A Miracle In Minneapolis



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Landen Hoffmann, the 5-year-old boy who was thrown from a third-floor balcony at the Mall of America, has “zero evidence of brain damage, no spinal cord injury, and no nerve damage.”

According to CBS Minnesota, Landen’s grandfather was eager to share the amazing news after doctors assessed a five-hour MRI and called the family’s pastor, who declared the results “truly a miracle.” According to the pastor, the boy’s remarkable recovery has “amazed” doctors.

If you’re inclined to think that God has taken a keen interest in this accelerating globohomo abomination apocalypse and wanted to give the righteous a sliver of “don’t give up… trust me,” then this miracle might just be such a sign.

11 thoughts on “A Miracle In Minneapolis

  1. The Bible tells us that in latter days we’d bare witness to miracles.

    Given what’s going on with my life, I know that keeping the faith has allowed me to stand strong knowing I’m being shaped by God himself.

    It’s not easy, but that’s what fellowship’s about.

  2. Not to cynical post, but I can’t help trying to caption the picture of those officers.

    Which begs the question though, of what the Mall will do by way of commemoration. They won’t do anything, and can almost be forgiven for that because what can expected of them, a plaque?

    What should the Mall do, by way of commemoration and perhaps more to the point, by way of prevention?

  3. S.J. Esquire, Mendo: It’s said that many people praying together is a force multiplier, if you will. What is reading and commenting with the same mindset, than a similar fellowship?

    “what the Mall will do by way of commemoration”

    Elk, you raise an interesting question, which hasn’t even crossed my mind. One can look for the answer to how they should commemorate it vs how they will by asking this: how would they commemorate it if Zimmerman had thrown lil baby Trayvon off that third floor in self-defense after he disobeyed the dispatcher and stepped out of his car?

    How would 1920 America commemorate the event?

  4. I have observed, and this is merely observation and I have no science! behind it – that “brown” kids tend to have a higher initial survival rate than white kids. Such that what normally kills a white kid a brown kid will survive, but the difference is that if the white kid survives, the recovery will be better. So say if a white boy and a black boy get run over by a car, the black boy is more likely to survive, but he will be messed up for life.
    The white boy, if he survives, will make a far better recovery.
    What I don’t have in account of my observation, is how the “victim card” plays out in this. Which of the two examples are more likely to “get checks” based on past injuries? But then I have known white people who did get run over and you would not know it until they told you, and met black guys who were on disability and you would not know it until they told you.

  5. I have observed, and this is merely observation and I have no science! behind it – that “brown” kids tend to have a higher initial survival rate than white kids.

    Hahaha, I would LOVE to see someone get funding for that study, oh me oh my.

  6. Some things may be miracles even from The Creator’s perspective. Such wondrous happenings very plausibly remain in God’s mind to serve as ‘divinely implicit’ inspiration for more conscious miracles to coalesce in his thought & action. Will make a toast to this young chap tonight.

  7. “How would 1920 America commemorate the event?”
    The night sky would be lit red by fire and the trees would bear strange fruit.

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