Every Day Is Earth Day

We recoil at the sight of the destruction of forests. The European soul loves the forest. Poor is the White man who knows not the peace of solitude deep among the trees, the moss, the lawless cries of birds. Celts, Teutons, Slavs all have their own customs that flow from their blood-kinship with the forest.

The land developer is a particularly loathsome insect. He hates the trees but loves money and especially monetizing (liquidating) the forest, parceling it off, clear-cutting the wood, selling and settling it with alien biped economic units that he imports to keep the churn at high percolation until it all withers like a dead branch and then he moves on. Even if he’s of our ancestry, his soul is twisted in the image of the eternal merchant.

Dr. Seuss knew:


And at that very moment, we heard a loud whack!
From the outside in the fields came a sickening smack
of an axe on a tree. Then we heard the tree fall.
The very last Truffula Tree of them all!

A triple-shot from Suburban_elk:




“The leftists claim the high ground on the Environment but hunters do more work for it. If the GREEN on Outside RED on inside watermelons cared about the environment they wouldn’t import 3rd worlders into white nations where their CARBON FOOTPRINT is so much larger on welfare than they could achieve in their homelands.” – @BGKP

Capitalism is not the answer.


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  1. It would be cool to make it out of the City, maybe eventually. The classic White American 20th-century folktale about living such dream, is on youtube under the title “Dick Proenneke in Alone in the Wilderness”. It’s quite a story and meta story is equally compelling. He filmed himself, and the documentary is w/ his original footage.

    But now said story is no longer a folk tale, lo! and neither an obscure and inspiring legend, but rather yet another marketing device for Amazon and REI.

    But on the real. He left on his journey, from Iowa when he was FIFTY years old, and lived alone up in Alaska for many years until he died. The gay part of the story is that the cabin he built is now a National Park. I have nowhere near his 3d6 Vigor score; his Vigor score of 18+ was in the realm of Deities and Demigods.

  2. He is characterized in some of the online write-ups, as a hermit, but that is ENTIRELY a MIS-characterization. He came to have many visitors, over the years and on the regular including, one likes to imagine, women. But maybe not for that part. Yea verily often are they better left behind

    The definition of a hermit he does not meet. The narration of his bio-on-film, is done by someone else and with the correct upper Midwest accent, and it is taken directly from his journals. Truly a great man. Back then men still did such things.

  3. It’s interesting to see that picture from Dr Seuss. Just today I was noting some more trees with X’s on them, marked for cutting down by the city. They [ the city ] are out of control and somehow have the mandate to do with these trees as they like.

    Some of the trees have a particular problem such as an Ash Boor. It would be cool to know something about dendrology and be able to present arguments for and against. But it seems they [ the city ] are awfully aggressive in taking down trees. Other more scrubby brush they also take down relentlessly, in some of the remaining misc ponds and woodlands. The irony is that no one likes to see it happen. At least none of the local White residents who notice.

    That last sentence is a crucial distinction. Many people, and many of the local White residents, do NOT notice. Their heads are too far up their asses. But of the ones who do notice, they are 100 per cent opposed, at least in the cases of there not being good actual reasons. Something about MOMENTUM and how things proceed in the ways that are familiar and worked in the past.

  4. I didn’t grow up with Dr. Seuss and knew nothing of his work until I read all of his stories to my when they were little. The Grinch and the Whos, the Lorax, Yertle the Turtle… a continuing tradition of children’s cautionary stories in line with the Grimm Brothers and Hans Christian Andersen.

  5. There is the instinct to tame the land. Clear the brush, thin out the trees especially the runts… some people don’t know when to stop though.

  6. Taking down large old trees in city parks can be a double gift for well connected cronies. The lumber from a large tree can be quite valuable, and local governments often pay to have the trees removed. Excuses such as the danger of falling limbs are often cited, but old fashioned graft is more like it. I stayed at a campground last year which had removed most of its grand old trees. The owner claimed his insurance company had made him do it. I informed him that he had made his campground into a glorified parking lot. Must all beauty be destroyed whether artistic, architectural, or natural? Apparently–yes.

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  8. Nixon created the EPA, an act featuring more regulations than ever before despite his right-wing leanings. The EPA, which has federal powers and takes the scientists’ for granted, errs on the side of caution. Thus it interferes with the traditional capitalist set-up in the United States — America was born to turn a buck — and challenges long-held notions of good and bad.

    Is it bad to raze over land to build a strip mall? Is ALL LAND valuable in the nature-loving sense, even the California desert, which is receiving more and more subdivisions?

    The three verities of American life — money, power and status — are being challenged when the EPA steps in. The question is, does the government have the power to keep these exploding Jack-In-The-Box forces INSIDE their box?

  9. Antagonism toward the EPA is a perennial Republican battle cry.

    A bureaucracy that doesn’t “protect the environment” as advertised, or maybe protects it just a little, but it does have a general retardant effect on unfettered economic activity? In an imperfect world, what’s not to like. The Dems are the good guys here.

    But what if the EPA is a bureaucracy that doesn’t “protect the environment” as advertised, or maybe protects it just a little, but its primary activity is to be deployed by Democratic administrations as a partisan weapon against Red State Deplorables? The GOP is the good guys here.

  10. Semi-on-topic (and highly entertaining), Righteous Jew director William Friedkin (The French Connection, The Exorcist) grills and trolls pretentious libtard Jew Darren Aronofsky over his platitudinous and hamfisted enviro-horror “Mother!”

    As seen elsewhere, Friedkin’s combo of Grumpy Old Man schtick & baiting of other Jews with his Jesus talk is incendiary for his targets but deeply gratifying to my ears.

  11. It’s hard to explain, but I feel strongly that the modern left-environmental movement has become somehow “abstract,” or “theoretical,” in nature, totally detached from the very land it is ostensibly trying to protect. The hyper-focus on global warming is a perfect example of this: instead of taking concrete actions (protecting habitats, reclaiming brownlands, fighting invasives), so many environmental groups have become mere political lobbyists. Note that I do believe in climate change, I just also believe there are much greater threats out there, threats which can be fought with a bit of effort and resolution.

    It wasn’t always this way; the Nature Conservancy straight up bought millions of acres of land over the years, and remains one of the better groups out there, but sadly the whining-type organizations have grown as the action-orientated ones stagnate. Ripping out knotweed in the blazing heat, insects swarming around your sweaty body, is painful, as is donating hard cash to buy land. On the other hand, posting #ParisAgreement and angrily hyperventilating about the end of the world in 12 years is pleasurable, giving a virtue-siganling induced dopamine rush.

    Next time you see (or better yet, participate in) a simple beautification project, like trash-pickup, stop and think about the political makeup of the participants. In my experience it’s probably an even split or right-leaning. The people who do the most to protect the Earth are not the same as the ones who profess to do so.

  12. Global Warming (now “Climate Change”) is a cynical power-grab. It’s about setting up a transnational taxation authority.

  13. The other day I saw one of those public service announcements all about “get out and enjoy the woods!”

    It showed a black family. Lol!!

  14. I got my REI dividend coupon in the email and the featured promo picture, for getting out into the Great Outdoors and living it blah blah blah, was three unmistakably lesbian butch blacks, muscly obese and in shorts on the talegate of their SUV camper pickup thing. As if that isn’t bad enough, they are all doing the face where they are having an over-the-top laugh about something hilarious. How they are sticking to the Patriarchy, perhaps?

    Out of a sense of obligation though I went to the store and spent the coupon and got some white gas for the old Coleman. It all feels like a gimmick sometimes.

    That was yesterday. Went out and had some transactional American retail experience adventures. REI was just a one. “errands” is what it’s called in transactional American. nb4 It’s not manly.

  15. Then I went to the Piano Store so as for to play on their 50 thousand dollar concert grands. They still, somehow, sell those things. Though as a point of fact the market for 50 thousand dollar pianos has to not be what it once was. I actually overheard the piano manager talking on the phone w/ someone about how they will sell pianos on consignment. Iow someone was looking to cash out on their musical journey, or perhaps make a few grand off of grandma’s piano.

    So I played some simple stuff for the hostage audience. That Summertime song by Mungo Jerry which is three chords in the key of A; the one featured in the Vince Vaughn movie where Owen what’s-his-name is riding the bike around on the Maryland shore with his eventual bride-to-be. The point I would make, is that I’m not the best piano player, even in that store, but that most people don’t get it. Even those other players, don’t get that it’s not about achieving something you’ll never achieve like winning a contest or pleasing Tiger Mom. It’s supposed to be about festivals and stuff like that but we don’t have those now. There’s nowhere to go to play out on the street, for instance.

    Then on the way out, some police officer pulled me over for not using a turn signal. He was real fresh faced dogooder type, and “let me go w/ a warning.” Credit where due. I was driving aggressively and he leveled me out. A real instinct cop, that one. He has a bright future, maybe not.

  16. There’s more to yesterday’s nonsense adventures. I am driving some nice old lady around for her grocery errands. We are sort of friends now. By the way there is a HUGE HUGE HUGE market for elder care of the misc random sort. The problem with making money off it though, is that

    1. Those people generally don’t have much money to spare, and
    2. The sector that gets the marketshare is subsidized by the gov and so that work needs licensing

    3. However aggressive young go-getters w/ full heads of hair will not let these obstacles stop them from making a buck

    4. The other point that has to be mentioned, is these people in need of services, are by definition halfway vulnerable adults; some of them classified as such and some of them not; a lot of them have a hard time finding someone they can trust; an honest White goes a long way here

    5. Anyways I made 10 dollars yesterday doing this, minus gas money —> Big Victory Parade

    But as my client was grocery shopping I went to Caribou and hung out for an hour, to vibe on the young women, the “girls” there and boy are they are ever thirsty for a man.

    The trick to putting yourself above the suburban nobody fatso soyboy losers who frequent those places — we’re talking coffee shops here — the trick to putting yourself above them, and beating them in the Eternal Striving Status Wars, is literally keeping your eyes on a level or higher. Iow not sitting down. And NEVER sit down in those soft chairs. Those are for beaten people. Or otoh for weathered soldiers who are above such stupid gay lame sorry broken ass beatdown concerns.

    I did the eye contact thing — What is this eye contact thing you speak of? — with one blondie who was about 20 years old and addicted to her phone and hanging there w/ her slender Asian study buddy. She was a solid 7.75 or 8 with athletic style looks. Blonde and a good match, but with already bad neck posture from the phone.

  17. Not everyone at Caribou is a soy boy loser and it’s not accurate to characterize them as such. The other “man” in our general median age range, for instance, was your typical bigboned Midwest American Germanic. The sort who is very common around here, and could bench press 300 lbs w/ a month or two of warming up so as not to hurt his shoulder. But he so hunched over his phone he couldn’t even make eye contact with any of the three or four available PYT’s sitting across from him. Everyone is too socially contained in their atom zone. Is that what is supposed to mean, Oversocialization, the phrase by Uncle Ted? He almost certainly would have been wearing tennis shoes.

    The other type of male who hangs out in these suburban coffee shop is more stylish and what’s the word, that word for gender indeterminate but not meaning gay. Not androgynous, there’s a more 10-point style word. This type wears a fitting collar shirt. These are regular above average intelligent people who are trying to look nice, and are by nature unaggressive.

    The other type of man who you see in the coffee shop there, is the business man. Usually the pretender but occasionally the real thing. These guys have it together, but as a rule they are blockheads. But also as a rule, confident and to be respected, at least as men if not philosophers.

  18. Metrosexual is what they were called about ten years ago. Is that term still in use though or has it faded out?

    The word I was thinking of, is epicene. Fwiw I couldn’t recall it w/o ye old online thesaurus.

  19. I used “epicene” in a blog post once, also courtesy of online thesaurus:

    Back to New York. So we’ve left the restaurant, we’re walking, and at a half-block’s distance I notice a blonde pixie and a dandyish, small-framed black male ostentatiously kissing each other amidst an epicene crowd outside of a nightlife venue, both interrupting their clothed coitus to observe its effect on others. As I get closer, I realize that it’s an Asian girl with dyed hair. Then, as we walk past them and I take another look, I am pretty sure, at this point, that the Asian chick… is not a chick.

  20. Five-year-old Landen appears to be, perhaps miraculously, recovering and with no serious injuries after the black subhuman threw him three stories at the Mall of America:

    Though he has broken bones all over his body, including fractures in his face, [Landon’s] pastor Mac Hammond of the Living Word Christian Center who met with his doctors shared good news with his congregation during his Easter service.

    “There was zero evidence of brain damage – there wasn’t even swelling,” Hammond said Landen’s doctors told him. “No spinal chord injury, no nerve damage, no internal injuries that were life-threatening — there was some small internal bleeding that had to be addressed.


  21. Elk, I had been thinking that there’d be a market for helping the elderly for many of the reasons you listed.

    I’m at a crossroads in my life and have been looking for how to be of service, but still keeping my head above water, so I’ve been kinda toying with how to get something to help out the elderly, combined with what I know and can do.

  22. On the CH front, re the row between PA and Jay in DC. Ok; it boils down to the question of

    Who is available for sport fucking? —

    1. Everyone; or at least all unmarried, unattached and of-age females
    2. Just said girls within your own ethno-national group
    3. No one; get married and fuck your wife and have kids

    And for the sake of discussion, these options are contained w/i the race group. Iow we’re not taking about fucking niggers and or being Alexander the Great White disseminator. We’re talking Americans going to Europe and the Baltics and Slavland and sport fucking. Which term (sport fucking) still works and famously made popular by everyone’s fav Woody ‘the surprisingly well coordinated’ Allen in that black-and-white movie.

    So who is available for sport fucking?

    Answer 1. Everyone; this is straight out pozz world nonsense. No one is advocating on these boards is advocating for this.

    Answer 2. This is what Captain Obvious had advocated for. “Give them anal” as he has said many times, for used out American skankslags. (not to paraphrase another commenter, but that’s what it was) The whole anal schtick is so gross though I fantasized about it as an adolescent wank, but in point of fact, predilection for anal sex correlates with the diminished innervation profile of the circumcised penis. Because there’s so little nerve endings left “down there” the direct pressure provided by the anal cavity, gets on those remaining nerves oh boy does it ever!

    Answer 3. This is the safe answer.


    Answer 2 though is the bullshit middle ground. It’s like Oh yeah, we can’t travel and Bang! Poland but by all means have at these useless American girls.

    Otoh who cares right? Muh American princesses.

  23. My opinion is that Answer 2 above, is ludicrous hypocrisy but it is half the commentary at CH for instance.

    And maybe half the remaining commentary is Answer 1.

    Answer 3 the the righteous path. Otoh life sucks and get your dick, or at least what’s left of it, wet. We’re dead soon enough. Trying to maintain some K-style integrity in the world today is an uphill battle. Muh Aryan Princesses!

  24. Thing is, Jay made about pussy. Like I told him, I’m not going to physically block him from taking an Uber to the airport and alighting at a mythical Estonian village where all the girls have flowers in their hair. He’s not going anywhere, he’s just airing his locust mindset.

    “Californication” is what it was originally about. That’s the term for the process that turns South Carolina into a high-tax, high cost of living globohomo shithole. “Do not covet other people’s things” and “Do not steal” — the two Commandments that the ostensibly godly Matt King tossed aside in similar such arguments in the past.

  25. You’ve given me a lot to think about with this post. Although I appreciate many different climates and environments, I find myself thinking most fondly of a summer spent in central PA. The days are sunny and warm, the nights are cool. Everything is green. There is rain, but that’s the trade off for having greenery.
    I am into gardening and the number one goal of gardening is to keep out invasive species. It’s an endless battle when you have a nice growing environment.

  26. It isn’t surprising one of CH’s regular commenters would want to relocate to a foreign country. There are a lot of personality problems on display in the comment section over there. This person is likely a failure in the United States and wants a fresh start.

  27. Southern Florida surprised me in being a prettier environment than I was expecting. I really liked the abundant plant and animal life. The southwestern United States is also quite beautiful.

  28. Not quite sure why Jay makes a big deal of PA’s stance on the matter. Like he said, he’s not keeping anyone from doing anything. And funny thing is, Jay offers up his own opinions on things, just like we all do, but for some reason, this one irks many people. Don’t make no sense.

    Regarding environment, but more to the point the beautiful landscape of this nation, there’s a youtuber called Freeway Jim. He records his highway travels (sped up and edited of course) of various cities far and wide. He’s been everywhere so if there’s some place so wanna “see” it’s worth checking out; keeps it lively with a few trivia tidbits. Also, something fun to keep on the background.

    I find long-distance driving soothing.

  29. Like most gardeners, I do use plants native to other parts of the world. There are many beautiful ones and I don’t like to limit myself. However, when they spread, take over and smother native plants is when I want to eradicate them.

  30. I can’t believe that you guys are discussing, or care about, what goes on in the CH discussion sewer. I’ve never seen such a lame group of Online Alphas, “I’m an Alpha, sure I really am”. PA is the only worthwhile commenter there.

  31. SJ, yeah, the quality really has dropped precipitously as of late and you’re right about it being a sewer. I also liken it to graffiti what with others treating CH’s blog as their own personal site, posting too many links and videos.

    I still visit because I’m on par with CH’s viewpoints on many items, enjoy the writing, and there’s still about 3, 4 commenters (PA included) that offer up some goodness

  32. — Like most gardeners, I do use plants native to other parts of the world. There are many beautiful ones and I don’t like to limit myself. However, when they spread, take over and smother native plants is when I want to eradicate them. – Lara

    One of my favorite recent comments.

  33. I happened to overhear the radio today for five or ten minutes and it was a race grievance gabfest of the typical sort. Probably for instance two women and a man, all of color and going full bore along the usual lines.

    Asian women: He brought me sushi.

    So she was complaining about this guy, and status signaling at the same time that he was into her, but had the nerve to bring to their date, sushi. The next panel member goes her one better:

    Black man: My friends have a pool party and I can’t go through the side gate because if their neighbors see me they will think I am casing the place. And when I tell my friends this, they get angry at me!

    I figured the radio station was one of the local college stations, but then call letters came on and it’s NPR. Your tax dollars at work.

  34. I can’t believe that you guys are discussing, or care about, what goes on in the CH discussion sewer. I’ve never seen such a lame group of Online Alphas, “I’m an Alpha, sure I really am”. PA is the only worthwhile commenter there.

    To be sure, what is a real alpha these days. A lifetime of confidence, and yet you [ as in “you whoever” ] are posting insanely, passionately, striving sweating and grinding it out, on CH?

    Possible? yes; but it would seem unlikely. These days it seems to me that most people want to be more confident than they are. Has it always been this way, or not?

    I think that it’s different now because a lot of men feel like they haven’t really been put to the test. At least the White men who grew up in prosperous suburban America. In my experience of life, which is fairly limited, the most reliably confident men, are men who work in the trades. Generally the building trades but anything along those lines.

    As for business men and quote unquote professionals …

    Money is its own success. I want more money. I have a good gig lined up for summer, but it’s hard semi-skilled work and it sucks. I hate it (the work itself), frankly. The fast pace, the stress, the noise, the damage to your ears and back and body. I would rather something else. Got any ideas? I was thinking a worm farm, or perhaps breeding artisan amphibians and marketing them to the local elementary schools. Setting up a booth at the park offering free advice, or perhaps collecting and selling specimen rocks.

    I am not growing seedlings this year, but in the past have grown them on the order of one or two hundred. A healthy pepper or eggplant in a pot, with 6 weeks growth behind it, is worth about 10 dollars. So that can add up to maybe a thousand bux, if you really put on your aggressive young go-getter hat. In other words it’s not enough money to justify the work. You are better off working at somewhere else.

  35. “Like most gardeners, I do use plants native to other parts of the world. There are many beautiful ones and I don’t like to limit myself. However, when they spread, take over and smother native plants is when I want to eradicate them.”

    Indeed, Lara. WASPs–the native stock–stuck out like a sore thumb by the late 1800’s, as unfortunately the street filth known as the Italian, the Pole, the Slavic, the Jew, and the Chinaman engulfed them. It made no difference of their Europeaness or whiteness…they were parasitic moths who sought to tear apart the fabric that was sewn by Heritage Americans.

    [The rest of this crap comment is deleted. — PA]

  36. “the Italian, the Pole, the Slavic, the Jew, and the Chinaman

    Hey, he “””””forgot””””” to name the Subcontinental. Coincidence? I think not!

  37. “Just feast!…”
    “Don’t see.”
    Papa para-sight
    Says to baby parasite
    With gluttonous glee.
    “We’re perpetuating self-annihilators.”
    “And toothless enemies
    of white (S)upremacy!”
    Never one
    To leave a host at peace.
    Diss-ease is {{{our}}} mechanism
    Is are “pleas!”
    Take flight white boy
    Learn to separate with ease…

  38. Thordaddy, a couple of years ago I read your poem with Genesis “I Don’t Care Anymore” playing in the background and it worked perfectly with Phil Collins’ drumming. This time, I had Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” loudly playing and your poem above matched Springsteen’s angry vocals.

    Down in the shadow of the
    Peni – tentiareee!
    Out by the gas fires of the
    Re – finereeee!

    Well done and nice synchronicity.

  39. PA….

    You’ve been taking some heat here and there, but I’ll say that you’ve actually been truly principled. I, for one, have never fantasized about “European” women and their supposed superiority to Heritage America females. At the same time and to answer Allyn71’s disparate assault, I believe that you have entertained the possibility of some day having to return to Poland in what Kristor at the Orthosphere called the “Great Sortition.” One thing that is very apparent is that “white (s)upremacy” is a Heritage American phenomenon AND DOES NOT translate across the Atlantic as anything other than “Nazi.” “National socialism” is actually the norm in Europe. NS is DOA amongst Heritage America. The internecine battle that is infested with the influence of alien races just is the hard reality. Heritage Americans should be inclined to pro-create with Heritage Americans. Polish men should be inclined to pro-create with Polish women. And damn these haters, there are an abundance of beautiful Heritage American females. Eye bare witness everyday.

  40. A link to the Happy Days theme song could fit into thread theme: Sunday Monday Happy Days

    Tuesday Wednesday Happy Days
    Thursday Friday Happy Days
    Saturday, what a day!
    Rockin all week w/ you

    But in seriousness, on the theme of Heritage Americans. That show did not feature much in the way of beautiful White Heritage American girls. There was Joanie and Roz, both of whom were not the top shelf cheerleaders.

    Speaking of those day, the pre poz 50s and 60s. That jew boomer David Hoofman’s eponymous youtube channel is a good resource, if one is inclined to listen to boomers talk about their lifestories and get their perspective on what it was like to be alive back then.

    The larger point to be gleaned, for the current reactionaries, and by way of explanation for the countercultural 60s and what happened, is that the Conformity that the boomers grew up with and lived in, sucked insufferably. Any one of them worth a damn, had to rebel. The choice for them was to rebel against square America, or be a total sap.

  41. — And damn these haters, there are an abundance of beautiful Heritage American females. Eye bare witness everyday. – Thordaddy

    I bore witness today. Swung by a drug store earlier this morning and met one working there. Between 16 and 19 years old. Deepest, warmest blue eyes. Immaculate pale skin. Permanent smile, dimpled cheeks. Almost certainly a virgin. Her style is something new… decades fly and I take teenage fashion for granted to not exist, but it does. Maybe call her look “neo-post punk.” Something like Pat Benetar around ’81.

    Lovely American girl. They are everywhere if you are a White boy their age and know where to look. Seventeen year old American boy… you know what to do.

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