A Dark Original

Suburban_elk wrote song lyrics in the traditional mode:

As I was walking out this morning
I spied a lass and fair
with silver bells upon her ankles
and marbles in her hair

Her hair was blonde and silver
and skin a milky white

Muh dick a called a to me
Let’s give this girl a fright!

A fright a fear
A life to lose
A love to loss my dear!
A jingle jangle signal clear
u’neath the stars tonite!

So says I, come hither miss
let’s walk unto the wood
I’ve a present for you fair young lass
will do you milks some good!

Come and follow, trust me now
and tell not your brother where

we’ll have you back ‘fore dinnertime
and fed and groomed aright

A thrill to have
a love to make
what else for us to?
the flowers bloom the birds a flight
a sign for me and you!

And so we went into the wood
returned from there but one
she’d not have known what waited
nor why for love begone

(c) 2019 Suburban_elk

He leaves the musical interpretation up to the performing artist:

As with most real world things, it’s in the execution … The theme featured above, dark as it is, is not an uncommon theme. The idea of getting a girl to go along with you, and then raping and killing her, is something that happens enough that they make songs about it. For instance the American Traditional, Pretty Polly

I courted pretty Polly, the live long day [x2]
then left her in the morning, before the break of day

uses a simpler chord structure of two minor chords, D-minor and G-minor 7.

The D-minor is a somber sound. The opening line of Rammstein’s great Ohne Dich (Without You) begins with the Dm chord and ends on A-minor: “Ich werde in die Tannen gehen” (I will go into the woods). The Romantic/Gothic story of an abducted object of a madman’s love comes up in Falco’s Jeanny. The late vocalist Johann Hölze had the perfect male speaking voice.

41 thoughts on “A Dark Original

  1. Was recently remarking to someone about how sheltered today’s snowflakes are, contrasted with how I was taught to sing “Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley” in elementary school.

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  3. Thanks for the “feature,” and for including the copyright designation.

    It’s all good. Maybe do an effort comment later.

  4. My take on songwriting is that the traditional songs are quite good enough.

    One thing that you might can try and accomplish, as a songwriter, is to get your songs into the American Songbook.

    John Denver got in two or three. Country Roads is a modern spiritual, or whatever. Bob Dylan probably gets in ten, and maybe five times that. Jews actually do have talent for songwriting. Jews are weak in their spatials and mechanical skillz, and also lacking in top notch warrior genius. But their talent for songwriting is not “artificially produced.” [*]

    Tom Dooley is an all time classic. And as pointed out, it has that same theme, of love gone wrong and murder.

    As a rule I try to not pontificate. I know a lot about the topic of practicing and playing music, and even more on the topic of the personal problems that can get in the way of said goal.

    * A lot of people will dog on Dylan. Including Owen Benjamin btw, whose opinion matters by virtue of his demonstrated accomplishments. But they are wrong to dismiss the quality of Dylan’s work; though said work might be said to shine through more on paper than in performance.

  5. A cultural achievement like the American Songbook is the icing on the cake. It happens when people are playing music together, and singing and dancing and celebrating life.

    It doesn’t happen when half the men are overdosing on drugs and alcohol and half the women are whored out.

    What kind of creative product can we expect, at this point?

    It has to come from real people working together in real life, and then those things have to be going on simultaneously and enthusiastically received and praciticed and improved upon and formalized, in order to reach the heights. The classical music of Russia in the 19th century and the rest of their artistic accomplishments, grew out of a stable and cohesive culture.

    Without that base, it won’t happen. There’s not enough stability.

    There are a ton of creative people who have the real talent, and the passion.

    The value of art, is that it makes life bearable. Without it, there is literally no point and no purpose. But art has been trivialized. Back 150 years ago whenever, guys like Wagner were admired. I don’t know much about classical music. In my opinion, classical is second fiddle, to popular music which used to be called folk music. The best classical is complex arrangements on traditional folk music. Anything more complicated than that, is too far afield.

  6. Country Roads by John Denver is top notch. A modern classic. Go ahead and play on it, and try and sing with as much heart as you have, and not cry. I dare ya!

    I can hardly get through, and not because F-minor is an unfamiliar chord.

    We lost that sincerity and feeling, and now what do we have? I go by churches all the time, and am curious, but can’t bring myself to do it. To go in there and sing with those people. Too many hard feelings. Too many broken hearts!

    Bob Dylan wrote a song bout everything being broken. It’s anathema in the Dissident Right to wax on about Bobby Dylan. But that song is an example of his brilliance, and why he deserves the big prize in literature. Everything is Broken and he wrote about compellingly in the medium most conducive to making the point.

    Guys like Owen and Benjamin and Sven from Tedious, are very talented players. But they have a hard time giving themselves over to it and playing from the heart. On the other hand, they may have stuff that I haven’t heard. Sven’s version of Dust in the Wind is sincere.

    That song by Kansas, along with Wayward Son, certainly belongs in the American Songbook.

    nb4 yeah I know: the American Songbook is one long boomer post

    Where’s the new stuff?

  7. All the talent in the world might be your gift, but what are you trying to accomplishment?

    To state the obvious: We need a stable place to live.

    I try and be the best musician I can, because it’s something I can do. Sometimes playing the drums I feel like I am praying for my people. Literally dancing around in a circle and thinking about what it takes in order to have a heart. My heart is fairly dead. I am a kind of broken, but otoh what does that mean, another day looking at this same old world?

    The real world, practical and social, problems we have seem somewhat insoluble. We can’t even come up with a coherent platform, beyond a vague ethnostate.

    I don’t believe “the vague ethnostate” [that’s what it’s called], is a viable solution. Quite simply, it’s not. A long term solution has to be global in its scale. There is no way around this problem.

  8. Speaking of being broken of heart. Matt King’s performance on the recent CH thread was sad. “Believe in Trump and toe the line, otherwise STFU”?

    Give me a break; or grow up; or something.

    It’s weird to mention that poster by name, and so I am guilty of gossip.


    What does it mean to be broken?

    In the Dissident Right, it’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t catch-22.

    On the one hand everyone is broken (“We are all the walking wounded”) and anyone not knowing that, is

    a) young dumb and full of cum
    b) Alexander the Great
    c) or an insufferable modern personality in the form of a narcissist

    d) some combination thereof, if this is an option

    And on the other hand, if you complain about things, you are a “broken faggot”.

    So which is it?

    Some people seem to revel in despair, I guess, is the takeaway, and such people are not to be trusted?

  9. Elk, forgot to mention, I like your song lyrics, not so much for their subject as their message and style. It’s all fun and games (and shuckin’ ‘n’ jivin’) until the smile turns from playful to psycho. Your song is better in effect than Tom Dooley because one needn’t know the story to get the message. Plus, “Tom Dooley” apportions all the blame on a party who may have been relatively blameless (we’ll never know until Judgement Day, but Tom may have sacrificed himself to save a ho for whom he really shouldn’t have had feelings, but he came from the sex equipped with sometimes foolishly gallant hearts).

  10. Always had a soft spot for Zimmerman’s (Dylan’s) Positively 4th Street. It’s the only song I’ve heard whose scandalously repetitive chord progression doesn’t grate. Rather, the song’s upbeat melancholy arrests and, weirdly, inspires.

    25 years ago I found a more modern contemporary: Morrissey’s “Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself”. Ever so slightly more upbeat and pretty, simultaneously more wistful and contemplative.

    Would this thoughtful readership add anything? What songs do you know are sweet but not saccharine, while reminding you (without enraging you) that life is peppered with really sh!t moments?

  11. “The best classical is complex arrangements on traditional folk music.”

    There is some truth in this. Handel received a lot of inspirations for his best airs from the ‘street cries of London’ and in rustic folk. Painting the universe in vital rhythms/living forms via a grander ‘objectivism’ is a staple rail for the spiraling mountain-milled staircase that is classical, but popular sentimental music can often invigorate its emulsion if heard through the accumulating canal of birdsong itself.

  12. — What songs do you know are sweet but not saccharine, while reminding you (without enraging you) that life is peppered with really sh!t moments?

    That’s a good question. I chase that ideal when featuring songs in blog posts. “Idle thoughts on X songs”, you could say, strives for that and the payoff is when a song inspires some good reflection. And yeah, I’d like to see others’ reply to that question.

    That said… TammyFan: thanks — that’s a gem of a recording. I said at one point, ’50s – ’70s Country is the greatest of American music.

  13. — Speaking of being broken of heart. Matt King’s performance on the recent CH thread was sad. “Believe in Trump and toe the line, otherwise STFU”?

    I’ll join you in as you call it, gossip. First, by asking this question: is it different on the internet, when a blogger or a commenter with the appearances of being a natural leader joins the conversation? In real life, a leader garners respect. Online, Matt is the recipient of slings and arrows of an increasing number of commenters. Heartiste is not. That’s a pretty big contrast between the two. And I don’t think that CH’s status as the blog host over there gives him an edge. People simply trust him, which is why he has the following he does.

    Matt is attacked for being pompous and condescending. Still, the question is unanswered: is the failure of leadership the failing of Matt or the failing of his readers?

    As for me, I don’t hold his style against him. I respect and learn from both Lawrence Auster and Vox Day, despite the fact that both have (past tense, in the case of the deceased L. Auster) abrasive online personality. The reason I respect both is because I trust them. I see/saw them as honest with me, honest with themselves. And Matt, I don’t see that way.

    Elk’s disillusionment, as I see it, happened when Matt endorsed male infant circumcision on the blatantly dishonest grounds of “tradition”. My wtf came when we got into it over predatory imperialism.

  14. I also am loathe to gossip. Is calling out the emperor’s nakedness gossip, however?

    I gave King the benefit of the doubt, as I am wont to do, for a long time–even more so as I saw others venerating him.

    I then witnessed his retreat into a defensive and retaliatory posture in a certain low-level argument over a small thing, wherein he lashed out at his questioners rather than answering them,

    I can have that any day I want. All I have to do is question a single element of a leftist’s creed.


  15. Note: “Next” could be construed as dismissive. That’s not what I meant to convey. I meant “next” as “Your move, King.”

    Apologies for spam.

  16. “…sweet but not saccharine…”

    )Grateful Dead, Rosemary

    (Georges Brassens, La mauvaise réputation

    )King Crimson, Starless

    (Joe Strummer, Mondo Bongo

    )Juliette Gréco, Davor hab ich angst

  17. I meant “next” as “Your move, King.”

    On three or four separate instances and threads, I asked him to own up to his stated remarks on genital diminishment aka involuntary disfigurement aka circumcision, and he would not.

    I venture he did read my posts and the questions therein, and once deigned to respond, and did so with arrogance. He would not acknowledge that my request for him to clarify, as in own up to or disavow his previously stated position, was relevant.

    He puts himself on a high horse. How high is his horse; can he not own to his commentary; or is his commenting career, a throwaway?

    As PA states above; commenter King did call circumcision a tradition of White peoples. Presumably we were talking about Americans. First of all, calling circumcision a tradition for any group of White Euros, is absurd. On the other hand; in fact it can be called a tradition: in America and other parts of the Euro diaspora. Facts is facts and the numbers speak for themselves.

    So that I could allow room for an argument, on that exact point. It’s totally a crucial. Perhaps Americans do have a “tradition” of circumcision. Perhaps it is our tradition. Are we not but good goys and lesser brethren to our more knowing semitic cousins?

    But his character was revealed! with the video images he posted on the CH thread, [*] with which he compared the desiring of intact genitals, to a man in a hospital bed with VR goggles and a fleshlight, masturbating furiously and grotesquely. The explicit comparison was that wanting for intact aka natural sex, was like wanting for a simulated porno experience with a fleshlight.

    The posting of said image is the best summary of his comments on the topic, their tone spirit and quality.

    And this commenter “King” w/ the arrogant name, is the same commenter who loves to ride on Captain Obvious for instance, for CO’s use of less-than-refined imagery and language.

    * The missing CH thread, from about two years, which thread title contains the word “bioshock” and which thread title word was an explicit reference to the biological organism’s response to the neonatal trauma of genital diminishment; the one CH thread on which to my knowledge, the topic was explicitly addressed in the original post.


    I have summarized before, my commentary on the topic, and this is more of the same.

    In any case, not having the respect for the CH forum and its participants, to own up to one’s commenting history, or to even address questions re same, is a mark against one’s character.

  18. Commenter “King” does not own up to this commentary on whether or not White American baby ought to be protected from involuntary disfigurement aka genital diminishment aka circumcision.

    As such he is a fraud and a throwaway.

    Ffs. If you want to make the case for circumcision, make the case. There is at least one holdout White advocate of otherwise good intentions, who does so. For instance there is a famous guest on the now deceased TRS show the Fatherland, who was Christian Identity of some sect like it, who was willing to go against the grain and insist on it. There may be others.

    But not owning your comments? If you can’t even stand by or acknowledge your statements, you are low like a snake.

    On the topic itself. Whether it has any sympathy on a forum like CH is one thing. Originally CH was more manosphere, and in the manosphere it’s shall-we-say touchy. But on more primarily pro White forum, for instance BBS of the Daily Stormer, see it where it gets you.

  19. Speaking of internet drama. JF Gariepy …

    A poster at Morgoth’s Review linked this. I have watched only the first 10 minutes or so; it’s pretty red flaggy.

    Featured on the youtube channel, Andywarski, and with the title:
    The Twisted Mind of Jean Francois Gariepy – 1/2

    It makes the case that JF is a sociopath. His behavior toward his guest Jim Goad and then also, no less of a babe and co-hostess Emily ‘hubba hubba’ Youcis, was over-the-top rude.

    Gariepy’s opening comments on pedophilia are shall-we-say proclick.

  20. Matt King joined MPC a while ago and, from what I can see, nowadays argues in their style. Live with it.

    The issue with MPC is that they are great critics but weak leaders. “MAGA or GTFO” (which was how they formulated it on MPC before they drew the curtains) is at least not bad, but it lacks something.

  21. Is Gariepy bad though? I haven’t followed him closely, he seemed okay from what I’ve heard, but Vox Day had a debate with him and has afterwards been writing one post after another snarking and proclaiming his decisive victory, which usually means he got his ass beat. Doesn’t mean JF is a bad man.

  22. Bob Dylan jewed American folk music. He does have something but I usually grow tired and go to the next artist. I liked his Nobel speech/recording though, humble and honest and with some insight.

  23. Regarding classical music, Minnesota animists GTFO with your folk music. Give me the greatest praising the Lord and that may be enough to last me a lifetime and beyond. Give me piano concertos, oboe concertos, baroque adagios, chamber music, the Goldberg variations, Pachelbel. Give me the Matthäus-passion, BWV 244.

  24. I liked King’s style of argumentation. He was an asshole, and effectively so. However, he wouldn’t back up his statements re circumcision. I called him out on it, and he couldn’t be troubled to respond. Weak.

    He is another blowhard and should fit right in w/ MPC. I can’t say I didn’t read them, but ultimately their stance was that “we’re not Alt Right; we like Trump.” The owner of that site, the notorious P-Man. Talk about living in a glass house, as re criticizing other people such as Enoch.

    Muh Scale. Literally the oldest observation in the book, that people do better in communities. Muh rats. Someone else did a science experiment, and they want credit for it. Ha! that’s funny.

    They got their ass handed to them by BBS on a number of occasions, before they went private.

  25. “…GTFO with your folk music.”

    It’s really ‘folklore,’ rather than folk, that drives classical to its rightful and captivating heights. As in Rachmaninoff dilating the legends of his homeland; as in Ravel adjunctly sailing E.T.A. Hoffmann’s romanticized horrifics up French waterfalls.

  26. MPC made its reputation as critics of WN and the Alt Right and PUA and the Dork Enlightenment.

    Yeah there were criticisms to be made, but such criticisms reduce to: Fringe politics attract fringe personalities. Wow, how insightful. Excuse me while I fall asleep.

    I always said that a better question, was whether or not the Alt Right or whatever scene-in-question, was having a positive or negative effect on the people involved.

    Pleasureman thought that Enoch was w/o a doubt self-destructing and would be in the gutter by now. He would attack w/ a vengeance anyone who stuck out his neck. Quite frankly there is something wrong him. Not that the same can’t be said about everyone, but when your whole schtick is that everyone not agreeing w/ me is a broken faggot, …

    He was fairly influential. Credit where due. I don’t see any of those guys around now, at all. They have dropped off the map, and their influence is what, now?

    Same with Matt King. It’s too much credit, naming him. I hope he reads this and comes on here and wants to joust. I will kick his ass.

    And pleased to bring his new MPC pals along, and they can argue for Trump and 19 Arabs taking down the WTC.

  27. Not that I am willing to die on the hill of controlled demolition, versus 19 Arabs on the WTC.

    I conceded the moon landing to trav777 and GE. I have zero relevant expertise in the matter. I had one course at Uni in astronomy: Intro to Astronomy 201, got an A or an A/B but it was basic stuff.

    Apparently there was science kits available with which to bounce lasers [?] off mirrors left on the moon, and these kits were available to junior high kids in the 70s and 80s.

    But WTC and 9/11 otoh, was something we all experienced to some degree, in real time, and it’s hard to see how the THREE buildings coming down into their own footprints, can be an accident.

    I always asked, has any building ever done that, in the history of world. Collapsed from other causes in a manner consistent w/ controlled demolition. It’s an open question.

    The infamous Greg Eliot thinks it has happened at least three times. P-Man on his board had a thread devoted to supporting the notion. Certainly some smart people seem to think so, including for instance Greg Cochran and Steve Sailer. And my dad for that matter, though his mental acuity is not what it was once.

  28. Is Gariepy bad though?

    Watch the first ten minutes of the video linked upthread.

    It would be interesting to see someone try and defined Gariepy’s remarks on pedophilia, which remarks are at the very beginning of the video.

    Gariepy makes the statement that pedophilia might under certain circumstances, be a viable evolutionary or reproductive strategy; or something very close to that.

    The example he uses doesn’t seem to make sense. He posits that violating a captive prepubescent girl, might be conducive to reproductive success.

    It’s a strange thing to say, and not just because the taboos. But also because it doesn’t seem likely true.


    Another mark against him is his claim to have had sex relations with “thousands” of women. How believable is that, and with his looks?

    And yet another factor in his weirdness, is his girlfriend.

    Granted he does some good interviews, but that’s not what is at issue.

  29. Minnesota animists GTFO with your folk music.

    Why don’t you take the piss somewhere else, Glengarry.

    I’ll stand by my comments and lyrics. If you don’t like them, present something better, or in the alternative, ask PA not to post those that you don’t like. That would be presumptuous, but between you and him.

    Please and by any honest means at your disposal, present your own lyrics. And let the Audience decide on whose are better.

    If you can’t, you are a worthless critic. Maybe you should join MPC with your boy what’s-his-name.

    And ffs be timely. Don’t hold a grudge and linger around like a sniping faggot.

  30. Please and by any honest means at your disposal, present your own lyrics. And let the Audience decide on whose are better.

    If you can’t, you are a worthless critic.

    Since you’re a careful reader and all, the comment was about classical music, not your murder rap or whatever that was. And really, ‘how about you do something better yourself?’. I’m overcome.

    And ffs be timely. Don’t hold a grudge and linger around like a sniping faggot.

    Lol, in conclusion: Go fuck yourself. It’s not all about you.

  31. It’s not all about you.

    Generally speaking and in real life, that’s something a woman says to a man.

    Do better next time.

  32. Well done on the timeliness though.

    And Glengarry is correct, that this commenter Suburban_elk, suffers from narcissism, and compulsive internet use, specifically commenting on this blog. I try and be entertaining, sometimes succeed sometimes fail, such is life.

    Characterizing my lyrics as “rap” is disingenuous and or stupid. They are not great, but on a realistic appraisal, they are quite good enough, and better than the sarcastic-toned bs that is more common, and they are not sentimental and sappy, which is the other pitfall of modern music on the courtship rituals.

    Simple truth: Anyone reading my lyrics above, as rap, is lacking in his (or her) internal framework by which to appraise. This is music criticism 201 and does not need pointed out.

    Glengarry, are you a musician? What genres do you play in?

    Do you have any accomplishments, as a musician?

  33. If you can come up with 10 or 12 sets of lyrics, at the above level of quality, and put on them chords and melodies and plus the occasional interlude, intro and outro ———> you have 50 minutes of music, or enough for what used to be called an album.

    If you can make a story out of it, and put it on a stage, then you have musical.

    But as I was saying earlier: there’s nothing “new” that needs said. Music and art, at this stage of the game, is fiddling while Rome burns. Nothing lasts, dust in the wind, blah blah blah …

  34. Youtube comments. A good use of your mental energy and screen time?

    Youtube arguments about circumcision with White America women who by virtue of their husbands and children, are in favor. Helpful to the cause [*]; or not?

    This beautiful precious front-hole having shield maiden birther, aka White woman-girl! lets it be known to the youtube commentariat raucous well-mannered and otherwise, that her well-endowed but circumcised hubby has no problems getting to orgasm, and therefore her child is and or has been, fated to be diminished and disfigured.

    My standard response to these women in these arguments of which I have a few, is that if you want to cut someone’s genitals, have at your own. But please don’t take out your preference on your child.

    And now they can’t say that they were never told. If only someone had said that 50 years ago. How to respect anyone from 20th century White America, given their capitulating performance in the birthing rooms and allowing their children to be turned into marked slaves.

    All those people whom you might like to hold in regard, including say for instance your own forefathers. How can you respect anyone who lets that done, to his child?

    I do love and respect my father ———–> cog dis

    But in this day and age: Can you respect anyone of White Euro blood, who lets his son be marked as a semitic slave?

  35. Helpful to the cause [*]; or not?

    The Cause is quite simply, the health of White children.

    That’s commonsensical and is the basis of a sound and appealing political platform.

    It passes the “City Council” test.

    At some point we, as in you and me, have to break through the barrier of the Overton window, and express our intentions explicitly.

    Put your money where your mouth is. Next issue that comes up on the local scene, speak on it, at the bi-weekly city council meeting which is televised.

    There was a very recent issue along those lines. A section-8 like housing development, in the neighborhood. It’s not actually section-8 but something like it. And of course none of us good middle-class people want it, but when we speak out against it, we get accused of racism in so many words. The debate to the extent that I saw it, went down on Next Door dot com, the networking site which is fairly popular but — get this — has an explicit policy of not being political. Which in effect means the prevailing leftist orthodoxy is allowed.

    We don’t that housing development because the people who live there are a burden that we can’t afford.

    The council will come back with muh property taxes. Checkmate!

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