A Prediction For England

The late Lawrence Auster, an anglophile, used to call the UK “the dead isle.” But he stressed that his metaphor allows for a rebirth. Author Francis Meyrick summarizes his own seven predictions thusly:

In “The Coming European Civil War(s)”, we continue to steadily predict:

1) the inevitable -quiet- rise of armed paramilitary ‘neighborhood defense’ patriot-Nationalist forces, organised under a common ideological umbrella, but carefully dispersed in anti-infiltration local cell structures. We suggest that an organisation numbering in the mere hundreds, can fundamentally change the course of History.

2) The possibility of a [N.Z.] type mosque attack is growing, and won’t really surprise anybody.

3) the likelihood of vicious, depraved, MUSLIM (not ‘Asian’) child rape gang members (not ‘grooming gang misguided gentlemen’) getting summarily shot on British streets – much to the hysterical dismay of meckering so-called ‘Liberal’ (ha!) do-gooders.

4) the accelerating procurement of conventional weaponry from Eastern Europe, especially the Balkans

5) the likelihood that CNC computer-mill weapon manufacturing will become a more and more potent factor. We are not talking one-shot plastic death traps, but aluminum & polymer battle ready fire arms. For academic research reasons, I have built several myself, and hurled hundreds of rounds down range. The technology works, and potentially may contribute to the rearmament of Europe.

6) British Intelligence services will ramp up their already feverish surveillance of Social Media, and Patriots just as quickly will VPN their way around that.

7) Christians will increasingly split into two broad groupings. The first will be passive, abhor violence, and will be followers of what we may term “Jesus-meek-and-mild”. The second group of Christians however will be grimly realistic, based, and much more in favor of the exhortation found in Nehemiah 6:16

“Join your section, and pick up your trowel and sword.”

55 thoughts on “A Prediction For England

  1. He posted those seven predictions on Gab. As a courtesy i asked him if it’s ok to post them here and he’s fine with that.

  2. Spergy correction, but the verse in Nehemiah is found in chapter 4. Here’s verse 16 – 18:

    16 So it was, from that time on, that half of my servants worked at construction, while the other half held the spears, the shields, the bows, and wore armor; and the leaders [b]were behind all the house of Judah. 17 Those who built on the wall, and those who carried burdens, loaded themselves so that with one hand they worked at construction, and with the other held a weapon. 18 Every one of the builders had his sword girded at his side as he built. And the one who sounded the trumpet was beside me.

  3. Interesting bringing up Nehemiah since one of the primary aspects of that book was building a wall to protect from invaders.

  4. PA – Thanks for running this blog. You’re site has become my new CH fix with insightful commentary.

  5. This scene is apt allegory for the spiritual “rearmament” Western men must undertake. Note it is not the mere acquisition of a weapon that makes Conan “free”. He possessed and wielded weapons as a gladiator but was yet a slave. The Atlantean sword represents Conan’s spiritual/cultural heritage, his pride–his identity. The Conan who fell into the cave was craven, fearful. The one who emerges is physically the same yet vastly more powerful, more formidable–a force to be reckoned with. In the next scene he wears the pelts of his pursuers.

  6. 6) British Intelligence services will ramp up their already feverish surveillance of Social Media

    As well as deplatforming. Not only CH, but neorxn seems to be down, but not sure if actually deplatformed or a “technical glitch.” Giving some sort of error message:

    “Service Unavailable
    Server currently undergoing maintenance. Webmaster: please contact support.” Odd timing.

  7. This is a very odd list. Not to be a dick, or maybe TO be a dick, but it reads like White Nationalist v1.0 (circa 80s-90s) masturbation fap fantasy porn.


    Nigga please… You know what I predict? Crickets. Quietly chirping away whilst the brown wave of shit colored orcs continue to plow their way over & through all Western nations. Because thus far, that is ALL I see. Travioli is correct that a people unwilling to fight, take risk, or die are genetic dead ends.

    White people are so timid & afraid that, quite frankly, I also seem them as targets the way the browns do. I see it just walking around most places. Sheepish pussies by a large margin. Perhaps it is different in the ‘in between places’ but in all major urban areas I’ve frequented they are dead men walking. They are ripe for conquer and conquest and they are getting it good & hard.

    Is there something I’m not seeing here? Because objective reality right in May 2019 agrees with NONE of those ‘predictions’ in that list.

  8. People lack one thing: a leader. That’s it. Without that, they would be merely atomized. Now add a very well organized hostile state, and they are afraid to sneeze. That’s much of the West today, particularly in urbanized areas where everyone is from somewhere else.

    Now, subtract one element from this equation: the hostile state. Suddenly, you can get three of your bros together, each with a baseball bat and those browns no longer look so intimidating. And then 100 of your bros join you.

    Alternately, keep the hostile state but add Trump of 2016. He fills stadiums. But he also tells his voters to do what it takes and backs it up with uniformed men. Suddenly, your world is 100% White and you walk proud like a cock.

    Gayg used to scoff that White men need a permission slip to fight. He was buffoonishly half right. All he could have said is that nobody sane is going to sacrifice himself “first” and for nothing.

    And as those 7 predictions go, dont discount people spontaneously deciding that putting up with paki chld pimps is worse than doing something.

  9. “Perhaps it is different in the ‘in between places’ but in all major urban areas I’ve frequented they are dead men walking. They are ripe for conquer and conquest and they are getting it good & hard”

    Berkeley/San Francisco are possibly patient zero of the poz nation-flesh-eating virus, and this happened there…not that long ago:

  10. How can we forget the maga vs antifa streetfights. Nathan Damigo, based stickman, “da goyim know” Huntington Beach battle, the big wedgie photo. Trump won and promised the world. People were euphoric and fearless.

    Trump dropped the ball by ceding Charlottesville. It remains to be seen whether that was a battle-wisely-not-picked on his part or his fatal failure.

  11. People lack one thing: Extreme discomfort. As long as the status quo ain’t so bad, crickets. Lose your house, job and 401k and then things change. It’s what the Pelosis and Bidens of the world understand, but AOCs and Omars may not.

  12. Dave Robicheaux was about to get popped, by one of the many bad guys doing heavy work in New Orleans Parish, and his last words were —

    If I can’t square this with you, there’s people who will

    Except of course he didn’t get popped and Cletus Purcell didn’t have to square it for him. Point being that he would’ve though, had it come to it.

    That’s what White people have to aspire to, if they want respect. As it stands, biker gangs probably have that network, and that respect. Do you?

    If you were to get into it with some troublemakers, and they killed you and got off with a light sentence, is there someone who is going to make it right? Outside of your close family, is there anyone you are willing to do the same for?

  13. It’s fun to tough guy post on the internet. Dave Robicheaux needs no introduction. He is the most famous character in contemporary genre fiction, courtesy of James Burke. Mr Burke was a successful fiction writer. His books could be accused of being formulaic but there was actually something compelling about them, and the prose was colorful. It’s not current, at this point. It was 20 years out of date, 20 years ago. Cletus Purcell was a great character though. He was from the Irish Channel and wore a porkpie hat. I don’t know what either of those things are, but it still paints a picture. There were actually guys like that, at one time (not so long ago). And then they made a comeback in the 80s.

    Burke was a well known alcoholic and devoted to the 12-step program. One of his books was made into a movie with what’s-his-name, John Goodman, who as a younger man was passably White and handsome. It’s well known that jews who look more White, are more likely to think and act more like full-souled beings. I think there was another one of his books made into a movie, featuring Eric Roberts. [ Heaven’s Prisoners ]

  14. @Jay in DC, I had the same reaction. You are ABSOLUTELY correct. The sheeple need a kaleidoscope of happy narratives to choose from. What’s telling to me is the dichotomy expressed between Jesus of the NT and Nehemiah of the Hebrew Bible. Sheeple need to see what they need to see, heroic Christians like muh. Each ‘side’ is the hero side for it’s adherents.

    Jay, I feel the intuition that you are younger than me, though I can’t be certain. If you are below 40, and I am safely above that age, I think you are going to make realizations more and more inline with my perspective. It could be my ego talking of course. You are the type to ask uncomfortable questions. All roads lead to Rome if we chase ultimate causality, or even dare to see it coming. Your ‘assholerly’ warms my heart.

    @PA, said in comment: “Trump dropped the ball by ceding Charlottesville. It remains to be seen whether that was a battle-wisely-not-picked on his part or his fatal failure.” I can only weep.

  15. People lack one thing: Extreme discomfort.

    That doesn’t play much of a role. It’s ones self image as a slave vs. as a free man. Westerners have slave mentality because they are browbeat by political correctness and those who arent, fear the consequences of breaking the ever-more-despotic interpretations of the law. As long as one is conditioned to feel like a slave, he will always choose inaction because there is no such thing as “nothing left to lose.” There is always something to lose.

    Give us a leader or make the state hands-off -> we do collective action

  16. @c matt, I think you nailed it for what my commentary is worth. Sorry, PA. Sure, one may posit all humanoids of your favorite hue are fully human, but the evidence tells me that domestication fits smartly on domesticable animals. Propaganda does not abuse the many: they love narrative of the superlative power because they love alignment with the superlative power. Whites can be pointed up or down by herd narrative. They. Don’t. Care. Of. Direction. Obviously.

  17. “an organisation numbering in the mere hundreds, can fundamentally change the course of History.”

    I’m not well read on it, but the IRA was very small compared to its effect.

  18. Jews are only 1 percent of the population. You don’t need everyone’s on board. You only need cohesion from your small group.

  19. On this “we need economic discomfort” vs. “We just need a leader” debate, there is something I think is under-appreciated, which is that worldly success, wealth, comfort, etc., can breed sloth and inertia. But, it can also trigger a strange ennui, a sense that “this isn’t fulfilling in the way that I thought it would be, and I want some excitement, I said EXCITEMENT, dammit”.

    The point is, economic malaise might catalyze the revolt of the masses (open question), but I’m not so sure it’s necessary to produce the leadership. I mean Trump is the model on this, had wealth of every kind… but wanted more.

    In other words, I don’t believe it’s necessarily true that economic discomfort is the only thing we need

  20. The real war-fighting is going on in the homeschools, brothers. For generations, the ranks of the progs have been filled with bodies from white Christian cradles. Only a fraction of the European race is breeding now. The future of the race will be determined by whether we can retain this generation or whether they cross over to Molech’s side. Much of the talk about violence is masturbatory. “Peace in our time” is a plea for child rearing space, not a plea to be spared from conflict.

  21. Fools repeat the lies taught them.
    “Discomfort” is a symptom, not a cause. Contrary to popular historical mythology, English colonists in the mid-18th century lived better than their cousins in England, and essentially ALL of Parliament’s acts to which objections were voiced were repealed by 1776. This is historical fact, yet we’re told lies about the basis for the American Revolution because “experts” are midwit blind people.

    1. Organized or spontaneous, disorganized acts against the current folly will occur, and the truth of what happened will never be public. Stop believing that you will know what happened. You won’t.

    2. Actions will parallel the main market prices, not because people take their cues from Wall Street but because markets are often the most coincident measure of social mood, which is the driver of social action.

  22. “Gayg used to scoff that White men need a permission slip to fight. He was buffoonishly half right. All he could have said is that nobody sane is going to sacrifice himself “first” and for nothing. “

    Sez the (ahem) alt-R stalwart who can’t admit in plain language when I’m right, but would rather mince over actual words that, for whatever reason, hit a raw nerve within him, rather than just stick to the point made… which he himself now admits as truth.

    And on top of it all, shows who’s living in his haid, rent-free, and resorts to the inane neener-neener monicker attempts of previous half wit and impertinent recipients of an Eliot smackdown.

    For the record… and which has been mentioned several times already over at the chateau… that “permission slip” observation was an homage to the late, great Harold Covington, who often used it during his podcasts… and you, of all would-be post-chateau refugee center proprietors, should know the difference between a mere scoff and a well-merited rebuke.

    But there’s that self-written dictionary again that so many in Cyberia use in the Alinsky attempt to win a verbal skirmish.

    This is why we lose… even our so-called (but mostly self-styled) best and brightest resort to the pissiest types of snark because they can’t handle the cogdis of someone who gave them a butt-hurtin’ in the past AND was actually correct about a subject or two.

    (((shakin’ mah haid)))

  23. Greg, welcome bud. Let’s put the past behind us. I take back what I said at our last unpleasantry. I’m laughing hard right now.

  24. Holy shit. Didn’t know this place existed. Credit to PA (long one of my favorite CH commenters) for restraining shameless self-promotion.

    Great to “see” everyone. GE, Jay, Travvy, Iron, all you guys. This the refugee camp of the chateau (Villa PA?)

    Special thanks to PA for hosting. Looks like great content. Will be back when I’ve got more time.

    Glad you’re all my bros.

  25. @S.J. – there is something to be said for the lack of excitement.

    The last big storm that rolled through town did a lot of wind and fallen tree damage to houses. Makes me feel alive and truly useful with a disruption to the normal day to day status quo. Getting to rise to action and help neighbors is a great feeling I’ve always enjoyed.

  26. “Great to “see” everyone. GE, Jay, Travvy, Iron, all you guys. This the refugee camp of the chateau (Villa PA?)”

    FastEddie- It is like “CHEERS” (remember that old show) for miscreants, dissidents, and dangerous realtalkers. Here, I rewrote that catchy little tune from the theme song for ya w/ some ‘updated’ lyrics. 🙂

    ♫♫ Sometimes you want to go
    Where (((everybody))) knows your name
    And they’re often glad you came
    (((They))) want to be where (((they))) can see
    The troublemakers are all the same
    You want to be where (FBI/NSA/DHS/SPLC/ADL) knows your name. ♫♫

  27. JayInDC enters scene

    Everyone: JAY!

    Woody: How’s it going, Mr DC?

    Jay: A lot better if it just went.

  28. there is something to be said for the lack of excitement

    You mean the Chinese proverb is a curse?!

    Hey, I mean it’s tough to disagree with you on this. I’m just saying, both discomfort and COMfort can spur people to want to do interesting things, which is not commonly realized by people who are struggling day-to-day.

  29. “I’m just saying, both discomfort and COMfort can spur people to want to do interesting things, which is not commonly realized by people who are struggling day-to-day.”

    I’ve been formulating a thought along those lines. throughout most of human history our struggle has been mostly about survival, and then about getting enough material comfort. when people ask why our immediate forbears didn’t stop the poz while it could be stopped relatively easily, I think it was because the material comforts were increasing exponentially, and adopting a scarcity-, us-vs-them-mentality in the face of seemingly ever-increasing abundance would have seemed uncharacteristically UNwhite to them at the time.

    I have a hard time buying the argument that “discomfort” will spur whites into action. it WILL spur them into action, but what KIND of action is the big question. we need measured, awake actions, not knee jerk actions that set us back materially 200 years.

    the comforts we have created are a GOOD thing. what’s not good is squandering them, taking them for granted, giving them indiscriminately away to the undeserving.

    can whites maintain comfort and a measured awareness of the precariousness of their existence at the same time…? early polling suggests a big, eternal, cosmic ROFLMAO.

  30. Jay In DC’s skepticism rings true for me too. Dissident paramilitary groups don’t even look plausible, let alone inevitable. Where and how will they form? There might be circumstances where personal contacts are enough, say in the armed forces. They are the ones you read about in news reports after they’ve been arrested because they didn’t understand how to communicate and organise securely.

    What about over the Internet? Right now we’re having this discussion on a WordPress site that can be shut down at any moment. See also eg the Irish Savant who has a blog owned by Google. Not much of a base is it?

    No group can form or survive in a hostile environment without a secure way to communicate. Today that means over tor, i2p or similar. The baizuo can’t easily shut down an onion site or an i2p site. If you’re careful, they can’t tell who you are, can’t get you fired or arrested. If you’re really careful you can start building a real world organisation that excludes enterprising baizuo who try to infiltrate.

    The technology is there. Are the recruits there? That part I doubt. Take the current non-Brexit. Millions in England now understand that their views and votes count for nothing and their rulers despise them and hate them. There’s a lot of discontent. But – are they willing to take the next mental steps? Are they willing to become, in the eyes of most of the world, extremist racists and haters, actual nazis? Maybe a few, say 5%, likely less. How many also have the tech skills to get on the dark web? Now we’re down to maybe 0.1%. How many know where to go to make contact with each other and form these ‘neighbourhood defence forces’? That brings us to 0.0%.

    Oh, what’s that, you don’t believe me? Don’t give me your opions, give me a link. Give me a link to a .onion site, a .i2p site, where dissidents can talk and WordPress etc can’t silence them. Then, and only then, you might have a point.

    (This comment was made over tor. The site I link to is an expendable wordpress site created over tor. The email address I’m putting in the comment form is a .i2p address. Nothing links to my real world id.)

  31. The crackdown is getting frightening. In NŹ, guy who said mean things on the Internet and who happen to own a fire arm are getting SWATted by the hijab-wearing police. They’re working on more algorithms to make the Internet “safe” – which means anything suggesting that we and our children should continue to exist – will be eliminated.

  32. Everyone asks whats it will take for the huwhyte race to wake up and take action, when the answer is very simple, ” a believe in something greater then themselves “, something that they would be willing to sacrifice their lives for. The huwhytes have lost that and are just aimlessly listing through life without any purpose or aim. Christianity used to be that ” thing ” but its obvious its power has waned, and even its adherents seem to be losing faith in its validity.

    Hate them if you will, but I/S/I/S followers traveled thousands of miles to fight, and die, in S*yria and Ir*aq by the tens of thousands, for what they believed in. Many leaving lives of luxury and opulence, leaving their families, and nations. I dont support the pesky bastards, but you have to give them some props. The Huwhytes used to be like this in the past, but no longer. Now the white male is scared of losing his job or being called a ra*cist, a direct result of being disconnected from the spiritual.

  33. @Amon Ra, I don’t want to disagree with you, but I am very antithetical to the concept of belonging, joining, being part of something greater that oneself. That’s the exact problem! There is no reciprocity because the cuck does not expect value for his value. He is negative or negligible value! Oh, the supernatural measure of perfection, a libtards dream weapon come true. Corruption follows.

    And remember that consummate animals (wild not domesticable) see ‘corruption’ as animal virtue. Afraid people would hide in a corporation, no individual accountability. That’s the whole spiritual but really narrative point. ‘Salvation’. Cucks won’t value themselves, hold themselves accountable, hold others accountable for social transactions with them. It is exactly this craven need for social cover that is why the West is dying and must die. No accountability.

    So how would a good Christian hold his enemy accountable? To laugh. Paging Dr. Trav. Why do I have nothing better to do but repeat myself. We all know why.

    The greater thing that is good is cooperative way of life, i.e. one’s home in culture in this real world. Even if it is fake it is our real world, whatever we are. Culture is beyond the material but really before as inputs, and it’s not spiritual, just psychological and social. I have had several cucks get pinned by my arguments and then look at me with that all-consuming “Don’t you want to be part of something greater than yourself?” Fuck no, I don’t! I know what cucks really mean.

    What cucks mean is something collective that destroys his individual accountability. Men that don’t want to be measured. Soon you have sheep dogs of the state claiming to work in the name of Jesus. Culture and civilization are greater than any one person, but one person can direct his value how he wants if he is free. If the able producers are subjugated, the production stops. And it should! Others don’t deserve my value because they are many. (Shove it, (((Spock))).) Might as well be socialist, which is post-Revelation without the Revelation tribulations, which is Utopia (1516) et al. all the way to Karl Marx and the NWO. Fucking white man sympathy. Fucking white man guilt. Fucking white man forgiveness and charity. The virtues of no accountability until after death. Why should Christians ever win if they truly believe the Gospel? Only if death really is salvation in the end. The many say it’s true. That won’t last. There’s an alternative post-Judaism deity, and the many say it’s true. It will be more believable precisely because of the quick and the dead here in our world.

    @Les Saunders, I expect it is frightening, which is why I don’t follow it. I have no one to save. Ostracization is no lifeboat. When there is nothing left but dignity in how one loses, even then cucks gonna cuck. Poolside, poolside, poolside. Enjoy it if you can. This puddle is my pool, and I don’t care as much as possible. Talk time finished long ago. This is basic white man history closing the circle.

  34. Sorry, PA and friends. It finally happened. For years, nobody mentioned the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man here. But here he is, bursting forth from his formerly stuft locker, enraged that his wedgie didn’t hit his prostate the way he’d been expecting.

  35. If white people want their countries back there are four fights they have to win.

    Defeat the police.

    Defeat the educated/brainwashed whites. Not just antifa but the hoard of dumb ‘virtous” whites. If you attempt this before defeating the police the police will intervene and crush you.

    Defeat/finally get your hands on the politicians, professors/newscasters who run the show of fucking/lying/brainwashing that we live under. If you attempt this before defeating the police the police will intervene and crush you.

    Defeat/finally get your hands on the Jews owning the politicians, issuing the money, owning the media and thereby ruling you. If you attempt this before defeating the police the police will intervene and crush you.

    If you defeat the police then your enemies are open to you. If you don’t then you’ll just be dead or doing life in prison. The police will stamp on your face to the last pay cheque. Anyone who doesn’t understand that is dreaming.

    The final stage if you’ve defeated the police and therefore been able to then defeat the other three is to drive the Jew invited turd worlders from your land.

    The Jews militarize the police, disarm whites, pass laws giving the police almost unlimited powers of action against us and institute a total surveilance state. They know that us v the police is the everything battle. They’re waiting on us.

  36. @ Greg Elliot
    I comment infrequently, but visit daily (intellectually not nearly as fast on the uptake as most of you other “yeggs”). Was seriously fretting about you. Damn good to see you here. My appreciation to PA for the retraction and, as I’ve said before, for his gracious hospitality here at the “villa”.

  37. “If white people want their countries back there are four fights they have to win.”

    It’s much simpler and not as LARPy… But because it is actionable it won’t be relished.

    Take back – YOUR dinner table, YOUR pew and YOUR classroom.

    Everything else will flow from this.

  38. @GE
    “…that “permission slip” observation was an homage to the late, great Harold Covington, who often used it during his podcasts…”

    Harold was a remarkable writer, historian, and student of colonial wars of secession. For me his podcasts were an oasis of sanity and humor and always seemed to calm me down. Apparently “home comings” to the Pac NW have increased lately, and the fellows who now man the headquarters are doing so admiringly well IMO.

  39. Sentient. I agree my list is unduable now because we are nowhere near defeating the quasi military police who enforce Jewish rule. But in the future when things become obviously desperate to a point where even the most brain washed whites are scared shitless then it’s the war that will have to be won. Or we will be gone. The cops will stamp us down to the end.
    Am I saying fight them? No. It’d be suicide and pointless now. But it is the future.

    As for your points… take back the dinner table. I guess you’re talking game in your relationship. But better get it right or you’re in divorce court and fighting to see your kids.
    Take back your pew. If you’re talking stand up and make your views plain in church then I guess in some congregations it would be welcomed but in others you’d be asked to leave. If you had a problem with that you’d meet the police.
    Take back your classroom. In most educational institutions standing up for white means you’re asked to leave, in fact expelled from the school altogether. The kikes know the importance of complete control of education. Again if you then had a problem you’d meet the police.

  40. On the issue of taking back one’s pew, a recent conversation/debate I had with some fellow Christians seemed to have had the intended “THINK, man!” effect.

    It had to do with the ever-popular “brotherhood of Man” theme, and I casually mentioned that, while in God’s eyes the spiritual standing of each person may be equal, in the current system of things the only people calling for One World are those who, as in the times of Babel, would have the entirety of said world bend to the will of those whose interests are antithetical to God, and who hide their nefarious motives of political and social dominance, and indeed, glorification of all nonWhite races with the intent of demoralizing, blending with other races, or outright destroying the White race… all while hiding behind the false morality of human secularism which often masquerades as “the Christian thing to do”… that is, so long as Christ Himself is not mentioned… unless of course to denigrate Him or His followers.

  41. @ Greg Elliot
    I comment infrequently, but visit daily (intellectually not nearly as fast on the uptake as most of you other “yeggs”). Was seriously fretting about you. Damn good to see you here. My appreciation to PA for the retraction and, as I’ve said before, for his gracious hospitality here at the “villa”.

    Most kind, sir… and I can use all the fretting I can get. 😉

    Let us all fret for the swift reappearance of our beloved chateau, although this temporary refugee haven of the estimable PA is a villa not to be taken lightly.

  42. unfortunately at this point, england is sailing for some very rocky shoals. as if the feminism problem coupled with the lack of drive and ambition from real british men (you know what i mean) wasn’t bad enough, any youtube search about applying for cambridge or oxford is littered with videos and comments by people with funny-sounding names such as satwia, nameh, hari etc. intruding from the recommendation column are thumbnails to similar videos featuring a parade of african and oily brown faces accompanied by titles like “applying for medicine school” and “taking a phd interview”. all aimed at major uk teaching institutions of course. what will realistically happen within a 10 or even 5-year time period once these people start “graduating” and applying their knowledge at work? they can’t even keep a potable water system in working condition.

  43. Fuck Nehemiah. get your jewish scriptures and jewish religions (including the other jewish religion of diversity) out of my life.

    stop appealing to shit written by jews for moral authority. The sooner you QUIT THAT, the sooner your mind will clear. It should be clear now that their religions are traps. That fuckin book isn’t in any way “Christian” in any sense; it is fucking JEWISH, about a JEW doing JEW SHIT. Old Testament, aka, a racial supremacy doctrine for jews.

  44. Their is no difference between a problem domain and its solution domain, if there is a solution. Only cowards feel that Winter’s assessment is wrong. He could have said it in less words, but then you would have an easier time rejecting it. I will attempt to clarify it a bit more. There is a dynamic, ‘anti-fragile’ feedback loop from police and the taxpayers that creates invulnerable stability. There is no solution that does not involve sovereignty, which is what the police manifest, duh. This is not narrative solution, dummies. It is NOT a recommendation to go out and win. It is insight to not lose utterly and easily by being stupid. You may not win, duh. Shocker. Western civilizations have never collapsed before. These must be end times.

    The white men enablers are the problem. They have a capacity for violence that is and one day to come was the superlative violence in the West. They are against white culture, Western cooperation. They are police officers AND their supporters. If you challenge institutional law and order, how many white male do-gooders will kill you if they still bear arms? They get sheep dog jollies doing that. How many will attack you if a woman claims you hurt her feelings. Same jollies.

    The masturbation on this topic is…er…palpable. The last thing you want is to recognize what an animal you are, narrative cucks. And Dr. Trav is correct about the OT, really the Jewish Bible. Rub one off now. Mordecai is your hero. Esther is your heroine. Feels good to be sodomized? Now turn those checks, boyz. You enemies have got more use for you until your (((denouement))).

  45. Hey, Sir Greg, good to see you.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but I hope that Heartiste gets off his arse and starts up his site again soon. I feel a little odd filling up PA’s comments sections with our commentary and sparring, glad as I am to see all of you (except King). I know that CH is worried about anonymity, but hasn’t he already been doxed long ago? I mean, Wikipedia has what it claims is his real name up on it, and it doesn’t much more public than that.

    And in any case, there must be some way to put up a site without revealing everything about oneself. But to return to the topic at hand…

    PA is largely correct that Whites need either a leader or a hands-off situation. Though PA is a Pole and won’t like this comparison, we need either Hitler or anarchy. Either what amounts to a charismatic blood-and-soil fascist to lead, or sufficient leeway for the posse. Heartiste’s phrase of “posse interruptus” springs to mind every time a discussion like this comes up. And western culture has managed to make a system of law, order, and surveillance that amounts to a straitjacket holding the entire race helplessly immobile while outsiders devour them.

  46. It is hard to find a device for building guns, and software that controls it, that is not crap, and which makes the whole thing, or at least all the parts that are hard to buy in an environment where every part of the gun is controlled.

    We need some reviews on home gunsmithing using cnc.

    Some gun parts, such as the magazine, work well in plastic,provided it is done right. Other parts just have to be metal. And everything that comes in contact with hot gases needs to be chrome steel, which is not easy to work with. Nothing can cnc chrome steel, so how do you make a barrel?

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  48. http://www.thehomegunsmith.com

    Philip Luty, 46, of Bedford Mount, Tinshill, was facing three charges following a raid on his home by armed anti-terrorism officer in May 2009.

    Mr Luty, who referred to himself as the ‘Home Gunsmith’, was facing the charges over three volumes, all under the title Expedient Homemade Firearms.

    One of the books demonstrates how to construct a 9mm machine gun, using readily available materials.

    Mr Luty, who has served a previous sentence for firearms offences, died from cancer on April 8.

    He had been facing a trial for the three offences under the Terrorism Act 2000 relating to “ making a record of information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.”

    Mr Luty also faced a further charge of possession of a prohibited weapon, the charge referred to a “collection of pipes which could be screwed together to produce an item from which a bulleted cartridge could be discharged.”

    The proceedings against him were formally ended yesterday after the Recorder of Leeds, judge Peter Collier was informed of his death.

    On his website, Mr Luty is described as “a pro-firearms campaigner with a no compromise stance on gun rights issues.”

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