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The illusion of peace is a distant memory. This isn’t a banking center or a war headquarters. It looks like a flaming sword.

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  1. It’s all very “The Current Year,” is it not? Symbolic as hell. And whether accidental or on purpose, a stake in the heart of what remains of Christian Western Europe.

    If it was a deliberate act by foreign vermin, the government will do everything possible to hide that fact, but the truth will slip out. And the French populace will do nothing.

    Maybe they’ll say it was the Yellow Vests, and that will be the excuse to do what they’ve been wanting to do, which is mow them down in cold blood.

    Any way you look at it, a very sorrowful day for the West writ-large. Virtue signalling Liberals, who spend all day every day eating away at Western Civilization like the bitter termites they are, will surely be weeping crocodile tears all over social media.

  2. You can view this one of two ways: either this was a Fire of Peace™, or a colossal fuck-up on the part of the construction crew. Either way, it’s an indictment of how the world is in the Current Year.

    If you aren’t pissed off, you’re not paying attention. It matters not whether you’re “righteously angry” at Catholic priests for kiddie-diddling. This hurts all Christians the the West which they built. The time for petty fights is officially over. Our culture cannot continue to be torn apart.

    Matthew 7:21-23

    21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

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  4. — what they’ve been wanting to do, which is mow them down in cold blood.

    That’s what’s on many minds. To look at it from one perspective if you’re protesting in France and your despair is now black. You die and perhaps your martyrdom will help save your nation. Family will get life insurance money. You will be spared the decrepitude of old age.

  5. Somehow I just can’t find the emotion to care. It would have been a mosque in 20 years anyway. Better to burn it down now.

  6. I never went to France. It sounds like a nice place.

    Black Dogs, by British Author Ian McEwan, was mostly set in France, and it was a good read. Here is the summary from wiki —

    Black Dogs is a 1992 novel by the British author Ian McEwan. It concerns the aftermath of the Nazi era in Europe, and how the fall of the Berlin Wall in the late 1980s affected those who once saw Communism as a way forward for society. The main characters travel to France, where they encounter disturbing residues of Nazism still at large in the French countryside.

    Sorry for the vaguely off topic. McEwan is a talented writer. He is their most famous contemporary novelist, I might presume to guess. Plot spoiler: the black dogs of the title were at large in the French countryside after the war and they had been trained by bad evil horribly unspeakable nazis to rape French pow’s and they get out and have a go at the hero’s wife who is a lovely English gal. And the hero who is an ex communist fails to protect, but she doesn’t get raped, but it still becomes that defining moment in their lives — his Anognorisis, as it happened.

    On the topic of Notre Dame. It just so happens that in this current year it goes up in flames? Nice co-inkidink we got for ya, goy!

    As with New Zealand and Brenton Tarrant though: It becomes besides the point, who did it. My opinion on NZ now is that it was not authentic: that it was a false flag or even hoaxed. On the other hand who knows.

    What’s his name, the best journalist in America, oh yeah Linh Dinh, has a good new article on the hot new worldwide religion: America Fuck Yeah! which religion is symbolically and actually based on the moon landing. Super White demigods go to moon, and everyone else does not!

  7. — I was there, in 1993 … Notre Dame is an incomparable beauty. It’s grandeur, the sheer scale of it, is awesome in the very truest and most sincere meaning of the word.

    I was there in 1997 and that’s a perfect description of the Notre Dame cathedral. A picture is worth a thousand words. Being there is worth a thousand pictures.

    (click on the photo for better effect)

  8. My wife showed me a picture last night of a visit to Paris back in 1978 with her uncle and grandmother, and the pic was in front of the ND. Her uncle was wearing a coat and tie, her grandmother was in a dress, and other people around them were dressed nicely, and were all white. The cathedral itself was majestic. I saw the picture and almost cried.

  9. Her uncle was wearing a coat and tie, her grandmother was in a dress, and other people around them were dressed nicely, and were all white.

    Yeah, some people don’t realize how white Europe was until quite recently. America has always had blacks around, especially in the big cities. And in places like New York, even in the 1960s there was already a major Puerto Rican presence (hence, “West Side Story”).

    I went to visit Germany (Munich & Bavarian countryside) as a teenager in 1978, and coming from NYC I was shocked at how white it was. And German. No mish-mash of whites like in New York (Italians, Irish, Jews, etc.), and the main “people of color” in the tourist areas were the occasional Japanese tour group. The only thing wrong was that even then, Germany was stupidly importing Turks as “guest workers,” and you’d come across pockets of them in the city. Not in the smaller towns though. Even though Turks are white-ish, they were simple to spot and stood out like an ugly thumb.

    Returning a few decades later, Munich was a multi-cultural cesspit. Fat black women in full African garb loitering on the streets. Lots of blacks, Arabs of all kinds. Hordes of Chinese in the tourist areas. Etc. etc. Just what you’d expect. But now it was the smaller towns too. Just everywhere.

    Europe browned up so quickly, that it’s even more a wonder that so many of the natives are total cucks and “we welcome refugees!” types. It all went to hell very, very quickly.

  10. “Europe browned up so quickly”

    In retrospect the Iron Curtain saved half of Europe from this disaster. East Germans would have been better off without unification.

  11. I’m asking myself why this doesn’t bother me that much, when it should. It may be as simple as the fact that aesthetically Notre Dame isn’t really my style, having much preferred Sacre-Coeur.

  12. Destroying symbols of the past is second nature to leftists; on their Voyage to Utopia they expect all signs of the past to be exterminated so that a Shining New City On The Hill can replace it.

    That they import 8th Century, inbred MENA’s to do their dirty work today isn’t a sign of short-sightedness, it’s a signal that they’re just as disconnected to reality as is any man who thinks cutting off his penis, inverting it and stuffing it into his pelvic region lets him dance un-ironically to “Man, I feel like a woman.”

    Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” remains a one-book, 101-to-452 level bachelor’s degree in political science.

    PS: The left is a communicable disease, and no doubt many of those infected by it in 1916-1918 and 1937 to 1946 were crushingly disappointed that more of Europe’s soaring history wasn’t bombed to rubble when they had the chance. Come to think of it, the movie “Equilibrium” where all artwork was systematically destroyed is another nice metaphor that captures the essence of leftist (Gnostic Heresy) pathology.

  13. You turned on the latest news from
    Some benighted Western land
    Where they welcome Moor and Arab
    Upon their fabled golden sand
    And in the town where sin aspired
    First to raise Reason as a God
    The storied Lady’s burning
    To the smiles of darkling mob.
    Oh the pulse it starts a pacing
    As you soak in the sorry view:
    Don’t you think the time is ripe yet
    To shoo the black and gag the Jew?

    Old Jefferson and Brutus
    Show how to die or live
    But the vision from the Talmud
    Tends to put you in a bib
    Your ideals so Medieval
    They say it’s time they burn
    And the Prophet hailed from Mecca
    In your shrines deserves his turn.
    May you appeal to the authorities?
    Macron’s just there to cruise
    The next exit’s round the corner:
    Shoo the blacks and gag the Jews.

    You can peruse the gypsy’s globe
    Searching out your fate
    But Bill Kristol says the synagogue
    Comes first, which ends debate
    The gay shepherd who asks the questions
    Your anxious answer swift retires
    If you bleat about the import
    Of so many recent fires.
    Don’t look like you get a say, boy
    And the browns will beat you blue
    If you make polite demurral
    So shoo the black and gag the Jew.

    You’ve heard the goodly promise
    That you’re dear to mighty God
    And shall rise again in glory
    Though today you live a sod
    But every hour the wicked burden
    Wears another notch in your knee
    Soon your sons will crawl on all fours
    Your girls lost to history
    Tomorrow won’t break brighter
    Long as you’re beset by the devil’s crew
    Cry havoc and kick the dogs out
    Shoo the black and gag the Jew.

  14. Video game company, Ubisoft, creators of the game Assassin’s Creed, have donated 500k euros towards the restoration of Notre Dame. (Who knows who much of that will be pilfered via that minority design challenge mumbo jumbo.)

    The game is set in the era in which the cathedral was built and the game creators found a special kinship with it while they were researching for the game.

    I find it ironic that of all things, a video game company understands what the cathedral means and represents.

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