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China’s social credit system is horrifying, but something similar in U.S. probably inevitable–and already arriving if you consider deplatforming, debanking, etc. for anti-SJW speech. But consider if dissident right running that system: pro-family, health, & community choices rewarded, instead of disgusting, dysgenic acts like today.

There has always been some kind of a system of reputation-accountability. In early colonial time, stores that bartered crafted goods for tobacco IOUs had blacklist ledgers. Information on deadbeat buyers carried across the colony. Now, we have financial credit scores that largely correlate with pro-social character traits.

The SJW-values Social Credit rewards degenerate attitudes, making it unreliable as a metric of trustworthiness. Therefore, if implemented along Leftist value system, it will flip to its opposite in function, even if still controlled by the Left.

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  1. the scary thing is that chinks are opting IN to this system.

    Orwell never saw this coming and it blows the mind…people are inviting their own oppression gleefully.

    in China, the social credit system tracks where you go and if too many lower score people are there, your score goes down. There was a Black Mirror episode like this, amazing that even dystopian sci-fi is less strange than reality.

    It’s going to become necessary to flee to incompetent societies to escape this…either the Borg gets you or you have to live in brazil. Think you’ll leave your phone at home to elude the demerits? LOL…as if they haven’t thought of that already and factored it into the scoring system. You’ll be flagged as a dissident.

    Liberty dies to thunderous applause

  2. — in China, the social credit system tracks where you go and if too many lower score people are there, your score goes down.

    That’s devilishly clever! Birds of a feather, right?

    It’s a system of control. With the technological means at ruling powers’ disposal, some kind of a quasi-actuarian Social Credit system is inevitable. The open question is, who controls it and toward what ends? If its globohomo for the purpose of destroying the West, that’s one scenario. If it’s by a restored patriotic ruling class for the purpose of high civilization and social order, it’s another scenario.

    The hope always lies in a multipolar world order. The gates of Hell opened in 1990, when USA took over the world. When you’re the only superpower, your ruling class can indulge in two luxuries:

    – destroying their better citizens to eliminate internal competition
    – consuming their country’s seed grain

    It’s one big Davos Party until rival superpowers rise again. China, Russia. Suddenly, you need your better citizens. You need them to feel like they have a future. You can even inspire their confidence (one can dream) by restoring their supremacy in their own country.

    Or, you double-down on morally & physically destroying them. This Option B is what (((American))) ruling classes have demonstrably opted for.

    Given that course, they will not stay in power very long with a negress/tranny military.

  3. Quoting the attractive Jewesse. My They-Live glasses have ruined some of the appreciation I had for the prequels. There is some glorification of fornication me thinks. Crypto examples ‘n all. Still, I’m a fan of Lucas.

    I think the question must be: how many white male enablers want to be in the quantified matrix. The libtard soyboys and the CCs. I’m sure GE will weigh in and give us an empirical yardstick for the white Hegelian right. Strangely, the pets of the Democrat party stopped the oogle Dragonfly or whatever that Sino-pervert search engine was called. It will be brownish libtards that will defend us from this evil the most. Clown world proves that the universe or it’s gawd has a sick sense of humor.

    I am not sure how special snowflake white feminists with real vaginas will respond. I think they will want duplicity, nebulous, latitude. But they also will take any role that is high status like all broads. We can’t compete with primitive automatons designed for this shit show to come. I think the non-IT broads will go for it and the IT broads will resist, as a guess. At some point the crazy is so quantum physics that intuition breaks down. One thing never breaks down, the instinctive necessity to kill because it’s possible. They call it pussy for a reason. Open hostility will take away that bitich recreation. The fish will need a bicycle without uncle mammon.

    It is possible the cleansing fire will not come with this end of modernity, that muzlam will smoothly inherit Western institutions. Every miserable day I wake up, I pray this is the day there are no rules from on high save jungle’s nature. Here’s to the theoretical day that may or may not come at the terminus of this sordid American Dream. May the physiognomy insight be with you always.

  4. The cyst-stem of control is predicated on the individual’s desire for “radical autonomy.” Where this “radical autonomy” harmonizes with the reality of racial incarnation (embodiment by the father(s)), there is desire for “supremacy.” As such, any viable totalitarian cyst-stem must exalt the former and crush the latter. As things stand, those who believe in the primacy of racial incarnation (as psychological bulwark against racial self-annihilation) are nearly extinct. There is near negligible desire to transcend the cyst-stem. That radical minority of misfits pressing the bounds of autonomy is just enough of a catalyst for the cyst-stem to enforce its totality as the most radically autonomous “entity.”

    No desire for “supremacy” = no desire to transcend the cyst-stem of control…

    Doesn’t matter whether it’s here, China, Israel or South Africa…

    Perpetuating self-annihilation is the operative paradigm.

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  6. Something that I have not heard about at all, surprisingly, is how Social Credit is affecting the Chinese Church. I’m interested to hear the future miracle stories of God protecting his people, in the vein of Eastern-bloc “God’s Smuggler”.

  7. Pardon the OT, PA. We often speak of the spiritual need for a mythos. The author did not live to finish this poem, but I think it is worth preserving, so I built a temp home for it here:


    If you agree it is worth saving, pass it on.

  8. what will women do? LOL. CONFORM. Like they always do

    they will be the sheepdogs of the social credit system as eager to tattle and nanny as they were when they were in grade school. The system they will demand have vagina privilege and beta males will give it to them as they already have!

    If you thought shit was bad now, BOHICA

  9. The Chinese social credit system merely makes explicit what is done in the West.

    Consider, for example, that the Chinese will give prefential treatment to role models when applying for public service positions. That is current practice in the USA and in most of Europe.

    Do you think any one will be hired for public service in the West without fully conforming to the cathedral?

    If there is a social credit system, an explicit system is better. It has clear admistrative rules, your score can be reviewed in court, and the rules can’t change every view days

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  11. “what will women do? LOL. CONFORM. Like they always do”

    “the scary thing is that chinks are opting IN to this system.”

    Young women were some of the most enthusiastic supporters and enforcers of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

    The spiritual ancestors of today’s western blue haired fatties.

  12. Hopefully everyone remembers the 911 inspired motto:

    ” If you have nothing to hide, then what’s the problem ? ”

    Also, If too many huwhyte people gather in one place at once = Instant lower social score.

    Trust me, its coming.

  13. There is no disputing the fact that should the globohomo Left control Social Credit and its rewards & punishments, the possibilities for oppression are unlimited. But that scenario begs two questions:

    1. How long can a system survive external competition if it continues to self-lobotomize?

    Notice that Stalin dropped all of the insane Leninist/Marxist social experimentation the moment Germany invaded the USSR. His successor Khrushchev did away with the worst excesses of Stalin to compete with the USA and Gorbachev went even farther with Perestroika. Finally, Putin moved forth as (an imperfect) Russian nationalist and Orthodox Christian tsar.

    2. What’s the practical utility of a system that upvotes sickness and downvotes traditional values?

    Where there’s skin in the game, there will be an inconsistency between someone’s Social Credit score and their perceived value. Unlike with the current financial credit scores where you won’t lend or rent to people with shitty credit, a Leftie score will be an unreliable measure of trustworthiness.

    Like the proverbial gold star that a suck-up hall monitor gets. People will prefer to associate and go into contract with someone who has a low score because he lives clean and straight, than with a high-scoring antifa single mom mystery meat.

  14. Reading history, I see healthy individuals striving to emulate successful individuals.

    Unhealthy individuals tend to degrade their interests. One example would be Caucasian children trying to tolerate ghetto trash ‘music’.

  15. Good idea, that unforunately, will not ever see fruition. As you mentioned, the (((elites))) have chosen plan B

  16. A version of this is already being implemented online via Rotten Tomatoes.

    Before, you could rate movies as you saw fit but know before you can rate and/or score them, you must be verified and prove you bought a ticket for the movie in question.

    This all came about because of the tens of thousands of bad reviews captain marvel received earlier this year.*

    Pretty soon you’ll need to be verified just to use the internet.

    *I keep up with that mumbo jumbo because I feel it to be a good microcosm of society in general. That is, how the folks pulling the strings are getting upset that their audience is sharpening up their wits, and any film that does poorly is due to toxic masculinity, Trump, etc.

  17. Like Trav said, you don’t need to be much above room temperature IQ to know how wahmen are going to react to a “social” anything even something as insidious as a credit score system. It plays to their strengths (manipulation, herd mentality, gossip, etc) and minimizes their weakness (phy. strength, accountability, honor) quite nicely.

    Orwell has the money quote about this but it has been proven many times both before & after this quote was coined- “It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.” -George Orwell – 1984

    Speaking of women who “swallow” (in this case gulp down, pun intended) the propaganda and chant the narrative. Washed up old hag Kesha makes a flailing and sad attempt at staying relevant:


    Comments section is pretty based for Rolling Stone, which I like to take as a good sign that perhaps we are reaching peak NPC?

  18. To borrow a joke from Daily Stormer. If youtube wants to purge, how about they start with the face of their CEO. What tf is up with that thing?

    Trump might could make a tweet about her ugly butt face clogging up the airwaves on the internet.

  19. Chakrates mentions “my lib sister and her friends”. Why was your sister a lib? How did you two bifurcate?

    I ask because my older brother and I (we both followed the same military path) used to think the same things. We laughed and scorned the Libs. Then he got out of the Forces, retreated to live at home, and couldn’t find a woman. Where he was formerly the more right-winged of us, he became a Sci-Fi reading cuck who embraced the “I Fvcking Love Science!” crowd and turned away from the faith.

    I ask this of you, and this community, because I’m still trying to figure out why a formerly solid conservative went wrong. I suspect it’s cognitive dissonance, plus a little gamma pain, but at the same time, I used to admire my bro so much.

  20. I don’t think I am naive to say that IT women will resist the social credit system. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Do not confuse goals and motives with opportunities and means. The pound me too movement is a watershed moment. The banquet of WASP men is over. Wealth per capita must be in free fall. Elites are the juicy target now. The animals have their goals and motives as animals. Anything but the get-Trump narrative will be met with utter hostility. In-groups will fracture into in-groups of in-groups and so on recursively. Player subhumans are careful to choose empowering narratives, and the momentum of narrative from childhood is powerful.

    This is my counterexample for your consideration: “Google Employees Uncover Ongoing Work on Censored China Search” by Ryan Gallagher and dated 4 March 2019. I suggest that wild animals (dominant group of the Left) are more aware of a concrete tightening noose upon their own necks than are the domesticated animals (dominant group of the Right). I think more and more women will defect from the system as the fruits become scarcer and scarcer. It seems to be happening already. It won’t happen soon enough any more than a woman’s judgment is sound stewardship, but in relative degrees what will the Christcuck men do? We’ve already seen.

    This can’t go on forever, so changes will happen. The children indoctrinated so well to be socialists are the West’s programmers of today. They are programmed to hate anti-socialist capitalism. It will be more interesting and nuanced than I think people here are supposing. Time will tell. I am not supposing to contradict AWALT, only that the days of Team Woman are numbered and that women are not innately loyal to any team.

    Only the power structure in concrete terms in her life matters as inputs to her instinctive computation. The coalition of victim’s groups is decaying. Whether or not that leaves us room to impose ourselves or not I can’t say. If I had to guess, I would say not, but I think we will see white women defect before the facade of a republic de jure is abandoned. You may remember how foolish I was if I am proven wrong only if you would remember how brilliant I was if I am proven right.

    The Democrats blamed white women for Trump’s election. Singer Halsey (young white female) was socially attacked for cultural appropriation late last year. Ariana Granda got hit with the ‘cultural appropriation’ charge earlier this year: she be too wyte per Patty LaBelle. Women are brave when the psychological clamps and police retribution are firmly on their victims. Women don’t take those clamps to heart. Men eventually won’t either, by attrition if not recovery. I think what we will see at the end is apparently senseless violence. I don’t mean what the narrative enforces call senseless violence. I mean instinctive violence with no actual plan. The plan is external for the most base libtards. There is at least a Leftist herd going left now. The base base will have momentary power without institutional guidance. That I think will be our queue to avoid the culling and then to win it actively by clean up, or to have to try and win it from the dreadful beginning. As I have blogged, there is no reason to interfere now with the invasion except to preserve oneself and any very close family and friends. Who else will punch left right now? The Hegelian dialectic must collapse. Whether the transition to NWO control will be complete at that time is anyone’s guess.

  21. The shitlib relative will try to start a “discussion” and his or her ugly side will come out if you engage. The more kind and reasonable your approach (one tries to avoid burning certain bridges or causing collateral damage in the family), the more vicious they’ll be.

    A lot of Millennials leaned Right as teens and young adults and then flipped shitlib when they saw thru GWB’s lies and in a tragically mistaken overcorrection looked to Obama. Let down by Obama’s lies, by the time of the 2016 election they became nihilists. I now say, no hyperbole, that liberals have become either insane or evil.

    Columbine and 911 hit Millennials hard at their most sensitive age.

  22. “Columbine and 911 hit Millennials hard at their most sensitive age”

    They hit me at an insensitive, retaliatory age. I want to burn it all down. Still waiting. Praying to Jesus for a better way, but ready to rejoice nonetheless.

  23. PA, you bring up a good point about Columbine and 911. It was a scant two years between both events.

    Before you have a chance to get to grips with Columbine and feel “safe”, you see those planes smashing into the towers over and over again. Hell, I was in third grade and watching the Challenger explode was heavy, but for different reasons. And a different kind of heavy.

    Imagine you’re 12-13 when Columbine happens, so you’re freaking out about high school, but not for the obvious “freshman!” reasons. (Oh, and a little thing called Monica Lewinsky was about to toss out the president. Talk about lack of stability.) Then you’re in high school and you watch your country with, to quote Sonny Corleone, “it’s dick in its hands” and without any proper response afterwards.

    There’s almost no coming back from that.

  24. Since we’re on the subject gentlemen, I present to you US BILL HR 838 !! You think clown world was bad before, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    You see, the true power structure of this planet always plays all sides of every game. It approaches all problems from multiple angles and provides multiple solutions which all
    magick -ly arriving at the same result. Problem, reaction, solution. There’s a reason for all the ” mass shootings” , among many other events and things.

    Here’s another hint: The TSA wasn’t created to ” guard ” airports, those are just their training centers.

  25. This just in: @Jay said, “It plays to their strengths (manipulation, herd mentality, gossip, etc) and minimizes their weakness (phy. strength, accountability, honor) quite nicely. ”

    The credit system is run by and for the ‘House’. Women ride the carousel precisely by not getting caught. With facial recognition, their sex partners are likely to be known by the House. If they say one thing and do another, it will not fool the system. The parasite needs a host. and liberated women need sucker men with meat on the bone. I am not so sure women don’t see the trap to managing their own traps as they wish. I doubt China will reward hoes for being hoes. They don’t need to buy votes.

    “A national database will merge a wide variety of information on every citizen, assessing whether taxes and traffic tickets have been paid, whether academic degrees have been rightly earned and even, it seems, whether females have been instructed to take birth control.”

    There is or will be a record of what people buy, including condoms and vibrators. Strangely, if the House favors producer men, they will get rich. They are Chinese. It could work sorta well.

    White innovators will be broken almost certainly by such a system on white people. There is enough technology that they would not be missed by plenty for a long time, but the technology is not going to run itself without problem solving tech people. AI will not always be obedient and helpful. Brave new world I suppose, never read the book. Still, look at google employees and know there’s some female disgust for some reason. I think in a word it is ‘accountability’. “I think of a man and I take away reason and accountability.” My IQ is pretty decent. 🙂

  26. “F. Scott Fitzgerald is quoted…”

    Yeah — Fitzgerald, sadly, never escaped living in the prematurely-greying pugilist’s shadow of Hemingway. Both were big drinkers, but their liquor selections were apparently sub-par. (Ernest a suicide. Fitzgerald an apparent ‘crack-up.’)

  27. Nice delving into their psyches, Chakrates. They have a willful disconnection from reality and their feelz are for things that are objectively ugly. They are aligned with metaphysical evil. Sometimes you almost smell the sulphur.

    It also goes to confirm that around 85 percent of people (if not substantially more), including ones with decent IQ, are harmed by education because they lack the “meta” ability to critically evaluate that which the teacher feeds them. That teacher being college, TV, social media stampede.

    Way to hang in there. The art of not escalating the negativity while not validating libs at the dinner table is a tough one to master. It’s about two things: 1. never affirming someone’s lie because that would make one complicit in evil; 1. keeping the innocent next generation together as blood cousins who deserve a fresh start because that’s what matters, not adult discord.

  28. The Chinese social credit system merely makes explicit what is done in the West.

    In China it is run by the government; in the West it is run by private corporations on behalf of / in cooperation with the government. Tomayto, tomahto.

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