From Wombs To Victory

Pro-natalism messages are coming to the forefront in Europe:


Translation: “And what is your reason to fight for Germany? Dare, Germany!”

Heh, Kampf

I like her smile. Not ingratiating like a politician’s. More like a wounded but dangerous mama bear.

Here is an idea I haven’t completely formulated:

Oppressed people hide behind women because women are not threatening to the powers-that-be. Women can get away with more, which is why babushkas in the Soviet Union got away with public displays of Christian devotion. To stay with the Russian example: when Russia was weak during the 1990s and 2000s, its face to the world was that country’s hot girls. Everybody wanted to fuck one or wife one up, and many a foreign beta-bucks did. The Russian men? “Losers and drunks,” as every Western mail-order bride catalog sweet-talked its prospective clientele.

Russia is strong now, so Vladimir Putin has become her public face. A leader with the world’s highest T levels. His bare-chested horseback photos weren’t just a vanity shoot. They were a transformation of Russia’s image, concurrent with that country’s emergence from weakness. And Russian men get a little more respect now too.

Did that make sense? When you’re weak, the men stand back, the women carefully carry your message because when you’re under foreign domination, displays of your nations’s masculine energy come off as criminal.

Maybe that’s why Alternative für Deutschland’s Frauke Petry is posing with her baby like a single mother, and not with her husband despite the fact that she is indeed married. It’s a bit counterintuitive to do that — to make the men stand back at a time when you want to assert your right to exist. For example, I would have gone with a traditional family look, had German patriots commissioned me to design their propaganda. A German man, woman, children. But I’m not an advertising art director; the person who made that AfD ad is, and that person followed a professional hunch that it’s better, at this time, to hide papa bear.

Does this still make sense?

The West — all White countries — are presently weak, even as some are doing better than others. Neoliberalism hit all of us hard, but the governments of Hungary, Poland, and other smaller European countries are finally taking concrete initiatives to help their people be fruitful and multiply:


It’s just women in that photo. Not gratuitously, if there is merit to my theory.

If fertility goddesses it must be, then fertility goddesses it is.

Oh, and there will soon be time for men to step into the bright lights of destiny. And once again control fertility when at the age of seventeen, every White man will do what’s best for himself and his future.

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  1. “Christians, proceed with greater gravity:
    do not be like a feather at each wind,
    nor think that all immersions wash you clean.

    You have both Testaments, Old and New,
    you have the shepherd of the Church to guide you;
    you need no more than this for your salvation.

    If evil greed would summon you elsewhere,
    be men, and not like sheep gone mad, so that
    the Jew who lives among you not deride you!

    Do not act like the foolish, wanton lamb
    that leaves its mother’s milk and, heedless, wants
    to war against–and harm–its very self!”

    These words of Beatrice I here transcribe;
    and then she turned–her longing at the full–
    to where the world is more alive with light.

    Paradiso, Canto V

  2. That is old, probably from the last federal election. Meanwhile Ms. Petry has left the AfD. Nothing comparable in the advertisments that are presently prepared for the elections to the European parliament later this year.

  3. Linh Dinh has up now, a lengthy status report from one of his correspondents, on the situation on the ground in Germany. His correspondent presents black pilled picture.

    But what is it really like over there? Do they not have their own Gen Z who isn’t shamed with standard muh holocaust guilt?

    A Morgoth’s Review poster linked to a twitter vid of some Bavarians dressed up in folk costumes doing traditional music on harps and singing. Talk about good looking people. The women were all blonde and the men were brown-haired. The Bavarians are apparently more mountain-ish in their character, and so less easy to subdue.

  4. Re the Atheism-is-Unstoppable youtube linked above.

    Pretty grim stuff. I stopped watching at around 6-and-a-half minutes, so as to not to see the poor clerk get her head lit on fire. Apparently she is survived.

    Viewer discretion was advised.

    Devon is a youtube celeb and his videos have high production value. He is alt lite though.

    14/88 already “Devon”. Get your shit together. Don’t mis-rep Toronto anymore than you have to.

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  6. Lucius, good to see you back, brother. Thanks for the passage from Dante.

    Karl, feel free to relate more from your perspective.

    — His correspondent presents black pilled picture. But what is it really like over there? Do they not have their own Gen Z who isn’t shamed with standard muh holocaust guilt? — Elk

    Without knowing anything about the Vietnamese intermediary or his correspondents, I’m sceptical because nonwhites relish the black pill when it comes to our destiny. With their whole heart and hopes invested into our extinguishment. FWIW.

    Just saw attributed to Der Spiegel: one in four under-18 Germans admits to wanting to see a strong Fuhrer come on the scene. Translation: a quarter of them admitted to feeling that way. White pill.

  7. This is how you know Poland is uncucked.

    In the US or any western Euro country, whoever took that picture would have felt compelled to line up a rainbow coalition of colored women and their sprogs. You’d see maybe one White woman in the lineup, if that.

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  9. I am voting for Andrew Yang. When do I get my first thousand dollars; next week?

    Realistically, UBI is absolutely a good thing. There is no downside to it. [*] It’s not enough to live well on. But it’s enough to live on. And after everyone gets their share of the nation’s money, at they point they can be let to starve on the streets, with a clean conscience. Unless their money was taken from them by bad people in which case they

    * There is a downside to it. Some people benefit from having to work shitty jobs. It’s good for self-image and self-respect.

    There is some economic spergery about how UBI will not work because it raises the universal bottom or something. I don’t think it; that doesn’t make sense: if you give everyone a thousand, everyone has a thousand with which to buy things and cover expenses. If prices go up later, well then that’s another situation for later.

  10. I enjoyed the original post very much. The Russian bride thing was quite the deal, back in the day circa whenever.

    People, as in American men, if they can be called people, were actually doing it; right? (They were. If you had a job and a place to live, you could get an HB 7.5 or ever higher, to come over and suck your American-brand penis, with love or something like it. Many such cases!)

    Of course the bitter twist was that they weren’t loyal. If you didn’t have Game, they weren’t going to stick with you.


    I saw a couple few instances of Russian brides. Maybe it wasn’t as common as it was made out to be?

    Even today though, I have to wonder about Russian men and what was going on w/ them. Were they unable to put a stop to it? Were they somehow above it? Is it just another problem of Scale? Or were they really losers and drunks?

    There are a lot of Russians around here, and they are generally fairly impressive people. They seem cold hearted, for better and worse. That cold-heartedness is just the other side of not being a sap, of course.

  11. I have a cousin — well, I had this cousin — who lives in Manhattan and works on Wall Street, and has a penthouse, and goes through Russian brides like they are disposable.

    He is quite the guy. Self made millionaire. Movie star looks, but pretty boy not Liam Neeson. He can’t maintain a stable relationship to save his life. I don’t know him well enough anymore to know whether he has beta boy habits with women. What’s funny (not funny) though, is that making this post right now, and thinking about it, it is a good guess that IS his problem. Poor guy.

    All the money in the world. He will be closing in on NINE, probably half way there. I think that’s how they say it. There is a word for it, that nine-figure nugget, that the oilmen in Texas used to call it. It was like the entrance fee, for the club. I think Tom Clancy used to use it, when he was still a thing. He predicted 9/11 btw.

  12. — I have to wonder about Russian men and what was going on w/ them.

    It probably wasn’t common enough to cause a stir, per capita. Most Russian women marry Russian men. Marrying a foreign man (and especially leaving the country for him) makes for its own self-selected group, and such women have qualities that can be loyalty red flags.

    A muh dik image of a Russian women is as quasi-prostitutes in Moscow hotel bars. They certainly existed, but Russia is a big country.

  13. “Oppressed people hide behind women because women are not threatening to the powers-that-be.”

    Maybe, but I am very sceptical about that idea. Anyway such reasoning would not be applicable to the AfD poster. The function of election posters of the AfD is to mobilise the AfD base, to get them out to vote – nothing else. At least that is the stated belief of the AfD leadership.

    Mobilising your base is about showing strength and you do that with rallies and election posters (even if they are torn down the next day, you put them up again, 3 times a week if necessary). So your Interpretation of the election poster is counter to what campaign managers want to achieve.

    Another flaw of your theory that oppressed people hide behind women because women are not threatening to the powers-that-be is that you’d have to assume that Ms Merkel considers women less threating than men. Do think that plausible in view of Ms Merkel’s career?

    AfD posters with white babies (there were some with families and pregnat wifes) are simply aimed at AfD voters, i.e. men and women with families. Maybe Ms. Petry’s poster had also to with the power struggle inside the AfD. As you know, Ms. Petry lost and left the AfD right after the federal election. At that time it wasn’t clear that she’d loose. Boosting her popularity within the party might have been a motive for that poster.

  14. Oh the Oscars were last night. From theMann at Sailer’s:

    The list of Oscar nominees is so hilariously bad a collection of films one is left almost speechless at the enormity of the lack of taste and judgement involved. Obviously the changes in the nominating process over the last few years haven’t worked out for the best. Not to mention that a collection of the most self-absorbed, narcissistic, and desperately under0-educated fools in the history of mankind getting together for a self congratulation orgy is always an unappealing process………..

    There may have actually been a time when Hollywood wanted to be proud of its work. I understand in the studio days many of those film Moguls were deadly serious about the best scripts, actors, directors, cameramen and so forth that money could buy, leading to the best films that they could make. And it showed in the quality of the films.

    Now film makers chief concern is their overweening moral posturing, and the filmmaker’s unending capitulations of obvious moral superiority to the film goer.

    Why any normal decent person would tolerate their morally abscessed garbage for even one second is beyond me. That all of you commenting one these films indicates that you bothered to watch them is something you need to come to grips with. (For the record, of all those films I have seen First Man and Ballad, primarily because the Directors have made some good films. And some bad ones too- I found Fargo to be pretty loathsome.) So here is an Idea: Stop watching crap! Stop talking about crap. Stop supporting crap. Let Hollywood die the death it deserves, from a million cuts of film goer indifference.

    Film is still a legit medium. As long as we are not living around our campfires and are instead stuck in single-unit dwellings staring at screens; in this case, like yeah man absolutely, more better blues.

    I have a story about Spike Lee that started off my commenting career many years ago. It’s sad and it’s true, and it lead me here …

  15. Times have changed, and my stories are becoming repetitive, but what happened was …

    Sophomore year at Big Ten University. Resident adviser-sponsored social activities night, apparently necessary for sperg-tending social awkwards? Wtf ever happened to drinking, why weren’t we doing that instead.

    In any case the RA had about ten of his charges, mostly girls but yours truly and him, and one or two other males, in his dorm room for a screening of — get this — She’s Gotta Have It, by Spike ‘big little man’ Lee.

    Ffs. Was this intentionally degrading? No, it wasn’t intentionally degrading, by having us young sensitive impressionable white boys, together with the very girls we would like to rub up on, like some sad Tom Wolfe spectacle from Charlottesville — to be watching with these very same girls in a lights out dim lit room, Spike Lee’s joyous up-close-and-personal black-on-Italian sex scenes.

    It was humiliating. And here’s the thing: we didn’t even know it; at least not on a conscious level.


    I have told this exact same story before. This was early 90s. That is when my life started to go off the rails. I am thinking about suing the school …

    Fwiw I am back now, to some whatever extent. Don’t masturbate, don’t do drugs. For certain personality profiles w/ certain tendencies, that can be the best you can do. Work hard, but don’t work at participating in your own destruction. In other words don’t get a job in advertising?

  16. I drank like the very promising, budding alcoholic a fish, at those early years at Big Ten Uni.

    Junior year we rented a floor on a rental house. What a mess, those houses. At some point in the deal, owning those houses as a rental making money scheme was a moneymaker. I can’t imagine how it still works out. The margins must be so tight. The houses always get trashed. It should practically be illegal. Excepts it’s all adults and contract law, so what’s the problem, bigot; what are you, ageist or something?

    Anyways, four of us in a house, and now we are “upper classman”. Was it still a thing back then in the 90s, to be an upperclassman (in college) as opposed to an underclassman? Maybe back in the 1830s, it was. But by the 1990s was when so-called students started losing their focus and making a lifestyle out of college, so being an upperclassman wouldn’t have been the same cache.

    Long story short. Of the four of us “jointly and severally liable” for the lease, two of us failed out slash dropped out due to “partying” which meant too much booze and grass. My roommate who I have stayed somewhat in contact w/, dropped off his more challenging engineering track because calculus. In a better world I would have helped him there or even just substituted for him and taken his tests. But alas! it was not to be.

    I didn’t drop out but started taking easy courses and doing the bare minimum to graduate. And did, at the insistence of maw and paw.

  17. — Don’t masturbate, don’t do drugs.

    Don’t eat anything after 5PM and before 7AM. A fourteen hour fast. Lent starts next week and that’s what I’ve been doing for the past several years. No exceptions, even if socially in a restaurant. I permit myself to drink though.

    Results in wellbeing are worth it. That, and my ascetic side likes the discipline. “Hunger sharpens the spirit” I tell myself when walking hungry past an expensive pastry shop at a train station.

    I quit the gym membership last summer but I have a good setup at home. Daily warmup: twenty perfect form pushups with elevated feet (chair or couch). Forty, if I’m feeling pumped up.

  18. “Daily warmup…”

    Elevated clap push-ups are a beautiful thing. Jump squats with hands raised maximally stiff over the head are an effective substitute for weights. Sets of 25, emphasizing vertical leap and good lower back form. These will align physical and mental posture with the heavens’ most ebullient musculature.

  19. From womb to victory
    The misery…
    A new heart aches
    For the unaborted delivery.
    White woman is exalted
    And denigrated
    By rivalry!
    {{{Demons}}} at the top
    “No, no” chivalry…
    What does white man do
    In his day of reckoning?
    Rape and pilllage his village?
    Or co-create a second coming?

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