“But the airwaves are clean”

You rocked out with 1,000 Italians to Foo Fighters’ “Learning to Fly.”

You followed the shitlord’s progress to The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony.”

And now you can do both! enjoy 1,000 Italian rockers performing “Bittersweet Symphony.”

The opening notes of that song hint of good developments ahead.

Open thread.

39 thoughts on ““But the airwaves are clean”

  1. Same here. Aren’t they great? Also that skipped beat, as goes my proper musical notation:

    (skip) -[da dee dum]
    twee doo tweet

  2. The video has a fun vibe but it seems really gay. There’s something about performing for the camera that is extremely homosexual.

    I’d like to see the TFR of that concert.

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  4. Did someone say open thread?

    I got wronged by my neighbor, whose backyard I can see from where I am sitting right now. The details would take a lot of explaining, but the long and short of it is that he or she or they — it’s a man and wife, not a transgender — cut down three or rather four “scrap” trees that grew along the back fence line between our two properties. The trees were the type that get caught growing in the chain link fence, and are very difficult to dig out if one wanted to do so. However they were cut off, topped as it’s called, unequivocally on my side of the fence. They were my trees. They were four different scrap trees of four different types between five and ten years old and growing up 10 or 15 feet. They are still alive and doing the thing that topped scrap trees will do, which is branch out furiously.

    I was furious when it happened last summer, but kept quiet to keep the peace. It was a mistake to keep quiet, so I brought it up this summer in a let-bygones-be-gone frame of mind, because I figured we had to be neighbors going forward, and they were “junk” trees right on the fence line and it had to be an honest mistake, or so I thought.

    But it rankled and it hasn’t set right, and now they are selling the place. I look at my manly performance in our neighborly relationship, and am uncertain. Perhaps I didn’t step up and handle it as I should have, but on the other hand I did tell him not to cut them down anymore and it’s hard to know what else there was to do — other than to start a Feud, which doesn’t seem like a good idea.

    There’s more to the story, and since I don’t have your attention because I’m no Hardscrabble Farmer, I will cut it short. The more to the story, is that I am fairly certain his cow of a wife is the bitch awful woman who cut those trees, because I know that she had been coming out of her shut-in lifestyle hell and trying to get their lawn and yard in order. But when I confronted him he said that he had done it.

    Hardscrabble had an article up at his site about how his cow got out and did some damage to a neighbor’s property. He went over to apologize to the neighbor, but he couldn’t really make it right. Hardscrabble fucked up and the damage was done. It was an interesting article because Hardscrabble was (in the eyes of his neighbor) the dolt dumbshit fuck up who fucked up, and his neighbor was the angry old man who would have nothing to do with an apology.

    I have thought about that Parable quite a bit, and obv I am the angry old man. My neighbor let his cow out, and she fucked up and the damage is done. How can I forgive them. I can’t say I’ve never made a mistake, but I have never cut down someone’s trees on their side of the fence. I put up a rope between our properties elsewhere where there wasn’t a fence, to protect my plants, and have been considering writing a formal letter asking for recompense to the order of a couple hundred dollars, for having to dig out those damaged trees, which now are ugly. On the other hand, nothing really needs to be done.

    The other angle to the story is that I planted shrubs elsewhere along the same line, planted on my side but which grow over into theirs, and they have aggressively mowed up against them to the point of breaking a branch or two or three, which last branch I saved, and am waiting and wondering what to do with.

    Am I the asshole? Yes and no. By any reading I am the aggrieved party. I feel like I got walked on and now they are moving and what’s to do. I told “Jason” where I stood but in the present we are not well. (I have a history of not getting along with people though.)

  5. The relevant detail of the story is that the woman in question is something of a shut-in battle-ax, who it would might seem bullies her husband, somewhat maybe. She is 100 lbs overweight and big framed. So perhaps her Cutting (my trees) may be reasonably construed as passive aggressive shit test behavior. Is that what she is doing, lashing out against men and the patriarchy, by cutting down over the fence line? And then conveniently her husband takes the blame.

    She has a son by a first marriage and a second one with this guy. First son is fairly handsome and w/ multiple gf’s and second one more shall we say limp wristed and weak seeming in his development, though he is only around 8 years old.

    The man “Jason” is a capable enough blue collar type. He job title is probably technician or something. I think they smoke marijuana, and I have heard them having sex, loudly. So they are not total nobodies.

    But I can’t forgive what they did. It was a gross personal insult. Hardscabble talks a lot about what it meant for him to move out to the country, and it turns out that the main thing was about having good relations with the other people. In Appalachia they call it neighboring.

    When I read Hardscrabble’s confession [ referenced above ] about his cow getting out by mistake, and how Angry old man neighbor was totally not having an apology, it seemed excessive and over-the-top, old man’s reaction. But now it makes sense. If you get wronged, sometimes there’s nothing to be done.

  6. Hardscrabble Farmer is generally regarded as the best writer, in this age of the internet, among the subset of Americans who read blogs such as this. I know of no one else I would nominate, for that category. He writes from the perspective of a seasoned man. His generation is boomer but like some wise men manage to transcend their own generational perspective.

    His essays and articles are those awful hard mirrors in which “you” pretty much almost always seem to reflect poorly and but also then want to be a better man, after having considered his lessons.

  7. They are junk trees? And she is a junk woman? And they are moving? I would consider myself lucky. A justified resentment can poison a guy’s soul. Speaking only from my own experience.

  8. To bridge off what Indy said, they’ll be out of your hair before too long.

    Sure, they might have done this as a final F-U before getting the hell out of there. They might even be jealous of how you have your shit together and they don’t–generally speaking.

    You were the wronged party and your actions are understandable. I had a similar experience like that last year and earlier this year with a roommate who essentially made it seem like I wronged him. I had to leave but it was better for me by a wide margin. Sure, I could have gone the logical route or spoke about my actions to provide some perspective and yadda yadda yadda, but it wouldn’t have changed the situation and wouldn’t have brought me any closure.

    Sometimes, that’s why we stew over these situations: we want closure. But knowing what you’re up against and taking stock over the long term, it’s not going to get resolved as you would hope, thus the closure won’t “really” happen. Yes, time heals all wounds, but in my experience, there’s something that God is teaching us, firstly, about ourselves and our reliance on Him and secondly, our response towards others. I think you handled yourself well given the circumstances. As such, you’ll branch out wildly and for the better, much like the chopped down trees. You won’t get closure–you’ll get growth, which is vastly more important.

    Godspeed friend.

  9. “Love thy enemy.”

    It is crucial in understanding that the schismatic difference in interpretation of this meme between the races supersedes politics at all levels.

    If, at the most based level, “enemy” is “thyself “ versus an “external force,” it is very easy to understand how MERE politics cannot bridge these radically divergent perspectives.

    Who is thy’s greatest enemy?



    Or some mortal schmuck?

  10. What is greed and worthlessness if not refusing to give credit where credit is due? And what is not giving credit where credit is due but democratic socialism? And what is democratic socialism but capital flowing to the most greedy and least worthy?

    Ergo, the most greedy and least worthy are anti-Capitalists.

    And their mutual meme of choice in the execution of a hostile pincer-move takeover is an endemic “racism” aka pervasive “white supremacy.”

    Do not relieve thy enemy of his fears whether he’s within or without.

    De-fine the terms. Reframe the Game. Altar the sickNarrative.

  11. These airwaves are most groovy. I’ve always been a fan of this composition and just found this version on my YT feed:

    Happy Sunday y’all.

  12. To the man whose trees were cut down,
    I’d say let it go. It’s just some trees on the edge of your property. You have already admitted you have trouble getting along with people so you probably won’t handle it well. The wife is very likely a battle axe, be glad you are not married to her.

  13. I know something about property line disputes. They are inherent in private property, but something about this suburban living arrangement brings them out.

    I made an observation in a comment the other day, about how being connected to the Road Network of Everywhere, means that anyone can get to you, easily and right now, via those roads and your driveway. It’s an arrangement that doesn’t do well, when there’s not enough trust and wellbeing. [ * ]

    Not having control of the public space, and the borders, and who is in your town and neighborhood and country, is the ultimate fail. It’s on a real basic animal level. America yay

  14. If you are an amateur tough guy, an untrained soldier, and want to level up. Here is what they will advise. What is at hand to you, RIGHT NOW? Unless you are Bruce Lee. [ * ]

    It’s a fucked up situation though. I don’t want to live like that, to the point that the alternative of being caught unawares is maybe acceptable, to having to keep a loaded gun handy, which is just a pain in the ass.

    I used to do that, to keep a legal gun handy and loaded. In this neighborhood, not exactly this block but plenty near enough, there are now regular garage break-ins. Amongst the lowlives who do it, they call it creepin or at least they used to.

    I got relatives by the name of Mom and Dad who aren’t in the habit of keeping their garage locked. Which is Advise #2: keep your outbuildings locked. Most lowlives will look for an easier place.

    I don’t want to fed post, but this life, if it doesn’t end up paired up with a woman and a family, is going to go one of two ways.

  15. @Anon

    As a wise man around these parts once said: you need to go to that dark place.

    You care too much.

  16. Stop caring about neighborly relations, or stop caring about trees; or both? Stop caring about what? Life; other people and or what they think about you?

    Come on. That advice from Captain Obvious was retard level and that’s being way too generous. It was roundly mocked by a lot of people. In any case I thought it was crap. On the other hand, make your case about how Caring is the problem and what’s holding us back (and from what exactly?).

    99.999995 per cent of time someone gives advice of that sort, incessant and feverish and relentless, it’s the advice that the person who is saying it, needs to hear. For example: White bunz —> White ovens. No one is going to argue that; but it’s a certainty that the one needing that advice the most, was the one who wouldn’t shut up about it. How many bunz did he get started, do you think?

  17. Caring is the ONLY thing that makes Life have Value.

    nb4 That was Pirsig’s philosophical conclusion; blah blah blah: it made sense to me

    But please make the case: W/o caring, what do we do in and w/ our lives, and more to the point, Why?

    And for starters what does it mean to Care? Come to think on it, that’s not an easy define. Which is why Pirsig [ iq 170 ] needed 500 pages to reach the conclusion, that it is THE solution to living with Quality.

    To espouse a philosophy of NOT caring, and this at the height of Generation X, supposedly and let us hope, exactly now as our powers come into play, and with our baggage of nihilism, which has kept things so mired in meaninglessness and despair, and death and inaction — to espouse such a philosophy, is as I already said, retrograde beyond retarded.

    “Gotta stop caring, gotta go to that dark place”

    What if you want to live in the Light? What if the darkness is driving you to despair?

    That incessant advice was particular to a specific social interaction of a certain type of person, in a certain stage of his life; and none of those particular elements flattering:

    Specific social interaction: of wanting to get a woman; ok that’s part of life, and so I guess not to be held against anyone (being in that situation); otoh it can be the mark of someone not yet accomplished in that most important thing; verdict: not flattering

    Certain type of person: let’s cut to the chase here: a person with marked sperged tendencies; again, sperg tendencies are a sign of the times; they are closely tied in w/ Uncle Ted’s over-socialization and they can be, to a degree, forgiven; otoh such tendencies need overcome and the more quickly the better; verdict: less than flattering

    Certain stage of Life: see “particular social interaction”, above

  18. “Gotta stop caring, gotta go that dark place”

    That failed, as a meme. Just leave it at that.

    On the other hand, if there is an idea behind it, perhaps someone will care to elucidate and we can come up with another vehicle of delivery.

    What I thought, is that he was trying to get at the idea of Enter the Dragon

    As in, Enter the theatre of action, the play that is your life. That was the idea, I kinda might woulda thought, that he was trying to get at. But to broach such idea with a buttress about not caring, quite simply reveals someone who doesn’t know what it means to care. Someone who thinks that Caring is strictly contained in the narrow sense of what other people are thinking about you, perhaps? “Stop caring about that (have more confidence in yourself)”

    That’s what CO was advising people to do, is my analysis. For him to conflate those specific social and status concerns, with the very broad ontology of Caring, [ see Pirsig ] was frankly, amateur hour. But everyone makes mistakes though, right?

  19. ““Stop caring about that others’ opinions of you, and have more confidence in yourself; seize your status; become a man. Do it now.”

    That’s what he wanted to get at, with the awful clumsy, world’s worst meme of Gotta stop caring

    The internet hall of Shame will have it printed in gold on black-and-green, on a placard above its door. Don’t go there, to the internet hall of shame. (Have a care that you don’t.)

  20. From Sailer:

    Woke negress reporter is trying to hunt down and doxx 4 kids having fun at a theme park.

    All of this works in our favor. They are truly creating the “monster” of White Nationalism by vilifying it 24/7. It’s a non-stop free publicity (and possibly legitimacy) campaign.

    Glad you’re all my bros.

  21. Acceleration. The media and Dems have stopped attacking the Republican party as their main object of hate. They are attacking Whites as such, though under the thin patina of “White Nationalists” and “Trump supporters.” It clarifies things. Awesome kids.

  22. And who’s to say they aren’t merely waving to their parents and signaling that the ride is A-OK?


  23. Not caring? Sounds like nihilism.

    I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, at least it’s an ethos.

  24. No kidding about the acceleration. Some of the YT channels I peruse are speaking about it and I even noticed comments on another video I watched (from some other folks) and the comments were most aware of the situation.

  25. Elk, you distilled what Cappy was trying to say far better than he ever could. Nicely done.

    It all makes sense now.

  26. I can’t imagine what it’s like to read sites like this and still need to relate everything to Hollywood. fuckin boomers…

  27. Nobody ever clicks on those short YouTube scenes of well known lines from movies. If you must go multimedia in pointless arguing, creating or finding your own meme/gif is more effective.

    PS: no gifs in ongoing personal arguments please.

  28. Wow, another movie made by the guests. I wonder how many days of life energy you have offered to them. What a waste.

  29. Somehow missed the shitlord’s progress post. Brilliant!

    “Now, I have become shitlord, the destroyer of worlds.”

  30. If youse yeggs would rather not see the snippet clips of what I consider funny and apt-to-the-moment little bon mots from pop culture, such as it is, then I won’t post ’em, in respect to the proprietor of the site.

    But I find them amusing, as apparently do others, judging by the proclivity for homages and references to movies that we see more often than not in Cyberia… indeed, CH himself used to take singular delight in the “easter eggs” he’d leave in his posts from time to time.

    Wow, another movie made by the guests.

    When in Rome… and DUH!

    I wonder how many days of life energy you have offered to them. What a waste.

    Spare me the cunty little attempts to snipe, the flaccid energy of which you try to offer me as an even greater waste.

    Besides, there are a lot of hours in the day, and my life energy is boundless… especially to deliver the usual virtual smackdowns to pissy little pismires.

  31. He’s got his problems- really a lot of them. But sometimes he’s also hilariously awesome. And for right now, we don’t have anyone better. He’s also absolutely right about the trade war. Even though it is negatively impacting my business, I support it. This is our last chance to maintain economic superiority. China’s trying to make the shift from a manufacturing economy to a consumer, but they aren’t there yet. God help us when they do get there. We truly will not be the global alpha dog.

    In the meantime, this made me burst out laughing and sent the libtards screeching. Glad you’re all my bros. FE



  32. “I can’t imagine what it’s like to read sites like this and still need to relate everything to Hollywood. fuckin boomers…”


  33. As usual, some clown break wind and Looch is there to congratulate him on the wondrous redolence.

    Look here, moopsie… I’ve got something shiny to divert and amuse you!

  34. PA, that tangent you wrote about in your Leaders and followers post keeps ringing true each day, with some comments on here as of late fitting the bill.

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