Whose America?

The ever pertinent question: who owns America. One view, is that the USA is the rightful patrimony of descendants of colonists from the British Isles. Spirit of 1776, her legacy of liberty. Everyone else is a guest if White, or a segregated semi-autonomous relic-race if legacy American Indian or black slave. That’s a view I give credence to. It has a strong mythical force, it feels fair. It offers a sense of destiny, with Liberty at its fullest flowering. The land of the free and the home of the brave that took man to the moon.

The opposite view is that America is the land of opportunity for all of the world. If you’re smart, industrious, a born risk-taker, you’ve got a place here. Most such mythology is propagated in bad faith, but not all of it. There is a grain of truth to this. The flaw with that model though, is that it is fundamentally a parasitic vision. It’s resource-consumption where resources are painfully and manifestly finite. The Frontier closed over a century ago and there aren’t enough Nice White People, who create and maintain comfort, to go around. That, and as soon as the diversity of cultures becomes brown, it becomes depressingly ugly. And when that happens, the Nice White People either culturally collapse (People of Walmart, opioid epidemic) or they begin to Hate.

A third view of America is also driven by a sense of destiny: America is Nova Europa. An aspirational forging of a new nation from a properly measured commingling of European blood and customs. The sights of Italian heritage in urban New England are not ugly. Neither are Slavic folkways in small town Pennsylvania and Ohio. Those and other European backgrounds merged with the Anglo-Germanic folk from coast to coast and united in the English language, the Founding mythology, and Christianity.

The other pertinent question: how long will it hold together.


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  1. If anyone anywhere in the world says “American” their hearers know that the speaker means a white person. Americans are mutts with usually 2 or 3 European ethnicities in their background. Also, no nonwhite US citizen ever refers to himself as “American.” They use “x-American” or something else. So your third view is the one most people have today.

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  3. I also agree with the third view. The adopted English language of Americans, multiple versions of the Christian Faith and belief in our unique American experiment have bound us together and made us uncommonly strong. The agrarian society America was built on where families of 5 to 10 children were common kept our “white culture” from dying. Industrialization brought about less need for large families so the 2 child family became common. It takes three children to replace 2 parents due to mortality rates. Thus, “white culture” has been declining for at least 2 to 3 generations. We have sealed our destiny.

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  5. One or three works for me. However current reality indicates it’s all theoretical.

    4th view: it belongs to whoever wants it the most, and can hold on to it. Whoever. There are no rules that can’t be ignored or broken.

  6. Robert Irwin,

    No. It is obvious that a fertility rate of 5+ was not going to last.

    Plus, the rest of the world fell even faster. If you exclude SS Africa (and, of course, Haiti), the rest of the world combined is now slightly below replacement. Everything from Islam to Mestizos to South Asians is not enough to keep the non-Africa part of the world above replacement.

    Your vision means America’s fate was sealed by 1960 no matter what we did.

  7. “Those and other European backgrounds merged with the Anglo-Germanic folk from coast to coast and united in the English language, the Founding mythology, and Christianity.”

    We take this for granted, but isn’t it just so weird when you think about it? What other country, if any, can honestly say ‘E pluribus unum’? We had such a good thing while it lasted.

    Back when the pluribus was White, at least.

  8. You ask the question of owns America, but the views you then explain have nothing to do with that question. These views address the question of who should own America.

    Those who own a land are those who rule over it. We all know which group that presently is, don’t we?

    Your last question is indeed pertinent. We can only guess at how long exactly it will hold together. Guessing a definite number of years is a fool’s game. Even if someone guesses correctly, nobody can benefit from such a predication. Future historians will probabbly quibble over the exact date anyway.

    So I’ll just say that anybody of working age would be well advised to live with the expectation of seeing the end of the currently prevailing order in America and to plan accordingly.

  9. I have come to the conclusion that the “our posterity” in the Constitution only refers to the posterity of the financial and corporate class that overthrew the Articles of Confederation: those who were not part of that class or who immigrated after the ratification of the new government are not so much posterity as we/they are seen as “cloth of the land” to be manipulated and used as the corporate and financial class sees fit.

  10. — I have come to the conclusion that the “our posterity” in the Constitution only refers to the posterity of the financial and corporate class that overthrew the Articles of Confederation

    Startling, if true of the spirit in which the Constitution was authored. I try to navigate between the twin fallacies of insufficient and excessive cynicism. With time, I’ve gotten not-bad at it.

  11. How are things in Europe, if someone doesnt mind giving some general observations? I once wondered, in a post titled “How are things in Sweden” if what we hear in the US about that country’s bad situation, is more sensationalism than the complete reality.

    The incomplete picture filtered through mainstream and even alternative media: “everybody” in America thinks that Europe is a conquered caliphate of latte-sipping cucks and “everybody” in Europe thinks America is a daily gun violence bloodbath with a 75% negro population. The reality on the streets is different, and usually less melodramatic. People are uncertain, as well as confident, about different things than foreign observers assume they are.

  12. America doesn’t die
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  13. Is “America” even a coherent concept at this point? Was it ever? I do believe that there might be a group of pure Americans, the descendants of Puritans and Cavaliers and rugged settlers who still to some degree embody that frontier spirit, the closest thing America ever had to a true culture. But how many? I doubt they (I’ve heard them called “Amerikaners”) even constitute 10% of US whites at this point, let alone the total population.

    I find the Nova Europa idea compelling because it reflects my home. The corner of the country I’m from is blessed to be made up of many places which identify an “ancestral patron–” one small city is heavily Polish, another Italian, a third Irish, with towns in between claiming more obscure ethnic European forebears. Of course this is fading with time and the endless migratory churn, but to me it represents a powerful vision about what could have been–a patchwork of a million facets, reflections, of the nations of Europe spread across the land, cooperating but still distinct.

    Unfortunately most Americans, even whites, don’t fall in either category. Rootless cosmopolitans, plodding suburbanites, broken addict-torn families; probably upwards of two thirds of white Americans don’t have a real culture at all. The first nativists, having failed to stop the immigrants from coming, instead switched gears and tried to encourage total assimilation. But it backfired: what they didn’t realize was that even once Irish had lost their Irish-ness, they could never become Amerikaners. They gradually became nothings, cultural zombies. And before long many of the first settlers had themselves fallen.

    So I think America (alongside Australia and non-Quebec Canada) is in the whole world unique for its lack of personal history and social depth. I can’t think of a even a single trait which could help define the “American nation,” let alone the hundreds of traits needed to equal the nations of the Old World. What she does have are some sub-nations–including that of her founders–which continue to exist within her.

  14. “…I think America (alongside Australia and non-Quebec Canada) is in the whole world unique for its lack of personal history and social depth.”

    A lot of America’s key cultural figures went/stay abroad, and from their new stomping grounds curiously develop an (often) romanticized and para-nostalgic perception of America, even if they choose to sharply deride the territory verbally. This is now old-hat; generally not nearly as interesting from any cultural standpoint as it once was.

  15. I can see the 2020 Presidential election as offering a tipping point that will tell us how much longer it will all hold.

    Scenario 1: Trump barely wins, a few seats change hands, oppo doubles down which at first looks ominous but soon backfires. This backfiring buys about 5-6 years. So by around 2025 we start to see the fissures cracking

    Scenario 2: Trump barely loses, few seats change hands, oppo doubles down and never relents. By the time of the 2021 inauguration ceremony, America’s done

  16. These are two very likely scenarios, I agree. Going back a few decades, I’d not have been surprised by the growing racial problem in the United States. What would have been a surprise to me, is that roughly 40% of Whites are now effectively communist.

    And the question is, how committed are liberals to their side? My observation says: not enough to go to the mat for, once things get hot.

  17. Who “owns” America? Well, Heritage Americans. In other words, WASPs. The Posterity for whom the Constitution is intended to defend the Blessings of Liberty consists solely of the genetic descendants of the People of the several and United States. Posterity does not include immigrants, descendants of immigrants, invaders, conquerers, tourists, students, Americans born in Portugal, or anyone else who happens to subsequently reside in the same geographic location, or share the same civic ideals, as the original We the People.

    Basically, the Italians and the Irish were the original problem. They could have, and should have, been handled like the Chinese were. But they laid the groundwork for the Jews, the Germans, and the Scandinavians, who made things even worse. And they paved the way for the Mexicans, the Africans, and the Muslims. At this point, the USA will never get back to 1986, let alone 1965.

    Only those of stout Anglo-Saxon heritage served as the conduit to Western Civilization superiority and American exceptionalism. They assuredly did NOT desire to have their culture being watered down by immigrants of notoriously questionable character, that being Southern and Eastern European.

  18. I like option #1. Pan Europeanism doesn’t appeal to me. There are significant differences between different European nationalities. This is a good thing. I think the United States was just too big for Anglos to hold all on their own. I believe when it eventually breaks up there will be a large Anglo territory. It probably will have many people in it who have other things mixed in with their Anglo blood, but choose to identify as Anglos.

  19. Its vaguely similar here in NZ. Anglo-Celts created the nation while being able to absorb small numbers of other euros. The main problem with other euro ethnicities is the tendency to for them to vocally hold open the door to anyone and everything.

  20. I suspect a lot of Anglos are liberal about immigration because they have already let in all these other groups they didn’t really want here. The average Anglo likely feels more loyalty towards a descendant of slaves than towards a continental European American who still holds on to many ethnic traditions.. I get this.
    It’s hard being the first people here and having all these other people invade your turf.

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