A Perspective on Chateau Heartiste

Heretic Phi wrote this excellent analysis:

A few years ago I heard Roosh giving a speech about the history of Game theory. The first phase were the PUA, iconized by Mystery, which was the purpose-driven gathering of practical data for real-world personal use (what works, what doesn’t).

Roosh calls the second phase the “Roissy-sphere,” where the empirical knowledge provided by Game flowered our understanding of female sexual psychology, and evolutionary psychology in general. (Paraphrasing from memory here.) This is where the average dude with some book smarts can actually come to understand why what worked for his dad and his grandpa is worthless for him.

That led to great advancements in our social knowledge of what is wrong with our society, that is forcing us to mate under unnatural conditions that we did not evolve to survive and reproduce under. We now can see many defects in the outdated “Social Science” theories under which our institutions are run. Heartiste is described in his early years as the core of a massive intellectual development from the PUA side of the Manosphere, which at that time had nothing to do with WN. The way he describes it, Roosh himself sprung from the “Roissy-sphere”.

Roosh then pushes Neomasculinity (which would naturally center around himself) as the third phase, about transforming our forbidden knowledge of hypergamy back into personal self-improvement and a gentle anti-feminist political agenda.

But what Heartiste did for our side was even better. For he gave this knowledge to… dissidents. We now know things about the human animal that our seemly almighty enemies in their pride and vanity, have little comprehension of. The risk that they will suddenly figure it out before their ignorance destroys them is very small, for their hearts are too weak to question their faith. And in 2016 we saw what a Natural can do with that knowledge.

… his legacy is all around you and will never go away. If he retires tomorrow, he is still here. Every single one of us thinks, understands, and sees the world differently in part because of Heartiste.

It really should have been almost time for him to take a break anyhow. Twelve years is a big chunk of your life to be able to come up with material of that volume, of that quality, with that consistency. He needs to cocoon up for a while so he can evolve into a higher form.


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  1. I know PA, at the least, disagrees with me, but I don’t think CH was still being written by just one man. The volume of output was too large and varied. It would be too time-consuming for one guy to write all that with no monetary compensation. I believe that for several years it was several men writing under the CH moniker.

  2. Very good analysis.

    Roissy, especially the early pre-Lady Rain Roissy, is not given enough credit with regard to the emergence of an alternate/dissident Right culture.

  3. — early years as the core of a massive intellectual development from the PUA side of the Manosphere, which at that time had nothing to do with WN.

    This was in 2008, when functional pick-up Game discussion evolved into a broader understanding of female nature but like Heretic Phi says, before it further evolved into race and national-destiny discussions.

    That moment in time was analogous to “civic nationalism,” the American political order of the 1980s, which was a detente in the wake of 1960s disruptions. Official color-blindness, Whites run and own everything, minorities enjoy the benefits of White rule along with autonomy in exchange for knowing their place; Whites, in turn, keep the peace by not talking negatively about minorities.

    An unstable peace because it was in essence a papered-over capitulation. They won the 60s, so they werent going to be satisfied with White surrender terms of the 80s, which werent all that bad for us.

    Analogously, the CH blog and comments section, as Red Pill vanguard, had that brief stage of multiracial participation. We all agreed about hypergamy and antimale social arrangements of the modern world. Race realism was self-suppressed by the commentariat for the sake of amity.

    The flaw of that peace: it mirrored the larger world, which dictated that we must continue to cede ground, they get to continue encroaching. Immigration and interracial dating were the big things at stake, that mattered to us. Scientific HBD pseudoconclusions was a kind of compromise. “Black men have better game, White men are STEM nerds but smarts are worth something too.” “Immigration is good as long as it’s high IQ.”

    By 2009, the fault lines heated up. This mirrored Obama’s election.

    Had black commenters discussed Game to get black women, subcontinental commenters to get Indian women… no. Everybody wants White pussy and if emboldened to chase it, they will. So much for interracial, anti-feminist Brotherhood of Man when your putative brother’s appetites result in your biological destruction.

    Civic nationalism flipped from White-run paternalism to White man finding himself in the cannibal’s pot like in a Gary Larson cartoon. Liberalism had metastasized into today’s full-on AntiWhite hysteria.

    So when things at CH shifted to White advocacy, or more broadly to AltRight nationalism, nonwhite commenters were driven out. The passive-aggressive, resentful Talented Tenth blacks who barely contained their contempt for Whites. The disingenuous US-born South Asians who continued to clamor for infinite immigration from India “for America’s good.”

    Several offshoot blogs, like The Spearhead, tried to stick with Manosphere MRA themes and suppressed race realism, but that only worked until Obsidian took free rein in the comments.

    The non-racist ’08 era was necessary and the comments were fascinating, the energy was high. But for us, that was a transitional step toward freedom, anti-Globalism, the AltRight that evolved was the natural destiny, and that too still leads toward higher truths and ultimately toward realized salvation.

  4. Just had an experience this morning wherein the writings of CH aided me greatly.

    Not about gaming women, but about being a man when the situation calls for being a man.

    Never quite learned as such from my father, as his own father wasn’t a good man.

    I took (and still) take to heart those lessons from CH’s work to fill the gaps so to speak. It has made a world of difference. And many a choice comment or two to give me a better understanding.

    Couched in that is spiritual discernment to know better throughout it all.

  5. Good analysis. I think most people who are open to being red pilled on the reality of the sociosexual marketplace probably already are. You can see a lot of these ideas in mainstream discourse.

  6. “…as Red Pill vanguard…”

    I was rereading Voltaire’s ‘Candide’ recently, and strangely thought of translating his works of history into German. A mega task that must eventually be undertaken by somebody, somewhere…

    Truth can often hurt, even searingly!

  7. Roissy, especially the early pre-Lady Rain Roissy, is not given enough credit with regard to the emergence of an alternate/dissident Right culture.

    Slumlord — yes. It kicked off so many things, which led to so many different places. It’s hard to imagine the contours of what the dissident right would look like today without “roissyindc”, and the impact that it had.

  8. Regarding this quote by PA: “Had black commenters discussed Game to get black women, subcontinental commenters to get Indian women… no. Everybody wants White pussy and if emboldened to chase it, they will. So much for interracial, anti-feminist Brotherhood of Man when your putative brother’s appetites result in your biological destruction.”

    I was in a movie theatre with the wife and watched the upcoming attractions: I think that at least three movies had pajeets chasing or having relationships with White Women. Not black guys, but desi from the subcontinent. I was amazed.

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  10. ” I think that at least three movies had pajeets chasing or having relationships with White Women. Not black guys, but desi from the subcontinent. I was amazed.”

    Post-slavery or post-colonial occupation, it appears that nailing the past overlords’ women is an obsession (recall what black men have written since the 19th century about putting it to white girls as payback for the indignities that accrue to being of mostly African descent.) As with so, so, so many self-destructive fads today, those who are vulnerable to them (e.g., white girls willing to cross racial lines) appear to be nominating themselves or their descendants for Darwin Awards.

    I guess that after 4 decades of abortion-brain-washing, carelessness about future generations even within one’s family has reached apogee. My actions in life are based on the notion that the future will belong to those who SHOW UP FOR IT. My descendants are busy doing so.

    Happy homogeneity.

  11. An Indian woman told me Indian men are generally discouraged from marrying white women by their parents. I think maybe they like us for sowing their wild oats, but then want to settle down with one of their own.

  12. “Every single one of us thinks, understands, and sees the world differently in part because of Heartiste.”

    CH impacted my life directly somewhat, but even moreso indirectly, as it led me to the Christian manosphere. Within a year, my life had become unimaginably different.

    Kid Jupiter – “I know PA, at the least, disagrees with me, but I don’t think CH was still being written by just one man.”

    CH made references to “the proprietors” on occasion. Maybe one person polished the final product, but it sounds like others contributed.

  13. Thank you for that, Martin. The in-document hyperlinks from the table of contents don’t seem to work, just an FYI. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, though.

  14. In addition to the website being gone, CH hasn’t updated his gab account since then. Anyone have personal knowledge of the man’s health? Did ZOG finally go Grachii and take things hot?

  15. “Did ZOG finally go Grachii and take things hot?”

    If he had gotten the “Stasi Treatment” like I did with the arrest / SWAT / whatever it would be a news article given his outsized presence on the internet. Given that no such articles exist I doubt he was collared by TPTB. I think it is more of a ‘keep your head down until the dust settles’ phenom you are witnessing.

    re: Multiple writers- I have always felt that was purposeful misdirection because CH got a HARD dox back in the day and as we all know that is life ending for the most part in 2019. In 2008/2009 it was survivable but not pleasant by any means. To hedge against this the entire site changed name / format and the original author started being very ambiguous about who was now writing. These were defense mechanisms as far as I’m concerned.

    Doxing is the lowest of the low and such a weak pussy lefty tactic. He needed to become much more slippery and did. If you do even a novice writing analysis you can see hallmarks of the same writing style between 2008 / 2009 articles and articles of recent years. Same guy, but much more cautious about revealing details about himself or if he was even the only writer, etc. A smart move given the bullet he did not even fully dodge in ’08.

    PA- That was a brilliant follow up to the H.Phi analysis, you are channeling a little CH right there in fact because it captures the zeitgeist between then & now and how we got from point A to point B well. :thumb:

  16. I was Winter over on CH, a constant gentle reader but more occasional commenter. I’ve been pretty depressed since CH got canned. I feel less free.
    Also I live in New Zealand and the cunt Ardern is pushing on with gun grabbing and censorship like a true virtuous commissar cunt. So it’s come at a bad time. It’s all very disturbing.
    I said to CH a year or so ago shouldn’t he have some life boat we could gather at if he ever got banned but he just made some joke.

  17. I recall about a year ago CH was silent from posting (was the thread that garnered over 1k posts) and had asked on gab if he was laying low, which he said he was in his own inimitable way.

    It might have been several weeks after the C–k R–n post, which was he started to feel the heat all over again since he had to take it (or tone it) down

    I didn’t start reading CH till 2014 so was unaware he’d been doxxed. Wild

  18. Lady Raine. What a battlecunt. It can be pretty insane how obsessed people can get. If the book ever does get written, what were the details that lead to his dox? It is bad form for even bring up in a question the particulars (of his dox), and it is not meant to be answered, but it does make one wonder how it happened. Her whole thing was that she was a left brained woman and therefore generalizations about women don’t apply. Or something along those lines. Well, to her credit, her name gets remembered. Unlikely she has any children. Though it would be fitting to know that detail.

    My impression was that CH had one author. Ten years is a long chapter.

  19. This site sounds like Roissy. Clearly influenced by the writing style they are also finding a new platform after being harassed off youtube for their truth-talking. But Roissyisms are peppered throughout. My favorite: shitlibopolis…

  20. He’s fine, guys. There will be a new Chateau.

    Winter: cheers from the opposite side of the world, man.

  21. White men cannot be allowed to speak to each other. No freedom of speech or association for whites!!!!!

  22. PA, I read that and immediately thought of Samwise Gamgees speech at the end of The Two Towers

    I can hear the music

  23. The JQ really is everything. They openly joke about the “type” of Jew that is worth millions and adds to the wealth by scamming insurance companies. ( they get paid because Jews run the insurance companies too).

    Even most here fail to fully understand the depth of the JQ.

    They print the money and they all literally get Monopoly money starter money that gets them their first three pieces of real property.

    Takes money to make money.

  24. All Jews have fraudulent handicap parking decals. They have no shame regardless of the issue.

    Notice them getting into their $60,000 Lexis in the handicap spot. No visible handicap. I see it every day. The talmud encourages fraud to gain advantage. They are proud of getting fraudulent handicap parking decals.

    Whites with actual physical problems (e.g., bad back) are proud to NOT get any special help and park in normal spots and walk. We value honesty and toughness.

    Handicapped but so useful in our free market that they drive $80,000 vehicles, these Jews.

  25. “CH made references to “the proprietors” on occasion. Maybe one person polished the final product, but it sounds like others contributed.”

    Reminds one of Zerohedge: patron “Tyler Durden” is known as “the Tylers” in the comments.

    Been reading Heartiste since 2012 or so. As PA will concur, writers adore the works of other writers. CH always delivered. And he has delivered not just satisfaction, but perturbation: those frequent “oh sh!t!” moments when I catch myself guffawing at his wit, my crest then falling a little in the realization that I’ll never produce the same.

    If CH really has been a plurality, that’s all the more impressive: he managed to find men as talented as he, and he persuaded them to contribute for free.

  26. By the way, guys, don’t question CH’s silence. He’s not licking his wounds; he’s making his list and checking it twice.

  27. “Takes money to make money.”

    Fiat-notes in lost frost;
    See them brighten like rabbit-smirks.
    What’s a riled pets’ jet cost…
    When a bet-pilot’s style half-lurks?

  28. Been a regular reader of CH since 2013. I never commented, but did enjoy his writings which I believe are all his own. Over the years, his style and voice developed remarkably and became remarkably distinct. While I didn’t always agree with everything, I appreciated his wit and keen observations. He helped me understand our current society and the degradation of relationships in general. Over the years he had taken a more political bent, which only made him even more of a target for censorship. I guess I didn’t absorb enough of those articles/predictions because I’m truly shocked to find his website has been banned/removed. This is becoming an all-out war on free speech. I hope all his articles or the bulk of them have been archived. Thank you CH for the incredible gift you gave us all these years. I hope to read you again, either online or print. You have devoted fans and supporters. We’re here for you.

  29. “The Government is very keen to challenge tech companies to be more transparent about the algorithms which determine what content users see, and whether those algorithms are causing serious harm by driving people into radicalisation dark-holes.

    Former Google design ethicist Tristan Harris attended a civil society forum hosted by Ardern in Paris as part of the Christchurch Call summit, and said it was imperative that the conversation move on to wider radicalisaton by algorithm.”

    If you didn’t know PA had a blog, and what it was called. You will be fucked out of finding it in the not too distant future.

    Think of the bodies, money and brain power aligning behind this kind of soft censorship. A global shadow ban.

  30. “Being “red-pilled” is online shorthand for having one’s eyes opened – generally to extreme right-wing views about gender and race.”

    Red Pilled is a hate crime.

  31. did I win the over/under? I think I said 3 months around 3 months ago

    it’s only going to get worse

  32. Chakrates, your anecdote about the challenges keeping boundaries in place around a daughter is instructive. I have granddaughters whose parents are much closer to the SWPL median than me, and I wonder if they’ll realize the degree to which any boundaries they attempt to maintain will be besieged from every direction of the xyz sphere.

    I figure there are no (as in zero) kids, both boys and girls, who haven’t been exposed to hard-core pornographic video by the time they’re 12. How that warps their respective perceptions of normal human relationships is simply beyond my imagination. My panic factor observations are of girls aping Debbie while she’s “doing Dallas” while the boys reorient toward finding just that. How does one manage the introduction of children to the need to Say No to impulsive sexuality when their puberty surge isn’t even in full swing before arrives the Full Court Press to pursue full hedonism?

    We are all of us predisposed to conflicting behavioral sub-routines that serve “us” (as humans) under different conditions. The sub-routines offered up by our impulsive mind are generally the most basic programming for prehistoric savages, and they are extremely powerful, having faster and higher-amplitude neural connections. The boundaries of acceptable behavior from faith and from tradition (AKA “mommy and daddy say you must….and mustn’t…”) are attempts to help young people in the throes of newfound impulses resist the urge to take irrevocable actions, actions that in size or scope could make future happiness nearly impossible.

    The Internet (esp. on “smart” phones) is to my mind the apogee of human-innovation-as-a-virtual-suicide-pact, it is THE medium for encouraging impulsive actions and offering sweet-cyanide-rationalizations for doing so. Never has raising children been more of a mine field.

  33. I’m more annoyed than anything. I believe CH will return (a good writer can hardly keep quiet), it’s just frustrating that my go-to content of interest is temporarily gone in the meantime.

    His success is in never being boring. Even where I have disagreed with him, I’ve never hesitated to read, and I’ve been reading and occasionally commenting since the very beginning.

    I remember the “Lady” Raine incident vividly and I suppose played a small part in provoking her lust for revenge when I made a “face lift” video of her that he posted for the lolz.

    Anyhow, hope Roissy isn’t gone long— I too never bought the blog-by-committee ruse either— because his voice is genuinely appreciated by many men, and likely unbeknownst to them, women as well.

  34. “We are all of us predisposed to conflicting behavioral sub-routines that serve “us” (as humans) under different conditions.”

    as a counterbalance to “everyday girls gone wild”, consider men were doing a generation or two ago. ww2 is my favorite example. what was the purpose of all that death and destruction? what are the downstream effects? all conducted under the blessings of “boundaries of acceptable behavior from faith and from tradition”.

    “are attempts to help young people in the throes of newfound impulses resist the urge to take irrevocable actions, actions that in size or scope could make future happiness nearly impossible.”

    my grandfather cried a lot at the end of his life. he had a lot of guilt about the war. his wife, my grandmother, was German.

    if internet is the “apogee of human-innovation-as-a-virtual-suicide-pact”, than what is mutually assured destruction?

    are things getting worse or are we simply finding novel ways to continue circling the drain into eternity? does immediate gratification ever go away, or is it always right there, whispering into our ears?

    serious questions.

  35. The famous quote by Obi-Wan comes to mind immediately.

    “If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

    Heartiste has changed my life for the better. Even if it never returns, it has changed us forever.

  36. @ plumpjack, I didn’t say everything tradition or faith (or “reason”) approves is good.

    As I interpret it, the current understanding of the intersection between behavioral psychology and neurobiology holds that we basically have a committee in our heads, each voice vying to control what we do. In general, our impulses do not look particularly beneficial most of the time (to me.) Unfortunately, the “voice of reason” we have is often just used to rubber-stamp whatever the impulsive mind already decided. This is made worse when the impulsive mind is simply herding, so the deliberative mind looks around, sees others doing the same thing and relaxes, accepting whatever BS rationalization offered by the Pop Culture Clown Brigade. And no, we don’t age out of impulsiveness any more than alcoholics age out of alcoholism.

    Today, at or near the zenith of pathological optimism, openness and trust we see a culture of No Boundaries. You’re a man and want to have sex like a promiscuous woman? Go gay and hit the bathhouses/orgies. You’re a woman and want to live like you think Cosmo encourages? Go for it! Want to snort, smoke or pop pills? Hey, no judgement here. Anything you want to do must be accepted, no, it must be enabled. Anyone who even whiffs of judging your actions must be dog-piled. This is the ideal world for the Impulsive Mind. Sadly, it only tends to embed deal-breakers and regrets, for everything we do becomes a part of us. Soaking in a hot-tub of a septic tank leaves a lifelong stench.

    Are things getting worse? Yes. I’d bet you whatever you want to wager right here that you’d have a hard time finding a 12-year-old, boy or girl, who hasn’t watched explicit pornography. I’ll further bet that doing so messes with their perceptions pretty badly, and that a substantial percentage go on to have far more dysfunctional relationships than would have been the case without the “extra input.”

    The existence of mutually incompatible people is not new; forcing them into close proximity and handing each other bullhorns is. When you have evangelical zealots who march to save the world and make humans right, anyone who resists, who wants to simply be left alone is an existential enemy. I think the current zealotry is nearly pinning the needle for folly. We live in Frederick Taylor’s world, where everyone seems to think there’s One Best Way for us to live and anyone who disagrees is to be shot. Figuratively today, literally tomorrow.

    The future is always a product of the present and the past. The present is busy separating people into those who can no longer tolerate the recent past from those who demand that the recent past be extrapolated and made mandatory, even more so than now. The future that this promises does not look likely to be one where people agree to disagree and then return to a saner level of living separately.

    Do you disagree?

  37. @ Jack
    “…because his voice is genuinely appreciated by many men, and likely unbeknownst to them, women as well.”

    Unbeknownst to me at first, little more than a year ago my wife began reading CH nearly every day and then, of all sites, the Daily Stomer about 6 months ago. As a 73 yo committed to CH-inspired recovery for the last 4 years or so and unsure as to whether her trying to wrap her female brain around CH principles woud be net positive, I decided to refrain from reacting one way or the other. Just letting it be. Benign detachment ( though inwardly difficult at times). She needs me more than I need her. Occasional off-handed conversations as to how she would handle certain matters, just in case I weren’t around.

    My wife has never been overweight, but since she began reading CH, I noticed one time upon returning from a business trip abroad that she had started a highly regulated dietary regimen based loosely on paleo principles and began a mild but disciplined strengthening program for seniors at our community gym. She now weighs the same as in her early 20’s with a nice firm figure and has been cooking full well balanced meals ever since then with fresh organic produce and meats like venison, bison, yak, and emu. along with a variety of sea foods. No flour, no refined sugar, no booze. She likes coffee. We dine out only on special occasions and never eat food at dance functions.

    Before I knew she had been reading CH, I did notice one day that the oft repeated requests for help in the kitchen or for cleaning the house had abruptly ceased. Later one day I overheard her complain to my sisters that the men in my family apparently never apologize.

    On a side note, after about a year or so of stict borderline-tedious ballroom dance instruction, I noticed that many women, both those much younger and those from our own social circles, began approaching my wife at various dance functions to ask whether she would mind their dancing with me.

    This was another matter about which I was unsure, not wishing to be seen as just a stud horse without agency being farmed out for the pleasure of other women. But again I decided to refrain from overtly caring one way or another. Began refusing women now and then at random, and then later when my wife was resting or chatting with a friend, I would inititate my own approaches on women I had selected.

    Because I’ve been hitting the gym much more religiously than I was even in the Army decades ago, I have considerably more physical stamina than my wife and she sometimes decides to rest for a while on the sidellines. Soon women of all ages were intercepting me on the dance floor without bothering to report ask my wife. Obviously I favored the many young nubile women, especially those who were eager beginners. Have not cheated. But I occasionally complain to my wife that too many overly energetic young women are rudely approaching me at once. Which is sometimes true.

    My prayers go to the imimitable proprietor of the Chateau. And to PA as well, my occasional disagreements notwithstanding, for housing the Brethren.

  38. Deter,

    I can’t disagree with anything there. I do believe that the main signal being received and responded to by the impulsive mind at this time is that of perceived, endlessly-increasing abundance, and that all of the downstream committee decisions and herd behavior are dictated by that one very simple signal.

    I’m not sure where this leads in the long term. humans have been driven towards comfort and wiping out their enemies since the beginning, so the long term forecast suggests that trend will continue. even if stuff becomes more difficult to make, the drive to make it will continue. the urge to game the system will continue. the urge to control nature will continue. the urge to turn our enemies into mulch will continue…

    I tend to believe this forced cohabitation with noncompatible species thing is a sideshow to the bigger issue that all-out war now means errrybody’s gonna die. how do you fight a limited scale war for the benefit of preserving your own cultural identity? I think that’s the real stick over everyone’s head that’s keeping them following the (((orders))), even though everyone is looking at each other and knowing it’s completely insane and won’t end well. nukes aren’t going away. what gives?

    I don’t know that kids seeing porn is worse than them dying on the shores of Normandy. seems like life was cheap even when there were far fewer of us. is life really more valuable now, as a whole, or is it the same as always where some lives are more valuable and most aren’t? if it’s the latter then the pornocaust won’t matter.

    I’m just rambling here. honestly I think evolutionary biology is driving all of this and we’re just the passengers.

    oh, and I learned this week that there are at least 20,000 asteroids that are a threat to earth, and possibly far more. now if we could find a way to deflect those asteroids with porn we’d solve two of our biggest problems in one shot:


  39. That’s a superb analysis! I have a feeling that the Chateau master will return in some form, but if not, then it’s still good because his influence has spread widely and will continue to spread via us. I am reminded of when Dr. William Pierce, the founder and leader of the National Alliance, died in 2003 and his organization foundered soon thereafter – those of us who had been members thereof felt demoralized at first, but over time we came to realize that Dr. Pierce’s influence remains strong in the current pervasiveness of racial blood-and-soil thinking over mere civic nationalism (which we used to call “Kosher Conservatism”). It will be the same with the influence of Chateau Heartiste.

  40. Sexy white girls cannot be permitted to prefer their own red pilled men.

    Men cannot be permitted to speak.

    JQ is everything.

  41. “And to PA as well, my occasional disagreements notwithstanding”

    Glad to see you here, Ky Hayseed. I’ve butted heads with a couple of you gentlemen but it’s small stuff and forgotten.

    There were maybe three commenters in the history of CH who werent obvious leftards like Strapon, yet whom I found repellent, if that’s the right word. Disinfo/intel shills pretending to be on our side. Nobody who’se ever commented here though.

  42. The JQ is answered.

    The jew qua jew is the archetype anti-white (S)upremacist.

    And as far as global profiling goes towards the purpose of AI, the impulse analytics of the “white race” are seemingly crucial to optimization.

    So if Heartiste represents anything, it is a niche desire for (s)upremacy and a viral cauldron of psyche-minded ascensionists possessing a potentially outsized influence on the “global brain.”

    So let the egalitarians feverishly froth within the schism of uncertainty.

    Ask yourself, “what is the next radical step?”

  43. yet whom I found repellent, if that’s the right word. Disinfo/intel shills pretending to be on our side. Nobody who’se ever commented here though.

    Like who? What were there angles/agendae?

  44. Plumpjack,

    “I do believe that the main signal being received and responded to by the impulsive mind at this time is that of perceived, endlessly-increasing abundance, and that all of the downstream committee decisions and herd behavior are dictated by that one very simple signal.”

    This is literally a description of “high social mood” under the socionomic hypothesis. Prechter once described it as the Jungian archetype of “flight,” where a person “sails” so high that they feel the ability to spread their arms and float into space, like Neo in the Matrix. It’s the subconscious embodiment of “no limits,” of embracing the belief that you’re literally God-like.

    I steadfastly cling to this hypothesis because it aligns with neurobiology and behavioral psychology. It also offers a consistent explanation for war/peace, booms/busts and even pop culture and clothing fashions. Just as people today align with inviting replacement-level invasion by culturally alien peoples, people in 1940 aligned with marching off to slaughter those who they didn’t know, on the other side of the Earth, over things about which they had zero first-hand knowledge. Tops and bottoms in a cycle, and the hypothesis holds that it’s natural and endogenous, i.e., that no person or group can change the course. All “leaders” do is jump in front of the marching band and wave a baton, and observers conclude that the clown in front directs the course of the parade. Obviously, I don’t concur with that. The marching band changes course periodically, abandoning the prior clown while a different clown jumps in front and waves HIS baton. Observers sagely nod and claim they knew it was coming all along.

    North America has never had a civil war, but the first War of Secession was crushed as the trend was then toward consolidation. I believe we are in the final decades of a 300-plus year trend toward consolidation, and that the next Big Trend will be toward secession. Nukes will not play a role in that (although the existence of nuclear weapons makes it inevitable that they will be used, all out, eventually…the same way Europe and Asia stumbled their way into the predictable conflagration that was World War One.)

    If you think of ammo as time-in-fight, the USA has more small arms and ammunition than it does food. Given that explosives are far more effective for 4th Gen War than are small arms, and the chemicals and simple machinery needed to make shaped charges are widespread in N.A., I anticipate that a full movement toward secession on a bunch of fronts will be mostly a case of attacking all of the hallmarks of modernity we now take for granted (potable water systems, electric distribution, long food supply lines and shopping centers.) This won’t occur overnight, but if social mood’s manic peak these last decades is matched to the downside, today’s popular zombie-apocalypse genre in fiction will in all likelihood be made manifest.

    Is life cheap? Depends on whose life you’re talking about, yes? Today the fad is to value the life of a 5-year-old Mestizo in Honduras more than ones own kids & grandkids. I suspect THAT will change. If it goes overboard to the downside as much as it is currently to the upside, the sentiment of “killing them all, right down to their dog, their cat and their goldfish” will be very fashionable indeed. I guess that indicates that life will be cheap. Recall that in 1861 Illinoisans volunteered in droves to join Lincoln’s army, despite the fact that Illinois’ constitution forbade entry by blacks free or slave, and that newspaper accounts graphically detailed the horrors of the battlefield. Why did men sign up? They had no dog in the fight, but it was a social mood low, and they were so angry and enraged at a subconscious level that they jumped at the chance to go slaughter others (in an “approved” activity) even at the risk of their own lives. Was life cheap?

    We live in interesting times, don’t we?

  45. This was another matter about which I was unsure, not wishing to be seen as just a stud horse without agency being farmed out for the pleasure of other women.

    Otherwise known as a fate worse than death. Jokes aside, dance classes sounds like a good way to get in touch w/ other people, specifically of the not-men variety. What’s-his-name, David F. ‘let’s noose up this big head’ Wallace had a really good short essay on clog dancing in rural Illinois. He contrasted such activity to Hammertime, which then was a current meme.

    He wrote that the clog dancing was implicitly White. He actually described it, explicitly, as implicitly White, saying something like that this was our thing and blacks would just know not to go there. So credit where due he was ahead of his time. Come to think of it, the essay was about a county fair in the country and its goings-on, and featured in his collection A Supposedly Fun Thing. Good times (and great oldies!)

  46. re: clog dancing being so inherently white that blacks instinctively avoid it:

    I tended bar in the 90s in a racially mixed area. When the crowd reached a certain percentage black, trouble would inevitably occur and the good-tipping customers would leave.

    (blacks don’t tip whites, you just have to accept this and move on if you’re going to work in the service sector)

    What worked every time was to override their gangster hip hop on the jukebox and play country till they left. Usually took less than half an hour. I don’t think they ever caught on.

  47. “did I win the over/under? I think I said 3 months around 3 months ago”

    I vaguely recall that travioli so yeah, you would have claimed the prize.

    As for CH, since he is shitposting on Gab I assume he is likely working on some new gig. Milo even said he read CH every day w/o fail and Milo though himself deplatformed, is well connected in this sphere. So like I said CH could probably get an Unz gig or simply migrate to private hosting. Several people have already told him they have the whole site archived so setting it up would be trivial for the most part. He is also lashing out at WordPress in a big way (though I don’t know why, they have pulled the plug on far less offensive than that site) and so I have a feeling that anger probably needs to be channeled into something tangible.

    He did post that meme of Vader striking down Obi-Wan as his first gab post since ‘the incident’ which I find hilarious. (h/t Rob in Florida for the timely reference)

    “The famous quote by Obi-Wan comes to mind immediately.

    “If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

  48. He changed my life. I had exiled myself from the USA and was living on Vancouver Island, Canada. It was 2008. I was in my late 30’s. All of my relationships went nowhere. Stumbled upon a blog called “roissyindc”. It was as though someone threw me a life ring. I know it sounds corny but I think he saved my life. I moved back to the USA in 2012, figured it was time to get back on the horse. I’m 50 now, 12 years have passed. I use his knowledge in my life, and it gives me a contentment that was simply not there when I was a younger man. God bless you, CH. I’ll never forget what you did for me.

  49. PA. As CH is posting on Gab why not ask him to write a post for you to put up here?
    Also someone should open a youtube channel as a life boat if your site gets taken down. Everyone can bookmark it. It doesn’t have to have any content, no vids that will get it shoahed. Just a single vid with a picture of a lifeboat or something. All the action can be in the comments below with people sharing links to good sites where we can talk and share news. It can be sort of like a safehouse.
    I don’t want to sound over the top but with the US election next year and the accelerating censorship how many places to talk are going to be left? Little youtube channels with no content might be about it.

  50. Off-topic from CH a bit (although, not entirely), I found this video to be a sobering comment on how many of us are probably feeling at this point:

  51. I found Roissy probably ten years ago. Someone linked to him through a WN 1.0 message board wondering if he could be a like minded ally. I went there and read. And read. And read. It was like discovering other race realists for the first time. It’s like asking, you seeing this? And finally getting an answer that isn’t gaslighting. See I came to this thing in reverse order. Having spent a good portion of my adult life in close contact with blacks made me a quick study in race realism after having grown up with nary a one around(just injuns). Woman were another matter. I always had a girlfriend but had no idea why I got them, why the liked me or didn’t why they left or I grew tired of them. I believed all the crap about “the one” and other romantic bullshit. Roissy made me see my instincts were correct and that the “wisdom” I was taught was interfering with it.

  52. I encountered Chateau Heartiste a few years ago. It changed forever my way of thinking and even my vocabulary. Not only my English vocabulary (English is my third language, after my native language, Romanian, and French), but my general use of words. Now I find myself using terms like Globohomo, Fuggernaut, shitlib, femcunt, Eskimos or the Special People, orcs as a substitute for dark invaders, transfreaks in my native language, too.

  53. It also changed forever the way to call some political figures. I just cannot name these people any other way than GayMulatto, thecunt, Maricon, Trudava.

    When Heartiste chose a word for something or somebody, it was carved in stone for eternity He was/is an artiste of words, an exquisite linguist.

  54. We need a meme of Churchill putting up his V for victory sign but under the title There are two genders!

  55. @ Regular John,
    Use caution in universalizing CH’s position. Not all women behave like the stereotype, and if one is blinded by assumption, a man could never realize he actual has (or stepped over) the Hope Diamond girl.

    I truly tire of those who paint with such a broad brush that they tar the exceptions (or blind “followers” to their very existence.) Not all women, not all men obey stereotypes. Criticism of “NA_ALT” may work fine for WN, but for individual relationships with the opposite sex it’s blind.

    I was once accused of being naive because I was labeled a “natural alpha.” In some ways history does support both observations. But know that not one of these blogs (about women and “game”) is written by a natural alpha.


    And that means they’re biased in ways that are unhelpful when it comes to the exceptions to the rule. As far as I’m concerned, my sons (and I, long ago) weren’t looking for the average girl. Average girls are for average guys. I’d rather aspire to being more than average, and thus seek the exception to the rule (which is who I married a long time ago, and with whom I share one-itis and an encyclopedic dialogue, along with all the other blessings of mutual devotion.)

    CH is useful. It has its limitations, too, and forgetting those is an error (in my view.)

  56. thanks for the reply above re: high social mood, deter. great stuff. could you post a few of your favorite reads?

    regarding your comment here on blogs about women and game, I completely agree. I always found most of the game stuff to be very “beta” in it’s fundamental outlook of powerlessness. they embrace “science!” but can’t fathom why nature would have designed women to be (supposedly) agency-free followers of a dominant man. gee, you think there might be some value in the fact that women, in particular OUR women, are wired to follow what they PERCEIVE to be the best/strongest men?

    a man is gifted with the power to pretty much shape his own reality (within limits). for him to use that power to sit around and complain and pine for the good ol’ days is just embarrassing IMO. we ARE living in a the golden age RIGHT NOW. and if anyone doesn’t believe me fast forward your brain 200 years and look back on today and tell me what it looks like by comparison.

    but sure, yeah, let’s get the civil war started because then everything will be so much better. smdh.

    Or… let’s go back to 1940 where the patriarchy was intact and women acted like ladies, but let’s leave out the part where men were expected to put their lives in service of the country no matter how absurd the cause and die face down in the sand somewhere far, far away from their homes and families. smdh.

    the tools presented on the game blogs are useful. every man needs to understand the socio-dynamics that govern the relationships between ALL folks, not just between guys and gals. Men in particular need to understand how the dynamic between men and women has shifted in the post-birth control era. Women have gained a bit of leverage in the dating market. Guys need to do what they can to up their leverage as well. that’s the takeaway. if a guy has a legit plan to build a life and a family then he will not have a problem finding and leading an exceptional woman to go along with that.

    I’m grateful for the guys who compiled this stuff and made it available for free to the masses. but they fell short when it came time to place the onus on the right shoulders: our own.

  57. Another one? We have a religious nut armchair quarterbacking on the other thread, not here too…

    It was never said that “AWALT” but the ratio is skewed so high in that direction these days that the advice was -good generic advice- for those who had little to no game. What is the problem here?

    Of course no game blog is written by a natural alpha. You know why? They are out ‘doing’ and being successful and likely don’t have time to pick up betas (and lower) by their bootstraps and try to get them unplugged from the Clown World Matrix and bitterly swallowing that jagged red pill. Instead of critiquing the (minor) foibles that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ why not talk about the manifold and legion men that were helped to see the world as it truly is instead of as they were told it is and should be. Where Pretty Lies Perish

    Damn ya’ll mafuckas are such downers today who pissed in your cereal this morning with all this poopy talk suddenly?

  58. “…religious nut armchair quarterbacking…”

    Sounds rather like that former monk Godfrey Reggio. I whole-heartedly recommend brushing up on your Nietzsche. . .

  59. “They are out ‘doing’ and being successful and likely don’t have time to pick up betas (and lower) by their bootstraps and try to get them unplugged from the Clown World Matrix and bitterly swallowing that jagged red pill.”

    some bootstrap-lifting is definitely better than NO bootstrap-lifting for sure. I just think the bar needs to be set quite a bit higher.

    I honestly believe that womens’ wants and needs are completely legitimate in the evolutionary sense and encouraging men to cheat them out of those wants and needs (ie, pry open their clams without offering then the entire package) in context of the ongoing white genocide is not just dysgenic but borderline rope-worthy.

  60. “why not talk about the manifold and legion men that were helped to see the world as it truly is instead of as they were told it is and should be. Where Pretty Lies Perish”

    I think “as it truly is” needs to include men learning how much power they have to transform stuff (esp women) into USEFUL stuff, instead of settling for challah crumbs.

  61. Theodora,, I did not know you are romanian. That is nice! I have some Romanian friends, my new neighbor is a Romanian and a priest (but in Greek Orthodox Church).

    It is very lovely to read all this comments about how we are thankfull to CH and what reading him helped us with.

    For me personally,, I had just started a blog maybe before 7 years (embracingourfemininity) and it was by coincidence I start to read CH blog that time when one commentor directed me there. My first inpression was this blog is very funny!! You must to under stand the post WAS a very funny post and I was thinking it was satire. Then I start to read more,, and I under stand actualy no, this blog IS brilliant. I was not married that time and actualy I become very good friends with 2 commentors and meet even one in person. It was posible I would marry with one man but moveing to USA for me was not a option. I had my father still alive and I needed to be next to him. But CH site for sure helped me to be aware how if I want to marry and have babys it is better more soon than later. It was very honest and not mindefull of peoples feelings about the real truth of the sexual market and I respected this. It also helped me to under stand what men they really are like and what they want in a wife. This is things the more people will not tell you honestley.

    So I married and we jave

  62. (Continued from abive comment. I pressed post,, mistake 🤔)

    So I married and we have a son. If I had followed advise of girl friends maybe now I would still be single.

    Also,, Heartiste wrote many things that they was truley thought provoking and I think that helped to expand my smarts in some way.

    And that is with out even to say about all of wonderfull voices in the comments who give some thing to me and very many others,, maybe with out to know it!!

  63. Eofahapi,

    I was raised in a deeply faithful Orthodox Christian family, I have priests, monks and nuns in my extended family.
    Interesting enough, the blog of this secular American (CH) resonated with my upbringing more than many others.
    No surprise here, one of the comnenters above said that he discovered the Christian (not cuckstian) manosphere through CH.

    God works in mysterious ways. I discovered seeds of the pathos and the Truth from Orthodox mysticism in a blog that started as a Game/PUA project.

  64. Theodora Δόξα τω Θεώ. Ι was also raised in the Greek Orthodox Church. There is no monastics in my family but my husbands family is a family with very many priests.

    Actualy when I start to read CH I also was seeing very much people in the comments who they was traditional Christians. I understand heartiste was not Christian that time but he was never blaspheming. It was like he had a respect for Christianity. And I beleive he is being led to the Lord. Commentors such like King was adding so much pearls of wisdom in the comments section. God bless him.

    I started to read very much the Christian blogosphere maybe 6 years before. For the more part I agreed with things and then it was as like bitterness start to creep in in some Christian bloggers posts and it started to feel dificult for me to read it and sleep with peacefull light heart at night. I do not want to say names because I beleive so they are good people,, but it was contrary to what I feel Orthodoxy is about. For example,, it almost was like pharisaic in very many ways. It was feeling very empty of love. I under stand that it is easy for men to feel bitter in current environment, but this was also women who had very mis placed hate in theyre hearts imo.

    So it was ironic to see people at CH displaying MORE empathy and spiritual openness very much. It was not so much posts I could not to read at CH with out feeling hope less. Do I make sense??

    So yes it is very ironic how God works through people in way we can not imagine. He is Great.

  65. AWALT. Any differences between women are a matter of degree, not of kind. Observe them carefully over a period of time and you’ll see the truth in this statement.

  66. You’ve got that right, Jay in DC.

    Despite being trampled over repeatedly by female nature, I still didn’t get the big picture until I discovered the Chateau just a few years ago.

    While I always loathed feminism, I kind of viewed women as marvelous damsels who could do no wrong until reading CH. I also thought that they were like men in wanting a stable partner, children, a future, a clan, etc., rather than just screwing the next best thing to come along and to hell with the long term, unless hypnotized by alpha or constrained by social/cultural forces.

    My pathetic but quite convinced chivalry disappeared on a puff of reality, and it’s much easier to deal with life now. And, even more importantly, to understand what’s happening to our society and civilization.

    The Chateau is a treasure of the new era, even if — or especially if — it makes broads, feminists, soyboys, and White Knights squirm.

  67. It is fascinating to watch PA bend reality towards Desire.

    It’s almost enough to make a cynic like me think twice.

    And for the record, I was the one who brought Trav777 to Heartiste/Roissy’s attention.

    Cheers and best of luck, y’all


  68. Hi, all.
    I found your blog aimlessly searching to see if anyone was talking about Roissy getting the hook from WP.
    Been reading CH for around 4 or 5 yrs, ever since I happened across it. Big fan of the site, never bothered to comment until the night before the great shuttering, lol.
    WP as well as Blogspot have been having bursts of mass shuttering since 2017, but they are definitely ramping up the blackouts, the closer we get to the election. I have no idea what might be a safer option to use, or if a safer one still exists.
    Either way, I’d warn everyone you know that it’s just getting started.
    I also wanted to say to those of you who were regular CH commenters, you all were a fun, smart bunch of folks.

    -A woman

  69. I recall I came to find CH after having gone to a friend’s wedding. At the time, I knew something was wrong (with the world that is) and knew I was just plain different or at least had enough awareness to know that the path that my friends were following wasn’t the one I wanted to follow. And when you’re the odd man out in a crowd like that, you’re just plain odd–if you catch my drift.

    At first I thought it was birth control related. I couldn’t figure out why all these “older” gals were into my friends, who had either never worked out seriously or just never worked out at all. My ego told me that bc was to blame since I was (at that time) into my training and oozing out oodles of testosterone. What I knew of bc at the time was that it made girls think they were preggo and thus needed more of a provider type man, not the kill-dinner-to-bring-home stud. I studied up on bc and how it affected women’s olfactory senses and even more so, how women’s sense of smell is sharper and keener than a man. To quote the insufferably lovable Cappy, they use it to smell the beta emanating you. So it figured they liked all my friends (which I should really qualify as college buds, since that’s what were really were and since I’ve grown up and been red-pilled, I never speak to them much, if at all.)

    One search brought me to a CH post and the writing (I am an English major) just spoke to me. It was lyrically informative, with just the right touch of shiv. After that I was hooked. I started to peruse the archives as much as I could and as much pertained to what I was looking to research. I stayed away from commenting until I got a better understanding of it “all”, and I really mean it all, which has been referenced by these comments as of late. I was a total noob and I am still getting my bearings about me as I was as green as green could be. (Think Crayola crayon green.)

    And to touch on something Jay was getting at in his reply to Allyn71: one other CH post that stood out was about a young mother that had asked him about how best to raise her son in this increasingly clown world. (It was sometime 2014 or prior.) He gave her good advice and then told her to take her son to church, that a good moral (his words) foundation would serve him well. CH wasn’t preachy or sarcastic in his response and right then and there was when I realized the good the man was doing. I can’t think of many other bloggers let alone “people” that would offer up such advice.

  70. PA: By 2009, the fault lines heated up. This mirrored Obama’s election.
    Ah, I never knew this.

    Well, wayback machine and gab and PA are still around. If dissidents are driven off these, they will make like Anglin and have a back-up onion site.

    Know what i2p is? Freenet? When you have to, you will. Etherium? You think zoomers won’t be able to figure out how to use darknet? Tards started banning our Patreons and Paypals AFTER dozens of improved versions of bitcoin were invented using better technology than the original. That’s not forward thinking.

    Courtesy of our bretheren, such technologies are waiting to take off when they need to. They are currently limited in scope to hobbyists and chld prn merely because their time hasn’t come yet. We haven’t needed them yet.

    It took this long to ban Heartiste because it was pointless. Escalating the level of technical knowledge required to access and disseminate dissident thought where SJW catladies can’t find it to complain, is not actually a good strategy for our enemies. But eventually, their false pride and affirmative feedback bubble makes them forget who they’re picking a fight with

    Driving all opposition out of the light will makes shitlibs spiral further out of control and get even more delusional, driving more people underground for the truth. Unless you think they will know enough to leave a few Tuckers and Molyneux and Sargons around to blow off steam. Not likely.

  71. Pingback: Cantandum in Ezkhaton 05/19/19 | Liberae Sunt Nostrae Cogitatiores

  72. PA, good synopsis of Roissy’s work over on the Chateau, even better dissection of the race question here in the comment section.

    Although game brought me to the Chateau close to a decade ago, the race realities kept me there. White pussy is truly the gold that keeps the sexual market afloat. High caste mestiza is silver, then white looking Asian women are copper.

    As white men we now deal we not only deal with the reality of universal female hypergamy, but open treason from our own. Just like learning about the cold hard fact that you must learn game in order to experience sexual success. Now, you have to learn that the people you don’t view as being “one of your own” are indeed alien and foreign. And of course, the ever present JQ, which is as obvious as a white phosphorus bomb hitting a Palestinian baby hospital at night.

    The Chateau was the place where petty lies and massive civilizational lies perished. And just like Daily Stormer, it was de-platformed.

    We all started talking about Jews and banking and were shut down tout de suite. That ain’t a coincidence.

  73. Paracelsus, white men, especially PUA’s, already have the answer to the “race question”–women of color are fair game to date, mate, and procreate. Even Roissy and Roosh had sex outside of their race. No treason there, just sophisticated targeting of their prey. The gold standard for poon is a woman’s physical beauty and sexual energy regardless of their skin color. You really should know better.

    Of course, the Christian Alt Right would characterize the anti-Christian manosphere (and feminism) as the SAME ENTITY. Anyone who expresses otherwise is merely covering up for the PUA’s inherent predatory, hedonistic nature. From their vantage point, the PUA is an ENEMY of the Christian faith.

    Apostle Paul stated the following, “Lest, when I come again, my God will humble me among you, and I shall mourn for many who have sinned before and have not repented of the uncleanness, fornication, and lewdness which they have practiced”. He is specifically morally condemning those men and women who are single and have sex outside of marriage.

    Recall that single men and women did NOT exist in Biblical times. Single refers to living on their own. Recall that single men and women were “owned” by their parents until they were married. Recall that single men and women could only have sexual relations when their parents approved of their impending marriage.

    Do you enjoy participating in the decline of our civilization?

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