Ghey Tales 2: Sapphic Slip

The previous ghey story is here. I might make a series of these, with all of my anecdotal material. No homo.

This happened several years ago on a morning commuter train ride. Human memory for detail is capricious, and in this case I remember what everyone involved was wearing. The dramatis personæ in this story are me and two women, in their mid-twenties, who were facing me in the opposite seat. Oh, they were a lesbian couple, which was obvious. I wore dress pants, a white shirt and a tie, and a long, open black wool coat. The seat next to me was empty, so I sat comfortably doing a newspaper crossword puzzle. A description of the two girls is also key to fully characterizing the three-way dynamic that was about to develop among us.

The two were a classic butch-femme couple, with a twist — the butch was the attractive one. The man-role partnerette wore suit-pants and a modest white blouse. Let’s call her “Ellen” on account of her resemblance to the showbiz personality, except younger and with a better face. I’ll add that there was an air of benevolent intelligence about her. She spoke with a husky voice, consistent with her butch presentation. I’m not attracted to mannish women, even less so if they are lesbian, but I found myself non-sexually liking her.

The femme wore a long, orange dress with a white floral pattern. In contrast with the crisp, in-control vibe of her girlfriend, this one was a mess. Let’s call her “Splotchy Sue.” Imagine a wreck of a young woman — needy, insecure, fidgety, with darting little passive-aggressive eyes — and that’s her. She wasn’t bad-looking as far as her potential was concerned, but her skin had an unhealthy, ruddy quality. She was thin, but with no muscle tone. Long auburn hair that hadn’t been touched by shampoo in months. I don’t think she liked me.

Technically, we didn’t communicate, as we said nothing to each other. Hadn’t even made eye contact. I was there with my newspaper, they carried a soft conversation, barely audible over the steady rattle of the train. I didn’t look at them beyond the natural, blank, disinterested glance one gives people immediately in front of him. They just as indifferently looked at me as they faced forward.

The point of this story, though, is that communication is subliminal. I was aware of their physical presence and of their conversation. They were aware of my physical presence and of the fact that I could hear them talk. Such are the signals that human beings, as social creatures, send and receive on a subolfactory level. But Splotchy Sue shifted things into second gear because she really didn’t like me. Maybe I was her platonic ideal of a privileged White Male Republican, a youngish and arrogant one at that. Or maybe I reminded her of the Chad who indubitably once made her his passing plaything and in doing so, sealed her fate as henceforth broken. That is, by they way, why some women become lesbian — the sweet formative pain that imprinted upon them the essence of man makes all other men disgusting by comparison.

Splotchy Sue was trying to get under my skin. This was evident in her shift of conversation with her partner from the mundane to the political. Left wing talking points, in case you were wondering. I don’t remember the specific subjects that she brought up, except that she delivered them like a bad actress reading her lines. Communication is subliminal, and if I were an aura-reader, I’d see a hostile, crimson glow around her, darkening. I did “see” it on the hormonal level. That sad, slovenly girl wanted to hurt me.

All of this made Ellen uncomfortable because there was absolutely no such vibe of unfriendliness between me and her. In fact, we each regarded the other as someone that would be cool to have a drink with.

Splotchy Sue piled it on. Ever so innocently, ever so cringe. Ellen shifted uncomfortably in her seat and feebly essayed to snuff out each of her partner’s new apropos-of-nothing political statements. Anything to make the Sloppy One quit embarrassing her. Even worse than Splotchy Sue’s statements, were her questions. “Don’t you agree that [social justice item X] is important?” Frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever previously or since witnessed a more blatant case of someone trying to get under another person’s skin, mine.

There was nothing for me to say, it was their conversation. But it was obvious that I knew that they knew that I knew that I am listening with detached amusement, along with a tinge of commiseration with Ellen, who was visibly feeling awkward.

Splotchy Sue was unsatisfied with the results of her efforts at poking me. So she slammed it all the way to fifth gear. The bitch meant business. She made a hard turn toward a gay-related subject. Ellen meekly, pleadingly humored her and replied with the briefest platitude possible. The subliminal communication among the three of us was now at deafening volume.

Splotchy Sue goes for the kill: “If I were straight, I could see myself being very attracted to African-American men.”

Ellen’s eyes popped out. If she were sipping on coffee, she’d have sprayed it all over our seats. She grasped for composure, stammering out syllables that didn’t form words.

Similarly blindsided, I looked up from my newspaper, for the first time getting a good look at the two girls. Splotchy Sue glowed triumphant. Ellen, whose face had turned a deep shade of red (she had lovely skin, by the way), made eye contact with me. I couldn’t help myself, and smiled. She did the same. We didn’t burst out laughing but it was a close one.

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  1. My one ghey encounter was some gay dude hitting on me in the mens room at a truck stop.
    All my life, I always said, like everybody said, that I’d kick the guys ass for that.
    But when it happened, I looked at this pathetic creature, wondered what could have happened to him that made him into this, felt sorry for him, said “No thanks I’m not into that” and walked away.

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  3. “Shit tests all the way down”

    Everyone wants to be checked.

    This old lady with whom I am an AA friend wanted to go look at dogs. I agreed to give her a ride to the shelter, but it didn’t work out. Then a couple days on she told me that she was going to get a pit bull. I expressed some concern but she said that she had met a lot of nice ones.

    I had told her previously that she should get a small dog because they are easier to care for.

    The pit bull question. Maybe if she gets a pit bull it will help to protect her. On the other hand maybe it will get off its lead and maul somebody else’s dog, or a child.

  4. I once received a diffident ménage à trois proposition from a lesbian couple; former neighbors. I moved away & the dominant one soon called with their bashful yet blatant first-time offer. I told them I’d be out of town for a few months, and would consider it at length in the interim. I never actually answered their question, but we’ve stayed on speaking terms; I still get free concert tickets in the mail occasionally from the endearingly awkward sub. Living next to them was an eye-opener.

  5. If this can be slipped in here w/o going off topic that’ll be super.

    I got a haircut at Cheap Clips. She did a great job. I went with ‘the Morrissey.’ I found a lookalike in the People magazines and asked for that.

    She was a total “old lady,” as in the type who has been ganged out and on the back of a bike, woulda been a real sex doll 20 or 40 years ago. And truth to tell talented with the scissors.

    15 dollars and I left her a five dollar “tip.” The quality of her work was totally worth it, and not to mention my five dollar face. But the point being, and the advice that maybe you can use, is that it’s better not to overtip, ever. Try and heed this advice: and Be a better man.

    Over tipping; yet another mistake in my so-called Life. Thx for reading.


    There’s a longer effort post about haircuts that is yet to be made. The point is that these beauty school dropouts are in a position of power when they got their scissor near to your head [ no this is not a veiled reference to involuntary neonatal reduction assignment; for boys ] and in such a place they need knocked down a peg.

    It should be an honor to cut your hair. But by virtue of going to Cheap Clips, you’re not honorable; you’re hardly even a man, in that position. This old lady bitch cunt did an excellent job though, credit where due. And she didn’t ask any stupid questions. That actually does deserve a tip. Tipping is the lamest contribution in the history of world culture. Thx America!

  6. A well done vignette, it was.

    If anyone is thinking of doing a uh youtube channel, it should be skits ala Sam Hyde. Sam says don’t undertake with this endeavor unless you love to grind it out; and he is surely right about this. It’s not about the money.

    But on the other hand, some young whippersnappers might could seize upon the opportunity and become famous. (within the Dissident Right) Sam Hyde is now famous for a long time. So is Nick ‘the Casizo, and based AF’ Fuentes. In a way all that matters is being famous and remembered. Such things matter as much as having children. No-sic Affecting other people’s mindspace, for instance encouraging them to want to live, rather than the alternative.

    The above scene as a skit would play well. The other thing about actually getting off “your ass of betimes increasing sedimentation”, and doing the above, is it is a great way to get out in the world and do things with real people, and explore together their personal space (w/ women).

    Be the content creators you want to see in the world, or at least perhaps give it a try.

  7. The top three most influential Dissident Right blogs in the last ten years, in no particular order —

    1. Sailer
    2. CH
    3. Daily Stormer

    In my humble estimation, those top three spots are fairly indisputable. But blog work is niche now. Radio format aka podcast content creators consider themselves higher up in the hierarchy. And above them are youtubers.

    Such is the Hierarchy of dissident right content creation. Commenters are the lowest ranks. They are like the privates in the army. Though some of them will receive warrant officer status.

    Above all those categories are real world personalities and other people of consequence. This hierarchical assessment is in terms of something-other-than actual real world power level and status. I am talking about recognition and celebrity status, within the Dissident Right itself.

    But this is all by way of making the following recommends, of the top youtubers. Right now the best youtubers are —

    1. Chris Dangerfield
    2. Nick ‘based AF’ Fuentes

    Owen Benjamin is a very distant honorable mention, and he only gets that for his musical talent.

  8. Owen Benjamin is impressive on the piano. It’s not so much his technique, which is plenty good, but how he is fluent in a wide range of material and styles.

    His wife is very hot. She made an appearance, and it may have been her debut, on one of his recent shows. She is a knockout, 9+ by any reasonable standard.

    A lot of people have suspicions about whether or not he is somehow compromised in his takes on the most touchy of subjects. He seems to want to believe that there is a solution that allows for us to live happily ever after. As an idea, I like that too.

    E. Michael ‘Indiana’ Jones is also a top dog, in the celebrity rankings. Living proof that not all boomers.

    (Boomers now includes gen x, so watch out so that you don’t get old and say the wrong thing.)

  9. “1. Sailer / 2. [Heartiste] / 3. Daily Stormer”

    A list of three will make harsh cuts, but whom, if anyone would Vox Day contend with for a ticket to the Olympics? (i.e., being in the top three). To shorthand-sketch their place: Sailer does the news. Heartiste invented the magic that neutralized jew-farnkfurtschool magic. He didn’t invent PUA/Game, but he elevated it to the matter of the fate of nations. Daily Stormer, and I may be wrong on this, is primarily a gateway for the under-20 readers. Perhaps the most important of roles to play.

    VD’s place on the pantheon is his intellect and original thought, and the historian’s take of the news. I read VD and CH as blogs go, and comments (other than here, where I read every comment closely), only at CH.

    The thing about AltRight Blogs — ten years ago, we looked for answers. Neoreaction, HBD, and all that. Now, we don’t really have any more questions, the bloggers aren’t needed for their answers because everyone by now knows what’s going on. We’re waiting for action. We thought Trump was going to deliver that and we’d give him our all. He still might. I have not written him off yet.

    I never, ever, got into AltRight podcasts. The closest I got to that, is Ryan Landry’s / 28Sherman’s audio work, and that’s only because I liked him as a blogger and he has a good voice.

  10. A thought: “GenX: Boomers without Benefits.” It’s certainly true as far as shared aesthetic between the two generations goes. An overlap, in any case. We agree on Pink Floyd, Boston, and Bob Seger. But we have no use for The Who and boomers have no use for GnR.

  11. The internet is a big place and there would be a lot of honorable mentions, but in my opinion Vox Day would be contending for third against CH and whomever else is in the running for that spot.

    Sailer and Daily Stormer are known now and forever in the big wide world, and get marks in the history books. Alex Linder probably gets noted too.

    Who else in the Dissident Right can that be said about, without attendant disqualifications for epic fuckings-up? [ All these nominations are qualified as w/i the last ten years ]

    Other honorable mentions for the top-three bloggers, I would nominate Morgoth’s Review and Z-Man has influence too. The other popular writers at Unz. Unz himself.

    Takimag gets a dq for policing and then shutting down, of their comments; and also for their web site which got overrun w/ gimmicks and ads. Supposedly Taki himself has 100 of millions of dollars, but couldn’t kick his own web project a few bux to keep it running clean?

  12. The thing about AltRight Blogs — ten years ago, we looked for answers. Neoreaction, HBD, and all that. Now, we don’t really have any more questions, the bloggers aren’t needed for their answers because everyone by now knows what’s going on.

    It is all commentary, at this point.

    White people have to make themselves heard. Our advocacy has to be 100 per cent explicit, in my opinion. There’s the caveat that it’s not good to go to jail, but the hemming and hawing about race realism and the problem of jewish power, is exactly counter-indicated. Which means it’s exactly the wrong thing to do.

    Greg Johnson said it fairly eloquently, that they will attack us where we give ground. If we give ground on Race, then that’s where we get attacked. If we give ground on the problem of jewish power, then that’s where we lose.

    The way that Free Speech on the internet has been shut down, on the social platforms, is outrageous. In my humble opinion, this is the dog that didn’t bark, THE Trump inaction that reveals who he his: his not addressing frankly and in a tweet of course, this particular.

    The 10-point word for this moment in the play, is Anagnorisis.

  13. “But we have no use for The Who and boomers have no use for GnR.”

    I picture Greg Eliot raising his glass of YooHoo, gyrating to “My Generation”, and also getting his lights punched out at a late 80s party.

  14. When I think of broken women, I think upon the scores of women I’ve really connected with over the years, the ones who melted my heart and took my breath away, who I gladly would have married at the time. So many bright-eyed, smile-every-time-they-greet-me little cuties.

    I had high standards (no 6’s for me; 7’s had better have a glowing personality).

    The only ones not broken today are those who married young and either had a quiver of children or married a manly man (double bubbliness to those who achieved both).

    I see a few who didn’t meet the foregone criteria. They’re getting by okay in their forties, but they’re remarried to boring old fogeys. And this is just the former cuties. The plain Janes have only their cats to comfort them.

    Family really is the fabric of society.

  15. @Suburban_elk: regarding the pit bull, on Friday, I took the day off from work and walked to the nearby donut shop to grab some coffee. On my way back, some chubby Latina, couldn’t have been more than 19, was walking a pit bull. I thought, ‘Great’, as she was just struggling trying to have a “hold” on the dog, so to speak. He wasn’t getting exicted as most dogs are wont to do, but it was clear his strength dwarfed hers.

    Dog was smiling, as their facial structure seems to be set in that eternal “Joker” smile. (Is that what girls fall for?) As I passed them, he didn’t sniff me or anything and funnily enough, I made sure to curb any “fear” (or uneasiness) lest he smell it off me and have a field day.

    I got to thinking that had a small family (which is nothing but mestizos around that area) was walking and kids didn’t know better or worse, the dog just lost it, that would not end pretty. But, I couldn’t ascertain if the girl was walking her dog (as in living alone) or if it was the family dog.

    RE: alt-right blogs When coming up with a Mt. Rushmore of this or that, it’s easy to find the first three. That fourth one, that’s the one that stirs up the most debate.

    I’d go with those three that you listed. I discovered Sailer when I starting ask questions that led me to finding out about the red pill. (And those questions stemmed from the economy, specifically, how the whole 2008 crash happened.) That kickstarted the red pill and I found Roosh and CH at the same time and at one point got them confused, since CH had used the name “Roissy” at first. Haven’t read Sailer in a while but I do recall that he’s rather good at replying back to comments. He lives about five miles from where I work.

    CH’s site is always my go-to, but lately, just an inordinate amount of bitching and kvetching has begun to sully the place. It seems to me that a majority of folk there are freaking out that Trump’s not doing what they want more so than what he had originally said he’d do. (PA, I’m with you, not writing the man off just yet.) Interestingly enough, CH’s site seems the most Christian-oriented (PUA aspects notwithstanding!)

    Stormer does seem to me for those young men moving from adolescence and into the young adulthood. I haven’t perused his site for sometime as I felt AA was becoming over reactionary with every single piece of Trump news. But, I came to that conclusion once I realized I too was guilty of the same.

    I used to like Vox Day but found him to be too arrogant for my liking, especially when he was beefing with Torba. That turned me off. I don’t mind elitism too much, but arrogance coupled with a “butthurt” persona annoys me.

  16. I picture Greg Eliot raising his glass of YooHoo, gyrating to “My Generation”, and also getting his lights punched out at a late 80s party.


    Used to have some mild respect for GE. Not anymore. Never knew a person so butthurt anytime a jest fell flat. Who the effe does that? Insecure folk, that’s who.

  17. Holy, I just saw the next phase in interracial advertising on Youtube, I wonder if you guys can see it or if it’s a Canadian ad.

    It’s for the Hyundai Santa Fe, and features a dorky-looking white guy, obviously flustered, driving… somewhere… with a not-young-looking Asian woman, accompanied by a still-older-looking Asian matron, in the back seat.

    Eventually they arrive at their destination, and the dork jumps out, races inside a building, and then turns around to meet the glares of both the Asian women for forgetting them.

    It took me a second viewing of this ad to observe that the younger Asian woman was pregnant and they were arriving at a hospital. I actually did not understand the ad at first, wondering who on the earth the Asian women in the rear seat were supposed to be, as they look obviously foreign and it took me a little bit to grasp that it was supposed to be his *wife*. No, probably not his “wife”, his “partner”.

    After thinking about it, it is amusing to me that the only guy I know who drives a Santa Fe (not that there’s anything wrong with it as a vehicle) is actually a white guy married to an Asian chick.

    I wonder if this ad is available as an actual video on Youtube, you might get a kick out of it.

  18. The point of this story, though, is that communication is subliminal.

    It’s funny how this works, isn’t it. There’s so much about psychology that clearly hasn’t been elucidated yet. I find that for exactly the above reason (I think), lesbians very often do not like me, when I subtly, tacitly refuse to affirm them. I have never grasped how the gheys managed to convince everyone to fall for the “gays are nice ‘n’ sweet people” when the majority of them that I have met are angry and vindictive (lesbians) or slightly angry in a passive-aggressive way but also histrionic (gay men).

    All my life, I always said, like everybody said, that I’d kick the guys ass for that.
    But when it happened, I looked at this pathetic creature

    That’s a great anecdote; I’ve had similar experiences.


    I get a kick out of Elk and others endorsing all these blogs / sites that I’ve barely heard of and / or thought were defunct. I only read here, VD and CH (and only really enjoy the commenters here).

  19. SJ,

    just saw a GEICO commercial where some Malcom Gladwell-looking fellow is doing fancy benihana type cooking (what’s the formal name?) and his girlfriend or lady is an ugly, chubby black lady.

    It might not be on TV as I saw it via IMDb’s free drive. They show older movies and shows for free with about 1 minute worth of ads popping up about every 10 minutes or so. usually two 30-second ads.

    OT: Lately, I’ve taken an interest in the old show Dallas. I was still young when that show came out so I never understood the “adult content” element to it. I always enjoy older shows to see what the styles were at the time, how cities and locales have changed.

  20. I used to like Vox Day but found him to be too arrogant for my liking

    The thing about VD is that he can be an enormously gay drama queen, but at the end of the day he just always does turn out to be right. His Darkstream videos (which I only listen to) humanize him a lot.

  21. SJ: “I have never grasped how the gheys managed to convince everyone to fall for the “gays are nice ‘n’ sweet people””


    [In the end, I couldn’t post it. The Bible says there are some sins that are so shameful, we shouldn’t even mention them. Just let it suffice to say that the worst possible crimes against humanity, things you would NEVER think of–things that you can find only on bestg0re–are rather commonplace in the g@y community.]

  22. Sorry to be so vague, but I’ve seen a LOT of bad stuff. Enough that there’s probably no form of death that would shock me. But today I saw a video of a homo pleasuring himself in such a sick and destructive way that I am speechless. You see why in the old days they were to be put to death. No society should have to endure such sickness in its midst.

  23. Hi, PA. Had a post modded. I don’t think it was bad, but please take a peek when you get a chance. I’m fine if you don’t want to go there.

  24. @Mendo: “just saw a GEICO commercial where some Malcom Gladwell-looking fellow is doing fancy benihana type cooking (what’s the formal name?) and his girlfriend or lady is an ugly, chubby black lady.”

    That commercial has been popping up everywhere lately. I don’t have TV, but I see it played regularly on the Sportsball Station at the bar, and I saw [the first 5 seconds of] it on YouTube when I was at work and didn’t have my usual AdBlocker in effect.

    I’ve never even heard the words used in the commercial, but I already can tell it’s probably the worst yet iteration of the “White Males are the worst, Strong Black Women are the best” narrative.

  25. — His Darkstream videos (which I only listen to) humanize him a lot.

    VD’s abrasiveness on his blog is necessary to police gammas and idiots in his comments, whom he strangely attracts. He did once post an email exchange with a graphic artist concerning services and I noticed that outside of public blogging (in the emails with the graphics guy) he sounded completely different than on the blog: genial, easygoing, as you’d expect from anyone in such a context.

    (The graphic artist had a subsequent gamma meltdown, which is why the exchange was posted).

  26. — It’s for the Hyundai Santa Fe, and features a dorky-looking white guy

    That really was a weird looking guy. Since Malcolm Gladwell was mentioned, I wonder in the guy in the ad doesn’t have a touch of the tarbrush.

  27. @mendo GE thinks that he is somehow not a gamma because he is a midwit (I suspect 120 to 125 IQ). I give him that he is above average, and he can write a well worded rebuke or two. But he’s still outclassed in the blogosphere. His inability to let things go is where his gamma displays itself (bigly).

  28. Speaking of gamma, PA, Looch (whom I’m starting to “get” & enjoy), and JayinDC have great comments on the matter today at CH.

    It has helped me deal with a gamma in my life. I don’t want to say gammas are hopeless but they certainly make life unnecessarily hard on themselves.

    Thanks fellas.

  29. “Women are definitely capable of sexual predation.”

    The bull dyke: male hunger for a woman’s nice body with none of the self-control of a healthy man.

  30. “GE thinks that he is somehow not a gamma”

    Unlikely that Greg Eliot is a gamma. I’d guess him to be a Beta/Bravo, based on his self-description and even with reading between the lines. He writes like an older man who doesn’t understand that what made him successful in real life — alpha bluster combined with having an impressive physical presence — doesn’t work in this medium. So he overengages and comes off as buffoonish.

    But he’s not an Alpha (VD scale) either. He’s not a leader but he instinctively looks to support a leader, as his long-running loyalty to Matt King showed. A huge non-gamma tell with Greg: he doesn’t hold grudges. He can get really angry with someone, but in a later, friendlier exchange it’s all bygones.

  31. PA, yes, wild morning. Got me brain going faster than the java did.

    True on GE not holding grudges. When a comment or opinion/idea’s has some worth and merit, he’ll state as such.

  32. Huh, I forgot about the grudges part. I have not as trained of an eye as some of you. I still picture GE as the kind of kid who got stuffed in lockers and would bluster about how once he got out, he was gonna beat up the other kids. Now I I wonder how he pictures me.

  33. GE says that he looks like the Trump appointee who debuted with the impressive power lifting performance, what’s-his-name. Also, he has size 12 feet and his hat size is 7 and 3/4.

  34. PA, on the drive home today I realized I had my own lez story. Permit me:

    I was going to get a massage, checked in at the counter and waited in the private lobby just around the corner. During that time, a lez couple was checking in just as the clerk was asking if I’d like to make another appointment. I did and gave her the date and time.

    The couple: one was def butch, older, had a beer gut. Other was fair, typical older lady in a long, uninspiring dress–obv the lady of the pairing.

    There was a water dispenser off to the edge of the hallway and I got some water to drink. Shortly thereafter, despite the lady not wanting water, butch got up and poured her a cup. They were then jibbering jabbering, not sure what about. (Didn’t get quite the same vibe you did, where that young chick wanted your attention, but in some ways, it was noticeable. Oh, this was not long after the red pill and being a regular on CH’s site. I’d had my research via that resource.)

    I did hear when Butch was asking her if a certain day/time was good for her for something they were planning. It just so happened to be the same day I had scheduled my next massage. The lady said she couldn’t that she’d be busy with work. In her explanation, she mentioned she’d have some errands to run just at the time I had made my appointment.

    It certainly played out like that and that’s what made it stand out. I might be missing a piece here or there, as this was close to four years ago, but the general scene did play out like that.

    And butch was sitting across from me as the lady was sitting on the same bench I was. I’m sure I was as spread eagle as I could be. I was having fun with it. I’d been lifting more concertedly at that time and was wearing a v-shaped crew neck undershirt, so it helped sculpt me just enough.

    Darn, which brings me to another story of that same place: the lady that would massage me was a pleasant gal, ripe age as she was in her mid-20s, pleasant smile with an effervescent enough demeanor to give her that quarter/half point to knock her up a peg. However (of course) she had tattoos. Why!?!

    She’d always wear her hair in a bun, which is obvious, but one time, she had it down and it was nearly to her waist. It was like Pantene Pro-V commercial nice. A golden sunset auburn color; natural Gaussian flow. Seriously, when she called me and I saw that long hair free, I was smitten. It gave her another quarter/half boost. I told her I was shocked at how long her hair was and she giggled that she was deft at bunning it up.

    Two times prior to that meeting, she had straddled my back as I lay on my stomach. She had never done that before and then just busted it out. I liked it only cause she was able to hit the upper inner traps, near the spine, which was the right spot. (Yeah right. I liked it cause her bits where on my ass!)

    Not sure what holiday it was but the casual banter was about it. She mentioned her ex-bf which she had never mentioned before. She did have the tomboyish look to her, but in that gal-next-door-cute kinda way. Tats were still a distraction. No amount of hair could cover that up.

    Well, the next time I saw her, she somehow became a lesbian. Hair chopped off to just below the jaw. DAMN IT ALL! She then started talking about her gf that then became her wife or however that works out. Just an odd sequence of events and my ego would like me to believe that when she had her hair down, she figured it was her last chance for me to, quoting CH, busta move and since I didn’t, she felt hopeless and went fishing. . .literally.

    After that, she’d occasionally tell me what she and her gal would be up to. I only kept seeing her because she, in all honesty, had the touch. She could sense and spot each pressure point without ever asking or saying anything. She was great.

    O Tattooa, O Mistakes

  35. Touching story, mendo. It truly hurts to see a pleasant, feminine girl you fancy go to seed like that.

  36. I would like to complement the host PA on this excellent blog and community. This site, VD’s, and Bruce Charlton’s blog are the only ones I keep track of daily. The commenters are insightful with a very high signal to noise ratio (Suburban_elk, Deter Naturalist, Camlost, among many others).

    I most appreciate the transcendent perspective of this blog. And it’s a shared perspective among my trio of essentials, all of whom are GenX Christians.

    I’m a millenial with a young and growing family. I value the hard-nosed clarity and advice you guys give. Much of my generation is a lost cause, but the ones who will matter are listening.

  37. Wess, thank you very much. And yeah, the three you mention, among others – I always look forward to their comments.

  38. The initial blog story of the lez who wanted to “hurt” you by saying she would prefer black men is obviously messed up, perhaps why she ended up lesbian.

    This behaviour of pissing on someones happiness is a self centered psychcopathic tendency. I guess the only way is to go verbally nuclear on them to hurt them where they are vulnerable, but really its a no-win fight and waste of time.

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