It Takes Three

… to start a movement.


Like in that famous Dancing Guy video:

1. The Leader. The first man to stick out his neck (man in the photo, in this case). From the narrator in the linked video, who explains the elements of creating a movement:

First, of course, the leader needs the guts to stand alone and look ridiculous. But what he’s doing is so simple, it’s almost instructional.

2. The First Follower. Going with the above photo, that would be someone who’d stick up for him in the face of a hostile crowd or validate him before a neutral crowd. Bonus, in a charged setting, if the First Follower is charismatic.

Now here comes the first follower with the crucial role: he publicly shows everyone else how to follow… The First Follower transforms a lone nut into a leader.

3. The Second Follower. The next person to join the movement. He gregariously backs the First Follower. He summons the stadium vendor and buys three beers, creating a festive atmosphere.

This is the turning point… Now it’s not a lone nut and it’s not two nuts. Three is a crowd, and a crowd is news.


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  1. relevant:

    “When Simon Peter saw this, he fell at Jesus’ knees and said, ‘Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!’ for he and all his companions were astonished at the catch of fish they had taken, and so were James and John, the sons of Zebedee, Simon’s partners. Then Jesus said to Simon, ‘Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.’ So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed him.”

  2. Of course his facts are wrong. Lascelles, Yale, and many more of the biggest slave traders were as WASP as WASP can be. Shoehorning the Jews into everything is just a stupid distraction.

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  4. I don’t know if every slave ship and slave auction were Jewish financed. It seems like it would be a hard thing to prove. I don’t have much trouble believing Jewish money was invested in slavery to some extent, though. They likely benefitted from it.

  5. Truthfully, most black people don’t see Jews as their “brothers in arms”, Black people just don’t seem very good at differentiating between Jews and non Jewish whites. Maybe they just don’t care to.

  6. If I saw this man somewhere I wouldn’t necessarily cheer him on, but I definitely wouldn’t condemn him either. I would say something about “free speech” to anyone who did and move on.
    One of my liberal family members was triggered by a man wearing a t shirt with a right wing slogan. I didn’t get into the validity of the slogan with her (since we would never agree anyway). I just kind of shrugged my shoulders and said so what.

  7. “…people wearing MAGA hats in Washington DC.”

    I see a few here and there in the south. One in FL once winked at me. I then lit what was a fairly decent cigar for myself, and offered him another. He declined with a chuckle, striding back toward his Germanic-sounding mistress.

  8. My cousin surprised me by sending me a special MAGA hat to Austria: „Make Austria Great Again!“ 😂

  9. Excellent! I have great sentiment for Austria. I was there in my almost-teens, and learned basic German there. Spent a few weeks at the Traiskirchen camp, then lived for several months in an isolated village that had a spectacular view of Ötscher:

  10. Then of course there is the “tipping point” when the whole idea spirals out-of-control, infecting the group.

    The tipping point, a sociological construct, works well in uncertain times — which is more than descriptive of today’s environment — and in times when hate and resentment come boiling up from the dark depths.

    At least we know that, at heart, left-wingers are weaklings. Push against them and they all fall like dominoes without their raciss boogeyman.

  11. Off topic. Roosh has an article up about a Tonight Show episode from 1994 with Burt Reynolds. It’s pretty funny, if cringe is funny.

    It’s actually not funny but rather, hard to watch. Burt Reynolds versus somebody less-than-him in manly stature.

    But Burt it turns out is a problematic and somewhat dysfunctional character. He had a serious CD problem w/ booze; and was a great athlete in high school high school and college.

    Famous looks of course. Black Irish Cherokee Southern American.

    Roosh’s analysis is not at all concise. The clip is a study in how a lesser man is intimidated by Mr Reynolds, and but then Burt is unhinged.

    As an aside, the clip also features the pie-in-the-face gag, as comedy. That’s been discussed [here?] before, but when was that ever funny, and to whom? And then it became for awhile THE go-to gag. What a shit culture. Come to think of it, the pie in the face is sort of a stand-in for poop in the face; perhaps.

  12. — Polish newspaper’s front page teaches ‘how to recognize a Jew’

    I searched, and don’t think that weekly publication has a web site. I did find a YouTube video of the publisher talking about the subject of recognizing a Jew. That publication might be a one-man operation, sort of like a huge-traffic blog such as Sailer’s. Amazing, that when you search for the newspaper’s name and the article’s title in either English or Polish, you get a gazillion results from mainstream media sources all over the world. Because a tiny weekly in a small country and in a language that is barely spoken outside of Poland’s borders is world news! The fact that it was available at a Sejm (Congress) newstand is what the (((outrage))) is about, though.

    The publisher, Leszek Bubel, speaks with the sort of scholarly pace and tone, with a tinge of cynicism you find in maligned Right Wing figures who are normal and intelligent men but accustomed to being demonized all of their public lives. He looks a bit like Steve Bannon, in fact.

    “How to recognize a Jew”, going by Bubel’s conversation on Youtube, isn’t some sensationalist Daily Stormer type of stuff. He’s talking specifically about how to determine if a given Polish politician has a Jewish background that he’s not forthcoming with. He glosses over physical features and accent/mannerism, and mostly talks about doing research on public figures’ government and church records, and to look at their history of activism, with particular attention to their pointed absence or failure to take a patriotic position during past controversies involving Jewish interests.

  13. @PA good summary of the (((outrage))) over a fringe publication with zero global influence.

    I’d add that the timing of that story coincides with this one calling out the head of Soros’ funded Media Matters having a blog that was much more extreme in his antie Semitic views:

    Where’s the (((outrage))) over that which I would see as much worse.

    How many anti Semitic attacks have there been in Poland vs say …France?

    Poland is one of the most Red Pilled countries in the world and stories like this are aimed at trying to shame a younger generation so that they’ll adopt the (((globalist))) mantra of diversity and let in a deluge of shit skins in the name of (((tolerance))).

  14. “Poland is one of the most Red Pilled countries in the world…”

    I first learned this fact in Susan Sontag’s ‘In America.’ But it was hammered home in a more precise manner on this blog. Thanks PA; and R.I.P. Sontag.

  15. — R.I.P. Sontag

    Of that manhattanite literatti scene, I did like Joan Didion’s essays. I read them exactly twenty years ago. One was a mythopoetic meditation on California and a particular phrase stood out, quoting from recollection: “Missouri: the people whose ancestors said ‘This is far-enough.'”

    It can be read as west coast chauvinism but really it’s the question of “how high, how far.” And not that the MidWest is a slouch. The prairies were dangerous (Indian raids) and had severe winters.

  16. “…severe winters.”

    Seen a few of those in Ol’ Colorado. Boulder is a bit colder than Denver. But just a little bit. I imagine it can get worse in the midwest. Those cruel temps can drive one to religion, and to certain philosophy.

    “I am looking for an honest man.”

  17. Found this ballad in northern Key West; it’s a slow day, so I thought I’d share with PA & readers. Cheers

    Alexander The Great
    learned how to skate;
    (His sleet-covered feet
    massaged by shores’ beats.)
    Boats’ lichens were late

    for the foal-forest’s Fate.
    Bosch skipped to his mate
    (Brave Cave-cows’
    pinching proud pirates’ teats)

  18. Anyone who hasn’t watched the full 16-minute clip, probably ought should.

    I don’t go for Faces of Death neither; but we didn’t get a choice about watching 9/11, did we.

    The full clip, watching it, frankly freaks me the fuck out. Vox Day, was he not suggesting false flag, earlier?

    For the record: False flag is a different thing entirely, than a hoax.

    The guy seems awfully real (for lack of a better word).

    The popular take in the Dissident Right so far is that the guy is not a false flagger, and that such is the new reality. That’s my impression or opinion as well, at this point.

    Why was he shooting out his windshield, after having left the first mosque?

    And wasn’t it absolutely high level nutso crazy not to say professional killer, for him to go back into the mosque, presumably with a new and improved tactical gun, and put extra bullets into the bodies?

    This guy was on another level. I can’t follow the news very well anymore. I hope we can make some sense.

    I don’t condone violence in any way shape or form. / seriously; sadness

  19. I saw the video late last night. Will comment more about it later.

    Not being immature, I dont take death lightly.

    Changing subjects a bit. I’ve blogged about the Home Army’s fighters securing their future in the hit on Franz Kutschera and in the Warsaw Uprising’44; they were called ‘criminals’ at the time, even by Poles. They are considered heroes now, all over the world. We also know about Ebba Akerlund and the Paris concert event and Nice. We know the popular Italian slogan “Rispettiamo Luca Traini.”

  20. “…I dont take death lightly.”

    Same goes for me. It’s always nice to come across someone who shares this worldview.

    “I don’t condone violence in any way shape or form.”

    Tell that to postmodern pianists! Violence is found in both Testaments; it must be a part of the story. ‘Even cavemen practiced an occulted sodomy,’ De Sade once hypothesized.

  21. “Will look for an opportunity to steal that IRL.”

    Just don’t piss off any bartenders; a brutal lesson I learned the hard way at a great inn near Bordeaux.

  22. “Tbh expected this in europe.”

    Without Catholicism, the entire European saga is just a rotten egg.

    “Viva Rome!”
    —Bob Cobbing

  23. “Very interesting happening in NZ.”

    Yeah. Almost as inexplicable as the sultry dolphin-music(s) off the Australian coast.

    “Interesting indeed.”

  24. “…I.M. Pei, the butcher of Louvre!”

    ‘Was Yukio Mishima a Buddhist Jap, or was he legitimate?’

    The answer, as usual, rests with The Good Lord.

    “Education is the art of making man ethical.” —Hegel

  25. “The end then of Learning is to repair the ruines of our first Parents by regaining to know God aright, and out of that knowledge to love him, to imitate him, to be like him, as we may the neerest by possessing our souls of true vertue, which being united to the heavenly grace of faith makes up the highest perfection.” — John Milton

  26. Milton’s prose is unparalleled. Blake was a disciple, a wS girl told me once in Texas.

    Socrates would have disapproved of her anaconda-skin boots. Greeks are chaste.

  27. Pardon the rambling, PA. Don’t mean to be elk-like.

    Anacondas are harmless in certain quarters. But always delicious when seared conservatively, with a worthy aioli sauce. (Wine before; select liqueurs after.) But never on vacation. When vacationing, best to avoid venom(s).

  28. P.S. —

    There are too many folks
    That joke about coke.
    The Powder’s no toy,
    For Key West’s cowboys; (as if
    ‘The peach-orange fires were stoked’

    By Picasso’s beached joy.)

    The earth’s preachers awoke
    To Debussy’s moon-ploys.

    He never joked about coke,
    (no shouter; no soy)

  29. Amerika blog has a short writeup on the NZ event:

    It includes the video. The assault begins at the 6:30 mark.

    The gist of the article is one I agree with, it’s a denunciation of Diversity as the ruling class’s tool of tyranny. The article also sensibly dismisses of “polite and impotent” platitudes involving “thoughts and prayers.”

    One of the things that you’ll notice in the video, is how all of the victims huddled in two corners of the large room, letting the shooter plug them at will. They were all, as far as I could tell, adult males. One of the victims unsuccessfully attempted to rush him.

    The phenomenon of our political era: one thousand and one ways of us Westerners expressing our loathing — visceral, intellectual, moral — of the wrecking of our countries through Diversity. The Amerika article does a good job of tracing that arc of tyranny:

    Usually, ethnic groups act out through crime before anything else, starting a low grade cultural conflict with daily acts of passive-aggression, theft, and assault. Over time, it becomes clear that diversity has created a struggle for power, and so the different groups and the majority come to trading blows.

    The shooting in New Zealand follows the “trading blows” portion of the experience

    An indelibe fact of human nature, and fuel of historic events past present and future: It feels very different when the enemy humiliates you with Rotherham or the carnage of Nice vs when the shoe is on the other foot.

  30. There are people who are knowledgeable about gov ops and their opinion about 4gen warfare has an expert’s value. I am not one of those people. That disclaimer aside: I don’t buy it being a false flag. (maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t, but I am inclined to believe that it was not).

    A thought process of some of the people who assert that this was a false flag:

    1. A conditioned impulse to denounce violins.
    2. Reluctance to denounce one’s own freedom fighter
    3. Calling it a false flag blames/credits a malevolent, shadowy cabal with the act
    4. It’s now okay to denounce violins.

    Thoughts about the event in NZ bring certain questions to light: why fight? why submit? Not necessarily on an individual level; those are philosophical questions about the behavior of conquered people (White nations subjected to Diversity), whose occupier (globohomo) has never negotiated a peace treaty with said conquered people. There was never any delivery on assurances that we’ll be able to keep our peace, our ways of life, once we give up X.

    I had a photo-post a year or so ago, “So, what’s our choice?” In it, I illustrated how tolerance just gets you filthy inbred pakis whoring out your preteen girls, prison for tweets, massacres at Christmas markets, and more immigration.

    History is dynamic. Apply pressure and the reaction changes. Franz Kutschera was whacked. Italians love Luca Traini and now they have Matteo Salvini. Whites who have little to lose, who are very good at planning and can aim very well and keep their cool under fire will, as individuals at first, conclude that glory is better than humiliation.

  31. There are people who are knowledgeable about gov ops and their opinion about 4gen warfare has an expert’s value. I am not one of those people. That disclaimer aside: I don’t buy it being a false flag. (maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t, but I am inclined to believe that it was not).

    Well stated.

    A thought process of some of the people who assert that this was a false flag:

    1. A conditioned impulse to denounce violins.
    2. Reluctance to denounce one’s own freedom fighter
    3. Calling it a false flag blames/credits a malevolent, shadowy cabal with the act
    4. It’s now okay to denounce violins.

    Frankly I am not following this speculation on their thought processes.

    Whether or not it was a false flag is a legitimate and important question. I have no expertise. My initial reaction upon HEARING the story was that it probably was, because

    1. A long history of false flags
    2. Skepticism that anyone but a trained and sponsored elite killer, could rack those numbers

    After watching the video, I am inclined to conclude that it wasn’t, mainly because the way that the guy comes across.

    Another factor in my own opinion, is sort of wanting it not to be a false flag. Another factor in my own opinion, is that the emergent consensus in the Dissident Right, seems to be last I checked, that it is not (a false flag).

    As is often the case, Anglin summed it up well, regarding someone insisting that it was carried out as a shadowy government black op: “2006 called; they want their hot takes back.”

    However. It’s absurd to think that our consensus is a definitive.

  32. A particular angle that is compelling, is the question of how difficult it would actually be, to carry out and with that kind of “success,” such an operation.

    The point that I like to insist upon, is that it’s not as easy as internet armchair hardass warrior wannabes, like to think.

    Everything thinks he is Ethan Hunt, or could be w/ some practice.

    I am fairly disabused of that notion, being not-young and generally beat down. But still like to play pretend. Everyday going out, to wear the bigboy pants and look like a serious man.

    The guy sure made it look matter-of-fact. He must have been a practiced killer. Right?

    Or am I mistaken, and is it in fact w/i the realm of feasible, for an untrained specialist, to carry out such a mission?

    This comment is for purposes of discussion only. I disavow violence except in self defense and or as part of a declaration of war.

    And I apologize for not being more up on the breaking story. I don’t even know what they are saying was his actual background, Mr Brenton Tarrant’s.

    Is the name Brenton derived from Brennan, as in clan chief?

  33. Pardon the rambling, PA. Don’t mean to be elk-like.

    That is ineffective as a jibe; and unnecessary.

  34. “Or am I mistaken, and is it in fact w/i the realm of feasible, for an untrained specialist, to carry out such a mission?”

    I don’t follow the Chans. The only younger cohort on our side which I follow is Daily Stormer. And at that place are many comments about how first person shooter games are effective training for real world missions; or that they convey some expertise about how it goes down.

    Such simulations may in fact be helpful. And since they are in fact used for training by people who know, they probably are helpful.

    But give me a fucking break. As far as being anything like the real thing, it’s comparing two things that are not comparable.

    It’s a well known concept in intact manly cultures that have warrior castes, that a warrior is not in full standing until he is “blooded” aka until he has killed his first orc.

    Tolkien used that concept in his obscure writings about Gondor. The Israelis use it to this day in describing their soldiers. The Celts would not cut their hair until they had killed their first man.

    What is the jargon in the elite units of the US armed forces these days, re being blooded?

  35. This is a good time to remind any readers and fans, that the last animal with which was blooded, I cut off its head with a shovel. Dispatched it well and quickly. It was a mole.

    People who aren’t sympathetic to the lives of sentient creatures are scum. Brenton Tarrant must have had the warrior gene. That’s a real thing, right?

    Do such people have warm relations with dogs? Or does such gene correlate with lack of empathy for other creatures, iow are they psychopaths?

  36. “And at that place are many comments about how first person shooter games are effective training for real world missions; or that they convey some expertise about how it goes down.”

    That is a misrepresentation of what comments at DS say. They don’t say that.

    There is in the comments there though, and in general, a sense of armchair ease. Most people are full of shit. Yours truly included.

    It’s a huge thing, a huge problem. Men, or rather “men”, who haven’t been put to the test.

  37. GenXerlicious comment on a favorite subject, pop music. I stopped at a chain hardware store a couple of evenings ago and heard a good ’80s pop song, Eric Carmen “Make Me Lose Control.” And earlier today, two great songs from c.1990: “She Talks to Angels,” — that’s when Southern Rock was not yet hipster-soft. That was followed by Faith No More’s “Epic,” with its nice outtro.

    Also apropos completely nothing, aftershave bottles caught my eye at the store today. I used Brut in my sophomore year of high school, and never after that. I opened a bottle of that today and took a whiff just out of curiosity, and you know that olfactory-recall part of the primitive brain. In in a flash I was new on my HS varsity team, feeling the two-parts excitement and one-part anxiety about being on the team and around the cool upperclassmen.

    — about how first person shooter games are effective training for real world mission

    I don’t play video games but I’ve done MILES Gear combat in the Army a number of times. That’s when you wear sensors on your upper body and helmet and attach a laser transmitter to your rifle, which fires a beam when you shoot your blank rounds. In Basic Training, we trained with old M16A1’s that jammed like crazy. The takeaway: in real life, a gazillion things can go wrong, not counting your intended targets counterattacking, locking you in, rushing you, etc.

    The NZ man encountered no such setback. He did what looked like mistakes to me, such as turning his back to one or the other direction for too long, without apparently glancing back. He suffered no equipment failure, though he had to go back to his car because he apparently ran out of ammo. The forty of so fighting-age males did not rush him (except one unsuccessfully), they just piled on top of each other into the two corners of the room and he fired at them at will. There is the truism that Middle Easterners are cowards. I don’t know whether the ones in NZ were Arab, Pakistani, or something else. Arab cowardice, though, is legendary among students of military history.

    That’s kind of a thing with r-selected brown people, at least so far as broad-strokes wisdom goes. Opportunistic predators. Arrogant when feeling safe and in numbers. For example, like the one in Sweden who regularly vandalizes Ebba Akerlund’s grave. And sniveling when he encounters something stronger than himself.

  38. Things like malfunctions threw him for a loop. He suffers a stoppage at 7:45 (a failure to fire, looks like) and it takes him about 20 seconds to clear it. A very dangerous lull for him, which went unexploited (a victim runs away right after this stoppage, in fact).

    If there were any concerted attempt at resistance (apart from that unsuccessful charging attempt near the beginning), it’s unlikely he’d have done much at all. It’s very difficult to do things in such a confined space by yourself, without a buddy watching your back, and his lack of planning once on scene shows.

    He’s definitely had some square range time, but little realistic training (apart from lots of video games maybe?) and didn’t practice much with his gear, which he himself admits while he’s driving away: “Did not go as planned! … Mags fell out instantly…” He dropped most of his mags on the ground in the hallway at the beginning, and had to keep returning there to reload.

    The initial wandering out of the building was him either: losing track of time, or expecting there to be a police response by that point. He wanders around outside and shoots at a few distant targets, but looked a little aimless and underwhelmed at the lack of police.

    NZ was a ripe target because it is so generally peaceful with basically no gun crime. In the US the cops wouldn’t have taken him alive (much more panicky and trigger-happy), and probably would’ve arrived and rushed in much sooner. US police are in a much more dangerous environment with way more diversity. NZ police are usually unarmed just walking around.

    Strikes me as a genuine inexperienced guy. And the false flag angle doesn’t make sense considering the lucidity and comprehensiveness of the manifesto (esp. his predicted reactions to the event).

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  40. Brenton Tarrant slays 50 infidels in mosque(s). Christchurch New Zealand.

    Was this a false flag, or not?

    Quick answer — Such question is beside the point. It doesn’t matter either way.


    They are saying Brenton Tarrant was in Pakistan and North Korea and Turkey, or some such places. Greg ‘the last boomer standing’ Eliot will not accept such claims w/o having seen w/ his own two eyes, the plane tickets and or other evidence of said sojourns.

    But let us accept that he was there, for the sake of argument. My opinion on that factoid is that it is plausible and likely.

    Fact Two. His face. Vox Day, who is a spergy dick but whose opinions are not to be brushed off, said straightaway that Tarrant looks like an SAS operative.

    I don’t have the mispleasure of knowing those people irl but come on, that’s what they look like. They are the types who can operate multiple systems simultaneously, because their base competencies are so high. In Tarrant’s case:

    1) Livestreaming
    2) Driving around
    3) Guns and ammo and tactics
    4) Tactical operations and immediate concerns: where to park; where are your guns; where are your back-up clips
    5) Situational awareness (if it needs stated)

    6) Big picture politics. Leave this aside, as for whether or not Tarrant is making a good play on this board.

    Operating all these systems simultaneously takes the combination of

    1. 120+ IQ
    2. Good-to-great athlete in high school; and not yet beat down and old
    3. Reasonable “mental health” as in not too spastic and not too depressed

    Fact. Having these three things together and active in play on this here very today and tomorrow too, is the mark of a highly functional individual, well into the top one percent.

    That’s the pool for elite soldiers. Since I can’t help but talk about myself, I don’t have all those qualities in good enough balance to have ever qualified for SAS. Do you?


    Okay. Based on those two facts, the first of which is supposed and the second is demonstrable: Vox Day’s initial suspicion of SAS or equivalent elite black ops operative, is fairly sound.

    BUT and here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter whether or not he was a trained killer. In the final analysis he was acting on his own volition.

    Tldr — Who is to say that said black ops are not going to shake out into the camp of White activism?

  41. Nice analysis by wess. I don’t have the background to evaluate his performance. To repeat my point, is that it never goes as planned. Nothing does, passive arab cowards or not.

    I disavow violence, and watching the all-time video of the decade, was not happy to see those bodies pile up. The Daily Stormer comments on that topic, puts that thread into their hall of fame, if they could straighten out their images.

    Realistically, mashing someone’s brains out is not a good thing. It is a good thing if we can not have to live like that. You don’t want to do it to a monkey, and you don’t want to do it to a cow. And you don’t want to do on a Monday, and you don’t wanna hafta do it now.

  42. No one travels to those countries, and has that face, and makes money in bitcoin to finance such “lifestyle”, who is not connected to the shadowy world of secret agents.

    That’s just a fact. There might be some old school IRA players who are only the fringes or something, but otherwise no.

    But my hot take two comments up, stands. It doesn’t matter what his background, nor EVEN HIS ORDERS. He may or may not have had orders, but even they would have to be considered of secondary importance.

  43. He mentions BitConnect as his windfall funding source. Thousands of semi-millionaires (or more) were made in the speculative crypto bubble of the past few years, and it’s a believable and simple thing to be an early adopter (“whales”). BitConnect went from less than a dollar to over $200 in the space of a year (and subsequently cratered to zero when fraud was suspected).

    Crypto enthusiasts tend to be either leftist anarchic or fairly red-pilled libertarian types. What does the average bored personal trainer / body builder bro do when he receives a semi-windfall? Travel the world, including exotic locales like North Korea and other verboten places for westerners? Plausible to me.

    Above average IQ for sure, as evident by the self-deprecating asides and fairly thorough planning. During his wander outside he realizes most of his targets have disappeared and says, “Looks like we’re not gonna get the badge today, boys…” referring to ‘achievements’ in gaming. And at the beginning he goes down the alley and wants his vehicle facing the other way, but there’s little room and he has to do a twenty-point turn, commenting, “…This is some Austin Powers shit.”

    His fitness is evident in the video, and probably why he was only a little out of breath after an intensely physically stressful experience.

    The reason I mentioned the stoppage as telling is that a real Action Guy type would clear it in a heartbeat, racking the charging handle once and continuing firing. (I don’t know if it’d even be possible to “fake” a lack of proficiency for theatric purposes, it’s such an instinctual action.) Also, it is possible with training to distinguish the bolt locking back (out of ammo) versus just a dead trigger and something else wrong. His empty reloads were workmanlike and showed good familiarity, but when his mag was not in fact empty and instead had a dead round in the chamber, it interrupted his rhythm.

    His after-action review of his performance during his getaway also showed effective self-analysis. He used mag couplers to “double up” his magazines for faster reloads, but his open-top mag pouches weren’t strong enough to keep them attached with double the weight, and thus they fell out. Simpler solution is just using single mags and more pouches, trusting he could reload quickly enough. A lot of his equipment decisions were probably influenced by the in-country restrictions and accessibility of certain items. He had at least one 60rd drum, 40rd mag, and multiple 30rd mags, all of which were not legal in NZ as far as I can tell. Smuggled in somehow?

    (There was a legit SAS incident earlier this year in Kenya, when a mysterious Great White Hunter type had to swoop in and take over for the feckless natives, single-handedly taking out terrorists and rescuing hostages.)

  44. “What does the average bored personal trainer / body builder bro do when he receives a semi-windfall? Travel the world, including exotic locales like North Korea and other verboten places for westerners?”

    Central Korea is supposed to have an edge on North Korea in museums & virgin dancers; as well as finer cocktails. But north-central Colorado’s dancers are even more virginal, and don’t require a ‘buzz’ when earning their honey-hued coins.

  45. Daily Stormer and this week’s Volume:

    Don’t let people black-pill you into thinking you can’t be a central figure of the change. If this thing is going to succeed, you all reading this are going to have to drive the victories. You have to be the core of social transformation. You have to get out there and get involved in the world. And who knows, lightning might strike and you might end up being the next Fraser Anning. If so, drive the lulz to total victory.

    Relatedly, the TDS show The Convict Report is out of Australia. Their show is due and seems might be missing in action, likely having to do with recent events.

    The other TDS show that has covered Christchurch is the Paranormies; their last episode totally blew it. They got taken to task in their own comments, for their “2006 hot take” —

    This “shoots like an Operator” take is giving me cancer. I was an Operator and an Instructor for a good while, and this dude is no such animal. Here’s what I saw:
    -Moves past potential threats/open doors without even looking in.
    -Over-penetrates and ends up in the middle of the room, Operators hug the walls.
    -Holds onto mag while clearing a jam. Drop that shit!
    -Exits and turns back to room during mag change, looks down instead of keeping eyes downrange, this is how he got rushed.
    -Shooting while looking around, big time no-no.
    This guy def spent some range time, but moves through the target like a gamer, not an Operator. Curious note, his hands were reeeeeally steady and I don’t hear him huffing and puffing at all…that was the suspicious part to me, way too calm.
    As for muh “CIA assassination techniques”, those nerds couldn’t assassinate a sandwich, their only preferred method is a drone strike or to hire out.

  46. The entire thing is worth reading: Stormer, Volume 82: Fraser Anning’s Ascent

    It says that the events in New Zealand will be like the assassination of the Archduke.

    Things that can’t continue, won’t.

    Incredibly they are calling for people to be prohibited and punished for voicing support of White retaliation. Rhetorical question: Don’t they know that making people shut up, doesn’t change their feelings?

    It’s a pretty good meme: Those who make reasonable change impossible, make drastic change more likely.

  47. –It says that the events in New Zealand will be like the assassination of the Archduke.

    Is it fair to say that the Saxon, at least his open-eyed vanguard, has began to hate? The understanding that any acting on that hate would result in him being crushed by the state notwithstanding…

  48. As far as goes TDS, the scuttlebutt with them is that they have totally dropped the ball in what with their response to Christchurch.

    They have a strong following but are now verily yay in the dog house. Specifically Striker and Borzoi for their show on Friday.

    Things are changing fast and are up in the air. Everyone is looking for some form of centralized communication, for which to rally around. TDS is not it. Not that that is news in itself, but is made clear at this moment in time.

    Owen Benjamin redeems himself on his latest, starting with his piano skillz. A quick classic take on that famous wedding song in the key in D, what’s-it-called. And of course also, now having been demonetized his rep is secure; for awhile.

    The powers-that-be are being quite shall-we-say very effective in undermining their competitors in alt media.

    Who’s gonna step up and seize the reins? Who’s the new kid in town?

  49. A critical thing to remember if you are getting incoming from libs in your personal circle: do not let the NZ event put you on the defensive with them. Don’t let the confrontation materialize. But if it does, go into it with mental images of every Muslim/migrant mass-murder in Europe and the United States over the past several years.

  50. A question I would have for the notables in the identitarian sphere (whether self-proclaimed or involuntarily maligned as)… what exactly would a genuine “real”, non-false-flag event look like?

    I see a few types of folks…

    1. Their ability to function in business / public sphere / as online persona requires them to “disavow” publicly in some way; the false flag angle gives them a certain amount of leeway (among a very conspiratorially-minded audience) to distance this event without looking like a total sellout to their base. And those not in their base think them a harmless wacko for believing in false-flags at all (which to them don’t even exist) and thus not a target.

    2. They redefine “one of us” to exclude anyone who could possibly cross these kind of moral boundaries; and many legitimately were crossed: targeting a particular race/religion, “innocents” no less, and of course the act of killing in the first place (utterly foreign in this epoch of unprecedented peace for those currently alive).

    It’s basically No True Scotsman forever for them, until some mysterious future scenario when such actions might maybe, possibly, perhaps, be slightly less universally condemned. And no such scenario could even exist until their side “won” anyway, making the abhorrent actions unnecessary in the first place.

    Whether or not the guy has mental issues, it’s very true that historically some of the most effective fighters in war have been unhinged to some degree. It takes a certain rare type of person to cross all those boundaries voluntarily, and alone, and without the “permission” of an enemy actively shooting back at you. These types also have a very difficult time when the war is over and they have to return to reality.

    3. They see Something coming, and say “wait until then” and “not yet”. whether it’s a bubblicious economic collapse within the next decade, some kind of greater unrest or civil war in a western country or countries, …Something.

    They don’t realize they’re *already* in a low-level martial environment. And based on their stated ideals, the enemy is obviously their own state. Why are they waiting for positive propaganda from an enemy state? Would occupied Poland expect accurate (let alone glowing) coverage of a retaliatory atrocity against German civilians?

    The guy knew he would be despised by every public institution, figure, and even the average man on the street. He said so in his doc. He also predicted he’d be released from prison some decades hence (if still alive) and feted by the people, Mandela-style, once the worm finally turned.

    He set himself up to be a folk hero, with Ebba’s name painted on his weapons, and the tale in his manifesto of his “radicalization” upon hearing of her death.

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