The Slow Dance

Remember back in high school, the slow song came on and you’d take a girl to the dance floor. You hold her around her waist. She wraps her arms around your neck if she likes you. Then you sway with the ballad. What kind of a boy doesn’t pop wood and awkwardly keep it from touching her as his thighs rub against hers, crisp wool trousers against her silky dress.

Do teenagers still do this?

Tu, soltante tu is that kind of a song, the video being from 1982. The couple performing it is in their thirties. The body language isn’t Hallmark-perfect but these things can be complicated. They had a son and three daughters together, one of whom would later disappear under unsavory circumstances.

Here they are much older in 2016 and long-divorced. She’s in her mid-sixties, he’s 73. The old broad gets frisky starting at 1:40!

tu soltanto tu
con tutte le sorprese che mi fai
quel po di timidezza che tu hai
quel modo di vestire un po strano
con le mani sul piano

Then they do a little ad-lib after 3:00.

Everyone has his allotted life force and Albano Carrisi’s holding strong as a performing artist. But the age-cliff hits healthy men fast. In ten years he might be feeble, with a sunken face and vacant eyes. Life is a slow dance.

Open thread.

(The most recent post about the second-greatest pop act of all time is here, along with a rabbit hole of links.)

90 thoughts on “The Slow Dance

  1. Aah… Romina Power! I don’t know of any boy who wasn’t instantly inamorato when seeing her face and her feminine figure while listening to her silky voice! There was also that pang of jealousy towards signore Al Bano. Such a sleazy bastard has all the luck with such an awesome woman 😄
    Just the other day my wife and I were talking about this tragic couple. I was quite surprised she was feeling the same in those days.

  2. I always rue the fact I never stuck around for our dances. I was beyond gamma/omega or what have you. Just one giant goober.

    I recall during my sister’s friend’s Sweet Sixteen, I was being Mr Grumpy and just not having a good time. (I was an odd kid.) Some older dudes I knew came by and told me I gotta go out and dance, just get out there, have a good time. I just lacked the courage. Never did it.

    I know if I had, I would have gotten that monkey off my back and been more willing and engaged for the time of our dances. I recall the girls curling their hair and on those days they wore dresses or where otherwise dolled up. I smile as I write this, recalling CH’s words of the god of biomechanics: the girls knew why they were doing it and us blokes knew why they were doing it and all was right with the world.

    A few years ago I did try my hand a ballroom dance class. I liked it. Something about a coordinated dance to classical music suited me just fine. It was too expensive for me at the time and something I need to revisit soon.

  3. Even more so than Autumn,
    do the days pass by in August

    But the age-cliff hits healthy men fast. In ten years he might be feeble, with a sunken face and vacant eyes. Life is a slow dance.

    Well said and a good observation. Ten years is also the length of time, the Interregnum if you will, that Tolkien described for the Kings of Numenor, when eventually they would age and die. They were hale and hearty for like 400 years and then one day they would be old. And then they were old for ten years and then they died.

    Their long lifespan was referenced in the movie but cut out. The scene is included in the extended version Two Towers. Gimli explains to Eowyn how Aragorn fought with her grandfather Thengel.

    Their love interest subplot in that thar film had its good and bad parts. When Theodyn said to Eowyn that he was happy for her and that Aragorn was a good man, that was not believable because he shoulda known on a heart level that Aragorn would not be marrying into his line.

  4. “I can not give you what you seek” — the good part, of their love interest subplot

    On the real, who among readers, cocksure Lotharios, has used that line in real life? / for real

    There is total head case crazy AA acquaintance, who would be an easy lay but don’t stick your dick in crazy right? I have “thought” about her once or twice though.

    But I cannot give her what she needs, which is stability. Just fucking her once would be a disaster. If she were to get pregnant my life would be over. I would have to see that child through. And she would definitely try with her all her biopowers, to bring that seed to bear because it would be a big step for her. Is she still even fertile though? She is older 30s and has pallid unheatlhy coloring. What is her problem. She coulda been halfway normal in a stable society.

    At this point most people are trainwrecks. I was commisserating with a gen-z affiliate at work yesterday, about the shortness of the weekend, and said to him I know that feel and he asked me back how old I was, being surprised at the summary internet phrasing. I was like bro I know those feelings too. Yeah we’ll be back here Monday, if we live to see it. Life sucks but it continues That was the feeling.

  5. Feelings. That was a big song from the early 80s. It was a huge hit. It was pretty good. I could probably do a fair enough job on the piano, the old Johanna, site reading it right now. Was it done up popular by Babs or was it some other sap?

    I have an anxiety day today, starting in about ten minutes. Stepping up responsibility stuff with Father. But here’s the thing to remember: It’s a good anxiety. Life is about meeting anxiety and overcoming it. The readers of this blog should and certainly do know, this little wisdom bit, but it’s worth repeating.

    The bit about how Anxiety is everywhere and everyone is “suffering” from it. Well of course it is. But life is about facing up to it head-on, like Theoden did with the haradrim on the elephants. Most men would have run away. But him being the king gave the best bad choice order available, which was to “take them head on.” It’s a good thing though that only one of them big old ‘phonts had the barbed wire strung up between its tusks because otherwise the Sons of Eorl woulda been done for.

  6. Totally different note. A comment on the influential dissident right personality ZMan. His latest podcast is him answering letters from his readers and fans.

    First of all, I like ZMan, and in the final, you either listen and read someone, or you don’t. But the point here is that his second or third letter, near to the top of the show, was him tackling the JQ. It was kinda of funny. ZMan is widely regarded as suspiciously sympathetic to them. His bit, his take, his stance on them, can be summed up with how he characterizes the criticism of them that is everywhere, as just kinda being this thing that “anti-semites” have and Whatcha gonna do? Iow he’s just like —

    And then suddenly for no reason, they elected Hitiler.

    My take on ZMan and his position on the jews, is that he has to be connected to them, by blood or marriage. Iow a crypto. Is it in any other way possible, that they can be excused and or allowed, in any degree?

    My political statement position on the jews, better named the Jewish Problem [ h/t Linder ], is about as soft as it can get, and in the vein of politics being the art of the practical, and also that it appeals to White people’s sense of mercy. The tldr of it being, the good ones might be given a way out, or a way in rather. To qualify they would have to pass the looks test and also formally renounce their jewishness, and finally be given a sort of permanent status of probation for at least one lifetime and maybe more. Which position is probably a mistake.

  7. Well, hell… this sister duo, though a bit past their prime here, were always a slow dance favorite in the circles I traveled:

  8. “They danced to the tunes of the gramophone, and the dance floor was replete with tapping feet, enticing legs, arms wrapped around waists, lips pressed to lips, and chests pressed to chests. The atmosphere was full of desire.”

  9. – As Westerners Become Strangers in Their Strange Lands, Only Dead Philosophers Can Save Them –

    ” In search of some reading material to make it through a torrential weekend, I chanced upon a book in my humble collection entitled, ‘Conversations with Isaiah Berlin.’ Since, like many people, I have been pondering the fate of Western civilization as it passes through a period of tumultuous social and political upheaval, the words on the page I had randomly opened to almost knocked me clean out of my chair. ”

  10. That article was a good read —

    Having lived in Moscow for many years, I quickly recognized this ‘gift’ among the Russian people. The society is homogenized to such a high degree through many factors, including literature, history, customs and traditions that total strangers are able to freely strike up conversation with each other as though they have been friends since childhood.

    But the article even still, made a point to strongly disavow racism and xenophobia.

    I drove into the city recently this evening for something to do. Didn’t stop or go anywhere. There’s no there there. America is one big road. Everywhere that is accessible by road, is part of the same blot aka nowhere. Uncle Ted was apparently driven up the wall and literally by the airplane noise, way out there in his remote cabin. Maybe that was part of his motivation for trying to bomb out that United airline flight whereby he got his moniker.

    But if people can get to where you are at right now, by road, that means anyone can get there and be driving by, right now. Apparently in the mountainous regions it’s not so much like that, because those roads are less accessible.

    I hate seeing niggers walk by. They don’t too often but sometimes they do. My neighbors are mostly White but not entirely. Niggers and other non-whites are a symptom though, they are not the cause of our problems. The cause of our problems doesn’t reduce to a simple word like Technology or Scale, or as I used to try to make the case for, Aesthetics; though perhaps if it did, that last is the best choice, because finally it’s a question of how we are living in the world, and the answer is not-beautifully.

    A politics that is based on needing things to get materially worse, before they can get better, is not a winner. In my opinion things will eventually and inevitably get worse materially, because of habitat degradation. At some point the planetary ecology is polluted to the point where material conditions are not nice.

    If that’s what it takes for people to act differently, that’s fucked up. Why can’t leading intellectuals and philosophers put together a platform, practical and political, that appeals to reasonable people?

    What is more appealing than living in a pleasant place with people that you want to live with?

    So that’s the basis of this philosophy.

  11. People who don’t have a Community, with whom they live and share their lives and problems, are made weaker to the point where eventually they get taken over by those who do.

    People have to work together and have Communities. That’s the thing about living in America, speficially as a traditional White American. Do you have a community and if so how?

    My rl community, is as follows —
    1. Family of Origin, which is dwindling and was small to begin with
    2. AA friends; these people and this network is very much a mixed bag; I have a going idea about any AA group and it is this —

    it breaks down along the Rule of Thirds, which is something that Jung frequently referenced in re his patients. A third of them get worse, a third maintain, and a third are cured. AA is like that. The real thing about AA though, is that it is a place to meet people. That’s what has made it remarkable. But the other thing about it that needs mentioned, is that it is going through tough times. It’s luster is long gone. For awhile it was regarded as a miracle. That was a half-century ago now. Then it came to be more modestly regarded as a good thing. But now it’s not well regarded. And it is and in fact, a sex club. Many literal examples; explicitly noted for this in Fight Club and Sopranos.

    3. Old Friends. These people are hard to keep in touch with, but I still have some contact with them.

    4. Actual Neighbors. They are actually doing the Night Out thing sometime soon like next weekend. One of my neighbors had the courtesy of telling me this, face to face and now I might go. It would be sorta weird not to go, but on the other hand I would rather not go and mingle with them, out in the street? In any case one of these neighbors today was visible across the street in summer shorts and bent over doing some weeding, and she was a young woman and not bad as far as it goes. (Her ass.) She has children though and is obviously off limits. The fact that she would dress like that and be bent over, is that something you would be ok with your wife being like that?

  12. Top comment at the video: “F*ck Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black. This was real music.”

    Mendo: you’re not that kid anymore. Don’t dwell on it.

    PA: my first slow dance was at 16. Can’t remember the song (it was popular at the time–maybe “I want to know what love is”?), only the sensation of tentatively putting our pelvises together and noticing [intensely] the comparative flatness of hers.

    Finally, OT: anyone who has doubts about CH’s research, or the idea that hoes f*ck non-Whites to get back at their fathers, or who doubt AA’s assertion that women should be locked in cages, take a two minutes out of your day for this NSFW “song”:

  13. The big news down in Texas is that the White Supremacists who look not 100 per cent old stock quality White, are shooting up the mestizos at Walmart, and you better know this goy — there were NOT multiple shooters.

    Like most sane people, it’s not a hobby to follow those stories more closely than your dick, but a point that is relevant to when considering them, is that it’s not as easy as video game players might like to think, to rack up a kill count. Your guns go wrong; your car doesn’t work; you twist your ankle; someone doesn’t play along and tackles you. And more likely, getting people center shot and dead takes practice and skill that doesn’t come from video game. It takes balance and precision, and … presence of mind in the center of a very difficult stressful situation. Does Joe Kid naturally have that killing ability?

    I don’t think the pictured guy like did or could do it. Racking up a kill count is similar to a sport, in some ways. That’s why try-hard posters like Twinkie at Unz, “yellow on the outside and White on the inside,” refer to frontline soldiers as Combat Athletes who apparently that’s what they call themselves, try-hard dicks such as they are. The pictured guy looks like the opposite of one of those. On Twitter they were saying multiple as in four black-clad shooters. It sure is convenient timing now. NPR will never be shutting up about this!


    More experienced and better hot take commentators, know not to get fixated on whether or not it’s a false flag. It’s relevant but only part of the deal. It is pretty relevant, but since it can’t really be decided one way or the other, and we need a take on it anyways. Which take is that, these things will happen when people are stressed to the point of death, freaked to hell and back about the living arrangements we are wound up in.

  14. Out in public. Just heard the least manly country music song ever. Get a load of these lyrics:

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone was sitting here
    And if not, would it be okay if someone bought you a beer
    Let’s say that someone wanted to dance
    Would he have any snowballin’ hell of a chance
    To get you out on the floor before this slow song ends
    Yeah, I’m just asking for a friend

    [Verse 2]
    He ain’t ever been any good at laying it all out on the line
    I swear down deep, believe me girl, he’s a really good guy
    If you can find it in your heart just to cut him some slack
    He’d be johnny-on-the-spot here in two seconds flat
    Yeah, he’s holding his breath, come on give him a second with you

    Yeah what do you say
    It’s Friday night and you’re beautiful, so beautiful
    What man wouldn’t think you were the love of his life
    He’d be a fool, he’d be a fool
    Just one drink would sure mean a lot to him
    Yeah, I’m just asking for a friend

    [Verse 3]
    Let’s say this friend of mine went and messed up real bad
    And he’d do anything in this world, girl, to get you back
    Hey what kind of sorry would it take for a man to erase his worst mistake
    And would this even begin to make a dent


    Women write more masculine lyrics than this. The music is weak, too, a watery Junior Varsity first attempt to pull together a few chords, and the minor key gives it a faggoty feel, like Country music tried to sound Nu Metal (cue CH “nümale” joke).

    Get a load of the phyzz, too:

    The occult shirt he’s wearing doesn’t help. It feels like Cabal, Inc. created this sh!t to normalize Antifa Pegging Parties.

  15. The mexicans at cardboard box factory longterm temp assignment job-type job, are Texas Mexicans. I have picked up on this detail and prior to this weekend, with various intuitions. On the shift resuming tomorrow are approximately 20 or 30 workers, and excluding management, or uh excuse me “Leadership” [ that’s what it’s called now in corpo-speak ], maybe one other White. A couple African blacks and a couple asians. Otherwise all of them beaners and Texas ones at that. They WILL be upset about this and not unlikely resentful. It’s a fucked-up world. [ note to self: get the damned bag ] In order to a be line supervisor (at that job), one needs to be fluent in their language.

    The younger ones of them though, may be hip to the false flag angle of it. The guy on twitter who was beating that drum, was a mestizo castizo.

  16. Forgot to mention that the suspiciously mestizo-looking GRIDS patient’s stage name is Devon Dawson. Track is called “Asking for a friend”, barf.

  17. “Corpo-speak.” Good word. The Associate Director of the Department of Truth.

    I was tasked with writing some training. I said something about reporting to a “superior” and the wahmen had a meltdown. The material now mentions reporting to a “supervisor”.

    As the venerable Greg Eliot has been known to say, “F this Ghey Earth”

  18. Lawdy, when JJ, of all yeggs, tosses around “venerable” in reference to Eliot, the earth seems less ghey. 😉

    On a side note in re venerable, I sure do miss the chateau… heartiste on gab is of some consolation, like a teaspoon of water in the desert.

  19. Well, when CH calls you an “esteemed commenter,” Greg, who am I to argue? The man wasn’t known for humorous hyperbole.

  20. ” The big news down in Texas is that the White Supremacists who look not 100 per cent old stock quality White, are shooting up the mestizos at Walmart, and you better know this goy — there were NOT multiple shooters. ”

    Basic Signs of a false flag operation.

    1) Initial reports always mention multiple shooters, which eventually are ” corrected ” to reflect a lone wolf perpetrator.

    2) Immediate identification of perpetrator, with a corresponding release of the ” perpetrator’s ” writings / manifesto, Facebook page, photos, and ” incriminating ” videos.

    3) Previous ” mass casualty ” training at / or near attack location.

    4) Strange behavior by ” victims ” families and friends.

    5) Court trials are never televised.

    6) No media interviews are ever held with ” perpetrator ” after conviction.

  21. “Finally, OT: anyone who has doubts about CH’s research, or the idea that hoes f*ck non-Whites to get back at their fathers, or who doubt AA’s assertion that women should be locked in cages, take a two minutes out of your day for this NSFW “song”:

    Why are you posting this? They’re not white. So they’re not white girls getting back at their fathers.

  22. What’s even fishier about that whole TX episode is that the parents of the kids from the Parkland shooting were in the city when it happened.

    Vox Day has a good post about the improbabilities of all these recent shootings.

  23. INDY, how are the chicks not White? Are you thinking Asia Minor or…?

    FWIW the chick with the huge nose looks so high-T that I hesitate to call her a chick. But she has recorded some truly ethereal feminine-sounding tracks, to my surprise and confusion.

  24. Those Birdcloud coozes reek of yenta a league off. The names Kaset and Green don’t dissuade my suspicions, neither.

    If it walks and quacks like a (((duck))), it’s probably (((web-footed))), sez I.

  25. Good point, Greg (and Indy). Asia Minor confirmed. The Tennessean accents fooled me for a moment. (((They))) really have infiltrated, haven’t they?

    FWIW, I’m still calibrating my radar. I didn’t meet my first chosen one until I was 19, and it wasn’t until law school that I knew more than one at a time.

  26. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping track of commenters. You post their filth and call them chosen. Yeah, they really have infiltrated.

  27. I wonder how long the feds have been involved with the AR and seeking out vulnerable psyches to pull shit like this.

    These shootings have the feel of Eff Bee Eye groomed lone wolfs.

  28. “Sometimes I have a hard time keeping track of commenters. You post their filth and call them chosen. Yeah, they really have infiltrated.”

    When you’re as cool as your are, it can be hard to keep track of the plebes and our mutterings. Go do your work that’s too important to describe here. In fact, please don’t waste your time condescending to the work required to reach our our opaque minds.

  29. Why don’t you harness that butthurt energy and marshal it for good? Don’t post their filth and don’t call them chosen.

  30. The war is internecine. Intra-racial. A contest of “white” patriarchy. Submissive assimilation versus assertive separation. Supremacy contra equality. Urgency amongst degeneracy. Resurrection undermining mirrored reflection. Self shelved, shell selved. Identity crisis and cryptic tells. The time for intuition must permeate the cells.

    White boy must think BIG or else a life “fool of hells.”

  31. was in Tahoe and Yosemite this past weekend…didn’t see a couple of things- one, niggers, two- fat people.

    maybe it’s time to move to the mountains

  32. “maybe it’s time to move to the mountains”

    Trav, water boils at a lower temperature up here. You’re gonna want to keep that pasta in that pot a minute or two longer to avoid undercooking.

  33. Human-monkey hybrids created in a lab?

    Hell, you can find all you want on pretty much every street corner, created the old-fashioned way.

    Might as well ship coal to Newcastle.

  34. Do high-T women have high-T sons? That’s a pretty basic question. The consensus at CH was that couples between them, tend to balance out, so that for instance a low-T man will have a beast of a wife, whereas the high-T man gets the pretty princess. At least that’s how it make work under more better eugenic conditions. Does health really reduce to T-levels? High-T is absolutely certainly a liability under the wrong conditions, like such a bugman living conditions, which is why people are quote unquote depressed. Such idea is a well known fact.

    T-levels correlate some degree with fast and slow and life strategies, but not exactly. Those two things, T-levels and then fast and slow life strategies aka r and K, are seperate graphs but they play out in the same life matrix. Irishman Dr Edward Dutton, aka youtuber Jolly Heretic, talks at length on those questions. I am frankly tired out on the topic.

    Sportsmen’s culture gots its problems. For instance catch-and-release is bs. It’s well known most those fish are dead in the water. Don’t catch it if you don’t plan on eating it. What else is the point? They would say that the point is being outdoors and blah blah blah. Clean your fish, if you catch them, don’t put em back in the water to die. Wtf is that about. I never gutted a mammal. Cleaned lots of fish though. I eventually developed some skill in the technique of using a knife to clean a fish. Skinning salmon for instance. It’s not hard to do but might take some practice. I asked my dad recently if he ever gutted and cooked up a squirrel. He had. Shot it with a shotgun and cooked it up and had a bite or two and tossed the rest. I can count the animals I have shot on one hand. A couple few birds and that’s it.

  35. The last time I went hunting was for grouse and it was on public land. I went to the trouble of getting a lisense and finding a spot, on the Bluffs. Rustled up a bird but it was pheasant and they were not on the old license. Unlikely as it seems now, I made the split second decision to not shoot at the thing, due to the legalities. It would have been a tough shot. It was uphill and through some brush and maybe about 50 feet. And obv those things can fly pretty fast. And not to mention the stress and anxiety of the situation. But later I regretted not taking the shot, despite the legalities.

    Speaking of pheasant. According the current research as reported on and analyzed by Dr Dutton above, pheasants are among the animal species having measurable G-levels of intelligence. Unlikely as it seems.

    Dutton makes a point to call it capital G intelligence, to mark it in the same class as human intelligence. And no, he is not kidding. I wasn’t clear though on exactly what was his distinction between G intelligence and the more commonly used category of g intelligence.

  36. I took up gardening in earnest, on the back half of a quarter acre, 12 or so years ago. Have posted about it at length. But the last couple years it got scaled it down due to time and energy constraints. Which totally sucks. Also the garden is getting shaded to the point that trees will have to be trimmed, and they are not all of them, on my yard. It’s a typical neighbor situation about which it’s fun to complain but no one wants to hear.

    In years past, I was reliably getting 3 or 4 hundred pounds of potatoes, and those plants covered only 30 or 40 per cent of my turned over plots. In other words you can get a LOT. It takes time and care though. The differences between between doing it well and doing it half-assed. I grew an heirloom squash that I cultivated from somewhere, of a butternut type squash, and got near to half-a-ton of it put down. It took over most of the backyard. I have those seeds in long term storage.

    This year I didn’t do any seedlings at all, but on a whim got some plants from the nursery. The cucumbers are doing well and the canteloupe looks to be a possible success. Otherwise mostly greens: lettuce kale beetroot and basil. And of course and as always, peppers toms and eggs. The toms are not doing it this year. It’s always a crapshoot, and reliably it breaks down to something like:

    40 per cent of what is planted does reasonably well
    20 per is a failure
    20 per cent disappoints but not too bad
    20 per cent unexpected big success journey

    The secret to success with greens particularly tender greens, and obv many other but not all plants, is to harvest them as frequently as you can. As a rule, your yearlong yields will go up the more you harvest.

  37. elk, what would say would be the easiest or rather, the most intro-level veggie to garden?

    To add some constraints: figure a 10’x3′ plot with some mild shade now and then.

  38. 10 x 3 is not a bad size. The first rule of advice is to plant things you want to eat. That’s why tomatoes peppers and eggplants are popular. Of those three tomatoes are the most unpredictable and the most work, and eggplant the most reliable. Peppers should not need much trellising but they can sometimes be disappointing in their yields. In Zone 4 a bell pepper can yield 20 or 30 full-sized peppers; or it can yield four.

    Every garden is different, and the trick is finding what works in the space under consideration. Radishes and kale are “easy” and solid performers but generally need planted at the beginning of the year before it’s too hot. Kale is super popular now to the point of being a cliche. However you can grow more kale than you know what to do with.

    Potatoes are a good bet for something that might be useful in a survival situation. That’s what real men out in the wilderness like to grow. Greens can do well in big pots, and potted plants are adaptable to a limited space. Potted plants need watering a lot though.

    If I were recommending to my next door neighbor, I would recommend potatoes eggplants radishes and kale, and cucs and lettuce.

    I use not much fertilizer. The standard Miracle Grow that dissolves into the watering can and gets directly poured around the plants in question, a few times or year or more. Fish spray is recommended.

  39. Also beans, pole and bush. After potatoes and perhaps kale, those might most useful for survival, if that’s what it’s about. You can get a ton of beans. In 30 square feet you could live off what you harvested, for a couple months. I would typically set off about that much footage for bush beans, varietals Provider and Greencrop, and would be harvesting a full gallon ziplock every other day, for a couple months.

    Pole beans will yield even more, per square foot, but will need a lot more trellissing and work. Pole beans tend to attract pests such as Japanese Beetles.

    Cabbages and carrots are staples that I haven’t done well with. Garlic and onions on the other hand, are not much work.

  40. I wasn’t clear though on exactly what was his distinction between G intelligence and the more commonly used category of g intelligence. — Elk

    The distinction, intuitively-speaking, is that of a metaphysical desire for Supremacy and a mundane fanaticism for supremacy. Transcendental Perfection versus earthly perfection. A Capitalistic given fractaled with anti-capitalistic takers. The formers requires Big G intelligence . The latters, merely small g intelligence.

    The egalitarian pathos is a collapsing of reality starting with something as simple as lower-casing the Upper Case.

    If small g intelligence…

    Cause: Big G intelligence.

  41. If “white supremacy…”

    Cause: white Supremacy.

    This is a linguistic reversal of the Capitalistic collapse initiated by an incestual media and cerebrally maimtamed by the egalitarian horde.

  42. Is Dump really this ignorant of reality ?

    ” Here is a picture of EVERY single “mass shooter” in 2019.
    Tell me again how this is a ‘White Nationalist’ thing??. ”

  43. They weren’t cucking… they were showing their White Supremacy in re sanitation engineering. 😉

  44. If “God is dead….”

    Then perpetuating self-annihilation is the “game” and a dominance of “unprincipled exceptions” chaotically trans-forms a radically-autonomous environment. Alien nation is the “norm.”

    There are those who will and those who will not play this “game.”

    The former, para-sights. The latter, final liberators.

    Given the choice of perpetuating self-annihilation and Final Liberation…

    White boy should choose “desire for Supremacy.”

  45. Yes she did, Nancy Louise meant a lot to all us.


    Beto O’Rourke looks like Jim Carrey. They have a similar build and face. Of course both their surnames are classic potato niggers. And for the third strike? their mannerisms.

  46. Nick ‘based AF’ Fuentes tore it up last night, with his takes on the Saturday shootings. He said that we disavow violence but these things will happen when legitimate grievances are not even allowed on the table of consideration. To make the point he described how the Dissident Right was treated when they tried to get into some big time mainstream and recent conservative political convention. They were refused a seat at the table. So what’s a poor boy to do?

    How about the scandal in Galveston Texas. Best twitter comment: Well they couldn’t put him on the horse.

  47. This is the amateur version. Imagine what ” tool set ” the government has.


  48. Proof that women who are flat can grow three or four cup sizes after mid-30s even without gaining that much weight. There’s a medical term for that but I dont remember it.

  49. Amon Ra, I’m familiar with the game the power-hungry left plays with fraudulent SSN re-allocation from an aborted fetus to an illegal alien adult. What I’m missing is the relevance in re-purposing the identity of a 5-year deceased country boy from New England for hi-vis atrocity? Sandy Hook all over again with a non-actual homocide spree, manufactured news?

    Elk, Robert Francis is just like Barry Soetoro. Ghastly build, same voice inflections, pauses at the same points, hand gestures while talking. Either there’s a pathlogical link from a diseased mind to these things, or the DNC uses the same public speaking coaches for all of their political plants.

  50. ” ^ Sci Fi channel? Cable TV? cool video dude ”

    Cool comeback bro, really addresses the issues at hand.

  51. ” Amon Ra, I’m familiar with the game the power-hungry left plays with fraudulent SSN re-allocation from an aborted fetus to an illegal alien adult. What I’m missing is the relevance in re-purposing the identity of a 5-year deceased country boy from New England for hi-vis atrocity? ”

    That is the million dollar question. Of course they need a ” face ” to plaster all over the news, however, it seems to me they are intentionally making some of these things obvious per some sort of requirement on their part. Maybe its just to mock the ” sheeple ” to their faces, as sociopaths would be prone to gloat, or as components of ritualistic endeavors the ” elites ” are know to engage in ( i.e. Epstein’s island ” temple “. )

    Either way, there is ample ,obvious, proof that these events are not what they seem, and anyone who believes otherwise is part of the ((( problem ))).

  52. Spent a week in the mountains. Deep Appalachia, the wilds of West Virginia. Question: what do people in the current year say about a place they had just visited? Answer: observations about its demographic makeup. Either “It was great!” or “Put a flamethrower to this ghey world.” Happy to say, in the case of my visit, it’s the former. Everyone was White. No false songs of globalism. People looked relaxed, families with 2-3 kids. Young dudes all look like Chris Kyle.

  53. The issue at hand is that you posted a fake video from a cable TV show. If my favorite stalwart wasn’t taking his afternoon nap, he’d be chiding a supposed alt-right ally for carrying the synathedral’s water.

  54. If they can do it to Ivan — scary-faced black man corrections officer, that means they can do it to anyone. It’s a good thing it was an air soft gun.

  55. *lightning bolt zooms down*

    I’m back, gents. Sorcerygod at your disposal. *bows at the waist*

    I’ll try to make more regular appearances. Glad to see some of the Chateau regulars here, although there’s been a radical scything in the ranks — not good to see, not good to see. Publius, Sentient, the mid-ranks are all gone.

    I have one glad thought to leave you with:

    When Heartiste heaves up a new website with glittering Chateau letters, the mod WILL WORK THIS TIME.

    (Last glad thought: PA is still here for us. Good to know, better to see.)

  56. Youtuber Keith Woods has a video up on the shootings —

    Woods is a young man and a philosopher. He says that it’s about young men not getting the guidance they need to live their lives in a meaningful way that has heroism as part of it. And them feeling that they need to somehow make a dent in the world.

    The video above is black pill in its conclusions. It concludes that every reaction against the System is incorporated by it, and fed back into its algorithm.

    On what really happened in El Paso. My opinion is that it is a false flag, for the reasons that I stated earlier, that it’s not as easy as it’s made out to be to get that kind of kill count, and particularly by those soft looking faces. I mean come on, they’re are not going in there like Rambo.

    In the case of El Paso, it was a team of professional killers and a patsy. But every one of these incidents is its own set of questions and answers. They are not all this or all that.

    The government has been working on Manchurian candidates for a long time, so those things may be in play. But without them there are plenty of willing killers, black operators or not. Certainly some of these events are just loose screws going off. But others like Port Arthur was a false flag. Most people who look into it, and are young and dissident right, say Sandy Hook was a hoax.

    None of these questions or various interpretations address the problems of how we are to live our lives better. And more specifically, how we are to address the grievance of demographic aggression. They are a distraction on that front.

  57. ” The issue at hand is that you posted a fake video from a cable TV show. ”

    Get off your high horse. Whether this particular video is ” real ” or not doesn’t matter, hypnosis is proven real even at a basic ” parlor tricks ” level. Like I stated earlier, imagine what the government is capable of with its ” additional ” techniques ( i.e. drugs, shock therapy, fragmentation of personality, psychological techniques ) . Additionally, whats your point ? Do you want to argue for arguments sake ? Are you lonely ? Need attention ?

  58. ” And more specifically, how we are to address the grievance of demographic aggression. ”

    Although, keep in mind these incidents seem to be designed to further demonize the white race, restrict gun rights, and defeat any ” unapproved ” thinking. Its important that they be investigated and monitored.

  59. Get off your high horse. Whether this particular video is ” real ” or not doesn’t matter,

    And add yet another page to the ever-growing tome This Is Why We Lose.

    Now you sound like a Hall Of Costs (ahem) survivor… who, when called on his tall tale, protests that, even if spun from whole cloth, his story reflects the truth, as he wants it to be understood.

    My friend, “real” DOES matter, and truth requires no sideshow.

    Spreading manure make encourage young things to grow in meat world, but these Cyberian fake news blivits only promote distraction and distortion, hence… agitprop for the enemy.

    We’ve been over this many times since the days of the chateau… it isn’t rocket surgery.

  60. If my favorite stalwart wasn’t taking his afternoon nap,

    I like you, you’re a funny guy., Indy.. that’s why I’m going to kill you last.

  61. More go-grrl bullshit, go figger.

    She should stick with making a few more seasons of GLOW… at least that show was moderately amusing.

  62. “The Hunt” was originally titled “Red State vs. Blue State”:

    “Did anyone see what our rat@#$%er-in-chief just did?” one character asks early in the screenplay for The Hunt, a Universal Pictures thriller set to open Sept. 27. Another responds: “At least The Hunt’s coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables.”

    “The script for The Hunt features the red-state characters wearing trucker hats and cowboy shirts, with one bragging about owning seven guns because it’s his constitutional right. The blue-state characters — some equally adept with firearms — explain that they picked their targets because they expressed anti-choice positions or used the N-word on Twitter. “War is war,” says one character after shoving a stiletto heel through the eye of a denim-clad hillbilly.”

  63. ” The hunt ”

    Writer: Daniel Lindelof.

    ” Lindelof celebrated his Bar Mitzvah in Teaneck, where he attended synagogue for the Sabbath; he has stated, “I was a Jewish white kid growing up in Teaneck ”

    Director: Craig Zobel.

    ” The Zobel surname is derived from the Polish word “sobol,” which is a type of marten (the English word sable is derived from this source). It is generally considered to be a Jewish (E. Ashkenazic) name. ”

    Enough said, lets move on now.

  64. I used the Gillette Mach 3 for a decade and a half, having found it exactly suited to my shaving needs. I just bought a new razor from some other company. I like it less, but I’m not going back.

  65. “particularly by those soft looking faces”

    It doesn’t take a he-man to kill.

    Neotenous men with impressionable, neotenous brains are very capable.

  66. ‘The Hunt’ marketed heavily. ‘Unplanned’ censored during marketing.

    Voting with the wallet is the only form of free speech left.

  67. Shaun Atwood is the picture of a neotenous face. He discusses here with a fellow White Brit of the more illustrious classes, what happens to tough guys in prison. Both these guys did hard time for dealing drugs. In their discussion the movie Shot Caller comes up, and Atwood’s VIP guest says it was totally unrealistic for the AB to recruit the guy based on a single prison yard fight. He says the AB is much more hard core than that, because they have to be.

    It doesn’t take a he-man to kill.

    Neotenous men with impressionable, neotenous brains are very capable.

    The first part of that statement is certainly true. And the above video gets into details on exactly that point, and how it plays out in prison. They say that the most dangerous men in the toughest prisons are not the biggest and baddest.

    Neotenous faces go with neotenous brains, yes they do. That’s a good observation. I still think that it’s harder to rack up those kill counts than it’s made out to be, and am skeptical that those guys with the soft faces could do it. On the other hand maybe it is as easy as that. They have youth going for them, which counts for a lot. Everything comes more easily when you are younger. For instance it’s easier as a youth to function at a high action sequence level.

  68. “Neotenous faces go with neotenous brains, yes they do. That’s a good observation.”

    But the Jolly Heretic says that within a population, r-selected individuals are NOT less intelligent than those with a slow life strategy.

    It would be cool to be able to get a thorough grasp on these ideas, rather than spewing them around like a spaz; but perhaps not in this life …

    My statements on these ideas are not entirely unfounded though. The basic concepts are within the reach of a layman.

  69. As far as razors go, women’s disposables I find them well suited to getting beneath the nose. They have the right slender shape. A couple few bucks for a pack of five will last a month. But your mileage will vary depending on how neotenous your face. This video is hard to watch, but it was used to sell soap. Were they even then (1979) promoting globohomo and having a laugh at the stupid tv-watching goyim?

    Best comment: I’m Irish and i can verify that we do indeed shower outside and fight shirtless with our neighboura

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