Exquisite twists in ordinary songs

A bridge, a guitar hook, or a transcendent lyrical verse can lift an ordinary song to a higher level. This post is about young eros.

Air Supply, The One that You Love – As revealed by the music video, the ballad is about an intergalactic romance. Human female, space alien male. Just look at Russell Hitchcock’s munchkin face and that extraterrestrial poof-fro.


OK, I’m being a dick. Maybe not everyone has the look of a romantic lead. But as the saying should go, in a well-ordered civilization there’s someone for everyone.

The key change after 2:55 is what makes this otherwise formulaic song great. Air Supply’s secondary vocalist Graham Russell, who does look like a blond romantic lead, enters with a falsetto: “The night is gone, a part of yesterday.” And like clear cascading waters, Russell Hitchcock responds with his unearthly voice.

While in Army basic training, I got a ‘Dear John’ letter from my high school girlfriend. We both sort of knew it, as I was going into the military and she was heading off to college, that this is the end. But we got together after my three-month training. My hair was shaved, which she remarked is a good look on me. It was a warm night, the streetlamps cast a green glow through the leaves as we walked. The finality of a breakup.

Another girl, a couple of years later: I had her on an emotional roller-coaster over the summer that we dated and she loved every moment of it. Young dumb and full of __ means peak vigor, peak testosterone. I was maxing out every physical fitness test and ran in an alpha clique. She was a doll. Perfect legs, twinkling green eyes. I broke up with her callously but, and this is important, I did not leave her feeling used.

That’s when the scorned woman unleashes hell. Certainly, you risk getting hit with a false rape accusations when you stick your dick in crazy. But a sane woman will still loathe you afterwards if she feels that she was either tricked into sex by a fake alpha or, as mentioned, if you leave her feeling used. I talked with her a few weeks after the breakup. Asked her how she’s doing. “There’s this guy who likes me but he’s too nice, not fun like you.” She looked like a mess. Heartbroken.

Radiohead, Creep. It’s the lock-and-load sound that occurs just before the chorus, the first time at 0:57. The late comedian Patrice O’Neill, as guest on the late Opie and Anthony show, did a monologue about how that hard click speaks to wypipo soul.

Pink Floyd, Dogs. The song played while I read a newspaper article about a serial killer on a Florida college campus. Just as I looked at a photo of a shrine that a murdered girl’s friends had cobbled together, the guitar hook after 3:30 came on. A synchronicity of the tragic story, the anguish of people I never met, and Gilmour’s plaintive guitar.

Anna Nalick, Breathe. Women have maternal feelings for wounded boys, which is why they fell for homosexualist propaganda. They don’t see a bug-chasing pederast, they see an unloved boy and they feel protective of him. Their instincts aren’t entirely wrong, as in many cases they do pick up on evidence of childhood abuse in his past.

May he turn twenty one on the base at Fort Bliss
“Just a day” he sat down to the flask in his fist
“Ain’t been sober, since maybe October of last year.”

Here in town you can tell he’s been down for a while
But my God it’s so beautiful when the boy smiles
Wanna hold him, maybe I’ll just sing about it.

A fair question: why are women so prone to showing tenderness for gays, but not for unloved incels? The answer: because it’s the difference between what they see as a boy vs a man. With the young gay’s Peter Pan asexuality (toward women), reproduction is not in the picture; a chance to nurture and heal a “child” such as Matthew Shepard in that iconic photo is. That, in fact, is also the reason for liberal women’s sympathy for Trayvon and other causes involving nonwhites playing the victim in a Leftist narrative.

But with the unattractive heterosexual man, reproduction is part of the psychosexual calculus so women instinctively recoil from potential contamination.

As female headship is mockery of family, so is love without Christ an abomination. The things we tell those we’re breaking up with. Pretty lies.

Meat Loaf, For Crying Out Loud. It’s a directionless song defined by its great, long ode to his woman beginning at 6:20. The entire five-verse interlude counts the ways in which she is valued, including this one:

For taking in the sun when I’m feeling so cold
For giving me a child when my body is old
And don’t you know, for that I need you

Mother Love Bone, Stargazer. Not every song on this list is ordinary. “Stargazer” is the most sublime obscure song in all of Rock because of its bridge. As goes the Seattle sound that the late Andrew Wood never knew as “Grunge” (those guys thought they were bangin’ out Metal/Punk), the lyrics were idiosyncratic. That was the magic, really. You just listen to the song as though it were in a foreign language and your idle imagination creates its own images. The song meanders, and then that magical bridge just after 3:20, and that vocal chorus:

stargazer you cry in blue
anything i’ve ever seen
it ain’t as good as you, child
[guitar: D Dsus4 D Dsus2 D]
i’m not trying to push your feelings
but i know you hold me like putty in yo’ hands
…oh xana come back again

From an old fan site:

This song is about Xana [La Fuente] (Andy Wood’s girlfriend) … She was his lover, his only one, he loved her madly and she did the same (maybe she still does) She was his muse and she tried to help him, but his addiction was bigger.

Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tuesday’s Gone. The greatest Rock song of all time, edging out Guns N’ Roses’ November Rain, another epic ballad about love’s loss. The long instrumental part begins at 3:20. First it’s the upstart keyboards, then the guitars reassert their rightful place but the piano will not yield and they duel it out until the strings section takes the stage.

From the moment our people begin to feel their first primal urges, they crave an ordering of a society that arranges love and lust according to our better nature. Wolves that are made to live by rabbit-rules go insane.

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  1. That “Creep” song: I’d never thought about what it was that I liked about it, but the video displays it all in the expressions of the two men that can be seen. The Patrice O’Neal interview can be found here, for his observation:

    Heartiste made a brilliant observation about guilt-based races versus shame-based races. Patrice belongs to that part of humanity with neither guilt nor shame. His observation of wypipo’s identification with this song shows the contrast with that which he doesn’t have, that being an internal drive to do better, be better, all while doing no harm (I’ve no intention of speaking poorly of the dead. He may have been a brilliantly stand-up guy. My very limited exposure to the man’s words suggests that he was not like wypipo, and was aware of the fact).

    But that message of guilty-loser is the singer. Look at the guitarist. He’s the other half of wypipo’s internal drive, the internal dialogue that guides our thoughts and actions.

    Patience. Tolerance of difference. Finality.

    When he determines that he’s had enough, the song changes. That CLICKCLICK is the warning that prepares us, in a single moment, to drop what we’re doing and rush to the sound of the danger. Whatever it may be, we’re moving to meet it. That’s the sound of “The situation just changed. Go!”.

    To be frank, I don’t like the sound of the singer’s voice. But that’s part of what makes the hard click so moving; eventually, the guitarist says ENOUGH, and moves into action.

    One can only take so much, at which point it takes very little to bring about the action of unyielding change.

    [Early contender for comment of the century. — PA ]

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  3. That was…pretty brilliant Greg. In another era, we’d all be sitting together in smoking jackets, with leather chairs and snifters of brandy making the world a better place. At least we’ve got electrons.

  4. One thing Cappy was always good on (there was a definite method to his madness) was to not leave the girl worse for wear, much like you mentioned above. That’s what always puts some of my actions on pause as while I might be a prisoner of the moment upon seeing a young lovely, would I be willing to invest my time to make something of it or am I just being horny.

    The one moment that stood out, however, was the young lovely episode at the grocery store about three weeks ago. In that moment, nothing would have stopped be. (What held me at bay was the possibility of her being waaay too young.)

    As for Creep, the part that always gets me is the “run, run, run, RUUUNNN. . .” crescendo that is quite similar to Pearl Jam’s Black “why”. The tone, the voice, the crying, all of it blends well to really demonstrate how much of a loser this man felt in such a woman’s presence; feeling all the more the creep. Finishing it with the crestfallen surrendering “I don’t belong here” makes the song everlasting. It was my go-to song in my “feel sorry for myself” beta days. (Or is that redundant?)

  5. “would I be willing to invest my time to make something of it or am I just being horny.”

    You do realize, plenty of the time, that’s all they want from you as well…
    So make the move. (Unless under 21. If you’re over 25, society does not tolerate that anymore.)

  6. Nice selections. Listened to them all except Dogs: TLDL
    Air Supply was so popular back in the 80s. Beautiful voice he had. Also the song and lyrics by Nalick are very well written and sad. “Life’s like an hourglass glued to the table” Excuse me while I have a cry. Meat Loaf had a mug.

    The youtuber and Englishman Chris Dangerfield knocked it out of the park with his latest, Stormzy – Played Like Fools, which is a summary takedown of Londonistan’s favorite new pet nog. Also on that beat, Morrissey is apparently going full fash pedal to the medal.

    And speaking of Metallica. I was thinking the other day that their huge hit and perhaps last great song, Unforgiven, is a fairly explicit reference to involuntary neonatal male genital reduction assignment, specifically the opening lyrics referencing Blood — “New blood joins this Earth, and quickly he’s subdued, through constant pain disgraced, the young man learns their rules”

  7. That gives new meaning to Unforgiven. I’ll have to listen to it again with that in mind.

    Heck, just with the title of some of the songs from that album you might be onto something larger with respects to all men in general:

    Wherever I May Roam: Men no longer have a home of their own; vagabonds in their own country

    Enter Sandman: “exit life, enter night”. . .allusions to drug use to fill the void; “something’s wrong, shut the light”. . .don’t seek Christianity, close it off

    Nothing Else Matter: eschew the social order, it doesn’t matter. . .”forever trust in who we are…everyday for us something new”

  8. PA, do you have anything to say regarding the Affair that Never Was?

    There’s a lot of talk here of ex girlfriends, but I wonder if you have anything to say about the women you/we have met who asked us to run off with them, and we gladly would have done so had we not been committed already.

    Happened to me when I traveled overseas for a couple of months and I met a woman whose chemistry mixed with mine so strongly that we both felt drunk just talking to each other over coffee. It was only my commitment to God and spouse that kept me from going AWOL with this siren. She woke me in a dream early this morning. I want nothing to do with her, but she haunts me.

  9. Nah, no escalation toward an affair on my end. I keep such things at a long arm’s length. Women enjoy their conquests too.

  10. Good take on the Metallica black album mendo. So much foreshadowing.

    “Unforgiven, is a fairly explicit reference to involuntary neonatal male genital reduction assignment” – Elk

    You’re right. The song is heavy, that’s for sure. It’s one of those that I remember hearing for the first time. It was probably January 1992 and I took a week off to visit an old high school friend who had moved down to central Florida. I left home after my evening shift at a restaurant job and planned an all-night solo drive. Coffee, cigarettes, infinite stamina, and a wad of cash is all I had. Driving south on I-95 through downtown Richmond VA. The city had just taken down the toll booths, and the 295 bypass wasn’t built yet. I caught a local rock station, whose DJ introduced the new Metallica song.

    Back to foreshadowing… I recently rewatched Vision Quest, which I mentioned in the “Eighties Movies” post. It was released in 1985 but shot in 1983. Watching those 80s coming of age films is a wild trip. You see a strange alien world that no longer exists: the main character (the high school wrestler) worked as a hotel bellhop. The kitchen cook was an older White man of gritty character, not a cluster of central american goblins. Spokane WA was a magical White city. All of it was so unselfsonscious. In other words, normal pre-apocalyptic America. Lower middle class Whites lived in those little old houses in the poor part of the city.

    But of course the serpent is subtil. One of the (((producers))), no surprise, it’s Hollywood. No one had any idea then. The protagonist’s inspirational English teacher was a brainy black who was devoted to poetry, was a deep thinker and cared abut his White students. A figment of propaganda, or were there really such numinous talented tenth negroes back then? Going by my recollection of 1983, blacks outside of the ghetto were subordinated to White culture and kept their real nature at bay. This English teacher also had a platonic relationship with the protagonist’s love interest. “Nothing happened between us. I make him laugh, he makes me think,” she told the wrestler. Yeah, maybe in 1983 Spokane. Regardless, it was a subtle breaking of the viewers’ mixing-disgust. The country wasn’t ready for Jungle Fever.

    A big anachronism: the individualist ethos. It culminates with the protagonist’s final-frame voiceover, in which he sums up what he learned from his vision quest. His individualist conclusion was contradicted by the very communal fact that his entire wrestling team, his friend from work, his dad and granddad, and others who supported him were there at the final wrestling match.

    Keeping a 2019 perspective in mind, it’s an excellent movie. Worth seeing.

    Vision quest trailer. It shows mostly the love-story subplot and not the wrestling quest. The movie in fact was more centered on the wrestling, the love story was secondary.

  11. I had finally seen that movie several years ago. At the time a sportswriter I liked had referenced the scene where Modine’s character talks with the cook, about making the most of your opportunities. He had linked a clip to the scene and that piqued my interest.

    You’re right about the ending narration. Feels rather tacked on more than anything. I know his best friend (who supposedly part Indian) makes reference of the vision quest but that’s about all is ever mentioned about it really.

  12. i didn’t like vision quest as I was an actual competitive wrestler…shrug.

    so many 80s movies tho talking about who we were but it all got swept away. that was the last decade of america.

    patrice made some astute observations, especially about the passive aggressive nature of whites. jews are even worse by an order of magnitude.

  13. Sure it wasn’t professional wrestling?

    Around here though it’s not wrestling, it’s wrasslin. The rules are the same but the attitude is more country, more heart; more grit.

    Holy shite though, that is the worst movie trailer of the 1980s. I had forgotten the plot that she had moved into his house. How unlikely is that? A better set-up along those lines, might have been exchange students.

  14. Yeah, the music video for Journey “Only the Young” gives a better snapshot of the movie.

    Remember when fags were officially creeps? (that tai-chi hotel guest).

  15. “patrice made some astute observations, especially about the passive aggressive nature of whites”

    Blacks cant comprehend Whites, which is why they seize upon any opportunity to mock or criticize us. Africans as summed up by (iirc) Arab slave traders: “When they’re hungry, they steal. When they’re fed, they copulate.” American blacks are on average almost 20% European genetically, with which comes certain complexity and angst. Whites aren’t a passive-aggressive race.

  16. “patrice made some astute observations, especially about the passive aggressive nature of whites”.

    I wouldn’t phrase it that way, I’d say that Northwestern European altruism (and success) has lead people of theat same socioeconomic (genetic) heritage to “assume the best” of lesser peoples when it comes to personal responsibility and civic duty.

    Donald Trump is here to explain to you that you need not accept the phraseology, titles and labels provided by the enemy in regards to these weighty matters.

  17. I like your upbeat perspective Camlost. No sarc.

    If i could blog as effectively as you, I’d be doing it already. We go waaaaay back. The only thing that matters now is how many hearts and minds can we convert before the fighting starts?

    I feel as if we’ve both done our best!!

    With any rightist political movement (such as the IRA, etc.) there’s an uncompromising vanguard that builds the core soldiery (you) along with a yappy/bigmouth PR group that forms the political wing (me). (LOL!!)

    MAGA !!

  18. “Remember when fags were officially creeps?”

    For my dad and his brother, both WW2 USMC vets, they were cigarettes.

  19. Kunstler is good this morning, about a July 4 parade Upstate, and with these two pictures —

    These days, even the American Eagle is relegated to sitting in a motor vehicle

    She’s not wearing any shoes

  20. The local swimming beach, which in and of itself is a pleasant swimming beach, was entirely filled up yesterday with non-White mexicans. This municipality is probably 70 per cent White, but the home ownership probably 90 or 95 per cent White. The White homeowners play the taxes and the brown hordes take over the parks. What an arrangement.

    The scene itself was packed and I was just about the only White out of 2 or 3 hundred people. I didn’t stick around. I was on the old bike and went over to another lake, and this one too was entirely staked out and claimed by ethnic enclaves, but of a slightly higher caste, SE Asians, Indians. Everyone was in a big group which group was entirely the co-ethnic extended clan. It could not have been more starkly demarcated. There was a Russian group, which included some towhead kids. I talked briefly with an American black about what he was cooking.

    America yay!

  21. Went to area municipal 4th of July event yesterday. Saw the parade and shook hands with Our Guy politician. I told him, “Thank you for all your hard work.” Then the fireworks.

    There are two Americas. One, the White families and groups of teen and 20-something friends. Almost everyone of this group is fit, not-slob, the families are overwhelmingly three-kids, sometimes more. Selection bias plays a role: slobs and loners don’t bother with all the driving & parking it takes to show up.

    One thing, you could say, that is culturally or temperamentally at odds with me is the way *some* of the younger women dress. It wasn’t even a prurient objection on my end, it was more my case that in Diverse public space, we shouldn’t be showing off our goods that way. Anyway, times and mores work in cycles, it’s not a big deal in the larger scheme of things.

    Did I mention Diversity? That’s the other… America. The place eventually filled up to half-nonwhite. It was calm, they were keeping to themselves in their own groups, interaction with Whites was almost nonexistent and polite where it existed. Young, fit White cops were everywhere.

    The so-called Civic Nationalist warm & fuzzies: “Look at that friendly Puerto Rican couple with the toddler! Look at those Muslim families with the men wearing Red White and Blue! So many smiling [barrel shaped] central americans waving US flags and sparklers! African-American youths being polite and keeping to themselves! Two or three [mudsharks manically, forlornly] taking photos with their biracial child and black female friend!”

    But then you later look at the photos and in the starkness of the pixel-medium, you see so much mud-ugliness that Diversity actually is.

    I did mention that White cops were everywhere. But not that the entire infrastructure and planning that went into this patriotic* event was, evidently, all-White funded, planned, and run.

    (*how do we read that p-word in these uncharted waters?)

  22. I consider patriotic just another name, or rather shell, for local normie brigade. Just came to mind.

    I wasn’t out and about yesterday, but when I am, I see different shades of that first America. Rare when I see a thin woman, let alone a thin mom. Earlier this week at a doctor’s visit, I was about the enter the building when I saw two sets of moms, each with their young son. Instinctively I opened the door for them. The first mom was tall, thin, blonde and smiled me a polite thank you. The other mom was not as tall, but also thin, however with light purple dye job. She smiled and it sounded as she thanked me, but as I write this, I wonder if she was conflicted on what to say and first mom threw her off. (Or sold her out. . . haha).

    That’s rare–the thinness that is, let alone the fitness of folk out here. Women are mainly blubbering along, tats being stretched with each pound gained. Men, mainly young men, looking malnourished, also tatted, and wearing their pants/shorts in such a way that it looks like they’ve got a diaper full of crap. Perhaps it’s some subconscious way to announcing to the world they’ve yet to grow up.

  23. I read the Kunstler entry that Elk just referenced (“Clusterfuck Nation” blog). An excerpt:

    There’s one big advantage to living in this flyover corner of America [northeastern upstate New York]: it has received next-to-zero of the destructive suburban development overlay that has obliterated the landscape in those parts of the country that can pretend to still be booming.

    Around twenty years ago I spent time with students of New Urbanism and they turned me on to Kunstler way back then. It was before 9/11. Suburban sprawl was the talk of the day. We happened to be driving past a big luxury townhouse development, as they’re advertised, off a highway exit. They decried it.

    They were liberals but things were still nuanced then. One of the guys in that group had read the Turner Diaries and was telling me that on the literary level it’s nothing like the media smears would have it. “You should read it, it’s a very insightful novel,” he said. We were all on the same team. It was several years later, with the G.W. Bush to Obama transition, that the hard national split happened. It really started with the runup to the Iraq war.

    So someone commented on the badness of suburban sprawl and I said (holy shit, I was still in my late 20s then, the rest of them was college age and a bit older) … so I said that suburban sprawl is the symptom, not the thing itself. I added that desegregation makes people flee their communities, especially the poorer people who are most affected by diversity.

    In 1999 or thereabouts, it was just me thinking about it, there was no AltRight, no reading material. Oh, and they were mostly liberals but they said that yeah, that does make sense.

    It’s not just Diversity that drives this grand scale sociospatial breakdown. It’s also macroeconomics and macropolitics like trade with China. And microeconomics: lax development permits, investor (strip-miner) always getting his way. Oh, and immigration.

    Even White immigration sucks two-ways. So nice of rich countries to dilute their own nation by vacuuming up talented people from other White countries. The first generation of commie-era Eastern European immigrants, ie the ones who actually decided to leave, loves this, of course, with their American retirement. The kids they brought over with them…

    I turned out fine but I could write case studies about the broken lives of the early-teens who came over here with their parents in the 80s. A promising son of an astronomically intelligent professional couple who ended up a high school graduate drug addict in western Canada. A smart girl who became a lesbian, another who became an overweight, upper-class childless sjw and several other similar examples …. their boomer Republican-voting immigrant parents all wring their hands about their ingrate children who threw away such an opportunity that they were given. Is there an Aesop tale about an uprooted plant dying?

    Related, a comment at Vox Popoli:

    We need to see real pushback at the idea that unfettered markets are right wing at all. Market liberalism is just a form of liberalism, after all.

    I don’t begrudge a man working hard, or owning a shop, or the like- I’m not a communist; but markets must serve us, not us them. Economic life is a lower concern than cultural and familial continuance.

    Yes- more pushback on this please. Market absolutists need to be cast down.

  24. “Yes- more pushback on this please. Market absolutists need to be cast down.”

    Disagree (not in principle but practice) and this is why: White people don’t need anything else to divide us. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. They want us replaced or dead. Credit to a former CHer who wrote, “They want your son gay and your daughter mud sharking.” Cold truth.

    Do NOT attack anything a significant portion of the White population deems sacred. This goes for The Church as well as “the free market.” I stay out of those discussions intentionally because I believe in promoting unity against Diversity Inc. There is already an enemy at the gates trying to kill us and rape our women. How about we deal with that first. Everything else we can work out later.

    Glad you’re all my bros.

  25. Eddie, that’s a hugely important point you’re making: we dont need any more wedge issues causing more White division. FFS, I know a pair of siblings who arent talking to each other over transtesticle rights.

    You saw my comment just above. In the late 90s, I was friends with young liberals who liked Turner Diaries!

    Come to think of it, the White ideological split happened during the Bush-Gore recount with Team Red and Team Blue.

  26. Speaking of trannies, the trannytime library storyhour story, now involves the kids rolling around the floor and on top of, the trannies. There were pictures of this at DS.

    Not that it needs said, but obviously such behavior of rolling around on the floor, is explicitly sexual. This is really going on. The parents are ok w/ it?

    These are White kids and White parents.

  27. “you see so much mud-ugliness that Diversity actually is”

    Living in an American shithole, this is my chief cognitive load when in public.

    And also at work. Thankfully, I’m in the corner of the office where my enclave of Whites actually makes shit happen. But every time I walk to the restroom I must run the gauntlet past the hordes of Mordor who “support” us. I sometimes hold my breath while traversing the fields of mud.

    Someday I’ll strike out on my own. Deep state will probably take me down.

  28. Parents are allowing it for the social media credit they can acquire, I’d imagine. Or they’re allowing it because “it’s a thing.” It’s what’s in and hip and new and vogue. Again, all just one giant guess.

    I say this because I always got the impression that the public majority was always doing whatever TV, media or the like told them to do. They buy whatever’s in fashion, or rather, forced to be in fashion. Thankfully my parents were never like this, never bothered with such mumbo jumbo. Doubly thankful that a tight budget also didn’t allow it; oh the joys of growing up in a lower middle class family!

    This really took root for me when I was working in my early, early 20s at the Gap. (I need a job!) I overheard a lady say (or perhaps it was an undirected comment as she walked away) asking what’s in style; something to that effect. That comment had just a profound impact on me that over the years would reveal itself in everything everyone did. Those folk are the ones that are “of this world,” ascribing to its wide gate; clown world’s big top.

    On a sobering side note: I’ve been reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula and cannot recommend it enough; unless you’ve already indulged and even then, it’s worth another read. It’s free via Project Gutenberg. The writing is magnificent and the manner with which the women and men are portrayed is nothing less than refreshing. While I own the book in paperback, locked away in storage, it piqued my interest after having read Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (also on PG.)

    Have a good weekend gents!

  29. OT: PA, you more than others pay attention to the coming of age aspect of life. /ourguy/ Matthew Drake published a good one here: https://youtu.be/84v-TVma4Zk

    Many kids grow up in abuse but don’t recognize it because it’s just normal to them.

    Struck a nerve.

  30. “Parents are allowing it for the social media credit they can acquire, I’d imagine. Or they’re allowing it because ‘it’s a thing.’ It’s what’s in and hip and new and vogue. Again, all just one giant guess.”

    Most people are “go along to get along” types…they’ll parrot whatever the party line is at any given moment. For the moment, the regime is under-girded by an anti-white and anti-Western dogma of cultural Marxism, diversity, and multicultural postmodernism.

    If these same people were alive in the USSR of 1937, they’d be screaming “Long live the Workers’ Revolution! Long live Comrade Stalin!” and denouncing their friends to the NKVD,

    If they were in the Third Reich, they’d be in the NSDAP rallies shouting “Sieg Heil! Hail the Fuhrer!” and ratting out their friends to the Gestapo.

  31. That fine line in White neighborhoods where you go from Trump signs in the yard to rainbow flags by the mailbox. It can be a walking-distance difference between the two worlds. A strange dynamic, where “B+” White demographics are superior, as goes their signalling, to “A-” demographics. The former are high-end working class with a sprinkling of younger educated homeowners neighborhood, the latter are established upper middle class neighborhood.

  32. Been thinking about Morrissey the past two days, and then today AC linked to a short article (from a queer website) that quotes Morrissey as having some opinions very popular with the dissident right.

    Check AC for the link (the guy deserves more traffic). Favorite quote (it’s common sense but he just states it so sensically): “In [current year] if you call someone racist, you are telling them that you have run out of words. You are shutting the debate down and running off. The word is meaningless now.”

    “Everyone ultimately prefers their own race… does this make everyone racist?”

    “The people who reduce every conversation down to a matter of race could be said to be the most traditionally ‘racist’ because everything in life is NOT exclusively a question of race, so why make it so? “

  33. Just a quick blurb re: Radiohead

    Creep was good, all of OK Computer was WAY better. Like W A Y. It won album of the decade if I’m not mistaken from one of the industry rags. That may be pushing it, but it is up there w/ Dark Side of the Moon, etc. in that you don’t skip a single song on that disc.

    Sadly, and this is true of many bands especially the leads, Thom York is an insufferable cunt and has been for a VERY long time. Just a raging d-bag in every sense of the word from everything I’ve ever read about him. I’m so famous, but I hate being famous type of shit. So give all your money back and go live in a cave ya dick.

    And they are a bit of a one trick pony. Every music critic was blowing them in print after OKC and all their albums after that were hot garbage unlike the aforementioned Pink Floyd.

  34. um, yes whites are passive aggressive, and being a black does not mean you cannot understand a white, ab initio.

    this race shit’s got to stop- i mean, yeah fuck niggers and all that, but you cannot start being a fuckin moron that doesn’t understand that class characteristics do not dispositively dictate individual ones by virtue of class membership. A general case is irrelevant to a specific case.

    whites, especially americans, are passive aggressive as fuck, women in particular. maybe it’s the jewish influence, but whatever. a race so easily influenced by a parasite to commit suicide is weak.

    and this is the problem with everyone in this discussion- your inability to admit the facts about your class, regardless of your own individual attributes. The white race has an obvious disease now. We’re like looking at a species who is assisting its own extinction and the scientific conclusion you people appear to make is, “absolutely nothing wrong with them here, some mysterious outside force.” It’s nigger logic. Niggers don’t blame intrinsic incapacity, they blame white privilege.

    The shitshow that christianity now is is just a further mirror to the collective white soul.

    that said, jeff epstein just got arrested. ambivalent about this as he’s a piece of shit democrat jew but at the same time he was paying girls to fuck who were not 18, and/or were in many cases above the legal age of consent of the jurisdiction in question. so i’m torn between my hatred of jew democrats and my hatred of the feminist mythology that prosecutes men for shit like banging young sluts who want to get paid to bang.

  35. Trav, if the hardware is already flawed, what does the operating system (Christianity) matter in the end?

    I don’t even completely disagree with you. It’s just that your hangup about Christianity is bizarre when you talk about nigger logic and attributing white decline to mysterious outside influences.

  36. modern christianity is just a symptom. it’s not a hangup, buddy, do you point this hangup out with the devout who keep pimping this faith when it’s suicidal? that is ALL I am doing. if it were diversity cult religion I would point that out too however it doesn’t seem to be something everyone on this Titanic is continually pimping.

    at any rate, I hope the Epstein case brings down everybody…burn it all down.

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