Tarbrushing is the malicious misrepresentation of elements of European history and culture as nonwhite. Tokenism in popular culture had been creeping in for decades, but in 2003 we still had a cleanly-cast “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Now, it’s like an outbreak of herpes.

The Poison

When communists tear down Confederate statues or when they tarbrush European heritage, they seek to erase our memory. They don’t just want us eradicated physically. They want to obliterate all evidence that we had ever existed.


Ugly. So is this “Typical German” campaign from 2017:


And this year’s “First Swedes” “documentary”:


A future question: “Why did we tolerate this?”

The Parry

With a black Anne Frank:


The Balm

Man doesn’t study history to avoid repeating its mistakes. We will keep on making the same mistakes we’ve been doing since Adam and Eve. We over-correct in the short term, then go back to our old errors in the long term. Forever, as long as we live on this beautiful planet. We study history so that we remember who we are. To prevent erosion.

Achilles and Hector, perfectly cast:


17 thoughts on “Tarbrushing

  1. The point of studying history is not to avoid past mistakes. We study history to know who we are.

    The tarbrushing is done in order to prevent our children from forming a bond to our ancestors.

  2. The BBC, which is run by Jews, gays, and gay Jews, is among the most consistent offenders in the realm of tarbrushing. You see this a bit less in American TV/movies (though the blacking of superheroes is very common), but in America the focus is more on miscegenation. Can you find a TV show or commercial anywhere now that doesn’t feature a black man/white woman couple, and often little mocha children? It’s close to impossible. The brainwashing is incessant.

    Meanwhile, this recently popped into my head, so I thought I’d share:

    First they came for the Communists, but I did not speak out, because I wasn’t a Communist.

    Then they came for the Social Justice Warriors, but I did not speak out, because I was not a Social Justice Warrior.

    Then they came for the Jews, but I did not speak out, because there was no longer any reason to speak out. My country was finally free.

  3. Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood. The only smart guy in England is the black muslim he brought back with him from the Crusade. I knew the movie was garbage from the first scene.

    The problem with the Brad Pitt Achilles is the other Greek movie Pitt made around the same time, which was Alexander the Great, which was gay. Not just a little gay. Samson had his hair. Arthur had Excaliber. Alexander had gaysex. That was the message of that movie. The greatest general in history was gaygaygay. Brad Pitt playing a Greek is gay.

  4. — The tarbrushing is done in order to prevent our children from forming a bond to our ancestors.

    Also a great observation.

    — would this mean that the slave masters were, all of them: black?

    Blacks would absolutely love that.

    — but in America the focus is more on miscegenation.

    I literally watch television once a year: at a superbowl party. The commercials are beyond absurd when you’re not acclimatized to seeing this kind of pairing.

    — My country was finally free.

    Sometimes when they come for someone, it’s spring cleaning.

    — the other Greek movie Pitt made around the same time

    Brad Pitt is like Tom Cruise: not taken seriously because he’s pretty, but he can knock it out of the park as an actor. Pitt plays epic heroes and larger than life antiheroes brilliantly. Stone’s “Alexander” did not age well. “Troy” did, I rewatched it recently. And yeah, a single instance of tarbrushing would have ruined it.

  5. A few days ago they were saying historians were criticizing the musical Hamilton. I loved that they did it not for tarbrushing, but because the thing showed Hamilton in a good light. No Founding Father can be shown in a good light, even when he’s a black or mestizo. To make it even more confusing, there have always been rumors of Hamilton’s jewish background and controversy as to whether that’s true. Will the woker-than-woke historians who won’t accept a good black Hamilton accept a good black jewish Hamilton? What if we give him a tranny wife as a beard for his jewishness and/or the reverse-blackface of the actor who plays him, who actually is/was him? It all depends on what the definition of “was/is” is. See how hard it is to talk about this stuff?

  6. if they’re into tarbrushing our heroes in order to alienate anyone whose mind isn’t made up already to agree wih them, does it mean that they’ll eventually recast Anders Breivik as an african?

  7. We live in a cargo cult.

    Examine, for a moment, some popular beliefs:
    1. The Chinese will take over from America in terms of economic and scientific preeminence.
    2. Putting blacks, women, etc. into positions of power and prestige (AKA positions associated with high production and high innovation) will cause blacks, women, etc., to produce high production, high innovation, etc.
    3. Replacing WASPS with high-IQ low-trust peoples (Chinese, South Asians, Ashkenazi Jews) in corporate executive suites is a wonderful idea of tapping the world’s best and brightest to keep American living standards high.

    Do you see it? It’s quite literally the same belief as aborigines in New Guinea building wooden forms of control towers and cargo aircraft and parroting what they watched white servicemen do to direct “cargo” onto the natives’ airfields.

    If Chinese people could produce (or even continue) 20th century American productivity, they had literally 5000 years to do it. They didn’t. APING the forms of 20th century WASP-dominated America won’t change that. The joke that is Black Panther’s Wakanda is so sad that it’s painful to even laugh at.

    Ditto the farce of placing historically not-productive/not-innovative people in positions that LOOK like those occupied by the highly productive and highly innovative. It’s a fucking cargo cult.

    America is no longer the place that yielded powered flight, nuclear power and the microprocessor. Its 90% WASP culture that produced those things is now diluted to the point that we couldn’t reproduce the 1950’s if we TRIED. Instead, we have multinational corporate “legal persons” that are staffed and managed by Dot-Indians, Ashkenazis, Chinese, etc., and what is the result? An economy feting the most innovative asset-stripping schemes. Look what our low-trust elite gifts us with. Utter debasement.

    The corporate ethos of 2019 is that of a bunch of scheming Machiavellians committed to robbing each other (and all of us) blind, deaf and dumb. THIS AIN’T MA BELL and BELL LABS, folks.

    It took decades for the immigration patterns of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s to show up in altering the very character of America. Those alterations murdered the high-trust, high-IQ society of mid-20th century America. That society is already gone. The invasion of Indians, Chinese and such has only begun to turn the USA into one vast criminal enterprise.

    The Ministry of Truth’s rewrite of Western Civilization’s greatest accomplishments by subbing out white men in favor of blacks, chinks, pradeeps, and women is just the next step in the Cargo Cult’s Affirmative Action handbook.

    All roads lead to ruin now.

  8. To be fair, China was at a fairly similar level of development to the West from pre-Roman times until the late Middle Ages, when the the West began to pull rapidly ahead. So, it’s only for about 500 years, not 5000, that the West has been conspicuously preeminent.

  9. Peregrino, you rightly point up the key difference: Europe’s Middle Ages. It was during this period that Nature’s selection culled NW Europe’s stupid and impulsive (and the violent) mercilessly. There were undoubtedly periods where the bottom 20% of populations (intelligence and ability-to-delay-gratification wise) routinely didn’t leave surviving offspring.

    Contrast that to China. As one wag put it, if the Japanese have a saying that the nail that sticks up gets hammered, China appears to be a place where for millennia any nail that stuck up was pulled and discarded. Chinese cultural aversion to “sticking out” is a product of many centuries of reproductive selection; it is utter stupidity to imagine that the Chinese could ever actually embrace the inherently rebellious nature of science. The degree to which conformity (to dominant opinion) already plagues Western “science” is a direct measure of how government funding is gutting actual intellectual inquiry.

    Sadly, the laurels on which I once thought we rested are already dead and gone. In America we associated the very notion of eugenic breeding with the demon-of-the-century (Nazism) and have spent generations behaving like dog breeders who just let the studs and bitches screw randomly, at will, yet thinking we’re going to one day win at the AKC championships.

    This would be bad enough, but of course our Animal-Rescue-Hoarder Pathological Altruists have invited 50,000,000 mostly illiterate morons into North America, promising another 40,000,000 entry when they arrive. Of course this helps keep us all from noticing the credit inflation bubble of the last 40 years by artificially driving down wages for a host of industries (roofing, farming, meat-packing, etc.) so what we “get” for admitting all these Aztecs (and worse) is the illusion that our factory-produced food is still cheap.

    Ludwig von Mises once said, “I set out to be an agent of change, but all I ended up being was a chronicler of decline.”

    The uptrend cannot begin until “we” have hit bottom, and bottom is a whole lotta’ decline away still. I won’t live to see it. I’m not sure my grandkids will. And a resurgence of the kind we witnessed in the 19th century must come after a period of incredibly harsh conditions, and few people today are tough (mentally, physically, immunologically) enough to survive those. Generations of ease have left us all (me included) soft and weak.

  10. The Great Lie: this notion that all of these ill trends, along with the current situation, are a natural workings-out of nature or history.

    The truth: it’s artificial; the cabal that has taken control of Western governments is a criminal gang that is creating the demographic and cultural crisis.

  11. The only thing worse than the inability to name thy enemy is the unwillingness to righteously address thyself. “Nothing” is neutral.

  12. This historical revisionism in period films is perhaps the most upsetting trend I see right now, almost as demoralizing as the trend of rampant interracial relationships.

    There is something uniquely insidious about replacing our historic people on screen with non-Europeans. It is gaslighting of the highest degree.

    We must fight to preserve our true demographic history at all costs so our children may know where to look to see themselves and their unique heritage.

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  14. “The Great Lie: this notion that all of these ill trends, along with the current situation, are a natural workings-out of nature or history.”

    “The truth: it’s artificial; the cabal that has taken control of Western governments is a criminal gang that is creating the demographic and cultural crisis.”

    This is certainly one way to see things. It’s attractive on several levels, and there are times I feel similarly (and despite my “atheism” [everyone believes something, including me] even nudge toward actual attribution of cabal operations to Lucifer itself.)

    But in the end I still do find a coherent explanation (or sorts) in the unknowable complexity of this world, and the weird coherence of its cyclical choreography. No cabal created the Industrial Revolution, nor did a cabal create the Renaissance or the Enlightenment. No cabal created the microprocessor, the steam engine or harnessed petrochemicals.

    Yes, a cabal parasitized all of these (along with everything else.) Yes, a cabal learned to exploit every innovation to come down the pike. But I also aver that no man or group of men is smart enough to steer the world. No group of men has ever or will ever transcend the weaknesses of human biology. No perfection of any biological system is possible, there’s simply too much interrelation between innumerable parts (which is why I laugh at all the bullshit news about using CRISPER tech to cure sickle cell or “make smarter people.”) The weakness of men, of their desire to be slaves on a benevolent plantation (paraphrasing Sallust) is all I need to know to predict our current folly.

    To me, PA, members of the cabal (however you or I define it) are still IN the Matrix, they are not above it nor do they direct its processes. No matter how hard they try, they get weaker with every generation despite every effort to breed better. Nothing sets up failure like success, and Nature’s limitation on parasitism is simply that the parasite becomes too fat from success and it inevitably murders its host. We have witnessed Peak Humanity already. The parasite already sickened its host to the point where gangrene set in. Amputations will inevitably follow, or in population terms, we’re going to witness a die-back like never in recorded history.

    Cabalists may think being the tallest pygmy (or the least starved among the starving) will be a good gig, but I suspect that their very appearance of relative success will get them skewered and cooked over open fires if the world goes the way I think it will. They ARE parasites. By sickening the society on which they feed, they too will suffer and die.

    We’re all just part of a process too large for any of us (or all of us) to grasp. Your mileage may vary, and that’s okay because diagnosing all this properly is irrelevant, like living in Pompeii and “properly diagnosing” that the haze in the distance is a pyroclastic flow approaching at hundreds of miles per hour. Orwell was wrong, there is no such thing as a stable, permanent system where a boot stomps on the face of humanity, forever. Change is inevitable.

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