Leaders and followers

The sixty-four thousand dollar question is whether white teenagers will cuck on “racism” as is self-servingly ill-defined by the demon horde? – Thordaddy

The common template over time is that a given fraction of a nation, let’s say about 3% of that ethnic group, will be actively communist. A larger fraction, impressionisticly I’d put that at 7%, will be actively traditionalist.

A definition of terms: I use “communist” and “traditionalist” in their broad generic sense here. Aligning the former with leftism/power/Satan and the latter with rightism/truth/Jesus. And by “actively,” I refer to some kind of a public leadership role on any scale, in any capacity, and persistent in face of social or legal opposition.

Back to the numbers… the remaining 90% of the people of that large homogeneous population are going to be on a gradient that skews heavily to the Right (as a whole we are instinctively traditionalist, but passive). The reason that the outnumbered communists hadn’t been eliminated in a natural selection process, though, and the reason that they are effective, is because their job is easier. They have entropy on their side. They roll the stone downhill.

What is this “downhill” a metaphor for? It’s metaphor for the human fallibility in our universal temptations to “let go” and yield to any of the seven deadly sins. But why not just stop struggling and let go, one may ask. The answer is that reversion-to-animal is at the end of that road. Cannibalism, lying down in one’s own feces, a spiritual flatline, Africa.

Communism is the seizure of power through an appeal to base human impulses: envy, sloth, you know the rest of them.

Thankfully we are a people with a powerful counterentropy drive. That’s the wind at our backs. Leave us alone and we create a world that glorifies God Almighty because we had been breathed that spark into our souls. Our 7% is stronger that our 3%. Our 90% longs to follow our better Angel.

Some will say that communism, lower-case c, is a Special People toxin. Others will say that the devil is innately in us but we always cancel out its ill effects. For example, a libertine decade will be followed by a straitlaced one, absent external interference. And those people will say that while Specials aren’t synonymous with communism, their subversive actors do throw accelerant on our evil impulses and suppressant on our impulse toward self-correction.

On a total tangent. Something I’ve picked up on is that nonwhite or communist commenters who pretend to be on the nationalist Right give themselves away with this: with their black-pillesque attitude about the fate of our nations, if you will, expressed in a scornful tone that condemns our follower-90% for their failure to leap over some ever-retreating moral hurdle. Though I’ll also grant, sometimes it’s a sincere person on our side who is struggling with his own anger.


28 thoughts on “Leaders and followers

  1. That entropy/downhill comment was spot on, PA. It’s a real shame there isn’t (anymore/yet) bars on every corner where we could go and dispense this kind of wisdom to one another.

    One thing I’ve noticed about Whites is that we make a very powerful underdog – we thrive and become harder in that position. Ice sheets, Mongol hordes, rinky-dink ships exploring the Seven Seas – whatever it is. And we are being put in a powerful underdog position. Many of those 90% won’t come along on the journey, but the 7%, or whatever the number is, will drag them back uphill as we always have. I have to believe that and everything about our eon-long collective history tells me we will.

  2. By pure coincidence (also known as Darwinian evolution), white people emerged in the climate zone where a man’s survival was maximally dependent on his ability to plan ahead, stockpile food for winter, and defend that pile against thievery. All our stereotypical “white” qualities good and bad (e.g. greed, neuroticism) stem from that instinctual dread that winter is coming.

  3. The 90% traditionslist might be about right. But they are not only passive, but also traditionalist in the sense that they want to preserve whatever dysfunctional society they grew up. The conservative that follows the progressive with a time lag of a few years or decades (at most) is a good example of those traditionalists.

    Where did you get your numbers?

    [It’s my estimate. – PA]

  4. when a country surrenders its traditions and ethnic culture so “new voices” can arise from other quarters (read: the 3rd world), the local identity is challenged and, with enough cucking, they are forced to suit changing conditions of the national life. shitlibs and other saboteurs (their pets are too inept to articulate themselves in a coherent way) call it social and economic advances. reality calls it social decay and thirdworldilisation. when previously underrepresented groups are allowed to express themselves more fully, this is what invariably comes out:

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  6. I need to see (or hear) this nokia n1ggerette like I need to see blood in my stool.

    (((shakin’ mah haid)))

  7. “I need to see (or hear)…”

    Under Diversity, legitimate citizens devote a nontrivial amount of their attention to avoiding Diversity. This includes major life adjustments such as where to live, as well as everyday maneuvering like going to a store where Whites work as cashiers. Imagine the worlds we could have without that chronic distraction.

  8. Under Diversity, legitimate citizens devote a nontrivial amount of their attention to avoiding Diversity. This includes major life adjustments such as where to live, as well as everyday maneuvering like going to a store where Whites work as cashiers. Imagine the worlds we could have without that chronic distraction.


    The undocumented costs of diversity… especially upon peace of mind, which is priceless.

    One can’t even enjoy “normal” entertainment without having it needlessly shoved into one’s view at every opportunity.

    Needless, that is, except to serve The Narrative.

    Not to mention the inability to speak freely, even when among one’s own kind.

    I’m wondering out loud if a nation can exist comprised of the equivalent of pockets of Amish, but without the faith in God… or ability to farm. 😉

  9. muslim women complaining about being sterelised in detention camps. and yet, they won’t deign to go to an islamic country, which is where they belong. as an extra bonus, check out the comments. it’s almost like something you’d expect to see on ch. it’s all the more remarkable considering it’s yahoo, a heavily moderated liberal bastion (i have been served with my share of yahoo warnings for merely posting a link to a list of countries by iq level) people aren’t only getting spade fatigue; their religion of peace fatigue is becoming harder and harder to hide and no one cares about being called an islamophobe any longer.


  10. Political “diversity” = not white…

    Not white = law of diminishing returns…

    Law of diminishing returns = general entropy…

    General entropy = political “diversity.”

    “Sounds about white,” says thugs running.

  11. Speaking of Italians and CNN, this is how they get down —

    Background info: Did you know: that Fredo is slang for weak Italian?

  12. I wonder how long before they said we *need* to accept a bunch of Uighurs here.

    Everyone is whining about Cuomo. And sure he’s a fuckin loser who’s probably on roids. But what’s wrong with a guy raising his voice and threatening another man? I’m not saying he’s right, I’m saying I don’t care. I wish they had come to blows. And not because I wish Cuomo would have egg on his face. I just don’t care! Reminds me of the dagos I grew up with, except they would actually throw a guy down the stairs. Like a fuckin punk, lol.

    Fredo is slang for the weakling of a family. The implicit insult is that Chris is a loser compared to his brother. Chris, knowing this is true, would get worked up. Fuckin wop.

    Greg, what’s normal entertainment? The Amish would say singing and enjoying nature. I would agree.

  13. That awkward feeling as the trash-talking escalates but neither party wants to take the first swing for legal reasons. Don’t ask me how I know. Bring back dueling.

  14. Limousine liberals going craaaayzaaay over Putin now. This is Alec “I’m moving to Canada” Baldwin:

  15. Chris knows is he the real-life Fredo. Aside from being the weak one, he was also the stupid and selfish one. It’s a damn near weapons grade verbal kill shot and his reaction demonstrates just that.

    If Chris is on roids, then he’s doing it wrong. Not to say he’s gotta be yuge, but there are always visual clues when someone’s on the sauce and he doesn’t look it. Then again, Fredo on steroids. . . yeah, sounds about right. Also, Chris has that proverbial “dumbass” look like you just told him his fly’s down and he realizes he’s wearing sweatpants.

    Who’s gonna protect all the shitlibs when Mother Russia attacks? I mean, will they literally have heart attacks and die on the spot because just the mere mention of Russia or any Russian fabrication on their end has them going into conniptions. (Even the Democratic Socialist Party out here can’t hold a meeting without every third word being triggering. Check out the highlights on YT. You’ll shake your ((())) head so much you’ll misspell head.)

    On that note: saw a Mark Wahlberg (he’s good mediocre actor and patriot) movie called Mile 22 that involves Russia. I couldn’t help but think of the metaphor about it. Not a bad action film. Gets to the point and has good action sequences/set pieces.

  16. “That awkward feeling as the trash-talking escalates but neither party wants to take the first swing for legal reasons. Don’t ask me how I know. Bring back dueling.”

    Was it just legal reasons? They’re two guys who don’t know real violence. It would’ve been a nothing fight, you’ve seen em happen. Cuomo knew the other guy didn’t want trouble in the first place and was comfortable enough with his social status to bully him around. It’s embarrassing more than anything. Cameras are a funny thing. Jumbotron test and all that.

    I’m embarrassed that people are calling for his head, his job, an apology, etc. I think we’d all like to live in a place where the shame of behaving like a bitch is punishment enough. My community has that feel, but I’ve still got to avoid the one gas station with the dark broad at the counter. I don’t think that feel will remain here much longer.

    The neoteny of the human race continues…

  17. People are calling for Cuomo’s job not simply because of the incident but because of his past, how he always stokes the flames while on air and does all types of water carrying for the synthadrel.

    If it weren’t for airports, CNN would have zero ratings.

  18. By pure coincidence (also known as Darwinian evolution), white people emerged in the climate zone where a man’s survival was maximally dependent on his ability to plan ahead, stockpile food for winter, and defend that pile against thievery. All our stereotypical “white” qualities good and bad (e.g. greed, neuroticism) stem from that instinctual dread that winter is coming.

    True, but I have wondered about other factors.

    Shouldn’t Russia/Ukraine/Poland be far more prosperous than Gulf Stream countries like Ireland, Britain, France, Spain, etc?

    Plus, there are other parts of the world where, while there is no cold winter, it only rains in a certain season, and the other 9 months are dry. The ‘planning ahead’ dynamic should be embedded in those genotypes as well, should it not?

    I always felt that Protestantism was a greater accelerator than anything, since climate alone should mean that all of Russia is as prosperous as Sweden and Finland.

  19. Although, the Cuomo-Fredo Offensive is a nice distraction from Hong Kong and Epstein. While on the topic of Italians, maybe Babarino had something to do with Epstein’s demise. . .

    Wasn’t Tsarist Russian rather prosperous? Until the fiddlers got on their roof. . .

  20. What is the definition of “prosperous” being used, here?

    The contentment of a nation, settled within its borders and highly functional, at relative peace with their neighbors, pursuing high culture and education for those beyond the scope of the aristocracy and government classes, people fed and law/justice served, God worshipped…that all sounds like prosperity.

    Poland was prosperous, but not an empire. It is a relatively flat country, a bread-basket region much like Ukraine, being invaded by Sweden, Germany, and Russia (sometimes all at once). That tends to get in the way of prosperity. But when things were peaceful(ish), Poland, Ukraine, Russia…they were prosperous.

    Russia’s empire is contained of many nations within a single political boundary.

    Britain’s empire contains many nations, separated by political boundaries, oceans, and time zones. Is their empire more prosperous due to size? We see the cost of that empire coming to bear, today.

    People can prosper without accumulating the greatest wealth or property.

  21. Invasions are part of the story, eastward imperial expansion is another. From joint Polish-Lithuanian victory over the Teutonic Knights at Grunwald in 1410, the Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth has grown in territory on up through the late 1700s, spanning from the Baltic to almost the Black Sea. It was a multiethnic empire, similar to the Austro-Hungarian one in that it ran things in a fairly decentralized manner with lots of autonomy for the various ethnic groups within it. (Ukrainians would disagree somewhat, with their own history of uprisings against Polish rule.) Nonetheless, it was a prosperous empire. Small towns in southeastern Poland to this day feature fine Renaissance architecture commissioned by regional noblemen, often designed by Italian architects.

    The post-Partitions (1918-1939) Second Polish Republic was a multiethnic echo of the old Commonwealth and it too was economically prosperous. When I say “multiethnic,” it’s on account of various small national groups on the geographic periphery within the Polish state’s borders.

    As mendo said, a fiddler got on the roof in the meantime and there was the non-prosperous Communist period that affected Poland, Ukraine, and Russia.

    As Chakrates said, define “prosperity.” Has the post-WWII credit explosion in Western Europe been organic and sustainable?

    The original question does touch on the national character by climate, and its effect on material prosperity. It’s an open question. Can non-Swiss people excel in watch-making, non-Germans in engineering and music, non-English in maritime commerce? Not rhetorical. National character is real. There is a feedback loop involving folkways, geography, religion, language, and the minute and fuzzy-edged but real intra-European genetic differences. Even the adoption of alphabet, Roman vs Cyrillic, correlates with different economic outcomes.

    There is also a chicken vs egg question with regards to Protestantism. Did it impress a “work ethic” upon the post-Reformation parts of Europe that adopted it, or did “work-ethic” nations more readily accept it to begin with? Or did Protestantism do little more than make it easier to run a usury economy in those countries and overturn Feudalism? Or was port access to the Atlantic simply all it took to set up a commercial global empire for countries west of Denmark?

  22. I don’t think that’s CH’s site reborn. It seems that it’s just a recap of his prior work. While there’s a post last week about the EP loon, I don’t think it’s from CH himself.

    Probably someone trying to tie that freak to Roissy.

    CH seldom posted full manifesto’s on his site. He may have referenced some before, usually quotes here and there but never a full post.

  23. What is the definition of “prosperous” being used, here?

    I am talking about prosperity today, in 2019. As imperfect as economic metrics are, GDP per capita is the metric we have to use. Hence, the comparison of Sweden/Finland to Russia arises, in which Russia appears unfavorable.

    It is true that the countries of NW Europe are now insane and importing the least assimilateable people they could possibly find (aren’t Syrian CHRISTIANS the victims of genocide, rather than Syrian Muslims? Yet, they import the latter, not the former). At the same time, the countries of EE are sane and remain 99%+ white, despite pressure to follow suit in the stupidity of the West.

    But climate alone seems like a relatively poor correlator to prosperity (at least within whites).

  24. “I don’t think that’s CH’s site reborn”

    Agreed. No recent updates, no flair, no announcement by him on Gab that I saw. He always blockquotes all of his cited text. I wouldn’t comment there unless CH confirms on Gab that it’s his.

    UPDATE: he confirmed that it’s not his. He has nothing to do with it.

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