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The comments here have been top caliber from day-one, when I started the blog in a fit of ire over an eaten comment at Chateau Heartiste in 2015. Graciously, CH linked to here on that same day, sending massive traffic my way. I will always be grateful to him for that and much more.

I read all of the comments here closely, no skimming. All 30,049 as of press time. Two recent short ones that blindsided me in a good way:

“Generally when internet characters get into a dispute that crosses a line, but otherwise seem to agree on the principles, it is to neither’s credit, and almost always reflects their [real-life] personal problems, which are typically frustration.” – Suburban_elk

“Don’t ever forget, they are all against us. Our only ally is the creator.” — Amon Ra


The eight of the last 100 to revisit:

The Execution Of Franz Kutschera. The conclusion/coda of this article ties everything together, bringing it home to the concerns of the present day.

It’s great history, a great story. I did a ton of research for that post. Western Rifle Shooters Association distilled the four elements of the described whacking of enemy leadership: intel, adjudication, cached weapons and ammo, courage.

The next time I visit Warsaw, which is probably next summer, I’ll visit the site of the action. It’s not much different now than it was in 1944: the street looks mostly the same, as does the adjacent park. The SS Headquarters in front of which this happened is still there, though now the building houses the Hungarian embassy.

The sidewalk along the action route has plaques marking the spots on which two of the three signals-girls were posted ahead of the assassination. Both of them, “Kama” and “Dewajtis,” lived long lives, both passing in 2016.

I will then go to Powązki Cemetery where team leader Bronisław Pietraszewicz (pseudonym “Lot”) is resting. He died at age 21, several days after the action, of complications from the abdominal wound he took in the firefight. The more I read about him, the more of an ideal he is to me. From Lot’s father’s c. 1950 reminiscences on his son’s heroism under foreign occupation:

We couldn’t believe our eyes: yesterday’s children were suddenly so grown up. There was so much care and seriousness on their faces. They were now doing the thinking for us, their passive elders. And they acted in our stead.

Idle Thoughts: Songs About The City At Night. Here I shared the thoughts I had, in my early teens through my early twenties, on the subject of manhood.

Ghey Tales 2: Sapphic Slip. On telepathy. Also, my unlikely connection with a butch lesbian whose femme partner wanted me dead.

Remember The Greaseman? When they start making good comedians again, those comedians will be a bit like The Greaseman. Thanks for the laughs, Doug Tracht.

First-Person Account of The ’44 Uprising. My translation of 106-year-old Armia Krajowa (Home Army) veteran’s recollection of the Occupation years. It feels like you’re there.

Idle Thoughts On Pop Songs And The Seasons. Pop music as catalyst for a contemplative state of mind. Here, it’s about the cycle of American civilization.

Derb’s “Unpleasant Truths” 16 Years Later.  I traveled back in time to 2002 and recorded this conversation with a local man.

Man’s and Woman’s Best Years. When it’s said that late forties are a man’s best years, they’re talking about the optimal intersection of vigor and wisdom. Slide that point back to thirty or forward to sixty as you wish.

Women have their best years too, but not this broken elf:


Bonus: Yes, elves are real and they launch the best comment threads.

Open thread.

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  2. I was in Warsaw last year. It seems every other building, in the old part of town, still has bullet holes or plaques signifying the location of one execution or another. Honored to get the quote mention Mr. PA.

  3. Unless this is all some Masonic theater going on, it seems Dump just got bitch slapped by Iran. This isn’t reality Talmudvision little Dumpy. Obeying the dictates of your ((( overlords ))) eventually lead to real world consequences. Sadly, I don’t think this game is over though, get the body bags ready.

  4. Emcel is a new one to me. It certainly fills a bill. Rectangular body shape — ouch!

    It’s a good idea to try to be sympathetic to these poor girls though. It’s a nice thought that people can be saved and healed by love. But eventually and as we all know, the die will get cast, and one way or the other.

    At Home Depot recently I had to get my cart past this slow moving seemingly drugged-out 40-year old woman and her cart was in the way and I said to her “it looks to be a tight fit” in order to signal that she prepare herself as a woman move her damn cart and let me through. You would have thought she was a prisoner of war, for the blank look in her eyes. Yes miss, I am talking to you. And now is when you say something back What’s next for our new show: America, the Transaction? Will its characters figure out that they need to move, and that if they don’t, then nothing happens? Or will they continue into their inextricable entropy and be replaced?

  5. A good boomer thread at Sailer’s, Scorsese’s “Rolling Thunder Revue” Bob Dylan Documentary, contained this following comment by an anon —

    Elvis has rock star charisma but couldn’t write anything.

    Dylan could compose songs and perform but couldn’t be a stage sensation like Elvis or James Brown.

    Springsteen has Elvis-like persona and song-writing chops, an odd combination.

    Some composer-performers had charisma and presence but nothing like that of Elvis. Beatles had power as a group. Each on his own wasn’t much as stage act. Jagger was a savvy performer but he needed the band to complete him. He didn’t have the lone star quality of Elvis.

    Springsteen really had alpha qualities on stage. He could take command all on his own. Sure, there was the band and Clarence with sax, but he was the dominant force. He alone could rock the audience.

    Singer-songwriters were popular in the 70s, but they tended to be poetic types, or beta-personalities like James Taylor and Jackson Brown. Herbivores. Neil Young was rougher and manlier, but he was still more poet than performer.
    Springsteen really made for an unlikely rock figure. He came across blue-collar and crude like a 50s greaser. Red meat and hearty serving of potatoes. And yet, his literary talents were comparable to those of the Folk-Beat scene.
    He was like the Fonz crossed with Allen Ginsburg. This is why I could never really get into him. True, he was one of the great rockers from 75 to 85, but I never quite bought his act, incredible as it was. “Thunder Road” is a great song. Very working class and earthy in emotions. But it sounds more like the product of Iowa University Writing Program than the passion of the common dude. It’s also very wordy even though Springsteens’ breathless gushing delivery turns into a blur and makes it work. Still, I’m both impressed and bemused.

  6. Congrats on the 500! THIS IS POLSKA!

    Glad your site has had the attention it has garnered. I would visit on occasion when you had it up and running and found your content to be more thought provoking and from my vantage point, more philosophical in nature than what I was accustomed to in a blog.

    Once I got the rhythm of your writing and posts, along with a handful of quality commenters, I began to appreciate it much further.


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  8. Congratulations on your first 500 posts, PA. It’s been interesting to see your blog develop over time. Best wishes for the next 500. One of these days our paths will cross – I look forward to buying you a beer.

  9. Congrats, PA, on this milestone. And thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Always exciting to see a new post.

  10. Bravo, PA. Glad you fired it up & keep the embers aflame with an inimitable Polish-American evenness. I’ll bet the sun of Sundays ‘watches over’ this forum’s smoldering headstays with considerable interest as well. Well done!

  11. Congrats, man. One of my go-to commenters and bloggers for years now.

    Sharp, principled, never sought the limelight. Glad to see a legit dude rewarded with a growing audience.

  12. congrats on the blog. i’ll always consider it a companion piece to chateau heartiste, with a special bent to the problems of europe and a hub for suggestions on how we should go about our daily lives and at the same time prepare for the inevitable battle. a bracing tonic against the outrageous ugliness of multiculturalism and globalism constantly promoted by the powers that be.

    just watched france vs brazil for the women’s wc. glad that brazil was edged out, they’re the most obnoxious bunch at any sports competition. the way they get in the ref’s face or kick the ball away when a foul is given against them. no sense of humility or honour, just endless entitlement and arrogance. typical of a 3rd world people

    i’m only a little weirded out by that france team though (some say i will never get used to france not being french). there were one too many ugly jungleboos on that team. i wonder if french people actually barrack for them or is it just more virtue signalling?

  13. I never would have discovered Collins Key but for you, PA. Their latest post is so filled with tonic masculinity that it’s even enough to overcome their obnoxious immaturity. Like, really, this is what good times between brothers (whether family or honorary) looks like. Also, this is Kryptonite for chicks.

  14. I’ve never seen these guys before but by golly are they having a blast. Friggin’ hilarious.


    On a side note, in a moment of boredom I signed up for a tinder account. I’m not expecting much (and I’ve made a few mistakes getting the hang of the app…haha) but my goodness, thots as far as the swipe can see. A few decent broads, well, if pictures are any indications, but damn it if not all of them are instagram chicks. It’s one thing to read about it but another to witness it. My photos are a joke so I’m seeing whom I match with.

  15. @mendo looking forward to hearing about Tinder. I don’t predict that a solid guy like you will last a moment.

  16. It’s funny how internet “dating” has changed.

    In the early 90s, I flew 1200 miles to consummate the relationship with a chick I had met on an online chat room. This was when “online” meant green text on black CRT screen and a collection agency chasing you over $1000+ in long-distance phone bills.

    [Aside: this really does say something about the power of the pu$$y when directed at the young adult male.]

    Back then I was absolutely ashamed to admit to anyone that I had met my “girlfriend” this way. Now, there are more “apps” to help you meet chicks than there are chicks you’d want to meet.

  17. Thanks, JJ. No kidding about that power when you’re young.

    Day 1 observations so far:

    -girls with tats, nose rings, bull rings. More frequency on the tats, but the silver boogers did show up from time to time.

    -girls with instagram and/or snapchat included. I’m guessing the snapchat is to bypass having to pay and/or wait for a match, but that’s too much work for me. These girls literally live on their phones. Instagram pictures galore and all with the same photos (with a drink in hand; in Vegas; a Halloween pic; at the gym; etc.) No originality

    -girls taking booty photos. We all know whom those are for. And many of them are on the chunky side.

    If this is a microcosm of what’s really out there, which I don’t consider to be an entirely accurate reflection just the same, then eesh!

  18. @Mendo

    Your pics are #1. Chicks rapidly discard guys they don’t like the looks of on these apps. I did bumble never tinder. #2 is your description. I’m sure you’ve run into the – if you’re a Trump supporter, swipe left feminazis. I always mentioned that I AM a Trump supporter so if you have Trump supporters swipe left, swipe left.

    It works. You’ll actually get more libtard chicks trying to lecture you, and you can work with that.

    Something else that works well for me in real life as well as online is mentioning that I am ” never married, no kids and only been in jail once.”

    They’ll invariably ask you what you did. I always said- I was innocent!

    Works. Give it a try.


  19. Thanks for the tips, FE. Made some adjustments, see what happens. I’m not a good photo taker but given what’s out there, I ain’t missing much. In any event, it’s passing the time for me. Like when I was a kid and had a new toy, play with it non-stop for the first few days till the novelty wore off.

    And while I haven’t been in jail, I have been arrested; falsely that is. Helluva long story but as with damn near everything with me, it was a teaching moment from the Almighty and one that to this day continues to pay dividends. So I can always fall back on that experience since it did in fact happen.

    Glad your my bro, bro!

  20. I went on an internet date circa 2003. She showed up 50 lbs overweight. / bada boom!

    True story though. It was off of one of the two or three big dating sites back then. OK Cupid maybe. I shoulda cancelled upon delivery but alas! life is a live-and-learn.


    Speaking of the police. Daily Stormer article up today is reporting on the SWAT team providing coverage for the library trannies reading to recruiting the children, who were getting protested by a group called 500 Mom Strong.

    It’s cool that this group is protesting their kids getting recruited into trannydom, right?
    Well, sort of but the basis for their objections, at least as far as goes their statements, is that trannydom is misogyny! Ffs ladies, how about a thought for the kids themselves …

    Great article by Roy Batty. Vintage Stormer w/ pictures.

  21. In case my summary wasn’t clear. The story from Spokane, which features live action SWAT on the roof of the library, is: A citizens’ group is protesting trannies reading to kids at the library.

    And the stated basis of this citizen group’s protest, is that trannies are demeaning to women.

    That doesn’t even make any sense!

    I had a neighbor who got taken down by the local police. They swatted him. I (fortunately) wasn’t around at the time but got reliable second-hand info. This guy, this neighbor, I have written about before. Four-plus standard deviations of American Badass. He wasn’t going to back down to the stupid local cops. Fortunately they didn’t kill him. He seemed to me to have a good heart. Whenever you’d talk to him, it was hard not to make involuntary smiling submissive monkey face.

  22. “Great article by Roy Batty.”

    Interesting: “Roy” and “Roissy” have the same root.

    Regardless, he’s been excellent for a long time. Seems he took what he learned from CH and packaged it for the kids. 80% or more of the content producers over there are extremely good at saying just the satirical thing I wasn’t expecting, using good content and line editing, that makes me laugh out loud and appreciate their point.

    By the way, Roy, all the sock puppets came clean after the CH Tragedy. Which one of us are you?

  23. I got revisit the stormer again. Was a point where AA was getting too over-reactionary for my taste, although I was able to recognize my own similar tendencies. But then again, the man had every reason to given that his entire platform was pulled out from under his feet for no reason. (well, we all know why however.)

    He’s great for the young men, those teenagers, high schoolers, 20-somethings that are coming into their own. That site is a boon for them.

    Thinking timeline wise, given the tranny police (literally!) sniping this horsecrap down our gullets, it was about 60+ years ago when the military was enforcing segregation in our public school system, now we have snipers doing likewise. That got me thinking that about 30 years ago the Berlin Wall came down and now we need something similar. My love of history coupled with my sperging out about numbers makes me believe in parallelism; a chiasmus if you will.

    I do like the sound of local normie brigades. Has an edge and purpose to it.

  24. Re; public libraries: I had to stop going to them. The only people who seem to visit them anymore are homeless people looking for an air-conditioned nap, ped0s looking for a snack, and people on mental disability looking for somewhere pleasant to hang out other than the group home. Problem is, they stop making it pleasant for everyone else.

    We have the internet, FFS. Who benefits from public libraries anymore? Who pays for them? The producers do, not the consumers.

  25. @mendo I suspect the next shift will not be the wall crashing down, but the veil being torn. “UFOs” will manifest themselves with the message: “You silly humans! We seeded this planet long ago, and we came by regularly in visits, but you were too simple to realize we were ETs. You kept calling us gods, LOL! Don’t worry, we come in peace, we offer peace. All you have to do is reject your silly beliefs in Jesus, Mohammad [cynical remark: will they still say “peace be upon him? Probably], Buddha, Atheism, everything. We were just so highly technically advanced that you didn’t understand us! Now just take this one mark of allegiance….”

    Meanwhile, the gates of Hell will be opening wide for all those who fall for this shit. It’s Satanic, and has been, since the Garden of Eden.

    Glad you’re my bros.

    Steel yourselves.

  26. “In any event, it’s passing the time for me.”

    Mendo, if time is in your favor and meeting women is your goal, there are far more effective and less depressing ways to put yourself out there.

    you’re a gym rat, right? get a part time gig at a high end gym working the front desk (all the hottest chicks are at the high end gyms). take an acting class, a painting class at the local community college. get a a job as a doorman at a club.

    get out there where you can leverage your strong qualities. online is just a place for masochists to hang out and debase one another.

  27. you want backlash take them to a pride rally. every manner of freak

    for the tinder guys, the snapchat girls are pros. don’t believe me? add them to snap and see what their profile looks like. pros. almost every single one.

    IG i dunno what they’re after, probably followers to boost their egos. But snap is a tell for a pro. camgirl or hooker or both. i been at this online shit for a while, it ebbs and flows but pussy will come to your house

    i got booted off of hinge for reporting scammer profiles. always a green number (android) and they were always somewhere else in the country or had bullshit stories. i reported a bunch, and my hinge matches dried up. had 104 in a month. just got back on already have like 20 in less than a week. i sent email to support from a different account…they’re like oh this isn’t an email on an account please email us with your account email. i was asking for my damn money back bc i wasn’t seein a single match for weeks. soon as i replied with my account email on it, they banned me. “TOS violations,” or claiming i’d been reported. ummmm so how come you didn’t just drop my account on the app? nope…it was the emails saying i reported scammers. they deactivated me on the app so i wouldn’t match then banned me as soon as they linked the complaint emails to my account.

    OLD is a fuckin money machine scam built on hooker and camgirl revenue…since backpage got shitcanned. is what it is, don’t let it bother you

    had a 19 yo colombian girl lined the fuck up and her grandpa died the next day so she went home. like wtf are the odds of this. she was so cute but looked young af…making out with her in public i was like man these people are gonna be lookin at me with the stink eye. we went to the NASM and then her gramps died that day…oh well

  28. In reading your comment, that makes sense, the snap girls that is. They were all decked out, total smoke shows (well, as far as the lens can tell.) Guess I can always ask what their hourly rate is. . . .kekekek

    I’m guessing the IG girls are just for the ego boost because it’s essentially a photo gallery facebook. All those thirsty blokes fawning over a broad and the girl gets off on it.

    I’m not expecting much from any of this–for me it’s experimental. My photos ain’t anything grand and nary a chick on there, even the ones I’ve swiped right, haven’t really done anything for me. I gotta see the girl in real life to feel the vibe, chemistry.

    What I cannot get over, despite it having been many a CH topic, enhanced with the comments, is how all these chicks are the same: tatted up, nose ring, duck lips, looking for a gym buddy (is that code for something; seldom been hip to the lingo), all with photos of them overseas or in Vegas, drink in hand, they’re not looking for a booty call or ONS.

    I switched up the age selector and the single moms saying they need deserve a good man, that their kids are #1 in their life, etc.

    It’s a trip. It just further emboldens me to realize, effe ’em all. They don’t deserve my time. Where’s Cappy to say: you’re the prize. Damn right.

  29. Ideally libraries would be the place to meet the girls. They may used to have been. I still visit the library now and again. They are not community centers because there’s not much community.

    There still will be some hot and otherwise not bad, chicks who go to the library. Most of them get disillusioned w/ it fairly quickly though, I would have to think.

    Dance classes have a reputation for being a good place to meet reasonably quality single women. Is it a cynical take, that most of the women there will be post-wall?

  30. We took a dance class once, a non-credit county community college class. It was couples and a few single young women who looked like they are too shy for the mainstream dating scene. Not a bad place to look, in other words. You have to rotate partners, so the ice-breaking is there.

  31. There’s a number Mexican chicks at work who are single and seemingly available. Some of them are fairly cute. If I weren’t opposed for intellectual or ideological reasons, they might fill a need.

    This isn’t deliberately black pill subversive, but sometimes it is hard to see how America will not become largely like the rest of the New World, which is to say castizo nationalist. On the other hand, Whites may develop a fierce pride and resist. There still are quite a number of us, and including Canada.

  32. W/o getting into the details, the two gigs I have had this summer, have been with Mexians and pretty much entirely non-English speakers. The younger guys and girls, speak not-bad American. It’s pretty insane, the level to which these temp agency “general labor” positions are filled 99 per cent with Mexicans etc.

    As people I find them easy enough enough to get along with. Their feelings on race are well enough understood by readers here. Whites are top of the chain, but pure Whites are resented at the same time. The other thing with the Mexicans that not everyone may know, is that they contain a huge number of types. Some of them look Asian; some look American Indian; some are part negro.

    There is this one chick who is very cute. She is maybe 24 but it can be hard to guess on their age. I was thinking how it might be reasonably feasible to move on her, to “get with her”. My conclusion is that it’s not. The only possible way would be a sort of play acting reality conquistador rape sex. Which would be pretty hot, but too risky. These girls would probably go for it, but since it’s at work, and “this is America,” it’s a losing proposition. And then the issue of children; or is that thinking ahead too much?

  33. The flip side of Mexicans being easy to get along with, is this other story —

    The Time I Was Attacked by a Flying Mexican Soccer Ball; and it hurts me still

    Central Park, New York City. 1990-something. Yours_truly, walking through the park alone as usual, adorned w/ book bag, and probably a wearing a green short sleeve Dickeys button-up work shirt. It was those fields on the west side of the park, circa 75th Street maybe; and 40 or so Mexicans were playing soccer. I passed by them and continued on my way, and was about 30 feet past their field, and a soccer ball whooshed by my head and HARD, and missed me buy less than half-an-inch if even. Iow no way in hell it was an accident. I can’t remember my reaction but I was a startled to say the least. I turned around and gave them my angriest look. One of me and forty of them —–> ?

    But later I had fantasies of taking down their ball and stabbing it through it w/ my Kershaw folder which then was a 3-and-half inch Colt. [ not recommended, btw ] Now that woulda been dramatic! How would they have reacted?

    But the malevolence and carelessness of doing such a thing and to a stranger, is pretty stark. In broad daylight no less. But from their perspective? it was the “perfect crime” because —

    1) plausible deniability
    2) demonstration of expertise w/ soccer ball (leads to status)
    3) demonstration of racial dominance (more status)

    The thought of getting clocked in the head unawares with a fast-moving soccer ball, pisses me off to this day. The ball missed by half-an-inch, but still.

    Apparently there are guns used in Afghanistan that will burn their targets, if they miss but closely.

  34. RE- asian looking messican: many a time, they’re filipinos, at least from my experience. They’ll even have surnames similar to that of messicans.

    RE-libraries: I think Starbucks overtook the library right around the time laptops became ubiquitous coupled with high-speed internet. I’d say it took awhile for the libraries to get up to speed. . .pun intended. Now with smartphones, fugghedabouit.

    I tried a dance class, well, took a class that was on discount, you know the type, where they snooker you in with the high pressure sales tactics later on. The price was high and I wanted to go along with it (was there for ballroom dancing–is there any other kind?) but the owner(?) was some jamacian or african dood and his overall demeanor and accent aggravated me. Deep down inside, I didn’t want to give him my money. This was pre everything. Instincts always serving me well.

    I enjoyed the session and even made the lady training laugh heartily a couple of times. It was an uncontrollable laughter that lets me know I hit the right chord. I live for those moments.

  35. 19 years old, went to the community college for a reflexology class. Teacher asks us to introduce ourselves and tell why we’re interested in reflexology. Listen to several people praise the “energy” and “healing power” of the craft, mentions of how a friend of a friend was relieved of chronic pain after someone massaged their hand, etc.

    Comes my turn, and I say breezily, “I’m here because I want to learn some tricks I can use to impress women,” which was actually candid. Laughter ensued at my cheerful audacity.

    We break out to practice our newly-learned skills on one another, and I pair with a 20-something blond, 6/10. Even though she was older than I (what woman wants a 19-year-old?), she clearly had already warmed to me, and she seemed a little shy. We both groped each other in rather pleasing ways.

    PJ has it right about CC classes. I would add to that: find something more intimate than painting.

  36. — sometimes it is hard to see how America will not become largely like the rest of the New World

    I went into it here :


    The idea is, that Latin American mestisaje is the product of White sexual imperialism, for worse. In North America, diversity is defacto nonwhite opportunism that to them and to us looks an feels like their conquest of us. Consequently, the psychology here is one of resistance against “the racial spectrum”. I agree with VD on the likely scenario: breakup and purification on those levels.

  37. Once had a Messican GF (again, the power of the pu$$y). Attended a backyard barbecue and was the only non-Aztec person. Blue-pilled AF at the time. I ate jalapenos whole from the jar. They recoiled in horror as I did it, then laughed in unison after I completed the task.

    Wasn’t even that fucking hot, you goblin pussies.

    It took me until much later to realize that they thought of me as a circus clown.

    Diversity. Even when it goes okay, it’s not the same as inclusion.

  38. Been here since the beginning. You quoted me in an early post somewhere. I rarely comment but read pretty much every other day.

  39. the level to which these temp agency “general labor” positions are filled 99 per cent with Mexicans etc.

    Really, in Minnesota, eh?

    I mean it’s awfully interesting to me, I thought this was a more southerly thing. I’ve lived my whole life here in Canada, and never met a Mexican. We don’t have any here. (Maybe in Toronto.)

    I guess my point is, from where I sit, I notice an increasing divergence, particularly perceptible over the past several years, between the USA and the rest of the Anglosphere, over the Hispanic question, and that is to say, the USA appears to be becoming awfully Hispanic. On all the blogs and sites and American media, etc., that I read, it’s become increasingly evident that you guys are just taking the Hispanic presence for granted, as something “normal”. But to me it’s not normal, and it marks an increasing divide, like a wayward brother who you just don’t understand anymore.


    On the library question: I dunno what to tell you. The library in my hwyte burg is still pretty useful; my kids attend occasional homeschool programs there, etc. No tranny story hours.


    I agree with VD on the likely scenario: breakup and purification on those levels.

    Now I understand and respect that you don’t want to enter into personal details, which is precisely why I have never asked about this before, but I would be curious to hear how you think DC is going to fare under such a scenario.

  40. Congratulations on 500, PA! I always enjoy your posts and the comments here. Here’s to the next 500.

  41. – Dump Admits He Has Always Supported Amnesty Deal for Dreamer Illegals on Spanish Network –

  42. The huwhyte man is really this insane.


    That’s insane.


    I suppose all I can say is, I get a kick out of these “by 2050” campaigns.

    Like… life’s gonna be a lot realer by ’50, boyos.

  43. “… which last year committed to boost the country’s 4.7 million-strong population by a further million with mass migration….”

    ? = renewable energy + niggers

  44. Hello you beautiful bastards, happy 500th.

    Off topic, and this has been discussed here before but I’m curious because I just had a very negative interaction— Vox Day. Thoughts?

    Don’t wanna derail this into a totally different topic but I’m curious to know what anyone thinks. I’ll give you my summary- Use to be good, very smart, still had good content, but is becoming increasingly unhinged especially in the last year or so. Incredibly intolerant of outside viewpoints to the degree that he now resembles that which he hates the most the dreaded ideological echo chamber of the SJWs.

    He ran his ‘gamma shut up’ routine on my last night in spite of the fact that there isn’t a more opposite descriptor of me possible. It has now become an ad-hominem / strawman for him to shut down any dissent from the 100% “approved” opinion. I fed him some real talk but nothing close to what I’m actually capable of, just some gentle alpha shoves to a guy that is clearly still wrestling with his own ‘gamma’ status (reformed) to some degree.

    That is my .02, I could have ripped him a new one but it is his forum and I don’t disrespect people in their own ‘home’ even if they are acting like a cunt at that very moment. Not my style. I know he is utterly reviled in many spaces around the dissident right but was curious about individual opinions. Again PA, not attempting to derail this topic it is simply something I’ve been noticing building momentum and I knew it would hit me eventually because I’m not a sycophantic yes man.

  45. Not derailing at all. FYI on comment policy, I ask that comments be on topic in the first 24 hrs after which a post is published. Make off-topic comments under older posts or under the most recent one after it has gone past its first day. And of course any topic is good at any time under one that says “open thread.”

    As to the Vox Day comments thread. My own .02 – on the substance of the original post, I’m with Vox. My own proposal is even more radical than his article: knock up your girlfriend at 17 and marry her provided she’s quality, you respect her family, and she’s of your race and culture.


    As to the unpleasantry between you and him in the comments: it’s best to either (1) give his admonition fair hearing and privately accept or dismiss it after due consideration, or (2) blow it off entirely.

  46. “but I would be curious to hear how you think DC is going to fare under such a scenario.”

    I don’t know. Washington itself is Mordor but drive a trivial distance in any direction from it, and you are in an entirely different world. Go deeper into Virginia or western Maryland, and soon you see farms and homes with Confederate flags in front of them. Go toward toward and past Baltimore, and you see solid-red voting districts of working and middle class Whites. Drive into southern Maryland, and it’s farms and White rural areas. Lots of suburban sprawl in every which direction, but wherever you go, it’s its own world with indelible history and rooted people.

  47. Vox is the bathwater, his insights are the baby. His ability to see patterns that other miss is really useful. I long ago gave up on commenting at his forum because his commenters are a school of beta (excuse me, “bravo,” not beta) piranhas. He realized that his style resonates with a certain crowd, and he plays it up accordingly. Your problem isn’t Vox, it’s that you aren’t part of that crowd (comic books, Dungeons and Dragons, and Sci Fi?!?).

  48. so i was down in the outer banks this weekend

    lotta trump signs and stickers. fuck them, they’re the same pro war bomb iran idiots as the left

    fuck this country. the confederates, whatever. did shit about anything.

    i know what a lost cause looks like

  49. Vox Day… I’ll give you my summary

    Ya I agree with your assessment pretty much completely. I don’t know where he’s “reviled” in the dissident right, I don’t really read much non-Christian stuff though.

    The thing about VD is this: he just does turn out to be right on almost everything, and so I give him that. At the same time, he is an almost indescribable drama queen, and in fact I nearly stopped reading him during the height, I guess a couple of years ago, of the whole “everyone who disagrees with me is a Gamma” gaylording.

    I have commented over there on occasion, but not often. His commenters are the groacest collection of sycophants, actual Gammas, fake Alphas.

  50. “The thing about VD is this: he just does turn out to be right on almost everything”

    That’s exactly it. He called out Jordan Peterson, and that’s just a small example.

  51. Thing about being in a prominent seat like VD, is that you start to attract the attention of toxic males. The kinds of commenters who are such gammas, that you’d steer clear of them in real life by instinct, without consciously registering it in your mind that it’s a nerd with a chip on his shoulder.

    On a blog like his, though, they have the open forum and physical/social safety to unload that seething hostility. No, I don’t think you (Jay) are anything like that. I think VD read you wrong but it’s best shaken off like water off a duck’s back. He errs on the side of caution when it comes to pushing away bad personalities, he admitted as much.

    I had a small taste of the toxic gamma here a few weeks ago, with two commenters I banned because they were dropping those passive-aggressive turdlings here in the comments on the subject of immigration. You can easily tell when it’s not an honest guy asking honest personal questions, it’s instead a gamma trying to get under your skin for “personal” reasons that exist solely in his mind. And it’s always the same rhetorical pattern: pretend to make a legitimate point, with the passive-aggressive “cop a feel” being, so obviously, the real reason for the comment.

  52. @Jay

    Selfishly, I like you and your commentary. So anything that gets you commenting here more often and less elsewhere, I’m in favor of. Never read VD. I’ve always put myself on an alt-right “diet.” If I consume too much, it drains my time and puts me in a bad state of mind. And I have shit to do. Can’t have that.

    To your point of becoming what one beholds- it’s inevitable as things heat up. I realized a long time ago that there isn’t a whole lot unifying all of us except a common enemy. We’re being physically genocided and systematically boxed out professionally, financially, and “educationally.”

    That’s why I don’t mix it up too much with other bros on Trump, immigration, etc. We have far more immediate threats we can all agree on. I save my trolling for the libtard.

    That’s the biggest difference I see in us vs them. They have an army of freaks they have weaponized. Angry losers with nothing to lose that they send to the front lines. Any movement will have a contingent of that. Where the hell are ours? At best, we get a smattering of individuals that splash the news cycle as “radicalized.” No group movement (yeah- I’m aware of the charlottesville debacle.)

    Glad you’re all my bros.

  53. That’s why I don’t mix it up too much with other bros on Trump, immigration, etc

    Totally agree with you there, FE. Big time. And I couple that with the Elks’ quote that PA used in the intro of this post. Most disagreements stem from the frustration.

    There are times when I want to comment on something someone posted, usually seeing it as irrelevant or insufferable whining, but I realize that if I don’t have a valid or salient counterpoint and my only reason is essentially to say “boo you”, then it’s best left unsaid, and I use that energy to carry out my goals.

  54. I’ve started my weekend early. Going sailing; the summer boat I’m using, a favorite of mine, in safe-keeping near southeast Key West. A searing ‘cheers’ to the gents here. May your goals come to fruition at their alotted pace & gusty gallop.

  55. I believe, not entirely sure however, that morbid obesity is a handicap/disability. Much like a paraplegic or an sjw. In the disability route, there might be some programs that assist you, aka free $$$, with your disability.

    There is something in our environment: easily accessible shit food, and cheap I might add. Compound that with high fructose corn syrup and that’s a synergistic 1-2 punch of efficient adipose storage. And with the disability/handicap comes the free scooters and the like. Do even less activity, get fatter and get more help.

    A few weeks ago I was at the store and saw a White mom and her two sons, who couldn’t have been more than 3, 4 years old. I paid attention to what she put on the cart: oreos, kool-aid, apple juice, nutter butter cookies, etc. All processed carbs. She herself had some major FUPA and just a few years (maybe months) of being a blob of her former self. It saddened me because the young boys could burn it off, even though it wasn’t ideal for them and as a result of that diet, they’ll get hooked on it. All that crap is more addicting than smack or heroin.

    Reminds me of a loudmouthed mormon jagoff I worked with. Man had no concept of the indoor voice and was close to pushing 300lbs, standing at about maybe 6’2-3″. I chalked up his loudness to what a friend once told me: loudest person in the room is the most insecure, and this fellow had reason for being insecure since he was so massive. At any rate, the man would drink damn near 2 liters of Dr Pepper for every drink; not everyday, but for every drink. He had one of those yuge thermos mugs you see at the Love’s or Flyin’ J and would always seemingly carry it around with him, more so during meetings. Friggin’ mug was bigger than our laptops! His wife was no better and he had already had a few kids so they were about to encounter the same future in their lives. Sad.

    What made it worse was when I found out he was a mormon. Yeah, he’d never shutup about it at times when talking to the one of many fairies working at the place, but it really struck me when our company would offer up beer at month end as a way of instilling camaraderie and saying “sorry we’re such a shite company.” He wouldn’t drink or smoke (then again, who really does) but the sanctimony I took from him regarding not drinking pissed me off, because here’s a person with no regard for their health, their diet, pushing 300lbs, if not more, but abstaining from alcohol to keep his body pure. The noive! Consuming highly refined carbs and sugar was a-ok, but just one beer and he’d forever taint (heh) himself.

  56. What must their bathrooms be like? Or as they used to say in the Old World, their morning toilet?

    Saint George (Carlin) had good material on this topic: how do they even find their own asshole? is how he put it. He also “joked” about NOT washing his hands after taking a dump. Yeah deal with it: I don’t shit on my hands.

    The larger topic of bowel health. As one ages, of how important it is becomes more and more clear, first hand — or perhaps we should say, first butt. I have speculated many times that the epidemic of colon cancer correlates with the specific toilet habit of sitting down (to poop).

    There was a 70s or maybe even 60s meme, based off a book, about how to shit in the woods.

    The Sopranos treated this topic somewhat, but it was better treated in Northern Exposure. Holling the old barkeep, whose Quebecois family line e life expectancy was 120 years, was having health problems and Joel the jew doctor was AMAZED to learn of how regular Holling was. Once a day in the morning every day for the past 40 years.

  57. I cannot also but think or conclude that a myriad of endocrine disruptors are contributing to this fact. (Which has been brought up before.)

    If not only what we consume becomes a part of us, then how about medication and/or pharmaceuticals; especially the Pill. If women are on that for years, at times decades, then how does that alter/mutate their bodies, as their cells are soaked in that crap and given that every seven years or so, our cells regenerate, if those cells are regenerating with toxins, then that’s absorbed and imbued in the person, later passed onto child. Already there’s a hormonal imbalance; or rather, an unnatural imbalance. And that’s just internal disruptors as we’re also/have been bombarded with external disruptors.

    What the hell does microwaving our food do to it?

  58. @mendo

    Sugar, carbs, lack of exercise. That’s it. TWO of my friends who have kids- their kids are not interested in sports. Would rather watch jootube. I always ask them what the hell do kids do if they’re not into sports? I was on the tennis court an arguably unhealthy amount of time (4-6 hours per day, every damn day) by the time I was 12. Kids eat junk, watch junk, and don’t move around. Adults are depressed, working cubicle slave jobs so they self-medicate with junk food. They’re exhausted when they get home. They don’t move around either.

    FR from FE:

    You really can pick up chicks wherever. Just got home from a dermatologist appointment. Course they make you wait half the day in the waiting room. I’m sitting there answering work emails when this blonde chick hands me a cup of water (it was warm in there), sits next to me, and starts chatting me up. Except- I can’t really tell what she looks like. She’s got sunglasses on inside. We talk for 5-6 minutes before her name gets called, and that’s it.

    Then this old lady sitting across from me says, “Did that girl just bring you water, sit down next to you and start talking to you?” I said, “yes.” She says, “I think that girl was hitting on you.” I shrugged. Who knows. She could’ve just been social.

    Finally my name gets called, and I get to see the Derm. Indian broad (big surprise.) She starts in on me right away. Am I single? Have any kids? Dating anyone? Because she thinks I sound like and would get along with one of her other clients. I said- hey are you talking about that blonde girl in the waiting room? She says- yeah! She’s like a super-cool interior designer. She does AMAZING things!

    Plot twist.

    I said- hey is her name Jessie? Derm’s like- uhh maybe. I can’t really tell you that. I said- ok I think I know what that means. Small world. If her name’s Jessie, I’m 99% sure I picked her up about 2 years ago. We traded texts but never met up. But she was just chatting me up in the waiting room. Derm’s like- really?! I said- yep. I don’t have her number anymore, but feel free to give her my contact info. She can shoot me a text if she feels like it.

    The Derm is all excited. Says she loves playing cupid- so we’ll see. Chick is pretty hot. Long blonde hair. 34-35. And pretty obvious man-made enhancements (which I’m into.)


  59. Fast Edward, what exactly are you field reporting on, the fact that some mediocre women show interest in you? you may be misreading your audience a bit here. I think the internet figured out that SOME mediocre women are interested in SOME men quite some time ago.

    what exactly are you looking for? maybe a woman who’s NOT mediocre? because THAT would be worth field reporting on and some of us here might actually make it through one of those reports without falling into a coma.

    if you’re such an attractive guy then it would be bio-logically advantageous for you to apply yourself to the pursuit of higher forms of fertile beauty, and not be so impressed with desperate, fake-titty sunglasses-wearing sloots who have nothing to lose by throwing themselves at guys in the waiting room at their botox appointments.

    find yourself a young, hot, fertile estrogen bomb and knock her up and be done with it already. and then write us a field report worth reading.

  60. Why do women like to play matchmaker? Three times this year, a lady I know has mentioned some young women I’d like to meet.

  61. “what the hell does microwaving our food do to it”

    It heats it up. Learn to science before you shoot your mouth off, mendo; this literally nigger-tier stupidity doesn’t incline anyone to listen to anything else you have to say.

    “Ooga booga! Scary box scare nigger real bad! Must be bad! Run off to jungle and piss self! Ooga booga!”

    Jeez, you get so sick of lame-brained morons spouting off the same old peasant gabble year after year after fucking year.

  62. I’m with mendo on this. Ive intentionally not owned a microwave for years until the house I eventually bought came with one already installed. Chemicals including xenoestrogens can leach into your food if you use a plastic container. And you are safe standing right next to one because of course (as the industry assures you) a young person’s gonads are absolutely unaffected by that burst of electromagnetic waves!

  63. They say you’re not supposed to put metal in a microwave…

    They’re right.

    My kitchen now has a bay window.

    Alas, the things I try in the cause of science!

  64. An ooga booga and a happy Friday to y’all

    Got a prospective job interview setup, hopefully it’s promising

    May your weekend start and well

  65. ” Fast Edward, what exactly are you field reporting on, the fact that some mediocre women show interest in you? you may be misreading your audience a bit here. I think the internet figured out that SOME mediocre women are interested in SOME men quite some time ago. ”

    Watch out plumpjack or he’ll call you an incel beta . LOLz

  66. Speaking of obesity and microwaves, can’t you just picture TrigglyPuff jumping up and down in front of hers shouting:

    “HURRY UP!!!”

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  68. @PJ
    “if you’re such an attractive guy then it would be…”

    Eh. Wouldn’t go that far. Appreciate it though. Conventionally attractive probably. When I was hitting OLD hard couple years ago, always tested my pics first on photofeeler. I usually scored between 80 and 90%. So call it a male 8.5. Not Brad Pitt. Also at 5’11”, I’m not tall, and l’m quickly creeping up on the 4-0.

    “maybe a woman who’s NOT mediocre?….”

    Wouldn’t call her mediocre. Thought she was hot 2 years ago when I initially hit on her. Likely FAR below your standards though.

    “Fast Edward, what exactly are you field reporting on,….”

    Thought it was self evident:

    There are opportunities everywhere so keep your eyes open. Guys obviously miss some.
    An initial flake, rejection, etc., (if you keep yourself in decent shape) likely has nothing to do with YOU. It’s the timing of her availability. The chick who bombs you out today may very well hit on you tomorrow.
    And lastly, if you have the option, let another broad do the work for you. Things get immeasurably easier when you are “vouched for” or “in network.” Don’t ask me to explain fembrain. Makes no sense. But I’ve seen it way too many times to ignore the pattern.

    To the fake boobed and botox- to each their own. Point me to the land of honey haired wheat field virgins. Happy to take a run at them as well.

    And have a good weekend.

  69. — Things get immeasurably easier when you are “vouched for” or “in network.”

    Absolutely. Can confirm.

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