Eighties Movies

I’m on a kick of re-watching 1980s films that I had not seen since I was in my teens during that decade. It’s a wild time-capsule experience due to the passing of time and my own age-related change in perspective.

Ten films are reviewed in this post, possibly in thematic order. There are spoilers, but there is a time limit on spoiler-warning courtesy.


1. “Top Gun” – Saw it in a movie theater upon its release in 1986, never since. It’s next on my list because one of the best episodes of “Murdoch Murdoch” borrows its aesthetics.

2. “Animal House” – This 1970s comedy is a forerunner to Eighties’ sex comedies. I watched it for the first time about seven years ago. The story culminates on the collapse of the town dignitaries’ parade bleachers. The red, white and blue streamers falling with the collapsing structure is so obvious a disclosure of how they feel about America, her traditional institutions, authority figures, patriotic iconography. It was also weirdly evocative of the collapse of the World Trade Center towers 23 years later.

I was disgusted with the whole thing. All those years, having never had seen it but having cheered on to “food fight!” and “to-ga! to-ga!” with the bros… It wasn’t the humor. It was the – how to put it. Honor should always be in the backdrop of things, even in ribald comedies. Antagonists in fiction shouldn’t be humiliated and then destroyed unless they objectively deserve it the way some people deserve capital punishment. In other words, being a strict authority figure and a bit of a dick, or being tall, blond and rich aren’t good cause for total personal destruction. If you’re not a sociopath or a Gamma Personality, you will agree with me on this.

This is why Eighties teen- or sex-comedies tended to make me feel like I need a shower. Of course I loved the nudity and the dirty humor. But the question always bugged me: was it really necessary to so completely destroy the bad guy? Below my threshold of consciousness, an alternate script was writing itself, in which the enemies shake hands and say “Honest misunderstanding. I see your point of view.”

Back to “Animal House.” What’s even more special, is the movie’s coda, the end-credits notes on what everyone’s been up to since graduation. The special houseguest’s id on full display:

  • All-American Fraternity Brother No. 1: He goes to prison and gets raped! (hahahaahahah!)
  • All-American Fraternity Brother No. 2: He goes to Vietnam and gets fragged by his own men! (hahahahaah!!! – catch my breath – hahaha! hahahaaah!!!!!)


3. “Forrest Gump” – A ’90s movie and a hurrah for civic nationalism. (I hate that term because it’s neither civic nor nationalism and it dignifies cuckservatism). To recapitulate my take on civic nationalism:

It was a moment in time, the American political order of the 1980s, which was a detente in the wake of 1960s disruptions. Official color-blindness, Whites run and own everything, minorities enjoy the benefits of White rule along with autonomy in exchange for knowing their place; Whites, in turn, keep the peace by not talking negatively about minorities.

An unstable peace because it was in essence a papered-over capitulation. They won the ’60s, so they weren’t going to be satisfied with White surrender terms of the ’80s, which weren’t all that bad for us. The flaw of that peace: it dictated that we must continue to cede ground, they get to continue encroaching.

“Forrest Gump” healed the national wounds of the Sixties by reconciling the political conflicts of that time. Doing so, it codified civic nationalism: violent radical leftism of the Sixties is condemned, drug-use and sexual promiscuity are shown as harmful. It’s okay to be pious and from a small town. That’s why the movie was called “conservative.” On the other hand:

  • Single motherhood is glorified through the characters of Forrest’s mom and then Jenny.
  • Fatherhood is personified in Jenny’s molester dad and Forrest’s involuntary absence during his son’s childhood.
  • A dirt-poor black family becomes rich and gets a White woman servant.
  • An American line of warriors ends on Lieutenant Dan’s childless interracial marriage.


4. “Stand By Me” – One of the great boyhood coming-of-age stories. If you have a preteen son, nephew, or grandson, watch it together. The dynamic among the four boys, the freedom and exploration, and the majestic Oregon landscapes are unforgettable.

Racial diversity diminishes everything it stains, including conversation. Yet here we are, and I have to friggin’ talk about it because… that’s the war they brought to us. This is why, from today’s perspective, “Stand by Me” is so nice to see. Everything in that movie is in visual harmony with human expectations of storytelling. Taken for granted then, consciously cherished now: no diversity in that film. Not one nonwhite character.

Tokenism kills the friendship vibes in such stories today, like adding an element that knocks down the story’s chemistry back to exactly the sum of its parts, while in its racially-coherent form you get the magic of friendship and discovery. (More about that when you get to “The Breakfast Club.”)


5. “Lucas” – The title character is a gamma male, repellent to Maggie when he leans to kiss her. She’s a gorgeous blonde Lucas befriended over the summer, before high school hierarchy reasserted itself in line with the laws of nature. Charlie Sheen’s alpha male quarterback is a sympathetic character, even though he is Lucas’ antagonist. That’s because the conflict here isn’t man vs. man, even as the quarterback “stole” Maggie and the other football players pick on Lucas. The conflict is man vs. himself. To earn respect, Lucas has to overcome the web of lies he had woven around himself and let go of his unearned entitlement to social status.

To achieve that, he joins the football team as a wide receiver. Due to his small size and lack of physical talent, he warms the bench for an entire season. And then — clutch moment. Final seconds of the game and his team is down by only a few points. Time for one play to get the come-from-behind win. The play call: go deep. Do or die. With one of the starters hurt, the coach puts Lucas on the field. The ball is snapped, all the receivers go deep. The quarterback (Charlie Sheen) scrambles away from pressure but can’t find an open man.

Except Lucas, who is all alone in the end zone. The opposing defense either doesn’t bother to cover him or they don’t notice him because he’s so small. The quarterback also ignores Lucas, who is wildly waving “I’m open!” Finally, in desperation, he throws a deep bomb to Lucas. A perfect throw. Lucas catc– drops – the pass! He’s instantly piled-on by the defenders, seriously injured, and taken to a hospital. His team loses the game.

Lucas eventually returns to school. Everyone’s eyes are upon him as he walks toward his locker. He knows that he had let them all down. The movie ends on a wonderful scene.


6. “Vision Quest” – My favorite ’80s movie in the teen genre. On the personal level, I related to the main character, played by Matthew Modine. Even my hair was similar to his. The story is about a high school wrestler’s quest.

An interest I indulge in on occasion is to take a decades-old image of a landscape and compare it to that same place today on Google Streetview. The older image might come from a personal photo, my recollection of being somewhere during childhood, or a scene from an older film.

Journey’s Only the Young is on the “Vision Quest” soundtrack. The video opens with Modine’s character running along a city bridge with a compelling mountain background. I learned that the movie was set and filmed in Spokane, WA. Within minutes, I located the bridge in Streetview. If anyone is curious, it’s North Monroe Street, looking west. The view hasn’t changed that much in 33 years.


Google image capture: Sep. 2018


7. “An Officer and a Gentleman” – This is one of three films on this list that was shot in the Pacific Northwest and features the landscape in all of its beauty. Of the big themes in this excellent film, one stands out as anachronistic: the earlier generations’ dream of upward class mobility. That’s where Boomers and those who followed them fail to communicate with each other. We’re in a much bigger game than social striving: it’s now about survival.

To be triumphantly carried out of her factory job and become a Naval officer’s wife? Here is that final scene. We don’t have factories, we don’t have working-class jobs, except for mongoloid aliens. I haven’t seen that film since 1983. That factory floor… nobody is fat. God, it stings.


8. “The Breakfast Club” – P.J. O’Rourke wrote an article in memory of John Hughes four years ago. There is a lot going on there. I’ll just excerpt the part in which he focuses on the ethnic integrity of the five main characters, the high school students serving their Saturday detention:

Imagine, painfully, a 2015 remake of The Breakfast Club. Latino-American, African-American, […] John kept his characters alike as possible, within the spectrum of high school anthropology, in order to make them as different as possible, within the spectrum of individuals. All five members of the Breakfast Club have Anglo-Saxon last names. All are attractive.

Imperial force-mixing of nations corrupts any fruit of human aspirations. And not just art, but even a study in human nature. Any higher endeavor degenerates to exactly the sum of its dissonant parts.

The world changed more dramatically between 1990 – 2020 than it did between 1500 – 1990. For us GenX’ers, those changes hit us just as we were entering adulthood, so our young sense of survival was attuned to the coming cataclysm. We felt it in our bones the way a wild animal feels the distant, silent advance of a storm. By that same time, Boomers’ animal instincts had been dulled with age and material satisfaction.

That disparity in perception of existential danger is why generations don’t see eye-to-eye. Understanding that dynamic makes it easier to have a more charitable perspective on the Baby Boomer generation over what we see as their callousness toward their grandchildren but which they see as something that they had rightfully earned:



9. “Witness” – The story arc involves the growing sexual chemistry between the young Amish widow and Harrison Ford’s character. She has a nine-year-old son. Ford plays an honest cop who is being sheltered from crooked cops by the Amish, living as one of them until he recovers from his gunshot wound. The widow and the cop develop an attraction to each other, which over time they can barely control. A village elder warns her that people are noticing her subtle indiscretions and she risks shunning. But like a lioness in heat, she won’t have any of that and talks back to the elder with proud words of feminist defiance.

The film’s message is not feminist. To honor her people, to live among them with her little boy and to enjoy the comfort and protection of her folk, she had to not only be chaste, but also refrain from creating any appearance of fornication. As Ford’s character told her on the morning after she enticed him to spy on her bathing: “If we’d made love last night I’d have to stay. Or you’d have to leave.”

The film shows the classic conflict of Individual vs. Society. The judgment of “Witness” is cast in favor of society: woman’s feminine instincts may not be let unbound.

Amish men don’t get a free ride, either. They too must contain their masculine instincts. For one, they are not free to lay a beating on a bunch of local yahoos who regularly harass them. “It’s not our way,” an Amish elder tells the cop. In this powerful scene, these strong, prime young Amish men swallow their pride and force themselves to turn the other cheek, also for the good of their people.


10. “Heathers” – Three decades later, Veronica née Sawyer still wakes up in the middle of the night with a racing heart and racing thoughts: “There is no statute of limitations on murder.”

118 thoughts on “Eighties Movies

  1. I cant watch those 70’s and 80’s comedies anymore. All I see are preening jewish revenge fantasies.

  2. “Amish men don’t get a free ride, either. They too must contain their masculine instincts.”

    I’ve come to savor the pictorially hum-drum fantasy of a group of old Amish men taking turns reading their grandsons Marcus Aurelius’s ‘Meditations’ over an Appalachian campfire. I bet Aurelius himself would be up for filming the scene(s).

  3. ^Exactly. I’ve never actually seen Animal House, but it sounds to be typical of comedies of the era – normally involving Harold Ramis as writer – which feature oddballs sticking it to ‘WASP’ authority. Look at the list of character names in the movie.

    Even Ghostbusters has the same underlying theme; while it is at its most overt in Caddyshack.

  4. Animal House: directed by (((John Landis.)))
    Produced by (((Ivan Reitman)))
    Written by (((Harold Ramis)))

    Sure, there are other co-writers and a co-producer who aren’t very, very special. They are, however, mostly all from NYC.

  5. Vision Quest ((((Peter Guber))), producer) has commendable masculine themes, and Journey’s “Only the Young” is a majestic tune. But we must remember that this film, like all Hollywood products, carried its own subliminal payload of termite larvae. Remember the hero’s choice of music for his pre-match psych-up? Red Rider’s rousing “Lunatic Fringe”:

    Lunatic fringe
    In the twilight’s last gleaming
    But this is open season
    But you won’t get too far
    ‘Cause you’ve got to blame someone
    For your own confusion
    We’re on guard this time (on guard this time)
    Against your final solution

    That’s all of you, btw.

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  7. Nice post, PA. Reminds me I need to get started on my film blog. No time like the present, eh.

    I saw Vision Quest for the first time about seven years ago and that opening scene with Only the Young total got me hooked. It was very personal for me.

    Back in high school, we had a lock-in (where kids stay overnight doing games and the like) and it was in the gym where a peg board was–if that is the correct name. I always had good upper body strength and gave it a whirl as most upperclassmen (I was a freshman) were to afraid of failing in front of the gals there–several cuties were there as I recall.

    I made it up to the top and the spectacle of it all put all eyes on me. At that moment, much like Peter when he took his eyes of Jesus and fell through the water, I became conscious of my audience and froze. I jumped down, leaving the pegs at their uppermost slot. A buddy of mine got them back by using a chair I held for him.

    I think I had made an impression but I was beyond a goober at that time and equally socially awkward so I don’t have a clear memory what happened after.

    Fast forward a year later in PE class. Killing time before class started, others were trying to make it up but failed. Again, I went for it. Made it up and brought it back down this time. Achievement unlocked! I had the good pride that comes when you test your mettle and succeed. My “friends” were envious and others might have been frightened. Haha

    The track coach saw it and was impressed, asking if I worked out or not to pull of such a feat. Without bragging I told him my history and he beamed me a look of “well done, son.”

  8. “See, mutual respect is a necessary condition of a highly functional social system. We don’t all need to be best friends, that tends to upset the functionality as it blurs the supports that underlay the strata. Flattening hierarchies and expecting departments to cross-train and multi-task hasn’t worked out very well.”

    Substitute a few words, and you’ve essentially got DeTocqueville’s argument for aristocracy vs. the chaotic vitriol of neighbor against neighbor that characterizes American Democracy.

  9. 9 1/2 Weeks beautifully shot it shows 80s New York in all its run down splendour. Masculine identify is in full display from the start with the wolf whistling construction workers who’d be meetooed today.

    Mickey Rourke has game. The film then can’t decide whether it’s an erotic thriller or a rock video. The dominance and submission scenes are all cut to make the Mickey Rourke character look worse than he is…

    Rolling Stone Ron Wood makes a cameo. A film about sex that never quite lived up to its potential Red pill roots.

  10. Another Mickey Rourke-NYC film that makes for a good viewing when you ain’t sure what to see, but becomes much too bittersweet when actually viewing, is The Pope of Greenwich Village.

    What makes it bittersweet are the shots of the WTC that take up most of the background what with the enormity of those two towers. It’s kind of a hybrid movie, with a romance and familial melodrama at the beginning and then it turns into a heist-type film towards the latter half. Eric Roberts steals the show with his nuttiness juxtaposed against Rourke’s oh-so-cool player.

    Yet another NYC-Rourke film I just saw this weekend was Year of the Dragon. I had seen bits and pieces of it when my folks rented it way back when and one scene stood out so I wanted to watch the film to see what it was about. PA, I thought of you because he plays a Polish cop who’s trying to do what’s right, naturally bucking the system.

    But, it’s co-written by (((Oliver Stone))) and of course, Vietnam is always mentioned and referenced.

    On the other hand, it’s definitely not PC and many an asian joke and slur is uttered. It’s not a good film. It’s choppy, with some bad acting by this one chinese gal, who based on the credits, was making her film debut.

  11. Interesting comments, but what is most interesting is the ((())) going on. If you are going to do that for anything coming out of hollyweird since about the mid-60s you are going to have a looooooong list on your hands. I remember a few Chateau commenters saying they avoid j00 movies and that sort of made me laugh. That is like saying you avoid Mexican burritos. They are so thoroughly embedded in that town it is comical. You throw a penny in any direction and there is a better chance than not you are going to hit a tribal in hollywood.

    I don’t limit myself in that way because I’d have a pretty short watch list. This is that thing about having the ability to filter signal from noise. The 80s movies are like high art compared to the pozzed propaganda garbage of the modern era. So I’ll take a few looser heebs getting one over on the WASP jock vs. today where there IS no WASP jock. Or he is working at the fast food counter or shooting up dope in the alley.

    If you want to break free of subversion in film you better set your watch to about 1960 and backwards because anything beyond that you are likely going to encounter it in some percentage. The egregious shit that are pure propaganda pieces I avoid as well but if a tribal name is attached to a film (read: everything) I am not going to avoid it just on those grounds, that would be absurd.

  12. If you want to see the Ur-Jewish 80’s comedy, look at revenge of the nerds. The brainy jewy geek builds an alliance with the queers, misfits and blacks and overthrows the evil WASPs. He even gets to rape the blonde shiksa, and when she finds out, she likes it.

  13. What, no “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”? No Ghostbusters? Conan the Barbarian? Back to the Future? Or maybe you’ve seen all those since that golden-hued decade…

  14. Rewatched “Slackers” last night.

    Now I know why I didn’t rewatch it earlier. It’s like Portlandia, complete with overt insanity, but without any attempt at comedy.

    I lived at the time near Berkeley. I saw people like that regularly. When you see that much insanity, it’s difficult to recognize that there’s anything wrong.

    They don’t get out much. Which is why they’re all so insane. They see it everyday and assume it’s normal.

  15. One movie that came out JUST before the Eighties was sci-fi horror flick Alien.

    That was one of the first films to have a “strong feminine hero”. It showed the limits to what a good script, a great premise, and excellent effects can get you in a science fiction world. I was watching a bit of it on YouTube and the presence of Sigourney Weaver considerably knocks down my enjoyment of it — and I think this is objectively so. The reason these films can still do well in the box office is because there’s no competition for their slots. All the other movies started doing exactly the same thing, or worse, at about the same time.

    In Alien, the chestburster scene was a surprise played on the cast, who weren’t expecting it. The girl actor genuinely freaked out.

    So what does Alien offer? Script. Check. Effects. Check. Idea. Check. Hero: No. It sags under the missing weight of the last.

  16. Witness was a huge success, commercially and critically. But the scenes that PA describes were both weak points in the plot. Or maybe it was believable that Ford’s character kept his hands off her? but if so it was not to his character’s credit. Think of the children they could have had. And he probably would have been happier on the farm. The famous song their romance scene was set to was a huge hit in the early 60s or whenever. Harrison Ford, before his career took off and as is well known, was known as “carpenter to the stars.” So the scene where he was rockin the hand tools on the barn was easy for him to pull off: “You are good!” Is what they said in the movie (in Amish).

    The other scene where the local yokels rub ice cream on the nose of handsome blond Amishman, was typical Hollywood bs. How likely is it that something like that, has ever happened? “Hey there’s some Amish, let’s go humiliate them (because they won’t fight back)! Yee haw”

    Totally unrealistic. But at the time, it seemed credible, because most of the moviegoers didn’t live in the country? Something like that might happen in a bar; but on the side of the road?

  17. Another Mickey Rourke-NYC film that makes for a good viewing when you ain’t sure what to see, but becomes much too bittersweet when actually viewing, is The Pope of Greenwich Village.

    That might be a film to check out. Mickey Rourke was their go-to bad boy, wasn’t he. Apparently in real life, he fit the bill. Drinking problems; amateur boxing; other problems. He was in another film I didn’t see that sounded like it might be interesting, a bio of the famous red pill poet Bukowski. But Bukowski panned Rourke’s portrayal of him. He said it was all wrong. He said that Roarke didn’t get the fundamental quality to their bar existence, its beat-down quality. He said that Roarke in his voice and mannerisms, was too cocky or something.

  18. “That is like saying you avoid Mexican burritos.”

    I avoid all movies and burritos.

    We went to the Mexican restaurant in town last year. The fat beaner waiter was extra grumpy. The food was below mediocre. There were cameras everywhere. Between the shitty food and the cameras, I felt like I was back in jail. Were I not wearing my own clothes and dining with a woman, the scene would’ve been complete.

    The “experience” made an obvious impression that I remember it so vividly. The cameras, the shitty food, the shitty service…

    This restaurant has hundreds of five star reviews in a town that is over 90% YT

  19. Witness- “In 1984, an Amish community attends the funeral of Jacob Lapp, who leaves behind his wife Rachel and eight-year-old son Samuel.”

    Only in the (((movies))) could an Amish couple have one child after eight years.

  20. At least Animal House had a few funny scenes, like Belushi running out of the house yelling “who’s with me!” and no one follows. Caddyshack, though, had not one funny scene and encouraged its young viewers, no matter what ethnicity or class they were, to act like completely amoral ***holes. Chevy Chase, who was never that good or funny, was the supposed hero and came off like a proto-snarky yuppy, like Bill Maher. That stupid animatronic woodchuck and Bill Murray unfunnily playing a retard, the lousy Loggins song “I’m Alright,” the whole thing is so awful it makes Adam Sandler look like Steve Martin in comparison.

  21. Yeah, I was gonna do a mini-screed about the White thugs in “Witness” but one learns to pick his battles. Elk and Chakrates are right, it’s a Hollywood stock villain. I laughed at “rape fantasy,” so true. Every product of the mass entertainment industry will have what many years ago I called the Liberal Suckerpunch.

    (((They))) draw their inspiration from schooldays memory of some rough White kid getting in their face over their gamma behavior. Which they blow up to “Oy-vey, Cossacks poisecuting us!”

    A grain of truth — back in the ’80s, there were guys like the townie jerks in Witness. We called them “rednecks” and they could be a pain in the ass. The thing is, they were teenagers, and they only bothered teenagers from other schools. They’d hang out in malls, arcades, pool halls and bowling alleys. They’d talk shit and sometimes challenge one of us to fight one of them. There was never a niggerish many-on-few swarm, any bothering of old people, younger kids, or adults who minded their own business.

  22. I love 80s movies. PA, I recommend a less well-known one to you: “Johnny Handsome,” starring Micky Rourke, Morgan Freeman, Forest Whittaker, Ellen Barkin and Lance Henriksen.

  23. I think the most pivotal movie for Gen Xers was probably Basic Instinct. Once the line was crossed of having labia on display in an only R-rated flick, everything turned to shit.

    PA, feel free to delete this if it’s too dirty for what was a nostalgic post.

  24. oops, hit “Post Comment” too soon. Technically, it was not labia, but clitoral hood.

  25. On the night I went to see Top Gun with my brother, we sat first for a free preview of this weird movie we’d never heard of, never seen a trailer. Apparently we were at a test screening. Crocodile Dundee, it was called.

    At the time, I was too young to consider the leading lady attractive. Too old, so I dismissed her.

    Watched the movie 25 years later and was stunned at how beautiful she was and equally stunned at how her career never took off.

    You Poles really know to create beauty

  26. There are lots of writeup-worthy movies in the 80s. Two of the family-friendly ones we recently saw that stood the test of time: “Goonies” and “Midnight Madness.”

    If you haven’t seen “Midnight Madness,” I recommend it. I guarantee that you’ll laugh a lot. It’s a comedy involving an all-night scavenger hunt. It was also Michael J Fox’s first role as an actor.

    As to Conan — hell yeah. Thanks for the reminder. Also haven’t seen it since its original release.

  27. Question. I love natural beauty in women. The less makeup and adornment, the better. I don’t let my wife wear anything more than light mascara, and even then I feel like it takes away from her natural youthful beauty.

    But then I see Linda Kozlowski with triple-studded ears (above) and it kinda makes my head spin. Same with a woman with a nose ring (stud, not hoop). I bought my wife some temporary stick-on fake nose ring jewels, and when she wore them, my lust for her surged.

    Does anyone here have an explanation, or even a theory, of why this is an attractive look in some women?

  28. Final OT comment for tonight: Can I get an Amen for what Roosh has been up to?

    At first, I wondered if it was trolling, but he seems to be going all in. We must applaud and support him if it’s real.

    Love hopes all things.

  29. Too-many studded earrings and a nose ring are not attractive in women, let alone some women.

    Last week I went to my recent favorite pizza joint and the gal that took my order had tatted sleeves and a nose ring. Me thinks short hair as well, but it was also up so that one was a toss up. I only noticed the nose ring when she rang up my order because she needed her manager’s code to get the register to operate and had to ask again, which I replied because I get all Rain Man when numbers were uttered.

    The gal laughed, saying she had dyslexia (unsure if she was being honest or not) and said she was a receptionist once, to which I replied, “that must’ve been fun for everyone.” She took the line with good humor and a nice smile, but that nose ring might have been a giant booger hanging off her nostril. And she was thin too. No makeup either, but the ink and steel sullied everything else.

    As for thinking some gals weren’t all that when I was younger that are now stunning to me, well, that number’s too high to count.

  30. Eighties movies, you say?

    Well, you can keep the juvenile sex comedies… for my money on the biff-bang-pow end of things you gots your Terminator, Predator, and Crocodile Dundee as the sleeper hits.

    And call me sentimental, but I still laugh at Moonstruck and Overboard.

    Raging Bull a bit too toxic masculine? Out Of Africa too noblesse oblige colonial? Amadeus a bit too irreverent? Chariots Of Fire a bit too “Here Come Muh Kikes? Body Heat and Children Of A Lesser God a bit too pat?

    I dunno… I can find enough in them all to recommend highly for youse yeggs of a more cerebral bent. 😉

    Tip o’ the cap to whoever mentioned Pope Of Greenwich Village… and if an out-of-character Voight is to your interest, don’t miss Runaway Train..

  31. Eighties movies I’ve watched with my kids…

    Stand by Me
    A Never Ending Story
    Star Wars 3-series original
    Karate Kid
    The Golden Child
    The Lost Boys
    Big Trouble, Little China

    to be continued…

  32. @Jaded Jurist –
    Technically, it was not labia, but clitoral hood.
    I lol’d dawg as I think Eddie would say, you win the interwebz for the evening, enjoy your 15 minutes

  33. Marc: glad you laughed. The absurdity of it all stills gets me.

    Jay: “I’ll take a few looser heebs getting one over on the WASP jock vs. today where there IS no WASP jock.” *Oof*, as the kids are wont to say today.

    Greg: good list.

    Thor: that you include The Neverending Story (aha ah ahhaha ahaahhhh) in the same list as Big Trouble in Little China is pretty cool. You’re secure enough in your masculinity to admit that it’s okay to have boyhood fantasies, and sage enough to laugh at them, too.

  34. Rocky IV where we defeated the Soviets and the evil tall blonde people as revenge for killing our affable nigger

  35. “Eighties movies I’ve watched with my kids…”

    Good list, TD. The eighties flicks I’ve seen were mostly with girlfriends or more rarely with my sister. Saw a fine screen-version of Don Delillo’s play ‘The Day Room’ in my early youth; the girl I saw it with couldn’t stop giggling continuously all throughout the showing. But ‘Blue Velvet’ remains a personal favorite, in spite of some of its verbalistic oddities.

  36. Neverending Story was a favorite at Schloss Eliot… many views on the old DVD.

    I still fondly remember one of my sons, barely 4 years old at the time, sighing deeply and saying

    “I wish I could fight against the Nothing.”

    What made it extra cute was he pronounced it “Nussing”.

  37. If you’re a Nicholson fan, then the all-but-forgotten Ironweed should be on the list along with the usual (but much weaker acting efforts) The Shining, The Border, Witches Of Eastwick and Prizzi’s Honor.

    Speaking of The Shining, most have forgotten that, at the time, Nicholson was highly criticized for his carpet-chewing overly-mannered performance in that now classic.

  38. Jaded Jurist, my take on piercings, tattoos, etc. has always been if they are pretty it won’t add anything; if they are ugly, it won’t help.

    INDY, don’t know where your “town” is, but Mexican food sucks outside Texas, and even further north than about Austin. To be fair, it is really Tex-Mex, as Mexican food even in Mexico ain’t so great.

  39. “…carpet-chewing overly-mannered performance in that now classic.”

    ‘The Shining’ I’d enjoy watching via IMAX eventually; perhaps in El Paso, or perhaps near northern Manhattan. The soundtrack’s probably what makes it so intriguing.

  40. c matt, I don’t doubt you’ve had some amazing Tex Mex, but I suspect you’ve never eaten at La Posta in Las Cruces. Nuevo Mexico may be a cursed “state” but its food is the best Messican-styled food in the nation.

  41. I have often felt like the only person I know who liked Dune, but I read the novels before I saw the movie. The interior dialogues made sense to me, as I knew the story. In this sense,

    I was a member of that minority as well, and found the inner dialogues perfectly suited to the story… but I knew nothing of the novel, which I read awhile after seeing the movie.

    If memory serves, I believe Paul married the Emperor’s daughter in the novel, a marriage of political expediency, which I found somewhat disappointing compared to the no-prisoners-taken intensity of the film.

  42. On a side note, of which I am uber guilty of, it’s amazing how pop culture, particularly movies have been apart of our daily lives, such that we’re staying on topic for this entry, yet in the previous entry, there weren’t that many comments in reference to what PA wrote.

    Mention movies and we can rattle of our favorites, remembering scenes and dialog without fail. Mention literary works and it’s not that fluid. Which isn’t to say that books and the like are not referenced from time to time, because they are, just not with the seemingly same gusto as movies.

    Like I said, I’m guilty of this so much so that I wanted a career in Hollywood. Thankfully, once I got a taste of what that entailed, without being hip to the JQ, I didn’t like it. I still love and am enthralled with filmmaking (shot selection, camera movements, cutting dialog, etc.). And while Hollywood makes films as their product, the filmmaking takes a backseat to everything else; again, well before I was totally red pilled on the narrative at hand.

  43. The famous scene from Witness that was referenced above, where Harrison Ford puts a beat-down on the townies. It was a great scene. One of the reasons it may have got some traction, is that there IS resentment against the Amish. A line from one of the townies was “and they don’t fight for us.”

    It’s a fair point, actually. Not necessarily that they don’t give up their limbs for the US military, but that they are insular and apart, and what do they give back to the broader ethnic nation state, because they sure as hell benefit from its protection and security. (Or they did, back before America became what it is now and we are all seemingly fucked.)

    So yeah the resentment that was portrayed was believable. I have had no direct dealings with the Amish, though they are a presence is southern Minnesota and you do see them around here and there. They have a reputation for being shall we say, perhaps a bit sly, in the business dealings. It’s a fair point to wonder if their insular position is a square deal for their neighbors; or maybe they should be taxed more. (It’s all moot however, as America isn’t even a country anymore.)

  44. Back in the day, Harrison Ford was one the Big Three. The very top of the celeb food chart, along with Arnold and somebody else. He was made out to be a “hell of a man” in his real life. I wonder to what extent he was all that, and to what extent his publicist was a genius and the jews in the media machine were sympathetic to Ford for the obv reason. When Adam Sandler “outed” him on SNL, a lot of people didn’t know. How are his looks holding up, or has the inner jew taking over?

    It is a well known red pill, that the character of part jews is revealed with age. Those who might have something more of a White character will retain their White-ish looks but others will not. Toper Grace for instance.

    But they made a big thing of Ford being (supposedly) an excellent pilot, in spite of being knocked to the ground once. They went to pains to make it clear that it wasn’t pilot error, it was a “wind sheer” [sp?] but what might those in the know say? Another part of his bio was the deluxe ranch in Jackson Hole. He got in when the gettin’ was good. Harrison was a well known big celeb out there. It would be interesting to hear some inside scoop from his hands.

  45. Risky Business. How was that one line — “He boffed her; and then he fucked her!”

    But back then house parties were the thing. That’s what you did when your parents went out of town. They didn’t know the extent to which it was likely, that you would use their house for a party. That’s pretty funny but it’s a fact the boomers must not have done that same thing, because they had no idea. Looking back it was incredibly not fair to take advantage of their Trust but hey, a few date rapes aside no one got hurt, right?

    It was definitely a class marker, to be able to use your parents’ house for a party.

  46. Slightly OT/Storytime-ish: When I was pledging my fraternity, our pledge class did something wrong and our punishment was that someone in our pledge class had to be in the frat house, watching Top Gun, 24 hours a day for a week. I never want to see it again.

  47. Some assume Amish to be meek in the wimpy connotation of the word. That’s not at all how they carry themselves. (There is an Amish market in the region and I’ve been to the Lancaster area of Pennsylvania.) Ten-year-old boys walk cocksure and look you in the eyes like an adult. Farm life, no-bs Christian life. Amish maidens, I surmise, are not parched for alpha essence the air.

    They do in fact still speak German among each other.

    Their pacifism is a matter of spiritual conviction. It is also an adaptive feature. Governments under which they live tend to be less wary of no-guns insular cultures than otherwise.

  48. — “Or maybe it was believable that Ford’s character [in Witness] kept his hands off her? but if so it was not to his character’s credit. Think of the children they could have had. And he probably would have been happier on the farm.”

    Keeping his hands off her: that’s established by earlier character development. Harrison Ford’s cop character has a divorced sister who is loose. She has frequent male guests while her children are asleep in the next room. [Divorce should be illegal under all circumstances, sort of like Alabama’s new anti-abortion law. Take all legal power away from women.]

    Ford’s character disapproves of his sister’s lifestyle, and it’s shown that he cares for her kids as though they were his.

    He develops a similar fatherly affection for the Amish widow’s son, so there is the pattern of caring for children that aren’t his. I can only assume that his busy career as a detective keeps him from starting a family of his own. And maybe other non-established qualities of personality, but lack of charisma and lack of fatherly instincts are not it.

    Would he have been happier on the farm?

    Would you or I?

    Some of my best states of mind happen when I’m working outside. Solitude, the sun, the grass, the sound of birds, the hyperactive brain under those conditions. A Utah farmer invented the television while walking behind the plow on his fields.

    But Ford’s character likes his time with the beer, the music on the radio, the physical violence that’s part of his life as a cop. He can’t (presumably) just cut off his contact with his nieces/nephews. Also, he is not a believer in God; would the peace of farm life and a woman be enough to keep him satisfied after giving up all of those other things?

  49. OT: Roosh’s latest turn is the real deal. I don’t want to reveal my sources regarding how I know, but rest assured it’s not a troll move. Please support this wonderful man and his beautiful conversion. High-profile converts are the most attacked. Pray that he won’t be demoralized or otherwise talked out of his choice to honor God in his life.

  50. I don’t watch films anymore now that I know the truth about them and what is behind them. I still like Dune and a couple of others. I simply refuse to feed the Jew.

  51. I liked Lynch’s films but after Twin Peaks he became too strange to follow or be entertaining

  52. “…after Twin Peaks he became too strange to follow or be entertaining”

    I agree. By the time he curiously awarded M. Manson a role in his enigmatic ‘Lost Highway,’ the magic he’d concocted earlier in his career had fundamentally faded away.

  53. Dune the book was great. Herbert had a lot of ideas. Dune the movie has been problematic. Is there not rumors of another attempt at it? Frank Herbert the man himself, was eccentric. He was raised somewhere on Puget Sound back when that was a wilderness area. He was very physical and strong, in spite of his bald mug. His self-reported iq was 190.

  54. Well I’d be happier on the farm but what do you do for money?

    Raise beets and stuff? In all seriousness my own sorry ass would be looking for the same sort of work and it pays less out there. Most people find that to be the case which is why they end up moving into the cities because that’s where the jobs and money is at. The “economic activity.”

    And that’s the reason that the people who make it work out there [ in the “country” ] tend to be a bit prideful, or whatever. They look down on city folk, and that looking down is a kind of balance to their supposed modesty. It’s a touchy topic, and I think everyone could have an opinion on it, and no one get it exactly right. The city versus the country. It’s been going on forever. How goes the old blues song, or is it a country song:

    I like the city; and (but) I like the country too [ x2 ]
    Them peaches need a-pickin
    but the bucket’s rusted through

    Refrain —
    How do you do, how do you do
    Them peaches need a-pickin
    and your bucket’s rusted through

  55. My bucket’s a-rustin (baby) my bucket’s a blue!
    How them peaches sweet
    or is your preference a stew?

    How do you do how do you do?

    There’s grapes in the hollas
    And there’s water in the vines
    There’s snakes in the grass
    dynamite lain in the mines

    There’s women in the ocean
    and fish in the sea
    Birds fly above us
    bees are a-buzz

    There’s water underground
    and blue sky above
    Freckles on your nose
    And now, on your red lips, my love!

  56. mendo- “On a side note, of which I am uber guilty of, it’s amazing how pop culture, particularly movies have been apart of our daily lives, such that we’re staying on topic for this entry, yet in the previous entry, there weren’t that many comments in reference to what PA wrote.”

    This is not really surprising and I’m not up nights about it. If Shakespeare and theater were our primary medium today we’d have written volumes of comments about it. He was the ‘pop culture’ of that time. (At least among the few educated / literate)

    But it does lead to the bigger point which is that pop culture -does- define us. And the fact that the poison faucet has been turned wide open today means that we have yet to even see the downstream effect of the current poz that is saturating media today. The ‘Captain Marvel’ effect will be horrendous and it won’t come to full fruition for another decade or so. On our present course it will make today seem like the 80s. When the mandatory ‘White Registration & Tracking” is in full effect. Science fiction? Hardly.

    If you were to time machine to the halcyon 80s and tell yourself what 2020 was going to look like it would be like a fucking scene from the terminator. Your mind would recoil in horror at the dystopian future your future self was telling your innocent and naive 80s self.

    Related side note. Women are fucking intolerable to work with and especially for. But, like everything, it isn’t her fault. It is YOUR fault. This article is red pill up to about the midpoint where they are showing hard and concrete scientific evidence that women are simply competitive with each other by nature. Any non-retard could tell you this by simple observation but we must construct another towering narrative of bullshit to dismiss the biological reality of the situation which is clearly stated during the first half of the thing.


  57. — If you were to time machine to the halcyon 80s and tell yourself what 2020 was going to look like it would be like a fucking scene from the terminator. Your mind would recoil in horror at the dystopian future your future self was telling your innocent and naive 80s self.

    I think about that a lot. The “academic” question that’s on my mind is about people who actually remember the 50s. The 80s, as I’m told, are awful compared to how they remember the fifties. So the question is, how can boomers be so damn mellow about 2019?

    Not the ones who read nationalist blogs, but ordinary Republican voting, Vietnam vet, conservatives who hated nogs when they rioted in the sixties.

    They’re so mellow about Diversity, upbeat, if fact. Non-racist. Every single last one praises Mestizos for being hard workers. There is so much righteous Hate in my generation, but not among older people. whose world over their lifetime fell from an even greater height.

  58. Also, how was our present time imagined in Eighties pop fiction?

    Dystopic vision involved various scenarios of post-nuclear war. In “2010,” which was a sequel to 2001, USA and USSR almost came to atomic war. “The Terminator” was about machines exterminating humanity. “Blade Runner” imagined ’70s NYC with technological innovations (iirc… I only saw it once, c. 1985).

    Films about dystopian future are heavy on morose atmospherics. Dark skies, endless lightning storms. In reality, there’s great weather too.

    Upbeat visions of the present decade from the 80s: in “Back to The Future,” it was same as the 80s, plus flying cars and hoverboards. Plus silly fashion. There is a tendency to imagine future fashions along the lines of Fifties Futurism. A lot of “space age” unnecessary angularity.

    In every Eighties vision of the 2010s, everyone is White.

    The smart phone was accidentaly sort-of predicted in the early 90s video “Walk on the Ocean” by Toad the Wet Sprocket” (a nice song, brings back memories of this 19 year old wild mare…)

  59. — If Shakespeare and theater were our primary medium today we’d have written volumes of comments about it.

    Shakespeare was the high art of its time too, while also being accessible to the average illiterate theater goer. The theaters in Elizabethan era did in fact have cheap seats. Works that are both high art and popular art are rare. Shakespeare was a genius at creating exactly that.

    Popular culture is accessible and we relate to it for obvious reasons. We’re in the middle of World War III so it’s expected that we discuss Eighties movies from the perspective of “what we’ve lost” and Cobra Kai with attention to markers of current Zeitgeist.

    Old works that survived over centuries, like Shakespeare, are worth visiting. Remember that prophet GBFM and what his initials stand for. Mendo did pick up on something very important upthread.

    Great art, though, is harder to have a breezy comment exchange about. Sometimes I “see” a theme but don’t have the desire to put it into words, just contemplate it wordlessly.

    That’s why I posted that Shakespeare-inspired poem by Zbigniew Herbert. Also, I thought that there was the right grandeur to the musical interpretation. But again, some of that stuff is more easily contemplated without putting it into a comment when it hits us deeper.

  60. Greg seems to have liked, or at least noticed, Blade Runner very much. Share your thoughts, Greg?

  61. By the way, this post has precipitated the most meandering stream of comments I recall seeing in ages. It’s beautiful.

  62. @Chakrates: everything you have written above and below “Female bosses suck.” is gold. You explain why it’s not females who suck, only female bosses.

    BTW, I’ve worked under some fabulous female bosses, and I don’t resent any of them. I merely agree that your conclusion, taken in the aggregate, is correct.

  63. My experience with female bosses is that they’ve always been either supremely laid back, pleasant and mature – or psychotically screechy. Very little middle ground.

  64. Camlost “My experience with female bosses is that they’ve always been either supremely laid back, pleasant and mature – or psychotically screechy.”

    Pay attention to the eyes. Do they on you kindly, or rapaciously? Predict your future accordingly.

  65. Greg seems to have liked, or at least noticed, Blade Runner very much. Share your thoughts, Greg?

    In many ways it was a mess, but Ridley Scott’s direction made it a beautiful mess nonetheless.

    It posed as many questions as it answered (within the microcosm presented) and I believe to this day there’s still a lively Cyberian debate about whether Ford’s character himself was a replicant.

    (Some of the “proofs” given is that there was one scene with him looking in the mirror and his eyes reflected red, and the odd Oriental detective, who was actually Hispanic in meat world, praising him at the end as having done “a man’s job”. Personally, I found those proofs iffy at best, and the fact that he was no where near as strong as the other “skin jobs” is too big a flaw in that CT… but I digress.)

    For the few “creepy” moments there were many poignantly enigmatic scenes, and who doesn’t love uber-Aryan’s Rutger Hauer’s scene stealing?

    Mind you, I’m not sure it merits the entirety of the reputation it has gained, but it’s definitely on the list of films a truly edjamacated yegg should have under his belt. 😉

  66. @Elk: I favour UBI for anyone who grows their own food. Boom, insta-rural repopulation.

  67. At my last job, for a time, my female boss/supervisor was great. Her focus was on work, at least that’s how she came across, which is the whole point (for lack of a better phrase) and had a good work ethic. She trained me well and we had a good rapport with one another, such that she could hint at something and knew I could fill in the blanks without having to spell it out. She was a great asset to the company at that time.

    Her replacement was a meek Thai lady that wasn’t meant/made for being a manager. She, at best, was a solid #2 and she was happy with that and it’s where her real talents shined. She worked in concert with my prior supervisor and things got done.

    We both had a horrible Central American (CA) boss that was a vindictive bitch and when my great supervisor left, she hadn’t realized how much I knew and how dependable I was. I’d even joked to my boss that I bet CA lady didn’t even know my name, to which she replied half-jokingly, “probably not.”

    Her replacement was even worse. I’ve already brought up a story about her, but she was/is just garbage. Thinking work is just like being in high school just before the bell rings to start class. Place became toxic stupid fast. And yeah, she was extremely antagonistic to the meek Thai lady. Unnecessarily so, but I repeat myself.

  68. Blade Runner was set in Los Angeles in 2019 (of all years!) In a class I took in college, our shitlib professor was talking about this movie and how it was starting to take shape in real life. The While replacement, he meant, not in so many words. He beamed at the scene where Harrison Food orders food in English but everyone around is asian and speaking some various asian dialect–a hybrid even.

    Since no film coming out nowadays piques my interest, I’m looking for older films (well 1996ish and prior) that I haven’t seen yet. I came across one last week: Freejack. Set in modern day, that is, when the film was released, a race car driver is transported to 2009, with all the fanciful dystopian trimmings PA mentioned above. I guess for film you have to go over the top with that type of scenery to “sell” the story so to speak.

    PA: I also liked that Toad the Wet Sprocket song. That one and All I Want literally transport me back to early mid-90s.

    And on the pop culture theme, that song by Falco, “Rock Me Amadeus” is about how in Woflgang’s time, he was the rock star of his day. Only the clothes are different, as the saying goeth.

  69. The Family Stain: A Tale of Woe

    So I’m out this weekend with my best friend and see a strikingly beautiful brunette with olive skin, blue eyes, and long dark hair. She’s looks mid-30s but no ring. I figure I’m good, and I make a move. She’s standing with a chubby blonde friend, crowded in at the bar. I sidle up next to her:

    You’re very pretty.
    I’m FE
    I’m chick (it was a really unusual name)

    (repeating the unusual name) Guess your parents were hoping for a black baby, huh.
    Hey! It’s a family name!

    We’re off to the races. First joke that would get me classified as Scarlet R, and she laughed it off. Good sign. We keep talking. We’re hitting it off. Turns out she’s 36. Never married. No kids. Not a career shrike. WTF is going on here? My city is thirsty as hell. There’s no way this chick hasn’t had a million opportunities.

    Ah, first bomb drop. Went to college in Joo York. Got signed by Ford. I cringe inwardly at how many casting couches cluttered her past while she was trying to be fuckin’ famous in Joo York, but whatever. What hot chick hasn’t done that these days.

    On cue, chubby friend misreads my inward disgust and brags that her friend “could’ve been really big.” She just chose not to. I’m like- yeah, great.

    Then it hits me- the friend is NOT trying to cock block. She’s actively trying to sell her friend to me. Unexpected. I was prepped for battle. Still I know how these things can go, so I pawn her off on my buddy who greedily accepts (he’s married. loves attention. long story.)

    Apparently she’s got the same misgivings about me and asking why I’m not married, blah blah. She steers the convo to family and says she has a niece and nephew she likes to spoil rotten. I’m thinking- that’s cool. A chick who actually likes children instead of showing me a pic of her dog. All good things.

    OK. I can play the family game. Show her a pic of my niece and nephews staring rapt at a hockey game. I tell her- my sister is furious with me, but I’m raising them right on hockey and tennis. They’ve demanded to watch the entire Stanley Cup.

    She’s like – oh I have to show you my niece and nephew. Pulls out her phone.

    That’s when I see it.

    Are your niece and nephew- uh- black?
    Well. Half. yeah. Why?
    Whaddya mean, why. Because they look black. Let me guess. Your sister is not married to the dad?
    No but what does that have to do with anything!
    What’re the odds? I must be psychic.
    I don’t like the way you’re taking about my niece and nephew.

    Convo cooled pretty quickly after that (as you can imagine.) Excused myself. It all made sense. It was nothing she did. She has unrealistically high standards and can’t find a White man who wants to marry into a mud shark family.

    It stains the entire family. I lost all interest. This is why it’s their most pernicious evil. Those kids didn’t do anything wrong. Their mother did- and most of all- her father did by allowing any of it. But that’s going to fry the brain of any modern day broad.

    My Bros: we must find a way to take the culture back. This cannot continue.


  70. Informative field report, FE.

    It’s all at once upsetting, depressing and mildly amusing, in a being-hip-to-clown-world kind of way.


  71. — It stains the entire family. I lost all interest. This is why it’s their most pernicious evil.

    There are no words that can describe the evil of mudsharking but yours came as close as I’ve ever read. The brunette in your story doesn’t operate on loyalty to higher ideals like men do. She just loves her (filthy) sister. Tragically, her loyalty makes her dirty.

    Mixing caught middle aged parents off-guard thirty years ago. They had no idea what to do, no proper template of behavior to deal with this way of becoming a grandparent. Many accepted the situation.

    New generations of parents/relatives of mudsharks know that game. They have no excuse of being blindsided. It’s for the best on every level that they make it clear to their wayward daughter/sister: you go that route, and you are cut off in every way that matters.

  72. @PA, Mendo, Chak

    Thanks guys. I know you guys realize I don’t write this junk to demoralize anyone. Far from it. I just want everyone to see what we’re up against. These are chicks in the midwest for god’s sake. Private Catholic schools (maybe the problem..)

    There ARE solutions to these problems. We see it being combated in Italy right now under Salvini. I remember a CH post celebrating an anti-mudsharking campaign Salvini either supported or created.

    It was a thing of beauty. That’s why I always come back to- we need parallel institutions, beginning with entertainment.

  73. This might say more about me than the movie, but took the antagonists in Animal House to be the future suburban upper-middle management class strivers and soccer moms. The proverbial arse-holes that look down their nose at anyone that does not want to play the rat race game as hard as and with the same win-loss checklist as they do. With that perspective, I loved it. I went to a pretty academically intense engineering school, so watching Animal House was almost like MGTOW porn.

    If you’re taking movie recommendations, the one time I wrote an unsolicited email to Roissy was back when he did a movie review once or twice. The original “Cast-away,” Italian version with sub-titles NOT the Madonna BS of the same name, is the most game-aware movie I have ever seen. Not only that, it’s the most game-aware movie I can even imagine seeing. Must-see recommendation.

  74. Pingback: Cantandum in Ezkhaton 06/02/19 | Liberae Sunt Nostrae Cogitatiores

  75. The original “Cast-away,” Italian version with sub-titles NOT the Madonna BS of the same name, is the most game-aware movie I have ever seen. Not only that, it’s the most game-aware movie I can even imagine seeing. Must-see recommendation.

    For the record, you mean Swept Away… and the irony is that it was directed by a broad, allegedly a Swiss Catholic original go-grrl Lina Wertmeuller who paid her muh HallOfCosts kike dues with Seven Beauties.,.

  76. So I’m out this weekend with my best friend and see a strikingly beautiful brunette with olive skin, blue eyes, and long dark hair. She’s looks mid-30s but no ring. I figure I’m good, and I make a move.

    Now I know why they call you Fast Eddie. 😉

    /been lookin’ for an opportunity to work that in rape!

  77. “So I’m out this weekend with my best friend and see a strikingly beautiful brunette with olive skin, blue eyes, and long dark hair. She’s looks mid-30s but no ring. I figure I’m good, and I make a move. She’s standing with a chubby blonde friend, crowded in at the bar. I sidle up next to her”

    I dunno man, I have a different take on this, probably more in line with travioli of all people. (Not sure that is a good thing, lol) but here is the deal-

    First off, that is a highly exotic and rare combo you have described there and one that I generally swoon over. Black hair, light olive skin, and blue eyes is marriage material if she is thin too and has even a modicum of personality. (Megan Fox, Adriana Lima, etc) This chick sounds like she did. So he has n1glets in the family? Not YOUR problem, and really not even -her- problem. The thing is, blood runs deeps, so she will always love her sister, can you fault her for that?

    If my sibling had burned coal I would NOT be pleased but I wouldn’t disown them over it unless said coal was mad n1ggerish and a threat / danger. (A real possibility). This woman sounded fairly put together and very attractive for mid-30s so this whole thing strikes me as “pointy elbows” syndrome. Now if SHE was a coal-burner. Diff. story entirely.

    I dated a Brazilian of the far southern variety the ones who are descended from the fleeing Nazis basically. Santa Caterina is a southern state in Brazil and there are blue eyed blondes all over the place. She was a typically hot / sexy brazilian babe but she could pass for dutch or german because she basically WAS german. Things were going swimmingly until she told me she had sampled dat n1gga dick w/ her ex. Immediately souring of my interest. These women have no concept of evolutionary fitness. They don’t understand the geologic time scale it took to produce those blond / blue traits they possess. 300,000 years! That is the head start that we had before the ‘out of africa’ event. It is like me deciding to go fuck a farm animal because, ‘close enough’, right?

    tl;dr: “Sins of the Father”, how guilty should someone be of what their family does? This is a question everyone must answer but shitlibs hold us to a similar standard because of something a few assholes did 400 years ago that everyone must now pay for, in perpetuity.

    p.s. I never asked, since the shuttering of CH does anyone have any other daily haunts with GOOD commentariat of a similar caliber? The gold standard use to be TakiMag’s comments board but they got to close to the 3rd rail so they had to Shut It Down! CH was my fall back. I read Z-Man, but I’m looking for something a bit more ‘spicy’ like the CH forum. Any suggestions?

  78. Two opposing things if you’re sizing a woman up for marriage (if it’s just for a bang, your mood at that moment is just about the only factor in play):

    Pick your battles

    You don’t just marry one person, you “marry” her entire family. Her mudshark past would make matters a non-negotiable nogo. Her sister’s… know what you can tolerate, including at the Thanksgiving table.

  79. my take on FE’s story…bang her out. Then go forth and do likewise to others.

    why even care? If I have to hear one more lauding of the nordic people who are the worst self-cuckers on the planet, Ima puke. Nigger women at least defend they men…that asian AirBnb chick…marry HER. Nigger women were stepping up to defend nigger men involved in that shit. What white woman would? Evolution took 100s of 1000s of whatever to create useless shit like peacock feathers too…so what? So it took 100,000 years to produce a race that self-annihilates and women that choose infertility and treason? Bad idea to reproduce with these behaviors…

    The white race is a goner at this point, sorry. You’re not, as an individual, but the race has suicided…for whatever reason. Forget about these sacred cows, they are gonna drown you.

    Do for yourself at this point as the collective has abandoned you. Wish it were otherwise,

    To survive this extinction will require abandonment of EVERY sacred cow, the pathetic religions, the racial orthodoxy, everything. You’re going to have to find good BEHAVIORS, rather than your daughter inheriting swedish good looks along with a latent desire to self-destruct.

    The behaviors we see now from whites – you have to grasp this – are a DEFECT in the race. Do you people get that? There has quite clearly been a genetic or epigenetic collapse in whites. Your great grandfather would have DIED before he put up with this shit.

  80. What our muh dik gourmand fails to realize, amidst all his mischling agitprop, is that extinction of the White race, Nordic branch, is ASSURED if White men and women decide to forego the Aryan ideal and miscegenate en masse… whereas his hyperbolic predictions of our demise are by no means a fait accompli, given the overly-trumpeted actions of a portion of our kind by an (((MSM))) who wants that sort of thing furthered even more.

    It’s like I’ve been saying since the good ol’ days of the chateau… the biggest problem of miscegenation isn’t only that all those years of evolving genes are destroyed in a mere generation by the culprits… it’s that their offspring then become cheerleaders of even more miscegenation in subsequent generations, not to mention outright political and social enemies of future White children.

  81. If the sister’s a mudshark, then there’s a great chance that chick also dipped herself in the mud.

    This reminded me of a chick I knew at work: had blue eyes, curly hair, petite with an impressive booty and a complimentary bosom. She had tats, even the welcome mat on her lower back, but I figured, “eh, quit being so stodgy.”

    We went to lunch once and she was in the process of inking her entire left torso. She showed me a picture of the progress so far, after I had asked her to pull up her dress in a nearby secluded area as we walked to the restaurant. (Mind you, this was goober mendo, well before I even knew about game, red pill, etc.)

    While we waited for our food, she showed me pictures of her nephew. I thought, “wow, he’s got quite the tan,” only because booty babe also had a good tan going on (but the summer variety.) Instinctively I knew something was amiss, but didn’t have the knowledge to place it correctly. She mentioned that her sis was having issues with the hubby and booty babe did not speak well of hubby. I noticed that some of the photos she was showing me were on her instawhore page so later on I decided to check it out–it was public at the time. Sure enough there were some nogs here and there.

    Once I got hip to what I was ignorant about, I recalled her father (who also worked at the same company) said that for ten years, he was living in Germany. Didn’t sound like the family was with him. Everything finally made sense.

  82. Was typing out a response when I saw this from GE:
    ” it’s that their offspring then become cheerleaders of even more miscegenation in subsequent generations, not to mention outright political and social enemies of future White children.”

    That sums it up. An epidemic that spreads geometrically.

    @Jay and Travvy

    Banging it out isn’t on the table because I didn’t even get her number after that. I vacillate back and forth between wanting something real and just accumulating notches. In that moment I was a “wanting something real” guy.

    Besides, past experience has taught me it just doesn’t work. I spend, conservatively, 30% of my day making fun of niggers with friends and family. It’s great fun, and there’s endless source material (especially where I live.) Just asking her if the halfros her sister pooped out were black, triggered a response. It’s too large a cultural divide, even if she didn’t engage in it herself (@Mendo- and really who knows. You’re right. If there’s one sister… I mean, how many Kartrashians haven’t jumped in at least one tar pit?)

    Couple years ago I dated a tiny blonde whose mom got a divo and then mudhsarked. Then married the nigger. She wasn’t happy about it. But at the same time, that’s her family now. Sees them at least once per week. My nigger jokes and everyday observances eventually went down like a lead balloon. Family is family after all, and it’s just a bridge too far.

    For me, personally, it wouldn’t have worked.

    She was hot though. Gotta give her that.

  83. — Family is family after all, and it’s just a bridge too far.

    That’s where so many people are mistaken. If it betrayed you, it’s no longer family. If it took a shit in the nest, toss that nest off the branch. Disown the ‘shark. It doesn’t have to be dramatic but it has to be done.

  84. I have a difficult time perceiving where Trav’s viewpoint diverges from the bog-standard globohomo viewpoint.

  85. That’s where so many people are mistaken. If it betrayed you, it’s no longer family. If it took a shit in the nest, toss that nest off the branch. Disown the ‘shark. It doesn’t have to be dramatic but it has to be done.

    Banning and shunning was commonplace in Western society during the rise and largest part of its greatest eras…

    … during times of decline is when malaise-combating tactics such as those are rare.

    “And a man’s enemies shall be those of his own house.”

  86. I have a difficult time perceiving where Trav’s viewpoint diverges from the bog-standard globohomo viewpoint.

    Pretty much.

    And though he claims White ancestry, I think it’s obvious there’s some n1gger in the woodpile of his family tree… even if it’s a distant moop from the lands where eggplants grow.

    And, like I said above, that’s why the cheerleading for other Whites to join the club… it’s simply a matter of muh Identity..

  87. @Elk. Appreciate ya. MW but not rust belt. Actually pretty negro-infested libtardtropolis. (It was beautiful once.)

    Anyway, I’m not posting again until I have a more positive FR.

  88. Your race is your father(s).

    So all male/female unions pit one race of father(s) versus another race of father(s). Miscegenation is inherent to all unions not absolutely incestual. “Mudsharking” is miscegenation at the extremes where the rival fathers are completely alien to each other. “White” is a socially constructed truth amongst similars races of father(s) signally reasonable miscegenation (crossing of races). This similarity ideally rooted in a common notion of objective (S)upremacy. Otherwise known as “white supremacy.” Miscegenation is nearly unavoidable. “Mudsharking” is entirely avoidable. And the Church does not speak on the matter one way or the other. Which is its own double-edged sword.

  89. Heh. Yep. Swept Away, 1974.

    As for ironic, I don’t see any irony. I didn’t realize it was made by a woman, but it makes perfect sense. In a way, it is totally chick-porn. I don’t see a man making that movie unless he was thoroughly red-pilled, and even then, he wouldn’t bother because he’d know the message would be lost on its audience.

  90. I might revisit Tarkovsky’s 80s cinematic contributions, if — and only if — I ever get around to first finishing his autobiographical ‘Sculpting in Time,’ in the mesmerizing German translation I’ve got collecting dust on a shelf.

  91. Leave it to Gayg to pollute yet another forum with his boomerist bullshit

    I’m simply pointing out facts you guys don’t wanna hear. Shoot the messenger, IDGAF.

    I hear over and over again about fuckin how awesome nordic DNA is yet you cannot refute the FACT that this DNA contains a massive defect. They are the vanguard among whites of self-destruction. You’re better off going for an italian.

    But, noooooooo, they’re too swarthy or something. Seriously, IDGAF, cling to your religion till you drown with it. I do not for the life of me understand why you idiots cannot see that you are idealizing women. It’s an epic fail. The white race is in visible, demonstrable collapse…pointing this out isn’t an endorsement of it.

    The real God, evolution, deems it thus, so it is thus. Either compete or die. It’s as simple as that. It’s very alarming to watch people who observe the mudsharking, faggotism, and other disgusting behaviors engaged in by whites continuously attribute these to external conspiracy-level causes. It’s like nigger logic. We jus’ beez held down by da man

  92. and before I get another fucking endorsement of Christianity complete with a totally false rendition of how it enabled the rise of the West…bear in mind that this religion oversaw the COLLAPSE of Rome. And a subsequent 1000+ year period where the west wasn’t SHIT. The Chinese led in everything back then.

    For the past 400 years only has the West been ascendant…you cannot credit that to this religion. It happened in spite of it. Now it is strangling us like it strangled Rome.


    White people who are self-destructive are LOWER THAN NIGGERS. Their DNA is less than worthless. A traitor to their own genetics and race. Filth. Trash. Garbage. Nordic.

    They are a pretty turd. But still a turd. A polished up nigger.

    Any organism that seeks to propagate its competitors or assist its parasites MUST GO EXTINCT. Evolution deems this GOOD. The FUCK does reality care about the likes of YOU and YOUR preferences for nordic beauty when it is coupled with racial annihilation from within? These people are the equivalent of sirens calling you to drown.

    So hung up on “HB10” that you will condemn your offspring to extinction? Then die.

  93. — It’s like nigger logic. We jus’ beez held down by da man

    A key place where the analogy fails: when niggers are left alone, they regress to cannibalism and astronomical infant mortality rates. When Whites are left alone, we create great things.

  94. Even though you pen many truths Trav, you position the desire for racial self-annihilation, ultimately, outside the individual white boy. You mostly tag “Christianity” for this, but the religion assumes “free will.” Of course, you might scoff at “free will” by pointing out the pervasive degeneracy all about? Yet, you might as well conclude that there is no free-willed desire for (S)upremacy amongst whites. Ergo, there is no “white supremacy.” Which is exactly what you will assert. But then, why get all up-in-arms on a daily basis about an ubiquitous “white” degeneracy?

    No “white supremacy” = “white” degeneracy…

    Desire for “white supremacy” = rejection of “white” degeneracy.

  95. For the past 400 years only has the West been ascendant…you cannot credit that to this religion. It happened in spite of it. Now it is strangling us like it strangled Rome.

    Did you know that the legions who defended Rome were mostly German and from about the late 1st Century AD onwards were about 50% Christian? Christianity was a very popular religion in the Roman Army and was tolerated. Western Rome was strangled by plagues, no organized system of succession and civil war in the 3rd century AD. The Western empire was depopulated in the upheaval of plagues and civil war and there was almost no one to work the fields in Gaul or Germany. Christianity had nothing to do with it and would have been more accurately associated with its renaissance after Constantine. You need to read more about Byzantium as well. It lasted until 1453 and the Renaissance occurred because of its downfall, spreading their scholars throughout Europe. Arab advancement was also due to their conquering Greek controlled regions.

    Rome was never as advanced as Ancient China. China was also monotheistic in the days of Confucius and Lao Tse. Look up Shang Di.

  96. Jay, I am not aware of any comments board as good as Takis. it was my favorite by far. I go to Vox to read but don’t comment there. It is about 75% as good as Taki’s. What was your handle at Takis? I had a lot of up votes there but I also used my real name. CH had too many bone heads and in fighting. It was impossible to have a reasoned discussion the last year or so. Too many people trying to stifle discussion there. I am sad to say many of the bad eggs reappeared here as well. I had high hopes for this place at first until about three weeks ago. Vox was right to toss many of them out. They tore down CH when they migrated. Discussion there is generally still better than here, I am sorry to say, although this place is better for discussion than CH became.

  97. You’re better off going for an italian.

    This I agree with. The stereotype that all Italians are somehow swarthy is borne of American ignorance. GE apparently doesn’t know that Sicily was also a Norman state for several hundred years. Before then it was Greek, Phoenician Italian and Lombard. There are lots of light haired people in Italy. Italy has the richest and most advanced culture in the West. A refined Italian is the pinnacle of Western cultural achievement. Germanic culture is a bit dull and boorish in comparison- Bauhaus versus Baroque. When it is advanced it is because of their efforts to emulate Italians.

  98. CH’s philosophy about the comments section was open-floor. VD’s has been closely controlled. Each had its tradeoffs. VD, in my view, cut out a lot of good commenters by making it Google-sign in only, presumably because they don’t have an account (Big Gay Steve, Koanic, several others).

    The mod-glitch at CH was a choke on discussion. I think it was out of his hands. Through much of 2014-2015, I was on permamod there. I in fact started this blog when a long comment of mine got eaten.

    Despite their inevitable (given the volume of comments) minor frustrations, both CH and VD have been the greatest place for discussion anywhere.

    PS: Areestrakrus was a thermonuclear JayEyeDeeEf shill.

  99. Trav: ” If I have to hear one more lauding of the nordic people who are the worst self-cuckers on the planet, Ima puke.”

    In my eyes, you may have well said “If I have to hear one more lauding of a snow-capped mountain or beachside sunset, Ima puke.”

    The Nordic peoples, on the whole, contain so much beauty and potential, they/we will always draw my heart to the land and its/my people.

  100. Greg: “distant moop”

    Top kek!

    (I’m late with replies after spending a couple days in the wilderness)

  101. “PS: Areestrakrus was a thermonuclear JayEyeDeeEf shill.”

    Aye. (S)he made every other notorious antagonist sound like a real philosopher.

  102. GE apparently doesn’t know that Sicily was also a Norman state for several hundred years.

    Congratulations upon finding Waldo deep in the southern lands where the lemon trees bloom.

    As if that somehow counterbalanced Moorish conquest?

    Whatever Lombardic or Visigothic or Ostrogothic or Viking-type planted a few seeds in any given area, our lying eyes still tell us that, if you’re panning for some golden Eye-Tyes, best stick to Alpine regions of the boot.

    Sorry, but the card says “moops”.

    Leave it to Gayg to pollute yet another forum with his boomerist bullshit

    Since when does a gainsay on your Fractured Fairy Tales of Race have anything to do with age? ESPECIALLY when your proposed solution to White extinction actually hastens and ASSURES it?

    Fuckwit of the first order, you are.

    And as far as pollution with bullshit goes, you may want to consider the three fingers of your own hand pointing back at yourself every time you try to point one at me. I see your proclivity for projection, much like Danger’s proclivity for irrelevancies, travels swiftly in Cyberia.

  103. Various commentators can viciously lament the seemingly hopeless affinity for things Nordic, but as the very phenotype exalted by Herr Hitler and later associatively pathologized as “white supremacy” attests, Nordicism plays a centrally schismatic roll within the break-up of the West. Yet, there is no actual salvation for “white man” in reveling in the racial self-annihilation of the Nordic 9-10. If the 9-10s go, the 8s will certainly replace them as the “villains” of “white supremacy.” And because almost no white male considering himself on the “right” side of the political spectrum can resist knee-jerkingly denying his penchant for “white supremacy,” Nordic 8s will soon be under tremendous global pressure to racially self-annihilate. A psychological r/evolution persists and only Nordic 6-7s will remain to halt the vicious existential regression.

  104. Clue for ya, JJ… attempted wit should actually make sense and amuse others besides oneself… or those of like-mind, enthralled by shiny objects..

    If this place is just going to be more of the same bullshit inanities, chateau-lite, then what’s the point?

    “Look, when we get down to Miami, call me Enrico or RIzzo… because if this “Ratzo” business starts up again, what’s the point of going down?”

    (((shakin’ mah haid)))

  105. “If this place is just going to be more of the same bullshit inanities, chateau-lite, then what’s the point?”


    It was fine until you showed up.

  106. That “moops” thing always did trigger your mischling ass.

    Check your “Eliot Has Green Hair” premises, sock puppy. It was fine until you mischlings started in with the same ol’, lame ol’ muh dik/Nordics bad bullshit.

  107. One more time, Greg. My first post after your use of “moop” sayeth thus:

    “Greg: “distant moop”

    Top kek!”

    I was using your own dialect to complement you, but you had to find some way to turn it into some kind of “nasty woman” moment.

    In case this is still too difficult for you: I LIKED your joke. Try reading comments before reverting to your worst self.

  108. Your alleged “joke” or “compliment” or whatever the fuck it was meant to be made no sense, for “moop” is a disparaging term for them the color of thick molasses.

    I advise again, TRY to amuse others besides yourself, if you would jest.

    And stick that snarky passive-aggressive attempt to female shame up your lame ass.

  109. Having green hair would be the absolute least of your flaws.

    Sez the clown car driver whose only contributions to the erstwhile chateau… and now here… is attempting to snark at Eliot… and not being clever enough to quit digging the hole in which he invariably finds himself.

    My only flaw is getting roped into having smack the likes of your kind upside the haid. Flaws? Boy, you’d have to take a step up to reach mediocre.

  110. Holy fuck Greg. Do you not know how to bury the hatchet? The offer was made, and you not only refused, you amplified.

    One more time. I want to treat you as an equal. If you’re willing, let’s.

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