Tested when not expecting it

In the news clip that Camlost forwarded, three friends on a spring break trip are (ineptly) held up by two armed blacks:

Two of them fight off the attackers. The third one freezes up during the scuffle, keeping his hands up the entire time. Can’t freeze up like that when your friends need your help. “He’ll have to live w/ that now. For, oh, the rest of his life.” — Suburban_elk

He was tested when he least expected it. He failed. But he’s young and he can use that experience as a wake-up call. Two qualities of character — situational awareness and indifference to one’s own life in clutch moments — will be valuable in the Fiery Twenties. He will live this video down when one day he protects his family.

Physical Bravery and Young Age analyzes the conditions under which a civilization’s young men are ready for war, and conditions under which they are not.

Some men are soft because they never got into a fight in their formative age, thus they never stood up to their fear. Maybe his two friends, the ones who attacked the gunmen and won, had their share of fights. I was once at that crossroads, described here. It was schooldays stuff, but I gave a punch and took a punch to the face. It was a rite of passage.


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  1. Whatever you say, XX chromosomes.

    Let me guess: complying like sheep before their shearers would have been “plain stupid” as well, in your books

  2. That all of them are still alive to tell this story seems like a miracle. What strikes me odd is that it seems like that the robbers sidearm didn’t even accidentally discharge.
    Was it still on safe?
    Wasn’t it loaded?
    Was it a toy gun?
    Don’t you think that’s strange?

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  4. (((news))) edits the video. omits the good parts

    are all the reporters faggots on locals? can’t listen to my local radio station, every deejay is a sodomite.

  5. “are all the reporters faggots on locals”
    Didn’t one from Somewhere in CA just die by misadventure with meth rocks and a fist up his ass?

    In the current system, in the current yeAr, it’s a good bet that anyone with any prominence is in some way corrupt or degenerate. (((They))) only promote compromised goyim easily controlled. Lots of faggots and weirdos in public life.

  6. Armchair quarterbacking is the best quarterbacking.

    Another video from maybe two years ago, might have been in DC, had some black youth doing a public transit robbery and he stuck a gun in some regular looking young White man’s face, who instinctively grabbed for it and effectively disarmed the perp. That looks to be what happened in this video too: they reacted reflexively and next thing you know there’s a gun on the table.

  7. The only nightly news to watch anymore is Nick ‘based AF’ Fuentes. That young whippersnapper sure is quick and clever. He could kick Shapiro’s metaphorical ass w/ one hand tied.

    But one bone to pick w/ Fuentes. Fuentes says that he will out argue the opposition with “facts and logic”. That’s cool and all, but the mistake is in placing facts and logic in a position of primacy, in determining what is good and true.

    Facts and logic are great, but truth and beauty come first; whether or not they work best in the nightly news debate format. The obsessive emphasis on “facts and logic” comes across as spergy. It IS spergy. We don’t need graphs about population replacement. Pictures do a better job. Otoh facts and logic too.

  8. Muh facts and logic is a millennial boomerism.

    It’s like a boomer harping on socialism. It’s missing the larger picture.

    The larger picture, first of all is what is right. Second of all, it’s how is that conveyed.

    In neither of those questions, is facts and logic the best bet nor even necessarily a good one. To rely on them as the one and only working solution, is so 1950s (and not in the good way).

  9. I’ve been in the middle of a few fights. Took a fist to the eye socket once, I was 19 or so, after a concert. Drunk guy got into it with my equally drunk friends. Wasn’t pretty, but it was pretty white, i.e., after fists we’re thrown everyone calmed down enough to walk away and leave it alone.

    I wasn’t trying to fight, I was collateral damage. Wrong place, etc.

    But the kid with his hands up…I hope he wakes up. I don’t know how you get to 18-19 with a surrender monkey attitude like that. Of course, we are talking about a generation who grew up with shelter-in-place drills and to not fight back against anyone, ever, because complicity always keeps you safe /s.

    I had the benefit of parents who knew the score on blacks and Hispanics and, hell, even Sicilians. I had uncles who went regularly into the woods, as younger teenagers, with a Bowie knife and little else and came back days later. They taught me what they knew (they were close enough to my age to be more like cousins than uncles).

    So, yeah, situational awareness is critical. But let us not forget, we’ve also been conditioned to SitAw as rayciss. How dare you get nervous when a black man approaches you in a dark parking deck!

  10. Elk: “Facts and logic are great, but truth and beauty come first”

    Truer, and more profound words, have never been spoken.

  11. Well, the gunman made a huge mistake closing the distance so much and allowing himself to be grappled – he clearly considered whites to be sheeple who just fold up, and he surely recognized them as “easy mark” tourists right away. I’m surprised the idiot didn’t hold the gun sideways “gangsta style”.

    At one point about 15 years ago all rental cars in Florida had license plates that started with the same 3 letters – and the Obama supporters picked them out for crimes like these until authorities realized it and the policy was changed.

    But the idiot kid in the red plaid had plenty of time to come to his senses before the shirtless crackhead backup guy got into the mix, yet he still just backed away and still had his hands up in the air. As that #2 guy approached I would’ve laid the guy out with a flying tackle like Dick Butkus. Even before that, when the gunman was on the ground he should’ve come flying over and stomped 2 feet on his hand holding the pistol.

    Apparently, they’re all related cousins from Terre Haute, IN. That’s probably some place with few blacks in general and where they are pretty much all live in a tight, dense ghetto in the center of town rather than distributed everywhere in the metro area like down South – maybe that explains the cluelessness. I’m always keenly aware of my surroundings, in proportion to the type of neighborhood, time of day and the amount of other people around.

    When driving I’m packing a pistol myself about 95% of the time. If I go to a drive-thru ATM after dark I am literally holding the pistol visibly in my right hand while making the withdrawal with my left.

    Also, if this was me I’m getting a knife out of my car and slashing their tire so they can’t get away once we’ve secured the gun. And I’m getting a tire iron out of my trunk and whacking some heads with it.

  12. Camlost, when I got my first car, my dad got me the foot-long 4-DD battery sized MagLight for my car. He said it even the batteries died, it would work just fine as a weapon.

    I don’t know if it’s nature or nurture for me, but being ready to fight if I must has been a fact of life. Like Han So.o, I prefer a straight fight to sneaking around. But then my digit ratio is probably not feminine enough. No self rescuing princess, I’m happy for my husband’s protection, but damn be ready for the day you need to be your own shield.

    The threat of prosecution for excessive retaliation is real, and certainly driven into these white boys’ heads, as law abiding citizens who only want to go about their business in peace and so on.

    We really do need a separate country to rebuild our nation.

  13. “…about 15 years ago all rental cars in Florida had license plates that started with the same 3 letters…”

    I have some substantial history in Florida, and can attest that this is a true statment. I tried putting green wax over my license plate’s three initial letters to throw off state troopers. When pulled over, I explained that I was simply a proud gator-grad; they generally proceeded to casually smirk or spit & told me to pull away, back into the traffic (or lack thereof), w/ no harm done. Florida legislation can be as peculiar as the varied swamps mid-state.

  14. It’s interesting why the blacks didnt use their guns. Fake guns, unloaded, incompetent? Shocked that the guys fought back? Smart enough to know it’s ok to bluff but not worth the murder charges?

    — I’m always keenly aware of my surroundings, in proportion to the type of neighborhood

    Around blax never relax.

    — When driving I’m packing a pistol myself about 95% of the time

    Lucky, lucky LUCKY, lucky guy to have that freedom. In my state, you pretty much have to be in law enforcement to get a CC license. One of the worst 2A states in the country, though it’s otherwise got plenty going for it.

  15. @Notwende: you’re right that it’s probably stupid to risk your life over $40. But that’s not the point; the point is that once his two friends decided it best to fight back, the struggle became a matter of life or death for them, and *then* the third guy was obligated to step in. That he was initially passive isn’t a big deal; that he continued to be passive is.

    I’m a bit sympathetic because no one knows how they will actually respond in such a situation until the time comes. But at the same time knowing how we should act when tested is the most important part.

    @Suburban_Elk: Facts can only tell us what is, not what should be. Knowing all the facts about demographic replacement wouldn’t matter if you didn’t believe such a replacement was truthfully bad. So I mostly agree with you. That being said, I do think logic can help us reach absolute truth, in a way “facts” cannot, so I don’t know if grouping them together is accurate.

  16. “…ok to bluff…”

    Either bluffing or puffing,
    Fat catfish commence.
    In a Nothing of stuffing,
    Thanksgiving ‘feasts for the gents!’

  17. “I’m a bit sympathetic because no one knows how they will actually respond in such a situation until the time comes. ”

    Why do people say this? It’s not true.

  18. It’s interesting why the blacks didnt use their guns.

    It could’ve even been a BB gun. Most of the males in my family are military or police (or both) and would’ve been able to sense or spot a fake gun immediately – I wouldn’t have had enough familiarity with pistols to spot that from a distance in an attempted robbery.

    And most Obama supporters lack any true weapons knowledge and/or skill, thus their laughably low kill rate during those hot summer weekends in Chicago where 60 to 80 Obama supporters get shot all across the city and public housing, with only 6-10 fatalities at most.

    “I’m a bit sympathetic because no one knows how they will actually respond in such a situation until the time comes. ”

    Let’s say we even give the kid in the red flannel a free pass at first, just due to the sheer surprise of it all.

    It’s another TEN seconds later that his 3 friends are still rolling around with the guy wrestling for the gun and the crackhead helper comes into the picture. And he’s still retreating and putting his hands back in the air again even though there’s no gun being pointed at him.

    That’s plenty of time to come to your senses and express even the most basic of self-defense impulses that even the lowliest of animals should possess.

    If 4 black guys had turned the tables like this on 2 attempted robbers there would’ve been broken bones and two badly beaten perps. If you truly analyze this video it suggests some very, very serious problems in the way our people think and react here in 2019.

    An awakening is needed.

  19. A gun brag: I don’t have much in a way of country boy background but I fairly recently went to a skeet shoot range with three Appalachian and one rural Indiana fellow, around my age and younger. I kicked ass. There were long streaks when I simply couldn’t miss a disk, even when pairs were launched. Marksmanship (with a shotgun in this case), like everything else, is a talent and a skill.

    The talent part of it, was my feel for leading the disk and not having to think about when to pull the trigger, just doing it when it felt right.

    The skill was stuff I had learned in the Army (with a rifle in that case). Good posture and most importantly, breath control. Never hold your breath because that makes your hands shake imperceptibly, enough to throw off your accuracy. Breathe naturally and squeeze the trigger either on the peak of inhale or bottom of exhale, whatever feels better for you. I was an above-average shot with an M16 when in the military but by no means outstanding.

  20. He was tested when he least expected it. He failed. But he’s young and he can use that experience as a wake-up call. Two qualities of character — situational awareness and indifference to one’s own life in clutch moments — will be valuable in the Fiery Twenties. He will live this video down when one day he protects his family.

    Me likey this paragraph. It ends on a nice note.

    It really would be interesting, to get an inside scoop, on how he is henceforth received and treated by his friends and family, and the other people around where he lives. If it’s a small town Indiana (“I was born in a small town, my parents live in the same small town”) he will be known. Not to romanticize Indiana as being off the beaten track, which no place is anymore, but some places are more than others.

    Regarding the sentiment expressed in the quoted paragraph above, there is a line that is sort of a meme but I can’t place where it’s from —

    “I took his measure. And found him wanting.”

    It’s the type of thing that was originally said by King Arthur and his Knights (of the Round Table) and that’s probably where it’s from, but it has become modernized in its inflection and made into a sort of joke.

    Of course Faramir had some famous interior monologues to this effect, wherein he was expressing self doubt which was atypical for a scion of his Line, but at the same time such self doubt went along with his second sight, or at least according to Mithrandir who would know such things. Faramir was laid upon by his cruel father to show his quality which is something that they still might say in England. According to the television writers they will still use this colorful phrase in the more grittier hardscrabble milieus, referring to quality of character and conduct in combat-type situations.

  21. In Child of God, the book by Cormac, he describes a con that the traveling carnies pulled. They had a sharpshooter who would shoot skeets with a .22 rifle or something, and knock em down every one. Betting was involved and it worked as a con because people in Tennessee back then were very very good shots.

    However. It turned out that the skeets were loaded with firecrackers or something to that effect. Low rent and clever.

    Cormac’s early stories are supposedly pretty well mixed in with autobiography. So such episode may have gone down as described.

  22. He will live this video down when one day he protects his family.

    I agree with this, as well as Elk’s comment. Where was i reading, just recently – Bruce Charlton’s? – about the sting of cowardice, and how the gnawing of knowing that you failed to do right, out of cowardice, is perhaps the least repressible and most shameful of feelings. This guy will have that shame chew at his soul until he rectifies it.

  23. “…by Cormac…”

    Cormac has vocally stated that he’s not interested in producing short stories. Doesn’t have it in him, I’d surmise. A true mediocrity more interested in science than his actual trade: Fiction! He’s not worthy of the south; nowhere near being a titan. But ‘Blood Meridian’ remains worthy of a cursory reading, preferably in a Latin translation.

  24. whites have to use their 4d thinking skills and assess the entire situation in milliseconds before acting. “winning” the fight is only one slice of the whole picture. what happens next?

    I’ve been in this exact situation, except I was alone. two guns, two cracked out thugs, and then me. here’s what I had to process within about ten seconds:

    What is the most likely way I can get out of this situation and get on with what I was doing (helping my parents)?

    I can reach thug #1’s gun, but not thug #2’s gun. So I have to grab thug #1’s gun and use it on thug #2 before he can use HIS gun on me. What kind of gun is it? Where is the safety? Is it even loaded?

    What happens if I shoot these guys? This is in my own community. It might be publicized on the nightly news. My family is vulnerable to retribution. I’m vulnerable to retribution.

    If I shoot them I’ll be arrested immediately. What will happen to me in the courts? I’ll probably be convicted of murder. At the very least this will tie up my life for a year. I’ll lose my freedoms. Probably all of them. I won’t be able to be there for my friends and family. My life will be effectively be over. For what?

    How likely are these guys to shoot me? They’re moving slowly. They’re reflexes are slow. This guy is standing so close to me I can grab the gun before he uses it.

    What about the other guy? He doesn’t look very sharp. He’s far enough away (6 feet) that I can move away before he pulls the trigger.

    How much money will I lose? About $60.

    In the end I very carefully and very slowly pulled out my wallet and gave them my money, watching every twitch of their bodies, prepared to react if they did anything stupid(er). Then they left and I went on with my day, helping the important people in my life.

    The only way to deal with soulless thugs like these is with finality. Satisfying, yes, but if you do that right now you’ll give up everything. And you’ll miss out on the real race war that’s coming, while accomplishing close to nothing. A badge on your ego, sure. Bragging rights, maybe.
    But it’s not just about you. How will your family fare while you rot in jail?

  25. McCarthy is about the psyche and it’s doubts, in settings unfamiliar to his average reader. I like his stories, and his style of construction is something one must come to appreciate, not necessarily admire, but the stark presentation of base humanity is, perhaps, one of those things we should encounter even if we cannot immediately grasp the significance.

    My standard for Southern Gothic is Flannery O’Connor. She does it better than McCarthy, but McCarthy enjoys popular approval.

  26. Haven’t read anything by Cormac. I did read a Flannery O’connor short story years ago. It was excellent. Involved a local Southern girl, she was unattractive and had a disagreeable personality, as I recall it. This was set in the old South, maybe the 1920s. The disagreeable girl had just come home from college and was upsetting the amicable relations among White and black women with talk she brought back from college.

    Plumpjack: that’s a fine account mental calculations we have to make as a people under a hostile government. Under a legitimate government, the law would give latitude to us in situations of self defense based on the value of our lives contrasted with theirs.

  27. Also: it’s different when “you’re there” vs when watching someone else being there on the news.

    The guys at the pump made split-second calculations based on minute clues: body language of the first assailant. Maybe his eyes said “this is an unloaded gun for a bluff stickup.” Maybe his very pheromones said that. We can see and smell things below the threshold of forebrain operations. That’s what athletes do in the heat of action.

    I’d say, that the two guys from Indiana instantly “knew” that the robber is a chump and the T kicked in. Humans have animal instincts that operate on info that security cameras dont pick up. And they did the right thing.

  28. @PA A gun brag: I don’t have much in a way of country boy background but I fairly recently went to a skeet shoot range with three Appalachian and one rural Indiana fellow, around my age and younger. I kicked ass.

    My shooting is quite mediocre, not a poor shot just not on par with the rest of the deadshots in my family.

    One day I got followed home from a check cashing place when I was in my Tundra. It took me a while to realize I was being followed and I made eye contact in rearview mirror with them behind me and they bolted – the area was fairly Hispanic so I think it was just two dumb gangbangers who thought I was a local border jumper Mexican cashing my paycheck and then carrying cash around to send $$ home to mamacita, then buy my cheetos, taquitos and corona for the weekend.

    If they hadn’t peeled off like that they were in for a world of trouble as I had my Ruger SP101 (.357) with me – I was literally holding it in one hand ready to go – and with powerball slug rounds. That’s not a weapon for them to be trifling with at close range as I’m sure they had a little pissant .22 or cheap 9mm. It’s a magnificently simple hand cannon that kicks like an old angry donkey.

    My SP101 would’ve left those border jumpers with thimble-sized holes in their front, but futbol sized holes in the back. LOL

  29. The O’Connor story sounds like “Revelation.” Unattractive girl feels superior because education, only to be revealed as a fraud and one too proud to remember her own community.

    Also revealed, that black and white weren’t so different, just accepted and knew their unique occupancies. What is really revealed by leaving home, by education, by judging the old ways that worked well enough for so long.

    OkConnor’s personal circumstances were complicated, as an isolated invalid who experienced very little of life outside of her home, but perhaps that made her a most astute observer of how the world she knew was changing for reasons she’d never know or understand.

    Like Blood Meridian. Always moving forward, recklessly and with murder, to the horizon (which is not a longitudinal line, but a meridian line, despite our reckoning as the two as inverse from our flattened perspective). Why? Because we can. We’ve been shown the forbidden fruit and called it the prized apple, to claim as our own.

  30. “…a Flannery O’connor short story years ago.”

    John Kennedy Toole, of ‘Confederacy of Dunces’ fame, was apparently a big fan of Flannery. He knew New Orleans too well for his own good, and died young. But his top-shelf comedies purportedly went unpublished; unheralded by the vulgar masses.

  31. You have to leave the fighting in hockey and in the schoolyard. Allowing fighting prevents the more dangerous stuff involving weapons that happens when tempers boil over. In hockey and in the schoolyard there was a code and policing. Fist fights were a regular occurrence. But there were unwritten rules. When it’s done it’s done. You don’t kick a guy when he is down. You don’t have to win, but you have to fight when challenged. You don’t come back looking for revenge. I think we were better for it. I even became friends with a guy who I had a pretty bad fight with while beforehand we hated each other’s guts. Women negros and millennials can never understand that story.

    Something changed in the middle 90s. All of a sudden, even in my White town, It was all about jumping guys with a gang and inflicting maximum damage. It was nigger rap culture influence.

    God I miss a nice White country.

  32. Oh yeah I had a point. It was that schoolyard fighting prepares you for situations like this. The kid with his hands up has probably never been in anything but a sarcastic verbal confrontation.

  33. All of us want to identify with the winners of this fight. All of us want to desperately think that in such a situation, we will behave bravely and come out on top.

    And deep dow, all of us are deeply afraid that we are the guy meekly raising his hand in the air, signalling submission.

    And unless already tested, we just do not know.

    And those of us, who are claiming most loudly, that in such a situation, we will be brave, and that shame on that one guy on the video? They are harbouring the greatest doubts about themselves, and hating that this is so…. But this is natural. All we can do as man is to pray God that in a situation like this, we can act brave and come out on top…

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