Cobra Kai, S2E1 – “to show them a different way”

Season 2, episode 1. That’s all I’ve seen of the second season so far. Minor spoilers ahead. A look back at Season 1:

  • HERE I said why The Sopranos epitomized the George W. Bush era, Breaking Bad was about the Obama years, and I saw in Cobra Kai the spirit of Trump’s election.
  • HERE is the fun of identifying the allegories behind the characters.

Back to Season 2. This dialogue between Daniel LaRusso and his student Robbie Keene is a show-stopper:

ROBBIE: You lost focus?

DANIEL: Not anymore. Ever since the tournament, all I’ve been thinking about are ways to destroy Cobra Kai.

ROBBIE: [smiling] And now you have the answer?

DANIEL: Yes. The answer is, we won’t. Cobra Kai isn’t the enemy. There are no enemies. Your dad, his students, they’re just like you and me. They’ve just been taught the wrong way. The goal of Miyagi-Do Karate isn’t to fight them, it’s to show them a different way. Right? A better way. For them and everyone in the Valley.

That bolded line blindsided me. My blog’s tagline is “we don’t have to live like this” because I know, along with everyone else on the alternative/nationalist Right, that there are alternatives to the Tower of Mudworld Babel.

The best and most honest propagandists let people see for themselves that evil is evil and good is good. We live in a world that hisses abandon all hopeThe men who run it guard their power by censoring anything that is contrary to their nation-wrecking program. They do not want anyone to know that there is, as Daniel says, a different way.


Two killer komments about the first episode of the second season:

Johnny Lawrence — “His emotional turmoil is as attractive as his redemption arc and blue eyes”

Chakrates makes observations about several of the minor characters and Johnny Lawrence, the most compelling pop culture protagonist in the past 30 years:

The black girl, I rather like her. I know girls like her, mixed, smart, looking to fit in. I don’t really mind it, but I’m sad for her. You can see the lines being drawn. She’s not a thug or a hipster, or a rich kid, or anything other than a (former) wallflower who has found a place. She’ll be either the wise negra savior or a sacrificial lamb. Either way, not pleased, but she has pathos, it’s undeniable.

Hawk is Kreese/Johnny 2.0, they cannot telegraph that any harder. I pity him, too, and frankly, I worry about Miguel and Robby. Both are fatherless children, metaphorically if not literally, like Daniel and Johnny, looking for a replacement figure.

Billy Zabka is still hot. His emotional turmoil is as attractive as his redemption arc and blue eyes. Yes, that jazzes me. He’s as much a lost soul as the kids he mentors and seeing his humble admission that he was never taught the different between mercy and honor. It’s a simple thing, but a “wow” moment for anyone not used to paying attention. I love his character.

And I just knew that greasy smile was going to cross Kreese’s face, at the end…ugh and arghh and thicker plots.

[end quote]

Daniel LaRusso — “You can see it in his eyes”

Suburban_elk snapped me out of my complacency about the series with this observation:

The lifestory theme that Life can be a long journey and some form of redemption may yet still. Or to put it in American: you didn’t necessarily peak in high school. (or did you?)

These themes have always been around, but they are topical now to 40-somethings aka gen xers. And here’s the point to remember: These themes are fairly “better left unsaid.” By their nature, everyone knows about them on a gut level: There’s the big gorilla (and it’s not you). Or if it is, wow: very impressive silverback you got there! (can I touch it?)

Some meta commentary though, about how these manly yet sensitive (and therefore better left unsaid) themes, these very lifestagey themes, is particular to clown world and even more particularly to America. Because somehow such life stagey themes get buried under pavement of amusement park reality. They get lost entirely. The unconscious superstructure or whatever tf, even that has gone away and disappeared for with which to guide us.

LaRusso gets all this. You can see it in his eyes.

[end quote]

42 thoughts on “Cobra Kai, S2E1 – “to show them a different way”

  1. I’m looking forward to your commentary on the series even more than I’m looking forward to watching it.

    It’s kinda weird that I sense instinctively mostly the same things you and the gang here do, and I avoid being swayed by the propaganda, but I rarely figure out how to articulate it as well as you guys. I’ve received much acclaim for my persuasive and expository writing, but I’ve always lacked the knack for *critical* writing that I find here and at the Chateau. I find it very valuable.

  2. JJ, I’m with you on that first point.

    Like the old saying: book was better than the movie

  3. To answer elk’s question from the previous thread re the writers: it was three Gen X guys who were fans of the show and also happened to be (((connected))) in Hollywood. YouTube has a copy of them on a panel. Nowhere do they mention any aspect of the show that has ever been mentioned on this blog (I watched it almost a year ago, so my memory may not serve).

    The panel left me completely unsatisfied. I was longing for some spark of “we don’t have to live like this” and didn’t see it. It was basically “we wrote some fanfic and convinced people to turn it into a show”.

    … which makes me wonder if the show is actually intended to be globoh0mo propaganda, except the writers, intending to lambast toxic White masculinity, are accidentally scoring against their own team. Kind of the opposite of Owen Benjamin’s “Gaytown” experience, in which Owen was making such a blatant mockery of h0mos that the h0mos thought he was on their side.

    In closing, the creators’ phizz factor leaves me unsettled, too. They don’t come across as guys you would want by your side in battle. You be the judge.

    I hope I’m wrong, but consider: last season, all they could get was indie comicon-style coverage like above. This year, they’re all over Good Morning America and all that slimy jazz. Would the MSM rally around an upright show? How about a subversive show? Guard your heart, lest this show break it.

  4. “I’m looking forward to your commentary on the series even more than I’m looking forward to watching it.”

    A layered and unremitting ‘roman à tiroirs’ of critcism will be a central distinguishing factor of our era. It will evolve into works of another nature that will rival Shakespeare in articulatory merit. I also read PA’s insights on series I will never watch with pliant satisfaction.

  5. Damn it PA I stayed up ’til 3 last night because of you.

    While I agree with Teutonick re: miscegenation, there are just too many jewels in the show. The war of ideas structurally favors the underdog, who hasn’t reached saturation; the good of CK helps us more than the bad hurts us.

  6. I go back to the saying that as cultural Viet Cong, we use the enemy’s hardware for our purposes. Definitely, a Jewish-produced and Jewish-written YouTube show should be watched critically, with the forebrain engaged.

    They certainly tapped into a market need for pop entertainment alternative to the usual fare. Like Chakrates and others, I really like the characters and the story. I watched Season One episodes 3-10 in one sitting and will see the rest of Season Two this weekend.

    Yes, miscegenation is a big theme, in this case a subset to fatherlessness, which goes back to the original 1984 Karate Kid, with a Japanese man whose son was killed by Americans playing father to an American kid, Daniel.

    As to mixing, you can see how they might be pushing the White Man / Mestiza Woman pairing.

    You saw that also in “Breaking Bad.” Both Jesse Pinkman in BB and Johnny Lawrence in CK started out with a beautiful but grossly flawed White woman. The girl who OD’d on meth and a bar floozie, respectively. Hollywood’s hatred of the White wife goes back to “Total Recall,” with Schwarzenegger killing his evil blonde wife played by Sharon Stone and finding a proper mate in the Latin female character.

    Maybe (((they))) see that trying to mix Whites with blacks is a non-starter. White men aren’t whatsoever buying, and even the WF/BM is rare and regarded as loser and gross despite the propaganda.

    And more so, White-black mixing is almost counterproductive from (((their))) perspective because it in effect purifies Whites, as mulattos/as are reabsorbed into the black culture.

  7. Hollywood’s hatred of the White wife goes back to “Total Recall,” with Schwarzenegger killing his evil blonde wife

    Hate to go off on a tangent, but this got me thinking about True Lies in which Ah-nuld not only stayed with his wife, but got his wife involved in his work (helpmeet?). That got me thinking of possibly subtle game lessons (or game principles, if you will) in that film: bored housewife, get tingles for loser using “lame game”, then when she realizes her hubby’s a badass, she changes.

  8. What I thought of as I watched the clip was how they managed to reel in the original actors from the original series. 34 years later? Nothing going on in their lives?

    The series itself seems to be a soap opera for men hardcore enough to include a heavy regular dose of violence. Common enough fare on television.

    The appearance of Cobra Kai in the valley and the increasingly intensely pitched storylines combine to give the series the drama it needs. By incorporating a subplot that involves dating, the three (male) creators of the series attempt to draw in the female viewer. *Sors winces* They seem to not realize that attempting to be everything to everyone is a recipe for failure. Nevertheless the series made one of its good decisions, giving the hero a successful career instead of an underdog existence to his life.

  9. “The consumers are always the target.”

    more precisely, the immediate gratification impulse is always the (moving) target.

    there, i just summarized 99.9% of all our human problems into one sentence. we can turn off the internet now.

    you’re welcome.

  10. @Chakrates — great comment.

    Just to offer my own flashback if you will, using another 80s teen movie as an example, as a man, I fondly remember Some Kind of Wonderful and wanted to be Eric Stoltz so I could date Ms. Amanda Jones (the wrong gal from the tracks who was dating rich bad boys.)

    I saw that film as a kid and thought that Eric’s attempts to get the girl is what you were supposed to do. Years later, after discovering CH’s site and mining that for what it was worth, did I realize how much of a goober (my words) Eric was and how much he had pedestalized Amanda. YIKES!

    If that movie affected me like that, I’m sure there were other goobers who followed suit only perhaps never woke up from realizing their blunder.

    @plumpack — impulse is definitely the right word.

  11. What struck me as a culture shock when I first saw certain teen comedies is the ruthlessness with which the antagonist was destroyed. For example, the club owner in Porky’s was a dick, but he didnt deserve what the protagonists did to him. Also in that movie, the indignities suffered by Miss Baubricker felt cruel.

    I did like the “fraternity vacation” genre comedies c. 1984, in which the alpha frat guys take a naif kid under their wing.

    “Lucas” was an excellent teen comedy, late in that 80s genre. Spoiler — the nerdy protagonist is a gamma, shown as rightly repellent to the pretty girl, and Charlie Sheen’s alpha quarterback character was sympathetic, even though he was technically the antagonist. A truly wonderful concluding scene. The conflict in Lucas wasn’t man vs man, it was man vs himself. Lucas had to overcome his gamma entitlement, be honest with himself, and help his tribe (his high school football team) in his own humble capacity, even if he failed to deliver — he was recognized for his courage.

    Vision Quest was probably my favorite 80s movie in the teen genre at the time. I related 100% to the protagonist in personality. It also featured one of Madonna’s better songs, “Crazy For You.”

  12. Mendo: I remember Some Kind of Wonderful! Really ‘hit the spot’ with me at the time. A mix of blue and red pill definitely in that one.

  13. Vision Quest was probably my favorite 80s movie in the teen genre at the time. I related 100% to the protagonist in personality. It also featured one of Madonna’s better songs, “Crazy For You.”

    Vision Quest had a great 1980s New Wave/Hard Rock soundtrack that included Red Rider’s atmospheric hit “Lunatic Fringe”

  14. That’s right! I also forgot that the soundtrack has Journey “Only The Young.” Just saw the video with scenes from the movie. Opening scene is him running like the wind over what’s probably a sustained distance. LOL, no way can I run a 5:00 mile anymore, 800 meters under 2:00, or a 53-sec. 400 meters. But I can still beat fit teenage boys on an uphill sprint and do 50 push-ups with ease.

    “Vision Quest” also featured Linda Fiorentino in one of her earliest roles.

  15. Thanks for the recommendation. Fun show.

    Two thoughts: First, per your post last August about the characters as allegories for the ‘dramatis personae of contemporary America,’ one objection: Daniel LaRusso is not Christendom.

    There’s no Christendom.

    LaRusso’s looking across the Pacific, to another civilization for answers. Recall that the original was from the mid 80’s. The east was recognized as rising, as a worthy ancient culture whose defeat may have just been an aberration. For instance, Japan’s cars had been a cheap joke in the 60’s, then just cheap in the 70’s, then no joke in the 80’s. He ain’t some home schooled neo-Medici condottiere wrestling with Christian concepts like honor and _meekness_, he’s in another world.

    Similarly, Johnny’s not looking to King Arthur’s court or Beowulf or the Illiad, he’s looking to a snake, he’s crawling along as low as he can go —or as basic as you want to go if we’re being generous.

    Second thought. Is this being sponsored by a liguour distribution conglomerate? Johnny is having a beer in like every scene. Daniel too quite often. These guys are middle aged and trying to _get back_ in shape. One would think they’d go on some sort of health kick.

  16. Johnny drinks Coors. In other words, he really has been around the block and through the ringer. Anyone who has had to wrestle w/ the bottle will have gone through a Coors stage. It’s one of the beers that is good and reliable, and exactly five percent alcohol. Not to mention reasonably priced. I woulda written him drinking Natural Ice; but.

  17. Not everyone may know this but 5 percent beer is like 80 percent vodka. It’s the right amount of alcohol for the drink. Beginning problem drinkers will often get into strong beer, and eventually (of course) booze and usually vodka. But then after that awhile the vodka becomes too much and the hardcore problem drinker will alternate back with a regular beer like Coors or Natural Ice, switching between the beer and the vodka, in a fractal cycle.

  18. The show had some very current writing. The Coors detail is exactly right. There’s a ton a good other stuff in there too. The Season 2 character who is Russian or Ukrainian who comes to Daniel’s but can’t train too hard after getting a sliver. (“Ohhh sliver! and it’s a big one!” which line looks dumb on paper but it is delivered just so.) But let’s be careful cuz Nick Fuentes says that talking about your favorite tv characters is Normieville. He’s right but who is going to take advice from a zoomer? I saw Nick last night [ Friday ] and thought he was a little bit in a rut, what with the vanity and the egotism which train never goes where you want. For instance look at Trump. “Anything motivated by self-aggrandizement is doomed to failure” is how Pirsig put it. It’s fairly obvious of course, but “only the young can say.”

    Steve Perry was a singular talent, as far as goes singers. Some people are gifted hugely. Singing is such a gift. Very few people can bring a melody with their voice. I am a serious musician, and have studied and practiced for a long time, but cannot carry a tune with my voice very well, in spite of having a good enough ear. A good ear is only part of the equation. To be able to hear your own voice well enough in the moment, is something else, and then other factors. The act of singing itself is a leap of faith and confidence.

    Vision Quest, the movie. How does it stand on a rewatch? I saw it but I can’t remember when; not upon its release. I was probably in my lost years, and looking for something something in something already gone and away. In other words a rental from blockbuster. When did you go on your vision quest and what did you find?

    Did you ever even go? I sort of did but not really. In any case it didn’t go so well or as planned. Obviously an angle to keep in mind is in considering the Vision Quest as a particular and literal thing, when it’s likely better more process-ey. Bring it to Life my friend, bring it to bear. The Time is now Riders of Rohan blah blah blah etc instant karma

    And so now in conclusion.

  19. What I wanted to talk about, besides my own singing, is the Grateful Dead and the show on Amazon. If anything was ever worth — and no nothing ever was — the five thousand word countercurrents essay, it is this show. It checks all the boxes.

    The show is called It’s on Amazon; and how you came to sucking Bezos’ dick

    How well is Jeff Bezos endowed, and is he genitally reduced, and do those factors contribute to his miserable sex expression? It’s a fair guess that the answer is yes they do. However it’s hard to evaluate such question w/o counterfactuals in evidence. So to whom can he be compared?

    But the Dead and that show on Amazon. It’s literally the best made documentary about recent history and specifically American Studies, that’s out there, and considering how competitive is the field of documentary making, that is saying a lot. Scorsese has an EP credit.

    I am not up the comment I’d like to make on it. There’s too much to say, and it’s partly boring personal stuff, about the the Grateful Dead was another sad adventure that went wrong. The saddest adventure of all: the one that never happened. I am having a resolution to my midlife crises that’s been going on for 30 years now, and that’s it. Can you relate? Your first half of life is over and it wasn’t much. It is what it is. I am glad to be alive. I said at an AA “nooner” today something spontaneous and philosophical about how life and success is primarily evaluated on a binary resolution and blahbitty blah blah except I was really in the zone and smart sounding. Don’t go to AA unless you want to meet people otherwise it’s a waste of time. There’s easy women to be had but really that’s not what life is about.

    The Dead show itself, the documentary is so masterfully presented, and so many details abound. Here are two —

    1) Many vigorous young people in Search of Adventure found it as Deadheads and as part of that scene, which was not a scene but a culture. Deadheads sometimes in the Dissident Right are downtrodden as druggies and potheads but IN FACT many of those music fans were quiet formidable (vigorous) characters, some tripped out to hell but others fairly well balanced against insanity. The people who went out for that adventure at least had the balls to go after life. The documentary itself emphasizes this exact theme. One clip is a sequence of some of the more scary looking acid heads some of them physically imposing with strong bodies and big intelligent heads. I passed some guy in the park in real life just recently and he was all deaded out, and I looked at him openly and he was an impressive person. Tall and strong and of balanced bearing. He was blessing other people with kindness. There were no niggers in sight.

    2) Al Franken features in the documentary. This his inclusion must have been prior to his fall from grace. On the one hand it’s believable that Al was in fact a real fan; and as such he has half-a-soul. He is a half-souled jew but it’s hard to figure why he was included at all because his schtick is so jewey and off-putting. Doesn’t everyone feel that?

    3) The story of Jerry and the other central musicians. You watch: Their influence will outlast everyone’s. I would say it’s the Dead, Dylan, and Zeppelin and everyone else is a footnote w/ Zeppelin the distance third.

  20. When I re-entered the working world some years not too long ago, one of my co-workers called me by name and said everything’s going to be ok. [ exact words ] He was a 20 years my junior but senior on our crew. He had been a teenager morbidly obese to the tune of hundreds of pounds.

    This isn’t blog therapy. Obviously problems are endless. Does anyone know any quick and easy tricks for how to get money? Remember that guy who was “our age” and sold such scheme late 80s on the secondary television channels after hours. He is famous and has a wiki. He had the high energy hard sell about what you could do to become a millionaire just like him and of course the trick was to do exactly what he was doing and convince others.

    I fell for one of those recruitment scams 20 25 years ago, in an ad in the printed newspaper to make 15 to 20 bux an hour in sales no exp required, and met at some cheapo office park location and went downtown Saint Paul with a carful of other losers and sat in and listened to a black huckster say how he made I think it was 70 grand a year. And then we went out and walked into some businesses selling roses I kid u not. The guy leading our pack smelled like the old guy Mr Blue in A Fan’s Notes though he looked nothing like him. I walked away and took the bus back to wherever which come to think woulda been the Mall.

  21. Ironically or whatever, semi-skilled labor pays that same amount, 25 years later: 15 to 20 bux an hour. That rate is for the Twin Cities which has to be in the top ten for rates of pay. I find the work to be stressful and unsatisfying, and hard on the body. It’s a fact though that if you stick with it, you can worm your way into positions that are actually less work and pay a little more. Starting at the bottom; the boomers did it and so can you.

    I was trying to shed some light for myself on the whole boomer problem. They did work hard but they had a future to believe in and now is it panning out for them or not?

    On the DS comment board was an excellent despair post by some poster who was “older than 23”. Someone replied to him that yes life sucks and people are assholes.

  22. — Vision Quest, the movie. How does it stand on a rewatch?

    How does any 80s movie?

    Vision Quest via the music video scenes looks like a foreign magical country. I lived there and then?

    Watched Season 2 of Cobra Kai thru Episide 7. Hard to pull away from it.

  23. How does any 80s movie?

    They are of a time and place. The coming of age “teen genre” from the 80s — the heights of movie making greatness, the golden age land before time; or is that rather a faulty recollection aka nostalgia and then nostalgia squared?

    Let’s ask Tom Cruise. He would be the one to ask. Certainly not Rob Lowe, who was more of a pretty boy and did not age nearly as well. Matt Modine was an odd duck by the standards of those movie stars. He was well cast in the big Viet Nam movie Full Metal Jacket. The scene where the CO calls into question the peace sign on his helmet and it looks for a second he might get his ass chewed or worse, and but he smoothly responds something with an honest face about the dual nature of existence. It sure was! asking a lot of 20 year olds to go over there and kill and be killed and for what exactly.

    I worked next to a guy. He was a boss type but not really because something about him. His wife was very hot. In spite of being 55 years old I quote unquote thought about wanting to fuck her. And once or twice or more like 20 times she had me help her out w/ computer problems but it was very much in her space, and the way she was dressed? But her husband I would not have wanted to cross much less fuck his wife. Was he actually a Viet Nam combat vet? we never found out. He had a picture of himself on safari over a dead lion which he (presumably) had shot and killed. He was likely an excellent shot. He also rode a tricked out Harley on the order of 50+ thousand buckaroos. He was, the ultimate boomer


    Yesterday was effectively the first day of summer and the bikers were out. I saw a boomer club congregating in the parking lot. They had big touring bikes and there were at least ten of them. Hobbies are cool and riding motorcycles might as well be one of them but as we all know, those types of rider are looked down upon, by some.

  24. The well known distinction among motorcycle riders of One Percenters. This category and designation has been around for at least 50 years. The common core history says they were labelled such right off the bat post war when they came back in the 50s and raised hell.

    I have proposed a secondary designation of Ten Percenters which is self explanatory but they would be competent and sincere bikers but not actually criminals and or in a club. Not “hang arounds” but a different set.

    The same 1 to 10 to Everyone Else designation might could be applied across all sorts manly attribution categories. It doesn’t correspond neatly to the various Alpha hierarchies which is why it is worth considering.


    Oddly enough, there is a motorcycle “club” that congregates and may even be somewhat headquartered in a neighbor’s house. This is in fact something of a “tough” blue collar neighborhood. These guys are known in the local history for their exploits and connections, and they are reputed to be actual cutties or whatever the fuck those people might be referred to.

    I can say for sure that they look the part. If it looks like a duck and quacks. Anyways I had to cross their path on the road, and make a left turn in front of them in one of those precarious traffic situations and they were in a three-strong goose formation, and I had some performance anxiety but it went well. But the thought crossed my mind, if I mistakenly cut too close to their formation, or worse had been driving aggressively and just made a bad move ——> it would have been a mistake.

  25. It was a reverse goose formation. Two in front and then one in the back. Which makes more sense for the obvious reasons of visibility and force projection.

  26. @Elk I have owned several bikes but never been a joiner with respect to any kind of group, let alone a club. I certainly would not own a Harley, ultimate Boomer machine.

  27. An interest I indulge in on occasion: taking a decades-old landscape image and comparing it to that same place now on Google Streetview. The older image might come from a personal photo of mine, or my recollection of, say, somewhere I was in the early 1970s, or a scene from an older movie.

    One example is my photo (face blurred) that I have in an old post of mine, where I’m standing next to an Alabama state line sign. That was in the early ’90s. I found that back road in Streetview and now it looks about the same. Two differences: one of the two trees in the middle ground is still standing, the other is gone. The other difference is that the Alabama sign has been replaced by a cheery-looking new sign.

    The above Journey video for “Only the Young” from 1985. It opens with Matthew Modine’s character running along a city bridge with a compelling mountain background. I learned that the movie was set and filmed in Spokane, WA. Within minutes, I located the bridge in Google Streetview. If anyone is curious, it’s N. Monroe Street, looking west. The view hasn’t changed that much in 35 years.

  28. My two vicarious stories involving Harleys.

    In Army basic training, late 1980s. Our company First Sergeant tells us a story of right after he came home from Vietnam. Hardass man with command presence, combat vet, hardass story. He loathed hippies, who were certainly relevant to his living memory, and a just-before-we-were-born history for most of us. He tells us of how he once went into a roadhouse, I think in Texas, wearing a uniform. This would have been in the late 1960s. Leaving the bar he gets accosted by a biker gang in the parking lot, who call him “baby killer.” As he tells us, he pulled out his gun and asked the bikers: “Who is your leader?” Intimidated, the bikers identify him, or maybe the leader identifies himself. So the First Sergeant, in this anecdote, tells the bikers: now all of you kick his ass or I start shooting.”

    A tall tale? If that’s adapted from from some old movie I haven’t seen, then the joke’s on me. I still have my Basic Training yearbook, which identifies our chain of command by name and photo. I’ll find the old codger and either to his face or over his gravestone, I will tell him: “bullshit!”

    But if true, then Respect, First Sergeant! (I would not call him “Sir” because he worked for a living. That’s an Army quip, btw. NCOs are why we win.)

    I don’t get that ‘Nam-era American culture. Before my time.

  29. The second Harley story. Back in high school, sometimes my friends and I would go to the red light district in Baltimore, where age-enforcement carding was almost non-existent. Maybe it was for alcohol, but we didn’t care about that. We just wanted to get into the clubs and see the naked women. We walk past a biker gang, or just a group of tough looking bikers on their Harleys on the street of that red light district.

    There was a West German exchange student among us, a friend of ours. A tall, uncommonly charismatic guy. His eyes light up when he sees all those Harleys and tells me and the others “Hey. let’s talk to those guys!” I tell him, “no man, it’s better to avoid them.” Nevertheless, he beelines straight for them and starts asking them stuff about their bikes. He had a thick German accent but because of his charisma and good looks, it was very charming. You really just wanted to talk to this guy, that was the effect of his personality.

    To my surprise, the dangerous looking biker gang members warmly welcomed his questions. The other guys and I approached, and we all had a friendly chat with those biker dudes.

  30. Elk, thanks to you, I had a Coors tall boy when I was doing some garage work. (Had a Shawshanian experience with soaking up some suds after doing work on a hot day. Actually thought of some of you fellas, wouldn’t mind doing similar IRL with you all.)

    Then, I decided to have a nightcap with some Jameson. Thanks.

    Also, I appreciate your tête-à-tête with King over at the chateau. While I know King gets on many a person’s nerves, I actually take heart to what he writes about, gleaning that which I need. (Glad he sticks it to that eurotrash tard cortesar. I don’t have OCD, but how does someone format their comments like he does or need to resort to a tweet to offer a counterpoint?)

  31. Cobra Kai is grossly entertaining, a wonderful trip down memory lane. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course, there has to be an injection of this toxic race mixing theme into the bloodstream of something nostalgic. The fact is that this existential threat to the things YOU wish to preserve is a non-starter for most of the normies watching the show.

  32. I’ll probably ban him, but don’t feel like doing it yet. Have his IP go straight to the spam folder, increasing the likelihood that other WordPress blogs eat his comments too.

    There is absolutely no value in his comments. Just flatline Brown Resentment. I did once kick him out for being, as I put it then, a dullard.

  33. he fact is that this existential threat to the things YOU wish to preserve is a non-starter for most of the normies watching the show.

    Normies dissuaded from politics, news at 11.

    The angle that concern trolls will often take is that it’s fearful or worrisome (of you, Whitey) to care about the future. I mean come on, don’t you have better things to do, than to worry about 20 or 200 years down the line? Just lie back, things will be so much easier!

    Newsflash: Someone is going to take in interest in the future. If it’s not Whitey it will be someone else. If Whitey doesn’t take a direct and explicit interest in his future in the World, someone else will and take his place. Politics 101. But in fact it’s not even politics 101, it’s Remedial Politics 99: White people got so disinterested and disenfranchised, especially in America, because the jews took over their nervous systems and in more ways than one.

  34. On CH GE was arguing w/ some troll called Sexton who was taking the angle that it was a mystery why Whites should be concerned about having to share their living space.

    “It’s all so tiresome” — Come on already. Life is competitive. We are all just fighting for our place under the sun. I always thought that the most appealing arguments we might make had to do with charactering the struggle as the different colored animals looking for their homes. I have heard said in biology it is something of a rule that body color is a precursor to speciation. If real science ——> neatly remarkable and as it applies to our situation.

  35. A realistic and cynical compromise is America. As in fuck it.

    We are not supposed to do this, but it is what it is. I say Fuck America. You can have it. Or rather let it turn into some caste system like the rest of the New World where Whitish castizos are on the very top and some few of them have blue eyes and 10 of them have blond hair, and everyone else is brown or black.

    The guy in Scarface, the arch villain from Lima who had his vendetta against Tony Montana — was he mixed, or was he pure White? In any case a handsome and elegant man. His people would be at the top.

    But the price for America is Europe and whatever else.

    But it doesn’t work. There will have to be a worldwide solution and a world government. We are never going back to localism or the Bronze Age. If Whites are to be preserved as their own separate group, they will have to have considerable and definitive leverage on this global scale.

  36. Sexton’s question, to the effect of “what’s wrong with race mixing,” requires a first-causes philosophical answer.

    A similar question would be “what’s wrong with me fondling your girlfriend against her will?” After all, she might like it and no harm is done.

    Any ethical/philosophical system will provide that answer. The alternative is the law of the jungle, under which such questions are irrelevant.

  37. “I’ll probably ban him, but don’t feel like doing it yet. Have his IP go straight to the spam folder, increasing the likelihood that other WordPress blogs eat his comments too.”

    PA, is your hero Mark Zuckerburg? Listen, banning people is gamma behavior personified. Of course there is value in what I have to say, it is you simply do not value my commentary. But it does break through your Echo Chamber.

    Suburban_elk, white people DO take a direct and explicit interest in their future, it is just not on the path YOU prefer. And if you say “Fuck, America”, then that is your deal. Furthermore, if you insist that Jews have Jedi-mind tricked most whites, then do they not get what they deserve for being so easily manipulated? Then, obviously, this high intelligence that supposedly whites possess is an outright lie. Perhaps you have some sort of tinfoil ass hattery that pings Joo rays off your head? Maybe you could offer insight for those whites whose minds have been turned into sufganiyot.

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