The Death Of Hamlet

It’s my translation of Zbigniew Herbert’s “Elegy of Fortinbras” (1961). Fortinbras is William Shakespeare’s fictional Norwegian prince and conqueror of Denmark. He appears in the final scene of “Hamlet.” The themes that are of interest to us now:

  • The finality of the death of the old regime
  • The imposition of martial order over a cucked country (Mister President?)
  • The unbridgeable gap between Romanticism and Realism
  • Matter and spirit

Here is the musical interpretation. It is perfect. Below is the original and translated text, with my brief commentary in bold type leading off each verse.

Verse 1. – Fortinbras confesses of his fondness for the lifeless enemy. 

Teraz kiedy zostaliśmy sami możemy porozmawiać książę jak mężczyzna z mężczyzną
chociaż leżysz na schodach i widzisz tyle co martwa mrówka 

to znaczy czarne słońce o złamanych promieniach 

Now that we’re alone we can talk Prince man to man
though you lie on the stairs and see no more than a dead ant
nothing but a black sun with broken rays

Nigdy nie mogłem myśleć o twoich dłoniach bez uśmiechu 
i teraz kiedy leżą na kamieniu jak strącone gniazda 
są tak samo bezbronne jak przedtem To jest właśnie koniec 
Ręce leżą osobno Szpada leży osobno Osobno głowa 
I nogi rycerza w miękkich pantoflach

I could never think of your hands without smiling
and now that they lie on the stone like fallen nests
they are as defenseless as before The end is exactly this 
The hands lie apart The sword lies separate The head separate
and the knight’s feet in soft slippers

Verse 2. (1:35) – His eulogy shifts to from private to public matters. 

Pogrzeb mieć będziesz żołnierski chociaż nie byłeś żołnierzem
jest to jedyny rytuał na jakim trochę się znam 

You will have a soldier’s funeral though you weren’t a soldier 
it is the only ritual I am somewhat acquainted with

Nie będzie gromnic i śpiewu będą lonty i huk
kir wleczony po bruku hełmy podkute buty konie artyleryjskie 

werbel werbel wiem nic pięknego  

There will be no candles no singing there’ll be cannon fuses and salvos 
Crape dragged on cobblestones helmets studded boots artillery horses  
drumming drumming I know it’s nothing exquisite

to będą moje manewry przed objęciem władzy
trzeba wziąć miasto za gardło i wstrząsnąć nim trochę

those will be my maneuvers as I assume control
one has to take the city by the throat and shake it a bit

Verse 3. (2:46) – On Hamlet’s errors.

Tak czy owak musiałeś zginąć Hamlecie nie byłeś do życia
wierzyłeś w kryształowe pojęcia a nie glinę ludzką
żyłeś ciągłymi skurczami jak we śnie łowiłeś chimery
łapczywie gryzłeś powietrze i natychmiast wymiotowałeś 

Anyhow you had to perish Hamlet you were not for life
you believed in crystal notions not in human clay
always twitching as if asleep you hunted chimeras
wolfishly you bit at the air only to vomit

nie umiałeś żadnej ludzkiej rzeczy
nawet oddychać nie umiałeś

you couldn’t do a single human thing
you did not even know how to breathe

Verse 4. (3:35) – Candor, judgment, a touch of envy.

Teraz masz spokój Hamlecie zrobiłeś co do ciebie należało
i masz spokój Reszta nie jest milczeniem ale należy do mnie 

wybrałeś część łatwiejszą efektywny sztych 

Now you have peace Hamlet you accomplished what you had to
and you have peace The rest is not silence but it belongs to me
you chose the easier part an elegant thrust

lecz czymże jest śmierć bohaterska wobec wiecznego czuwania 
z zimnym jabłkiem w dłoni na wysokim krześle 

z widokiem na mrowisko i tarczę zegara 

but what is heroic death compared to eternal vigilance
with a cold apple in one’s hand on a raised chair
with a view on the anthill and on the clock’s dial

Verse 5. (4:23) – The two worlds part ways.

Żegnaj książę czeka na mnie projekt kanalizacji
i dekret w sprawie prostytutek i żebraków 

muszę także obmyślić lepszy system więzień 

gdyż jak zauważyłeś słusznie Dania jest więzieniem 

Adieu Prince I have tasks a sewer project
and a decree on prostitutes and beggars
I must also elaborate a better system of prisons
since as you justly said Denmark is a prison

Odchodzę do moich spraw Dziś w nocy urodzi się  
Gwiazda Hamlet Nigdy się nie spotkamy

To co po mnie zostanie nie będzie przedmiotem tragedii

I go to my affairs This night is born
a star named Hamlet We shall never meet
what I shall leave will not be the subject of a tragedy

Coda. (5:12) – The coffin is lowered but some things are immortal.

Ani nam witać się ani żegnać żyjemy na archipelagach
A ta woda te słowa cóż mogą cóż mogą książę

It is not for us to greet each other or bid farewell we live on archipelagos
and that water these words what can they do what can they do Prince

(open thread)

63 thoughts on “The Death Of Hamlet

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  3. sorry for the ot, but just thought it’d be interesting to share. i make a habit of sometimes just readingt through shitlib forums and the usual antiwhite peanut gallery screeds. it should come as no surprise to anyone on here that reasoning with these people is an exercise in futility. i myself have long given up on it and just resort to tossing some classic ch aphorim at them and watch them froth with childish rage. yet, there are still good souls who take the time to explain things to them in a logical and sensible manner, only for their opponents to haul out an “its ok to punch nazis though” or “nothing wrong with bashing the fash.” After going through a sequence of retorts of this kind, i remarked that according to their definition, every east asian is a nazi (the entire subject was about how “evil” and “insensitive” it was to not want people from other nations in yours). even though i considered myself knowledgeable enough in teh ways of our enemies’ thought pattern, i just didn’t anticipate their reply this time. “east asians aren’t the ones invading their countries”. i thought the discussion was about how bad were people who behaved like “nazis”. in this one tidbit, they revealed that not only are they not serious about their weak nazi slander, they inherently agree that protecting one’s borders and caring for one’s citizens first and foremost just amounts to common sense. only whites shouldn’t have this luxury. they tactly admitted that diversity is a form of punishment for whites’ perceived slights as opposed to their trite “diversity is our strength” drivel.

  4. in more OT, dovetail to the ubiquitous JQ-

    worries now about an Iranian crescent of influence from Iran to the Med. Hmm.

    Jews are masterminds; it’s all planned…Pax Americana, PNAC…neocons. Potent directors.

    Iran wouldn’t be in Lebanon if not for the civil war that the jews helped stoke and even participated in. Hezbollah rose because they were the only entity that could run civic services. They basically are the f-ing government there now.

    Iran wouldn’t be in Syria if we and our jew and sunni “allies” (Israel, KSA, and UAE) didn’t foment, arm, train, fund, run a civil war in Syria, necessitating the invitation of Iranian forces, regular and irregular, to assist Assad against the headchopper psycho wahabbi sunnis.

    Iran wouldn’t be in Iraq if we hadn’t overthrown the government of Saddam Hussein, ushering in a “democracy” in a country we KNEW was Shia-majority! Muqtada Al Sadr, the guy who 15 years ago was killing our troops in armed conflict, is now basically president of the fucking country!

    In fact, if you didn’t know better you’d think our foreign policy was intended to empower iran! You’d think the jews wanted more iranian influence. Of course, they don’t…they are just vicious ticks who only have a Yahweh style answer to everything of kill it all dead. They cannot get along with anyone and like an ammo stocker, want to shoot their way to prosperity. Stockpile toilet paper. Be somebody people are glad to have around.

    Those who claim the niggerization of West Point is part of a grand strategy…lol. Like this ME policy is a grand strategy. If I were China, i take the trade war to the next level and provide Iran with nuclear weapons technology.

  5. @d, stop being flabbergasted about animal excellence. They ain’t cultural. Why does white history have high, narrow peaks? Whites herd for the sake of herding. Direction is immaterial. No stewardship. The upswing stewardship is by coincidence of following higher forms of white life, or at least better policy from somewhat better forms of life that will cheat once economic and culture trust is established.

    The better wild animals, i.e. not domesticated, don’t follow so easily. They pretend and make the kill every chance they get. Foremost among them is woman. Fool you a million times shame on who? Please get there emotionally. They are not human. If you must question your own humanity to get there, I wish you would. The West will die without informed and overwhelming action. Ignorance is underwhelming. You are of course accomplished to get as far as you have gotten. Apply Occum’s Razor and get there. Not only is it less complicated that way, it’s more accurate and precise. Lying works. It is older than homo sapiens. How else would hominids evolve? The ‘intelligent’ design of evolution explains all this crazy shit. I accuse you religious types for projecting God far too much on ‘your fellow man’. Look at white and yourselves more seriously. The white gene pool is dirty. Once you see that, you will be patient and persevering until and unless opportunism comes along. Then you will be the fast alligator that no one sees coming.

    Would everyone but GE who is so inclined kindly tell me to shut up? I would appreciate a good reason to quit this drug of virtual socializing escapism. Damn meatspace of futility. If only I could have do over.

  6. ” Damn meatspace of futility. If only I could have do over. ”

    Even if you got the chance to do things over you would still end up in the place, and point in time, that we are all at now. You are exactly where you need to be, We all are. Patience sir, patience.

  7. The desire for “do overs,” ie., the fatality of redundancy, is a subconscious rejection of striving towards (P)erfection.

    If one is a white boy lost in this land of “radical autonomy,” one cannot resist in seeking “he” who wills all (R)ight.

    And with no objectively supreme superstructure, “he” is many and most chaotic, ie., pagan.

    A vicious r/evolution perpetuates.

    “Do-overs” rack then wreck many a high IQ “white” male minds.

    Metaphysical harmony = regenerate race.

  8. @Amon Ra, you don’t know where I am. Seriously. Group identity does not mean the rich man is not better of than the poor, the healthy man is not better of than the injured. I suppose you mean well. I am not religious. I find narrative confinement to be dehumanizing. “That’s not you,” she says, or the priest. I don’t get thordaddy’s comment. It is akin to saying parenting does not matter. You can do more for you child than for yourself. The childhood capacity to learn is a strength or a weakness depending on the input. There are not great young men who did not have great fathers or some similar role model. I suppose great old men can be self-made. It is easy to sabotage children. The state counts on it. Subhuman adults want their turn, like high school seniors. Decline happens by mass consent and support. It is psychological abuse to rational boys. It is probably beyond your ken to know what I mean. The fish must experience being in and out of that water to recognized it. The decline continues swimmingly, as if divine provenance wills it, as with the extermination of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

  9. @Reality

    ” @Amon Ra, you don’t know where I am. Seriously. ”

    I speak in metaphysical terms in direct relation to our race’s struggle. I suggest you review the biographies of some great men of the past and the struggles they endured. I would especially focus on the trajectories of their lives and how the seemingly ” dark ” spots, and the low points in their existence, ultimately led to their greatness. Your recent posts sound conflicted, angry, and depressed. However, you should know that we are here for you, as your brothers in the struggle. You aren’t alone.

  10. @Amon Ra, that was nice. Thx. I wish it were only spots. I am not sure I should model myself after great men. I have tried to be great at endeavors and I have learned that often I am beaten by those that don’t necessarily have better talent but they perfected mediocre skill for their mediocre talent. Nevertheless, point taken because of that fourth word. Yes, I can actually appreciate the metaphysical perspective.

  11. @PeterSweden posts results of European elections a few hours ago:

    – Farage wins in UK.

    – Le Pen wins in France

    – Salvini wins in Italy.

    – Orban wins in Hungary.

    – Right wing surging in Sweden.

    – Nationalists 2nd place in Belgium.

    – Right wing populists 1st in Poland, new record high result.

    Massive success for the right-wing across Europe!

    Flush the EU down the toilet
    Remove “hate speech” laws
    Get US armed forces out of Europe
    End all immigration and start repatriating all non-Europeans

  12. It’s a start. What is starts remains to be seen.

    I’ll take the good news for now.

    Cue the Snoopy dance. (h/t CH)

  13. On that note, I’d be curious on your thoughts on this PA.

    And by that I mean a post on it. (hintity hint hint)

  14. “Reality” Doug…

    American white man is a “lone wolf*.”

    American white man hates anything socialization, ie., abhors traditional brainwashing.

    Mass degeneracy = collective descent.

    Collective ascent manifests at the individual white man.

    Incarceration is liberal

    Racial incarnation is more particular.

    Your races is your father(s).

    Anti-racism is hatred for the Fatherland.

    Ascension can never be top-down amongst free-willed white men.

    Ergo, in the “radically autonomous” environment, “white man” is a one man show seeking (S)upremacy…


    He is perpetually self-annihilating…

    Hating his fatherland… Fleeing his father’s land… Desecrating his founding fathers… And finally allying with turd worlders who share a mutual penchant for “liberation” enabling their displacement of hatred to compound out decline.


    I’d just as well will “Reality” Doug (R)ight as any jew-nigger afflicted with a rabid anti-white (S)upremacy.

    There is no cogdiss there.

    Just to be a race-realist Heritage American is to know the primacy of “white supremacy” as a psychological bulwark against hordastic liberation.

    *Divine self > group identity.

  15. “Hypergamy” has been the most disastrous viral troll to date in the face of what is epidemic anti-racism. The reconciliation of meme and anti-meme is “nigger supremacy.”

  16. Kunstler has some good boomer doomer porn up this morning. It’s about the same old doomer porn theme but he plays it well. He says that our complex systems can’t go on without (available) oil, and China’s too.

    I would agree with that general assessment. Even if there were, or already is, a technology breakthrough for new easy energy, it seems like it would be impossible to implement. Or on the other hand, maybe our easy energy in the form of fossil fuels is not actually so limited? There was a conspiracy theory early 2000’s that oil was abiotic and regenerating.

    I have no background to evaluate these questions. Is oil really the result of decayed dinosaurs though? That does seem odd, does it not? Like how many dead dinosaurs were there? And if they are the source of oil can’t we just kill some more, or maybe the elephants? [ that’s a joke — long live the elephants; god willing they will not go extinct, unlike their simple minded brethren the rhinos ]

  17. And yesterday’s good gossip porn courtesy of Daily Stormer, which good gossip porn is not nearly the same without the full comments, which require Tor browser.

    The gossip porn was about that what’s-her-name run-o’-the-mill Russian jew pedophile piece-of-ass. She starred as the Lolita-in-question in the very good cult movie with Matt Dylan and all the other gen x stars who matter, which movie was set in Upstate New York and how the prodigal son goes back home to try out life among his townie friends who stayed behind [ “Nothing changes in Townie-town but the weather!” ] and falls in love with the precocious young teenage girl next door played by what’s-her-name.

    And then she was also the Jedi prodigy of Liam Nelson in Star War: Episode 11: the Bone Wars and it turns out that Nelson was giving her more than jedi lessons, if you know what I mean! He was sharing w/ her his famously large horse dick. Actually that’s entirely speculative except it’s not. I honestly can’t remember bitch what’s-her-name’s name. Getting old: not as fun as it used to be.

    She came into the news cycle due to her relations with Moby. Remember him? She totally dissed him and called him a creep. As Anglin points out, in his inimitable way [ charitably attributed to coffee ] she would be a kinder person, a more human-souled being, to say something simple and truthful such as, He was too low status for me and I wasn’t interested. Instead she has to suggest that he is scum, a lurking pedophilia.

    Women; they can be so nice! Or as I like to say: It’s shit tests all the way down, and then enjoy your funeral (pyre).

  18. This comment series is in three parts. There is a well made television series on amazon called Bosch. The tv crowd knows about its high ranking status. The lead actor who plays Bosch was one of those vaguely familiar actors, but this role will be the capstone to his otherwise “almost” career. He will have made it.

    Fuentes is right that talking about television is Normieville. Guilty as charged then. Somedays after a long day at the factory, one’s will to power is not what it once was, and instead of practicing and or praying, it’s television. This fucking life, right? It would be cool if there were puppet shows going down at the local community center, but it’s just not happening. Our entertainment is mass produced; our entertainment is a product. Apparently Marx gets credit for first making that observation.

    Anyways I will wrap this up and then go to an AA nooner, to see some people. There is some good interpersonal drama going on. The show, the long and the short of it. Well written well produced well acted blah blah blah. The point to make though, is that the characters of color are always sympathetic and on the right side of the law, whereas the villains are always White dudes. But here’s the thing.

    The White baddies are sort of believable in their tough guy quality; at least most of them. And as such, they end up being appealing, if you can overlook their psychopathy. They are generally cast as ex soldiers and special ops, the tip of the spear, but Nordic types and formidable. You wonder whether in reality they are operating those enterprises in LA, which is by all accounts a crazy place, an “open city.”

    One of the black characters who plays the chief of police is that Baltimore police chief from that famous tv series about Baltimore, the tall very black guy who always struts around. He is a good piano player it turns out. They do that shot where they start on his hands and you wonder who is playing, and they pan up to his face. Some of those niggers have good dexterity for piano playing. It is what it is.

  19. elk – whether oil is abiotic or not is irrelevant.

    the rate of production, net production, is what matters. this is not affected by whether fields refill (they do) over long periods of time.

    only sufficiently intelligent people can grasp that we face 2nd order problems, not first order.

    But we have the cult of democracy- which is basically so full-spectrum propaganda control can be wielded by jews to synthesize emotional states. This is literally what they do.

    Once the righties started hacking into the system and steering people away using a mass available technology (internet), they’ve had to shut it down so only their channels broadcast.

    This is how democracy works. If you ever need to explain how repugnant democracy or “immigration” is, say it like this- you’re in a car driving 4 friends out to eat and YOU ALONE are paying. who gets to decide where you eat? Wtf would you think if they ganged up, 3 of them, and DEMANDED to be taken somewhere they wanted to go and the 2 others (especially you, the payer) didn’t? THAT is democracy. Mob rule popularity contests. What if one friend decided to bring 4 more into the car and expected that now her bloc had control of the decision? This is immigration. The restaurant (economy) loves it because there’s more eaters. The gas station, more gas. The credit card cos, bigger fees. YOU HATE IT bc YOU PAY. That is how YOU serve the economy vs the economy serving you.

    Or- were you the prom queen? So if a vote had to be taken on whether you or she should die, how would that democracy thing turn out? It’s mob rule.

  20. “Mass degeneracy = collective descent.”

    TD excellently reveals the (c)rux of the issue at hand; hope you fellas’ holiday is worthily supreme and memorially robust!

  21. what’s-her-name run-o’-the-mill Russian jew

    She also shacked up with her co-star in that ballerina movie (I like the style of not naming the film names and it took me a second reading to figure out the name of that Matt Dillon film) and got a bun in the oven [along with an “oscar”] for all her efforts.

    Like most girls of her tribe, there’s an initial sultry attractiveness about them, but the more you look at their face, there’s an odd angular quality about them; something’s just plain off. Just like the not-so wonder woman. And I have to say that that “attractiveness” is mainly because they’re thin.

  22. There are some fucking odd birds that haunted Le Chateau. I never really noticed it before probably because the volume of comments was prolific but in this paired down form here, it is glaring.

    Just… odd. Like people you know who would be total social retards and considered ‘creepers’ on nearly any female radar because of their strange way of speaking / interacting and mannerisms. Perhaps that is just to be expected on a website like CH because of it’s nature but it never was quite so stark to me. Or maybe it is an age thing? Sub-Elk and Reality Doug both have posted here, and I like their comments but damn… it is like they are on a completely different wavelength of some sort.

    The “run o’ the mill Russian Jew” is one of the most famous actresses in the world. So that is either intentional and sort of goofy or you are highly disconnected from objective reality. Ditto for the rest of that incredibly odd comment. “That movie” with “That guy” and “those people” dafuq is that? Very spergy writing style.

    And Reality Doug, just… odd. He has said as much before though about himself, and the guy is holding on by a thread sometimes so I’m not here to judge because I’ve been in that dark place myself before. But it does read like someone who is a few degrees separated from objective reality and societal norms. Like I have to decipher some of his shit using my Outer Space to Planet Earth Translation Tool.

  23. Elk’s writing is his process of following a thought to wherever it leads. There is also a razor’s edge of black wit. It’s free of cant, and as free of preconception as is possible on this side of sanity. If I had to choose between reading only his comments vs everyone’s but his, he wins. His style might not be your cup of tea. Over time you might change your mind.

    PS: I don’t know who that actress is. Milla Jovovic? Natalie Portman? Scarlet Johansson?

  24. @Jay in DC

    I have no idea what “Reality” Doug is talking about most of the time. Just about the only thing I understand about his viewpoint is that he’s an extreme individualist, who hates every type of organization yet somehow thinks that totally isolated “philosophers” can overcome organized enemies. I’ve got nothing against someone who wants to be a hermit and an island unto himself, but there’s zero chance that’s going to produce any large-scale real-world results. It’s more just a case of “ah, fuck it” for an individual who’s quitting the social aspects of life and pretty much “going their own way.” Like I said, it’s fine if someone wants to do that, but it’s not a way of solving anything except personal annoyance.

    And the rest of what he writes is just incomprehensible. As you say, there’s a weird alternate mental state going on there.

    As for Elk, he seems to be posting mostly for his own amusement and is deliberately “coy.” Since I don’t have time to waste on deciphering someone else’s throwaway word games, I usually don’t bother reading what he posts, either. If you want to say something, say it clearly. If you don’t, well, feel free to babble away, but don’t expect me to listen.

  25. Jay I never much jibed with the CH crowd, which is why I rarely posted there. Their presence here is a new development. As far as not referencing what’s-her-name by name, that’s called a stylistic device. I reckon most got the joke; it was fairly good.

    Ironsides; I do aim to be read, so not being read is a miss. I am sure that Anglin follows my comments. I bet he doesn’t know your handle at all. So who wins that audience, if contest it be?

    But consider the manly battle of wits to be on; Jay and Ironsides both. We shall see, we shall see. My record is about 25 and 2. I kicked King’s ass on one or two occasions, but that was easy because he wouldn’t disavow “circumcision.” What are your opinions on that? Let’s start there. And yes it is a contest, if you will.

  26. Reality Doug was drunk with his comments yesterday, it was fairly obvious. He was mistaking thordaddy for gunslinger, who are two totally different characters.

    The name of the Dillon movie was Beautiful Girls, and unfortunately it featured Rosie ‘battle-ax’ O’Donnell. She was the only one in that film who sucked. Besides Michael Rappaport who also sucked.

  27. It was Natalie Portman and I only followed suite because I figured Elk was just having fun.

    And Elk is an acquired taste that I’ve grown accustomed to.

    Back in my wannabe-a-screenwriter days I had read an article about the dood that wrote Beautiful Girls so I decided to check it out. Okay film that I’m sure will resonate differently for me.

    The article was about him having written the Nic Cage remake of Gone in 60 Seconds. (If memory serves. I don’t feel like checking at the moment.)

  28. Very spergy writing style.

    You’re the newb here Jay. What’s your contribution. You haven’t contributed to this blog a damn thing. Do you think that your CH rep is transferable. Hahahaha. It’s not. In fact many would hold it against you. CH commenters have a reputation for being blowhards. At least some of them do.

    The first time you told your police story, it maybe was interesting. The second time, less so. The third, even less. By the fiftieth time it was downright getting repetitive. Just so you know, as you don’t seem to grasp how others might perceive it. Who makes that the sperg now?

  29. Wasn’t CH meant to be a stepping stone, after all?

    I didn’t check the Unz thread that was ripping CH. My opinions on Game on the rest of it, are probably halfway between that thread and the CH commentariat. Ffs if you are past the age of 25 and text gaming women, what’s your deal already.

    It’s back to that old point, about being part of the solution or being part of the problem. Or rather, using game to start a family or not. Ok; so your wife needs to be “gamed”. Fair enough but that is a halfway point. It’s not text gaming, it’s not day game, it’s not striving and or playing pretend.

    Initially Game was about successfully convincing women that you were a Man, because you had confidence in the game of gaming women! That was the hack. Maybe Game evolved to be more wholistic.

    Did the CH commentariat evolve to have a more holistic take on it? I would say so, but certainly not all of them. I followed the blog closely, and never doubted the wit and intelligence. My joke was always; If there were somewhere else to go, well please where is it?

    Ironside; Jay — these are “thoughts” presented in the form of extemporaneousness. You probably are not interested, or have better things to do? I would hope so!

    Now You go. Say something interesting. Or alternately shut the fuck up. This is a battle of wits. Do you have any?

  30. Fuck you, Elk. I’ve made enough detailed posts on CH and elsewhere to not need to prove myself at your command.

    I made a post here about revealing female clothing being a symbol of male social and cultural subordination which is worth about 50 of your clownposts. If not 500. But who can add up enough horizontal distance — your flat, smug, empty babbling — to equal even one inch of vertical distance — an actual thought? There’s no comparison. Infinities of your maundering can’t equal one of Sorcery’s posts, even. Hell, Gunslinger Gregi got out more good material than you.

    So I decline to shut the fuck up. I am glad to see that I got under your skin, though; annoying floucing buffoons like you, who think they’re so clever because they post incomprehensible drivel, is always a pleasure.

  31. Hahahahaha. Ironsides unleashes the personal insults straight off the bat. Put it to crowd, you lightweight. You are misnamed, I hereby dub you soft underbelly.

    The comment he calls insightful and wants credit for, was derivative of a comment by Yours_truly, about women in the workplace; which comment of mine was a summary of a DS article. Is it on this thread? Check it out, I am 100 per cent sure that his referenced comment, follows mine, and is but a recap of what I said. And he wants to count that as a contribution, and in a battle of wits no less.

    This is too easy. Try again, softie. Or are you spent?

  32. Here is Ironsides’ comment, on the thread Military Leadership and Diversity —

    @Suburban Elk — “Some men are able to thread the needle; until they are not. At which point they get me-too’d. I am fairly able to navigate the woman in the workspace continuum, but it’s a lot of “dancing around.” I told the story in a recent comment of a co-worker who was suspended for looking up and down at a woman and making her “uncomfortable”. Hilariously and to his credit, he described it all summarily with the exact words : No shame.”
    The idea suddenly struck me several months ago that revealing clothing on women is an expression of female power. It’s presenting a sexual display that men are not allowed to respond to SPECIFICALLY in order to underline that the men are socially and culturally subordinate to the women.

    Since women’s natural primary power is sexual, bikinis, short-shorts, and all the rest are a completely deliberate demotion of men — to sexually attract them and deny them access to what’s being shown. It’s essentially the same thing as obliging all men to wear leashes and walk around on all fours in the presence of women. It’s showing exactly who is in control.

    The comment he puts in to get credit for, in his previous comment on this thread, is in direct response to mine. He goes off a quote of mine. And thinks he is contributing something original. And then goes on to call my commenting flat and babbling. Priceless and then priceless again.

    It would seem Ironsides doesn’t have a mind that self reflects. Perhaps the iron sides is a reference to a defective brain structure.

  33. Well, just got flaked on so no date tonight and nothing better to do. It’s a statement on clown world that instead of thinking- hey, broad. My time is more valuable than yours. It’s poor form to flake 3 hours before a date. Instead I thought to myself- well this is nice. She gave me the old ‘just got out of a relationship’ line and said I was attractive, fun, and ‘smooth as hell.’ (whatever that means.)

    I’d say that sums up how far my behavioral standards for broads have fallen. I consider a flake 3 hours before a date a polite nicety when compared to a ghosting or outright no-show (I’ve had both happen in the past.)

    Don’t be a mud shark, drug addict, or single mom. That’s the extent of my behavioral qualifications. And even that- can be a challenge to find.

    Anyway, I’m down with wedding bullshit that monopolized my time last week and knocked out a lot of work so I plan to read and comment here more regularly.

    Thanks again to PA for hosting.
    Glad you’re all my bros.

  34. So I decline to shut the fuck up. I am glad to see that I got under your skin, though; annoying floucing buffoons like you, who think they’re so clever because they post incomprehensible drivel, is always a pleasure. — Ironsides

    Still waiting, for a demonstration of your wit. Do you have one, or not?

    Thanks though for the easy win. Do consider changing your name to something less “tough.” For instance maybe try self mockery. Men have been known to use this to good effect. It doesn’t work well with women, unless of course you are in fact apex-man. But you know all this, right? After all, you come from CH, so you should. / no sarc, sort of

  35. I’d put Elk on my personal “advisory board” just for the reality of his very subliminally-projected killer instinct.

  36. And Elk is an acquired taste that I’ve grown accustomed to

    100%. I’ve read enough from him by now to see into his soul a bit and spy a likeable human being there.

    Plus, I appreciate his straightforward, let’s-just-put-everything-on-the-table style.

  37. I heard that, Fast Eddie. Hang in there bud

    I just moved to another part of the state and it is a place I had lived at once before, but the rapid decline in a scant five years is sad. Still, there are a few young, thing women sans tattoo, but damn near everywhere I look, I see graffiti’d landwhales and battlecunt moms, with the proverbial “I’d like to speak to your manager” hairdo.

    Of the young chicks I see, I’m sooo empowered to just chat ’em up and close the deal–why not as I’m not getting any younger. There’s one gal at the nearby grocery store. Just lovely. Probably a relative lovely but her innocence is what stands out. She once wore her hair in braids and a few weeks later, CH had that one post about braided hair. (If not a post, then a series of comments of the like.)

    Another one works at a pizza place I like to visit since they make a good pie. She’s got a bit of an upturned, snobby look to her, but that’s just nitpicking. Nice and thin and if anything probably too young for me. But why split hairs.

    On the plus, I’ve got access to a garage and a plethora of tools so I’ve been busy woodworking and lately, trying to make a plexiglass box. I bought a knock off dremel today and it made cutting easier, but the lines, they still be a tad crooked. Nothing like working with the hands and being productive.

    As someone that lampoons as a software developer, it’s a much needed break from the keyboard. Well, a welcome break I should say.

  38. Ironsides and Elk, I get a lot out of both your comments. I’ve saved stuff you guys wrote that made an impression on me.

    Doug, I used to hit the sauce extra hard. 41 months clean now.

  39. Eddie, don’t sweat it.

    had a flake yesterday…fetish site meet, she wanted me to own her, or so she texted. Got pics of every conceivable kind, even played with herself on Facetime for me. yada yada…24 yo.

    Existential flake on meet day (for coffee). “Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow,” next morning, hey something is wrong, bla bla, can’t meet. And shit like she’s ok with stopping texting for a while too. i recognized it as a fell-spectrum flake.

    I responded with my typical don’t insult my intelligence you dumb shit style to her. Eventually talked to her on the phone and then it hit me- she had a crisis of existence style flake. I’ve seen this before in similar circumstances. And in fact, even SHE did not know she would flake until it happened, and doesn’t know why she did it. It was pure emotion. Existential.

    I have to remember you cannot “model” women; they’re just analog feelings creatures for which there is no real explanation. She got cold feet. “I’m as empty as a drum; don’t know why I didn’t come.” Don’t know why. They don’t even know why they themselves do things. It’s not bad manners, they can’t stop themselves. There’s no reasoning behind it. “Why” is an irrelevant question. She doesn’t know and cannot tell me. Everything she tried as an explanation was insulting. Bc she really doesn’t know.

    Yours doesn’t either.

    Had another flake saturday for brunch in similar circumstances…was a bumbler or tinder girl, 29…got fully naked for me on facetime after she blew me off bc she just “had” to make a date with some younger dude who after the fact she said was insufferable…lol right. I was frosty to her but i did respond with “K” and shit to her texts, so she facetime’d me. I answered and was like um yeah you know i’m not going out with you after you blew me off for another dude, right? It’s just not happening. But she pleads and I say ok, then show me those tits. Does. Ends up fully naked. For like 20 minutes trying on clothes for me on facetime lol. Ok so let’s do brunch down here tomorrow, i’m not driving anywhere after the bs the other day.

    she’s all set to go, etc., I ask hey what’s your ETA. “Something came up I have to help a friend, i understand if you don’t want to talk anymore.”

    Existential flake. But hey at least they gave us some notice, eh? LOL…yeah we have pretty fuckin low standards when we’re appreciative of a text message of a flake, eh?

  40. “But it does read like someone who is a few degrees separated from objective reality and societal norms.” Yes, objective reality AND societal norms, together at last. My little comment before was not meant to be appreciated by everyone. I hardly drink. My mind is a bitter place of relentless intellectual integrity drawing conclusions, breaking them, and despite countless further iterations the conclusion is plain to see. It is my life’s work, mere objective realization. In 20 years you may be what you eschew today. When is an infested Windows computer dubbed clean?

    Animals don’t know they are not human, and evolution works by degrees. Trump plays the brains stem like the world’s best jazz musician, both the Left jazz and the Right jazz. By a thread?, well true enough.

    White genocide is a mere trope.
    Culture war is not war.
    Disbelieve is peace.

    I appreciate that you folks read me and sometimes responded. Your responses demonstrate objective social reality, like I have seen it before. There is no social click for me. Why chase illusions? There is only one way to get agreement, even among better white men these days. Sad but true. I should not look upon critical scholarship during modernity as anything but a civilized fluke beyond reach or recovery. In those days white men would fight white men over principles. They would hit a woman. There was a fighting spirit for principles not merely group identities. What a luxury to have had! Survival requirements come before civilization requirements, as ascendant Yin and rampant entropy require. Now is not the time to rebuild civilization, not even as a cultural vision. I am no warrior, and that is a great deficiency in these times.

    It is true that sovereignty requires organized power, and so I am not an anarchist. There are other, more important constraints on the solution space, which is really the problem space. To stand with a group where the solution is necessarily impossible is counterproductive. It is a test of one’s manhood to ‘do the right thing’ and stand, at least in one’s mind, anywhere the fucking solution actually is.

    Gregarious herd instincts and narrative, lemmings and cliff. Your power is to be a narrative shopper. I don’t join narrative. I am a critical thinker. I criticize ideas. Truth does not get offended by sincere inquiry. The Robert Muellers, knowing the design of herd power and what it means to be legally questioned by those who legally may lie for political gain and can apply patchy-scrupulous justice, are against any inquiries not their own. I hate patchy.

    Faith is a convenient blind spot. It is also peace of mind. No matter what, everything happens for a reason. Thus, you are valid and secure, entirely impregnable. I myself bid you adieu, for I am shopping for a blinder with a plush, comfy fit. I don’t think Roosh’s Orthodoxy is my speed, but I need to pick some narrative. Nothing left to say. Bleating narrative tropes in a social feedback loop is to speaking what miscreants getting white man edjuwmication is to the previous education it apes. Minds will not be changed by words. That luxury has passed. Would not be stupid to prep now, if you are so fortunate to have the means to accumulate.

    It is not for me to be charismatic or lead or otherwise get my way. Nevertheless, losing is a teacher of sorts, by mass replacement if all else fails. Maybe a gaggle of black swans will land and a few men who were standing in the right spot all along for Western civilization will be considered wise leaders. Not likely. The fickle nature of narrative shoppers will prove fickle, worthy of animals but not of the civilized. The truly civilized are the best animals as a means not an end. White men of today are too comfortable and too inferior to become that. Government has picked winners and losers. It had to have started among white men because white men were fully in charge. The protocol has worked very well. Societal norms are now set by women and savages, and we accept them, by mandatory inaction and filtered thoughts. With such a pile of gravy-train materialism for them to manage, the American dream of human feces on every sidewalk is now within reach.

    My sincere thanks to just about everyone in this part of the interwebz! Venting is a small relief, isn’t it? The Red Pill was a great breakthrough. I don’t know what is next, good or bad. I can’t set the agenda. Peace.

  41. pj, pa: thanks fellas. Means a lot to me.

    I’m still in socal. A touch closer to San Diego than before.

  42. “And yes it is a contest, if you will.”

    Only in your mind Walter Mitty.

    “Do you think that your CH rep is transferable”

    IDGAF if it is or isn’t, I comment, people respond. Contrary to your statement above this isn’t some faggoty junior high popularity contest. I don’t ‘perform’ for wahmen on demand I want to bang so I sure as hell don’t for internet nobodies w/ a somewhat inflated sense of self importance.

    “As far as not referencing what’s-her-name by name, that’s called a stylistic device. I reckon most got the joke; it was fairly good.”

    ‘It was fairly good’, if you say so… it was rather uhh, how do I say? Flat. It is your style though since multiple people have backed your rather odd thing you do here. Sort of like performance art, but not as clever?

    “Now You go. Say something interesting. Or alternately shut the fuck up. This is a battle of wits. Do you have any?”

    Likely not. I drank lots of my grey matter away which apparently is a common theme here. That is why I said I wasn’t shitting on R.Doug because that darkness can swallow you and INDY just confirmed it too. 41 months, good on ya bro. I’m a bit ahead of you, I was hitting it HARD after my ‘incident’ because it was so life-altering but it never helps and just makes things worse.

    I’m sure you are more witty and more clever than I am, I never claimed to be either. I’m a blunt force instrument with some brain power behind it, which has been equal parts blessing & curse. And is part of the reason that leads me to-

    “The first time you told your police story, it maybe was interesting. The second time, less so. The third, even less. By the fiftieth time it was downright getting repetitive”

    The repetition was necessary because every few months some newfag would show up swinging at the fences and ready to go off half-cocked and do something really fucking stupid. My tale is a cautionary tale against that behavior. Why have some other poor bastard wreck his shit when we already know the outcome? It is a valid response to want to go nuclear given the amount of BS we suffer in meatspace on a daily basis but unless you are doing it ninja style w/o any back trace to you personally it is a phenomenally bad idea. The vast majority were likely keyboard jockeys, but you can never really tell so I err’d on the side of caution.

    But you are right, for regular readers I’m sure it was tiring, alas, it wasn’t mean for them. On a different day than today I may decide to do some verbal jousting with you but trading barbs with a stream of consciousness guy who thinks himself clever but isn’t quite as clever by half is not on my list of pressing activities and you seem to acknowledge this.

    “You probably are not interested, or have better things to do? I would hope so!”

    You = Winner. Grab the brass ring and take your ‘prize’.

    p.s. Just for the record, I don’t dislike your comments, they are a net positive but you have a peculiar writing style, this is clear from your own responses as well as others so unsure about all the hand waving and explaining to something that is patently obvious.

  43. Here come the cucks

    “Republicans for the Rule of Law is a group of life-long Republicans dedicated to defending the institutions of our republic and upholding the rule of law. We are fighting to make sure that the laws apply equally to everyone, from the average citizen to the president of the United States. We believe in fidelity to the Constitution, transparency, and the independence of prosecutors from politics.”

    “Republicans for the Rule of Law is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit and a project of Defending Democracy Together. Contributions are NOT tax deductible”

    “We believe in American exceptionalism,” reads the opening line of the 2016 Republican Party Platform. “We believe the United States of America is unlike any other nation on earth.”

    Yet today, the Republican Party finds itself entertaining some of the same unsettling nativist and authoritarian impulses that characterized Europe throughout the 20th century. These ideals are antithetical to what it means to be a Republican, and what it means to be American.

  44. Jay in DC thank you for your response. I would disagree that my commenting amounts to “internet nobodies w/ a somewhat inflated sense of self importance” but otherwise, fair enough. For the record, is it possible for any commenter to transcend your description there, and who would be an example of a one who has?

    I followed CH closely, in spite of misgivings on some of the takes there, for example on text game. In my estimation your tough guy act was believable. But as you acknowledge, your wits they may be compromised. It happens to us all in one form or another!

    Generally when internet characters get into a dispute that crosses a line, but otherwise seem to agree on the principles, it is to neither’s credit, and almost always reflects their rl personal problems, which are typically frustration.

  45. My bad Doug. I have a time following some of your posts. I used to write in a similar style back when I was getting lit up.

  46. >>“The first time you told your police story, it maybe was interesting. The second time, less so. The third, even less. By the fiftieth time it was downright getting repetitive”

    >>”always reflects their rl personal problems, which are typically frustration.”

    Jay, I got on your case a few times about your “incident.” I had an incident take place with a different protected class but a similar outcome. I bet I got on you because I was frustrated about my own situation, which I thought I had put to bed. My drunkenness hit it’s peak after my case closed — overzealous (((assistant DA))) against an incompetent female public defender repping a hardcore alcoholic nailed dead to rights — I never had a chance. Felt real sorry for myself for a few years but it’s water under the bridge.

  47. @INDY, I took no offense. I see it as friendly empathy or sympathy. We are here to posit and test ideas. Maybe you did me a favor in letting me know how I am perceived. Weirdly or not, I can ‘let loose’ without having had a drink in a club, if I’m in the mood to go out. The field work training I did was where I developed that capacity, the exercise of DGAF or ZFG inner game. Part of charm is dialing up in real time what is likely to work from observation and experience. Sucks for two bubbly babes to go by with an obvious social openness in the moment without getting that social experience when another opportunity like that might not come along all night.

    I can relate to Dr. Trav’s field report, though I never got to closer competency. Women have a locus of control in their instincts and really don’t know consciously what they are really doing beyond the greater vague tingles: they are the perfect liars in performance but inept at understanding cultural (higher-order) consequences. If a liberated woman can be politely transparent at anything not endearing, it would seem she is a quality woman in temperament hopelessly denatured for elitist utility, to wit a quality talent poisoned by training into hopelessly caustic skill. I don’t know is quite the improvement from a narrative lie.

  48. @Travvy

    Existential flake. This is why I love the hell out of ya. I burst out laughing. Stealing that. It’s also true.

    Glad to see I’m not the only guy getting flaked on by the “sure thing.” I’m always telling my buddies there is absolutely no such thing. Similar experience last summer. My buddy’s wife had a cute 29 yo work friend who was asking if she knew any single guys. So she brings up her husband’s social, and she scrolls through the pics. Picks me out. Buddy’s wife (who hates me) says – no not that guy. Pick someone else. She’s says- no, that guy. So we trade numbers and text. Seriously took a couple hours max before she was sending the nudies. By the next day it was- daddy can do whatever he wants to me, I’ll be a good girl for daddy- the whole bit.

    Flaked TWICE. That’s when I cut it. Told her that’s it. I’m not the one prying my friends for anyone single. I can find a broad wherever. I run a business, have to schedule my social time, and won’t have any more of it wasted.

    She texted a few other times. Always ignored it.

    It’s like they prefer the fantasy to the actual real world. In some cases, they’d rather remain femcel and alone than deal with the anxiety of an actual (gasp) real life interaction.

    Seriously the fuckin French Open is pozzed out now? I can’t watch tennis without seeing monkey monfils and his mud shark gf doing the wakanda symbol after his wins while the announcers drool over themselves for it? How much longer until I can’t even watch hockey?!

  49. femcel. . . damn, that’s clean and has a strong truth to it.

    They do enjoy the fantasy more than the real thing, it would seem. Probably how some men prefer the hunt rather than the kill.

    Is it the anticipation? The adrenaline rush? That their imagination fills in the gaps and becomes a drug for them, so gals flake and flake, getting that unfiltered dopamine hit?

  50. My ignoramus thoughts on flakes: (1) If she gets a whiff of the guy feeling she is a slam dunk, she will flake. I think the guy must read her body language moment to moment and show interest or disinterest to the right degree. Liberated women are so privileged to do what they do to the extreme that it’s not worth the squeeze, which might not happen. So many backloaded costs from the state. (2) Women are programmed with a superhuman narrative that can’t actually happen except for a mulato divorcee princess as the unicorn exception. What I mean is the process that makes the 1000k stare. I figure when women are at odds with themselves about alpha attraction, the alpha attraction is of course not enough, but look at what the narrative standard is. She knows from experience that you will probably be no more of a social status boost than the last 10 guys. Instincts cannot mesh well with post-feminism because the social supports for those markers of success have been largely exhausted. That’s my hypothesis.

    If I were sarging, I would be sarging for youth and innocence, very relatively speaking. The occasional DTF I would welcome after careful investigation. Too many way for a woman to legally hurt a man today. The reason Trump can have ex-wives and be Teflon is because he is worth more to his ex-wives as an ally than an adversary. Few men have that kind of power and game.

  51. She knows from experience that you will probably be no more of a social status boost than the last 10 guys.

    There is that lingering element that stays with them, thus why such is the case.

    Women are prisoners of the moments (feels), thus the fickleness and flaking, which Trav already nailed (heh) above.

  52. — It’s like they prefer the fantasy to the actual real world. In some cases, they’d rather remain femcel and alone than deal with the anxiety of an actual (gasp) real life interaction.

    This is fascinating. I’ve been married for almost 15 years now, so I have no direct experience with the open dating market today.

    What I read there, is that for the single girls it’s a game.

    So let’s say, your goal is to find a reasonably decent woman not much north of 27 and put your buns in her oven. How effective, in the estimation of those of you on the current dating market, would a direct-honest approach be? Calibrated to your style and not needy, but with directly stated intentions: “Are you ready to have a baby?” (No single moms and mudsharks, that’s a given)

  53. @PA, I am not on the market because with no employment I have no cred. For what it’s worth, I’m going to pick apart your question. You ask about the effectiveness of honesty and add charisma or game as an afterthought or given. The cardinal axiom is AF/BB. I don’t think honesty or moreover expressing immediately one’s intentions has anything to do with how a woman rates a man and thus how she would respond. I think she would vet for marriage, a business proposition for her. It is a complete disadvantage to lie about being a cad if you want cad treatment. I think it would be analogous for beta, or alpha-beta all that and a bag of chips. Does the man rate high enough? That is the relevant question I think. Women are attracted to social dominance. There is the danger that she might want a sucker husband for her social dominance rather than to ride the coat tails of his. Honestly, I would be loath to marry a woman above 23. In fact, I would be loath to marry a woman above 20. They learn their NWO skills mighty fast. I don’t think any RP man with decent solo field work experience would bother with 27 unless gift DTF. Inner game pain and reassessment removes that age morality directive that makes sense if marriage really is a lifetime commitment to be cooperative.

    I suggest you search with ‘Tom Leykis marriage’ on Utoob. Volume varies greatly! I don’t post the title of the vid with the Hispanic female caller who comes clean. Tom may have coined the term vaginamony. I will be interested to read Trav’s commentary as well as anyone else who has actually sarged.

  54. @PA…I can only speak for here.

    In the PacNW, they’d be on me like flies on shit with that approach, the younger the better. Could wife up a 22 out there maybe even an 18 if I announced I want Bunz

    in DC? They’re petrified of them. “Never married no kids” 33, 35, 37, 30-idc. Wanna find a guy to raise a dog with.

    Banged a chick the other night 34 yo mom of a 4 yo boy. Talked about this dog mom shit and she rolled her eyes. Said to me “was worried before birth if I would love my son as much as my dog.” And then, “that poor dog.” Bc it didn’t MATTER TO HER in the LEAST after an actual child was born. This is what women need to be hearing.

    But they won’t fucking listen when I tell them that- when you have a kid your dog is just a fucking dog. if it’s not serving you in some way, it’s a nuisance. Not a parent on this planet that wouldn’t sacrifice every dog they’ve ever owned for their child, and not a dog that wouldn’t either! Even the DOG knows his place…df is wrong with women? Half of them I think they should be fucked by dogs bc that’s pretty much where they stand to me on the totem pole of life. Useless as fuck. Half of them probably are fucking those dogs ffs.

    Announcing to a 20s, 30s american blue city girl that you want kids…lol…muh cubicle powerpoint presentation CAREER. Muh degrees (debt). Muh travel to places everyone else goes only because they went there and i don’t want to be left out. Muh coffee and netflix. They would run like hell, you’d spook them. Want proof? Jfc I have fucked something like 4 or 5 chicks in the past month or two who have Mirenas- these things are becoming ubiquitous. I know en media res they have em bc my dick rubs against the fuckin string and it irritates me.

    Oh btw the 34yo was a divorced cheater. Met a guy on a plane…like anyone in their right mind is gonna trust this bitch? LOL. Made her squirt for the first time ever, left puddles around her place, but lol she ain’t goin any further with me than occasional slam material.

  55. Even the DOG knows his place

    This made me chuckle for the sobering truth about it. Dogs do have more sense than your modren woman.

    Reminds me of that photo on the beach of some White couple with the niglet adoptee kids and the dog’s looking at the “man” like “WTF?!”

    I was in Beverly Hills three weeks ago and some skypish looking lady (very witch looking) was walking her dog, but she had two *ahem* men with her. One was I guess the dog trainer and the other was either a boytoy or her agent or driver. The dog trainer was rolling around a dog stroller and they were trying to get the mutt to take care of business.

    To quote John McClain in disbelief: California

  56. @PA
    First of all- good on you. Had no idea you were married. We need more voices like yours from guys who’ve made it.

    To answer your question- no idea, or I’d write a book and get rich. Actually, that’s not true. I know at least part of the answer lies in taking a look at myself. I took a lot of heat for this over at CH when I suggested we confront our own hypocrisy. We’ve got a lot to say about used up carousel riders (and rightfully so) but we don’t take much accountability for our own actions.

    (I promise I’m getting to the answer to your question.)

    CO over at CH would pretty incessantly preach zfg attitude. When I first started reading blogs, I mistakenly believed most of the guys commenting were already zfg since that’s what I am. What we don’t talk about, and I can honestly attest to, is that zfg comes with its own cost. When you feel no fear or anxiety, you don’t feel much anticipation or excitement either. That’s because I look at women as a disposable entertainment (at best) or just a number (at worst.) When I approach a broad, I don’t see any potential, anything good or long-lasting. I just don’t. I have to work really hard to remind myself they’re human beings with their own set of flaws.

    Ultimately, that’s because running around regaling my buddies with tales of fucks, flakes, and outright failures is a road to nowhere. And that lifestyle has damaged MY ability to bond with chicks. Quick flings and casual sex are the consolation prizes of clown world.

    (Now to answer your question)

    I’ve dated a considerable number of “good” girls over the years who got rid of ME because they correctly identified that there was something broken in my ability to pair bond that made me unsuitable husband material. How do I fix that? No idea. But I’ll be the big 4-0 in a couple months, and I’ve made my peace with the fact that I’m basically the male equivalent of a cock-carousel riding broad.

    You ask if a more direct approach would be effective. I’m one of the worst candidates on this board to give that a test drive. My style is already direct and aggressive. No issue there. The problem is me. If I were to ask that question, it wouldn’t appear authentic. How often do we believe used up sluts when they say they’re done riding and ready to settle down?… Exactly.

    BTW, I’m not saying guys shouldn’t approach or develop a thick skin when dealing with modern day broads. Just the opposite. It’s essential to seeing their flaws. CH cracked on me hard when I told him he’s hero-worshipping the wrong guys. One of his posts made it out to be a herculean feat for ugly guys to approach and hit on “hard 10s.” Ridiculous. The fact that he rates them as “hard 10s” in the first place tells me the guy never banged any. Everything those chicks present is front-loaded value. Hair, makeup, heels, dress, all of it. You don’t know anything about that chick until you start hitting on her. Would you still want that “hard 10” if she just finished shooting H and blowing Devonte for drugs? And they don’t even look like that! 330 AM with mascara streaked cheeks and trying to fit back into their jeans. That’s much closer to the truth. Not trivializing CH. The guy did a lot of good work. A lot. But when it came to broads he seemed to miss the boat that we’re all just people trying to get by (hard “10s” included.)

    The guys to emulate are frankly guys like you, PA, who have put it on the line and built something real. 15 years is an achievement. Here’s to many more.


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