The cognitive dissonance of a generation

Vox Day quotes a Bloomberg News article this morning, which is to the effect of (White) Millennials’ seeking of less-diverse places to live and work. The article doesn’t word it that way but that’s the message. Vox sums it up:

Apparently “natural beauty and legal marijuana” are the new “good school district”. No matter how much equality they profess to believe, no matter how much diversity they claim to love, whites always prefer to live amongst those who look like them and live like them.

But the diversity never stops coming. And it never will, until it is prevented from doing so.

Educated striver Millennials. People in their late twenties through early forties. Career not yet at its plateau; married and with young children for the purposes of this analysis. (See the so-called “secular horoscope” and its explanatory use with generational cohorts.)

Many are most definitely not liberal. Many, however, are. Overtly Trump-haters from the beginning, the older ones having hated G.W. Bush from the left. They deified Obama while his tissue-thin charisma lasted, voted for Hillary but would have preferred Bernie two years ago.

And they’ll never say this but they organize their entire lives around avoiding Diversity. They’ll wear Diversity as an inoculation amulet where opportunity allows, such as when fawning over one of their friend’s African wife. But in a world in which local demographics make the difference between a nice life and hell, between financial stability or ruin over depreciating real estate… Diversity terrifies them like nothing else. This isn’t some hypothetical Millennial. It’s a description of people I know well.

Here is the thing: is there another historic period during which a mass of people professed to believe in one thing but was motivated by its exact opposite? And to such an extreme pitch of cognitive dissonance that demons flash in their eyes when they hear “Trump” or even more puzzlingly, when they hear “Keep mentally ill men out of girls’ bathrooms.”

Or when someone, not me, says: “You’re out of your mind! Ocasio-Cortez as President would spell disaster for your family!” Response: [Flash of demon in the eyes and writhing snakes push out through her lips. Metaphor]

This isn’t extremely new. Steve Sailer wrote a long time ago about striver-liberals’ coping with the dissonance, including how the Gay Thing is their flight from Negro Fatigue.

Millennials went through a mindfuck, as a generation, that’s difficult to appreciate by those of us who are older. Ecstasy, raves, Ouija boards in their teens. The removal of mudsharking taboos and in-your-face mixing as they hit puberty. Then Columbine. Then 9/11. Few were given a Christian upbringing by their materialistic parents. Then George W. Bush made every traditional virtue toxic by using traditionalist rhetoric toward evil ends. Barack Obama was then going to absolve them of the fake original sin of racism that their schools had filled their heads with, but that was a lie. Obama came not to redeem but to effect submission through terror.

A world of Crazy we can’t comprehend is the mental landscape in the heads of many of those liberal, status-conscious Millennials. Yet they still want to live and face the sun as the quoted article at the top suggests.

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  1. As Richard Houck – who just got shoahed – points out, every such move is an ethnic cleansing motivated by the fear of violence.

  2. As always, Dump deals with the important international issues. SMH

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  4. It’s a well written take. Is it an updated libertarianism?

    Libertarianism is kind of in the popular doghouse, is it not? ZMan did a thorough lashing of it, on his latest show. He said something like, it was White suburbanites playing let’s pretend this suburb is the world.

  5. “Is it an updated libertarianism?” As in, is the millennials expressed preference for legal grass and nicer parks, the new libertarianism?

    As Greg Johnson might rejoin: We will always be attacked, where we give ground. If we give ground on Race, or “being racist”, than that is where we get attacked. So White people will have to own being racist, in order to Remain.


    Regarding supernigger X in Sweden and Trump reaching out, to get him cleared. Trump means well but he’s a civic nationalist and a boomer. Now he’s electioneering and so will be saying exciting new things.

  6. It’s weird to see the writing on the wall, and to know that we’re going to live through the aftermath.

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  8. one of the basic ‘virtues’ of liberals/leftists/socialists/communists…whatever label you wish to apply…HYPOCRISY…is evident in those annotated. it certainly is not limited to ‘millenials’

    re: libertarianism…a philosophical position based on ‘hurt no person, or their property’, regardless of the negatives directed toward that philosophy by some, cannot ever be construed as undesirable, or, worse, bad/evil.. the difficulty, considering human nature, is going from the theoretical to the practical.

  9. In some parts of the world, everybody was professing to believe in socialism. I think the first generation truly believed. Later generations by and by stopped believing and merely pretended to believe.

    Are millenials by and large still believing or only pretending? The human mind can stand quite a bit of cognitive dissonance. So I tend to assume most millenials are still true believers. That is the best fit to what I’m observing and it also fits to your example of them having a friend with an african wife.

  10. I’m one of the older millennials. I remember all the indoctrination in school about how racism is bad, whitey is bad, etc. Yet I always had this nagging anxiety in the back of my head when exposed to diversity, even when my mind kept reproaching myself because “that’s racist.”

    Eventually after getting redpilled about some other things I gradually started rethinking that. It helped being a regular reader of the Stuff Black People Don’t Like blog. Post after post of stories of innocent White people being murdered and assaulted by Blacks kinda wore away whatever guilt I felt over the past.

    Now I see diversity for what it is. Also, I no longer feel the anxiety I felt before when confronted by this diversity. I know what I’m dealing with now.

  11. Millennials are sort of getting the doghouse treatment. In terms of perceived status —

    1) Z-Lords rock
    2) Gen X, stepping up their asignment

    3) Millennials
    4) [ it doesn’t even need said, who goes here ]; NAb


    Regarding Trump’s new bestie, based nigger X Sweden. If you watch the video, it turns out he and his “crew” are totally righteous, and comported themselves w/ admirable White-levels of civility and restraint. They were being harassed by Afghan weed-people. These Afghan weed-people are teenage males who are five foot six and 130 pounds and work by not backing away ever, until you give them money.

    It’s a technique that comes from the lower castes of Central Asia. The gypsies are famous for it, but apparently other POS’s have picked up on its effectiveness, especially in the Nordic countries. They will stab you though and just like that! with a cheapo knife; which can hurt.

  12. Regarding the indoctrination of Millennials, if you are looking for a good redpill book for kids, check out Dr. Suess’s Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose. Also, the original Lion King shows the dangers of immigration and integration, and the nature of those that encourage such wickedness. If you have kids, check them out.

  13. The defining element of the young boomers’ lives was the draft and Viet Nam. The draft ended in ’73, so the last boomer was born eighteen years earlier, in ’55. In ’73, early gen-x were early teen or younger, so our formative experiences didn’t include the threat of conscription for imperial adventures abroad.

    Demographers will tell you that the baby boom ran into the early ’60s, but the generation of baby boomers stopped in the late ’50s.

  14. A generation’s gist
    May soft-striate breath, bone & mist.
    But the eras’ shared & sun-won grist
    Forms the prizeman’s precious fists.

  15. The defining event for Generation X was the 1986 amnesty. 1983 and 1989 were different worlds. 1983: “what are mestizos? Never heard of em. Oh, look, there’s that Zebra video Martha Quinn was talking about” 1989: “the HR department has informed us that if you want large items to be thrown out by the cleaning crew you must label them ‘basura,’ not ‘trash'”

    What are the real watershed events for millennials, besides 9/11, of course? Or was that the only one?

  16. While it might be the watershed moment for millennials, they were definitely affected by the crash of 2008. I’ve heard stories of folks of that age group that had to witness their parents sell everything and make do with whatever was left.

    I had a unique firsthand experience to some degree with it all because I had just gone back to college the year before, but was much older than kids in my classes. They were already showing signs of being “beaten”, that is, not having much hope, if any. Through it all, there was a dark cloud for many of them.

  17. The circus that was Trayvon killed whatever limpdick civnat sympathies I had left.

    Observing the social media chimpout and the honest thoughts of blacks made it crystal clear to me that I live in a multicult prison and it’s time to pick a side.

  18. I remeber 1986 as the year I graduated HS. I got a lawnmower as a graduation gift to replace the ones I had WORN OUT the 2 previous summers making pretty good money in the neighborhood by just putting up xerox signs. By summer of 1987, I couldn’t get a job mowing a lawn. Too White, in Seattle.

  19. Educated white leftist Millennials adore Diversity in the abstract. However, these same people will do everything in their power to avoid living next door to diversity.

  20. The cog-diss is a “diversity of reality” versus a “diversity as political end.”

    “Diversity” as differentiated phenomena just is.

    “Diversity” as political end is entirely “man-you-fractured.”

    The broken masses embrace the latter and reject the former as anachronistic.

    “Diversity” has been liberated from its tradition understanding.

    When the mantra of “diversity is our strength” is employed, this simply memes that white man is no loner in charge of white man.

    When the sheeple “bah ah ah ah” for “diversity,” they demand nonwhite “shepherds.”

    “Diversity” is an explicit demand for nonwhite leadership over all of the white race.

    The mind-boggling realization is a cuckism so pathological as to necessitate a ruthless psychological purge.

    Racism is Right.

    Anti-racism is demonic.

  21. And they’ll never say this but they organize their entire lives around avoiding Diversity. They’ll wear Diversity as an inoculation amulet where opportunity allows,

    Just look at white liberals in California and how they pray lip service to “diversity” but they use NIMBY environmental laws to stifle new cheap housing construction so that blacks & browns can’t actually live near them.

    California is #1 in the USA in poverty, #1 in segregation for Latino children and has much higher income inequality than much more integrated states like Georgia or NC.

    In San Francisco they’ve managed to gentrify something like 50K+ black population out of the city and taken the best real estate for themselves.

    But hey, think they are morally superior to conservative whites because they give a Facebook like to the correct articles.

  22. “Racial progress” defined as “racial integration” and taken as self-evidently “good” must be attacked explicitly.

    When one cries “racism,” he is passively, yet deceptively, shedding tears over “white supremacy.”

    As it stands, “white supremacy” is both a separatist AND a totalitarian integrationist.

    Deracinated white liberals keep the nonwhites on the plantation while the “lowly” racists just want a complete separation. From the nigger’s POV, both represent “white supremacy” in its totality. There’s no distinction between a Bernie Sanders, a Ronald Reagan or a Charles Manson to bring it to the depth of the flattening of white man = racism = white supremacy = VIABLE scapegoat…

    The way forward and out of this mess is a traditional understanding of race amongst whites that is easily intuited by other “racist whites.”

    Your race is your father(s) all the way “back” to the God-Father.

    Now, anti-racism takes the form of a pathology that “it” really is.

    Totalitarian integration just must be viral and infectious for it to have any chance of “success.”

    “White” liberals have made their choice.

    White racists will be FORCED to make theirs.

    End of Narrative.

  23. Well, here he is: Tate Ryan Doom of St. Paul: Minnesota’s “Man of the Year” (a lot of MN people look like this; however the vacant lost despair expressed in the eyes, is extreme)

    His phone records indicate he was playing porn on his phone, while driving his big rig and accidentally killing someone, an engineer at the job site. He was however going near enough the speed limit.

  24. The above guy, Mr Doom, is not even a bad looking guy, were he to lose the weight and perhaps the puffy face alcoholism. But he was addicted to porn and now he is going away. And if he has a conscience, he will be burdened with having killed someone. Life is tragic.

    The level of bad driving out there, is insane. And now that people are addicted to their phones.

    I had to pick up the slack for a coworker who is too big for the job of warehousing. The guy is literally w/o exag, seven foot three. I thought he might heat stroke, so I took over for him and reassigned him elsewhere, on my own initiative, despite of being a lowly temp.

  25. What are the odds that Tate Ryan Doom was “circumcized”? If he was born in MN in the 70s, the odds were north of 90 per cent. How do you like them odds? It’s well known that circumcision correlates with sexual dysfunction. There are peer reviewed to this effect. However the correlation in the studies that you might look up online, is not super strong; in my opinion though, the data is hard to come.

    It’s incompatible: that practice being allowed in a White society. Different Fathers, as Thordaddy expressed it, is right on the point. One Father will win out, and the other will lose; it is a zero sum game. That’s actually how it works out mathematically; I can’t explain the maths, but it’s true, in the same way that everyone in a Chinese village will eventually the same last name, and in the same way that there are only however many patrilineal genetic markers.

    The other point that I did NOT want to make, is about the nature of FEELING on the topic, and how it’s unfair to criticize a position based on it being primarily expressed with feeling, as opposed to what else, exactly, anyways?

    It’s a matter of First Principles. How does one justify one’s own life, or the life of one’s own people? Is it a thought exercise, or is it something that one feels?

    In any case, there’s no room for negotiation; either White children are deliberately disfigured or they are not. If only SOME are deliberately disfigured (against their will), then it entails that the future children which WILL eventually be part yours, if you have any, are also at risk.

    Those are the mathematically certain facts of it. I like to brag sometimes that I got 770 on my maths; unfortunately I was smoking hash at 2 am, six hours prior to the test! Fellow fuck-ups will know, that such behavior is a feature not a bug.

  26. The thought exercise, of White existence. I came up with the question over five years ago or so, that it boils down to

    Do White people exist?

    The answer is either yes or no. But all the thinking back and forth, eventually gets back to that. The point here though, being that it’s rather an intellectual exercise and thereby how effective?

    What we need is some motherfucking more better feelings. ZMan has an excellent current article, Because We Say So, on this general broad theme, of White people needing to give themselves whatever it is they need [ feelings, is the answer, Alex ] in order to be ok w/ representing themselves, explicitly, as Whites.

    It may not be as simple as “Feelings”. It’s probably more a synthesis of whatever it is that includes feelings and thoughts and whatever else. Feelings are perhaps necessary but not sufficient.

  27. For “diversity” to mean anything, it must meme a “vast array of competing fathers.”

    “Diversity” just is a multitude of vying races (lineages of father(s)).

    Every white boy will either become the next father in his line of father(s) or he will have annihilated his race.

    Some races of father(s) have chosen ritualized circumcision for their sons to be carried on much like a “tradition” through continuous generations. But this is not white nor is it really Christian, but rather Judaic and secular (read: non-religious medical).

    There is wisdom in experience, but also knowledge with immersion.

    Greg’s real weakness is not experiencing his “genital reduction surgery.” He’s not even asked himself whether he has blocked out the pain and agony. He simply has no feelings for the REAL EVENT. But the real fault lies with the idea that circumcision is something white and/or something intelligent white people choose. It is neither. Circumcision is something Judaic and secular. Religious and non-religious. Ergo, circumcision is “radical autonomy” and self-annihilating.

    This is the cold, clinical analysis.

  28. @ fast eddy – until a few years ago, the liberal big daily newspaper in my west coast shitlib city would pay mostly broken down old white men to sell their paper out of kiosks. They classified them as independent contractors lol so they wouldn’t have to pay them minimum wage. I shit you not, these men got 5 cents for each paper sold.

  29. And they’ll never say this but they organize their entire lives around avoiding Diversity.

    So true. The NeverTrumper gal in my office, who cried upon his election and wore a baby safety pin for a week, lives in an over priced “private road” neighborhood to keep out the riff-raff and get access to the best public schools. They do enjoy diversity in small doses under tightly controlled conditions – the ethnic restaurant here, the talented tenth acquaintance there.

  30. “pay mostly broken down old white men to sell their paper out of kiosks. They classified them as independent contractors lol so they wouldn’t have to pay them minimum wage. I shit you not, these men got 5 cents for each paper sold.”

    Yah lol that’s so funny

  31. “Worst states for racial integration, what a curious list to have the liberal hellhole known as our nation’s capital at #1”

    Shocker! I could have told you this. That is the big lie of shitlibs and it is on display in technicolor in District One. The people shouting the loudest about die-versity all live far away from it in neighborhoods were it is priced out of the market. The super comical part is, all those fancy ass high rises and gated neighborhoods all these fucktard millenials and politicos are bug hiving in were all mid priced or subsidized housing not long ago.

    They -literally- ran the niggers out of DC into PG county MD the only place left they could afford. These are the same ones that will tell you how racist you are, the ones living on the bones of entire neighborhoods full of poor blacks they kicked out so they could have a coffee shop and ‘green spaces’ in walking distance. Soulless clueless bug men one and all, my contempt for them knows no bounds.

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