foes) need to take a hard look in the mirror, each and every day.

  25. Chase has it sussed, and many of us alt-R types (and even some of our not-so-alt-R friends) have long-voiced the idea that it’s going to take a LOT of discomfort for White folks to wake up to the realities of the current cultural and political malaise, and get things back on the right track again, Western Civ-wise.

    Or maybe it’s too late for us to self-correct and the Apocalypse is the only way forward.

    I lean towards the latter.

  26. My position: Trump must win the reelection because if he doesnt, then barring something unforeseen White America is demographically finished and the US military does to Europe what the USSR did to Germany in ’45. That said, after the reelection there better be cleansing fires. No allowance for stalling “until after the midterms.” We’ll see.

    (PS: barring of course the possible scenario in which the American empire breaks up. Is it in its Lenin or Brezhnev phase?)

    It’s not wrong to be disappointed. I’ve gone back and forth on Trump myself. None of us have the full info.

    But it’s unbecoming to blatantly invest your ego in pessimism. Know when to stifle that urge to keep on with your lamentation.

  27. Can’t argue with ANY of those points, PA.

    Although that demographic shift may already be irreversible, judging by all prognostications of the current ethnicities and their birthrates…

    … and even if Trump does win another term, but does little except the usual neocon muh economy and muh Israel stuff, we’ll have seen the last of White representation through democracy in ‘Murrica.

    A Balkanization into separate ethnostates, be it de facto or (preferably, though pie-in-sky at this point) de iure might be the only road to survival for Whites…

    … barring, of course, that aforementioned Scriptural Final Solution. 😉

  28. Sign up for Trump texts and emails, and take the surveys they routinely send out. Tell him that you don’t give a shit about Israel, that you want the Wall finished and the Swamp drained. Tell him he will lose otherwise. Most likely theybuse AI to scan responses, so enough responses echoing that will get Brad Parscale’s attention.

    Buy ammo. Get to know your neighbors, and if you don’t like them or don’t trust them, move to where you do. Even if he wins, shit is going to get real. Soon.

  29. On balance, I’d rather have four more years of Trump while our side continues to get ready, and I’d rather have Trump in the saddle in case The Blazin’ 20s kick off at the turn of the decade.

    If Trump does get re-elected, I think it’ll be by the thinnest of margins unless he finds a way to frustrate large-scale voter fraud. Electorates within the margin of theft will go to the Democrats. They’ve spent recent years engaging in ever-greater efforts at election theft. They aren’t even trying to hide it.

    Despite our collective disappointment, I think Twitter personality @EllidaProject has made a fair case for Trump so far.

    Remember, lads, we too have a role to play.

    Don’t give up. Don’t shut up. Keep on keepin’ on.


    @EllidaProject, Aug 18 2019

    . . . There seems to be a lot of unhappiness with DT among the more hardcore on our side and I certainly understand that.

    We expected a wall to be well underway by now – if not nearing completion.

    We expected a significant portion of the illegals to be gone by now.

    We expected rock solid, don’t give an inch, leadership on the 1A, 2A, etc.

    And we expected high ranking Leftists who are known criminals to be on trial and in prison by now.

    And if those things had been the case so far, we’d be happy as clams.

    I should say that I am confident that a great deal of the angst that seems to be coming from our side is coming from bot farms.

    There are just too many “former Trump voters” bitching and carrying on – who at this late date only have 20-40 followers.

    However, some of the angst is genuine and comes from people who look at that list I made above and think it’s not all that much to expect.

    And that’s really the question. Were our expectations too high?

    I’m going to go ahead and say:

    I don’t believe the ideas floated around that Trump is somehow a “plant” who is working for the other side.

    I don’t believe he lied about what he wanted to do.

    I don’t even believe he’s abandoned the agenda that put him in office.

    I do believe that he went in there, expecting to get things done the way he did as a businessman for his entire adult life – and found out that isn’t possible in DC when the entire existing structure is working to slow things down and thwart your plans.

    It would serve us well to remember that in spite of winning a great victory in 2016…

    and it was truly great for the people to send someone to the White House that was not wanted by Dems, eGOP, Deep State, MSM, and the Donor Class…

    we still only elected ONE GUY who had any intention of doing the things we wanted done.


    Years ago, decades even, when people would talk about the need for a third party, I always argued against it based on the premise that no one wanting a third party is willing to…

    do the things necessary to make a third party succeed. To make it viable, one would need to begin at the local level with councilmen and mayors.

    When enough strength was built there it could move on to State Reps and Senators.

    When it became a force at that level, Governorships and US House/Senate seats would be targeted.

    And finally, when a reasonable portion of those were in hand – a run at the Presidency would be in order.

    But nobody wants to do it that way. That takes too long. Thirty or forty years, easy.

    Instead they want to go directly for the White House, not stopping to consider that they would be sending a man to Washington who was completely without natural allies.

    And I would finish that argument by saying, “If you want to see the Republicans and Democrats work together to get things done – elect a 3rd Party President. They will work together to destroy him.”

    And that is essentially what we have done by electing Donald Trump.

    Donald Trump is alone and we have set him a task that is nearly impossible.

    If there is one thing we have learned over the past 4 years (I include the campaign year) it’s that no matter how bad we thought Washington was… it’s worse than we could have imagined.

    He operated his businesses on the fringes of NY politics for many years and I’m sure he was well acquainted with the corruption of the political class – but still I suspect he’s been surprised since arriving in Washington just how broad and deep it really goes.

    Do you think he fears assassination?

    I’d be surprised if he doesn’t.

    They just murdered the highest profile criminal in the world, in his jail cell. Was that a message to others who might testify? Of course it was.

    Was it a message to Trump himself? I’d say so.

    His administration has been on the brink of overthrow since before he was inaugurated.

    Every single day there has been talk of impeachment and removal… over nothing.

    They aren’t joking.

    They will do it the moment they think they have the votes.

    Everything he does or tries to do is contested in court and usually a judge can be found who will rule in favor of the Left’s agenda instead of the law.

    We have low level Federal judges thwarting the President of the United States – on foreign policy, no less.

    And in this environment, with sociopaths around every corner, we may be expecting too much of one man to “just get it done.”

    One thing I know for certain is that without Trump we have exactly… nobody… in Washington who is interested in doing anything on the list above.

    So am I disappointed more hasn’t gotten done? Damn right I am.

    Am I disappointed that at times Trump seems to have given up on his agenda? I am, but I understand that his personality does not allow him to dwell on what he can’t accomplish. He focuses on his successes.

    But I don’t think he’s really forgotten or given up.

    I think he’s realized that it takes more time than anything he’s done in business and I imagine that is as frustrating to him as it is to us.

    I’m going to vote for Donald Trump again. No question or hesitation about that.

    Even in a worst case scenario, even if you believe he’s gone all wrong and is leading us to the same place the Democrats would… he’ll go there slower than they would.

    And that buys us some time to prepare for what comes next.

    Eventually we are going to have civil war. The policies of the past 30 years have made that inevitable.

    It looks as if things are coming to a head and it could begin before Trump’s second term is over…

    and if not, once a Democrat or a Globalist Republican is elected, it will start soon after.

    Personally I’d rather have it begin while Trump is in office. Giving him another term gives our people more time to get ready.

    That alone is enough reason to support him.

    ———– END ———–

  30. ” It hasn’t yet. For it to be a war it takes two sides fighting. ”

    Actually you might be right PA. Based on the statistics I posted, and a multitude of others, its obvious one side is not fighting back, which changes this from a ” war ” to a slow motion, one-sided slaughter.

    Out of curiosity, would you say there’s a war on whites in South Africa ?

  31. In South Africa it’s a genocide campaign. Different from the Holodomor in method, not kind. Neither event is/was “war.”

  32. ” Neither event is/was “war.” ”

    Fair enough, you’re talking about war in its literal / definition sense. I was being more ” artistic ” with its definition. Same result though, many dead huwhytes.

  33. I’m not usually a stickler for semantics but calling a one-sided action “war” is like calling a single-mom household “family.”

    This isn’t to dishonor Ukrainians then or Boers now. Sometimes it takes a while for a victim to arise, sometimes it’s impossible beyond individual or passive resistance.

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  35. @Suburban_elk your jewdar requires calibration.

    This isn’t the exact picture from her twitter, which was unretrievable, but is fairly close —

    This picture — and picture only — pings the jewdar?

  36. Severe asymmetry in the face. Isn’t that a physiological tell for trouble of various sorts?

    A very carefully staged photo that hides very well the dissimilar eyes, the recessed right side of the face. A stroke of some kind, or trama in childhood? A photo taken from her left, at the same angle with the same small grin would be a completely different face.

    New-age professional hair, soft lighting etc. Would be a professionally organized photo shoot.

  37. This picture — and picture only — pings the jewdar?

    A league off.

    Don’t let blue eyes (check out the cod-liverish blue eyes of her tribesmen like Barry Manilow and Gene Wilder, for example) and/or dyed hair fool you… look at the schnozz, the beady reptilian eyes.

    Of course, her worldly success in (((MSM))) culture vulture endeavors is a dead giveaway as well, but I digress.

  38. They just murdered the highest profile criminal in the world, in his jail cell.

    True. But no one was going to riot over that. Besides, doing that to Trump makes him a martyr (c.f. JFK). They want him a failure, not a martyr. (c.f, LBJ).

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