“What do you want to be when you grow up?” (M.M.)

New Murdoch Murdoch, “Face the Strange.” These are all archived at cheekyvideos.net, as YouTube will take it down soon.

This one ties together the N.Z. shooting (off-screen and not named as such) and Trump’s latest. The theme of the episode: not knowing what to think about anything anymore. Dr. Murdoch has a few helpful words for his friends about that.

In a subplot, Murdoch walks around the city and meets an eleven-year-old girl who speaks with a Swedish accent. They spend some time in a park looking at clouds in a profoundly moving scene set to Debussy’s Clair de Lune. You know who she is. Ebba Åkerlund, who was partially deaf, was murdered by the Swedish government exactly two years ago.


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  1. Who takes pleasure in war atrocities?

    Whites usually have a powerful desire for fairness, even in warfare, that prevents lusty exulting over butchery.

    Whites also have a powerful desire for justice. But people can’t see any justice, or at least just vigilante retribution, when they don’t believe a state of war exists in the first place.

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  3. “Gas gas gas”

    High five (or shall we pronounce it “fife”, true NATO style), brother at arms?

  4. I find the chick’s slight Southern accent super sexy. Can anyone tell me what region or state it sounds like she’s from?

    [Valley Girl /southern California? — PA]

  5. @SJ & @PA “Can anyone tell me what region or state it sounds like she’s from?”

    Regional American accents are not as easy to place as they formerly were. Frankly, they’ve melded a lot in our lives. I know Georgians who barely sound Southern after having lived a few years in the West, and many New Yorkers who sound like they come from anywhere. It seems like only people 40+ retain their accents these days, 50+ to be sure.

    That said, Murdoch Chan has enough “twang” to her voice that I can’t see her coming from anywhere on the West Coast. The whole MM crew sounds like they could as easily be from Ohio as from Texas. If it were my money, I’d honestly pick Virginia or the Carolinas.

  6. Also, keep in mind, MM seems quite informed on the question of melanin culture. West of Chicago and Kansas City (but really looking at you, St Louis), such knowledge is not so common.

  7. “I’d honestly pick Virginia or the Carolinas”

    I can see that. There is no dipthong vowel pronunciation in her speech which if she had, it would be a trace of the classic coastal Southern accent. Because I’m in that VA DC MD region, her speech sounds like standard American English to me, without a regional flavor. But in reality, it could be a general mid-Atlantic accent. Maybe what I felt was Valley Girl talk is just a dramatic technique of an actress. Love that emphasized enunciation she does.

  8. My favorite Murdoch Chan moment was in the episode where one of them shoots a melaninite and she let out a mirthfully incredulous “Fvckin Based!” In that moment, she seemed to me to emanate that feeling you get when the tomboy is hanging out with the boys, and she’s a bona fide hottie in a baseball cap (pony tail out the little opening at the rear), and one of the guys shows off by doing something a little illegal or unapproved of, and cute tomboy says “Oh my God!,” looks around to see if any adults noticed, then says, gushing with excitement, “Do it again!”

    She also drives a short-wheelbase Jeep with a stick-shift (now you know one of my types).

  9. JJ, that’s a most descriptive. Sweet!

    Reminds me of a twitter account I would follow: Country Girls. And it’s gals like that — less on the tomboy side, but I catch your drift — that comprise the photos. Unfortunately, many seem to be thots.

  10. Maybe I’m misusing “tomboy”, which isn’t a flattering term. In the PNW they’d be “outdoorsy girls.” I like your “Country Girls”, as well. They wear well-fitted jeans a lot, either way 🙂

  11. Visited that twitter, mendo, and wow, yeah, the thottery just torpedoes what could have been something so inspiring. Part of the time I’m loving what I see, the rest of the time I have to turn my eyes away in revulsion.

  12. Completely OT story regarding how it’s okay to be White: Wife and I visited a certain well-known tourist destination today. I wasn’t in the mood but my wife has been a real good girl lately, so I invited her to join me on a trip to a favorite destination.

    I was grumpy and mad at the world when I arrived, but within like, I swear, it felt like only a *minute* after we arrived, I was on cloud nine. For whatever reason of calendar serendipity or divine intervention, about 95% of visitors today were WHITE! That does not at all reflect the local populace!

    I literally got a natural high being there. All my stress melted away. The air smelled purer, the sun shone brighter, I mean, it was such bliss. The rarely-spotted melanin-enriched families behaved themselves. The White families strolled around with their beautiful children in tow and it felt completely natural and safe. We talked with strangers. It was just so relaxing and fulfilling. Normally a trip like this takes something out of me. Today, it filled me with contentment.

    It gives me hope, as well. Perhaps we can have a land for ourselves again.

  13. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” (M.M.)

    Uh, how about a contented and full status adult? Is that one of my choices?

    That would be the witty reply that they would use now, on a super hip tv show, if they still had those, and through some warp in the spacetime continuum they were treating those themes from the 80s.

    For real though, wouldn’t it have been great to say that to the career counselor?

    Groening quipped that one question to ask, or better not, your guidance counselor was, If they know so much about careers, what tf were they doing with theirs? Such cleverness is so obvious that it somehow goes missed. And that it somewhat goes missed, is somehow the root of the problem.

    Maybe the reader is satisfied with his (or her) career choice?

    These days the standard red pill advice is to go into the trades. Maybe that’s easier said than done. You have to be willing to work hard, at least for awhile, as in at least ten years.

  14. They still have guidance counselors in high school; and in all likelihood, they don’t offer much in the way of guidance except for “go to college”.

    I was in hs in the 80s and the top paying jobs available to prospective engineers, according to the literature in our inhouse library, was in aerospace engineering and that payed an annual salary of around 50 grand, so they said. Not one word of advice about computers!

    Such lamentation! not really on the topic of the MM video. Something about the qouted question though, really gets to the cluelessness and lack of direction that swamped a lot of first world people who have come up in the last 50 or so years. That question was put to the “better half” though, and only them. It was put to those who had the option of going to college.

    “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

    What a strange thing, to ask a child. Or even worse, a teenager. I wanna be a princess (on a horse)! I wanna be an athlete! I wanna be a star …

  15. My heart is drawn, in theory, to ranching. I mean, you’ve got quite a lot of what men naturally crave: outdoors, animals, solitude, doing physical work (sometimes with a buddy), solving problems.

    Speaking of problems, mine are that I have no land and no nothing about livestock.

  16. “Go to college” really needs a serious, open eyed forethought. What is the value of any given degree? Can you afford it and avoid debt? The liberal indoctrination and (for girls) the unchaperoned 24/7 environment. Social contact with every manner of brown foreign student.

    Deter Naturalist has the right approach: ask your boy or girl “what kind of life do you want” instead of “who you wanna be.”

  17. Girls sports still tend to be overwhelmingly white. I watched the girls college lacrosse championship (on tv) last year and was pleasantly surprised at the racial makeup of the players and spectators.

  18. I see that even when driving past high schools in areas with not-so-good race demographics. Lacrosse is very White, some of the other sports too.

  19. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

    The lengthy effort comment riposte to this damned question from 80s, has yet to be made.

    It’s apparently too much of to ask of our distracted times?

    But in the old days, the answer was one of two choices, both successful answers predicated on “being alive” —

    1. A man; or
    2. A mother

    When did it become a question, for anyone, what they “wanted to be”?

    Realistically, that exact question must track fairly close, to modern world reality, and industrial prosperity. I can’t believe that enough people were ever faced with much of a choice, except until the second half of the 20th century.

    Frankly I can’t get it right, the thoughtful response to this catch-22 question. It’s too close to my own experience of life. It is THE question that never got answered. What do you want to be?!

    The answer I have for it, in all sincerity, is quite simply —

    Not a nobody. A man in reasonably good standing.

    Have you achieved that? If so how and how long did it take you to get there?

    I have a business-type meeting tomorrow with a peer, someone I admire. I know him to have four young children and be eminently successful, at least by the standards of shit earth clown world fuck all. [ and this fellow’s name? Donald Trump ]

    Afflicted eternal w/ doubt, is he who has been neither to sea and nor to war.

  20. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” 1. A man

    Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” said that very thing well. Their song is the golden mean between the optimistic carpe diem of Rod Steward’s “Forever Young” and the beaten-down wisdom of Drive-By Truckers’ “Outfit.”

  21. I interpreted this MM differently and yet still agree with Elk’s assessment that MM is “tired.” I believe the question was to purposely elicit the answer of “not wanting to grow up” as is metaphorically represented in the trio’s inability to answer definitively the JQ. And so, MM is “tired” in the sense that its audience has been unable to open-source a viable solution to the JQ and so chooses not to “grow up.” This is, in practical effect, the conclusion one could draw from a lack of genuine answer to the very question of what one wants to be when he grows up.

    If separation is off the table, then extermination or self-annihilation are the only cards left.

    wS is inherently separatist.

    MM will not take the next radical step.

    “What do you want to be young, white boy?”

    “A white (S)upremacist, sir… Just so I won’t have to be an exterminator… And because I could never be a self-annihilator!”

  22. At 6:20 the happy merchant in Richard Spencer’s mask “reassures” M-C that the zio-imperium will never turn on Whites as the WTC towers collapse in the background.

    This episode reflects the shock of what I’ll call Trump’s Latest. The SOTU speech and everything after are finally being felt like a betrayal. Hence the black nihilistic humor of the new clown memes.

    Ebba is what brings everything back to reality. Watching the episode we knew that she’s dead girl walking. The talk of future plans between her and Murdoch was that much sadder for that reason.

    The episode wasn’t nihilistic and I dont think they’re “tired.” When Ebba asked Murdoch what he sees in the clouds, the sun came out.

  23. Millenial, and especially Gen Z, disgust with Trump take different forms. This was the youngest generation’s first in-your-face introduction to our political reality.

    For most of Gen Z, this was their first political cycle, whether of age to vote or mature enough to understand its significance, and thus follow along and participate vicariously (the chans, social media meme war, etc).

    Gen Z knew the world was massively disordered (and it was clearly more dire then at any other past election cycle). The fact that Trump won despite the massive opposition, fueled in no small part by his exceptional boldness and bravado, seemed like glorious renewal was at hand.

    The increasingly woke Gen Z projected their hopes and aspirations for that renewal onto a man (and beyond him an office, beyond that a massive State and bureaucracy…) who could hardly be expected to divine their specific appeals from the nebulous wave of American discontent that swept him into office.

    Gen Z’s elder comrade Millenials shared their aspirations, but, emerging from the poz of the Obama years, had a much more cynical perspective.

    “Trump’s Latest” and the past year were the final straw. Both groups finally saw that no one was coming to save them, after all. Boomer-types recoil with disgust at the defeatism, the naive retreat to “socialism” of this YangGang-ish axis, but behind it is an encouraging thought for the future: these generations didn’t double-down on the System and its institutions; they got burned once, and they got out.

  24. I couldn’t get past the halfway point of the MM vid. The sweet face of that girl, knowing she was crushed under truck tires on purpose…. No. I don’t do horror, fiction or real.

    Elk, the masses of people are the masses. “Guidance Counselors” are like the MSM teleprompter readers, guides for herding. Those who fit Nock’s “remnant” see through this and help their kids to do so, too.

    Chakrates, you know all you need to know to help your kids avoid the Interstate Highway that “everyone” takes (into Debauchery U. and Debt Peonage.)

    FWIW, I haven’t changed my mind regarding how we did what we did. We (mostly my wife) took every opportunity offered in our community to help our kids identify their natural aptitudes. We were fortunate, they were all naturally good at math (it may not have hurt that all took some kind of music lessons to varying degrees of commitment, given that music apparently nurtures math aptitude.) By middle school the kids were on a good track, two went into the “academic academy,” while the third, who didn’t take seriously any class or subject that bored him, went into the “fine arts academy.” All three ended up in all the advanced-track HS classes (even the 3rd, who when he tried to duck Freshman Advanced English in favor of the regular-ed class, discovered that the latter was literally chaos and quickly consented to not-insane advanced track even there.)

    All three took full advantage of a Math Team competitive thing that placed them on track for later successes, too. My middle kid credited it with teaching him tricks that let him finish the intentionally unfinishable exams in his engineering classes, such that he graduated with an engineering degree in 7 semesters on campus with a 4.0 GPA. His successes (like those of his brothers) created their own coat-tails, such that he was offered a lucrative ($) co-op spot with a local United Technologies subsidiary and that, with a separate summer internship, let him graduate with what I’m sure was a five-figure bank balance. We didn’t ask him to defray his (our) college costs.

    3rd kid was interested in computers so he started community college night school at 15 (back when it wasn’t quite as trendy as now; we had to jump some hoops to get permission, and it was funny as heck that he was surrounded by people 2-3 times his age in the class.) This, plus taking all the gen-ed classes during the summer at cheapie community college (as did his next-older sibling) helped keep the cost of the university low (by comparison.)

    My oldest got a full, non-need scholarship (tuition, room & board, books, incidentals even) and 2nd kid, while on paper an even better student, got a mix of scholarships that covered about half of costs. 3rd couldn’t be bothered to even apply for scholarships, much to the rage of mom and dad, but he looked for and found a loophole in the University’s own system, allowing him to map out a B.S. graduation in five semesters on campus. His college adviser said it couldn’t be done. Adviser, a person whose job it was to KEEP PAYING CUSTOMERS ON CAMPUS, was wrong.

    My point is that preparation mattered, as did looking for alternatives and work-arounds for the crushing costs and lost time of a university education. Doing what everyone else does, the way everyone else does it, is a prescription for disaster in my view. College debt was NOT an option. They attended the cheapest college that offered what they needed for their intended occupation (it happened to be the same U for all of them.)

    My kids all graduated in 4 years or less, with excellent grades (because they took it seriously, not like some all-expenses-paid extension of adolescence), in Comp Sci or Engineering, had paid internships that either directly led to offers of employment or contributed to getting offered a good job in the corporate grind prior to graduation. All are doing way better at their respective ages today than I did. Few of their HS classmates have remotely done as well.

  25. America First with Nicholas J Fuentes
    The White Nationalist Hoax | America First Ep. 363

    Last night’s episode was covering the congressional hearings about the quote unquote White Nationalist threat.

    Nick was saying that Congress and the rest of them, have it backwards, in portraying WN or whatever it is to be called, as a threat. Nick took the angle that Bezos and Congress et al were Goliath and White advocates are little old David. Nick specifically referred to White Nationalists with a collective number of 100 and then later 1000. Obviously he was exaggerating to make a point, but even so, how many Trump voters were there?

    First of all, Nick will say that his lowball estimate was referring to actual hard core WN, as opposed to what Congress is now calling WN.

    Second of all and the main point, is that Nick’s angle was not a good hot take. The real story is that White Heritage Americans DO IN FACT have the numbers and the sentiment, and some actual power that goes with those things. We have the numbers and the righteous cause. They have, what they have. Media control blah blah etc.

    The real story is that the power structure is aligned against the Citizenry. That the entire Citizenry is unrepresented in its putative democracy. Nick playing it up as if they have all the power, is a total miss. They don’t have all the power and they know it and they are scared.

    Nick, as much as I like his show and admire his talent for the medium, makes it explicitly clear that he is not a White Nationalist. That’s cool. For any boomer readers, the new hot ticket propoganda wedge term, is White Nationalist. That’s what White advocates are referred to in Congress and by the establishment press now. Nick summarizes a working definition of that term, as White advocates who want an ethnostate w/i the existing country or the country entire.

    That’s a sort of fair enough definition.

    White advocates want a more agreed-upon and explicit definition of what are our goals, to present at the next congressional hearings we don’t get invited too.

  26. PS: No kid went to college without a very, very firm plan. No going to school “to discover myself.” An unpaid internship to confirm a kid’s desired career track is way more lucrative than a part-time job. Job-shadowing is also potentially a good idea.

    Discover your aptitude(s.)
    Identify occupations where being naturally good at [that] is valued.
    Pick one that seems most interesting.
    Find the fastest, cheapest way to obtain credentials/knowledge needed for entry.
    Be among the top 5-10% of those in that program.
    College is a JOB. Pity the fools who think it’s a party.

    This isn’t rocket science. Where it gets difficult is when we consider that large numbers of people don’t really have (or cultivate) worthwhile attributes. Not everyone can be an engineer (in fact, we strongly discouraged it for kid #3, he was far better off in Comp Sci.)

    What I’d tell (and intend to tell) grandkids? Do. Not. Waste. Time. As early as you can, learn to make the most of every minute. Learn to play an instrument as a kid/teen, because you’ll hopefully get 75 years to enjoy it. Read, study, lift weights (boys) or take dance classes (girls) and realize that the more you make of you, the more you attract good things. Be polite, engage with others but realize that you are aiming high, and few people will want to take that journey themselves. [I actually have four pages of pithy “one-liners” to share with them.]

    I’m not that old (I hope to have 35 or 40 years left) but already I feel the frost of being “out of time.” I look back and painfully realize the value of every minute I pissed away doing non-value-added things. There are two paths we can walk, the Path of Least Resistance and the Path of Least Regrets. They have essentially nothing in common.

    PPS: Kids 1 & 3 both worked, while in college, at the Residence Hall Help Desk repairing computers of students and Univ. employees. (1) It’s astonishing to discover that most Comp Sci majors know next to nothing about repairing software/hardware problems. (2) One anecdote says all: Kid #3 knew a fellow student who, after 3 years on campus, still had no idea what he needed in order to graduate and thus had no plan for finishing his studies.

  27. Elk, the Center still holds and, as a monopoly, will by definition crush any challenge. “WN” is a challenge, albeit a small one. So is “Alt-Right,” et. al.

    The Center continues its war on de facto WN (also called white flight.) But even if whites become a minority, numbers-wise, in North America, it won’t change a thing. The Center, if held by non-whites seeking a permanent enslavement of whites in favor of transfer payments, won’t hold if popular consent evaporates.

    For now, whites consent. Ditto in South Africa, as astonishing as that seems. People can and do consent to their own collective extermination under the right conditions. For more on this, see “Heaven’s Gate” cult or Jim Jones’ People’s Temple.

    I don’t think consent will continue forever. I just don’t know how deep then will be the hole we’re in, in which we continue to dig like we’re trying for a shortcut to China.

    Whether it’s under the auspices of a “state” or not, separation will occur and in my view, will only increase in popularity. The Center is, I think, fighting both the Last War and a losing battle. It’s just a question of time, and how much chaos will occur in the valley between today’s “order” and the next iteration of order (which should come under a different set of rules and superstitions.)

  28. Owen Benjamin
    #490 Bob Dylan is a demonic scam, I get goats, boomer fathers failed you
    Published on Apr 8, 2019

    Owen Benjamin is the other top youtuber in the Dissident Right. He has a talent for the medium, as evidenced in his show title above. The declarative phrases get right to the point. I will address them in reverse order.

    His conclusion about how “boomer fathers failed you” which is a rant at the last 20 minutes of the show, is w/o doubt epic all time internet hall of fame. Better to watch it, then this comment’s pale summary. On the personal, it is hard for me to think to say to feel, to agree with to conclude, blah blah whatever, that my dearly beloved father failed me.

    On the other hand I was let raised by my mother. In a better world, dad woulda taken me out of high school and brought me to work w/ him, in the construction trades which is what he doing then in the 80s. Instead he is showing me those things now, 30 years later. Better late than never. He might woulda said —

    Son. Your dick is fuill sized now. (sorry about the neonatal reduction but that’s how we did) It’s time for you to stop wasting your life energy. How would you like to earn some money and be a man?

    W/o a doubt I woulda said —

    No. I’d rather stay in school, and besides all my friends are there. And then go to college, hey would you mind picking up the bill? [ * ]

    So in conclusion don’t blame the boomers for your own failings.

    * I worked through college as a delivery driver, and paid for half of it, but yeah it was A LOT cheaper then.

    Mr Owen himself is fairly brutal in his treatment of his own father. Otoh his honesty is what makes his channel.

    On the middle declarative in the show’s title, re goats. I missed it.

    On the opening statment re Bob Dylan. Owen is wrong. Where is Mr Benjamin’s 500-strong song catalogue?

    He doesn’t have one. Instead he does a deliberately shitty rendition of a Dylan song — the classic become cliche, Blowin’ in the Wind — and proceeds therefrom to judgment. Strawman much?

    Hey Owen here’s a clue. Composers can’t always sing and are known to write songs for others. Try it. Or in the alternative find one of those 500 songs and try to do it well. You’re telling me that not one of them, resonates with your mixed Aryan blood?

  29. Girls work out their daddy issues by mudsharking.
    Boys do it via stand-up comedy.

    Boomer-bashing on Internet forums is astonishingly parallel to Goodwin’s Law. And just as revealing about the person doing it.

  30. — Perhaps that was a good thing, though I’m told I missed a lot of the “college experience.”

    I both missed it and didn’t miss it. My college experience was a case of “you don’t always get what you want but sometimes you get what you need.” Wouldn’t have had it any other way now, but it was difficult at times then.

    Where I missed out on the college experience: early in high school, I envisioned college as being on the colonial, bucolic campus of St. Mary’s College in southern Maryland. I didn’t apply there, but I was familiar with the campus and in my early teens that setting formed my mental image of what higher education is supposed to look like. So I imagined it being a period of learning by day and partying (in moderation) by night. Really looked forward to the dorm life.

    Instead of dorms, I got barracks. Applying to colleges, I got into my first choice university. But things were tight at home at the time and we didn’t have $300 for the registration fee. Much less anything else.

    Still in high school, I enlisted in the Army Reserves. A recruiter at a college fair sold me that deal, and I’m glad he did. Basic Training together with active duty Army recruits one summer, military occupational specialty training the following summer, and one weekend per month drills that wouldn’t get in the way of full time college. Deal! I signed the contract. My biggest motivation for that was Romantic, not practical: I wanted a challenge and an adventure.

    I commuted to a community college and big State U during my first several semesters of college while working full time. Eventually dropped out of college for a few years because I couldn’t afford the tuition and books.

    That period, 19-22 years old, was a crazy and rough time. (nb4: I drank but never did drugs). It would sound grim on paper but it was in many ways a great period of my life. Camaraderie with the guys at my shit jobs, solo drives to explore the deep Appallachan regions sleeping in cheap motels or in my car. I needed those three years to be exactly like they were, though at the time my feelings about them were more complicated.

    I continued with my Army Reserves duties all that time. Completed my training over the first two summers starting in high school, drilled with my unit monthly and over the summer two-week bivouacs.

    Then came the recession of ’91. I decided to go back to college and get a night job at a gas station, where I’d have the time to study. Walked up to the cashier (who was White. Everybody was White then!) in one of those tiny one-man booths and he told me that I’m like the twentieth person who asked for an application that day.

    Time for action. I’ve never been one to stagnate in life. I drove to an Army recruiter and got an active duty enlistment which included overseas service and many many good stories therefrom.

    I got out of the military in my mid-20s and went right back to the big State U to finish my Bachelor’s, zero debt. Accomplished it in furious speed.

    This is where I didnt miss out on college life: after getting put of the Army, I lived part of that time in rented student homes near the university, and some of that time sharing a place with my then-girlfriend. I got my degree and moved up to Boston for grad school. There (in Boston, not the grad school) I created a spectacular break for myself and got a job in my present line of work.

  31. Hey, I’m gonna apply to St Mary’s College now. Resident Freshman! Pronoun preference: he/his. I can afford the registration fee now. The above comment will be my college application essay… and I’ll even keep that aside about everyone in the early 90s being White!

    (No sarcastic humor is aimed at SMC itself. It really is a lovely place.)

  32. PA everybody fights the last war. I refer to, as a parent, what you try to guide your kids away from. I told mine, “here are my mistakes, don’t repeat them. Find your own pits to fall into.”

    An amusing comparison (with anyone) would be to compare things they warned their kids about. We’d learn much about each other.

    I didn’t think for myself, and was channeled into attending an expensive private university while having less than no idea what I wanted for a career. Graduated STILL not knowing what I wanted for a career. Took the LSAT, then later the MCAT. Ended up taking the GRE, and eventually got an MS in Biology on my way to the Medical School track I realized I’d loathe before I took it. Smartest thing I did (skip med school), after marrying my wife and starting kids early.

    Had kids, grew up (the former delivered the latter) and the rest was history. I pity people who now follow that aimless approach. It was costly in the late 70’s. Today it would guarantee nearly permanent servitude while all but compelling a decades-or-two delay in moving on with adulthood. Lots of average/above-average people now will quite literally miss the meat of their lives and possibly never get married and have kids. It’s tragic.

    No wonder so many people today appear to behave like adolescents.

  33. If I could, I would ask Ebba Akerlund “What do you want to be?”

    I imagine her answer might be “Alive.”

  34. M Murdochs videos are great because they are so normal people, and because he uses humour!
    The biggest failing of the “old white power” groups was they were super serious and academic or obnoxious losers.

  35. Wess: I loved your comment and take.

    PA and friends: I repurposed my above story of White bliss and posted @ the Chateau. That wasn’t my intent at first, but it was too appropriate to not share elsewhere. You guys are still my first love!

  36. I remember that story from a few days ago. Good for you. A needed Cleansing environment. It also reminded me that the 3% or so minos in an explicitly White area are in some ways even more irritating than the 20% nog-filled city subway. The subway is no-man’s-land whereas a White event where we go to restore our soul is ours — and there, the nonwhite face is a loathsome sight. So polite, while cunningly looking for what to steal. The way forward is zero tolerance on our land: to say that some place is 99% White is to say that the one percent needs to go.

  37. JJ,

    read your story there*, was going to comment, but didn’t want it to get lost in the wash.

    it’s moments such as the one you witnessed that embolden us and steel our reserve for whenever the doldrums of clown world start rearing their ugly head, which is hard to avoid since it’s seemingly around every corner.

    And they always appear just when we need them.

    *As for over there, sadly, the insecure are drawing lines in the virtual sand, taking what’s supposed to be an avenue for talk & debate turning it into a schoolyard shouting match.

  38. over there

    Aristarchus is nuts, and not in good way. A huge part of this medium, and particularly commenting, is being read. As soon as you are skipped over, you lost game over.

    A quick two cents on ‘The Aristarchus Episode (of the CH blog story)’

    1. He is manic as fuck. That commenting style is the driving force for some commenters; it’s classic manic behavior. Obsessive and seemingly tireless. There was a guy who literally took over Takimag about 6 or 8 years ago, wish I could remember his handle. He was sympathetic but a manic mess and narcissistic. Everything became about him. He wrote at length on many subjects including one of his favorites, which was his own commenting style and how it related to his problems with manic depression. Nice guy actually.

    2. On the question of non-censual neonatal genital reduction assignment, for boys, Aristarchus came down on the right side. He agreed emphatically with a couple few comments (over there) made by Yours_truly. That topic is a pretty good litmus test for something or another. Otoh the jews themselves always play both sides, and jews are absolutely some of the most renowned real world Intactivists.

    3. PA’s analysis on Aristarchus’ strange interest in post world war II Poland land reparations (or whatever), was convincing. PA proposed that no one but an aggrieved (pro-jew) party would know about and be as interested in such reparations; whatever were the details.

    So is he a manic crazy with hasbara leanings? Probably. On the other hand who cares.

  39. “Hey CH, [petulant face] I don’t read your post all that much either!”

    Yeah, … I mostly just trawl thru decade-old archives for gotchas! completes that plaint.

    [clearly hurt by CH’s note that he only skims over A’s comments]

  40. Elk, good point about the main part of the blog is to read and to be read. (It’s why I lose it when blogs get littered with youtube vids, tweets, off-topic articles, etc.)

    A few posts back, Looch sliced & diced Aristar and PA offered the killshot via an exegesis of Aristar’s behavior.

    I’ve been dealing with a gamma faggot and those comments helped me realized I was wasting my time. Gammas are lost causes.

  41. “Gammas are lost causes.”

    They really are. More than once I gave one the equivalent of a hand to help him up after a spar, only for him to see it as an opening to double-down on womanish viciousness.

  42. All this internecine warfare and many nominal “whites” cannot help butt enlist the other in advantageous parasitic attack.

    Call “it” what jew want…

    IF Big (white) Dawg trying to smash lil’ (deracinated) dawg (and assuming lil’ dawg still has a smidgeon of survival instinct left) THEN lil’ (deracinated) dawg going to recruit a cackling, claw-thirsty gang of (deracinated) pussyhatters.


    If Big (white) Dawg just wants a spot for him and his legacy…

    Well… He doesn’t ask for separation.

    He makes “separation” happen.

    That’s the real metric of the Big (white) Dawg these days.

  43. Speaking of little dogs versus big dogs. Nick ‘based AF’ Fuentes takes the explicit position that White Americans have to work w/i the framework of the power structure as it exists, and that therefore any calls for an ethnostate w/i America are counterproductive nonsense. This his explicit position? —

    A. He is on youtube and has to play by the rules
    B. He is one guy with an opinion, so so what anyways whatever who cares why I am talking about it

    His fans and commenters seem mostly to disagree with his eminent disavowals of every last WN vestige and form. In the live chat they tell him to read Siege and set traps for the dogcatcher and then the mailman.

    But back in the real world and ever to keep in mind: Politics is the art of the possible. In other words, it’s best and most effective to practice politics that will might work, rather than those that land one on an enemies-of-the-state list.

    On the other hand. Some realities about Race and Living Space can not be set aside for practical conveniences. White children are not going to do well if they have to grow up surrounded by the competitors.

    So what’s the square to this circle?


    Nick ‘the based Castizo’ Fuentes is THE new face. The new kid in town to use the phrase from Crossroads, and which is what they used to say about gunslingers too before that. He is disavowing entire all that has come before, and every thing he does say is deniable in through as many layers of irony as necessary, iow for you to figure out; and if you can’t plz go away.

    And what’s worse, buttressed with the arrogance of youth.

  44. I didn’t catch his show this evening but it’s five days a week at 7 in the evening Chicago time. That’s where he is from and where he likes to get his Big Macs. Quite deliberately he begins not on time. Then about 45 minutes of content half of which is yappity yapp and then a half hour at the end engaging the ‘money people’ aka superchat.

    Frankly his dogging on Anglos is unnecessary and hurtful. And the whole “we never went to space, and the Earth is flat and can be accessed from Antarctica” is unlikely but who here can say?

  45. The hot new Antarctica “meme” and Earth is Flat etc blah blah blah — what does they mean?

    You are supposed to figure it out for yourself and talking about it is top tier boomer CRINGE so apologies in advance. However and as always, for your reading pleasure —

    First of all I do not have any idea, the world left me behind a long time ago. True quick story to follow right here, and embarrassing as hell. The light skinned black clerk at the grocery had to help me swipe my card because it had a chip in it. It wasn’t totally my fault but per appearances it was (totally my fault). The frumpy women waiting in line behind and in a hurry to go nowhere except home back to their sexually frustrated lives, were looking on in disgusts literal and hatred.

    Oh these obscure new internet platforms that work with your cards. What’s next? What’s the new website, and how do you get the password?

    Ok. So the Earth is Flat and Antarctica is a secret moon base. What does these memes imply ? This is probably the way to approach their meaning and significance.

    What they imply is that the operational level of esoteric organization is utterly beyond our grasp yours and mine. And also more importantly that the top secret super-q military technology in place now and working, is also not something that we get to know about.

    These two summary statements are the best that I can come up with. What do you think?

  46. And now. For some real music. These chicks could really play it. If all jew chicks were like Ms Hoff, maybe we wouldn’t have to get rid of them?

    On the real though, this soundtrack is not live. If they were sounding this good, live? well, they would be men! On the other hand, not all girls …

  47. Regarding The Bangles and Susanna Hoffs. She’s the face in the capture above, and that exact face, that exact image, was THE icon for pop culture in America for an 80s moment in time. We can all agree on this. At its peak it was on the level of Grease or Thriller. Actually though probably a half-point less than those things, but still near to the top in terms of popular culture icons.

    But here’s the thing. Susanna Hoffs was NOT actually the hottest brunette in that group! The best brunette was this one, and this is not even a good picture —

    Her name was (get this) Annette Celia Genevieve Zilinskas, and she was according to wiki of Lithuanian and Scandi ancestry. Isn’t the family name Greek though. She was the bass player.

    In their famous hit Walk Like an Egyptian they all trade verses, which is a tried and true technique. The three White girls are all super grade-A double-plus Aryans. Check out how they move and dance, it’s really something. And of all them, this Annette bitch is probably the tops, in her performance, though in fact they are fairly pro-level one and all.

    Little old Susanna is a poor little frail thing, compared to them American-brand cheerleaders.

    It was a great song. Pop music is something that women could do in the 80s better than men. Compared to Motley Crue —> these girls are much better and more dignified. I hope that their lives turned out reasonably not bad.

    According to wiki, the other two superbitch not dogs were the appropriately named Peterson sisters.

    And also back then popular music was still something that we had in common. For better and worse. As the video in question shows, people were doing said dance on the streets of New York. The last time that happened again was the Brooklyn Shakes thing or whatever that was. That was another example of that same thing, where a dance goes live.

    Flash dance mobs are still sort of a thing, but it’s hard to believe that the people in Europe who do those things, can square it against all the public space they have ceded.

  48. Thanks for that video Elk! I have not seen it since 198-whichever year. Those are fine looking ladies, even if the more puffy of the decade’s fashions didn’t age well.

    And the time capsule quality of the video: Khadaffi, who was a fun Reagan-era cartoon villain — death by sodomy with a sharp object. Princess Diana: executed by her mother-in-law for getting knocked up by an Arab. And still being punished for her infidelities by having her better (non-Charles’) son marry an apeface. Hey, speaking of: one just threw a five-year-old boy down three floors at the Mall of the Americas. Big news in Minneapolis. CH commetners are saying that the boy is White.

    — Zilinskas, and she was according to wiki of Lithuanian and Scandi ancestry. Isn’t the family name Greek though

    No! Zilinskas is pure Lithuanian. The “-sk-” presuffix is of Slavic roots (from -ski), linguistic hybridization is my guess. ” Zilin-” might mean “Green” in Lithuanian, without looking it up. Every other Lithuanian word ends with “-as.” Good Evening is “Labas Vakaras.” It’s the second-most beautiful language in the world, after French.

    UPDATE: I looked it up. Green is “žalias” in Lithuanian. The Slavic root word for “green” is some variant of “ziel-“, depending on the language.

  49. Can anyone named Fuentes really be considered White? Spanish (assuming that’s his ancestry?) DNA is so Africanized that I don’t see such people as the same kind of White that northern Europeans are. Same with Italy and Greece. Not dismissing the kid at all, but I just cover my brakes when others are pressing on the gas to call him White.

  50. Hey, speaking of: one just threw a five-year-old boy down three floors at the Mall of the Americas. Big news in Minneapolis.

    What an awful story. The perp, excuse me the “suspect” appears to be a local black American, and not a Somali or a muslim which is what some of the Gab Dissenter are suggesting.

    The Mall of America is not a nice place. They have done ok in keeping it from going black. But the layout and the architecture and design is typical American commercial property, built for the bugman in all of us. If you go to the Mall —-> of necessity you become more bugman because you literally have to keep you head down and eyes averted; and not even as a hierarchy thing so much as from oversocialization and panopticon.

    Also MoA is a transit hub, and one end of the light rail train line ends there, in literally the smog filled basement parking garage where all the busses sit and idle. That’s where they saw fit to design the illustrious light rail transit project. It’s urban design at its worst. Its epic aesthetic failure is embarrassing and ironic because it gets high end tourists from like Japan and Germany and Scandiville, who are doing the American travel thing and of course have to check out the Mall and end up in an underground smog filled bus station.

    The horribleness of this crime will stick in people’s heads.The perp is not a terrorist. This link is to liberal central, Minnesota Public Radio, and it goes into the guy’s criminal history, which is of antisocial hostile problem behavior. Going by his record as presented, something like this might not have seemed indicated or predictable.

    Think of the family people you know, and how it will alter their thoughts on going to the mall.


  51. Those are fine looking ladies, even if the more puffy of the decade’s fashions didn’t age well.

    Their story is pretty cool actually. The Behind the Music is good, if fairly and typically superficial. The group was founded by the Peterson sisters who were California but apparently have Midwest Scandi background going, by their names looks and also the “doncha know” lyric thrown into the number one hit.

    They totally instabonded with Sue Hoff , who it has to be said legitimately rocks the sex kitten. She got compared a lot to Hepburn and that seems fair. Beauty is unpredictable and weird, and it happens once in awhile that jews get it. But at this point we’re on to them!

    Their big hit Walk Like an Egyptian was, ironically, their downfall. Why does it always work like that [ iow what is irony ] and isn’t there not a few fairy tales bewarning of this hairy fate?

    What specifically happened was that the producers took over their sound (especially on that song) and ever used a gd drum machine —-> founder Ms Peterson got soul hurt and but the girls themselves let it happen and resentments grew blah blah blah.

    When they started out, they were legitimate musical workhorses who were the girl band that could, “the real deal” as it’s called in the business. The exceptions that proves the rule. Much respect. But it’s a man’s world, still ever and always, and let us not forget it.

    The interesting aside story is that Prince got a crush on Hoff and gifted them a song, which song was Manic Monday. Which was a big hit but a lame song. Their other big hit Hazy Shade of Winter, used in the soundtrack for Less Than Zero, is the real stuff and showcases their formative pre-grunge style.

    I will probably try and get my hands on their three LP’s and see how solid they are.

  52. — The horribleness of this crime will stick in people’s heads.

    I agree with those who say “it won’t be long before the vast majority of Americans conclude that the Civil Rights Movement was the most evil and deleterious attack on the nation since the 1965 Naturalization Act.”

    Another historic norm that people will go back to: collective punishment. Individual justice only works with self-policing peoples. Whites will again be convinced that blacks not only aren’t not self-policing, but that they celebrate what happened. One form of presently-legal collective punishment for the horrific attack on that boy, is for anyone who still has a black friend, to end it now.

  53. I can’t stop thinking about this Mall of America thing.
    I don’t think blacks will celebrate what happened, but I don’t believe they are capable of stopping it either. Mental illness is rampant in their community and they seem to have no constructive way to deal with it.

  54. That’s a reasonable hot take Lara. Real respect about such an awful thing is not talking about it, but that aside …

    Most violent deaths are not pleasant to consider, but some are worse and for lack of a better word, more dramatic, than others. In a crowded mall, someone and a young child with its mother! being heaved over the courtyard three stories below, is particularly bad.

    The Hennepin County Government Center, downtown Minneapolis, was built with a well done, magnificent even, atrium stretching up like 18 floors. But after a rash of suicides and at least one or two murder attempts, they put up plexiglass along all the many walkways. Which is ironic because such enclosure completely defeats the purpose of an atrium!

    The linked news recap to MPR above, the way the details are presented, it’s a case of “mental illness”. And yes it’s something of an excuse to characterize any interracial violence w/ such a vague explanation, but the perp-in-question would seem to fit the bill.

    Areas of the Twin Cities are approaching that 15 or 20 per cent inflection point.

  55. I don’t follow the news at all anymore. But this murder or attempted murder of a five-year old White child, presuming he is White, by a crazy American black, is almost certainly a sort of death knell to the Mall.

    The Mall is a huge institution, and it won’t stop or be shut down. It has got big hotels and numerous connections to the major airport right nearby, so it’s there to stay, but its reputation after this will never be the same, at least among the White locals.

    I don’t like to even type the word t e rr 0 r, and never in the same comment with the Mall. But on that front it has been spared, which itself is almost eyebrow-raising. They have tight security I can’t even imagine. Anyone going there is being face profiled and that other profiling that relies on body frame and gait, whatever that is called. No doubt they got the latest software what with premium grants from the feds.


    Regarding remote security surveillance; quick story. I thought I mighta been remotely surveilled just recently after doing some “fly tipping” in the garbage of a local park. I did the deed, which is some sort of misdemeanor crime, hopefully a dischargable petty! and w/i a half-mile of my getaway a squad car passed going the other way toward the park I had come from. I turned onto another secondary arterial and was almost immediately picked up by another, a brand new scary looking black undercover, who followed for a half mile.

    So I pulled over, which seemed like the smart ‘smoothie’ thing to do, half expecting maybe to be hassled. But he they she it, whatever on the other side of their scanner darkly, drove on by.

    This in prosperous prominent suburb, and in conclusion I think they might have cameras on those parks, and be playing around with the settings and their security apparatus.

    If that was the case, they are just testing their operational capacity, and the decision was made on the fly not to harass locals for petty violations. It’s not an unlikely conclusion that that’s what it was. Reality check.

  56. Earlier this year I had some business in the a local C-suite office park. I had not been there in a long time and evidently was standing out on camera, looking uncertain and —> suspicious. The security did a walk-by, and he was a pretty good undercover, definitely coulda beat my ass in the ring; but his vibe was too obv. I looked him square in the face with a reluctant grin, to let him know that he too, was made.

    Real operators would not look the part. Right?

    There’s a popular show on (I think it’s) Amazon, about a White guy American Millennial Gen-X assassin, back from the Suck and devoid of “purpose” which word they specifically use, and his friend slash handler sets him up with contract kills for hire. He goes out to Hollywood on a job for the Chechans [ which conveniently they can’t do themselves? ] and hilarity ensues.

    It’s definitely one of the hot shows. But it’s pretty gay. Somehow they can’t accurately that world of cold hard men. tldr: their audience is women.

    The characters are written as millennials. Real operators look like Brenton Tarrant. And it is something in the look, that they miss the most.

  57. We have a mega mall near here and I hate it. It’s just too big. Even though I’ve never felt unsafe going there is not an enjoyable experience.

  58. “The characters are written as millennials. Real operators look like Brenton Tarrant. And it is something in the look, that they miss the most.”

    Brenton Tarrant was a millennial; but the point being, that not all millennials look like him.


    On the concept of Oversocialization and going to mega malls. Oversocialization as a concept is nebulous and inchoate. I don’t know what Uncle Ted meant by it. I am using it in a sense that is flexible and includes living in uncertain times with uncertain people, and a lot of them around.

    The stress that comes from living in a crowded environment without a defining ethnic group principle, which is where White Americans are at, is a huge topic. It’s worthy of many thoughtful takes. One of which thoughtful takes is categorically out the window, is stop caring and go to that dark place

  59. Malls can’t even have open mics and community events and community stages, and sitting rooms where old ladies can gossip and knit, and evening dances where young people can mingle, and rooms set aside for AA meetings.

    All these things are totally reasonable, and the reason we don’t get to have them, is not the nigger tax. The MPC take of Scale is a simple answer, and I don’t disagree w/ it, but there’s gotta be more to say on it than that simple one word answer.

    It’s just the fact that we don’t have a community culture, worth a damn. There’s an AA event tonite, that is all the fucking way downtown in the city, [bad thing] but it’s LOADED w/ emotional vulnerable women, [good thing] some of whom are not 100 per cent dead inside, [good thing] and there will be a DJ. [bad bad bad bad bad bad bad stupid bad gay]

    That sort of event is too much of a past life, or something another along those lines, for this old man.

    I will say this though, in the spirit of the manosphere, and “this really happened” exactly as described. A young woman with a very Irish red hairset, and a very Irish first name, effectively asked me to go. She is all of 20 years old and only 55 lbs overweight. She didn’t ask me to go, but she did ask if I was going. I told her no, but to behave, which was a stupid thing to say. She knows that I like long red hair. She was all made up at for our noon meeting today. The music starts per schedule in five minutes. I don’t go “downtown” [pun intended] anymore, it’s too much trouble. Bring that pussy back here is what I shoulda said! She’s gotta lose the weight though, my Heart is not that strong. Oh loss! oh lassies!

  60. Per an update at Vox Popoli, boy who was thrown form the balcony at the mall is hanging in there. Quoted facebook message:

    ” [Landen] is still very much with us and fighting”

    This is him:

  61. “I don’t think blacks will celebrate what happened”

    They might not dance and clap but they find the entire event very reassuring. People forget, they do not think like we do. It’s different brain structure. That’s also true of only part-black people.

    They don’t understand individual justice, or things like conscience like we do. They do understand collective punishment. The fact that none is coming in the present year makes life in America heaven for them, hell for us.

    Way back when, I was in the Army and there was a horrific case in the news of an apeface carjacking a woman’s car (she was Asian, upper middle class; baby in the car seat who was unharmed). But the Asian woman got tangled in her seatbelt when the nog commandeered her car and was dragged to death on asphalt.

    My fellow soldiers and a couple of NCOs in our conversation circle and I seethed when we talked of this news There was talk of death penalty, execution, retribution. Then, in a moment that was illuminating for me, an older black sergeant who was intelligent and wise by my judgment, interjected with “you guys remember, that the guy is a human being, you can’t be condemning him, please try to speak kindly of him….”

    A completely different moral universe. Different neurological reality, different even in matters of soul.

  62. “Oh loss! oh lassies!”

    Anyone else besides me ready to bargain with Fates? “Grant us one wish, just this one: no more female obesity.” The world would be so right, despite all that other stuff.

    All the other race stuff and everything else, would be more of an adventure than misery, if an average downtrodden White woman were of healthy (slim figure) weight.

    There is a subgenre of music, the ode to the wounded femme. She Talks to Angels, Let Her Cry, Ballad of Jane, many others. I knew girls who could have inspired such lyrics. Then, they were … inspiring. Can I lump in a 20-year-old redhead who joins AA? The potential for her being a muse downright, is there. But 55 pounds overweight… that just makes you want to bargain with Fates.

  63. “Who takes pleasure in war atrocities?”

    What’s a war atrocity – something done by the losing side?

  64. If niggers don’t exist…

    Then killer niggers don’t exist.

    It’s just “mental illness.”

    The question is whose mental illness is more deadly?

    Killer nigger?

    Or those who disbelieve in killer nigger?

  65. PA,

    They don’t understand individual justice, or things like conscience like we do. They do understand collective punishment. It’s different brain structure. That’s also true of only part-black people.

    If you could do a detailed post explaining this, that would be very valuable.

    I agree that the black psychological profile is simply different from non-blacks. I never felt that the typical yellow or brown, despite differences, was someone with whom basic friendship or interaction was going to be a challenge. The tension level doesn’t rise if I see a group of them walking in my direction on the sidewalk.

    But with blacks, it is different. They can kill someone, and then act as if nothing happened. The fact that this is true for even a 50% mulatto is astounding.

  66. Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda, is the name of the MoA perp. He may be Somali or other recent African arrival. The name is mixed. The first two would appear contemporary American black, but the last is African.

  67. The boy’s name is Landon Hoffman. Hoffman is a common surname in the Midwest. It sounds German-derived.


    This could have happened to any of us.

    That’s one of the comments at the Go Fund Me.

    Other commenters are wishing for a full recovery. Kids are remarkably resilient, but the concept of hit points is applicable. You don’t really get your hit points all the way back, after serious trauma. You lose some and forever.

    It’s a reasonable suggestion that hit point reduction also happens upon the trauma of neonatal genital reduction.

    Such concept of Life Force aka Life Energy aka Vigor Verve and Vitality aka Hit Points, henceforth might should be quantified.

  68. I never felt that the typical yellow or brown, despite differences, was someone with whom basic friendship or interaction was going to be a challenge.

    I am partial to upper caste Castizos. They have a no-nonsense approach to life. They don’t do irony. Such worldview has been noted by Tom Wolfe and Steve Sailer. However they are still brown.

    Re yellows; Chinese can be the most duplicitous people in the world. The ones I have met recently will have no problem lying to your face, in order to advance their own selves.

  69. I scrolled thru a high traffic twitter account about the MN boy. An adult black male posted this:

    Killer in custody, he’s done once he’s in prison. And so your saying you would let your kid wonder around in a big massive public place (MOA) on a 3 floor, not having your kid next to you oR around you oh okay….

    This was in response to sad tweets, not nig-baiting tweets. Very normie stuff.

    This creature lashes out at folks who mourn an innocent boy. I find his attitude very representative of black response to a b. on W. horror. Reminded me of yesteryear’s loudmouth black commenter at Chuck’s, who dismissed such news with “The perp is in prison. Problem. Solved.”

    Outrage about blacks is so 2009. Everybody now knows what they are. The outrage now is about an illegitimate system that sanctions Equality and Diversity, and blocks people’s natural collective response to hyena behavior.

  70. Corvo, good video. Worth seeing. Robert McNamara was very candid in his latter years, while still intellectually sharp. He also avoided the deathbed-bathos style repudiation of all he did like George Wallace reportedly (and wrongly) did.

    Indeed, what is a war criminal. The video gives a scale of firebombing destruction of Japanese cities by US pilots in WWII. It compares the numbers to those of comparable American cities.

    (That’s a tough thing to compare from a relating-to perspective because Americans don’t live in American cities.)

    The justification of the destruction of civilians was sound in the sense of numbers and the conventional us vs them morality of war, once the combatant/noncombatant difference is ignored. Either we incinerate 500,000 of them in one air raid, or 500,000 of our boys will die storming one of their islands.

    But what about the morality of American participation in the war itself? That’s bigger than McNamara, who was doing his job, as he puts it, on orders of a President who was duly elected by the American people therefore he represented their will.

    The legitimacy of democracy, or rule by makers of mass opinion, is a larger subject.

    The next video that came up was a part of McNamara’s larger confession about his role in Vietnam. Again, McNamara is worth listening to just for his clarity of reasoning.

    I never heard of Norman Morrison before. He self-immolated in front of McNamara’s office window and McN. does mention that sympathetically. So I read a bit more about Morrison. He had three children. He carried his one-year-old to where he was going to set himself on fire and handed her off to someone (his friend?).

  71. Pingback: Cantandum in Ezkhaton 04/14/19 | Liberae Sunt Nostrae Cogitatiores

  72. He also avoided the deathbed-bathos style repudiation of all he did like George Wallace reportedly (and wrongly) did.

    Deathbed bathos. Ha. Bill W of AA fame suffered from that too.

    It’s definitely a thing. It goes along with crying out (on your deathbed) for your mother. Which apparently, is also an actual thing. It was well portrayed and twice, in the one and only television show worthy of these our times.

    For extra credit, name the two characters who cried out for their moms.

  73. Johnny Sack and Matthew Bevilaqua.


    People are talking about Game of Thrones, as if it’s quality entertainment. I just overheard someone saying it’s the best tv show of all time. And in the grocery checkout, some obese woman was bonding with the clerk, over this show. There was a literal gabfest between this customer, the clerk, another clerk, and a manager. How long do we have to play pretend in transaction clown world?

    I watched the first 20 minutes of Season 7, to see what it was about. It’s total crap. W/o exaggeration one of the opening scenes was a five-minute long toilet session featuring up close shots of human feces, in various instances. Shit jokes can be funny; if you’re a jew.

    The next “beat” was [ I thing it was ] the girl child Lanister in one of those human face masks, who plays a trick on her rivals and gets them all to drink poisoned wine. So girl power combined with not one but two tired gimmicks: the face mask as used in Face Off and Silence of the Lambs, and the poison wine for your enemies used in Godfather.

    Shortly thereafter, there was a scene where the girl children of the realm were effectively knighted as warriors who would not be stopped from fighting alongside their fathers.

    TLDR: GoT is written as girl power fantasy, and jews had to take over that genre because that’s where our heroic past might have germinated from

  74. Speaking of Jewish custodianship of White stories.

    Cobra Kai hit a psychic motherlode. The Diversity made it very imperfect/contaminated as art goes, but it’s probably what made it palatable for Jews.

    Second season of Cobra Kai is coming out. Will it be a good story arc continuation?

    Two ways in which good first-seasons degrade in latter seasons: (1) episode plots devolve to one adventure after another (Breaking Bad); (2) the latter seasons become a vehicle for lame feminist or mud wish fulfillment. (Walking Dead).

    The “REO Speedwagon” scene in the original Cobra Kai was one for the ages.

  75. Apologies for posting this guy’s mug but there’s a point to follow —

    As can be seen in the profile, Aranda does look Somali and or mixed Somali.

    Apologies if this take is not current but last I heard his origins and his name were dubious and there has been a lot of speculation.

    I am occasionally good at playing Guess his ethnicity but the fact w/ Somalis, and this is contrary to popular opinion — you cannot always tell. Some of their looks blend into other Africans. Given his name, I would guess mixed Somali and Caribbean black.

  76. The liberal hot take is all that it’s mental illness. And in Aranda’s case it was.

    And I stand by my prior stated opinion, that the facts as presented do not make the case that he should prior have been institutionalized as a menace. On the other hand he probably was a borderline case for his antisocial behavior.

    So foregoing nihilism we have for explanations: mental illness; antisocial behavior; black-on-White crime. All of those explanations have some validity. And none of them, taken alone, address the larger problems. Black-on-White crime taken in itself, would be addressed by Nick Fuentes as to be solved with a police state?

    The solution of a confident White majority that might would seem the most eminent and reasonable is going to be for whatever necessary law and order — but there’s a catch-22! and it’s obvious. A confident White majority will not be compromised to the point that it has to institute police state controls on its denizens.

    The Sailer thread on this guy was pretty good. The observation has been made that getting pushed in front of trains, is a related form of this same attack.

  77. “The liberal hot take is all that it’s mental illness. And in Aranda’s case it was.”

    Actually though the liberal hot take is that it’s —

    1. Randomness
    2. Just seems worse because the internet and we know everything that happens

    Those two precondition explanations are more meta. The second of those is quite popular w/ boomers, at least in my experience. It’s true in a way but not really: in an honest analysis this sort of crime is completely new.

    How often were people used to be pushed in front of trains?

  78. Never understood the fascination with GoT. Of some segments I saw, the acting was forced and wooden. And that dwarf somehow has a following and he’s not that great either. And I’ve read that prior episodes dealt with incest and eunuchs and whatnot.

    Which is a shame, because I did enjoy playing D&D as a kid and I do like video games of that genre.

    No film/show of that genre can ever topple Excalibur. Did and showed it all without being graphic and distasteful.

  79. How many little white boys hate niggers because of a violently traumatic experience with said nigger(s) early in life? How many, after such a traumatic event, were then heavily immersed in anti-racist thought to “combat” that trauma?

    The sickness in “white” shitlib MRKA can be gleaned in the contrast in FB/Twitter reaction to the story of “Landon” versus the “redemption” of “Tiger.”

    Then again, “we” might be getting played all around?

  80. …..Never understood the fascination with GoT. …

    The early series were refreshingly un-political correct with brutal betrayals and enemies using every dirty trick to beat their enemies in a lust for power. You could call it a “red pill” moment for many people.

    The actors were almost all attractive whites and set in the medieval era swords, sorcerers and dragons…… Yeah there was also a lot of cheap sex and nudity as well.

  81. Another incident, another high-IQ white, another lucid manifesto, this time by a Zoomer. And, for the first time I believe, a professed and apparently serious Christian.

    And of course, yet another shrieking chorus of “Disavow!” / “False Flag!” … All of which reactions addressed and predicted by the actor, especially the latter.

    He expresses withering contempt, and disbelief, that most identitarians still can’t process the idea of: someone believing exactly as they do; very clearly composing a text outlining those beliefs; and then actually acting on them, without them being some kind of plant/mossad/cia/whatever.

    I don’t think any amount of evidence for genuine conviction would convince those people. They’re waiting for Permission™. And that will never come.

  82. quote from manifesto:
    “Why are you doing this? Surely killing a fraction of Jews will not solve any problems. Are there not better ways to save the European race?” Yes and no. There are three roles that must be played in this revolution. Those who spread the truth, those who defend the race, and those who continue the race (having children). Where most people misunderstand is that all three of these must be performed by everyone to the best of his ability. There has been little done when it comes to defending the European race. As an individual I can only kill so many Jews. My act of defense is not so much about my high score […] But rather the statement that I made. There is at least one European man alive who is willing to take a stand against the injustice that the Jew has inflicted upon him. That my act will inspire others to take a stand as well. […] I do not seek fame. I do not seek power. I only wish to inspire others and be a soldier that has the honor and privilege of defending his race in its greatest hour of need—and have a family if possible.”

  83. Droll.

    And yes.

    Judeocommunists criminalize commonplace things. In accordance with the 1940 NKVD decree in Vilnius, having a stamp collection got you and your family sent to the Gulag.

    Stamp collecting is bourgeois, comrade, therefore counterrevolutionary, so it follows that you are a class enemy and a saboteur. Oh, and your neighbors too.

    What’d you think the making of the A-OK hand gesture or reading to your toddlers into a “White Supremacist” transgression is, some new insanity?

  84. Oh, and as predicted: Murdoch Murdoch’s sweet eulogy to Ebba was taken down by YouTube about a week ago. The link now offers information on “combatting” hate in your country. Oh, the hate is coming alright.

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