Songs about the rain

The purpose of the entertainment (((industry))) is to corrupt everything it touches, starting with the talent that it recruits. In exchange for our balladeers’ souls it gives them the world. The Highwaymen, four talented men who made their careers in the diabolical industry. Kris Kristofferson likened Jesus Christ, approvingly, to Barabbas Che Guevara. Johnny Cash spent much of his long life extricating himself from the wreckage of his youthful hedonism. Willie Nelson pushed marijuana. Waylon Jennings never forgave himself for telling his friends “I hope your ol’ plane crashes.”

“Freedom’s just another word for…” That was then. There is always something left to lose. What follows is now.

Outrunning the rain:

… I walked five miles to meet a friend at a pub. This was at the height of last summer. Things were heavy after Charlottesville and there was an eclipse coming. At first, the heavy clouds to my south looked like they will pass me, but they were getting closer and blacker, taking on the greenish tinge one sees before a tornado. I walked in just as the downpour hit.

My friend arrived by car at the same time, as planned. We sat at a table by the window, with the thunderous pounding of the rain drowning out the conversation. He was in as somber a mood as I was that day. Our waitress stopped for a bit of small talk and shuddered, looking through the window. If anyone had asked me what’s on my mind, I’d have thought about if briefly and said: ___

The walk took place in the summer of 2017. That thought was completed for me in the comments:

so it will be before the walls of Gondor, the Great Battle of our Time


Songs about the rain with no mention of the two greatest, November Rain and Purple Rain:

Adele, Set Fire to the Rain. One of the few fine recordings from the past 15 years.

Peter Gabriel, Red Rain. He has a lot to answer for, with his anti-Apartheid activism. Except if artists do not possess a free will, in which case he’s innocent. The artist as a passive conduit:

how does [art] become? I think there are three elements. One: the artist’s sub-rational openness to the transcendent; you can also call that authenticity, or sincerity. Two: artist the man as a medium; his purity or corruption, his originality in filtering the intangible on it way to material expression. Three: his technical skill [in delivering] the artifact faithfully to intent.

The artist is also susceptible to being manipulated by his handlers.

The Alarm, Rain in the Summertime. Northeastern Europe… childhood memory of birds singing after the summer storm passes.

Edie Brickell, A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall. Vocally, she’s to the song’s writer Bob Dylan as a mammal is to a scorpion. I haven’t listened to this in decades until just now and it was nice to hear it again.

Late 1980s, “Tommy” and I worked in a restaurant after school. Brickell’s What I Am was playing and the manager, a charismatic woman, said something flippant about that song. Tommy chuckled and said “Yeah, she thinks she’s God’s gift to alternative music.” I made friends with him earlier in high school. He had just moved in from another state and got sat next to me in math class. His intelligence as measured by the SAT was stratospheric. Soon enough he showed me his notebook of original poetry. There was an ode to the moon. Good times hanging out in his mom’s house, philosophizing to Pink Floyd (no drugs).

He dropped off the radar not long after high school. A mutual friend gets in contact with him thirty years later and learns that he had recently gone through a sex-change operation. If you knew Tommy, you’d not be caught off-guard by that. His once deep, resonant voice now sounds like a woman’s. He went to an extreme of self-injury seeking peace.

Willie Nelson, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain. Shania Twain performs the vocals here, with the Old Master himself backing her on his own song. The highlight is Willie Nelson’s guitar solo halfway through the song. Talent is rare and you know it when you see it.

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  1. What timing: I just got done listening to Eddie Rabbit’s I Love A Rainy Night. A simple, catchy tune that damn near captures the experience of a rainy night.

    A channel on YT does great remixes with classic songs and it was that version that I just heard.

    For a somber and contemplative, in a drunken melancholy way, there’s Ray Charles Rainy Night In Georgia. That whole song just works, from the guitar and orchestration (deft work on the drums/cymbals) to the pianny playing to Charles’ garbled, scratchy voice.

  2. Here’s one with a bit of a pun, but it’s full of rain… the Wagnerian climax to Quadrophenia

    Honorable mention to a poignant Elvis hit in the twilight of his career:

  3. Uriah Heep’ s Rain (beautiful) and Rainy Night in Georgia and CCR Have you ever Heard the Rain.

  4. i’m not sure our shitlib friends would actually be accepting of che guevara in our current political climate. the man couldn’t stand homosexuals and (i suspect) he must have despised blacks.

    for confirmed euro/brit supremacy, compare led zeppelin to anything that vibrants crank out nowadays. their output invariably turns out to be insufferable crap, par for the course when all you have in your mind is drugs and hatred (add rape, fgm and terrorism for their religion of piece variety). a hip hop ‘artist’ who is making the rounds nowadays is someone called princess nokia, a vague 85-iq entity capable of featuring in videos of truly odious portent.

  5. The greatest battle in the rain in movie history – The Battle of the Hornburg.

    ‘Do not judge the counsel of Gandalf, until all is over, lord,’ said Aragorn.
    ‘The end will not be long,’ said the king. ‘But I will not end here, taken like an old badger in a trap. Snowmane and Hasufel and the horses of my guard are in the inner court. When dawn comes, I will bid men sound Helm’s horn, and I will ride forth. Will you ride with me then, son of Arathorn? Maybe we shall cleave a road, or make such an end as will be worth a song – if any be left to sing of us hereafter.’
    ‘I will ride with you,’ said Aragorn.

    Before they ride out, Aragorn calls out for parlay with the Orcs. He tells the Orcs:

    ‘I have still this to say,’ answered Aragorn. ‘No enemy has yet taken the Hornburg. Depart, or not one of you will be spared. Not one will be left alive to take back tidings to the North. You do not know your peril.’

  6. CCR Have you ever seen the Rain and Who’ll Stop the Rain

    c’mon,, these are better than that shit from GnR

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  8. See what you started PA. . .

    Going for the AM Gold hits here:

    Laughter In The Rain

    It Never Rains In Southern California

    Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again

  9. Well, mine might be the minority opinion, but after the sixties, the golden age of pop music was the eighties, especially what started as New Wave but pretty much became mainstream.

    Here Comes The Rain Again

  10. – -The Zombies (Edge of the Rainbow)
    – -The Clash (Pouring Rain)
    – -Pete Doherty (I am the Rain).

    Croi follain agus gob fliuch!

  11. What, no mention of “Blame it on the Rain”?

    Best live show I ever saw was Milli Vanilli. The vocals were just flawless.

  12. Alright, thought of some more strong honorable mentions:

    – -Velvet Underground (Hey Mr. Rain)
    – -Faust (It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl)
    – -The Pixies (Down to the Well)

  13. For a 90s flair, there’s:

    Only Happy When It Rains – Garbage
    No Rain – Blind Melon
    The Rain – Johnny Lang

    The first two have that 90s melancholy indifference about them, the former spelling it out in its title and the latter with a happy-go-lucky “glass not totally empty” vibe.

    The last song is a good bluesy, rock tune that I’d hear quite often on the rock station during the mid-late 90s.

  14. Good stuff. Many that you have posted here are new to me. Checking each unfamiliar one now.

    The Cure “Plainsong.” After a great, long instrumental intro:

    I think it’s dark and it looks like it’s rain, you said
    And the wind is blowing like it’s the end of the world, you said

  15. Well, I’ll chip in one last time with some radio hits:

    The one “Well, DUH!” that no one mentioned:

  16. “Riders on the Storm.”

    What to make of The Doors. I have a couple of books of Jim Morrison’s poems which I leaf through once every few years. Vivid chaos. It’s strings of words that form images and at every line the words/images take an unpredictable turn.

  17. Lots of fabulous suggestions in the comments. Thank you.

    Heh. I was just about to mention “Riders on the Storm.” Surprised no one else beat me to it, then on the last comment, blog host with the stick-save.

    Double Heh. First comment was Eddie Rabbit’s song, which was one of my top 10 favorite C&W songs when I was a kid.

    PA, glad to finally see a C&W-themed post. The distinguishing characteristic between C&W & Pop Rock: C&W sings respectfully of family ties and forebearers. Pop rock does not even acknowledge their existence. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out why one is mocked when it’s not being completely ignored, and one is a ubiquitous part of daily life.

  18. Not a song about rain, but a rain on songs. At Watkins Glen 1973, Allman Bros, Dead, The Band–a concert whose crowd was much larger than Woodstock’s–the Band’s set was interrupted by heavy rain. Levon Helm, the one Arkansan in The Band, remembered that it rained so heavily “it was like a cow pissing on a flat rock.” Why did/do they hold giant outdoor festivals in the East in the summer, when it’s rare not to get a downpour in the afternoon or evening? Couldn’t they take a chance on drier late Sept or early Oct? No, the young people are bound by school then.

  19. Some of those black mammas can sing though.

    As for the previously posted songs, my vote is to CCR. John Fogerty was a great genius. Apparently hard to get along with, in person and irl. Everyone who worked with his says that. “If a man gets kicked out of one bar … ”


    Unrelated, this comment from an anon at Unz, re the AOC “white supremacy” tweet and the Squad generally. Background info: Alexandria and Ilhan BOTH have hot White bf’s.

    So… The Squad is trolling America. But to what extent.

    I think the white boyfriend thing with AOC & Omar is telling. Is it more climbing? More trolling? I don’t think it’s climbing because both guys are just campaign operatives. They are not men of higher status than the congresswomen.

    It’s psychologically revealing in both cases.

    With Omar I am suddenly woke to the fact that she’s not really clannish or a pious Muslim at all. She’s like a hot milf in a hijab. She probably subscribes to Vogue and Cosmo. Shitposts late at night on Jezebel etc.

    With AOC I think it’s the same. She’s a leftwing live action role player by day and a high society wannabe at night.

    Both of these frauds want to end up like Pelosi: married to a rich white guy in the best house in the best neighborhood of one of America’s most glamorous cities… wearing the best clothes and hanging out with all of the best people… all the while talking hard leftwing politics as the only solution for everyone else in America.

  20. Ilhan as a White bf? Isn’t she married to two men, one of whom is her brother?

    She’s a super freak, super freak, super freaky. . . .so much for “the kind you don’t take home to mama”


  21. PaterVault, glad you liked the Country theme. Some years back I had a similar post, which featured Kris and Johnny, along with George Jones’ great song/video, plus Drive By Truckers.

  22. “The Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men”

    LOL, I love that old-school Disco. Fun story apropos completely nothing, except that song of course. After getting out of the Army in the mid-1990s, I worked in building trades while finishing my Bachelor’s. A good friend of mine worked with me… he’s the one who got me that job in the first place. And just before quittin’ time on Friday our boss asks me and him if we can do him a huge favor, with personal compensation — a major installation job now. Management had slipped on their schedule and that task needed to be done yesterday. We figured that it would take us to around midnight to complete it.

    Five PM, our boss and everyone else had left for the weekend. My bud and I got to work on that project. It was in a large institutional building, no one was there after hours.

    While working, we had the radio on, it was Washington DC’s 107.3 FM, which then played pop/rock. They had Retro Night on Fridays, which meant ’70s Disco. The job went well, he and I finished as predicted by midnight, and took the DC Metro subway to my & my then-girlfriend’s condo for the night.

    The thing is, “Raining Men” was one of the songs that played on the radio that night as we worked, and to this day he and I make good-natured quips about that song. And of course now it’s the nostalgia of working that job back in our twenties. We did an excellent job and saved the day.

  23. One rain song, I’m not sure how it slipped my mind, seeing as I’ve been listening to it for the past week, is Sting’s After The Rain Has Fallen from his Brand New Day album. Has the usual flair of his songs and while not as great a story as PA’s, I heard it while working at The Gap. It would replay about every 3-4 hours. I knew my shift was almost up when I would hear it for the second time. Still, it’s a good song. Different sounds. A nice evening-into-late night type of song.

    Along that same tone, there’s Adele’s Right As Rain which is the first song I ever heard of hers. And, it’s the only song I truly like from her. There’s a meme about her that all of her songs are about a cheeseburger she dropped in high school. If that’s the case, then the aforementioned song is about when she finally got her order and just prior to the tragedy.

    For the trifecta, and again, not sure how I missed it, but it’s Clapton’s Let It Rain. I was in high school and just getting into classic rock. I bought The Cream of Clapton greatest hits on CD and was listening to it on CD-ROM via my computer, which in the mid-90s was friggin’ awesome, and playing some video game whose name escapes me at the moment.

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