St. Sylvester’s in July

How many of you here in the northern hemisphere miss the winter? All in good time. The European spirit runs on the four-seasons cycle. Here is the second-greatest pop act of all time, the Italian duo Albano Carrisi and Romina Power. They are performing at the 2018/2019 New Year’s Eve concert in Zakopane:

They sing these four of their hits:

  • “Ci Sara” (There will be) – a harmony of hope. Previously featured here.

Their performances of that song always end on a cliffhanger. The song ends with, loosely translated, “There will be a sweeter way of saying… I love you.” The two are divorced, so their fans want to see them reunited. They have four children, one of whom, Ylenia, went missing in New Orleans in 1994. Albano had a private investigator on the case for twenty years and believes that his daughter is dead. Romina believes that she’s still alive.

After their divorce, Albano went on to have a son and a daughter with a new girlfriend. He joked about doing his part to help Italy’s demographics.

The cliffhanger: at 3:30 the fans watch Albano pause just before the last three words as Romina looks on. Catering to their audience, he belts out: “Kochamy Was,” or “we love y’all!”

  • “Sharazan” [4:08] – a dream of a journey to magical lands
  • “Sempre Sempre” [9:07] – a romantic confession
  • “Felicita” [12:55] – an ode to joy, their greatest song. Previously featured here, along with great amateur cover performances.

They don’t perform “Libertà,” their serious song, but here it is.

The arc of life. They are young in the scene from a 1967 musical below. As I gather from the film’s plot summary, she is a rich debutante with her rich friends, he is a poor but talented suitor. Even her sexy patrician mother approves as she looks on. A great scene. Romina was preternaturally gorgeous when young; she’s about 16 that year, Albano is in his mid-twenties. As Jaded Jurist once remarked:

OMG they were cute in that piece. They make Sonny & Cher look like retarded muppets.

Here is the original post about this act. Albano is Italian, named in honor of his father who was on the WWII Albanian front during his birth. Romina is American or Mexican, depending on how that’s counted. She’s of mixed western European ancestry.

Someone who remembers the Sixties said that it was in fact a straightlaced decade. The hippie aesthetic didn’t catch on until the Seventies. Yeah, going by what those characters are wearing. The portal to Hell was reopened shortly after the election of George W. Bush.

Open thread.

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  1. Top Italian singer: Riccardo Stracciari. He’d be excellent headlining for these two. Alas, the “arc of life!”

  2. The portal to Hell was reopened shortly after the election of George W. Bush.

    I always knew there was something ominous with those two towers collapsing but just couldn’t imagine what was in store. Or I didn’t want to know/accept. Few things, those that I was not involved with directly or indirectly, boil my blood as much as that travesty.

    Yes, 60s were still straightlaced. Shirts were tucked in and women wore dresses. Hair was neatly cropped or done up nicely. (Beehive-do gets my mojo humming for some reason.)

    On that note, something that I saw yesterday got me thinking: there’s a YT channel I watch that keeps tabs on pop culture and the way the “narrative” is destroying everything beloved (black Little Mermaid anyone?) Anywho, in this video, the man was talking about Disneyland and showed the image of Main Street where the Sleeping Beauty castle (which is memory serves is based upon an actual European castle) is majestically framed in the center of it all. Truly amazing.

    What got to me was how that entire scene is European. Even the shops and decor of Main St, while borrowing mainly from 50s-ish America, still has a European small town market feel. You’ve got people from all over the world–the world!–coming to Disneyland for that very feeling. Yet, if a town in America (I’m sure some still exist) was built like that, as in, newly constructed, there’d be all manner of clamoring of how it represents colonialism and repression and blah blah blah.

    The irony of it all hadn’t struck me until seeing that photo. I guess reading Dracula hads made me more astute or put me in the frame of mind of that beyond bygone era; striking a cord with me that hadn’t been struck before.

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  4. Romina is a national treasure—for more than one nation. She’s no blonde goddess, but the sweetness in her face (and, well, physique) could inspire thousands to fight to preserve her virtue, and the virtuous young women we aspire to save as defenders of our culture.

  5. Mendo, mendo, mendo. You’re not supposed to recognize the calming aesthetics of European architecture.

    Such recognizance is too validating. Your White soul isn’t supposed to notice. Indulge instead in the “Strength” of dirt world influenza, I mean influence.

  6. A little late to the punch, but I’ll say it anyway: I hate how the holiday is referred to as the 4th of July and not it’s proper name – Independence Day. I think it’s the work of (((some people))) trying to put a distinct barrier between the holiday and its meaning. Can’t have dirt-worlders being reminded that America is a sovereign nation that won its independence with its bare hands. Can’t have the natives reminded of that, either, lest they get all uppity.

  7. @Amon Ra,

    No Brown or Black troupe could recreate this. No matter how hard they tried, they could not reproduce the same vocal tonality, let alone the visual aesthetic. The heart of the White man wants to protect these girls. The heart of the non White man–and woman–wants to defile them.

  8. @Eduardo, I was with you until a few years ago when I started referring to the holiday as “The day formerly known as Independence Day.”

    Independence from whom? Certainly not the Jews and their wars.

  9. I loved Romina Power as she was a real beauty and I couldn’t understand how she could fall in love with that sleaze bag Al Bano 😂

  10. @notwende She’s a female. Give her that. For some time, she owned it. What better options did she have?

  11. @ Jaded Jurist

    ” No Brown or Black troupe could recreate this. No matter how hard they tried, they could not reproduce the same vocal tonality, let alone the visual aesthetic. ”

    ((( They ))) would be triggered by the lyrics in a major way also.

  12. BTW I’m an Evangelical Christian. I was as pro-Israel is they come. Until I started “helping” the Jews.

    You’ve never seen a demographic so ungrateful for the help and hope we provide. They resent us, revile us, for our (frankly, unsubstantiated} pro-Israel sentiment.

    I actually heard “What the fuck are these Christians doing here?” as I tried to support the purportedly innocent Jews.

    The scales fell from my eyes, you could say.

  13. Fourth of July versus Independence Day — those are good points. Independence Day is more celebratory, but on the other hand it’s ironic because we didn’t win it, after all, it turns out. I mean, look at us now!

    American Whites are in an unusual position, that’s for sure. Anyone who can step up and give Voice to our situation, has value.

    Holidays can be depressing for people w/o happy goings-on in their own lives.

  14. — Alas, the “arc of life!” (Each Pond Gone)

    First-rate wit. Respekt.

    — I guess reading Dracula had made me more astute (mendo)

    You mentioned Bram Stoker’s classic a little while earlier made me want to reread it. I still have a copy from my grad school days. The vampire is a metaphor for so may things that have revealed themselves since 9/11. Crucifix, sunlight, stake.

    — Only PA will understand this. (Amon Ra)

    My man, that blew my mind. There is singing as entertainment, and singing as a spiritual expression. Not primarily intended as artistic communication with the audience. Its primary purpose is to match that harmonic with a Higher Reality which as matter of course is also pleasant to watch. Like we’re back to medieval illuminators and Gregorian chants.

    — You’re not supposed to recognize the calming aesthetics of European architecture. (Jaded Jurist)

    The delusion of the jew-mud incursion: that White infrastructure will be theirs after we’re done away with. No, that which we create can only exists when it’s exclusively ours. They’ve placed themselves in Hell in their very living years, with their avarice and envy.

    — I hate how the holiday is referred to as the 4th of July and not it’s proper name – Independence Day. (Eduardo the Magnificent)

    “Happy Holidays!” they make the hapless Target employee mutter at Christmas. Once again, they want our flesh. But without our spirit, it does not exist. Wait them out. The spirit never dies.

    — I loved Romina Power as she was a real beauty (Notwende)

    She was exquisite in her late twenties. Which Greek goddess does she look like? I’d say Artemis.

    — ((( They ))) would be triggered by the lyrics in a major way also. (Fog of War)

    Yeah, it’s a blood-land-history-faith-fight patriotic song underscored by a recurring coming back to “So help us God.” Which of course is a reference to the national hymn “Rota,” or The Oath.

  15. — American Whites are in an unusual position, that’s for sure. Anyone who can step up and give Voice to our situation, has value. (Suburban_elk)

    Someone said that the Dust Bowl was America’s would-be concurrent Holodomor* but it didn’t work out that way, thankfully. I don’t know what to think of that claim but this is the time to NOT dismiss the wildest assertions if they sound even the least bit plausible. The gates of Hell, after all, have been reopened. John Steinbeck** stepped up as America’s bard. Someone will do the same in the present time.

    [* WordPress underlines that word as a typo, suggesting “morphology” as correction. “Holocaust” is recognized as a word.]

    [** per Wikipedia, “He was of German, English, and Irish descent”]

  16. Coincidentally I just finished reading Grapes of Wrath a few hours ago. Maybe I’m the only person who was never assigned it in school. Decades later, though, I thought I would give it a try because Tom Wolfe recommended it. I braced myself for some commie proto-SJW content but there was little of that. It’s American through and through. Blacks are mentioned only once, in a throwaway line, and I don’t remember any other nonwhites except a halfbreed Cherokee minor character who considers himself white and is accepted as such. There are many easy to understand themes, which is why they assign it in school. The one I kept noticing was the disintegration and atomization of the extended family, and then even the core family, under stress. The only character who seems to care about this or, at least, mention it is Ma Joad. The men almost seem to want this to happen, even the hero, Tom Joad. I’m not sure what that means.

  17. Uh oh ! Among the many powerful people and Jewish visitors to Epstein’s ” Lolita Island ” were Bill Clinton and – drum roll – Donald Trump. Is the ” Donald ” about to be taken down ? Or is this a way to force Dump to start a war ?

    Its also possible Epstein suddenly gets very ” depressed “. This is big.

    – Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Sex Trafficking of Minors –

  18. Back to you musical men: color me late, but today I finally discovered that The Killers were the same band behind these two moving pieces. What does that say about them / me?

    Yes, yes, I’m sure it means I’m gay. But aside from that, tell me musically.

  19. The end cant come soon enough.

  20. The Killers, Human. I made it through to the end of the video, so not bad.

    Are we human
    or are we dancer?

    Re this lyric, it’s pretentious that it doesn’t end in dancers in the plural but it sorta works in a pretentious way. The video features a White tiger and a mountain lion, so there’s that. Did you know that White tigers are a separate coloration than albino tigers?

  21. “I’ve known Jeff [Epstein] for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with.” – ascribed to younger Donald Trump

    Muh russian collusion. It’s been an acknowledged fact that he had visited Epstein’s island since at least the pizzagate talk three years ago. No dirt though. He’d never get to where he got, with how he had pissed off the uniparty in 2016, if there was an underage skeleton in his closet. He doesn’t drink at parties or anywhere.

    When you’re an ambitious wheeler and dealer you say nice things about the powerful. He’s praised Hillary as well. Everyone is “wondeful” and “great.”

  22. When you’re an ambitious wheeler and dealer you say nice things about the powerful.

    Pretty much. Those nice things tend to be boilerplate general words, much like complimenting a so-so dinner someone made for you. . .haha.

    Wasn’t Clinton also a visitor of said island? Will the news of that also come to light? Well, I know the answer to that question but still, doesn’t hurt to ask. . . kekekek

  23. Once again, they want our flesh. But without our spirit, it does not exist. Wait them out. The spirit never dies.

    I’m about a two-thirds into Dracula and the chapter I finished last night concerned that very topic/sentiment.

    It’s a running theme of the book now that I think about it.

    I “read” Grapes of Wrath in high school, as it was my chosen book to write a report on for a final project. I was too young (heh) to give it an earnest read and my mind was still forming to appreciate great literature.

    At that time, I enjoyed reading encyclopedia entries because I could always pull up another entry in another volume. Worked well with my ADD-ish brain. I’ll have to give GoW a more concerted effort one of these days.

  24. Looks to be a good thread at DS on Growing Up 80s, going on 500 replies. (The comment board requires Tor browser.)

    Silver Spoons and with Rick(y) Schroder. What are the odds he was abused by jews? He had a brief part as an adult on NYPD Blue but then seems to have dropped off the radar.

    Anglin ends his article: “All in all, the 1980s in the Midwest were the greatest time and place for a person to be alive.”

    But the 70s and 80s Midwest hospitals had ‘get rates’ [ my coinage ] on the goy penises that passed through, well north of 90 per cent! I bet it was 96 or 98 per cent, at the hospital of my birth. The staff would do all in their power to coerce their charges. Thousands of such stories. Those exact numbers by hospital and county and year, would be something to have. Generally though, the highest by region and decade in the history of that practice in North America and the broader Anglosphere, were the Midwest and New England in the 70s and 80s, at around 90 per cent.

    I was almost born in the Southwest, which had the lowest rates [ in the US ] of that practice.

    Whenever the conversation is about Boomers and their problems —> their transmission of the virus of jew bloodletting, is something to keep in mind. They got done and then instead of saying Whoa! instead they went full bore and INCREASED the practiced on their children.

    I don’t Blame my own young and dumb parents though, so as much as theirs, who in their 50s shoulda shown some wisdom and courage and spoke against, but were not able to. Instead they read a column by Dear Abby and had a giggle w/ their girlfriends, or if a man, didn’t bring it up anywhere w/ anyone at all, and it was settled.

    It’s a joke — Dear Abby, right? — but on the real, w/o a doubt such column exists, and it was the entirety of the conversation and debate for hundreds of thousands if not millions, of families. If I get my hands on a searchable catalogue of Dear Abby and Ann Landers, I will look it up.

  25. Does Ricky’s face look abused? It is a handsome face, and what classic German coloration. That is his picture from wiki. It’s an interesting expression. It’s not open-mouth soyboy face — what’s that called again? — but it is open-mouthed, rather than a more manly and grim, closed-mouth, set, which is what the Riders of Rohan preferred in their portraiture.

    Check out the worry lines though.

  26. They put simians in golf, they put simians in tennis, they put simians in hockey, they put simians in gymnastics, now I just saw a simian being lauded up in competitive swimming. Is nothing sacred anymore ? How can simians keep up and even out compete huwhytes in ” traditional white activities ? Are we losing our touch ?

  27. Ricky Schroeder does not look healthy. (I mostly watched Three’s Company reruns and The A-Team during the 80s. Today teevee is for old people. The under-12 kids have their Youtubers.)

    Dear Abby was big until Oprah appeared. My local newspaper syndicated her. I read her daily, along with the cartoons, police blotter and a skim through the news. Read the sports section only if it was about the Redskins.

    Anyway, taking “homespun” advice from a stranger like Abby is what you get in an atomized society, which is what you get with geographic mobility. Young boomers moved away from their parents. Then xers and millennials continued scattering while old boomers retired to florida. Sometimes I think I’m the only person in the world who sees the nuclear family nomadic model as maladaptive.

    So in the 80s instead of a multigenerational friends/family network, you had a jewish advisoress telling middle class women what to think. My thoughts on Dear Abby then, as an early-teenager? She came across as “common sense,” judgmental where it seemed necessary. Except one thing felt off: her lectures on tolerance of homosexuality. At age 13 or whatever, I’ve never knowingly seen a gay person but thought of them, in concept, as something really toxic and fucked up. Not too different than the revulsion most of us feel toward those demonic transvestites cavorting with liberals’ kids today.

    The common slang in Polish for a gay male is “pedał,” which is a vulgarization of “pederasta,” which of course denotes boy-contact.

    And Dear Abby once, maybe it was 1983, published a letter from a dying young woman who had contracted aids from her gay dentist. It was a heartfelt letter in which she described her physical deterioration and her feelings, at 21, of her soon-expected death. The young woman expressed resentment of homosexuals who infect innocent victims like herself.

    To my profound unsettlement, Dear Abby expressed due condolences to her dying reader, followed by a stern lecture about how she’s no more an innocent a victim of AIDS than homosexuals and intravenous drug users.

    The 80s arrested the sexual revolution that was blooming in the 70s. A line from an episode of Three’s Company: Jack says something old fashioned and Chrissy exclaims: “Get with the times, Jack, it’s the seventies!”

    The AIDS would-be epidemic was the catalyst for the social conservatism of the Eighties decade.

  28. The media is already trying to make Epstein about Trump.

    And I say good. If they have to burn everyone else down to get to him, let them burn. Clitton, Dershoshitz, Buffett, everyone who was on his flight manifests.

    I’d have no problem with sacrificing Dump to see the rest of them destroyed. Dump won’t go down without a fight and he will hopefully drag them with him. My take is that he was never interested in underaged girls; his tastes ran toward centerfolds and he never paid them before, only after to shut up. He probably only had a social connection to the jew.

    I have a friend, well had, I haven’t spoken to her in some time, who was hit on by Epstein. He wanted to fill a tub with her of milk for her to bathe in then drink it out of her vagina. She was pretty and black. When she told me the story, sans name, I asked immediately “was he jewish?” Her response- “of course.” She was half kuwaiti, half martinique (black).

    This dude has so many skeletons you cannot even imagine. And he was operating his little brothel out in the open because it was legal. In some mexican states, puberty is the age of consent. But he flew anyone who was anyone down to his private island, replete with pagan temple on it (go look at the pics).

    Someone please, god give us an Elliot Ness to burn every one of our enemies to the ground. Who cares if these were willing paid sluts from nations where the age of consent is 14? fuck it, if it hurts my enemies, I’m with it.

  29. Yeah, Trump is clean. We’d have already heard otherwise. His entire preparation and campaign for presidency almost certainly leveraged his knowledge of who is blackmailed and how. Along with care about swamp’s surveillance and traps. Preparation may well have started during Reagan’s terms. The dumb uniparty motherfuckers trusted “playboy” Trump all those years.

  30. Missed this last month.
    Big surprise. Nigs gonna nig. The barely literate apefrican harasses the first blonde chick in sight. That didn’t take long. The hunt goes on as “conservatives” scour the Earth for a nigger who will fit the bill. I swear, cons work 10x harder than libtards for apefrican approval.

    Here’s the job posting from Fox:

    “Conservative” Nigger Needed for Media Position

    Conservative nigger needed immediately. No experience necessary. Ability to read and write preferred but not required. Wide latitude also given in spoken English. Please have at least 30+ years being a nigger. Benefits include competitive salary, access to White wimenz, and continual approbation from fawning White men.

    Apply directly at

  31. Taking a page from Elk’s playbook. The Daily Stormer today. Andrew Anglin hopes that Trump merely does nothing, just holds the line for Tucker Carlson in 2024.

    Where I disagree with Anglin: no one president can do anything, especially an unprepated political novice like Carlson. By 2024, given the present course, the United States will not be seen as legitimate by anyone, no more so than the Austro-Hungarian empire was by 1920. The boomerless White Right will see the USA as an oppressive enemy/occupant state. The brown Left will see it as an impediment to violence against Whites and confiscation of our property.

    The ace card I envision, held by Trump or his pro-White successor: domestic military action to secure White Americans’ living space. Anti-racism is a Cold War relic that will die with Boomers. It was embarrassing in 1954 for a free country to “mistreat” those nice black folks.

    Where I agree with Anglin: the Left is literally insane and actively resists calls toward reasonability. To underscore his point, Anglin shows a photo with two demonic trannies hugging little girls.

  32. “Apply directly at …”

    That was funny. I cant relate to the mentality of someone who feels gratification from having his views validated by a black or some other Based Other. In some cases it’s a transitional phase toward shedding one’s conditioned anti-racism.

    My impulse is the opposite. I see those featured/token “conservative blacks” as flies in our cream bowl. Grifters and opportunists who found a novel way of extracting value from Whites.

    Way back during AltRight’s pre-infancy, I was sick as hell of hearing about Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

  33. FE: friggin’ hilarious. How many years until such a job posting is real, in that, nogs have thier own hiring boards for theys own peepul?

    PA: you had alluded to, what I dub “the signal, in regards to domestic military action, not long after Trump was inaugurated and given how things have escalated on just about every side, it becomes more plausible with each day. The “Salute to America” parade really pissed off all those who would crumble under such action. (Check out The Rageaholic on YT: man has a way with words and his breakdown of said parade is priceless.)

    As for token conservatives grifters, it’s not just relegated to blacks, though they’re the ones always “propped up”, i.e. Michael Steele. It’s Hispanics as well: case in point, Ana Navarro; who does more to destroy the English language as anyone on TV at the moment.

  34. Epstein proffers to give up anyone who paid for a max sentence not to exceed 5 years.

    he’s cooked. they have him dead in the water here…already offering anyone up to try to save his jew ass. if he’s already willing to sing he’ll soon be offering those who got it for free

    the USA is already seen as a worldwide joke but the drunk uncle that nobody can get rid of. imagine how we look to Russia or China. China already conceptualizes us as a jewish nation, so does Russia presumably. but our foreign policy is insane; our CIA was fielding guys our DoD was fighting in Syria. Nuts. Lashing out at everyone and everything

  35. if he is gonna sing, which songs will be released to the public?

    everyone’s shitting bricks I bet. . .enough to make a wall perhaps? kekekekek

  36. This young man Keith Woods hails from Ireland and is the “new kid in town.” He knows philosophy really well and makes difficult points easy to grasp. He used to youtube under some other name but then went public. His most recent is a chat with Morgoth. Gen Z rising!

  37. Told ya so Travioli: This worm hole goes much much deeper. This is only the beginning. You have to disarm a bomb in the correct sequence or it all goes boom in your face. Enjoy the show. Rolling with the regiment still?

  38. @Trav
    “The media is already trying to make Epstein about Trump.”

    So too will Jim Comey’s daughter, the prosecutor in the Southern District of NY to whom the case has been given. Like Michael Cohen, Epstein will be “persuaded” to say whatever needs to be said, true or false, to implicate Trump.

  39. The media will definitely try to smear Trump with the Epstein stink but it’s a desperation move. Comey’s daughter is 30 years old, not in charge of anything. She is ‘a’ prosecutor, not ‘the’ prosecutor.

  40. Here ya go PA

    Was posted for another reason at Rollo’s… By the end you will be left with two feelings – surreal and eerie. Let that sink in.

  41. Great video. That’s what people have to see to appreciate how the frog’s been already boiled… and what to demand without compromise. Their own country.

    The sight of a single non-European face would have ruined the video.

    Normie-central in the comments: scolding pre-WWII Dutch about not using bicycle helmets, no word about the obvious thing.


    “I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee,” William Latson wrote in emails from 2018 published by the Palm Beach Post on Friday.

    The comments came after a mother of a student inquired how the Holocaust was taught at the school.

    Lots of outrage over this…

  43. Everybody and the devil’s grandmother smelled Epstein since his convictions for this sort of thing which happened in the early to mid-2000’s.

    Even though the Florida fix gave him the equivalent of a slap on the wrist, his antics and those of his (ahem) guests have been known for over two decades… anyone since then who didn’t give this kike a wide berth falls under Darwin’s Law.

    The only curious thing about his recent arrest is “Why now?” He must have forgotten to grease some wheel somewhere, or he finally fucked with the wrong man’s daughter…

    The probable result, judging by the McD-level sale of nuthin’ burgers these past few years, is it’s just going to be a replay of his earlier slap on the wrist, perhaps with a bit more sting this time, since Clown World has gone #metoo-mad.

    And for all the usual CT suspects, you’re going to have to explain, if he has “the goods” on the high and mighty, why has he been drawing breath for the past 20 years. I thought muh Deep State didn’t allow any “loose ends”?

  44. Thanks for that video, Sent… bittersweet reminder of what a White country looks like.

  45. How many of you here in the northern hemisphere miss the winter?

    The only real winter I’ve ever seen was during the 6 months I lived in Kansas City and it nearly killed me.

    Back home the old timers are still talking about the big blizzard of ’80. We got 11 inches of snow, can ya believe it? Don’t wanna live through that again, no thanks.

  46. Looks like the (((MSM))) has their guns on Acosta for his role in letting Epstein slide with minimal punishment back during the Florida trials… and thereby also painting Trump further as, as best, incompetent and lacking in discernment vis-a-vis his hirelings and friends.

    In short, “Meh” as far as the voting public is concerned…. who either don’t care or weren’t going to vote for Trump anyway.

    And Trump, in his usual snatching of public relations defeat from the jaws of victory, is praising Acosta instead of telling the media “let’s focus on the criminal, his ring, and whoever he should take down with him.”

  47. “NYT: Middle-Class Americans Must Sacrifice Their Suburbs to Aid Poor Immigrants”

    Could they be any more open about (((their))) desire to physically destroy us. The question is, is NYT a power player or an impotent organ? Pun intended.

    Here is the sneaky bit: with the anti-suburbia language, NYT is hoping to get younger Whites on board with the radical residential mixing because young Whites are priced out of good neighborhoods. That’s a real grievance. Student loan forgiveness is a winning cause.

  48. If desire for Supremacy just is separation….

    Then anti-“white supremacy” just is to be against “white separation.”

    {{{They}}} have always been explicit in their demonization of a separating white race.

    And with a near total integration, their fanaticism against the remaining few whites desirous of Supremacy grows to insane disproportion.

  49. If I can keep a job for the next five years straight, I will run for city council on a platform of No New Niggers!

    I have thought about running for a long time. The people who occupy those positions are nothing special. On the other hand, it’s hard to actually care about this place, this city, which I have lived in for most of my years. “There’s no there there.”

    The issues that come up for debate on the city scene are mostly about development. And they always get passed. There seems to be no stopping Progress. For shits and giggles I posed the question on Next Door dot com, on whether people might want to respect the Peace and Quiet on an otherwise beautiful Saturday evening, instead of mowing, and blowing, their lawns. To put it mildly, it was not well received. I was told “get a life” and other such insults, to an honest question. I conceded and said: “The lawn mowers have it. Now go mow your [ fucking ] lawn.” I didn’t use the eff word but it was implied, as in a reference to Good Fellas.

  50. “There’s no there there.” — Sailer gets credit for this, or is he quoting someone else?

    “Everyone knows this is nowhere” is a similar sentiment I thought was attributed to Neal Young but maybe not.

    “Most things didn’t work out” — RL Burnside [ many boomers like this Mississippi style nigger ]

  51. Some guy at work, who I wasn’t sure who it was or why he was there, was 7 feet tall if he was an inch. Maybe Seven foot two, and big framed at that. 300+ pounds. A giant. It would be cool to be that tall, like 5+ SD’s above the average.

    An honest seven feet is what, 4.5 SD’s off the White American median? Peter the Great had an honor guard of “seven footers” which is what they were called. Peter himself was 6-and-a-half feet tall. He famously apprenticed in the shipyards of Amsterdam and had a rep for being the hardest working man there. A real man’s man, a hard ass. And then he had to go back to SP and torture some people to death for conspiring against him. Could you do that?

  52. so Epstein they already have him who knows why? it’s not as if every single person in every single position is compromised or corrupt for fuck’s sake.

    even in brazil, powerful people have gone down. it happens, stop being conspiracy theory wingnuts.

    they already announced he had child porn, so he’s cooked. he will get 400 years for shit.

    if it takes losing Dump to get the rest of them, so what, necessary loss, let him be our martyr, let him do one good thing his shitty life. it can be a far greater thing that he does than he has ever done…

    the federal government is going to meet a lot of resistance by the masses to diversifying their suburbs. this is what we have cities for. niggers don’t wanna live in the suburbs anyway.

    the answer, if they start to build such a residence in your neighborhood is to burn the fucking thing down. if they come back, do it again. vandalize and destroy anything they bring to build it. for fuck’s sake BREAK FREE of this yoke, let go of your stupid religion, your respect for the “law” and these other jewish constructs. do what is right and what needs to be done.

    they cannot be everywhere at once

  53. This is my “hood.”

    There were four bouncers injured including the fractured skull, a broken jaw and a broken nose. I’ve bounced fora better part of twenty-four years. I was in a much larger melee that saw a random customer at a nearby bar shot by errant bullet from the mob scene. That was San Diego in 1999. This is unprecedented. Nearly all the seriously violent crime in PB is nigger. YET, no one can say it publicly. It is a real fucking pathology.

    And because of the de facto nature of “open borders” in San Diego, the importation of niggers to put a damper on perpetually inflating rental prices is “necessary” to keep enough white sheeple around for a continuously prophetable slaughter. It’s a nasty descent into turd-world degeneracy ultimately benefiting a select few {{{faggots}}} at the top of the turd pile.

  54. AirBnB and Uber/Lyft have done what Motel Six and regional bus transit could only dream of doing in bringing cheap access to whitopias for purely nigger benefit.

  55. There’s only one soulution
    For the enemies of white Supremacy…
    Smash their autonomy!
    No need to be radical
    Just practical.
    Like saying {{{nigger}}}
    Inducing the “divide and conquer” dichotomy.
    With visions of absolute impunity.
    Who’s big nigger?
    And who is not?
    That’s shitzpah!
    “Genesis of a racial discussion.”
    :wiff a spotlight on the enemy.
    Reframe this game
    Recognizing the psychological enmity…
    Recall them all
    White innocents decimated
    By a dark sinnergy.
    Sea the demons.
    Drown them in your vengeancy!
    Get the mind (R)ight
    And the action
    Flows so freely.

  56. I clicked on TD’s link and to the right is a banner for SD’s pride parade. Awesome

    In the article they mention an African-American male. Guess he was too old to be called a youth or teen.

  57. CNN is getting insane, they just wrote a CNN writes tear-jerker cover story about actress Kristin Davis experiencing “racism” concerning the two black children she adopted.

    The entirety of the “racist” incident:

    “Davis got tearful recalling an instance when she was holding her daughter who was a baby at the time and people would say, “Won’t she be a great basketball player.”


    And that’s it – one uncorroborated story that stinks to high heaven like the Jussie Smollett story because nobody actually looks at a tiny little baby and says anything about them playing basketball one day. That’s idiotic and obviously made up out of thin air.

  58. @Camlost

    Utterly ridiculous. No one can predict their afroball prowess at that age. Now their weed smoking? Much better bet.

    Another example of a childless, aging bitter-bitch with too much money and not enough time to turn it around…

  59. That Paul Craig Roberts article: holy shit, what a pile of boomer bathos. When they’re not praising Latinos for being hard workers and cucking in a million other ways, they’re despair-dooming so hard, I seriously think it gives them pleasure.

    “Classical music, being a white activity, has been branded racist.”

    What kind of a pussy ass mewling way to open an article with.

  60. I’m pretty sure he’s trying to point out the common themes running through the ((( media ))) today. I seen articles stating that proper English is white cultural domination. Make of it what you will.

  61. That Paul Craig Roberts article: holy shit, what a pile of boomer bathos.

    Again with the muh boomer bullshit? This, from he who so recently said:

    Eddie, that’s a hugely important point you’re making: we dont need any more wedge issues causing more White division.

    For the record, this Roberts fellow was born in the thirties.

    (((shakin’ mah haid)))

  62. Gosh damn….

    How fucking hard is it to understand that if you are for “universal equality” then jew are against (white) Supremacy?

    And if you are against “universal equality” then you desire (white) Supremacy?

    High IQ “whites” are truly to blame for not beating this dichotomy into the head of every human being on the planet.

  63. Before the Great Cucking — about ten to twelve years ago — it was a common media tactic to refer to white male heterosexual Christians as “white supremacists,” to wit, the need-jerk denial is spawned. His name is Cuckster. His kissing-cousin, {{{Huckster}}}, employed nothing more than a childhood rendition of an inverted, reverse-psychology. So instead of manipulating the white child into doing that which is wanted of him to do by manner of demanding said child not do such thing wanted, {{{Huckster}}} desires the degeneration of Cuckster per a mutual denial of any desire for Supremacy. For, it is the denial of white Supremacy that signals desire for ALL-OUT degeneracy, jew included.

  64. Any Christian who can speak of God, yet cannot discuss objective Supremacy, is a fraud.

    Any secular who cries “racism” and then denies the possibility of a Master Race is a fraud.

    Any “elitist” who poo-poos “desire for supremacy” is a turd and a fraud.

    Any egalitarian who denies a will to will ALL (R)ight is a chump and scoundrel.

    And any anti-egalitarian who does not assent to Perfection as Highest Reality is a radical egalitarian in drag. Essentially, a self-annihilating faggot both in and out of the closet.

  65. OT (or not): just came across this on YT and thought I’d share. I try to keep my posting of links/vids to a minimum, but couldn’t pass this one up. Enjoy:

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