Charlottesville and Claiming the Public Space

My earlier question about President Trump’s physiognomy: Is it “businessman, playboy, neophyte” or is it “chess-player, wolf, king”? There was a good discussion on Gab yesterday about the aftermath of the ill-fated August 2017 Unite the Right rally. It’s reasonable to add that the torchlight march on the eve of the rally was brilliant and they should have left right afterwards. But that’s hindsight. Had they done that, there’d have been second-guessing of that decision.

(As always, let me know here or on Gab if you’d rather not be quoted by name/handle and I will change that to “reader”). What follows is comments from yesterday’s conversation.

PA: In the wake of Trump’s election, there was a nascent popular movement to take the streets and it was effective. Based Stick Man, antifa getting wedgies, Huntington Beach, Nathan Damigo. Trump dropped the ball badly by ceding all street violence to the Left after Charlottesville.

Tom Kawczynski: I’ve come to believe Charlottesville was a well-laid trap.  Because it destroyed street activism.

PA: It did work out that way. Did it have to, though?

TK: I think so.  The first rule of battle is never fight on terrible ground. There was no way to win there, yet we keep going to the colleges, the very citadel of our transformation, instead of showing our strength and numbers in the places our people rest.

The desire to fight overwhelmed the strategic concerns, and walking into an area where the government was hostile, the police were deceitful, and the media was just waiting could, at best, only have been an event to survive. I do not say this to defame brave men who went out.  I say this because it’s not enough to just be brave.  We must be wise as serpents to win the battles we face now.

PA: Charlottesville marchers gambled on Trump backing them. He didn’t. It was a self-sacrificial move on the participants’ part that could have delivered a high reward. The MAGA political class had an opportunity to destroy antifa and amplify the message of White replacement. Instead, Trump hemmed and hawed with GWB-tier rhetoric about “alt-left.” And allowed China-tier prison sentences for self-defense to stand.

TK: If true, it was a poor gamble.  Trump was never their guy. The case against minorities had to be made on a moral basis, and they were asking the Republicans to go against thirty years of investment, foolish as it is, without having laid the ground work of why they were a danger.

What people needed to know is that the other is not bad.  They simply do not want what we want, and we will be forced ultimately to choose between democracy – their new majority imposing the socialism both native to their roots and relentless cultivated or liberty – the old understanding of limited government which has been mostly a distinctly Eurocentric phenomenon.

Haste made waste, and we see the results.  We needed a public level speaker at the Trump level who made this case, and we still do.  It’s why I am elevating myself – not in the expectation of victory although it would be a pleasant surprise – but because that forces the question of how the changing population of America will almost certainly vote very differently.

And that’s the step that must be made now in reclamation because people don’t hear that logic, don’t know the demographic cliff we are likely already sliding down, and haven’t considered the long-term consequence.

It’s also why Trump is so terrible.  Because he doesn’t seem to care.  Peak Boomerism – If today is great, why worry for tomorrow?

Heartiste: This is a fair comment, but there is value in occasional displays of public extremism. One, unpredictability keeps the enemy unbalanced. Two, precision-guided shivs of extremism leave poison capsules in the ids of the enemy and of normie fence-sitters, which affect their emotional state and decision-making. The idea is that simply dropping nuggets of crimethink into converged skullcases forever alters their self-perception and the structure of the inner tactical flowchart which guides their responses to us. These changes can have amusing and often advantageous consequences, leading the enemy to overreach and normies to privately, secretly, in the quiet of a still night, reconsider everything they thought they knew about the world.

Kelly: Extremely well stated: “[quotes Heartiste above].” This makes me think this is the cause of their hysterical attempts to shut up dissident thinkers. They unconsciously fear that poison capsule, they are anxious and afraid the truth will loosen their titanium-hardened grip on their delusions, ultimately risking losing their delusions. Unbearable. Their idea of Hell on earth

BGKB Steve: Charlottesville was organized by a jew former CNN reporter occupy wall street activist Kessler. If TRUMP gave full support for it Kessler could have dragged him down like the 2 skanks that said Assange raped them. There were people warning not to go to Charlottesville because of the jew in charge & I reposted their warnings. TRUMP knows what a poison pill clause in a contract is.

TK: I don’t blame Trump for acting rationally here

Ted Colt: If you don’t see how Charlottesville was a rerun of the Garden of Gethsemane, you’re not paying attention. At the end, they sent a man to prison for life for a car accident. They would have executed somebody, but they couldn’t find the Son of God.

36 thoughts on “Charlottesville and Claiming the Public Space

  1. Great post, PA. Charlottesville: it’s said to be a stamping ground for flaneuring Greek philosophers and, presumably, a tounge-in-cheekly wS harpsichordist/meteorologist. I once attended one of her magnificent concerts in Dallas. I plan on seeing one of her shows near Athens later in life.

    “Victory isn’t enough. This has dawned on me between a daydream’s sunlit curtains of delicate laughter.”
    —C. Gesualdo

  2. [In the aftermath of Charlottesville,] “they would have executed somebody, but they couldn’t find the Son of God.”
    A shiv for the ages.

  3. Ted Colt’s comments always cut through and clarify with sublime succinctness. That last one was uber thought provoking.

    Agreed that the torch marches were the highlight of the supposed event. The imagery alone was powerful, while the actions the following undermined it all.

    Speaking of peak boomer, my father was talking of kkk and white supremacists as he was disgusted with that March, saying how horrible it was. (To paraphrase at best)

    I tried to explain what had happened after CH recapped what Pax wrote about concerning the sequence of events and how it was strategically arranged to incite violence by the “police.”

  4. ” I’ve come to believe Charlottesville was a well-laid trap. ”

    I got some ribbing from the CH crowd when I first proposed this right after the event happened, as it seemed highly suspect to me from the get go. Additionally, I have to disagree with the
    ” torch ” display as it was a bad move on several fronts. First, it gave the regular public a direct connection to the imagery of evil ” nazhees ” . Second, it allowed the media to mock the
    ” dumb ” huwhytes for using tiki torches. This was obviously a ((( ))) proposed idea and part of the trap.

    Also, have any of the ((( organizers ))) of this farce been called out publicly and ostracized from the huwhyte community ? If not, then this is why we lose.

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  6. “…shiv for the ages.”

    Moths in old broth;
    Turquoise seas seem to cough.
    A shimmering sloth…
    Drueled near drear’s clearest trough!
    Broth-hued mists’ moths…
    Muffle cuffed kangaroos’ snuffles!
    A cloud smiled buffly…
    far from skylights so gruff!

  7. I remember disliking the charlottesville march from the start, and my reasons still stand

    1) The right cannot be united, because there is no right. There is left, and not-left.
    2) You could not control who showed up in charlottesville.
    3) From the standpoint of a military operation, Charlottesville represented an advance by an inferior force, into a prepared position against a numerically superior and better equipped force.

    It was bound to create a clusterfuck, even if things went as planned.

    Charlottesville happened because we were high on our supply after Berkeley III. But Berkeley III, glorious as it was, was a bit of a fluke, and the Foe was not going to allow it to be replicated.

  8. Just got censored by Venmo.

    My description was:

    Smollett Starter Kit: MAGA hat (2) bleach, rope (with patented EZ noose) Nigerian passports NOT included.

    I thought it was funny. So did my Dad who was trying to show a friend of his when I got shoah’d.

    As Jay would say- where every agencyyyyy- knows your name…

    Glad you’re all my bros.

  9. It seems that most alt-writers have forgotten that the time of pre-Trump and post-Obama peak was Paul Kersey’s moment with BRA and the scourge of nigger-on-white violence which is, at the most salient psychological level, more real than the mass invasion of miggers, chiggers and sand-jiggers. If one isn’t going to slap down the violent nigger in his face, he’s not resisting any sort of mass invasion.

    Donald Trump must be shamed for his anti-racist egalitarianism for the self-annihilating screed that it is. Plain and simple. The “god-emperor” is no (S)upremacist, that’s a fact.

    Hindsight says he was “elected” to squash the bubbling hot talks of “separation” and “segregation” which ALWAYS start wiff a “black” collective gone wild.

  10. In case you were wondering. Among the gems listed: ” @YouTube is banning speech critical of illegal immigration. ” .

    That’s right folks, you will not question or resist your replacement. These
    new ” norms ” will become emended into the wider culture, especially among the younger and coming generations, at which point its game over for the ‘merican huwhyte race.

    To add to thordaddy’s comment, I believe Dump’s other purpose was to the demoralize what was left of the ‘ merican huwhyte spirit . Basically, once Dump sells them out they will forever lose any hope that a huwhyte leader will change the course of the huwhytes fate here.

    Game, set, and match.

    Burn in hell Trump you filthy Trojan horse.

    – Here’s A List Of Ideas & Statements YouTube Will Ban You For Expressing Under Their New ‘Hate Speech Policy’ –

  11. ” c matt | June 6, 2019 at 6:59 pm
    Gotta learn to fight smarter, not harder. ”

    The problem is no one fighting at all, just crying about how their favorite jewtube channel has been taken down, or demonetized. The enemy has extreme patience and focus, and is slowly turning the screws shut. Yet, next 4th of July the dumb huwhyte masses will once again be drinking their foreign owned Bud beers, and waving their Chinese made US flags while extolling the virtues of ((( Democracy ))) and ((( freedom ))). At this point, I almost dont care anymore.

  12. “The problem is no one fighting at all”

    You can’t tell people to do something you yourself aren’t doing. It’s frustrating but that’s where we are. No one who isn’t crazy is going to do something that (1) makes no difference and (2) destroys his life.

    People are ready and willing to fight. But they need a leader. Some organizational structure to be a part of. Trump’s stadium rallies in 2016 was 100,000 potential soldiers at each event. Such a leader has not yet appeared.

  13. My only hope is that he’s playing this game, bluffing, to get re-elected, after which he flips over the poker table and stands up guns ablaze.

  14. Same here. I’ll vote for him but with none of the enthusiasm of four years earlier. And IF he wins and his second term is more of the same, and he doesn’t level with us (“deep state was stronger than me, here’s the raw truth folks…”) then may he burn in boomer hell forever.

  15. Eh, once Biden/Harris* takes over in Jan ’21, we can get back on track.

    Consider these four years a quasi college run, where some fun was had but some sidetracking happened. (Shit, it all sounded better in me noggin originally.) Sorry, had an odd, indirect experience just now with some vibrant so my wits be frazzled.

    *Can’t bring myself to use her name, as in my POV, it besmirches the great WWF legend. kekekekek

    And not to sound like a fairy, but I visit here for the morale boost (and necessary gray pills; depending on the quality [and saneness] of the comment. Twas a chateau that would offer the same, but this arena is more of a sanctuary, given the spiritual nature of her denizens.

  16. I don’t see how Charlottesville could be seen as anything other than a set-up and/or controlled opposition operation.

    It was as if the entire thing was planned from the beginning to discredit the alt-right and play into the hands of the leftie media who were fully ready to exploit it.

    Young men marching with torches? WTF? The imagery is godawful — like some kind of monster movie or fascist party taking power.

    And the organizers didn’t think to position camera crews in strategic locations to record the proceedings? If that had been done properly there would have been video footage of the cops forcing conflict between the 2 groups.

    It was a trap. I didn’t know much of Spencer before that, but after it’s clear to me he’s either controlled opposition or a useful idiot, and that’s being charitable.

    I’ve always thought the alt-right should adopt the imagery and tactics of Ghandi, hippies and civil rights activists — pass out flowers, sing “We Shall Overcome” that sort of thing. Then position camera crews to capture the savagery of the left.

    Images are all that matter.

  17. (((Moses))) sounds like a furious female high on the jazz & pizazz of modern electronics. I’ve received a similar impression from some of Rothko’s early surreally-influenced sketches. Regardless, cheers.

  18. Pondman goes with the no-calorie ad hominem attack.

    Just like a leftie does when they have no argument.

    You thought the burning torches at right were a good idea?


    This is why we lose.

  19. Queers, feminuts, and folks the color o’ thick molasses seem to be able to hit the streets tens of thousands strong on just about a moment’s notice… especially when things are good and nobody wonders where their next meal is coming from.

    With White men, it’s pretty much a 180.

    On a side note, one of the issues with Charlottesville is that its initial casus belli had to do with an issue of interest only to those of (for lack of a better term) hardcore Southern heritage values.

    And even then, in the heart o’ Dixie, all that would muster were a few hundred.

    Until a wheelbarrow full o’ money buys but a loaf o’ bread, we will continue to lose.

    On yet another side note, for all the smallish victories thus won by Trump, in re any exaggerated openings of the proverbial Overton Window, it remains a balls-ass obvious fact that, in EVERY popular entertainment and sales genre,Whites have been increasingly demonized, demoralized, miscegenated and marginalized… and THESE particular social spheres are far more telling than the political realm as to “Quo vadis, ‘Murrica?”

  20. PA | June 6, 2019 at 9:33 pm
    The most white pilled defender of Trump must concede that he has not done anything for our morale.

    This is mostly a self-inflicted wound. Too many people projected their ideals onto Trump and ignored what he is: a civnat boomer. We were giddy at our first apparent victory in forever. We had memes — the best memes! — and confidence that we could beat the left at their own game. Like Kawczynski said, “haste made waste”.

    At the very least, I’m grateful we got Trump; with Hillary we would have had a pointless, costly war with Russia before the inevitable domestic conflict. I have some hope that Trump will ultimately be a “via negativa” to shows the attributes a future leader should not have.

  21. among the commentary, PA, I found yours to be the most on point.

    Cville was a setup but it wasn’t a “trap.” The pigs and the vice nigger mayor and all of the usual suspects conspired to turn it into what it was.

    And Trump caved. It is what it is, a battle that was lost. But people who say you cannot fight battles because you’ll lose…that’s defeatism. People who say that this can be solved without violence are fools.

    People are going to go to jail, people are going to die. For there to be change. Look how many died to give jews full-spectrum control of the West’s institutions. We call that WW2. Millions.

    Expecting a battle for your own survival to produce no casualties- did everyone honestly think that the jews were simply going to let you protest and vote your way out of extermination? LOL.

    There will have to be mass violence, mass torching of things, mass killing to effect change. The shorter a timeframe you want it, the more violent it must be. That’s just the WAY of things.

    The people who talk, dunno if it was here or AA or who it was, about the Soviets and how this or that Premier reversed things…ffs, this was over the course of DECADES.

    Rome’s fall happened in a paragraph you can read in one minute, but in reality it took centuries.

    It’s really better for people to be shown that no protest, no resistance, no objections will be tolerated. Maybe they’ll fight sooner. Or they’ll capitulate to the ADL doing victory laps every time they have someone banned. One or the other.

    BLM or Antifa would not care about the optics or how many of their “enemies” they killed or maimed.

    Like i said on a previous thread, you are going to have to let go of your sacred cows before they drown you. You can pick up new ones off of dead men as you struggle up the beach.

  22. Multiple levels of clown world here. Exhibit A of “one of the good” negroes. This vid shows a feral nigger spitting on a White woman. Not one White man defends her. They don’t do anything except hoot and holler like castrated frat boys, filming the whole thing.

    Secondly, the “good negro” who tweeted it is a “conservative.” But he places no blame on the feral nigger. Blames the media.

    He’s also playing up the stereotype of old White woman hags loving on nigs. Practically his entire schtick is gimme some “middle aged White woman” which the old hags love, and the young ones then compete for his attention.

    As Dutch said in Hoodlum, “That’s pretty smart- for a nigger.”

    TLDR: The only successful pairings of the Right and negroid left (nation of islam) occur when true segregation is the sole, principle, shared goal. Anything else quickly degrades into muh dik for da White wahmen.


  23. “Not one White man defends her.”

    And? I don’t rush to judgement about these things like I would have at one time. Let’s say someone had stepped to that monkey and put him on the pavement. Who would be in handcuffs then? I think you know the answer. And to defend the ‘honor’ of some sl00t you don’t even know? Fuck that noise. Is she going to become your concubine after you get out of the slam for protecting her? Is she going to repay your sacrifice?

    These things are not so black & white. (pun intended) That being said though, your general sentiment is on point. White males (not White Men of which there are few left on the coasts) are giant raging pussies. I am constantly surprised by the level of pussy and how much it has grown. Weak, soft, and afraid you can see it just looking in their eyes nevermind the obvious tells in body language.

    Not even just the young ones. I remember going through a couple interviews and touring some of these corporate bughives I was applying at. Entire buildings full of soft pale targets. Not a fucking man amongst them. Even the middle aged high earner just looked like victims to me. I think my view is colored by being in shitlib central of course. DC is one of the WORST areas shy of perhaps SanFran for this phenomenon. I’m sure if I was to drive even an hour in any direction the percentage of raging soy would drop massively. But in urban areas it is sad & depressing.

    It annoys me so much it tempts me to intentionally start shit just to see them back down and scramble for a reason to avoid confrontation. In my situation, this is not a good play so I don’t do it but it doesn’t mean I’m not tempted from time to time.

  24. PA:

    ” You can’t tell people to do something you yourself aren’t doing. ”

    To be frank, this the American white men’s fight not mine, as this isn’t my land. I will gladly join them to defend the constitution, but I will stand-down if they don’t do anything to save themselves.

    Additionally, in my whole time at the venerable CH I’ve never advocated any violence or armed resistance, as that would be futile, and pointless, at this point in time. I’ve stated before that the only peaceful way out of this conundrum is to collapse the system, by non participation. Huwhytes need to stop.

    1) Joining the military
    2) voting
    3) becoming EMT’s, fire fighters, police, social workers, or any other government positions.

    Let the mystery meats try to run things and we will all see how fast the collapse occurs. They want a world without huwhytes, I say we give it to them. After the dust settles, then it will be time for the ” clean up “.

  25. I know this is off topic, but my heart dropped when I saw these news items. What are you doing huwhyte man ? What is wrong with you ?

    – Spain’s capitulation: Seville will have its first mosque in 700 years after the Reconquista –

    – Athens mosque likely to open in September, Greek minister says –

    ” Athens, has not had a formal mosque since it drove out occupying Ottomans in 1833 ”

  26. @Jay
    I thought as soon as I posted – I bet my boy Jay will have something to say about this.

    I hear your point, and it’s valid. But fundamentally disagree. Here’s why:

    “And to defend the ‘honor’ of some sl00t you don’t even know? Fuck that noise. Is she going to become your concubine after you get out of the slam for protecting her? Is she going to repay your sacrifice?”

    I’m not prepared to call her a sloot. She’s out there in MAGA gear, supporting evil White nahtzeee men in an antagonistic situation. I’m the first to blast Orange Man when he leaves those loyal to him (increasingly his White male base) out to dry. I expect the same reciprocity of myself to our broads if and only if they demonstrate they are truly our broads. I’m on record a million times advocating the shaming of mud sharks. Hell, I wouldn’t even date one recently who had a muddied up sister. But the other half of that equation is rewarding good behavior.

    What incentive do White broads have to stay loyal to us if we don’t reward it and protect them when they do it? (And btw, their loyalty must come first. Until then, the pressures of sexual marketplace should be in full swing. That means – and I know I’ll draw heat for this- open the flood gates, bang away, colonize all the lesser races. Let White bitches know they have competition if they don’t shape up.)

    Now to your point (which leads into Travvy’s.) Physical confrontation with a nigger leads to three potential outcomes:

    1) jail
    2) physical harm
    3) lawsuit

    Travvy’s point is basically- pick one. There are no happy endings. Things aren’t going to change until then.
    PA’s point is – we need a leader. Even Marchin’ Lootin’ Kangin’ gave niggers a purpose and absolved them of any stigma regarding jail for the “cause.”

    My point is- these guys are headed in the wrong direction. I know you’ve got personal experience with the repercussions from walking your talk, but these guys didn’t even talk. My city is infested with nigs so I’ve got a few stories of my own where I had to confront them. They’re monkeys. They really do respond to bark (especially if it’s a White guy. It’s so rare from Whites these days, they think you’re really crazy.)

    That’s my perspective. Either way, glad to have you on my side of the fence (wall?) when shtf.

  27. there’s a 4th outcome, you beat his ass and the sky doesn’t fall

    cut the eeyore shit.

    Jay didn’t actually just stand up and defend a woman, he did much more and he wants you to suffer his misery. It was his own stupidity that got him where he is, not a system that penalizes you. People actually shoot niggers in self defense all the time and their worlds don’t end.

    Jay stop being a bitch and trying to retcon what happened to you- you ran your fucking mouth when and how you shouldn’t have and you got what was coming to you. Stop acting like it was because you were just innocently minding your own business and the awful weight of the system sent a swat team after you.

    You weren’t defending yourself you were being a typical asshole fucking PIG COP piece of shit and your apoplexy is because you CANNOT FATHOM that you as a fucking PIG COP were not ENTITLED to behave this way. STFU about it already. Go do bitch rationalizations on your own time and spare us your sob story you fucking pig.

  28. Charlottesville was NECESSARY.

    The alt-right was in a state of mind where it had no realistic concept of the limits of its popularity and power, and no realistic understanding of what its true impact on the electorate was. Those limits had to be tested, they had to be found. There was no organization or leader imposing any kind of measured progress on the movement; it was just spinning out wildly, believing its own propaganda – which is always disastrous. The longer things went on before a hard limit was found, the worse the eventual debacle was going to be.

    The limits were found. Having been found, the political situation became much, much clearer; much better understood. For example: I remember on Occidental Dissent, during the Black Lives Matter stuff, the owner of the site and multiple frequent commenters expressed the strong opinion that cops are on “our” side because cops know the truth about blacks, and therefore we should view cops as allies.

    I said that was dangerous bullshit and got shouted down.

    After C’ville, nobody, but NOBODY is spouting that nonsense anymore.

    As a political movement, we need to know how to talk to normies. We need to understand them, we need to understand how our goals can fit in with theirs, and how to present policies that they will find attractive while furthering our goals. This is not just an electoral strategy (TINVOWOOT), but a general public relations strategy. Securing political power cannot be done without the support of a base. The base exists – Trump proved that – but it needs to be able to look at people advocating our positions and say “yeah, we trust those guys to handle the city zoning and maintenance on the water treatment plant and grocery store inspections and finding and prosecuting people grifting off the city tax income”.

    Because that’s what it comes down to: local, local, local. If they trust you with that type of responsibility, and if that trust proves well-placed – then the rest is inevitable. But you can’t leapfrog it.

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  30. The most white pilled defender of Trump must concede that he has not done anything for our morale.

    Trump’s not here to boost us up, prop up emotions, pat us on the back or give pep talks. He’s assuming that we’re already bringing spirit to the table, or that our soldiers will find it on the way to the front lines.

    He’s simply here to wake us up. Nothing more and nothing less.

    And he cares about us as much as our own mothers do, though not many on the right can see it.

  31. Charlottesville and Claiming the Public Space

    In case y’all haven’t noticed, PA is not somebody you want to mess with out in public. ha

    If bothered, he may punch first and ask questions later.

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