MM in Blackface


A new episode of Murdoch Murdoch, “No Hard R.” It’s not on YouTube as far as I can tell, so here is the BitChute link. All of their episodes are also archived on You will:

  • Laugh at Dr. Murdoch’s outdated black slang
  • Not-laugh at Disney actresses
  • Appreciate that the more lurid rumors about globohomo elites are not overstated
  • Cheer as a Leftist factions turns on another
  • Have waffles with Mel Gibson.

6 thoughts on “MM in Blackface

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  2. MM episodes also have those transcendent moments that rise above comedy. Here it was when Murdoch-Chan took out her false teeth and tried to communicate with the two ruined pop singers in the alley. First she gave up on Miley Cyrus like in a triage where you let a patient die to help the other who is saveable, then she gave up on the other girl.

  3. I accidentally ended up watching about 15 minutes of the FX TV show called Pose last night.

    Is anyone aware of this show? If not, I won’t darken the light of day with reports on its subject matter. But let it suffice to say that it’s a great potential tool for alt-right recruitment.

  4. FYI—

    heartiste [dot] org

    No announcement on his Gab account, and no mention of it anywhere in the alt-right-o-sphere. So I’m a bit skeptical because of that unless he just wanted to let the thing grow organically? Could be a CIA GlowN1gger honeypot too. Who really knows these days?

  5. My bad, didn’t see the other post, yeah something smelled off about that. That is crazy that someone can completely steal decades of old work and wear it as a skin suit and they are powerless to do anything to stop it. Clown World indeed.

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