We have got to make it here

A YouTube commenter writes: “It took me 41 years to understand this song.”

I’ve listened to The Eagles’ The Last Resort on and off since 1989. What I’m coming to understand is that places that are less afflicted by globalists’ demographic and cultural war on White nations owe their more-afflicted brothers moral and material support, but they should never welcome them as refugees.

A reader on Gab sees how White flight from California to the sparsely populated Idaho would destroy the host:

Really this is even true with honkies invading Idaho. [People in Idaho] have their own thing and we would bring all our things up there and screw up what makes it a pleasant place to live.

We’d need a ton of new housing, which brings Mexican laborers. We would want Targets and Kohls and NTBs and car dealers and crap chain restaurants. We would spread like leprosy all around Boise, uglifying the countryside. Traffic would exist where there had been none. We would take over their municipal governments to institute our priorities, ignoring their desires. And so forth. This is what happened to Texas

The refugee also pays a price for uprooting himself. The pernicious effect of geographic mobility is not well understood by many advocates of White nations.

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  1. The fan-made video is first rate, especially in how it climaxes with faux-Christian ecstasies in a multicultural megachurch.

    The song also has the greatest single line about White Flight, about the trauma and the promise that drive people to emigrate to richer pastures. It comes after the quiet, shell-shock instrumental interlude in G6 Csus4 piano chords and the line is almost whispered:

    You can leave it all behind
    Sail to Lahaina

  2. Maybe whites *shouldn’t* emigrate to whiter states and change them, but that’s what’s going to happen. “Should” or “shouldn’t” are irrelevant.

    What I expect to happen is that over the next several decades there’s going to be increasing geographic separation of the races in the U.S., with it becoming increasingly unsafe for whites in areas that are not majority white, so the whites leave to live among other whites. This leaves those areas that they left increasingly unfit for anyone to live in (like Detroit, St. Louis, etc) so the non-whites follow the whites into the whiter areas. At some point, I expect that white gangs will develop that make white areas inhospitable to non-whites in the same way non-white areas are inhospitable to whites. We haven’t seen much in the way of white gangs because so far it has been possible for most whites who want to, to move to a whiter area and avoid the problem. But when there’s no place left to leave, then I expect we’ll see white gangs who chase non-whites out of those areas.

    That will bring down the government on those areas, a government which by that time will be solidly leftist and non-white. Which will harden whites into something like Chechans or the Taliban, very tough people who you don’t want to f**k with. Life for white people will be harsh and poor but we’ll become strong. And at some point there will be a separatist/revolutionary movement and the whites that have survived to that time will have their own white homeland.

    TLDR: when we’re finally concentrated in one geopgraphic area, and our backs are against the wall with no place left to go, we’ll be forced to get tough and then we’ll carve out our own country again.

  3. I’ll refrain from speculating on how things work out in the future. Not that I don’t enjoy thinking about it while mindful that the male imagination tends toward the epic. And your scenario is plausible.

    As to the present effects of White migration, they are destructive of both the host and migrant. Diversity and taxes are the push-factors (Californians’ flight to Texas) and easy-credit hot labor markets are the pull-factors (Eastern Europeans’ flight to the UK). What little is gained by the host-state’s benefit in a bump-up of White influx, culture and cohesion is wrecked.

    Also: White influx is followed by brown labor

    Also: refugees dont change their stripes. Yanks continue to vote Blue after they flee for Red states.

    Additionally, so long as people think that “You can leave it all behind, sail to Lahaina,” they will never stand their ground, develop social networks, extended families, loyalty and collective purpose.

    White consolidation is a temporary emergency measure, such as when stranded European tourists and local Louisiana poor Whites formed a perimeter together at the Superdome in 2005. On a larger scale, emergency shelter can take the form of Displaced Persons Camps. But intra-White migration and integration would only serve to further thin us out, paradoxically.

  4. The great irony about California is that it was made the way it is by mass migration from the other States.

    Forty years ago, it was already a recognized joke that California “was where, if you picked up the country and tipped it on its side, all the loose nuts and bolts would fall and collect”.

    California was a VERY conservative State. Unfortunately, it was conservative in our modern understanding, meaning that it was in no way altright. The State regarded everyone as welcome, as we would all work together to continue progressing into the future. The laws were already on the books and of course all of these new fellow Californians are going to follow them.

    First thing the loose nuts did was ignore the laws they didn’t like. It was easy to do and justify as ethical, as they were absolutely surrounded by other nuts. They’d come from everywhere.

    After that they’d just start voting in new laws. And challenging old laws in the courts. If the changes they’d made were good, they’d brag about them. If the changes they made were bad…

    …they’d go back where they came from. Because “home” seems so much nicer when living with strangers amongst chaos and confusion.

    Two things came out of the “return to home”: they may have only lived in California for a few years, but they were now regarded as Californians, as living amongst the chaos (that they themselves created) changed who they were as people. As well, all of the people back in their hometown now regarded them as “Californians” moving in and changing things.

    The cucks have run with the notion that Joevier Blowmires in Mexico is a natural American born outside of America because he’s hard working, goes to church, pays his taxes, cares for his family, etc. This crazy way of thinking started not with post-colonial expansion, but with mass in-migration to California. All of those loose nuts really were the same. They really do think alike. They really are all natural allies. Because they really are all nuts. They really do all share the same goal of destroying civilization, because they really are all delusional. The cucks think this applies to all peoples everywhere. They can’t accept that healthy, normal people will band together to create or maintain their own culture, society, or civilization. But there are thousands of those. Every local village has its own social fabric. What the nuts have in common is not maintenance or creation, but total destruction. They draw allies from everywhere, anyone who wants to destroy. Normals must draw from their own people those who want to maintain.

    The only way the normals win is if they’re utterly unforgiving in protecting what they have. If they welcome the nuts, they’ve already lost.

    Around the U.S., we’re now seeing not nuts-going-home, but people raised inside the nuthouse trying to escape. They’re bring chaos and destruction with them because that’s all they know. These aren’t bad people and they aren’t all nuts, but good people raised by nuts. They know no other way.

    And compassion by the normals for these good people escaping chaos is killing their homes. They may be good or evil, it makes no difference. They bring chaos and destruction. They know nothing else.

    Compassion and hubris. We should always help because things will always be good. It’s destroying us. Do we have the strength of will to say to people we genuinely like, “You’re not welcome here. Leave.”, and back that up with forced removal? It’s either that or forced compliance with local customs.

    What’s not a question is whether the nuts will use force on the normals. When they have it, they’ll use it. Nothing is quite so envelloping as hatred of kindness by those with malice in their hearts. They’ll decrease their own lives to sate their envy.

    Slowly, we’re waking up to this. The future will be far less tolerant, and so much better.

    [Insightful comment. – PA]

  5. Re mass migration of whites to other more or less white areas:

    Here’s something interesting about white folks from Eastern Europe moving to England to work in the fields harvesting vegetables and also working in food processing. Hint: the locals are supposedly too irresponsible, weak & lazy to do this kind of work. Of course it is just a matter of time before these Eastern European are just as lackadaisical as the English, having gotten fed up with such hard work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. However, I wonder about this little plot hatched for the documentary.

    You can find this at youtube. Type in: The day immigrants left 2010 FULL

  6. PA: I take your point that white emigration from failing states like California to still-habitable states like Idaho is bad for Idaho and bad for whites overall. That is true, but it is also academic since whites are going to move anyway.

    We’re in an interesting national phase right now where it is still possible for a white man to hope that by winning the right elections or electing the right man, we could turn things around. Trump was that hope. When I read his immigration campaign document, it was my fondest dream come true: someone who wanted to cut back on legal immigration, get rid of birthright citizenship, enforce laws against hiring illegals, and send them all back home. If he’d done all those things, we’d have had a chance to stop this. But the Republican establishment opposed him, and for all of his virtues, Trump seems to be impatient and not a deep thinker and, frankly, I don’t even think he’s all that big a believer in white people anyway. I think he’s basically a nice-guy cuck at heart when it comes to race issues…he makes a very big display of how much he likes people of all races. He is also terrible at choosing staff. He should have been ready to hit it hard from the moment he was inaugurated, if not before, and instead he messed around for two years until his party lost the House.

    So the reality is that there is no hope at this point of a peaceful political solution. I think what whites have on the horizon is a South Africa situation, with a lot of white poverty and oppression and demoralization, before the hard core of whites emerges from that Darwinian selection process.

    The worst mistake we made was allowing Indians and Chinese to get established here in the last 30 years. If the only people we had to worry about were blacks and mestizos, it would really be very simple. But when you have Chinese and Indians running many of our largest companies, forming a wealth elite, getting elected and appointed to positions of power, and with a few billion cousins across the Pacific ready to come and back them up, it’s going to be much, much more difficult to re-establish white control of territory in North America than it would have had to be.

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  8. Where I live is the most conservative county in a bluish-purple state. It’s that way largely because of right-of-center refugees from the neighboring nutbag loony lefty state. The county is curtailing housing in no small part because we do not want to be overwhelmed by libtards fleeing their own doing.

    My neighborhood has successfully stopped bus stops from being introduced, and every time they try to create a commuter bus, it’s blocked, because we know EXACTLY who that brings.

  9. “The refugee also pays a price for uprooting himself. The pernicious effect of geographic mobility is not well understood by many advocates of White nations.”

    I think this has been alluded to here before, but maybe you could feature a post on this? Apologies if I missed it.

    I think I’m a willing victim of this phenomenon in that I have lived in several international global cities and have nothing to show for it outside my resume, e.g. no family, wife, children, girlfriend, social life, or even pets. I could summarize by saying that I have a LinkedIn page but no need for a Facebook.

  10. I wrote that comment on Gab–I’m not from California (fightin’ words!). I’m from Texas and have lived here all my life. My people settled this state with Stephen F. Austin. You know, back when it was a republic. You could say I have ownership. This is my place, where I belong. God specifically created Texans to live in Texas. What I wrote about is still happening to my home. The new arrivals from California and Chicago don’t really like it here, they bitch about it all the time, and think we’re retarded brotherfuckers. THEY are what flipped it blue, not the Messkins.

    A large part of what is killing this beautiful place is fracking. It’s even more destructive to the water table and the rest of the environment than the old oil bidness was. Vast swathes of this vast state have been rendered into wasteland. The very air stinks from the gasses escaping the wells. They pump water contaminated with heavy metals pulled out of frack sites back deep into the earth in injection wells. They do this in urban areas and small towns literally right next door to people’s homes. Texas was never beautiful like Vermont or Colorado, but it was bucolic and it was ours. It’s a relief that coming to the dissident right side allows me to publicly note that there’s a heavy trade-off to all this awesome prosperity and “energy independence.” I’d imagine that farmers in North Dakota feel the same. The boom there completely shitted up the place. The people benefitting, many of them native Texans themselves, don’t care at all about the destruction they leave behind. They’re happy to strip mine our homeland.

    My husband and I might end up moving somewhere else, for a while at least, but I have real sympathy for people in their happy functional communities who have to deal with marauding honkies as well as foreign invaders.

  11. Doji Star: I haven’t dedicated a post to that in depth, just in passing and in the comments. Migration atomizes people, and not just in the obvious ways of the dispersal of childhood friends and extended family. Human beings have spiritual roots that take best in their own soil, just like trees have physical roots.

    Bull Honkette: Sorry about the mistake! I just reworded the original entry to correct that.

  12. This is why I abandoned G.O.O.D. (get out of Dodge) as a strategy. To where do morons thing they’re going to “bug out?”

    [I had an acquaintance who attended one of Doug Casey’s little real estate sales pitches in Argentina. This guy is/was an MD, and childless, newly married if I recall correctly, my age (so kids are not an option for him.) He didn’t fall for Casey’s con, but crossed the border into Uruguay and bought a house with Atlantic Ocean frontage. It was to be his GOOD location when the S finally HTF in the USA. It was his personal Money Pit for a decade or so until he capitulated and sold it. I had counseled against buying it (he didn’t have the funds to write a check, and carrying a mortgage for that was insanity defined IMO) but no one listens to me anyway. Wherever you go, you’re a stranger in a strange land. Better to fight on familiar ground.]

    What we face is the SAME war my ancestors fought during the English Civil War. It is a battle between those who believe in aristocracy (meritocracy) and those who want to elevate “peers” (i.e., self-promoting assholes who have no demonstrated powers beyond naked ambition) to rule. It is the battle between those who see coercive systems as a necessary evil to be minimized and those who see coercive systems as a means to Make The World Into Heaven. It is the Right vs the Left, respectively.

    This isn’t about whites vs blacks/browns/yellows. It’s whites vs whites, with the non-white minorities simply being totems and/or mercenaries. There would be no Affirmative Action and Special Powers (including the all-pervasive Magic Negroes today) without WHITES (or the part-Ashkenazim wannabe’s who “play white” or “play Jew” depending on the audience.)

    I’m on record as sensing that the future will be a resumption of the English Civil War. The last iteration witnessed the victory of the Left. I think this time, by theory of alternation, it will be the Right that wins (if only because the Left “winning” would be historically redundant, the Left is responsible for the tribulations whites face as things stand.)

    This isn’t about race. It’s about culture and it’s inescapably about POLITICS. If you live in a gated community that’s 100% white and 70% of your neighbors are Leftists, you have a barbarians-inside-the-gates problem ALREADY. Eventually, if things do actually go as far off the rails as seems possible, the Leftists will either switch or take the Amy Biehl path. I sincerely hope those who wish to follow her lead do it quickly. Good riddance.

  13. This is where I drop my trowel. I run no further

    Chief Tecumseh said this. He was a great athlete in high school. For Indians that was a requirement to enter into the chiefly castes, to be of “chiefly” blood. Say what you will about them, their all-arounders were pretty good.

    There is an exact hipster meme for this thing, which hipster meme was trending a while ago, and to the point, still is —

    Here! is where I tie my bandana

    The nigger spics version?

    Here is where, my car runs out of gas

  14. I made those jokes up, which are fairly successful but not exactly gold, out of NOT remembering the actual hipster meme for that sentiment. It’s definitely out there.

    There wouldn’t happen to be any hipsters reading this, would there?

    Back a long time, internet WN 1.5, it was strictly career suicide to cop to even simply knowing hipster memes, or if you did they had to be presented in the most strident tones of derision.

    See for instance the most current CH thread. This guy kills a cougar with his bare hands but it turns out he is

    1) only 150 lbs
    2) jogs
    3) has a muscular girlfriend; and most damningly?

    4) the cougar was only a juvenile

    So in conclusion or cougar-killer by the name of Kaufmann is a hipster faggot, and we have no use for him because he probably drinks lattes.

    In fairness to the CH readership, said slant was not their take. I was exaggerating to make a point.

    It is interesting to speculate on which side said couger-slayer, will fall, if it comes to it. If it breaks down as DN speculates into an roundhead longhead thing.

    Is that the same split, the roundhead longhead thing?

    Because the roundheads would be the more middling classes. The more troglodytic lower orders, but they’re the good guys now?

  15. Off topic. There is a hot trending movie about John Callahan the crippled Irish American cartoonist. It’s on you’re-a-swapple-faggot Prime and called Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot.

    It’s pretty terrible but it’s actually pretty good. It’s totally the contemporary “It” feature cultural phenomenon thing. To the extent that we can even have such things anymore, this might be the last one of those.

    And as such, it is fittingly about a strong-jaw wheelchair’d Irish-descended and abandoned White man. Callahan in his day was a very very handsome man. That’s part of the story, that even after he ends up crippled, he gets women to spread their legs cum for him. I think that is true-story detail, in his case.

    If it is not too indulgent to bring up as an off topic thread derail; Callahan was pretty red pilled, for the standards of his time. For instance he made fun of cripples.

    I enjoyed the film. Unfortunately it features some very prominent jews.

    Jack Black, Again. This guy has really gone off the rails and it shows. But to the film’s credit, the character he plays is repulsive.

    Jonah Hill. Looking at wiki just now, Jonah Hill comes from Hollywood jew aristocracy. He has very pretty blue eyes and in this role can almost pass.

  16. It’s actually a brilliant film. Brutal and very sad. Phoenix is the best actor his this, his our generation. And it’s also directed by that worthless faggot what’s his name, who did the My Private Idaho thing with the half-Somoan freak what’s-his-name.

    Gus Van Sandt. What even kind of name is that?

    That’s rhetorical. Obv it’s Dutch or whatever and so Old American. What a loser.


    The scenes where Callahan wakes up neck broken in the severe injury room are hard to watch, and the way he is dismissively and realistically treated by the attending physician. Whether the physician is being portrayed as an asshole or just extremely calloused and realistic. Or is he angry at how stupid people are, for getting themselves crippled and taking up his valuable time?

    It also shows the endless extended complex of social services that are out there for taking advantage of; except if you really need them maybe it’s not taking advantage of.

    It’s another movie on the theme of broken people. I can say with some confidence DN will want to skip this one.

  17. Human beings have spiritual roots that take best in their own soil, just like trees have physical roots.

    Interesting jumping-off place. As a matter of fact I have an online friend who does not agree with this, who thinks that one ought to “get over” the silly attachment to wherever one is from if there is someplace objectively more suitable.

    I say, not so fast. I’ve thought about moving my family (to various places; I doubt that many people are more portable than me owing to my work). But at the end of the day I feel rootes to my home; I feel AT HOME there; and there’s the “home field advantage” of knowing how things work there.

    I don’t know who’s right.

  18. A black pilled, intentionally somewhat hyperbolic counterpoint: Would you accept a Boer? Someone who lived under Communism? There are strongly Based and Red Pilled among those seeking exodus for themselves and their children from homelands long lost to the machinations of the special people and their golems. Those outnumbered and outvoted for a generation, toiling to keep the lights on for their dysfunctional communities. Who better to inoculate the innocent and naive than those directly exposed? Short of a hot RAHOWA, the blue states are lost.

  19. Specific to South Africans, I looked at the wrong and the right approaches here:


    Very few immigrants bring valuable lessons to their new host society. We’re it right here, communicating over the internet.

    Most White refugees who flee diversity & taxes in Maryland or New Jersey are normies who vote for more diversity & taxes in North and South Carolina. That is, when they’re not bitching about the locals. There is no such thing as good immigration.

  20. If the only people we had to worry about were blacks and mestizos, it would really be very simple.

    False. Intermarriage between Hispanics and Whites is very high. High enough to be a significant percentage of babies born to white women, period.

    Mestizos may seem harmless, but they are the perpetrators/carriers of the two biggest agents of indirect white genocide : miscegenation and the fentanyl crisis.

  21. PA, with respect: how do you square this post with the fact that you are from Poland?

    You are helping make the USA a better place.

    Perhaps you may really mean that liberal migration is the problem.

  22. People are going to do what is best for them. If people are able to move to better places they will. I know liberals, who are critical of anti immigration views, who are planning to move to the whitest, least populated state in the U.S. Part of me wants to point out their hypocrisy, but I’m not going to bother, They are likely already aware of it, and I am hypocritical in my own ways too.

  23. I consider myself pro white. I live in a diverse area and generally have pleasant interactions with non white people. I often like them better than I like many white people. It cause me some cognitive dissonance, but it’s probably pretty normal.

  24. It is inner city African Americans I avoid at all costs. An interaction with them can go bad very quickly. Non inner city black people are generally okay to deal with.

  25. — People are going to do what is best for them. If people are able to move to better places they will.

    Of course. People are supposed to do what’s best for their families. It’s one thing when we’re talking moving locally to a better neighborhood, and another when it’s mass migration that changes South Carolina into a Democratic voting state that bans the Confederate flag. Migration also costs those who are migrating by breaking their social and family bonds.

    It’s a natural right and an obligation of every place, on any scale, to restrict unwanted in-migration.

  26. Funny to watch how my own taste changes over time. I can no longer listen to Henley. All I can think is “Boomers love this sh!t”.

    Has society every been so divided by generation?

  27. “It’s a natural right and an obligation of every place, on any scale, to restrict unwanted in-migration.”

    Some might say it’s also a “natural right” to just go take what you want, for you and yours.

    I don’t think there’s any inherent morality equation in migration. We’re still subject to the laws of nature and nature generally says something is only “yours” to the extent that you can defend it.

  28. I mean…shit… we don’t even own our own bodies. They’re simply borrowed for a time and then recycled.

    If South Carolina doesn’t have enough social cohesion to keep out coastal invaders then doesn’t that say more about the viability/long term fitness of their culture than it does about the invaders, who are simply following a biological imperative to find fresher grass?

  29. All I can think is “Boomers love this sh!t”.

    A recent Sailer thread was on T-Bone Walker and Warren Zevon doing an “acoustic version” of the Lawyers Gun and Money song.


    Some of them though, are good people …

  30. There is an interview with a man named Brandon Darby on how the recent spending bill will impact border security. It sounds like Trump has completely caved on immigration.

  31. — If South Carolina doesn’t have enough social cohesion to keep out coastal invaders then doesn’t that say more about the viability/long term fitness of their culture than it does about the invaders, who are simply following a biological imperative to find fresher grass?

    Is this sort of an airy, disinterested aboveitallness useful or interesting? A sincere question.

    To me, no. Attributing a failing of collective character to the loser of the Civil War, Civil Rights, and Neoliberalism strikes me as false in particular, and banal if intended as a general statement on human society.

  32. “Some [boomers] though, are good people …”


    I do find it interesting that Gen X seemed to skip the whole “straight, White, Christian males are the problem” attitude that gripped so many boomers when they were young, and which so many Millennials espouse today.

    It may be confirmation bias on my part, but if I’m right, what do I do with this information?

  33. “To me, no. Attributing a failing of collective character to the loser of the Civil War, Civil Rights, and Neoliberalism strikes me as false in particular, and banal if intended as a general statement on human society.”

    so how does South Carolina, or any decent society, sustain itself over the long haul, over multiple generations? someone, somewhere has to provide the protection. someone always pays the tab for insulation.

    so yes, to me it IS interesting because I’m not interested in seeing the same mistakes repeated over and over and over. and over. I’d like to see a model for a TRULY sustainable white society that doesn’t have the seeds of its own failure baked into it. I just don’t see how Migration = Bad! leads towards that goal.

    some people have forests and water and resources. some don’t. and if you have those things but you can’t defend them then do you really have a “natural right” to them?

  34. In “muh vague ethnostate of the future” do we get to move to Florida, because that would be a selling point.

    At what fractal level of organization, are the lines around living space to be drawn?

    The fractal levels of organization are, family tribe clan ethny subrace race subspecie specie etc.


    Ideally and “if I were emperor” the ethnic groups circa 1905 would have their own territories. And everyone has to go live there.

    Un-resolved questions under this hypothetical schema —

    1) where will mixed race people live?

    They will be not be allowed to live as breeders, in otherwise ethnically homogenous societies.

    3) what about regional identities in America?

    Will boomtastic Whites be allowed to retire to Florida, much less South Carolina.

    4) How many boomtastic Whites in the South now, and what about them?

  35. also, if South Carolina doesn’t want coastal vermin shitting up the place then what they should really do is close their borders. that seems like a step in the right direction. but, like most places, there’s that sticky issue of sovereignty.

    how long would SC last without US government protection? they’d have to align themselves with someone, somewhere. and of course they’ll need some way to pay for all that military equipment they’re going to need.

    any groups “natural right” to defend their home turf really only exists at the behest of whichever of three options they agree to give up some sovereignty to: China, Russia, or the US.

  36. Muh bruvvah!! We will forever keep on making the same mistakes, as we’ve been doing since the metaphorical or literal, as you will, Adam and Eve.

    The name of the game is to survive now.

    In good faith, we overcorrect in the short term and go back to our old errors in the long term. Forever, as long as we live on this planet. Santayana was wrong. We dont study history to avoid repeating its tragic episodes. We study it so that we remember who we are. To prevent erosion.

    As to the hypothetical closed-borders South Carolina surviving alone: I’d give it better odds than under the current protection of Uncle Sam.

  37. — Will boomtastic Whites be allowed to retire to Florida, much less South Carolina.

    At the very least, they shouldn’t be allowed to vote, and no chain migration.

  38. The pernicious effect of geographic mobility is not well understood by many advocates of White nations.

    We’re all rootless cosmopolitans now.

    The Jews figured out a long time ago that geographic mobility is a survival strategy for parasites. Doesn’t work out so good for the rest of us, though. Particularly for those with roots — physical roots — in an area. Hey, sure, just leave your small/medium town where your people have lived for generations and go to the Big City and learn to code! (Or learn to whore or wait tables.)

    People with no roots for millennia can’t possibly understand rootedness. Hence the persistent Hollywood scorn for small-towns.

  39. “We dont study history to avoid repeating its tragic episodes. We study it so that we remember who we are. To prevent erosion.”

    We study history as history studies us. The combined reiterative amusements from these perspectives serve to repair and strengthen the anatomy of discretional Lightning’s whitest laughter.

  40. A globalism attack on one white people is an attack on every white people. However, e.g. a Hungry that allowed in mass Western European immigrants would cease to be Hungry.

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