MM: “Dude, being a second-class citizen is way better than being a sixth-class citizen!”

“Yeah, and instead of the elites trying to genocide you, [these new ones] are just kind of ambivalent toward you.”

Murdoch and Dr. Murdoch do have a point, as these are effectively the tiers of US citizenship today insofar as political rights are concerned:

  1. Billionaires
  2. Jews
  3. Blacks
  4. A catchall of other nonwhites, credentialed leftists, and LGBTQ [No. 3 and 4 might be in the process of swapping positions]
  5. Regular White people
  6. Crimethinkers (that’s you and I)

New Murdoch Murdoch, “Yellow Dawn.” In this story, America is taken over by a pan-Oriental invasion force… and surprisingly, life improves. The temptation to collaborate with the invader under whose rule conditions are better than under the old regime is a familiar one throughout history. To collaborate or to resist? The answer: assume that over the next few years, power will change hands more than once and as is almost always the case, scores are settled ad-hoc and losers-of-the-moment are led to a ditch. Make your choice so that no matter what happens, you’ll hold your head high.

Murdoch-chan, as usual, represents the heart and guts of our people but even she doesn’t really know what she’s fighting for. This one doesn’t have a cathartic ending. How can it, if none of us have a vision of what victory would look like?

All Murdoch Murdoch videos are archived at, should YouTube take this one down.

32 thoughts on “MM: “Dude, being a second-class citizen is way better than being a sixth-class citizen!”

  1. Women have a special place on the list. Bez0s’ wife will get paid quite a lot, despite providing no value to amaz0n. Woman trumps billionaire. But tranny trumps woman, as we see in every girls’ athletic competition. Since a bl@ck is still willing to burn his own home to the ground to prove he’s not a slave, bl@ck still trumps tranny, making the ordering in the list acurate.

    I’d say that a woman is better than a man in her class, but a bl@ck musl!m woman is still not better that a ju (as we’ve seen in congress).

  2. Generally, women outrank the men of their own class, but are still confined to their racial/ideological stratum in the liberal six-tier order.

  3. How have white men let it all slip achingly and slowly through their fingers? Did they not see this day coming in advance, and prepare for it with swords clashing against shields?

    Or no … it was television, blinding them all, making them sightless to the changes going on around them and accepting of them.

  4. @Mr.XLoveli

    How? By introducing universal franchise. Many did see it coming, but so what?
    It started long before there was any television.

  5. We totally have a vision of what victory would look like. Some of us even have a vision of what the specific steps involved would be.

    The problem is that the details thereof are explicitly criminal and at least in part genocidal and therefore nobody smart enough to implement them will be foolish enough to specify it all on the NSA-surveilled internet.

  6. How have white men let it all slip achingly and slowly through their fingers? Did they not see this day coming in advance, and prepare for it with swords clashing against shields?

    By failing to elect Pat Buchanan back in the 80’s-90’s, he’s the true father of the alt-right. Or we could’ve hearkened to his message better instead of putting Bush “invade the world/invite the world” type Conservatives in office.

    He predicted everything that we are seeing go wrong with America today due to demographic and cultural change, he was even saying these things in the 80’s when America was still 85% white and it looked like we could keep importing as many brown peasant fruit pickers and cheap laborers as the Republican party could ever want without ever actually changing the fiber of the country.

  7. High IQ “white” male needs to stop pretending that he doesn’t desire radical (sexual) autonomy just like all of his enemies whom he besmirches for the exact same desire. That’s step one. Step two is seriously maximizing his moral autonomy which, by definition, minimizes the effectual degeneracy of his enemies. That’s the zero-sum game of madLiberation within the sickNarrative of perpetual self-annihilation. On a higher conceptual plane, “we” would call this “maximizing of moral autonomy” at the racial level, white Supremacy.

    And here “we” witness the fundamental failing of our high IQ “white” male. An unwillingness and/or inability to think Perfection… Think “willing all Right…”. Think “executing all the right moves.” If “game” is not won by he who executes all the right moves (he who is perfect) then “game” is just pure deception and maximizing wrongness.

    And this is exactly the case in a radically autonomous society where “he who makes all the right moves” CANNOT EVEN EXIST in theory.

    And once again, “we” witness the malignant stranglehold high IQ “white” male has on his “lesser-minded” racial brethren.

    Nothing will change until the most intelligent white males in the cyberspace signal a higher conception of white Supremacy and a mea culpa on their collective desire for “radical (sexual) autonomy.”

  8. Camlost, I’d also say, Ross Perot. I voted for GHW Bush in 1992 because I hadn’t an inkling of how corrupt the political system is.

    One of the things that the Trump presidency has revealed, is that the President’s pure intentions count for nothing, if he lacks the strength to fight the entrenched interests, which include the intelligence community and transnational capital. Would President Pat Buchanan have been steamrolled by the system in ways that Trump, as I see it, is not succumbing to? Would Perot?

    Pat Buchanan’s electoral victory, either way, would have shown America to be serious about its nationhood, even if it’d have elected an Irishman over the blue-blood WASP Bush.

  9. Murdoch Murdoch is funnier and more poignant than anything on TV in the last twenty years. The left really is burnt out culturally. Stale and ossified. Stuck in the fucking 60s. It’s unbearable.

    Same stupid bad white southern sheriff since Cool Hand Luke. Talk about over used tropes. How about the kike though? We can we see that? How about they infiltrate a Pantifa organization and stop a Trump rally bomb plot on Law and Order? No? No. Were gonna bust Another “white supremicist” rapist in Manhattan. Ripped from the headlines, goy!

    They have no creative energy left. It’s all school marm lecturing at this point. The only media I consume anymore is TRS.

  10. What did you do, to celebrate International Women’s Day yesterday?

    The local hipster radio station is publicly funded ——> they did a lot!

    Including a montage of that bitch what’s-her-name. She has a single name, and is from England, and has that song “we could have had it all” and has a weight problem.

    First of all, that chick has a beautiful big voice. Some people are gifted. Secondly her speaking accent is working class or whatever.

    Thirdly though, and this is the point, is that women have a hard time — read: it’s impossible for them — as creative types, getting to larger themes, beyond their own lives.

    All that girl can sing about is heart ache and disappointment and blah blah blah. She sings about it achingly enough, but there’s more to life, there’s other themes.

  11. The radio station referenced above is the superlative “we’re a relevant city” hipster station, and as such is worth listening to as a case study in how these people present themselves and their “work product” and how it reflects on what they think of themselves.

    Women’s Day came directly following Black History Month. Symbolic?

    Their DJ’s are local celebs, and even on a larger scene, to the extent that they can be, that those people have a scene and a culture.

    One of the woman DJ’s played a woman’s song, and said a little preface speech about how women will recognize the theme from the lyrics about how sometimes it feels that no one is feeling you (that you don’t exist).

    It was pretty weird to hear her almost start to cry like; as in, were there wine in the studio it woulda been a great moment in local radio.

    Nb4 It’s giving them too much credit, to post about it, to even name them. The days of doing that, should be for us in the past. Talking about them, is giving them the leverage.

    It used to be a fun thing to do, to be able to post about Adam Marantz articles and feel like you were saying something worthwhile.

    The last article he did was about us and it was interviewing a trans who deep-infiltrated the dangerous Alt Right [it was called that then] and reported back. The conclusion that the trans operative and the article came to, was that “what all the damaged characters were in need of was mothering” or something to that effect using the word mothering.

    If only that were the case!

    What we are in need of if fathering, not mothering. That’s been well known since House of Pain, the 90s classic by the gay guy with Brad Pitt and his alter ego Eddy boy Norton.

  12. “She had a cliterectomy and couldn’t have orgasms”

    So said someone and exactly yesterday, out loudly and in a mixed sex group setting. This was an AA group so the people are an odd set.

    But in any case, it was an example of synchronicity because I had the series of comments here on this blog one day prior, to EXACTLY THAT EFFECT.

    That reduced genitals impairs orgasms. So to hear someone else say exactly that, out of the blue and unsolicited, is remarkable.

    The larger point beyond self aggrandizing and pretending your commenting career matters — is that the our problems are real and not going away, and they will be dealt with.

    Or in the alternative we will be crushed, like the balls of German POW’s by the Allies. Were the jews directly responsible for that torture?

  13. “She had a cliterectomy and couldn’t have orgasms”

    That’s a pretty classic permutated example of DR3 though. It was said, in this real life example from my (not so) exciting life, by a boomer. And realistically, such exclamations are a classic tell of senility and or other problems. You’re not supposed to transgress like that.

    But on the topic: As if it’s cliterectomies that have plagued us. It aint cliterectomies Virginia, and it never was.

    As an aside, the word cliterectomy is spell checked and filtered out in the default family safe settings of my browser.

    Youtube and google and the gang, mod quite intensely the topic of genital mutilation.

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  15. CH update. On the thread “File Under: Demands That Only Have A Chance Of Working On Loser Omega Males”, Captain Obvious makes the following post —



    Massage Cl!t.


    Massage Cl!t.

    Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

    Never forget the Cl!t.

    It’s your best friend in all of G0d’s Creation.

    To which Suburban_elk replies —

    Natural and un-reduced men, don’t have to do those attentive and submissive things.

    Such stimulation to the woman’s sensitivity, occurs Naturally in the pelvis to pelvis motion of natural sex.

    Thx to our American forefathers for saddling us with an extra chore.

  16. Having to attend to the “clit” in such manner as described above, is frankly degrading. Which is ironic, given the context of such advice: On a manosphere blog about maintaining dominance, it’s ironic af, to be saddled with having to work the clit like a chore.

    Did Genghis Khan work the clit of his partners? of course not.

    It may be asking too much of us, to be like Genghis, but maybe perhaps we could try and least fuck like him, with some of his dominance.


    My mocking of CO’s advice, gets under his skin because it’s true and I’m right and he knows it. It’s a painful reminder of how REAL SEX has been REDUCED, by having American-brand half dicks, and in its place is a degrading exercise in frantically stimulating the genitals.

    In REAL SEX the clitoris is stimulated directly by the pelvis to pelvis motion. Jackhammer thrusting and “working the clit” are compensatory mechanisms, for having to do sex like a robot.

    That said. Even though it be compensatory and servile and degrading. It may be helpful, given “your” circumstances.

    Genghis Khan didn’t do it, and nor did Charles Bronson.

  17. The other advice courtesy of Captain Obvious is “to go that dark place and quit caring”.

    He maintains that from such place, reproductive White success will occur. On the individual and group level.

    It’s an awful meme. He has been told off of it over there, by many commenters of note.

    His insistence on it, is a classic example of someone mistaking his own perspective, for good advice. Classic juvenile attitude spergery.

    Adult men of age experience and wisdom: Are you going to be telling them that they need to go to a dark place and quite caring? It’s ludicrous.

    And worse, it doesn’t work for a meme.

  18. My above comment rant on having to “work the clit”. The appeals to authority specifically Genghis Khan, rather fail rhetorically. I would rework those statements, or simply leave them out.

    But the point remains. Having to attend to the clit like a servant, is the LAST THING that real men do.

    You don’t masturbate off your woman as if you are her servant.

    As always though: however. If you enjoy it, and it helps to get her off, then rock on Amadeus, rock on.

    But pleased to be keeping in mind: such stimulation is provided in NATURAL SEX by the different style of pelvis-to-pelvis GRIND, and w/o the dirty and submissive handwork.

    This is a well known thing.

    An experiment. Guess which people are having natural (intact) sex, versus who are not, separately making said guesses going by

    1) their pelvic motions
    2) their faces
    3) their reported satisfaction
    4) the quality of their relationship
    5) their life results; and wait of it …
    6) their children


    They say the jews are the final red pill. But really the final red pill is the jews’ extended phenotype, which is to say the environment that they created for themselves. Majority Rights was banging that drum ten-plus years ago, but I don’t recall that they specifically included the ritual of genital reduction of their hosts, as part of their criticism.

    It’s an obvious point. But people don’t wanna hear it.

  19. The other advice courtesy of Captain Obvious is “to go that dark place and quit caring”.

    He maintains that from such place, reproductive White success will occur. On the individual and group level.


    Captain Obvious has made some good memes: “The Great Darwinian Petri Dish Wars”

    Perhaps there is a basis for his thought, in evolutionary psychology or behavioral sciences.

    As a meme though, it does not work. Asking people to go to that dark place and not care?

    It’s a clear case of generalizing out from one’s own perspective. In all sympathy to the character himself: Does such advice work in his life? and or does he think it will?

  20. As long as this is a funtime drama post series —

    “You gotta go that dark place and quit caring”

    Anyone taking advice seriously from the internet is an imbecile. Except that manosphere blogs and at its best, the emergent Alt Right and whatever, is an organic response that is a CORRECTIVE.

    A cultural corrective for the bad advice and weak lifeways that we were fed.

    So as long as we are to take seriously, this cultural corrective known formerly as the AR; how does it do, the above, as advice?

    My opinion is that it sucks.

    How about some of the successful fathers who read this blog? Are they running their lives from a dark place and not caring.

    I guess Captain Obvious perhaps is specifically speaking to those who haven’t yet achieved reproductive success. Said qualification is perhaps implied.

    Does it work any better as general advice to men looking to father children, and long term lineage?

    nb4 Everything in contextual and perhaps it’s not fair to take his comments out of context. Guilty as charged, of doing so.

  21. PA’s hierarchy, which elegant lays out the bare pattern of truths, has a few exceptions. The hispanic population is missing, for instance.

    Other nations, of course don’t have vast hispanic underclasses. In England, it’s Pakistani and negroid populations. American exceptionalism indicates that America takes a greater variety of race, and in greater amounts, than does the rest of the world.

    Another thing about American exceptionalism is that the U.S. broadcasts its images to the world through its cultural apparatus: [vast]. Hollywood nestles in the armpit of L.A., and L.A. is a babylon of races, and there’s already been race riots there.

    * * *

    It was American strength that defeated the Nazis and crushed the Japanese. In future times, drawing America out in the world, America may not be so lucky.

  22. “But the point remains. Having to attend to the clit like a servant, is the LAST THING that real men do. ”

    You don’t HAVE to attend to the clit like a servant. Just because some idiot on the internet makes a claim…

    I’ve got a mutilated dick and I can fuck with it just fine. Meaning, I can make a woman orgasm strictly through intercourse. I’m ticked at what they did to me but my parts still function.

  23. “…a meme though, it does not work.”

    – – –

    “Like most modern words, ‘Heresy’ is used both vaguely and diversely. It is used vaguely because the modern mind is as averse to precision in ideas as it is enamored of precision in measurement. It is used diversely because, according to the man who uses it, it may represent any one of fifty things.”
    —Hilaire Belloc

  24. Captain Obvious is a sympathetic poster. I am not trying to ride him. In any case he is a big boy and can handle it.

    His analytical thinking is strong, but when it gets applied to “life questions” or however they might be called, it can be a bit shall-we-say categorical.

  25. Captain Obvious definitely comes atcha from some kind of a biologist background. “Stop caring” makes sense when he adds “intuit, not think.” He is wants the reader to unlock his animal intelligence, which in his view is shackled by the forebrain’s anxieties.

  26. To “stop caring” literally, as giving in to apathy, is self-evidently not the door to go through. But maybe if he means that in terms of an Alpha’s ZFG zen inner peace… I’m kind of with you Elk on this. That kind of advice is a good square peg for a square hole, not one size fits all.

  27. I can fuck with it just fine.

    Going by the accounts of many White men of good character, and let’s agree the evidence of their lives, satisfying and monogamous procreative sexual relations can be had — Yes they can, Virginia — despite the American-brand genital set.

    And satisfying for both partners. But it’s not the same though. And I think that legitimate questions of long-term effects, on the health of the individuals and the larger group, are left unevaluated, because it’s a sensitive issue for the people involved, and for the other obvious reasons. The semitic factor, and also the practical matter of the liability of the medical establishment. What they perpetrated is fraud and malpractice, by every definition commonsensical legal and ethical. And on a scale that nearly defies belief. 120 Million cases of outright medical malpractice.

    Remember the 120 Million! is a great meme if ever there was one.

    And if it ever takes off, Suburban_elk will get credit. However it’s not taking off. It’s time is apparently not come alas.

    If we seize control of our living space back from the yenahus, redress for that might be on the table. However they can only be blamed indirectly. In my reading of the facts, the blame is on the medical establishment. I would rather blame the yenahus; but as the evidence stands? no.

  28. ” However it’s not taking off.”

    You’ve made a serious impression on me with your discourse. It’s clear that you’ve spent time considering this “issue.” I’m reluctant to spend the same time because it’s ultimately something I don’t have control over (serenity prayer, and all that).

  29. I take Caption Obvious’ advice to meme, literally, go to one’s “darkest place” (read: most shameful life moment) and be externally indifferent to the despair it causes one internally. Feel the shame, but don’t show the shame. I imagine this works to recalibrate towards a regenerate perspective. A good Christian would suggest getting comfortable with regular private repenting.

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