Snapshots For A Chinese Century

A song from the 20th century:

I’ll give you television
I’ll give you eyes of blue
I’ll give you a man who wants to rule the world!

NSFW photo below

The Buffet. Chinese girls patrol the floor. Inscrutable faces, not one word of English. Dragon Lady hostess leads me and my friends to the informally White section of the dining area: “you sit here.” Chinamen in kitchen uniforms are posted at their stations. One hovers over the ice cream and barks “use different spoon!” at the ghetto kids who’d otherwise make an unholy melange of the flavors. Another inspects diners’ plates to ensure that that blacks don’t cheat the system by eating just the sushi and not the rice.

Royalty. Another occasion in a Chinese restaurant. This was an upscale place. A loud group of expensively dressed black women is seated at a big table in the center of the dining room floor. They are not pleasant to the hostess, and even more unpleasant to the bus-girl that came by to pour water into their glasses. Their behavior became downright obnoxious as the waitress was expressionlessly taking their orders. They visibly enjoyed abusing the restaurant staff, but without the sadist’s awareness that their victim has feelings and is distressed. They were also oblivious to the crackling hate directed at them by the Chinese.

Game. You’ve seen the cringe videos of young Chinese men being publicly humiliated by their girlfriends. They’re all over YouTube. There was also a video of a cocky English tourist in China making out with a local beauty at a nightclub. A heartbroken Chinese fellow stood next to her, bawling his eyes out while holding the girl’s one free hand.

Baizuo. A lively discussion drifted to the subjects of diaspora Jews eyeing China as their next landing pad. A Chinese commenter wrote:

Some Chinese know who the opium merchants were. Some Chinese also know who mentored Mao, or who were behind his insane policies that eventually led to the destruction of so much of our heritage. We can also see their hand today not just in China, but in the Far East in general. And we are very, very angry about it.

Imperialism. A warning to colonial Chinese: good bloodlines turn brown because men take brown wives and the stain spreads upward.

Europeans best sit that one out. A snapshot for the 21st century:


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  1. Eh, mating with Africans is considered verrrrry low status in Chinese society.
    -Unfortunately, all that infanticide in the 1 child era did not help things at all. Still, I have seen my fair share of “cool dudes” bang black chicks out of thirst (and I am not talking about the Halle Berry looking mulatto types). So never say never, especially when you have large chunks of mainland China’s unwanted rural population being shipped to Africa.
    -They are honestly better off moving to Malaysia, Thailand, or the Philipines. Unspoken about those countries is the large diaspora Chinese population that have a disproportionate control of the economy…reminds you of some people haha

  2. — mating with Africans is considered verrrrry low status in Chinese society

    Of course: and there are many very low status Chinese men and they will be inclined to mate with African females. If Chinese government is forward-looking, it will take any one or more of the available measures to ensure that China doesn’t become India.

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  4. The interesting chink in the armor here (ha ha) is that while off-the-boat Chineee are super racist (aka not delusional about race), their Americanized children grow up to be uber SJWs. It’s not surprising, since Chinese (and Indians) have built-in status radars that allow them to sniff out the zeitgeist about ten seconds after setting foot in America. So they know immediately that the route to power-status-money is going to require mouthing all the proper SJW maxims. And then, being Asians, they have to take it one step further and be super, extra-good little Prog warriors. There’s nothing on earth more insufferable than a Prog’d out Chinese or Indian female, and they are showing up everywhere these days.

    The rise of Chinese and Indians in media, law, banking, politics and other cultural power centers has been pretty significant, and they’re really only just getting started. Not surprising when the route to power in America is the Ivy League, and the Ivy League is awash in Asians. And Asians, Chinese especially, know that Jews are also the power center. Hence the very widespread Jew-Chinese mating that we see going on. This is also an interesting plan for the Jews and their next diaspora target, as mentioned, which will likely be China and other points East, once the last drops of blood are sucked out of the West. Yes, Chinese may be woke to the predations of Jews, but if Irving Shapiro shows up in Beijing married to Lucy Ding Dong, toting a couple of just-Chinese-looking-enough mischling kids, the reception might be different.

    This teaming up of Jews and upper-caste Asians is the 21st Century in a nutshell. It’s not going to be pretty.

  5. Thought one: Eye bleach:

    Thought two: “mating with Africans is considered verrrrry low status in Chinese society.” Consider Heartiste’s post on male vs female numbers. The Chinese “One Child Policy” made males over-represented in the dating market, so they have to settle for the dregs. Just think of what THAT will do to the attractiveness of the next few generations.

    OTOH, the Vietnamese, Japanese, and especially Koreans can be comparatively attractive these days. The Chinese are notorious for having both sexes look androgynous, but Vietnamese men and women both look the part, in my experience. Koreans not so much, but their relatively White facial features are a plus.

  6. “the large diaspora Chinese population that have a disproportionate control of the economy…reminds you of some people haha”

    Somebody’s read Richard Lynn!

  7. We should consider that the Chinese and other East Asians (with the partial exception of the Koreans) are VASTLY more likely than are Americans to be irreligious. IIRC, only 9% of East Asian immigrants believed in a higher power, and that was 15 years ago. This affects the goals and means to achieve those goals used by a group.

    I predict that, in a fairly short time, Africa will wish that White Christian colonialists still ruled it, but China will be indomitably entrenched in the continent and its affairs.

  8. The recommended youtuber Dangerfield, closes his vids with contemporary, non-porno video clips of Asians doing sexy time dance. They do a convincing job of it. They are mostly SE Asians and some Japs.

    There is something about their attitude that is, essentially feminine and positive. They know that they “got it” but at the same time they want to allure you. They look at the viewer and oooh look at this, don’t you want to come closer and make snuggly time?

    White American women don’t seem to be able to have that feminine allure.

    nb4 Not being able to dwell w/i their feminine allure, is not really their fault; it’s because they are not safe

  9. Hopefully the Chinese will leave a few wildlife parks, which is the main attraction of sub Saharan Africa. Other than that, I don’t care what they do.

  10. If Chinese men need to settle for lower status women they have Southeast Asia. Those countries have plenty of young women.

  11. It is mostly Asian women who are marrying Jewish men. That leaves plenty of Asian men who may not be on board with them. There are plenty of Asians where I live and not many Jews. I don’t think pro white people need to kiss up to Asians, but we shouldn’t go out of our way to alienate them either. I work with many young Asian women. They are usually very nice to me. I honestly have not picked up on an anti white animus. Granted, we don’t discuss politics.

  12. One of the Indian girls has a white boyfriend. She said her parents weren’t thrilled at first, but she did not care. According to her, Indian men are less likely to marry out than Indian women.

  13. Jaded Jurist above: I predict that, in a fairly short time, Africa will wish that White Christian colonialists still ruled it, but China will be indomitably entrenched in the continent and its affairs.

    While he’s right, the problem is those who can flee will, and not to Africa. It will only exacerbate Europe impending doom. Africa need neocolonialism but not with a mercenary Chinese tinge.

  14. It’s probably because I’m an American. We already have plenty of our own open space, It seems to be Europeans, from small crowded countries, who have designs on sub Saharan Africa. It would be nice to see Africans run their own countries well, but that has yet to happen. They seem to be willing to trade some sovereignty for a higher standard of living. I can’t really blame them.

  15. Jimmy B
    wishing muds wouldn’t immigrate to your land isn’t a solution.
    using force to make them not do so is

  16. It’s a hierarchical society where everyone knows their place. Chinese are suspicious of each other depending on where they come from, where they went to school, what they do etc.

    They also hate everyone: Indians, blacks (especially) Filipinos, and Whites for whom they have a grudging admiration mixed with resentment. In China itself there are a something like 15 or more ethnic minority groups all of whom get special status—like affirmative action. So if someone is from one of these groups they’re allowed to have more kids without a fine (up to the end of the one-child policy), extra points on their university entrance exams to offer more opportunities. But they value order and conformity. So that idea of being relegated to the “white” section of the restaurant you described is how they run their country.

    There are many Chinese who take a more international perspective and have foreign friends and hang out in foreign circles. The locals regard them in some way as traitors.

    Whenever there’s a problem or dispute of ANY kind and one of the parties is non-Chinese—regardless of who’s to blame, the nature of the violation…they will ALWAY side with the Chinese party.

  17. I’ve heard about various kinds of favoritism for China’s ethnic minorities but never understood the reason for it. Is there also the Party’s distrust of an overly homogeneous Han population?

  18. @PA No, the Party is policy driven on ethnic cleansing—note the Go West movement a few years back to send Han to the sparsely populated areas of Western China, moving Han to Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet etc.

    I think that comes from some sort of throw back to the virtue-signaling of the early regime that has been a hold-over. Because there are so many minorities giving them privileges buys many of them off. Then the authorities can crack down on dissenters this way. It’s a virtue-signaling way to display “equality”.

    The other thing to note is how the Chinese respect Trump. You NEVER hear anyone really criticizing him in China. The whole trade dispute is couched as a “negotiation”. The Chinese were shocked at how Trump played them never expecting the US would ever impose tariffs despite a ballooning trade surplus with the US.
    The help they’re offering Trump in brokering peace with North Korea is not reported by the US (((Media))).
    The fact Trump got the Chinese to buy a shit ton more soybeans—means his base of farmers is happy and a major concession the (((Media))) also aren’t playing up.
    The Chinese are racist but they’re also pragmatic. If you bring “value” of some kind they will respect that. They see Trump as someone who understands them. Note how he never condescends or talks down to them the way previous presidents did.
    Chinese aren’t that mysterious if you understand their history and mindset. They had their own Cultural Revolution which as effectively 10 years of Civil War that destroyed their economy and heritage.
    There was a huge famine that was based around a kind of junk science that Mao introduced about dumping collective farming in favour of small scale farming. So things turned bad fast and the Party was set to dump him when in 1966 he declared an ideological struggle that lasted 10 years.
    Go to the Summer Palace in Beijing today and you’ll note smashed buddha heads—the work of fanatical Red Guards destroying all symbols of the “old” China—sound familiar? Note how all art and culture in China today is new because it was destroyed. It’s a cautionary tale for the US of just what can happen when you unleash fanatics like that. I digress.

  19. @PA. Two slight corrections. The famine was caused in part by a collective farming push. The regime demanded farmers give their produce to the state and many stopped producing or held back.
    Then famine struck in the late 50s and in typically grandiose fashion while people in the countryside were starving China was exporting grain…
    The Chinese also understand population replacement. They’ve made Tibetans a minority in their province. One thing to note. The Chinese hated hated hated previous presidents condemning them on human rights violations. Note Trump hasn’t done that and he’s gotten more concessions from them where they are vulnerable: their economy with its over reliance on external trade and manufacturing. The reality is manufacturing in China today is expensive. Those jobs are going to Vietnam India etc.
    Trump is not getting the credit he deserves on the way he’s managed China nd North Korea.
    Also note the Chinese and in fact other Asians do admire a strong leader; note Malaysia, Philippines China arguably singapore to a degree have more these types of leaders.

  20. I unironically support our Chinese overlords, as long as they are not promoting —

    Involuntary neonatal genital reduction assignment procedure, for boys aka circumcision

    (That’s what it’s called from now on, because that is what it is.)


    Muh Vague Ethnostate, as a platform for advocacy?

    Does it work, as a platform for advocacy?

    I think no. Or at least not in the USA. Too many good look castizo front-holers. Too many non-Whites with historical claims.

    The platform that I am advocating for, has two or three tenets —

    1) The Ecology or the Ecosphere, or whatever the fuck, shall not be degraded, nor developed any more than it is

    2) Everyone is subject to participate in Worldwide Eugenics Plan, for zero population growth, and no more niggers

    3) No babies shall be disfigured, maimed nor mutilated, genitally or otherwise

    4) Primitive peoples are left alone and protected


    In this way, we can “have it all”. Everyone has to get on board though.

    In the alternative, White Separatists can get some “muh vague ethnostate”. In Eastern Europe, Iceland, and Northwest Portland.

    They will be safe for approximately 15 years at which time they will be compromised by the chinese, the jews, and the chinese jews.

  21. Yeah blah blah blah I am just another asshole w/ an opinion. Mine is now that —

    Muh Vague Ethnostate

    is a non-starter, for real world political advocacy.

    I am talking specifically about the USA, and the New World. For Europe it makes sense to advocate for a total return of all immigrant invaders.


    The USA can be sacrificed as the sacrificial lamb of compromise. They already sacrificed 120 MILLION sets of male genitals. What is some territory, as compared to that?

    Would you rather —

    1) Have been born in an ethnostate, w/ an American-brand half-dick; or

    2) Or born a White man in South America or Mexico, but with a real dick?

  22. Civil War is not going to happen. [ — opinion, one asshole ]

    A total collapse will happen gradually in “step down fashion” aka a bowling ball going down the stairs, ala faggot sperg JM Greer.

    The complexity of the world cannot be sustained. It has already fallen apart.

    On the other hand. All the guns and military hardware, is not going anywhere. Someone is going to have their hands on it, and use the power of state, and the powers of persuasion, to enforce things on the largest scale that is feasible, or whatever scale it falls into place at. Which is to say, not the local scale. It will be this way, effectively, forever. Which is to say at least 200 years.

    The only question for the future is how contaminated the biosphere that we live in, is going to get. And how many of the animals get killed off. And is Eddy Boy Wilson right, that humans require biodiversity in order to grow food.

    No one knows the answer to these questions. But realistically, it’s here we come shit world.

    If we can’t not destroy our own habitat, then White children are not even a viable thing.

  23. A shot of ruminations from Elk and this morning’s snow make this a good morning.

    “All the guns and military hardware, is not going anywhere.”

    Yes. If YT maintains it. Hardware degrades fast without TLC. Vehicle maintenance, to name one example of military hardware, is analogous to ongoing pump operations in subway systems below the water table. Eternal vigilance.

    It takes a company (four platoons of 25 men) to reliably maintain a brigade’s motor pool. Army trucks go to shit if they just sit there. Army trucks also go to shit if they’re used but not serviced on schedule.

    Post-Vietnam and especially post-Cold War, luxury features like power steering and automatic transmission have become de rigeur in military trucks, presumably in service to the equality of soldierettes. Gratuitous complexity is a liability.

    A young man’s ballsack finally drops when he successfully backs a 1960s-era 2.5 ton (capacity) truck known as a Deuce-and-a-Half — manual transmission and unassisted steering — uphill and while towing (pushing, in this scenario) a single-axle trailer he can’t see in his mirrors. You better have strong arms and a saint’s patience to get it done.

    But I digress. White IQ and more importantly, our innate habits of caring for things keep hardware in good maintenance. Let that go, maybe by demotivating us from giving a shit in service to an Empire that’s trying to snuff us out while corrupting every square inch of this planet with globohomo ideology, and I give those trucks six months before they’re unusable.

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  25. The song the quote at the beginning of the post comes from is China Girl . It was written and recorded originally by Iggy Pop. About a decade after the song’s release it was covered by David Bowie who had a decent hit with it. Many people believe the China Girl of the song is a metaphor for heroin, a preferred variety of which was called China white at the time.

  26. I can see why the Chinese find African women boneable (I made that word up). Lovin” is in short supple in the Homeland, and pussy is pussy, even on a cow.

  27. It’s a mistake to fuck niggers but it’s well known that they are easy.

    I saw a White woman at the mall yesterday. I went to the mall yesterday. That’s always a mistake, for me personally. I end up feeling exhausted for like 24 hours. Totally psychic drain.

    This White woman was one of those big-frames. Honest to god her shoulders were an “ax handle wide” w/o even exaggerating. These big women. I don’t think that the executive command centers aka their frontal lobes, are as well developed though. Sometimes it seems that those two things are inversely correlated.

    I wanted to get a custom made tee shirt that said

    I may not look like much but my collective unconscious is very large

    Custom tees were always low-rent, and but now are a thing of the past. So a tattoo it is!

    This big White woman w/ the shoulders and the 6 foot tall barrel body had two White kids girls who were around 5 or 6 years, and a mulatto boy who was 3 or 4. Maybe the girls stand a chance?

  28. It is good not to be reduced to fucking niggers.

    A girl in AA is mulatto and she comes in once in awhile. I feel sorry for her because she doesn’t to fit in. And it seems by extension, anywhere else, because why else would she be trying to ingratiate herself in a place she does not fit?

    Her vibe is appealing neediness vibe. Her affect is not strident and bitchy like unhappy White woman. She is abundantly emitting pheromones or whatever. She is on, her adventure vagina lifequest in search of White sperm donation. She has a ample woman body, but her face oh banana, african erectus.

  29. Owen Benjamin is on a good 14/88 streak. His latest video is

    #458 The men in little hats

    He calls jews “the men in little hats who bite baby dicks”

  30. I am a big fan of Owen Benjamin.

    However. He makes statements which are quite simply, not true. But he makes them in good faith and as part of his exploratory process. For instance he says

    The only argument for anti-semitism is that you think they are genetically disposed to being tricky little thieves; which I am not saying, at all. That’s the only actual argument for jew-hate: where someone is born to with a genetic predisposition to constantly sneak and steal and cover crimes. I am not saying that.

    I think it is a decision that people make in their lives. And then from there …

    But back in reality-ville: In certain likelihood there IS a genetic basis for their behavior. Owen holds out hope that they can behave otherwise. That’s nice of him. Very Midwest.

    Such olive branch thoughts might be called boomer tics; or Midwestern-isms; or boomer tic midwestern-isms.

    His musical skill and talent is formidable. He can sight read w/ ease, a tremendous amount of material.

  31. As I have written before, about how treating the topic of

    non-consensual neonatal genital reduction assignment procedure, for boys

    in such a manner as referring to it, as “men in hats who bite baby dicks” is in fact soft pedaling it, and quite a bit.

    If that was only all that they did! They are not just biting them. They are cutting them out, and off.

    And also, this focus on the mohels “biting” of their own children, is downplaying and in fact entirely ignoring their promulgation of said procedure, among their enemies the goys White and otherwise.

    They didn’t bite my dick, nor the dicks of 98 per cent of the 120 MILLION Americans they had their way with. They didn’t bite our dicks, Owen. They cut off the sensitive parts and threw them in the trash w/o so much as the courtesy of a biohazard bag. That is to say IF they are to blame, as opposed to our own parents; and the medical establishment.

    To call what they are doing “biting baby dicks” is a soft-pedaling euphemism. It’s not even accurate. If he were to say biting OFF baby dicks, it might be accurate BUT still ignoring their actions on their enemies.

    In Owen’s defense, he could say that it IS a description of what mohels do. And that would be correct; to a point.

  32. In the aforementioned video, Owen Benjamin goes over a clip of what’s-her-name Sandra Bullock on the daytime lesbo talk show with what’s-that-btich-called Ellen DeGeneres; the youtube is —

    Sandra Bullock Explains Getting A ‘Penis Facial’ | Access

    It’s interesting how scripted it must have been. The meme broke and had to be spun, lest some women develop a soul and think twice about the implications:

    Yes Virginia, they do, they really DO use baby foreskins!

    It’s scripted as hell. And how the audience laughs. File under: Women are awful.

    The other particular contained therein, is how Bullock insists that in her facial, it’s North Korean foreskins. Don’t worry goys, it’s just a bunch of gooks!

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  34. Chineese Chad living the LIFE by fucking 2 hot 13 years old black girls in Africa.

    Verdict: ALPHA as fuck.

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