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I know, I know, the special people profit when we fight amongst…

Eff it. It’s Friday and I’m in a good mood. There is no fight quite like a family fight. Huwhytes, the only interesting people on the planet. Open thread.

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  1. It’s been a good week in general for me (finally started lifting!) and today’s been pleasant.

    Savor your good mood, PA. I’m joining in

  2. Since it’s open thread, some free verse from Georges Braque’s out-of-print notebook I have in an English edition:

    “Tea-turban’d goldfish gulp bourbon;
    Damned Salmon soak in Chardonnay. While
    the desert’s too urban—
    Yet Blue -York’s fret-clawed storks stammer plays.
    Their westward woe’s a sure win,
    their saintly will half-haggardly stays…”

    A chasmic ‘Cheers,’ fellas!

  3. It may not be too late to get a DS account for their comment board. They opened it up a day or two ago. They will be swarmed w/ hordes of bullshit. They have a community policy there of no self dox, which is a good idea. It sucks that youtube is going the way that it is. Feelings and premonitions of powerlessness and inevitability. Coincidentally, or rather not, those macro feelings coincide with the micro-patterns of life.

    It’s hard to keep up with the bills. Life would be a lot more relaxing if the standard work week were four days and not five. Life is a struggle and all that, but there is something systemic about how the underclass which is nearly all of us, gets milked and bilked for all they are worth. Property taxes are unethical. You don’t own the property if you have to pay hundreds of dollars per month to live on it.

  4. It’s a nice weekend over here in Austria since Monday‘s a holiday. It would be awesome if it wasn’t that damp and hot. Well, one more month and we’ll be driving up North for a nice vacation in Scandinavia! Yay!

  5. At the suburban park down the street there were two tennis courts and a basketball court. One of the tennis courts got turned into multiple pickle ball courts. Two or three years ago a league of boomer pickleball maniacs were mastering their craft and some niggers were at the basketball court talking all ghetto. It was awkward w/ their “nigger this” and “nigger that”. Obviously it’s agressive language designed to make the Whites feel intimidated. Well guess what the Whites did. They had the basketball courts paved over and now the whole damn place is a pickle ball court, though the one tennis court was left intact.

    The pickle ball craze is boomer fantastic. Apparently it’s an easy game to pick up on. But something about it is annoying af.

  6. If my truck were running it would be a good time to go down the Lakes with ye old baritone uke and play through some of the songs I know. Except that if you are looking to woo women via that method? — get a clue already. The last time that worked I think was like 1975.

    Here’s a dated internet reference. The old jew dog Whiskey recommended on CH’s blog that guys carry around a guitar case. It was seemingly a sincere recommendation, but it was a probably him making a stupid joke. MPC had a similar gag on one of their opening page screenshots, showing some self-important cool guy hipster with the caption: And he rolls his own cigarettes.

    Johnny Depp actually rolled his own cigarettes and lit up, on stage, on The Actor’s Studio with the host what’s-his-name. Depp fairly pulled it off though. That was back before he went underwater; literally, in his case: he blew through hundreds of millions.

  7. Love this pic. Makes me fondly reminisce on a period of no worldly concerns…all worries local in geography and time. “What am I doing with my friends this weekend?” Hoping my high school peers don’t know what a dork I really am, and that the teacher is too lazy to realize my paper or project is bull and just passes me.

    Thanks for posting it.

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  9. — finally started lifting! (mendo)

    I have the best gym: my backyard shed. Not some prefab piece of shit but a real concrete pad, real lumber, electricity and light. Trees all around it. I have a bench and dumbells there.

    — Gen X Master Race! (Riders Ghost)

    Xieg Heil!

    — Word (S.J. Esquire)


    — Georges Braque’s out-of-print notebook (Each Pond Gone)

    Hold on to those.

    — It’s a nice weekend over here in Austria (Notwende)

    I will return there one day for a visit and climb Ötscher. What a gorgeous mountain.

    — Well guess what the Whites did. They had the basketball courts paved over and now the whole damn place is a pickle ball court (Suburban_elk)

    Being a fly in a bowl of sugar is great until YT takes away the basketball court.

    — Any word on the Chateau? (realgaryseven)

    He’s active on Gab.

    — Thanks for posting it. (All Your Base)

    You’re mighty welcome.

  10. Interesting comment. Thoughts gentlemen ?

    ” First of all, democracy is simply mob rule dressed up in a coat and tie. It’s where a bunch of people—who are marginally competent at running their own individual lives—go to a voting booth to have what H.L. Mencken termed “an advance auction on stolen goods.” Democracy usually winds up turning the State into a vehicle for theft, and making that seem like a good and moral thing…

    Democracy—a gentler form of mob rule—is not a good thing. It politicizes the average person and distracts him from running his own life. It focuses his attention on trying to run other people’s lives through elected representatives. Worse, the elected representatives aren’t the best and the brightest. They’re generally sociopaths who are drawn to power. They’re the worst kind of people, the kind that want to rule other people by winning a popularity contest. This is true in the US and every other place where ballot boxes are used to determine the new ruler.

    The winner of an election is typically the most skilled liar. Look at what president Wilson did by pointlessly drawing the US into WWI, while claiming to do the opposite. He said it was all about making the world safe for democracy. In fact, he initiated the long decline of Western Civilization. The French Revolution was based on democracy. It didn’t work out very well. It had a lot to do with democracy—but had nothing to do with freedom. Democracy and freedom are typically at odds with each other. ”


  11. Dump folds again. How’s all the winning working out ?

    ” Under the deal, Mexico acknowledged and agreed to expand its policy of taking back migrants from violence-riven Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador as the United States processes their asylum claims.

    In turn, Mexico managed to avoid a proposal it had continually rejected — that it process asylum claims on its own soil before migrants try to reach the United States. ”


  12. Yeah, the pattern of tough talk followed by apparent caving does not inspire confidence. Supporters tune out.

    Then there is also the opposite pattern of lib-talk such as the 2019 SOTU. To be seen if the follow-up action is consistent with cuck-talk or not.

    The reelection is coming. If he wins is when rubber hits the road. He will either deliver on what he was elected to do (or fail trying and have a scorched-earth Plan B) or his presidency will go down as a failure. Hopefully with serious leadership rising on our side afterwards in either scenario. It’s gonna be gloves-off.

    He did a lot of great intangible things: showed that a determined minority of Whites can win an election, exposed the evil cabal uniparty, baited the entire establishment to expose its antiwhite face, restrained US military adventurism particularly with regards to Russia, stays hands-off with nationalism rising in Europe, installed Right-leaning judges all over the courts system, and did it all with brashness and style. It would be a blind spot to discount all of that.

    Plus who-knows what else behind the scenes.

    The story is unfinished.

  13. “Peculiar, very peculiar. Who’s cleaning house and why?”

    Dig up the corpse of Seth Rich and you will probably get your answer. The funny part is, LWDS (Left Wing Death Squads) appear to be A-Ok since they are operating pretty much out in the open at this point and nobody has been caught yet. Tells you a great deal about how seriously LE takes these investigations.

  14. ” Tells you a great deal about how seriously LE takes these investigations. ”

    I wonder which committees they used to be on ? Also, one is from Arkansas, instant Clit-on connection.

  15. Repeat after me. Indigenous Europeans had no culture, art, or civilization. Trust ((( us ))).

  16. a lotta museums call bullshit on jews

    as far as boomers, X are the children had by younger boomers with quality eggs

    millennials are the demon spawn of old boomers…both generations need to die

  17. Oh and on Mexico…Dump didn’t cave really, mexico did…they didn’t want to be tariffed.

    Part of the deal was they will close their southern border and stop permitting millions of illegal aliens to transit their nation to get here. This asylum shit is just the boilerplate. Nobody cares as these aren’t real asylum seekers and everyone knows that. 90% of them don’t even show up to their asylum hearing, it’s a fucking joke and democrat politicians should rightfully be shot for opposing efforts to stem this tide…they are fucking traitors by the very definition of the word. And so is the GOP too.

    Mexico can shut this off tomorrow by closing their southern border to illegals. Dump knows this. If they don’t do it the tariffs will come back. This is Dump’s only real weapon at this point where a court or congress cannot block him immediately.

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  19. ” Oh and on Mexico…Dump didn’t cave really, mexico did…they didn’t want to be tariffed. ”

    I have to disagree Trav. It was actually the US establishment that was dead set against the tariffs, as they were openly talking about overruling Dump on this decision, even on the Rupblicuck side. Second, this deal is no deal at all. For starters: Mexico agreed to take back asylum seekers from the US while their cases are processed. Two major problems with that. Do you actually believe the US will catch an deport millions of illegals to wait in Mexico ? No way will this happen. Second, even if it did happen, they still will get a chance at an asylum claim. Do any of these claims actually get rejected ? Almost none.

    This is just another ” face saving deal ” by Dump that does absolutely nothing to solve the underlying problem.

  20. Ironic that “For every Boomer that hates a Millennial…”, when the “hate” comes first and foremost from the subsequent generations, directed towards the Boomers for sins, some admittedly real, but most imagined, as we’ve seen innumerable times at the chateau and now here.

    As far as “remembering” that Gen X hates anybody or anything, meh… for every worthless Boomer there are half a dozen worthless Gen X’ers and another multiple of Millennials… and when it comes to entitlement, the alleged arch-sin of Boomers, puh-leeze… the subsequent generations make us look like Spartans.

    But let’s all just keep feeding the Narrative of White Privilege and all the other little agitprop needles that keep Whites at each others’ throats.

    Let’s just keep losing. :duckface

  21. SETTING: Man assembles a purchased piece of furniture.

    WOMAN: [appreciatively] “I don’t get those women who get divorced. How do they manage?”

    MAN: “They stop caring. They get fat, their life becomes a mess. Children pay the price but it’s okay because brave single mom.”

  22. “Don’t ever forget, they are all against us. Our only ally is the creator.”

    Comment of the week because it’s memorable and 100% true.

  23. Just remember…

    In a world of “radical autonomy,” there is:

    “White supremacy…”

    “white supremacy…”

    “White Supremacy…”

    And white (S)upremacy.

    One articulation is physically-ordered to a sound metaphysical claim (recognizes (C)apitalization and “social construction” in proper order) while the others are the self-serving perversions of those apt to utilize a radically liberated English language to further their aims.

    So, first things first, Omar.

    If (s)upremacy…

    Then (S)upremacy.

    Such that…

    If “White supremacy…”

    Then white (S)upremacy.

    The REAL THREAT is wS…

    So “Ws,” “ws” and “WS” are simply the enemy’s passive-aggressive projection of its perverted notion of white man and his desire for objective (S)upremacy as a white man.

    When a white man ponders Perfection as a white man, “universal equality” is falsified and the internecine battle gets really real.

  24. “…the internecine battle gets really real.”

    Richard Wagner vs. Nietzsche; Aristotle versus Alexander of Macedon. Prime examples of internecine (S)upremacy. Another roaring ‘cheers’ & here’s to another bright Sunday…

  25. Its not just the Latrinos gentlemen , its not just the Latrinos.

    – 500 African Migrants Apprehended Since May 30 in Single Border Patrol Sector-


    As a side note, with the unending stream of muddy people into the US, the ever increasing enforcement of affirmative action hiring, and with a limited pool of jobs available. Aren’t we going to reach a point where every job will be closed to a straight white male ?

    South Africa anyone ?

  26. Let me alt-write the above.

    The real threat is a single white boy who puts his mind on objective (S)upremacy effectively excluding “universal equality” and all the despairing thoughts of self-annihilation and collapse that are inherent to the die-vision.

  27. “South Africa anyone ?”

    Laughrica is a hopeless case. The future’s (h)orizon is White.

  28. But something about it is annoying af.

    It’s tennis for those who can’t move enough, but don’t want to be seen as too old for anything but ping pong. The perfect Boomer sport.

  29. I do not know what you think about this topic PA, but this whole “Boomer-hate” thing is a recent, new phenomenon. For me it seems to be organised: the topic of how bad Boomers are appeared first on various blogs during the same time-frame.

    According to it, it is our elders, our fathers, grandfathers are the ones we are supposed to hate, because they are the ones responsible for our present problems…

    …and definitely not the Jews.

    LOL thats a cert? I dont think so.

    I mean, in Communist times, I remember the Commie Jews also tried to turn generations against each other. Blame your elders for the present state of things, as if they wanted to live like that, as if they had a voice in how things are, as if they were ever asked and not forced…

    …but do not blame the real culprits: Communist Jews.

    Same thing happening now. Curious that nobody seems to nitice or mind. “Boomer hate” is acceptable, Anti-Semitism is not. Curious…

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