What Went Wrong? Part 2

If you’ve ever dealt with a desouled female, you will hear her icy voice as you read this:


The cynicism that aims in the direction of truth but lacks the range to embrace it: “Soul of a woman was created below.”

Complementarian realism has longer range: Men are expendable, women are perishable. A boy must earn his value, a girl must preserve hers. Men respect honor, women respect strength. Disown the faithless daughter, wait for the prodigal son’s return.

How to help prevent mudsharking: my guidance on raising a girl. It transcends its title.

How to repair a bad daughter: Begin by not petitioning her. She is sitting on that high perch and by extending unconditional love after she had already turned her back on you, all you do is validate her attitude. If she talks to you like in that screenshot, anything short of completely cutting her off will make her feel bottomless contempt for you. It’s not so much about the NPC idiot girl mouthing this or that ideological line she had been fed, it’s about the fact that she placed the abstractions that her little head can’t handle above family. If her rebellion weren’t about Trump, it would have been about something else.

Just looking at people I know… a good daughter, one that’s already a married mother, can be one of the brightest joys in life. A bad daughter, though, is a heartache best excised with no regret.

What Went Wrong, Part 1 is about the rebellious son.

54 thoughts on “What Went Wrong? Part 2

  1. Did you see the rest of her tweets? Apparently, she is a sub to her black dom. She posted pics of her in leather fetish gear worshipping bbc.

  2. The vampire myth hits a number of primal fears. One of them is that once bitten, the human victim is no longer the same person you once loved. It’s now a literal monster that will destroy your soul if you don’t ward it off with a crucifix. Same with a female who gave herself to evil and became *this*. You might have failed by neglecting to protect her. Or there was nothing you could have done. The thing is, that you can’t do anything for her anymore. All you can do is protect your own self and those around you from her corrupting presence.

    My oldest sister is a first-rate whore
    Dad says she can’t come home anymore
    And he means it
    – David Allan Coe, “If that ain’t Country”

  3. I don’t mean to pile on but somewhere in that screencap you have to come to the conclusion that dad failed in his job. There are a lot of negative influences for daughters out there but you absolutely have to be able to override or at least counter them. When one rejects you as thoroughly as this one it can’t mean anything but you allowed those influences to be the dominant force in her life.


    >implying women have agency

  4. Because we go around and around the chicken-egg argument of female agency, and it seems this female was allowed to follow all of her heart’s desires, until said heart turned on her father.

    Exactly. After reading the post, PA could have also titled it: What Went Wrong. . .Pt 2.

    The anger in that daughter’s reply is palpable. And it sounds, or rather, comes across as though the father still thinks of his little girl; which I’d imagine all sane parents do.

    Something did go wrong and perhaps it was papa giving his little girl everything she wanted or never reproving her as necessary.

    In some ways, reminds me of an old college buddy’s wife and her sister. The sister married some messican at the age of 18 and I believe less than a year later, had the marriage annulled. This was mentioned once after I had helped the buddy and his then gf move. Their parents were there and the way the talked about it was rather nonchalant, as though it was just a mere episode like when a kid loses their first tooth.

    Their father was an engineer of some type, already retired, and they had lived in a SWPL midsized town, the name of which escapes me. Looking back on it, their dad seemed like a pushover, or rather, the type to give in and seldom put his foot down in a reproving manner.

    Buddy’s wife was/is ugly, is all go grrl status and does everything she can to act like a man. She once mentioned that her father had wanted boys. That certainly can’t help a young lady whilst growing up.

  5. Mendo, excellent point. It does complement the equally cheerful “Joshua Tillman” article from last Friday. I just retitled this one. The two do go together.

  6. Kudos on the title. Too many in the so-called Manosphere, too many so-called Red Pillers, subscribe to Briffault’s Law (a false hypothesis) and don’t subscribe to the Sexy Son Hypothesis (a law with important consequences on female motives). I am so sick of the phrase “Thank you for your service.” I hope no one here does that. Furthermore, I am sick of reading about “there will be consequences” or “this won’t end well”. Most Red Pillers never ever consider that I or We will be consequences. Non-forceful men are irrelevant and superfluous men. Call it Doug’s Law if it works for you better that way, but it is really basic human instincts via Sexy Son Hypothesis and otherwise.

    tl;dr Kudos on the title: Expendable > Perishable b/c Men > Women. That fundamental should get a lot more alt-right credence and expression that it does.

    I believe the Manosphere is past it’s prime. Drop of CH is decent marker of transition to what is here but not clearly seen. Maybe alt-right too. Election of Trump was last hurrah for them/us. We know what good that is. In ten years all will face or have faced the Jungle filter of men. Getting picked off early one by one is losing. Waiting lead to too late, but maybe not. Poleez vincibility is a prerequisite to positive winning. Isolation until then at least is best strategy IMO. I got no qualms about Trump not winning reelection. I still can’t get a job worth having, in the greatest US economy in history, so he says. I understand white-man unemployment is at an all-time low. No wait, it’s everyone but moi. Shalom.

  7. — Kudos on the title: Expendable > Perishable”

    The original title was indeed “Expendable > Perishable.” Just as you were writing your comment, I changed it to what it is now because it makes more sense. The original title is true but the post started off with that as a central idea, but then it became a minor point as I continued to work on it.

  8. Shit. That’s horrible. Daughters can do some terrible shit. I do not have any kids, but I do have 3 younger sisters.

    The first two bombed out of college (just didn’t feel like trying.) The oldest shacked up with her boyfriend. My parents had a hard-line stance. Said they didn’t support that. Cut her funding for college (four year debauchery sleep away camp.)

    She said fuck you to my Dad. Moved in with her bf. Then she launched a smear campaign, phoning the parents of all her friends that my parents were parish friends with. Got them to disassociate socially from my parents. Ruined their reputation in the parish (love ya Catholic Church.)

    My parents never quit loving her. Time goes by. She gets married to said bf. Cranks out 3 beautiful White kids. Raises them in the Cathcuck Church. All is forgiven.

    Middle sister arguably has the highest IQ in the family. National merit scholar finalist. Bombed out of college in the first year because she didn’t feel like it. Also shacked up with her bf, but she didn’t throw it in my parents’ faces. She’s much more pragmatic. My parents were the only ones in the family who didn’t know. Got married last December, and they are scheduled to close on their first house together mid- July.

    Baby sister is gonna be a problem. 21. Least academically gifted in the family. Went to a school well known as the unofficial retard capital of the state. Joined a fucking sorority (which my parents help pay for). Maintains a 4.0 while barely attending class. She’s tailor made for clown world corporatetopia. She already has a job starting at 85K, plus a company BMW X1, and ooooh.. an iPhone X. Sure does pay to be a young, cute, blonde girl.

    My Dad is not “beta” but I have noticed he shares the Trump weakness of daddy’s little princess syndrome. He simply cannot believe his little princess mainlines tequila, does coke, and smokes weed regularly.

    The only thing I can say is that none of them mud shark. Possibly because black jokes were a staple of the household since I was young and “nigger” is the only swear allowed.

    So what are parents supposed to do? Forbid their daughters from going to college? From where I sit, we’re overmatched, and it’s luck of the draw.

    We need a complete cultural overhaul. It may not take village to raise a kid, but it sure does to raise a broad.

  9. A tween girl in my extended circle has some potential as an athlete — a girl athlete — and her dad who is an ex-jock football type is bonding with her on the “field of sport.” What a bad joke cliche. It’s hard to make my feelings known w/o coming across as cynical.

    “Look at Lindsey Vonn — premiere woman athlete in the world and what became of her?”

    Parents these days will say that sports for girls are not necessarily about being top athletes, but that they are a good way to keep their kids “on the right track” and out of trouble. The high school girls lacrosse teams practice at the park nearby. Isn’t there some other activity that they could get more out of?

  10. @FE said: “We need a complete cultural overhaul. It may not take village to raise a kid, but it sure does to raise a broad.”

    I think you’re on to something, but I’d go farther or at least differently. This cultural upheaval is about power. It takes a patriarchy for men to have power and choice. Men without power and choice are expendable. A father can raise a broad if he has the power. Can’t be culture alone. Bros before is for real not a cliche.

  11. The dad obviously failed but, in a society as rotten as the US, simply letting your child attend a public school is a “failure” that could result in your daughter being ruined to this extent.

  12. Speaking of “What went wrong” and the failure of fathers, if you’d like to see an -extreme- example of this, the article that is going viral this week:

    View at Medium.com

    You should really read the comments section. For being on Medium which is a lefty website the comments looks like a CH forum post. Some of them are absolutely fucking hilarious. “Life support system for a vagina with a 3 hole input”, etc etc. Top kek.

    Daily Stormer already to a crack at this sloot and Donovan Sharpe who use to write for Return of Kings did a little livestream earlier today. She is sort of the uber-Thot, and has the 100% delusional western empowered wahmen complex to go right along with it.

  13. “It takes a patriarchy for men to have power and choice.”

    I dunno. did the guys who died face down in the sand at Normandy so that their country could ultimately be rotted out have “power and choice”? seems like the die was cast long before that.

    one angle is that the beta male patriarchy, a system that was rigged to thwart nature by allowing legions of order-following, fratricidal sheep to build armies massive enough and weapons powerful enough to destroy errrrybody, is getting it’s comeuppance.

    remember, all of the policies that destroyed the “patriarchy” were initially aided, abetted, and/or CREATED by the patriarchy.

    but look on the bright side: those who can channel their inner savage and wed it to their long-term-thinking, inner ice-man rationality are now free to do so.

  14. The daytriarchy needs a sinisterly blinding slap on the ass, and to be scorchingly branded like the kosmic cattle it milks with its ever-prattling endurance: ‘Lieutenant Nero’s Stolen Nightlight.’

    Greetings from the sandily surly south. It’s only twilight and I’m nearly hammered from rum & pomegranate juices on the boat. Enjoy the stars’ heavenly wincing this fine evening, fellas.

  15. “remember, all of the policies that destroyed the “patriarchy” were initially aided, abetted, and/or CREATED by the patriarchy.”

    Is it [feminism, suicidal liberalism] a bug in Western patriarchy, or is it an American export? All of WWII’s belligerent nations, other than those of the Anglosphere, fought to defend their lands, not overseas for “democracy.”

  16. “I’m nearly hammered from rum & pomegranate juices on the boat.”

    All the best to you, EPG. I’ll be on the Chesapeake at some point this summer. I’ll toast to you when I crack open my first one.

  17. “All of WWII’s belligerent nations, other than those of the Anglosphere, fought to defend their lands, not overseas for ‘democracy.’ ”

    Well, one could say that the Soviets via the Comintern had been exporting their bug, not necessarily by overt military action but through covert inflitration and subversion.

    As Yockey wrote, WW2 was in essence a collosal jewish victory over Aryan man – a conquest of Western Europe by the jew-infiltrated governments of FDR and Churchilll and of Eastern Europe by the jew-dominated Bolsheviks.

  18. “Top kek.”

    Excellent commentary. Sufficiently liqueur’d up and awaiting a moonlit snack of spiced crab legs on a S. FL dive-bar’s patio. The youthful bartendress just asked if I wanted another round; a ‘top kek,’ I muttered. She soon slid me a small stained-glass jug of sangria, a tall smirk adorning the proudly playful blushing on her face. “On the house,” she said. I winked at her and ordered my dessert even though my crab legs still haven’t arrived. Trips to the far south almost always have these effects on me: lunarly severe impatience simultaneous with a gentle yet ‘shooting’ sense of humor. I admittedly miss my cocaine days sometimes. Stay thirsty, gents.

  19. If my daughter decides to mudshark, a suicide method with a very high success rate, no one’s sticking me with a $10,000 funeral bill. Just let the morgue do whatever it does with unclaimed bodies. She knows this, and she says niggers stink; luckily my old nose can’t smell them.

    I have white children now so that I may have white grandchildren later. If that’s not going to happen (e.g. if my daughter becomes a feminist and my son a fag), I’ll move to the Philippines, “adopt” the virgin daughter of a hooker, and knock out some 3/4 white babies. Or maybe all-white babies with IVF and donor eggs.

    MGTOWs are deluded. A man does what he must to survive, at all cost, and dying without issue is not survival. Kidnapping a tween girl, raping babies out of her, and receiving forty consecutive life sentences plus 500 years is better than being a MGTOW!

    You’d better be making daily backups of this page (see “wget”) because WordPress is going to shut down your blog without warning any day now. Get your own domain and run your own copy of WordPress instead.

  20. dying without issue is not survival

    My understanding, based upon a layman’s reading of Wilson the Antman, is that this statement evaluates to ————> categorically untrue.

    Apparently they used like math and shit, to calculate a man’s genetic legacy that maintains in his group outside his direct descent, and determined that his primary interests are his larger kinship group.

    The science concept is group evolution, and competition among groups. That’s Wilson’s big idea, that group evolution supersedes the individual’s. Which idea is commonsensical enough, but it “begs the question” of what level this competing group selection is playing out at? Where are the boundaries of the kinship groups-in-question.

    Almost certainly said boundaries are playing out at multiple levels on the fractal. I try not to think about it too much. I have heard filipinos, or is it filipiñas, have tight pussies but they see a lot of use. Is this true?

  21. You’d better be making daily backups of this page (see “wget”) because WordPress is going to shut down your blog without warning any day now. Get your own domain and run your own copy of WordPress instead.

    Imagine having to comment at LoTB.

  22. I admittedly miss my cocaine days sometimes.

    Is there still a lot of “partying” aka cocaine use in South Florida, or is it not what it once was?

    Would you say your drinking is getting worse, or has it reached a steady state?

    Some people aka alcoholics, drink worse and worse as time goes. That’s pretty much what defines the category of drinkers known as alcoholics. They either stop completely or they end up in “jails, institutions or death.”

    In my opinion Alcoholism is a legitimate category that can be classed as a disease, and that is the accepted opinion even among our illustrious medical class of doctors, better known as “the most over-rated ants in the entire colony.” But what exactly it means, for something to be a disease, is a real science question.

    I had a problem drinking and had to quit and now go to AA. AA is not the solution for me personally. For some people it is. AA is officially a “belief structure” that works from them. It is based on the Oxford Tradition which is a Christian tradition. AA also contains —

    1) a ton of bullshit

    For instance in one of their traditions they say that “the only requirement for membership is a desire to quit drinking.”

    But I don’t have a desire to quit drinking. I quit awhile ago and no longer have said desire (to quit). Which verb tense connotation gets to the issue of whether or not you are cured. If you are in fact cured of it, then you no longer have said desire (to quit). Does that seem like too fine a point? In my estimation it gets to heart of the primary problem of the treatment model. Are they trying to cure people, or rather are said people being maintained in a state of limbo?

  23. Roy Batty the DS author was recently discussed here, and Jaded Jurist noted that his handle resembled that of CH, beginning and ending with the same letters. Batty’s soup digiorno today contains this image and caption —

    “And people started telling me she isn’t fat!”

    The pictured backside broad is the Mormon prostitute who got killed by a nog. But for purposes of discussion, Is she Fat?

    She’s not fat, but she does not have the well shaped centerfold proportions that men used to lust after. I am a people person and don’t go for the pointy elbows bs, but her body is oddly shaped. It’s in the domain of typical flawed human, but by any reasonable high school standard, is NOT top shelf. Quite simply it’s not a great ass and that she would think it is, shows how far we have come.

    However; she is also not fat. What’s her body fat percentage?

  24. As for the mormon prostitute: she’s not fat, however she has no shape to her. No hips whatsoever and I like just a touch more bulbous on the buttocks. Nothing that a few months of squats won’t fill out. She has one of those banana shaped bodies, that aligns with what Chakrates wrote. Women do carry more body fat than men though it’s not as apparent on them. So a gal with 25% body fat won’t appear fat, but a man with 25% body fat will definitely show it.

    As far as BCP: someone one wrote that no one bats an eye when we give 12, 13 year old girls hormones to alter their body in ways it was never meant to be altered, but when say a 25, 26 year old young man wants to use steroids (which he never should at that age) everyone loses their minds and does run with a “toxic masculinity” philosophy, while not saying those words outright. Heck even a man in later years that wants to go on TRT is given the business just the same.

  25. “…cocaine use in South Florida…”

    I don’t commingle with those circles these days, but I’d say it’s less of a thing in S. FL these days than it remains, say, in parts of Argentina or Acapulco.

    As for keeping the heavier drinking at bay, I appreciate the balanced warning. Finely made spirits, for me, keeps the psyche’s edges ‘involved’ with the sea’s semi-somber alchemizing of lost diamonds and half-found shipwrecks; a way of sunderingly ‘borrowing’ the tides’ brigantine’d sorrow and resolutely & mentally welding it to the future’s mask of gilded goats’ horns and unborn hopes.

    I can’t recommend The Keys enough for some wholesome sight-seeings & a memorable bar-racket, but only if you’re a recurrent drinker (social, contemplative, or rarer hybrid).

  26. Men being expendable is the blue-pilled Robert Heinlein perspective.

    When one tribe is conquered by another, the men get systematically massacred. A tribe that preserves the existence of its men, preserves its existence. The rape of the Sabine women is the classic example. For more recent data points, observe how the brownies crossing the Med will without hesitation toss the women overboard if the boat’s overloaded. They know they can get more.

    Men are not expendable.

    Anyway, yeah, the father definitely failed somewhere(s) along the line, probably by indulging her far too much. Look on the bright side: fifty to a hundred years down the road, the only white people will be descendants of people who didn’t have these weaknesses.

    Criticism of MGTOW is confusing tactics and strategy. Where men go, women will follow.

  27. “Roy Batty the DS author was recently discussed here, and Jaded Jurist noted that his handle resembled that of CH, beginning and ending with the same letters.”

    Technically, I meant that they both contain “Roy” or “Roi.” Erymologically, that means Royalty. Roi is literally French for King.


    Also, I wouldn’t call her fat, but I would call her plump. Those creases in her shoulders wouldn’t be there if she had a modestly tight bod. 2 or 3 years working in her cubicle would have found her fully in Fatland.

  28. Yeah, “men are expendable” works in some contexts but it’s the exact opposite of the truth in others.

    The adage comes from the biological fact that one man and 100 women can repopulate a[n inbred] nation whilst the opposite ratio means extinction. But that’s a single-variable model, the variable being Reproductive Bottleneck. It works in a closed-system. In the real world, a garden with 100 women and one man would get competing males’ attention rather quickly.

    Things that are exclusive to men: vision, leadership, talent, creativity, physical strength, basic mechanical skills, fighting and heavy lifting. Also ingroup trust and hierarchy.

    Everything, in other words, except the ability to have children, churn butter and wash clothes all day. Oh, and to inspire us to greatness, which White women have a knack for.

    Western man, as a function of our innate qualities, knows that women have a God-granted soul as well men. That’s one of the qualitative differences between us and protohuman mudworld. If you’re White and not some psychosexual casualty, you’ll grant that (White) women are more than mules. Brownies don’t have the capacity for understanding that.

    “Men are expendable” works in war and natural disasters, but that’s because men like the idea of glorious death. Women don’t have that instinct. But look at all of those teenage boys that died at Verdun and you will not find one among them who was expendable. All I see is incalculable waste of talent, promise, brotherhood, civilization.

    The other circumstance when “men are expendable” is said is on the Titanic’s lifeboats. Women and children get the lifeboats first. But it occurred to me that this was not because women are more valuable. It’s because of an in-group agreement among men to protect each other’s wives and children.

  29. — observe how the brownies crossing the Med will without hesitation toss the women overboard if the boat’s overloaded. They know they can get more.

    A Finnish commenter some years ago described how the low iq brown migrants are downright shocked that blonde girls at clubs arent pr0n whroes that throw themselves at them. They literally believe that once in Europe, they will be in white poon candyland.

  30. “Fat”? I can show you fat. That blonde woman is objectively a skinny Minnie. Any suggestion otherwise really devalues the seriousness of the discourse (this being one of the reasons I hardly commented at CH nor took the discussions there very seriously in latter years).

    Personally, the only thing I can focus on is the stomach-turning artwork on her back.

  31. When I was growing up, SJ, none of the girls was as fat as she. Fine, then, maybe to be merciful we’d have called her “husky.”

  32. S.J Esquire, I’m no fan of lawyers, but that does not change the fact that I completely agree with your comment. The models we criticize for this or that are less than 1% of any general population. I have 15 pound o’ blubber myself. I’m not the fattest dude here I bet. Yes, that damned tattoo. Not caring about other’s opinions is not having emotional detachment, very healthy, especially given that AWALT. Plenty of men are like that too, adapting to the gynocentric lead and bowing before Briffault’s not-a law.

  33. Looks like the mudshark skank of the original post had deleted her Twitter account. I saw screenshots on Gab. Yeah, a lost cause. Ugly, tats across her cleavage, radical leftism. Some of her archived tweets were horrid. I feel bad for her old man. It’s easy to say “he failed her” because that’s armchair quarterbacking. He simply had no idea that he is a citizen of a country that will corrupt whatever young female it can. The vampire myth is relevant… the bitten girl is no longer his girl, it is an unclean thing he can no longer save.

  34. Dalrock has done several pieces on the Titanic and the associated attitudes. It turns out that
    1) women and children first was NOT the norm, before or afterward; the norm was that whoever shows up at a lifeboat is allowed on board, in the order they arrive, with no preference or telling anybody to go to the back of the line. This provides for an orderly and maximally-time-efficient filling of the boats and getting people off the ship, saving the most number of lives.
    2) on the Titanic, the women-and-children-first rule caused many cases of women wanting to not get on the boat because they didn’t want to be separated from their husbands. In at least some cases they were forcibly thrown on while the husbands were kept back. This led to the sort of disruption that caused many of the lifeboats to be launched partly empty, and the deaths of many more people than would otherwise have been the case.

    “Women and children first” is the sort of chivalrous nonsense parroted by people who really wish they could see more men dying gloriously. Not them personally, of course; they just want to watch.

    It has unfortunately been repeated so much that it’s become ingrained as a meme that nobody thinks about. But it is not a virtue and should not be treated as one.

    And I certainly don’t mean to beat on the father of the girl in that exchange. The world has become such that it is very difficult to avoid failing somewhere along the line. We have to recognize that such failings exist before we can do anything about them.

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  36. of course the father failed

    he should have killed her for disrespecting him and the family like she’s done.

    the bottom line is that violence IS the answer. almost always.

    yet i read article after article whining about antifa throwing acid or someone advocating doxxing CBP agents and all of this violence and omg see the left is the real racists.

    know now that they intend to kill all of us. no, they’re not gonna tell you that and if it’s any consolation they will be lined up and shot shortly after their own revolution succeeds. but it remains- they intend to kill all of us.

    the right is trying to virtue signal jesus harder than the left.

  37. Speaking of fat girls, the consummately great American novelist William Dean Howells — much ignored now because he wrote decent books about real, white American WASP life, and we can’t have the kids reading THAT kind of thing — wrote, in 1879, in the novel “The Lady of the Aroostook”:

    “She showed, now that she stood upright, the slim and elegant shape which is the divine right of American girlhood.”

    1879 was a long, long time ago.

  38. Speaking of whales, the actual animals. Daily Stormer and Anglin today, came down on the side of the Nips and their whale hunting.

    Strong disagree. It’s an epic optics fail. Or am I wrong? What do quality White Americans, presuming that is the readership, think about whale hunting.

    Just because Greenpeace is composed of dirty hippies, doesn’t mean they’re not right about some things. Of the selected comments that made the DS .name domain, only a one of them gainsaid Anglin’s take. Yeah he’s just one opinion w/ an asshole. Or is he?

    It’s not the 19th century any longer. Whales don’t need us hunting them down. And at the same time, we don’t have to fucking eat bugs. There’s a middle ground somewhere, one might like to think.

  39. Without reading the DS article, the case for whale hunting is wrong. As junk-hominids multiply and encroach globally, the great ancient island civilization deems is proper to slaughter those mysterious sentient marine mammals instead. Asian sadism. Can’t do Nanking anymore, so they do this instead.

  40. Asian sadism: something that shocked me, and you had to be there to appreciate the unsettling effect, was during my service in Korea. I visited a South Korean army base doing some routine task and saw two middle aged (?) ROK NCOs disciplining a teenage Private for some presumed infraction or failure. They had him doing punitive push-ups, which is normal military protocol, but then they were also kicking him hard in his ribs as the hapless wretch was enduring his punishment and crying. WTF was my quiet reaction.

  41. “Asian sadism. Can’t do Nanking anymore, so they do this instead.”

    Disgusting as it is, part of me thinks these “honorary ice men” and one of the last standing ethno-centric warrior cultures on the planet, use whaling as a way to make sure their citizens aren’t caught off guard when the time for unrepentant savagery against other sentient beings arrives at their doorstep.

  42. She’s not fat, but not prime either. Tats do not help. But, to be fair, it could be the pose. Arms up like that accentuate a v-shaped torso, so she looks more manly shaped. Certainly not toned, although the butt does not scream ghetto at least. Hard to tell from the grainy and glare, but don’t see much cellulite either.

    Saddest is that if she cared and with some extra exercise, could bump up a few notches. Know a lot of 5s that could be 7s.

  43. lol biblical this and that and caring about the fucking whales

    you people are going extinct. no stomach for violence

    pj fuck you it isn’t the 18th fucking century anymore you moron

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  45. Just look at the feminist US bitch soccer team. Total embarrassment on many levels , but they will never understand. Nigger takeover of sports (gloating) is the real story with the tea cup thing, little Alex.

    No, bitch, we don’t approve of classless lack of sportsmanship in men’s sports either. It’s not a gender thing. Whites never did that shit (icky shuffle after scoring) until niggers (not men) were allowed to take over.

    In civilized white society, one wears a three piece suit to the ball game.

  46. Also of course they are all millennials who were brainwashed in the system of the last 20 years.

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