The Infection

Untitled, written by Lucius Somesuch:

You turned on the latest news from
Some benighted Western land
Where they welcome Moor and Arab
Upon their fabled golden sand
And in the town where sin aspired
First to raise Reason as a God
The storied Lady’s burning
To the smiles of darkling mob.
Oh the pulse it starts a pacing
As you soak in the sorry view:
Don’t you think the time is ripe yet
To shoo the black and gag the Jew?

Old Jefferson and Brutus
Show how to die or live
But the vision from the Talmud
Tends to put you in a bib
Your ideals so Medieval
They say it’s time they burn
And the Prophet hailed from Mecca
In your shrines deserves his turn.
May you appeal to the authorities?
Macron’s just there to cruise
The next exit’s round the corner:
Shoo the blacks and gag the Jews.

You can peruse the gypsy’s globe
Searching out your fate
But Bill Kristol says the synagogue
Comes first, which ends debate
The gay shepherd who asks the questions
Your anxious answer swift retires
If you bleat about the import
Of so many recent fires.
Don’t look like you get a say, boy
And the browns will beat you blue
If you make polite demurral
So shoo the black and gag the Jew.

You’ve heard the goodly promise
That you’re dear to mighty God
And shall rise again in glory
Though today you live a sod
But every hour the wicked burden
Wears another notch in your knee
Soon your sons will crawl on all fours
Your girls lost to history
Tomorrow won’t break brighter
Long as you’re beset by the devil’s crew
Cry havoc and kick the dogs out
Shoo the black and gag the Jew.

UPDATE: There is now a musical interpretation of this poem, making it a song. Here.

11 thoughts on “The Infection

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  2. –I tossed this off in a heat while I was supposed to be doing my homework, and feared afterwards it might be ‘a bit much’ for sauron’s ears. But I’m grateful it has an audience.

  3. Maybe a bigger audience. I asked a musician on Gab if he’d compose a melody to this and record it. If it’s up his alley, he might!

  4. Melody works nicely as a folk song, though needs a few extra syllables that don’t change the meaning. I’ll be back with a link when I make this happen.

  5. Thanks for sharing the link. It’s a start. I try to think in terms, of what do I want to see.

    What do you want to see? Is it on your computer screen, or is it on a live stage; or better yet, both?

    I like the idea of a play in three acts, with 8 or 10 songs. But not a musical. But it’s the story that you might want to see, if you were going to a play. So what do you want to see, and what do you want to hear?

    A videographer, the boomer jew by the name of David Hoffman, has a youtube link called The Most Beautiful Mountain Singer I Ever Heard

    It’s pretty trippy. The guy the man, the Mountain Singer, does Blackjack Davy and another song where he shows his bass range effortlessly hitting a low E. The guy has a gifted voice for singing. The point being that the songs that could be used for a show, are already written. It’s unlikely that you or I is going to improve upon the classic traditional folksongs that are collected for convenience by Hal ‘I don’t think he’s a jew’ Leonard.

    Blackjack Davy is traditionally in the key of D and one change to A7. Can anyone sing it like the guy in that video?

    The bubbling brook and blah blah blah, the enchantment of life itself, can be heard in his voice. Or is that already lost, and for you too?

  6. “It’s pretty trippy.” In the interests of accuracy: The bass note Mountain Singer hits, in the referenced youtube video, is not E but E-flat. And the vocal contains a D-flat as well, but it is not delivered on with quote unquote musical quality.

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