Nightsong (2 of 2)

Question: why did God create intelligent man? A guess: He wants someone around who’s capable of appreciating His Creation.

An evening hymn. Written by Romantic poet Franciszek Karpiński (1741 – 1825). Here it is performed by the legendary bass-baritone Bernard Ładysz, who is backed by what sounds like a church choir. A really nice performance. Feels like you’re there. My translation is true to the original meter.

(The second couplet of each verse repeats once.)

Wszystkie nasze dzienne sprawy / All of Our Daily Matters

Wszystkie nasze dzienne sprawy / All of our daily matters
przyjm litośnie Boże prawy / Keep with mercy, righteous Father
A gdy będziem zasypiali / And when sleep time comes upon us
niech Cię nawet sen nasz chwali / In our dreams we’ll glorify You

Twoje oczy obrócone / Your eyes turned and ever watchful
dzień i noc patrzą w tę stronę / Day and night in our direction
Gdzie niedołężność człowieka / Where the frailty of mankind
Twojego ratunku czeka / Stands awaiting Your salvation

Odwracaj nocne przygody / Turn away the nightly perils
Od wszelakiej broń nas szkody / And protect us from all evils
Miej nas zawsze w swojej pieczy / Have us always in Your safeguard
Stróżu i Sędzio człowieczy / Guardian, Judge to all of mankind

A gdy już niebo osiędziem / And when we ascend to Heaven
Tobie wspólnie śpiewać będziem / We shall sing to You together
Boże w Trójcy niepojęty / God in Trinity unfathomed
Święty, na wiek wieków Święty / Forever and ever Holy


21 thoughts on “Nightsong (2 of 2)

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  2. Bass-baritones are the best baritones.

    F is the note for to hit. A half step lower and it’s in the bass range. On youtube and amongst internet commentators, men and boys brag about their bass range like their dick size, iq and their bench press. Iow everyone can hit a D.

    That said I can do a pretty reliable and solid E and occasional E-flat. The other relevant vocab term in describing those notes is “musical quality,” as in do said notes have it.

  3. Downtown at the library today, for to on their concert grand. Ladies and gentleman I present to you, the Icelandic snow owl —

    Stately, Loud and with feeling

    4 / 4

    C C C C
    E7 E7 E7 E7
    F F F F
    G6 G6 G6 G6

    Maybe do some of the transitions on the half-beat, maybe not.

    As ever it’s in the execution. It would be an intro to some march in C or C-sharp, if you wanted to do a fancy key change ala Rousing Theme ala John Williams, everyone’s fav copy pasta Mainard and maestro.

    Some 20-year old cutie, solid 8.5-plus easily, was having an adventure on her bike and locking it up. I blatantly eyeballed her, in the way that you can once you let go any designs on her. If I were a bon vivant and actually living in this world, I woulda told her she shouldn’t be hanging downtown, alone, anymore. Who’s your daddy baby? Does he even know you’re here?

    That’s not just a line from a blues song …

    Truth be told she looked sweet and innocent and virginal.

  4. I have such an easy opener — Can you sing?

    There is not much in the way of a street scene for music, around here. As in, none.

    I saw some first rate old style American Negro bluesman, out on Nicollet Mall about ten years ago. Some hippy-ish girl with a guitar last year or the year before. And some old boy from the Mid South maybe and sang with him one song, Charlie Daniels, “If you don’t like the way I’m livin’ you just leave this long haired country boy alone”

    I probably knew all the lyrics. There’s only three verses.

    Poor girl wants to marry
    rich girl wants to flirt
    rich man goes to college
    poor man goes to work
    drunkard wants another drink of wine
    politician wants your vote
    I don’t want much of nothin at all
    but I will take another toke

    Cuz I aint askin nobody for nothin
    If I can’t get it on my own

  5. — Truth be told she looked sweet and innocent and virginal.

    I see them working at ice cream shops a lot. Saw one like that this weekend. Nice eyes, probably 17.

  6. Saw this on Twatter. A presumed globalist nü-liberal crows: “Have you ever seen anyone try to escape capitalism?”

    Someone replied: “Yes. It’s called the opioid epidemic.”

  7. “…ice cream shops…”

    Phenomenal places to flirt some with younger gals, especially when out in the country — or to simply grab some good sherbet and skim through The Journal. There is no substitute for ice cream shops.

  8. The songs of Poland, living on the positive edge of things, make each day better rather than worse. They have good music for dancing, too.

  9. Ok, dude in the red plaid shirt is what’s wrong with the right in America. He’s (literally) still standing there with his hands in the air while the fighting ensues. Then he sits there and watches the help come over and says/does nothing:

  10. I like your politics commentary, Camlost, because you always do it with a sense of humor.

    And Sorcerygod continues to grow on me!

  11. Then he sits there and watches the help come over and says/does nothing

    He’ll have to live w/ that now. For, oh, the rest of his life.

    Meme goes here: the one from Braveheart where Mel Wallace does his King’s speech before the battle about how they might live today but will surely spend the rest of their lives in regret.

  12. The problem with youth today, DS readers excepted of course, is that they live in video game mode. All the time.

    Reality approached them youths in the form of two niggers with gun, and he didn’t enter the Dragon like he ought should have. It’s probably a legitimate excuse, as in a real interpretation of behavior, as opposed to cowardice. Which can never be lived down. His pals obv comported themselves quite right well.

    Indiana people are very country. They are the intersection of Appalachia and the Midwest. In other words dumb and big-boned. No offense.

  13. “It’s probably a legitimate excuse, as in a real interpretation of behavior, as opposed to cowardice.”

    It’s meaning living in video game mode, as opposed to cowardice, as an explanation for behavior.

    Otoh. Not everyone likes to fight, and it’s not a realistic expectation that any particular person even White is going to jump into battle at a moment’s notice.

    That’s a HUGE thing in terms of where we are at. Marc ‘Animal’ MacYoung emphasized that point to no end, in re how regular people (of all stripes and colors) get taken advantage of by criminals. Because the criminal has already decided to use violence.

    Whereas normal behavior does not work, on that basis. It’s fairly psychologically and physically draining, to always be on the ready for violence. The way that our behavior is modified to come to terms w/ the pressures of having to live in a hostile world, but not being able to openly acknowledge the situation, is a good theme.

    Fact: It’s easier to pretend that there’s not a threat.

  14. “…what’s wrong with the right in America.”

    I watched the clip. Disgraceful. The right in America is bombarded with these low-T skirmishes. When it’s time to hit’em back where it really hurts, that scarcely done at some southern pump.

  15. Speaking of video game mode. A current clip on youtube making the rounds, is of Alex Jones in a barbecue joint in Texas, where he (apparently) got “confronted” or whatever-they-call-it-now, basically interrupted at his meal for the crime of being on the Right, by some NPC soys; and he flipped out at them.

    Alex to his credit and as everyone knows, is a hothead and he yelled them down, and would seem to have “won” the controntation, if public scenes with fat retard normies can be won.

    But the point is that everyone in the Scene is filming everyone else. It’s absurd. As if they are winning some point by getting it on their cameras. Alex is doing it too.

    Alex gets in the best shots. He says that America would never have been won by their fat asses. And what’s weird and typical of these confrontations, is that the normies respond to these cutting because true insults, by ooohhh and ahhhing, whooping and hollering like them being insulted the most fun thing ever. As if their lives are so meaningless that it is the most excitement they ever had.

    Reminds of a story from my own (not so) exciting life. I got into a road rage incident with some guy who clipped my bumper trying to get around. We got out of the cars. I was 100 per cent in the right, except for that I had been eyeballing him in the rearview mirror, effectively daring him to try to get past me. And he did (try) and hit my car!

    No damage was done to the car. We got out and I went Alex Jones on his ass. This was in the city and there was a crowd that was literally cheering and clapping. Fucking people.

  16. Apparently Beethoven died on this day nearly two centuries ago. I wonder if he would get road or sea-rage at the sight of our strikingly ornery republic.

    One can only wonder..

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