Two Fine Things

“Well there’s only two things in life that make it worth livin’ / It’s a good nationalist video and hair braided on women.” — not Waylon Jennings

Serbs making rap not-suck. With its aspirational scene of nationalists and policemen embracing one another, the video raises two questions: will Trump drain the swamp; will the French military side with the Gilets Jaunes. The English-subtitled lyrics make a good anthem:

These work to make you lose your identity
to make you an obedient, rotting mediocrity

But you kept quiet, believed, hoped, voted
Now you can’t believe where you’ve ended up
That’s why you need to pull away
When you’re hurting say it out loud
You’re not bound to the bank, but to your children!

Examples of undercover pro-White signalling: a while back there was talk of wearing something white every 14th day of the month. And there is the OK hand gesture but that might get you SWAT’ed at 3 in the morning, so be careful. As to women’s patriotic style, TexasVet posts the photo below and comments:

Pro white trad women need to start braiding their hair so that we can recognize them in public. It will let us know to be protective of you. It will also let us know that you are the type of woman we would want to get to know. Think of how many pro white couples we could create if our women all started doing this.



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  1. Jaded Jurist: yeah, that glimpse of upper arm… Someone once said that the wrist of an Amish girl is more intoxicating than the ass of a thot in yoga pants.

    S.J., Esquire: with two or more girls together, they love braiding each other’s long hair. It’s primal.

  2. >wearing something white every 14th day of the month

    Given that white is the second most common color of dress shirts after blue in the office, it would not stand out.

    >Pro white trad women need to start braiding their hair

    You see, Frozen is slightly more popular than being pro white trad. Like, about 100:1. Sad, but true. And that influenced girls already, granted, mostly children, to do braiding. Just look around. So again it would not stand out.

    I think this is simpler than that. We shouldn’t just be different from others in the horizontal sense, but actually better, kind of vertically. So the best signal is to just do your best. Dress elegantly and modestly. Be polite. Use your native language correctly. Wear a cross, even if you don’t believe. And so on.

  3. Something about braided hair like that gives me a libido boost like no other.

    I can’t even see their faces but I just know they’re gorgeous.

  4. — So again it would not stand out.

    When you feel that impulse to jump right in with a sweeping nay-say, don’t act on that impulse.

    — I think this is simpler than that.

    Now you’re tripping over your feet.

  5. @Dividualist
    a woman of european descent wearing her hair in a braid gets under the skin of sheebons, muslim whores, street shitteresses and latrinas. this alone is enough reason to do it

  6. My girls recently got haircuts, one a long bob, the other a long asymmetric bob. I told them both, longer hair suits them. We’ll be growing out the bobs.

    It really does. Neither is of marriageable age, not even hit puberty yet. But hair, and dress, they do matter.

    It’s idolized and idealized, often, in the mc’sphere. I wonder if it is understood. On a primal level, definitely.

    Everyday social levels are fundamentally retarded, in the base sense of the word. We don’t know where to go, how to react, whether or not our instincts are correct, because…school? People? Multicult?

    So, doubt and the wonder of what we could, should, expect from others (when that was previously a given with few exceptions), is territory we navigate like blind drunken sailors. Something will stick…with all the power of flour paste.

    You don’t have social cohesion without a society.

    Religion is the glue.

  7. I like the idea of wearing something white. Then mention it in passing to some progressive co-workers wearing a suit and a white shirt. Pretty quickly progressives will stop wearing white and make the whole idea popular.

    If things go well, they’ll start yelling that wearing a white shirt is racist. That might make a few more normies note how mad progressives are.

  8. “You don’t have social cohesion without a society.”

    That’s what probability expert Nassim Taleb says. Fractal localism. His charts & graphs explain to some extent.

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  10. “…stop wearing white…”

    I try to wear white on two occasions:

    I. Early dawn
    II. Late twilight

    Fashion ‘as such’ is more of a Greek thing.

  11. This picture could easily be my daughters. One is taken but the others are still available. Only high quality men of the right need apply.

  12. A note,

    These types of braids are not easy to do on one’s own. It requires a mother, sister, friend, someone else to help. Someone who cares that a young woman has her best appearance as a worthy maiden.

    These aren’t everyday braids. The blonde second from left has a Dutch fishtail braid in her hair, they are difficult to do solo, but Not impossible. It speaks of a desire to make even the humble, beautiful.

  13. It’s nice in a way that some of those trad things require family participation. Have a big close family, you can braid. Or in reverse: you want to do those things, so you bring your family closer.

  14. Signs of implicit Whiteness —

    1. Braiding of hair
    2. Whiteness itself, the color

    As regarding girls taking up braids because of the movie Frozen. That doesn’t go either way for or against it being a White girl thing. That’s the culture that those age girls have now, is that movie. That movie contained much implicit Whiteness. The Dissident Right has done media studies to death but the tldr is that w/o real themes which are inevitably heroic and to the good, the story fails to be a story.

    I only watched the first half hour or so — probably before it went South — but remember the one part where the giant Nordic storekeeper flipped out for being accused of being dishonest in his business practices. Which was funny and believable. Who says the left can’t meme?

    The more they continue to try and drive Whiteness underground, the more everything becomes a symbol of it. They are in an impossible position.

    Re Tom Wolfe. Yes the White suit was his trademark. With the hat and the cane and the white leather shoes. He walked the walk. In order for him to gain access to those society events, he had to be a somebody. His father by was profession an agronomist, and he himself played minor league baseball and had large manly hands. To go along w/ a fairly neotenous face. German name obv.

  15. Ahhh Beogradski Sindikat is dope, been listening to them for a while. Slavic rap in general (at least form what I’ve seen) is wholesome, nationalist and promotes virtue. There are some Hungarian rap groups that do the same, but generally rap here is the gypsy genre, while nationalist prefer rock music.

    Every day I thank God for the Slavs 🙂

  16. ot, but it’s something that has always bothered me. some people bandy the idea about that we live in a new reality akin to the soviet union, but it never looked like the sort of government that would promote 3rd world invasion and rapefugees. so at least they had it going for them. having observed that africans and muslims openly invading europe is a recent development (i never noticed it happening before the 90s), i would like to know what would have realistically happened if an african tried to invade the ussr? would they support it, out of spite for their native population?

  17. Subtle braids on maids
    Hit luck’s heart with jade;

    They each came untied
    Against birth’s bride.

    She tucked in her lonesome ponytail,
    Her jay-blue eyes backward seemed to sail…

    ‘Til the maids’ braids re-found mirth’s laved, mauve-miened glade.

  18. The third of those youtubes videos, tells a story w/ the video. The first two are aggressive rap style vids. The third looks to be filmed “authentically” (or whatever), presumably in Hungary, by the cinematographer-in-question.

    That footage is presumably authentic, and so there are White prostitutes on the street in bikinis doing tricks for drugs? The end of that video, its symbolism was a bit strange. It had a fat face Normie pick up the camera after the rapper was done using it and it had run out of batteries.

    The other two videos were more, how shall we say, directly presented. Advising on what attitude might work in a very tough school.

  19. The real world pictures in those Slavic rap videos, of ethnic White nationalist gangs, is in contrast to anything familiar around these parts in America.

    Open question: What the nearest equivalent social forms aka ethnic gangs, outside of Eastern Europe and Russia?

    Motorcycle gangs are the only White gangs I know of. And pleased to be noting a crucial distinction between these American White motorcycle gangs, and those Slavic gangs in the videos. White motorcycle gangs are comprised of older members. And there is also the question of how explicitly racial they are, if at all.

    I am not in a motorcycle gang, but see those people around often enough. They are very very tough guys.

    These days, it’s 100 per cent for certain that most or many of them are no longer “pulling their punches” in their thoughts and opinions. But do they have the same sense of ethnic loyalty that informs the Slavic gangs?


    This topic has been kicked around for a long time, online in WN activism. Questions on what and where are the White gangs in America. Does anyone know?

    Nb4 Don’t answer “prison”; not talking about the AB here; looking for other answers

  20. Good stuff HungarianPatriot. I had a post about Slavic rap almost exactly two years ago. Elk did some sharp commentary there:

    — The other two videos were more, how shall we say, directly presented. Advising on what attitude might work in a very tough school.

    HungarianPatriot’s first video (Bujak), was also in the above-linked article. English subtitles were originally there, disabled now. An ostensibly football-fan hymn, it’s strongly political song, referencing Europe’s “White strength” and burning the EU flag (“Instead of the white eagle, it’s now those little stars?”). A copy of Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper is torched. It’s Poland’s premier liberal publication, founded by Adam Michnik, a Jewish communist-era dissident whose brother Stefan still lives in Sweden, where he fled in 1968 when Poland’s government cracked down on Stalin-era (((apparatchiks.)))

    Stefan M. is still alive, still protected by Swedish government from Poland’s standing extradition request. He was a Stalin-installed judge right after WWII, responsible for the politically motivated execution sentences of several since-exonerated Home Army veterans.

    PS: nice work, Each Pond Gone. ” ‘Til the maids’ braids re-found mirth’s laved, mauve-miened glade” — nice!

  21. “This topic has been kicked around for a long time, online in WN activism. Questions on what and where are the White gangs in America. Does anyone know?”

    Just in case it needs stating —

    Not asking for specifics!

  22. — Questions on what and where are the White gangs in America.

    There are two kinds of ethno-gangs: business and patriotism. Of the former, there was the Italian mob. Of the latter, there was the Klan.

    America is in the twilight zone now — too late to talk, too early to get kinetic. There is too little trust and too much surveillance here right now for White gangs. That may change soon enough though. There is already implicit resistance, which makes an implicit recruiting pool. Has been so for ages.

  23. “…they love braiding each other’s long hair. It’s primal.”

    My sister enjoys braiding her pet horses’ hair. She wears mittens and smirks angelically as she engages in such handicraft. Then she scratches the horses’ sides gently, admiring her work. Her smile lamb-white, she rides one away without a harness; toward the horizon, memory’s Mohawk standing proud above her brunette ponytail. All this just to gently ridicule an Indian tribe on a nearby plain. “Savages,” she whispers to their elders & sweating berry-pickers. Braids, braids, braids.

  24. Jacinda Ardern wants to take our guns, but she is herself is packing some serious heat. The expression on her face, is such that-look-when she knows she forgot to tape up.

    Can this video footage be confirmed as not having been doctored? because is so it is definitive.

  25. Please excuse the typos. The youtube content speaks for itself. That’s a man baby, or a tranny or something with a dick. Or perhaps a better more accurate statement —-> that’s a dick

    A lot of comments make the case for Christchurch not being what it seems.

    I used to consider it a starting point that these mass shootings were more likely false flags, because the long history of false flags particularly September 11. It’s too hard to keep up on events anymore. And then other people say they are not even false flags but rather hoaxes.

  26. Looks real. She does look down with an “oh shit” look. If that’s a dick, I am no longer amusedly dismissive of those videos that claim that many of the famous women are former men. A bunch of A list actresses, Melania, and so on.

    If that’s not a johnson but maybe a medical device or something, I’m not aware of an example of one.

    Or the prime ministerette strapped on a fake cock n balls on purpose as a troll.

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  28. Hair is a woman’s crowning glory. How a woman’s hair looks gives you a good idea of how she takes care of herself (and others). It should not be covered up with a hijab.

  29. Andrew Yang and Ben Shapiro are going head to head, or rather glans to glans, on the topic of

    involuntary neonatal genital reduction assignment; for boys

    Some sort of public spectacle “convo” between these two bon vivants, is in the works.

    Isn’t it just great that this health issue, which is to say the reproductive and sexual health of White children, is finally to be uh, broached? Finally and but here’s the thing.

    A White man won’t be taking the stage.

    Good job, boomers! Way to not have a word in. Way to stand back.

  30. I think that may just be the wayer dress is bunching up.

    There’s something swishing around down there, and it’s about three inches long. Which is to say near abouts a White average flaccid.

    Rather begs the question of whether she is circumcised.

  31. Yeah I know that’s the correct usage in logical terms, of the phrase “begs the question.” It is however a correct usage in everyday language thanks for pointing this out.

    This is Dangerfield and his panel The Three Stooges on Christchurch.

    One of this guests by the name of Hugh, goes on an all-time classic rant about Jacinda Adern. It starts at 32:20.

    Dangerfield takes a lot of heat for being soft on Muzzies, in his video response above. It is what it is.

  32. The fact that we, or We, or whatever, are even looking forward to a debate between Chairman Yang and Ben Shapiro, because no one among our group has the balls and the heart and the brain, to stand up out loud for his own children’s reproductive health, is a sad commentary. I like to blame boomers for this. Is it fair, to do so?

    And yeah it woulda been nice to go through life, being able to know and feel sexual intimacy, as nature evolved and god intended.

    To never even be able to know that, is a bitter pill indeed.

    But let’s not talk about it because no one wants to be reminded. What a deal. What a country. Don’t even blame jews for this. They didn’t do it. You couldn’t look after your own children?

    And it’s absurd — beyond absurd really; caved-in head levels of stupidity — to think that the diminished sex that goes along with reduced genitals, doesn’t bear on the long term health of relationships and families and how their children turn out, and their children’s children. Talk about epigenetics. But hey this is America and we don’t talk about it.

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