Intolerance Of Blasphemy

This is how a Western state fights cultural barbarism: a 51-year-old female “artist” was arrested in Poland for profaning the image of Virgin Mary and Jesus by filling their halos with rainbow colors. She faces two years in prison.

Freedom and tolerance, and the enforcement of those ideals, has always been a who-whom deal.

Polish interior minister Joachim Brudziński announced the arrest, saying she was detained for “carrying out a profanation of the Virgin Mary of Częstochowa.” The Black Madonna of Częstochowa is a Byzantine icon that is housed in the country’s holiest Catholic shrine.

Telling stories about freedom and ‘tolerance’ doesn’t give anyone the right to offend the feelings of believers,” Brudziński said, adding that the paintings are “cultural barbarism.”

I won’t post an image of her work, it’s shown under the link above. The witch went for full blasphemy: the Madonna of Częstochowa is the most sacred of Poland’s national relics. The painting’s history prior to its arrival in Poland in the 14th century is shrouded in legends, some of which trace the icon’s origin to Christ’s apostle St. Luke himself.

What this is in fact about:

“We are dealing with a direct attack on the family and children – the sexualization of children, that entire LBGT movement, gender,” Jarosław Kaczyński, leader of the ruling rightwing Law and Justice party, told supporters last month. “This is imported, but they today actually threaten our identity, our nation, its continuation and therefore the Polish state.”

“This is imported.” Yes, it is.

Commercial advertisement is where a great deal of cultural warfare takes place. You know the Gillette ad, the ubiquitous interracial couple ads, all serving the same purpose as the obscene rainbow painting, which is to demoralize the national psyche with the goal of destroying a people. Therefore I’m happy to see this Volvo ad dealt with properly — on the left it’s the original graphics presumably from Sweden (Volvo is a Swedish company) and on the right, as altered in Poland:


Bonus for fixing the adult male’s soyboy face. And if you look closer, the child was changed from a girl to a boy.

Images of sexual perversion is just one kind of weapon of psychological wafare. Images of racial incoherence is another. Here is a MicroSoft ad altered in Poland for the domestic market from some years back:


If I can name one of the simple things that is necessary for the survival of Western civilization, it’s that U.S. military leaves Eastern Europe.

115 thoughts on “Intolerance Of Blasphemy

  1. I don’t like the second Volvo ad either. This is another trick of the Left. They go too far, then they pull back to a reasonable compromise. The first is a race-mixing homosexual couple. The race-mixing doesn’t matter because two men aren’t going to produce a child. The second ad pulls back from the homosexual couple to the reasonable compromise heterosexual couple, but they’re still race-mixing. A nice looking pink-skinned woman with a darker-skinned probably-arab man. That’s the “reasonable compromise”. The children they produce won’t look or think like wyt parent.

    Whether they remove us or replace us, their goal is to make us not be there.

  2. That second-version man isnt nonwhite. Not intended or read as such. Sexual dimorphism, including lighter/darker graphics, is part of standard representation of men and women, and it varies by culture. In Polish colloquial, to call a chick a “black girl” is to simply say that she’s a brunette, no racial strangeness passes through anyone’s mind.

    If he were intended to represent a middle eastern male or such, that of course would be unacceptable. That’s not the case here though.

    PS: if the second version had meant to show an interracial couple, then the child would have been self-consciously depicted as halfway between the two parents in value.

  3. Graphics are also influenced by local perception of normal. In parts of Europe where the psyche isn’t imprinted with racial diversity, a darker cartoon image of a person will represent “darker” men on the national spectrum, not on the global spectrum, if you will. That’s why, to go with that verbal analogy to graphic arts, to say “I’m dating a black girl” means “brunette” in Poland and “Serena Williams” in the US.

    Similarly, Japanese cartoon characters with normal (to us) round eyes depict Japanese characters. Westerners are drawn with bizarrely saucer-like round eyes.

  4. The irony, for me, is that 10 years ago I wouldn’t have noticed any skintone differences. Now, with the hyperaggressive push towards mixing, I’m aware of how rare it is to see an ad with parents who look alike.

  5. I glimpsed at the rainbow blasphemy, and almost felt sick to my stomach. There is assuredly nothing remotely liberating or even forgivably callow in this casual rendering. A halo and a rainbow should signify something sacredly invisible & invisibly sacred. This ungracious handicraftswoman drags both elements into a nauseatingly brazen tangibility and logic that is an insult to both the material sensibility and cavernous mystery that real painting entails. Even Duchamp would be slightly offended.

    “A work of art must narrate something that does not appear within its outline. The objects and figures represented in it must likewise poetically tell you of something that is far away from them and also of what their shapes materially hide from us. A certain dog painted by Courbet is like the story of a poetic and romantic hunt.”
    –De Chirico

  6. Until the homosexual movement is recognized as a chaotic mob of sexually-motivated self-annihilators there will be no sweeping pushback against mass degeneracy.

    Perhaps a 6-12 month leftist-deprogramming punishment should be entertained for criminal acts such as this?

  7. The (((usual suspects))) are going for Poland as well as the US in this ad campaign, it’s just more subtle. The male in the Polish version could be ethnically Polish, sure, but he’s more likely to be from somewhere else. Where would that “somewhere” be? They’ve made his origins open to interpretation, this being made easier by the fact that it’s a cartoon. His skin color could make him a Pole back from a Hawaiian vacation, or a southern European, or a middle easterner.
    The back story, too, is unstated. Maybe the woman divorced the boy’s biological father and took up with an Iranian, say. The artist certainly have made no effort to depict a resemblance between the man and the boy.

  8. Now that’s beating it to death. Wallowing in filth. It’s wanting to see a shitskin where there isn’t one.

  9. I just noticed in the Polish Volvo ad, the wife is further away from her man than how the two dudes in the US version. Reminds me of the “pulling away” photos we’ve all seen now and then, where the woman’s body language is screaming get away from me

  10. Dependence is disastrous, even if (especially if?) it’s dependence for obtaining something trivial. Westerners are addicted to newer/faster/shinier/trendier and that makes most people dependent on multi-national corporations now. [I suspect that those who have to have the latest iPhag product are, in fact, those for whom I have the least respect.]

    Any corporation that sells internationally is a multi-national. It is the camel’s nose under every tent flap, and it is the perfect growth medium for the pathogenic disease called Universalism.

    There’s an immature counter-trend to this addiction, and one place I recently noticed it was while shopping for a book on Stoicism. From what I can tell, there’s a lot of interest recently in this ancient approach to living, one that definitely rejects the whole newer/faster/shinier/trendier value system. The supertanker of fad/fashion may finally be turning, albeit far too late to save most of the passengers from their self-chosen fate.

    PS: Once I began to think about being manipulated, all I now see is signs of manipulation. If that becomes fashionable, look out. A large number of people pissed off about prior manipulation is probably a very dangerous mob.

  11. These days, if the ad does NOT feature a black man/white woman, or two homo men, it gives me a sense of nostalgia. IIRC there are four and only four main ad agencies in the world, three owned by (((specials))), and all of them are pozzed to the max.

    Anything and everything associated with advertising is truly Satanic.

    For what little it’s worth, I do make a mental note to never, ever buy anything advertised with mixed race couples and homosexuals. Why obtain something associated with idiocy and self-destruction? Then again, I’m not their target demographic. I don’t buy on credit and I don’t buy impulsively. I guess in today’s market advertisers are simply too clueless to figure out how to pick my comparatively deep pockets. They leave that to Uncle Sam, his state-level henchmen and all of their putative public/private cartels.

  12. It appears that they just axed Heartiste.

    Hope you have a backup of this site, PA. These bastards stick at nothing.

  13. Apparently so. Heartiste is shut down on wordpress. Hope he comes back on another platform soon. Someone wrote on Gab and I agree fully:

    In a more sane era, the writings of Heartiste would be considered just as important as Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams or John Locke.

    They will be.

  14. Le Chateau shone a bright light of truth onto sex, love, culture, and politics; but the lamps are going out all over the West …

    Heartiste is irreplaceable–his wit and wisdom will be missed. I hope his work is saved for posterity and put to good use.

    And even if all the lights go out, we will struggle and fight, and never slacken, never tire, never lose courage, and never lose faith.

  15. It was just a few days ago that I urged Heartiste to find a backup.

    I am sorrowed in the genuine non-politician sense of the word that the site was obliterated. The only two consolations are : (a) I’m pretty sure someone made a complete copy of the site; (b) Heartiste has the cleverness to pop up again, this time in a more secure place

    Good luck to everyone.

  16. Heartiste has the cleverness to pop up again, this time in a more secure place

    Or he could show up in 14,000,000 places, and force them to ban every one.

  17. I have no doubt that I’d be a totally different person today if not for Heartiste and his commenters.

    You knew the hammer would fall at some point, but it’s still a shock. This one really hit close to home.

  18. They say that everything on the internet is backed up somewhere. But if it’s not up and running NOW then it is out of the field of play. It would be a great inside scoop, to get the story about what happened and including WordPress their version of events, about what was the deal: the mod and now this, the conclusion. Speaking of WordPress: How much does they charge to run w/o the ads?


    This is a separate post and should go on the relevant thread but because lazy. What is it called again when you use an unusual word or phrase, or concept or idea, and then someone else uses it and it seems like an odd coincidence?

    Just today some guy at work (or what passes for it), said to me in the course of conversation, in total sincerity and regarding his situation, he said: “No shame.” He had been suspended from our agency and I asked him why and he prefaced the story with those exact words in a complete sentence. He was a light skinned black and had been accused of sexual harassment.

  19. Looch, same here. (BTW–you’ve grown on me these last few months. Cheers.)

    Just tried the site and got the shoa’d warning. Damn it all.

    I wonder if that benway fellow had something to do with this as that screen name was quite active leading up to the banning.

  20. his very first post. and one that every young man of european descent should be highly acquainted with

    Endless Dating
    April 9, 2007 by CH
    How long is too long to stay in the dating game? The primary reason for the psychological unease and emotional instability of so many modern women and to a different extent modern men resides in the irresolvable tension between our ancient biological inheritance and the relatively recent emergence of the high-tech rootless world of unparalleled mate choice we now inhabit.

    It would shock most people if they were to be transported back in time to when humans lived in small tribes to see young girls having babies at 14 and again at 14 years and 9.5 months. There are subsistence cultures that behave this way today. The bulk of our pre-history was spent in conditions like this so it is no wonder that our brains are having trouble coping with a radically different environment where childbirth is routinely put off until the mid-30s, if at all, and rejection by a woman no longer means banishment to the icy wastelands of celibate metadeath when a man need merely walk to the other side of a bar to try again.

    One consequence of this new paradigm is the absurd number of years spent in the dating circuit.

    Women are designed by nature to begin the next generation not much older than age 25. Her risk of miscarriage or fetal abnormalities increases each year after that and exponentially so after 35. Her body begins to wear down which affects how much energy she can devote to raising small children. If she has not found a suitable mate by her late 20s she will begin to notice that those powerful feelings of infatuation she felt for crushes when she was younger, perfectly created by evolution to bring a man and woman together to make babies, now seem muted and foggy. This in turn will sap the dating experience of the best things it has going for it – namely, the spontaneity, the euphoria, the intense drive to connect – and leave behind a desiccated simulacra of dating that more closely resembles haggling over a business deal or suffering through a job interview. Overthinking replaces lust.

    It is an embittering realization.

    Men, too, have had to adjust under the new system. Anthropologically-speaking, it wasn’t so long ago that a man (or his immediate kin) blew his entire wad of hard-earned social and material capital wooing one or two women over the course of his natural lifespan. In a pre-birth control age when the first deflowering blast inside a woman often meant conception followed by years of fatherhood there were limits on just how many female sex partners the average man could accumulate in a lifetime. The rigorous experience of winning over and keeping the best quality woman he could afford and then providing for their kids soon thereafter meant that serial dating was not a typical feature of life. Dating 40 or 50 different women in a year and jumping haphazardly in and out of 3-month mini-relationships is a peculiarity of modern life for which men are not optimized. The energy requirement is enormous. Men have adapted to this stressful cycle of meet-attract-close-keep by either settling and marrying the first girl that would have them (usually high school sweethearts who have not lived enough to acquire unrealistically picky standards) or by hardening themselves against the judgment of women and learning to play the numbers game.

    The game begat the player.

    In the gigantic atomized urban tribe of any big city playing the numbers is not the high risk strategy it once was for our distant male ancestors who were often locked out of any future matings when a pickup attempt went awry and the target or cockblock would run and tell the whole tribe what a loser he is. Today, the proximity of exes has very little impact on potential future conquests. For men, this has bought them virtually unlimited opportunity to get laid. For women, this has robbed them of one of their most potent weapons in ensuring that only the fittest males get access to their vaginas — the withering ostracization of their sexual rejection.

    On the flipside, men have lost confidence in the fidelity of their chosen partners while women have gained unstigmatized sexual freedom allowing them to play the field until the perfect man finally arrives to sweep them off their feet.

    I do not think the current reality of endless dating can last. Something must give. Either humans will evolve into different social animals capable of withstanding decades of hookups and fragmentary relationships without turning to the comforts of cats and internet porn, or those people who serially date and delay childbirth will not have enough kids and natural selection will remove them from the gene pool as a failed experiment. Either way, change is in the air.

  21. I have no doubt that I’d be a totally different person today if not for Heartiste and his commenters.

    I literally wouldn’t be happily married.

    We knew this was coming, boys! The man is far too clever not to have had a Plan B, and C as well. I’m strangely energized excited to see The Enemy moving.

  22. Heartiste just got shut down by our tech overlords. They are snuffing out every outpost of dissent. It was nice knowing you guys!

  23. Came here to pay my respects to the cleverest [He]artiste in the art.

    PA and friends, please do let us know if you find out where he pops up next.

  24. I just went to check on CH. says it’s been suspended due to terms of service violations. Absolutely terrible if permanent. A great community.

  25. Dudes we’ve all gotta figure out how to keep together.. We’ve gotta organize somehow

  26. Just came in from mowing the lawn.


    Anglin, where are you?

    Roosh, where are you?

    This needs to be front & center on everyone’s websites.

  27. I’m keeping an eye on Heartiste’s account on Gab. He’s usually offline on weekends. If he posts his new site address there, I’ll put it up it here.

  28. Dudes with twatter accounts need to be pinging @realdonaldtrump & @donaldjtrumpjr.& the like.


  29. Those of you who have donated to CH should remember his email. Be sure to send some support.

    Forgive my what-could-be-taken-as-virtue-signalling, but I just tried to send some financial support, but PayPal won’t let me. Pretty sh!tty of them.

  30. Will be interesting to see how Vox Day reacts. He’s been on a tear of sorts, telling everyone to get their own platforms. I do hope he’s willing to defend the heretofore unmolested CH, views on fornication notwithstanding.

  31. This is truly a day that will live in infamy.

    We will forge on.

    We must resuscitate the kkk0mment section community somehow.

  32. Will be interesting to see how Vox Day reacts.

    I half-wonder if VD knew it was coming. Imagine if we see Roissy, the man himself, on Vox’s new internet TV site!

  33. I was really shocked to see that C.H. was removed. It was my favorite blog. I hope he pops up again soon. Mendo, Luke was not one of the 12 Apostles. St. Luke the Evangelist was a disciple of Paul and a physician. He was the author of the book of Luke and Acts(which account for over a 1/4 of the New Testament). The 12 were:
    Bartholomew or Nathanael
    James, the Lesser or Younger
    Jude or Thaddeus
    Matthew or Levi
    Simon the Zealot

  34. how long before Greg Eliot shows up here and starts stinking up the joint? he must be driving his wife crazy right now, with all this time on his hands and no one to not-laugh at his jokes.

  35. I tried telling my boomer parents about the whole censorship situation and my pops used it as a way to bash Trump. I was trying to tell them about how this is setting the stage for grander things (that of a Biblical variety) but he couldn’t wait to turn it around. And in the process, he said he had respect for McCain for saying nice things about obummer.

    And this isn’t about DJT. It’s about something more. They still cling on to (((tv))) to let them know what’s going on and are set in their ways. Mom’s a bit more open minded about it but pops has a chip on his shoulder about stupid things.

    Not to blaspheme, but Matthew 10:35-36 is starting to ring true in my case.

    And, to parrot Fast Eddie and PA: glad you’re all my bros.

  36. PJ, I mean, ferreal, just … perfect comment, man!

    I had no idea so many of the CH Crew were also tuned in to PA. Warms my heart. We will beat this.

  37. (((They))) push their lifestyle and values on everyone under the guise of “tolerance”. This story demonstrates again that enough is enough with these degenerates pushing the bounds of what is and isn’t appropriate and then crying foul and using the entire (((Muscle))) of the media to build a wave of opposition. Interestingly I haven’t seen any reaction from Western governments or LGBT groups on this. They may now see that the more they protest the more they build awareness of the absolute degeneracy of their values.

  38. On the subject of Luke, the Beloved Physician: Luke was of course the only Gentile to write a Gospel. He also was the only true faithful friend to Paul the Apostle. “Only Luke is with me,” etc.

    My “Jurist” side requires me to mention this: Luke has been defamed as “antisemetic” (yawn). But if you read the Gospel According to Luke, plus Acts together, it’s fairly obvious that Luke wrote both as two parts of a legal brief to the Roman appellate courts. The whole “antisemitic” canard is easily dismissed when you think about it as a lawyer would: the Romans were constantly vexed by the Jews’ insouciance and irreverence for the rule of law. Doctor Luke comes along and reveals that yeah, these Jews are implacable, and that’s why they crucified the Messiah, and here’s why Paul, formerly the Jewiest of Jews, should be granted clemency.

  39. Who the FUCK, do these people think they are? With their little ideologies and their accidental temporary powers. Do they think I won’t come and rape their daughters and kill their children? Do they think we are too full of the milk of human kindness not to make an example of them for all time of them in blood? I am hot.


  40. alright… time for everyone to fess up to their CH sock puppets. let’s hear it. unburden your souls.

  41. “Do they think I won’t come and rape their daughters and kill their children?”

    Correct, “King”

    Let the adults take care of this.

  42. Seeing King say the F word in ALL CAPS!!!

    Priceless. Cabal, Inc is now rethinking its life choices.

  43. I first ‘ran into’ PA at that picaresquely White forum a few years back. Though I probably didn’t frequent it to the degree as you chaps, I well enjoy(ed?) the stir, the ‘devil may care’ pulse & stature of it.

    A reckoning does beckon.

  44. JJ: always liked your style, sir

    plumpjack: I’ll bite, even though the mods exposed me awhile back. I’d occasionally comment under “posts under tweets” as a counter to that black pill eurotrash “cortesar.” (Never understood why someone over on the other side of the pond was so opinionated about our country and our president.) 90% of his comments were tweets and when someone would call him out on it, he’d reply with another tweet. Here’s hoping he knows nothing of this site. Just an angry person all around.

    Confession is good for the soul

  45. good for you mendo. say ten hail Marys and do fifty pushups and we’ll call it good.

    my turn. I used to post under streetsweeper to rip on Eliot. may God have mercy on my soul. (those were some good times though)

  46. I do love Greg occasionally, but man… it got so that I could stand his incessant grandstanding. I adopted the streetsweeper alter ego just so I could keep things interesting for myself.

    it’s no excuse, I know. I’m deeply sorry. sob…

  47. That’s so much awesome it ain’t even right. . . .hahahahaha

    And he always thought it was Carlos Danger. So certain was he!

    Well played, mon frere

  48. Wow, I was convinced that streetsweeper was in fact Carlos Danger!

    You guys remember the militant black commenter “Promoting Justice” from around 2014 at Chuck R’s GLP blog? That was me, with C’s prior permission. I eventually fessed up to this over there. I used that sock to fuck with an antiracist troll and with a cuck.

  49. sometimes Greg would say something complimentary about me and I would get all conflicted. those were hard days.

    I still think he had it coming the way he would derail threads and turn the whole place into a slugfest.

    I didn’t want to damage the plumpjack brand by posting pictures of Depends every time he went on a black pill binge or get tied up in knots arguing with that guy. he has some great things to say but his online manners….jeez…

  50. My judgment of Greg Eliot is overall positive. He’s an older man who relies on what’s always worked for him in real life: impressive physical presence plus alpha bluster. Ageing plus the online medium make all that look buffoonish.

    His heart is in the right place.

    Fucking gayg, bro. There is no need to always get the last word in.

    Two things I always respected about him. One, he never kept a grudge. Two: while not a leader by temperament, he always signalled his willingness to support and follow a righteous leader.

  51. So … plumpjerk and janitor-in-a-drum (ie streetsweeper) are one and the same?

    Duly noted, plump. Duly noted. 😉

  52. it was inevitable, but CH has been given the ban hammer.

    The tidal wave of right thought crime censorship is reaching critical mass.

  53. I take back what I said about King. Not because I didn’t meant it, but because I regret saying anything antagonistic on PA’s blog, which has always been a refuge from the acerbic side of CH’s comment section. Also because I’m now sober again.

  54. I’ve never had a sock account, but PJ, I always liked your thoughtful comments and SS’s hilarious retorts.

  55. “So … plumpjerk and janitor-in-a-drum (ie streetsweeper) are one and the same?

    Duly noted, plump. Duly noted. 😉”

    Come on, Ironsides. I know you have a sock or two to fess up to. Let’s hear it. Now’s the time.

    “May God, who has enlightened every heart, help you to know your sins and trust in his mercy,”

  56. @plumpjack

    I briefly had a sock called “Captain Obnoxious,” on one thread, with which I sought to lampoon Captain Obvious’ endless repetitiveness about dark places, moistened fingers on cl__s, and other tiresome drivel. However, I blew my own cover within three posts by posting in exactly the same style under “Ironsides.” I don’t think anyone noticed, but in any case, my point was mockery and humor rather than outright disguise, so I just gave up on it. It was too much of a boring “Johnny One-Note” persona, kind of like the original, and didn’t provide much material.

    That’s my only sock, and it was pretty much a disastrous flop.

    Also, I’m not a Christian, or a member of any organized religion. I’m telling you this because I’m Aryan, and truth and honor are deeply and anciently rooted in our soul, not because of your “sin” or “confession” stuff.

  57. PA, this is a heart warming post about Poland but I question one aspect: is it accurate to describe Poland as a “Western state”? I think not: the Minister acted in a sane and healthy way, a way that is no longer followed in western countries. Depravities like that perpetrated by the “artist” are routine in the UK or France, while a response like that of the Polish interior minister is unimaginable there.

    It seems to me abundantly clear that the West cannot be saved, whatever the US military does or doesn’t do. Those of us young and mobile enough should be heading for the exits, roughly anywhere that is neither Western nor Islamic (which are rapidly becoming the same thing). Those who cling to the hope of some cyclical turning, some revolution, will I’m afraid live to be grieviously disillusioned.

  58. I normally don’t refer to my own site when I comment, mostly because it doesn’t seem very classy, but also because my occasional writing doesn’t merit comparison with those on my Required Reading list. In this case, though, I feel like I should since the following is directly copy/pasta from my site. The post is really what I intended to comment here about the CH closure, but I decided to write a post. However, I want y’all to read it, and I have no idea if any of you read my one-track blog about heresy (I have justifiable doubts). So, here’s what I wrote, and btw, I’m glad you’re all my bros, too.

    Didn’t we all know this was coming? Of all the sites on our required reading list, we all had a pretty good guess who they’d shut down first. There’s no one who’s written so prolifically on such a variety of topics, with such depth of insight, with such dark, searing wit, with such fury at our betrayals, with such mirth at our follies, with more passion for our deliverance, or with greater anticipation of our coming restoration. That he came to (((their))) attention was a certainty long overdue.

    Vox comes close. I’d be able to make a case for Porter, but he’s MIA. PA might come close one day, and our respect for him is immense. Roissy, if you never come back, your name is cemented in legend. You’ll be written about in history books.

    Of course, I believe he’ll be back. Other platforms await. Did Martin Luther’s excommunication stop him? No, it just made him more free. And that, by the way, is why I believe men like me are drawn to great men like Roissy (or whoever he is, or they are). They’re free men, in the most important sense. Men like me are still figuring out how to work free from our knotted chains. Great men show us that it can be done.

    I write this from a WordPress platform. Fuck you, WordPress. That’s all the damage I can do to you, at present, but I remain hopeful that any future pain that I can cause or contribute to you and your kind will be much, much more satisfying.

  59. “Funny” sidenote.
    W0rdpres$ has two different levels of m0deration. You’ll know which one you’re in by what happens after you hit “post comment”. If you see your comment under the “Your comment is awaiting moderation” text, you’re in Level 1 Mod. If you don’t see your text at all, you’re in Level 2 Mod. This level auto-deletes them to the blog trashcan. The blog owner can then, if he has time and is inclined to do so, locate his trashcan, read through all the garbage, and undelete your comments.

    I’ve been in Level 2 on CH for over a year. No idea why. My posts are neither prolific nor overly caustic. The banhammer comes from w0rdpres$, not the blogowner, as CH has rescued a number of my comments, including making two a twofer COTW back in November. The ban is unique to a blog, demonstrated by its noneffect here on PA’s blog.

    Offered as info for those who may have experienced the same.

  60. Plumpjack is Streetsweeper. Lol

    I remember when Greg wouldn’t quit his incessant bleating against Danger and his “socks.” Someone told Greg that CH could compare the IP addresses on the accounts. Greg was off to the races. He was a man hellbent to get those IP addresses. Finally, CH wrote that the IP addresses were in fact, different. Greg, true to his nature, quit accusing Danger for about four days.

    Too funny. You wouldn’t post for a while and then BAM, 300 comments into a thread you would slam him. Lol. Fuckin Greg.

  61. You can make WordPress pay through the nose for this. Initiating arbitration takes $250 and thanks to their user agreement we can’t be forced to cover the legal costs. So that’s the maximum hit we can possibly take even if we lose and it will cost them a lot more per every arbitration – they don’t have unlimited money. We don’t need that many to start their arbitration in favor of Heartiste to make it really hurt.

    Lamenting the loss is one thing that will absolutely ensure they will continue deplatforming us. As PA wisely reminds us, we don’t have to live like this. We can fight back. Vox Day helpfully points out the relevant things about this in his blog:

  62. JJ, agreed. CH wrote this just yesterday:

    “Leftoids cheer this censorship and demonetization of political enemies, but normal Americans seem oblivious to the threat that corporate censorship collusion poses to the very foundations of the American Republic. It helps to think about this in the starkest terms available: wealthy corporate executives and board members of multiple social media and online banking platforms are conspiring with each other to prevent certain Americans from speaking their minds and making money from supportive listeners, which in turn has a chilling effect on the speech of all Americans.”

  63. J. Jussila—

    “Arbitration’s too pricey
    When the press is so spicy;
    Gutenberg’s dicey
    When the Poker’s so ricey.”
    —Y. Mishima

  64. Funny how CH was executed on a Friday afternoon when no one was watching. Straight out of the moderin corporate playbook: that’s when they also announce plant closures, layoffs, and when they terminate employees. Must have been the result of sustained lobbying on the part of the ((($PLC))).

    Guys, I won’t lie. I’m on holiday right now down in the good old US of A. Whenever I’m here I remark on the freedom and patriotism and righteousness of this Great Republick and it’s citizens. To see such a flagrant and despotic abridgment of the #2A last night was dispiriting.

    I’m literally poolside today, but without the Great CH, my mood is downright funereal.

    Ch, you ran the best publication on the internet (AA is also tremendous, but we’re comparing a daily news site to a thoughtful magazine periodical). You also created the greatest internet community I’ve known. I know you will rise again.

    Cap, Carlos, Plump, Mosby, Tam, Admiral Cod, Whorefinder, Matt, Iron, Trav, Eddie, Major, Elmer, Quebec Friend, Saucery, JJ, Mendo, Gregi, and of coursh, PA, and most of you other brutes are a tremendous group. We’re working stiffs, we’re lawyers, doctors, engineers, businessmen, corporate goons, bureaucrats, brigands, successful, down-on-our-luck, unemployed, high-flyers, scalawags. All united in our desire to make America and our homelands great again, the eliminate the scourges and plagues descending upon us, and to make slaying poosy great again, also.

    If things don’t pick up, I may just launch my own place.

  65. In one of his many arguments with whomever, GE said in his own defense and compellingly, that young people called him sir. In addition to size-12 boots; 7-and-3/4 inch hat; multiple sons; and a circumcised genital set.

    Very few commenters are talked about to the extent that he is, and not for his content but for his personality. And but of course it has to be said, and it is a fair and legitimate contention, that the personality is the content.

    I played through a number of jokes: How’s he doing with it? What’s it like to be his wife, and especially today? Will he be back?


    Re a longer write-up on CH. I followed it closely for ten years, participated on an irregular basis, and got one CoTW. The blog format as exemplified on CH and here too, has its advantages.

  66. “Vox Day” nose people inside Google.

    SJWs inside WordPress are prepared for self-annihilation.

    Heartiste’s takedown triggers a WordPress takedown.

    The “solution” presents quite predictable consequences.

    Fewer blogs of the (R)ight AND blogspot (read: Google) in firm control of the blogosphere.

  67. Well said, Les Saunders. Glad you’re all my brothers, as Fast Eddie puts it .

    And that even includes Captain Obvious. 😉 There’s only one of you I genuinely can’t stand, despite being a prickly a_____e myself.

    (I’m avoiding swearing here in deference to PA, since I don’t know where he stands on that and don’t want to offend. That old-school fashy delicacy and restraint coming through — and no, I couldn’t write that with a straight face.)

  68. Sorry, Ironsides, but I’m still here 😉

    Also, Les Saunders, Protestant (basically the best profession there is): you and SJ, Esq are the finest internet Hosers I know. Exquisite writing and insight from both of you. Your [Canuck schooled] writing skill drips like a tapped maple in everything you post.

  69. Make yourselves at home at the redoubt. Ironsides: swearing is required! Gab user Kelly, whom Heartiste often quotes, writes:

    The shutting down of Chateau Heartiste Word Press site is going to shock a lot more people into recognizing there really is a top-down and bottom-up campaign to shut up and oppress all dissident right information and commentary outlets. All of them. As each outlet is shut down, with NOTHING done by Trump about it, and very little said by him, except for a few lame Tweets, many more and more of his supporters will question whose side he really is on, and decide, whatever it is, it’s not the side of the dissident right. He’ll be a one term president, like Jimmy Carter and GH Bush.

    Trump and nobody advising him, it appears, knows what a very angry base could do to him. Carter and Bush found out.

  70. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, I pray for us all. Even trav.

  71. and SJ, Esq are the finest internet Hosers I know.

    Thanks bud, I appreciate you guys too. Here’s some morale fuel:

  72. Definitly saw a rise of the infiltrator type shill in the last few month’s. Arisnarkus was one I’m sure.

    PJ as Streetsweeper lolzlolzolz

  73. Somewhat related to current deplatformings, a fairly popular youtuber with 500k subscribers, ChuckE2009, is imminently on the chopping block. He’s walking away from a six-figure income from youtube, after he decided to read the entirety of Tarrant’s manifesto in a video, and they began the process of erasing his channel.

    Welding was his main subject matter, and he was one of the first on youtube to bother putting out welding content over a decade ago, netting him a huge following. He was fairly immature at first, but definitely has matured over a decade-plus.

    His open identification as an ethno-nationalist, and his declaration that he just doesn’t give a shit what They do or think about it anymore, are very impressive and stirring.

  74. @PA
    I wrote
    ‘The (((usual suspects))) are going for Poland as well as the US in this ad campaign, it’s just more subtle. The male in the Polish version could be ethnically Polish, sure, but he’s more likely to be from somewhere else. Where would that “somewhere” be? They’ve made his origins open to interpretation, this being made easier by the fact that it’s a cartoon. His skin color could make him a Pole back from a Hawaiian vacation, or a southern European, or a middle easterner.
    The back story, too, is unstated. Maybe the woman divorced the boy’s biological father and took up with an Iranian, say. The artist certainly have made no effort to depict a resemblance between the man and the boy.’
    Then you wrote
    “Now that’s beating it to death. Wallowing in filth. It’s wanting to see a shitskin where there isn’t one.”
    You didn’t criticise the person who commented that the woman is further away from the man in the Polish ad than the gays were in the US a, and what that might imply. This was a great comment BTW, but my comment does not deserve to be described as going into too much detail any more than that comment does. All sorts of details have been gone into by all sorts of commenters here, but for some reason mine is the only one to be criticised for going into too much detail.
    I don’t refer to anyone as shit skin. I am cynical about gratuitous agenda-driven race missing and celebrating of homosexual relationships.
    You call people shit skins yet are so impatient when implications of ethnic resemblances for social engineering are discussed. I’m confused; I thought this was vey much on topic.
    If you call people shit skins yet bag the only comment that picked up on what I picked up on, that shows that something very suspect is going on here.
    You are fine to encourage racist remarks-and people should be free to make such remarks, I hasten to add-but then, when someone picks up one the particular nuance I picked up on, it’s “Whatever. Move along, nothing to see here.” Which means that what I said about tailoring the message to different countries must be true. In turn, that means that you are most likely a plant for GloboHomo.
    Poland is in the sights of GlobhoHomo, it’s just that they have to be more subtle.
    If Poland is, then all countries are.
    Yet that observation isn’t kosher around here.
    Up your, wanker.

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  76. John Smith, throwing the baby out with the bathwater while standing in a forest but not recognizing it because all the damned trees are in the way.

    Try focusing on the good changes, not the overly ochre color of crayon used on the man or the fact that couples who are really comfortable with each other and have a long history together don’t have to sit in each other’s laps every time they’re in public.

  77. if anyone can get a hold of the heartiste author i am hoping to let him know i will host hist site..with no chance of an sjw takedown.

  78. @Sentient said: “Arisnarkus was one I’m sure.”

    I agree. But if we knew, didn’t his CH Excellence know? Something here stinks.

    He did not put the kibosh on the commenting in a way that would redound well IMO. In part I base that on the reception of my commentary, and I neither apologize for nor omit its importance. Arisnarkus should have been shut down hard. Gregi the Slinger was shut down only after some commentary disenchantment. Blathering GE was not kept in check: in fact, CH occasionally pandered to the Xian element that he is.

    I realized that the commentariate there had jumped the shark and stopped participating almost completely. I think the fight in meatspace with what cards we have must be played to the best of our respective abilities or we fail ourselves. We vets of the ‘Sphere have learned what we could, and it is really time to apply ourselves, not to regroup in virtual la la land and pretend it’s enough. It’s nothing unless something in meatspace comes from it. Think small enough to be in your power but no more. Live differently, and let that be your tribute to CH and any other RP luminaries. End of digression and free advice from a redux failure still trying. Grains of salt.

    Was CH too busy to moderate better? Given his more than infrequent comments on comments I don’t think so. Was he pressured in meatspace somehow? I am speculating. His return or not and if so, how, will answer that question I think, for those who can think through a wet paper bag at least.

  79. PJ, good on ya for being Streetsweeper. I never suspected it was you and I really liked it when SS posted. I sometimes read them 4 or 5 times just for the joy of it. I do not share PA’s generous appraisal of the man, Auntie Eliot. He was a pompous ass and a massive douchebag and loved to pick on people for the sake of building up his own tired ego. Most of his comments were clichéd and pedestrian. The blog was invariably better whenever he was away. I still think he was a disinformation agent. Although Gayg loved to blame me for being Streetsweeper, I never posted under a sock moniker. I also got tired of the he man Trumphater’s club the blog became over the last six months or so. It was why I slowed down in my posting. That Red Army Vodka guy caught a lot of shit for his post defending Trump but every bit of what he said was correct. Sentient also has a better grasp of the current situation than do most people. I always wanted to discuss these questions more deeply but Auntie Eliot went out of his way to shut down any debate that didn’t center around himself if it was at all possible.

  80. And that even includes Captain Obvious. 😉 There’s only one of you I genuinely can’t stand, despite being a prickly a_____e myself.
    That’s your problem Ironsides. I think I’m just swell. Young people call me sir too. It’s all about the bearing and irascible scowl.

    CH will be back. I confess that I know his real name and even have his address on an old computer I have in storage. We also have the same profession.

    Looch is and remains one of my favorites here. He’s one of the few I would actually trust to have my back in a firefight. The camaraderie here becomes addictive. It was a men’s salon and I am heartened to see it return here. This place is the modern incarnation of the 20s beer halls or the Jahn Turnvereine. I have grown to love nearly every one of you in a brotherly way. When things get sporty, let that be our comfort in the hours of darkness and despair.


  81. “I still think he was a disinformation agent.”

    that was my impression as well. if you look at the overall effect of his “contributions” they pretty much always steered the conversation narrowed down a slightly edgier version of the approved narrative: “yes, there’s some bad people out there and everything is fuckec but there’s really nothing to be done about it because it’s in God’s hands.” then he would unironically pivot to these weird assertions about how, because it was on TV, it must be true. or he would pivot to his knowledge of the Bible, while unironically behaving in a very un-christian manner.

    the whole schtick just didn’t add up. it seemed like there were multiple players behind the handle also. I made an effort to point out what I thought were obvious inconsistencies to the group for awhile and few caught on so I eventually got bored and dropped it.

  82. “steered the conversation narrowed down a slightly edgier version of the approved narrative:”

    should read

    “steered the conversation towards a slightly edgier version of the approved narrative”

  83. I once accused Greg of being a disinformation agent because of his vigilance about “conspiracy theories.” From one perspective, it’s suspicious that someone would devote so much energy to gatekeeping talk on the WTC.

    From another perspective, he’s a stubborn and very conventional personality, and as he sees it, it’s up to him to keep the Chateau comments section on the credible straight-and-narrow. Whether or not anyone asked him to do that.

    His scepticism about Trump is not consistent with shilling, though, if you believe that agents want to keep us passive. On the other hand…. you can see how such open-ended speculation about someone’s motives can lead to any and all conclusions.

    Another thing he’d never let go, is boomer criticism. No apparent agenda there, aside from the obvious personal overinvestment in the subject.

  84. Also suspicious to me was how he would pivot from digging down and controlling the conversation/steering it away from certain un-approved topics to wanting to be everyone’s pal.

    that’s a weird thing to do, which at one point I concluded would only make sense if he had a specific agenda of using any means necessary to dilute the conversation. if that were the case, then it was very effective.

    or maybe he was just that grandiosely conflicted himself irl.

    in the end I stopped caring either way.

    – streetsweeper aka plumpjack

  85. Carlos, you, Sentient and PA always had the right pulse about Trump’s presidency.

    You guys were, IMO, objectively critical without being passive aggressively negative.

    And you’re right, I’d would want to engage I’m such conversation but GE would spoil it all because Trump wasn’t following GEs orders.

    Sentient would present facts plain as day and gayg couldn’t handle it and would have a conniption

  86. I’ve found it difficult to be upbeat about Trump since the SOTU speech. Now we have unprecedented immigration on the southern border. I accept that he has, by necessity, almost no control of the executive branch and he knew that going in. Where I am still upbeat but wavering, is on whether or not he’s on our side and the plan is moving along.

  87. Mendo!

    Sentient would present facts plain as day and gayg couldn’t handle it and would have a conniption

    Please let’s not be reminded… lol GE embarrassed himself.


    “he knew that going in”

    I think he was taken by some surprise. I think he thought his CEO and business skills would win out. Alpha Male blindspot… Put another way I don’t think he knew in 2015 the FBI would be spying on his campaign and trying to overthrow it. I don’t think he knew just how deep the poz went.

    I know I didn’t. And I knew it was very bad.

    I’m still convinced he will be impeached prior to 2020. They simply cannot risk another four years and another justice… And it is this vitriol and activity against the presidency that convinces me he is still on our side. Because why bother otherwise…

  88. the whole Trump thing could easily have been discussed intellectually on CH, weighing all the different perspectives and rationally discussing what’s likely going on up there in the White House. but it’s impossible to do when the loudest, dumbest kid (or the one with an agenda) in class constantly reduces the conversation down to “yeah but he’s not doing what he said”, and half the kids in the class take his side.

    what I came away with reading all those dumb, low-IQ, back-and-forth spitting fights was that the vast majority of of people simply cannot grasp the complexity of the world we live in, cannot get past their belief that everything should happen at the speed of a mouseclick. or that one man should be able to reverse a centuries-long trend in the course of a single presidential term.

    Reality Doug, Sentient, PA, Carlos and maybe a few others provided useful, larger picture insights about Trump and what might be going on behind the scenes (which is about where 99.99999% of everything is happening). the rest was just the same chaff being played over and over on an endless loop.

  89. When things get sporty, let that be our comfort in the hours of darkness and despair.

    That’s the spirit… a good laugh, not haughtiness and butthurt…

    Beers all around.

  90. Glad to see so many of CH’s commenter stalwarts making their presence known (I should have thought to check here earlier). The Chateau’s comments section overall became, if not outright toxic, than frustrating and unpleasant, due to the reasons already listed by Plumpjack above, with the well-reasoned insights drowned in petty lowbrow repetition, so I pretty much stayed away from it for the last year or so Like so many others, I hope Heartiste can find a new outlet so that his trenchant commentary can continue to enlighten and inspire all the men in the West who need it..

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