A thought-provoking post on Gab from Tom Kawczynski:

Stop thinking of how to win the next election.  Start thinking of how to have a nation worth defending.

Winning the former at the expense of the latter is counter-effective.

In what ways can your/our nation be made worth defending?

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  1. I go back the root of “nation,” which is “natal”. Only natives of this land can remain here, with just a few exceptions. Let’s repurpose the SCOTUS test: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.

    If a person looks American, works like an American, and talks like an American, he can stay in America. Anyone else who shows more allegiance to his particular enclave than to this nation has to go back.

  2. Stop demonizing the demographic that built (and maintains) this country- Straight White Men.

    Stop engaging in pointless wars. Stop sending aid to foreign countries (financial, nutritional, and educational.)

    Stop incentivizing victim status with affirmative blacktion, multiculti, and broad-brain requirements.

    Stop the non-stop promotion of mud sharking. Fine advertising and hollyweird companies 8 figures for each infraction.

    Just stop it. Do those things, and the natural order will quickly reassert itself, making this country worthy of loyalty and defense.

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    “When his politicians unhinged the gates

    Of white America by their statutes,

    The deluge from the lesser world began,

    Each squatting alien equal to a man

    Whose father’s father’s father signed with blood

    The plan for his descendants’ nationhood.”

  5. Lots of children that look like me. Those I’ll defend.

    That’s the root of “Nation”. Defending your family.

    All of these people with no children have nothing tangible to defend. Children cannot defend themselves and will openly turn to you. Have children. You’ll learn immediately why you must defend what you have.

  6. Somehow take over at least part of the media.

    It’s the media today which shapes mores, culture, and what is high and low status in society.

    With at least partial control of the media, start reshaping the minds of your countrymen towards a high Aryan culture in which courage, honor, loyalty, and family have high status. In which the native, heritage White American traditions and culture are valued and cherished, and alien non-White foreigner is seen as an invasive threat to one’s way of life and the rich shared history of your people, along with the future of their families and nation.

    Not easy to do, but far more valuable in securing national survival than winning any specific election.

    Build a pro-White, pro-American culture, and the successful elections will follow naturally.

    He who rules the media rules the nation’s soul. Control its perception of status, reality, value, and purpose. and all else will move as you wish it to. It was not so of old, but in the current year, the media is the single most powerful shaper of destiny.

  7. “He who rules the media rules the nation’s soul. Control its perception of status, reality, value, and purpose. and all else will move as you wish it to. It was not so of old, but in the current year, the media is the single most powerful shaper of destiny.”


  8. Then don’t fight for it.

    You won’t anyway.

    You’ll figure out in last moments you did need to live somewhere.

  9. Time for the young to defy the satanists, and the old to support them. Start by refusing to fight wars against white people or in defense of nonwhite people.

  10. if you’re going to eat out, just tip if, and only if, the waiter is a straight man of european descent. make it a rule whenever the attendant/clerk/assistant etc fits this description. making polite talk to anyone part of the group that keeps the infrastructure going (you know who) should come naturally to us. gratitude and self-reflection being inherent to our gender and race, this demographic will surely look back on such small acts of kindness and consideration with honest interest and take their dutiful side in this relentless war. reach out to them if you notice they’re going through troubled times, resist the urge to go full shitlord on them (everyone hates someone who claims to have all the answers), but listen attentively to what they have to say, drop small hints of what they might be doing wrong amidst some crumbs of reality (e.g.: the correlation between depravity and leftism, corruption and globalism, violence and diversity etc), show them the way, but let them connect the dots.

    in short, focus your efforts on the group most hated by our enemies. consider your endeavours all the more valuable if you help a heritage swede.

  11. “…the young to defy the satanists, and the old to support them.”

    Absolutely right. Ours is the environment of ‘technique,’ in the Ellulian sense. We must relegate technique to the status of inlet-whore rather than cliff-queen; old poison ivy instead of the nubile blue-rose.

    “It is necessary, in this world, to be made of harder stuff than one’s environment.”
    —A. Crowley, Moonchild

  12. The young, by and large, are not of the mindset of angels versus demons. Adults, even less so.

    And the mass only know anything in the context of “white supremacy.” For young and old, a nation seeking “supremacy” is evil. A race seeking “supremacy” is evil. A person seeking “supremacy” is evil. In short, “supremacy” is evil, BUT not the stuff of real demons.

    The stand-in is Trump Derangement Syndrome (Bush Derangement Syndrome initially). The mass needs “evil” (fear response) without contemplating actual demons doing the evil deeds (required religiosity). This, of course, works to the Satanists’ advantage helping dumb-down “evil” for the masses.

    Any viable nation must desire (S)upremacy, full-stop.

    A viable white nation must desire white (S)upremacy, period.

    The logical stack begins with a white boy who desires (S)upremacy. He is the start of a new, viable nation.

  13. . . . The TL:DR version of our platform is “Under the Dissident Right, America is a great place to have a family.” Simple, accurate, to the point and encompasses our entire platform in an elevator pitch. Everything we do flows from this and anyone in our movement whose goals are not wholly aligned to the idea needs to go as well. Once we get off our asses and start communicating that goal and working to it we can make some headway.

    – A B Prosper, on The Zman blog

    A B Prosper is on to something here. It may not be the perfect formulation, but it’s the right idea. For the Dissident Right, making America a great place to have a family [with all the obvious implications and provisos] is a principle in itself, a goal to be pursued, a guide to everyday action, and a damn fine ten-second explanation that will resonate with Our Guys and normies alike – while slamming the door in the face of the bioleninist left.

  14. ” For the Dissident Right, making America a great place to have a family ”

    How do you propose doing this ?

  15. Been racking my brain at trying to answer the “how.” I agree with much of what’s been written on here, but I know or rather acknowledge the difficulties of such.

    Then again, if God is for us, who is against us.

    Still, much of my thoughts tend towards the abrasive, for lack of a better word, so it’ll take some time before any logical idea’r comes to mind.

  16. Get your own house in order. Don’t kill yourself. Those are good places to start. This comment by CanklesMcGillicutty is lifted off the current DS Suicide Rates thread —

    I was walking through the down town core yesterday just as the sun was coming up, figured it would be quiet, only 30,000 people here. I thought I was alone, but then I heard a noise, and I realized there was not only one, but two homeless people, both White. One sleeping on a bench, another sitting on the sidewalk.

    It just makes me so mad I want to fedpost. There was no homeless problem here growing up. I mean there was, but it was minuscule. It was like two guys who’d go around town picking up bottles and cans, and you’d never see them sleeping out in the open like that. Now there’s dozens of them. I’ve seen others during day time. Meanwhile instead of doing anything about it, or the accompanying opiate crisis, the government and all these (((NGOs))) are sending all these shitskin rapefugees to my city, fucking syrians, zoomalis, eboloids, and give them free apartments, free transportation, free-money, free-food, free television, free cell-phones, affirmative action degrees, etc. I even know a guy who was kind of involved as part of his job – not willingly – with giving them free TVs and he told me the rapefugees rejected some of the free TVs they were given, because, get this, they weren’t flatscreens.

    Did you know that the original Bladerunner is actually set in the year 2019? It’s struck me recently that this timeline makes bladerunner look like an idyllic utopia. And nobody gives fuck as it just gets worse and worse. The average normie is an obsequious automaton geared toward short term conflict avoidance at the expense of their posterity. They refuse to rock the boat and get a little wet as they drift ignorantly towards a 100ft cataract.

  17. This guy David Hoffman is a pretty epic filmmaker. His youtube channel rocks. It’s totally devoted to boomers, so be forewarned!

    David Hoffman is obv jewish af, but he has half-a-soul and is sympathetic to goy Americans. It’s interesting how his lifework efforts, even though they be so sympathetic and friendly, will still serve the (((agenda))) by the ever subtle massaging of history. In any case it is what it is.

    This following video is about this Montana cowboy, the real deal, whose name is Spike Van Cleve. He is a tender hearted soul who wants to be a horse, in this life and the next. But in addition to being tender hearted he is a big man.

    How variable is the quality of life that a man is allotted! This guy spent his lifetime riding horses through God’s Green Earth but most people get stuck like cockroaches. Where do you fit in, to that quality-of-life spectrum?

    He had excellent boomer advice about doing the best you can. Which I had to keep in mind today, in the rat race about town which might as well be death.

  18. The filmmaker’s name is David Hoffman, and his subject was Spike Van Cleve. What a name, Spike Van Cleve. Is that Old American, derived of the original Dutch settlers?

    As far as what you can do. Can you do politics? If you are a personality that has any proclivities for that bent, then that’s what we could use.

    Otherwise what most people can do is be someone who is in good standing with his fellows. Easier said than done. It often seems impossible to be a good person in the world. Even the notion of wanting to be a good person in the world, is flawed.

    [“I’ve fired men because they took care of themselves before they did the horses. They’d ride the horse all day and before they fed the horse they’d go eat supper.” The Spike Van Cleve video is excellent. — PA]

  19. Unclean. . .savage!

    She herself has a bit of some mystery meat look to her. Bod’s okay, but something altogether off about her. Maybe all that charcoal’s rubbing off/rubbed off on her.

    Did you guys read about the Utah football players burning what needed to be burned? Unfortunately they’ll soon be vilified. This entire degeneration of “pride” is beyond disgusting. Well, what I mean is that is forced upon us all.

    Now snipers are in the lurch for those dissenting, voices of rationale. The entire nation’s gone Ruby Ridge.

  20. As long as “both sides” can violently “agree” that this whole mess doesn’t come down to “white supremacy” or “not white supremacy,” the dopamine hegemony prevails.

  21. Think about the idea of it being verboten for white males to racially critique the sexual selections of any day female? Now imagine the mandatory validation of those criticized sexual selections because anti-racist ideology? Lastly, ponder for a moment that no amount of self-abasement in response to the egolitarian onslaught for usurping these prohibitions will ever suffice?

    If everyday white boy cannot counter this vicious psychological war for his very conscience then “nation-building” is nothing more than “patriot porn.”

  22. Amon Ra | June 20, 2019 at 2:56 pm
    ”For the Dissident Right, making America a great place to have a family”

    How do you propose doing this?

    Individually and, increasingly, collectively:

    Do what’s good for families, and encourage more of the same
    Stop doing (and where possible, prevent) what’s bad for families
    Stop the uncertain middle ground, since it’s probably a category of (2)

    This may sound trite and tautological, but the aim is for a useful high-level answer rather than strategy and tactics.

  23. Step 1: Determine what is good for families (i.e., what makes them thrive)

    Step 2: Determine what policies would achieve those outcomes

    Step 3:

    Step 4: Profit!

    (kidding). In all seriousness:

    What’s good for families: Mother and Father in same household, with 3+ offspring, able to thrive on a single income earner, owning their home (and if possible business).

    The policies: At a minimum, scrap no fault divorce, welfare only for married couples and at least one working spouse (rather than the opposite), immigration moratorium, and tariffs up the wazoo. No forced integration in the educational system (no forced segregation either) – this will allow the cream to rise to the top – if POC can get their act together enough to escape the ghetto and buy into the “right” neighborhood for the better schools, more power to them. But no special treatment.

    Counter intuitively (maybe), outlawing abortion (aside from simply being the correct moral position) would decrease out of wedlock births – if no “contraceptive backup” is available, and the product of union cannot be disposed, it would force responsibility on both parties to the union (of course, government enforcement of that responsibility is a given).

    (The step 3 that I am a bit fuzzy on exactly accomplishing): Work toward implementing policies that achieve those conditions.

  24. “Step 3” is what energized so many people in 2016 to turn out for Trump. Some, like the AltRight, were able to articulate the “whys” and everyone else just felt it in his bones.

  25. – Close the border
    – Immigration moratorium for a generation
    – Deport all illegals
    – Deport everyone that arrived since 1965 (and their offspring) that haven’t met an acceptable level of achievement and integration
    – Cut the government back to late 20th C levels
    – Decentralize govt functions out into the states (physically – get them out of DC)
    – Allow student loan debt to be discharged into bankruptcy (which guts the unis and frees the kids of their debt burden)
    – Cut all welfare => cull the feral minority population whose dysfunction is encouraged by the welfare state
    – Nationwide reciprocal concealed carry
    – Removal of the election of senators by popular vote
    – Removal of women’s right to vote
    – Force social media to be treated as curators of content, and thus responsible for what is on their platforms => annihilation of social media
    – Strict bans on technology by minors and schools
    – Break up Google, kill Facebook
    – Recriminalize sodomy
    – Provide tax breaks and other govt incentives for heterosexual families
    – Remove the legal barriers and attacks on fathers in the court system
    – Deport the Jews

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