No Magic Dirt in Minnesota

Question: What do Minnesota’s 5th U.S. congressional district and the majority-female American universities have in common?

Answer: If you drive them away, it will fail. “They” refers to men. To be more precise, intelligent White men of strong character. “It” refers to an organization that was vacated by those men.

These are the available photos of Minnesota’s 5th U.S. congressional district representatives, from 1883 through 2007 in chronological order:


In 2007, Martin Sabo (above, lower-right) was succeeded by Keith Ellison, a mulatto Muslim. He, in turn, was succeeded by this indisputably, incontrovertibly, incontestably, incestuously, irrefutably, and indubitably all-American individual:


Ilhan Omar

Not changing the subject: establishment press is worried about the fact that the majority of college students in America are women:

Higher education has a gender problem: With a surplus of women and a shortage of male students, colleges are becoming more and more gender unbalanced. The more farsighted among university administrators are starting to worry that this will turn universities into a pink-collar ghetto, places that the public thinks of as finishing schools for girls rather than gateways to middle-class stability.

Steve Sailer coined “magic dirt” as a mockery of the Left’s assurances that given access to our land, our institutions, and our communities, people who are biologically not-us will become just-like-us. Needless to say but I’ll say it anyway: there is no such thing as magic dirt. A congressional district that’s colonized by legal immigrants from Somalia will become them. Similarly, a university that drives away men will not produce female-driven innovation and expertise, it will become, as USA Today so aptly puts it, a pink-collar ghetto.

What now, in Minnesota?

There are many White people in Minnesota. I’ve never visited that state, but a friend recently did. When asked about the Somalis, he said: “I didn’t see any Somalis. Everyone in Minneapolis is White.” That’s certainly not the literal truth, but as the visitor’s impressions go, I can see how much less-diverse the upper Midwest will look to someone who lives in a major mid-Atlantic metropolitan area.

Here is what I wanted to get to. There are many White people in the 5th congressional district, which encompasses Minneapolis and several of its neighboring suburbs to the west. Of those White people, many are between the ages of infant and 18 years old. They are White, they look and sound White, their ancestral lines are a continuity of European settlers and farmers. If you live around Minneapolis, you see them every day.

So having established the fact that White people in that district exist and more so, their own young demographic points to some kind of a future in which they figure as active agents, here are the possible scenarios with regards to their future:

  1. Kumbaya. They will peacefully coexist with Somalis, in their proximity but never interacting like white-square and back-square bishops on a chessboard.
  2. White Flight. They will be ethnically cleansed by Somalis (that is, they will move to a Whiter area).
  3. Caste System. Like in Latin America, upper class Whites rule over brown people, with the remaining middle and working class Whites having been absorbed into the brown mass.
  4. Diversity + Proximity = War [Losing]. They will be killed or enslaved by Somalis; or to the same effect, amalgamate with them.
  5. Diversity + Proximity = War [Winning]. Their longing for home, along with the pain of injured honor, will become so deep that they will expel or eradicate the aliens.

Looking at the photo of Ilhan Omar above, one phrase lights up like a bright red neon light:

A Period of Transition.

A transition to one of the above five scenarios. A district that went from 124 years of administration by White men of strong physiognomy to one that elects foreign-born black female Muslims to political office will not be the same district as before. There is no magic dirt, which means that at some hypothetical point when Somalis take over the administration of municipal infrastructure, law and order, and other civic functions, Minneapolis will, by law of nature, become Mogadishu, except very cold. Any African can survive the northern winter… provided that his home is reliably heated and that food is reliably restocked on shelves. No White people means no snow removal, which means no food on store shelves.

I don’t like what I did at the end of that previous paragraph. What I just did, is what we’ve all been in the habit of doing: positing the Other as the protagonist of the scenario. And nullifying the other party, namely Whites, except as an incorporeal force that keeps the lights on. That schema is an ingrained pattern of thought and speech in any talk of Diversity. “What about the vibrants, what will happen to them, how will they manage, who will take care of them.” The destiny of Whites does not figure in.

This culture of White abnegation (we don’t exist exist except in clown-world terms of how good or bad we are for nonwhites) was most evident when President Trump, as reflected by polled approval numbers, hit the ball out of the park in his State of the Union address by matching the national cucksensus on White invisibility with his appeals to the good fortune of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Jews.

But White people exist. Quite irrepressibly I might add. What do you think is the great repressed dread in the backs of minds of sentient nonwhites? It’s the anticipation that at some point, White people will agree among themselves that they exist.

What now, in Minnesota and everywhere else?

54 thoughts on “No Magic Dirt in Minnesota

  1. In the context of #3, let’s discuss Bolivia. Rich in natural gas, it was run by pasty purebred Spanish descendants for generations. Around the time of our Obama craze their indigenous MLK figure, Evo Morales, won election. The four eastern provinces (more European and the ones with all of the gas) had votes where they overwhelmingly decided to secede.
    Indigenous coca-eaters laugh at referendums, though. Alas, there was no Pinochet to rescue them and the lighter shaded Bolivians have been in full appeasement mode ever since. There is no hope for them.
    So the caste system can certainly be inverted. Also, the winning formula in Diversity+Proximity=war probably requires striking early/first, before the resources of state have changed hands.

  2. Nice post. This may sound like an urban legend, or whatever would be the equivalent expression for this context — but it’s not, it’s a true statement:

    Minnesota used to have a reputation for exceptional quality in its politicians, AND, as we now know relatedly, anti-semitism. That was back in the 50s or whatever. Most of the Midwest was probably that way.

    But now the politicians from this state are as jewey as it gets. Pick your jew on the left, or your jew on the right. Amy Klobuchar has been called a crypto. She has a schnoz.

  3. The amount of work that goes into keeping the roads plowed in fairly insane. And obviously you want White men behind the wheel on those big trucks. Liam Neeson used to work as a ploughman, though not here. They say he killed a bunch of Vikings though.

    Municipal services such as ploughing is a huge public sector employer and budget. Those jobs [would be a better post with the actual job titles, for entry level labor] in the better suburbs are highly sought after, and attract quality competition. They are well over 90 per cent White in this prominent suburb. It’s probably like 98 per cent White [in those hands-on and behind-the-wheel jobs], and 99 if you count the castizo. There’s one nigger “Charlie” but he’s a good man.

    Oddly and also. This local police department bucks the trend and is avowedly Christian. They are trying they are trying they are trying. It’s pretty weird to see the rest of the municipality going hand over fist in the other direction with the diversity promo. Cross purposes much?

  4. Somalis are a strange group. On the personal I find myself admiring them, for various reasons. Their listed average iq is 70 or even 68, but what is it for the ones who are in Minnesota? It has to be at least one SD higher than that. A Somali standard deviation is probably only around 10 though. I have met a lot of them who are not retarded.

    In a word they are CONFIDENT.

    It can’t really be elaborated on. They dress and carry themselves with this thing, what’s it called, self-respect?

    For them to get a seat in the Big House, as in a rep in congress. They will be FEELING that and so even more insufferable.

    Don’t mistake my listing of their positive attributes as admiring. It is admiring, but that’s not the point.

    Some of them (Somalis) have advanced nigger levels of break dancing talent, whatever that sort of coordination is called when you inhabit your body to that extent where you can move like Turbo. There is an actual word for that in neuroscience, to describe exactly that. They don’t break dance, but that morphed into dub stepping or whatever.

    I have noticed that they are not the best drivers, but on the other hand some of their bus drivers seem to do a competent job. They took over the taxi business way back a long time ago like 1995. And then they got a foot into the the bus driving racket.

    Some of those bus drivers could be total hard asses, as in take no shit from any American-brand niggers looking for a free ride. That’s ironic because the Transit Company’s policy is to allow free rides if it comes to a head.

  5. As long as this is a first-hand report, it will briefly address the question of how many Somalis are in Minnesota.

    120 thousand is my estimate.

    I estimated at 100 thousand a couple yeas ago, and upon quick research that proved to be a good estimate. And given a couple years, 120 seems about right.

    However, the available figures are vague as you would expect. Or on the other hand, maybe internet research is not my strong suit?

    When I looked into it, it was the standard obfuscation and the default answer was exactly this: We don’t really know. Estimates vary with most around 30 to 50 thousand but some estimates twice that much.

    It’s absurd and outrageous that such a crucial fact is not well known. There’s literally no way in hell, it’s less than a 100 thousand. I don’t know where PA’s friend was, but he obviously didn’t go the mall.

    Whether or not this estimate of 100 to 120 thousand, includes other Horn of Africans, is open ended. They are mostly Somalis, and they are generally easy to pick out, but there are also a lot of others, particularly Ethiopians Kenyans and Eritreans. And Liberians but they are a different breed entirely.

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  7. I thought all the Somalis were in St. Paul.

    Elk, under what rock do you live? ALL blacks swagger like they’re Prince, Michael Jackson and President Comacho all rolled into one. It’s exposure to all those Magic Negroes on TeeVee. Study after study shows that blacks have wildly-elevated senses of self-worth and self-importance. It’s at least as well documented as their overrepresentation with the alleles leading to violence and high time preference.

    Much as it nauseates me to the core, my worldview is that a society always exhibits a kind of shared “mood,” and that the character of that mood is seen in both social outcomes and in the behavior of stocks and other asset markets (where changes in mood can be reflected in real time.) That the DJIA is sailing higher, and has essentially inverted the weekly downtrend that appeared to begin last October, informs me that my fellow white bovines are still stoned into stupefaction by pathological trust, pathological openness and PATHOLOGICAL self-immolative complacency.

    Paraphrasing Lenin, we’re tying the very nooses that will be used to hang us.

    I had hoped October’s high was IT, and that a downtrend in mood (as measured by markets) would at least perhaps slow the rate at which this society is digging its grave deeper, but that hope has evaporated. I weep for my descendants and the world my too-fucking-clueless-for-words fellowmen are creating for them.

  8. I haven’t changed my forecast, however.

    The demand for toxic intangibles (from IOU’s & stocks to weak/stupid/vicious people “in need of saving”) obeys the same axiom as on Wall Street: Bull market demand for (fill in blank intangible) creates a surge in supply of that intangible, but no matter how much is supplied, bull market demand is not satisfied. Supply-Demand econ101 price models demonstrably are irrelevant. This is how we now have $250 Trillion in debt and pension systems/medicare-medicaid promises that are so laughably impossible to deliver that we’re re-defining Popular Delusion.

    As stocks sail higher (and bonds don’t collapse in ash), so does FOX network sell Magic Negro programming wall to wall, ad agencies populate TV commercials with endless black-white couples, Refugee Resettlement Agencies make bank flooding the world’s WEAKEST into the USA, obvious lunatics are sent to legislative bodies in DC and across the land, Left Coast cities enable street-shitting and shrug at typhus epidemics, immigrants carrying TB and disease from every cesspit on Earth are welcomed, blacks are encouraged to rape, murder, rob and riot lest someone be tarred “racist,” faggots whose sex practices would cause a maggot to puke are celebrated as a cultural wonder (and invited to be counselors to teen boys), ——- In short, higher stocks equal more batshit crazy, self-destructive, civilization-ending tolerance for the intolerable.

    The only (and I mean ONLY) pushback that so-far remains successful is liberalizing concealed carry, so that when a Normie is confronted by one of the above clowns trying to spread the wealth (or p***y) directly, said Normie can send the clown to the Dirtnap Challenge.

    When stocks do someday top, and social mood rolls down and falls as far as it climbed these last 40 years, the public will reframe ALL of the foregoing and the level of RAGE will be as unprecedented as is our current complacency. None of us has enough ammunition to deal with what will then result.

  9. so does FOX network sell Magic Negro programming wall to wall, ad agencies populate TV commercials with endless black-white couples, Refugee Resettlement Agencies make bank flooding the world’s WEAKEST into the USA, obvious lunatics are sent to legislative bodies in DC and across the land, Left Coast cities enable street-shitting and shrug at typhus epidemics, immigrants carrying TB and disease from every cesspit on Earth are welcomed, blacks are encouraged to rape, murder, rob and riot lest someone be tarred “racist,” faggots whose sex practices would cause a maggot to puke are celebrated as a cultural wonder (and invited to be counselors to teen boys),

    This is a very good description of the present crisis.

    I’d also call it a three-letter word: war.

  10. “What now, in Minnesota and everywhere else?”

    ‘I cast the horizons into the whitewash, and with slow but steady hand began to whiten the four walls of my future.’
    —Odysseus Elytis, The Other Noah

  11. Elk, under what rock do you live? ALL blacks swagger like they’re Prince, Michael Jackson and President Comacho all rolled into one.

    It’s well known that Somalis look down on American blacks.

    The confidence that they have, is quite particular to them. It’s not the same thing, the same swagger that blue blooded niggers inflict upon their surroundings.

    Frankly it’s exactly not the puffed-up variety of self-esteem. They seem to have more solid dignity and self-respect. It’s like they have a sense of themselves as a people or something, in a way that American blacks don’t have at all.

    I didn’t get said impressions living under a rock, I got them from talking and meeting with these people. If it sounds like I like them or whatever, that’s not the case. If they were a small diversity limited to urban enclaves, they might could be a dash of local color.

    But they’re not just in Saint Paul. Perhaps you were thinking St Cloud. Their primary concentration is certain neighborhoods in Minneapolis such as West Bank but they are everywhere that there’s cheap apartments.

  12. Much as it nauseates me to the core, my worldview is that a society always exhibits a kind of shared “mood,” and that the character of that mood is seen in both social outcomes and in the behavior of stocks and other asset markets (where changes in mood can be reflected in real time.)

    Kind of ironic if we spent the proverbial seven fat years on negroes and migrants.

  13. The youtube above is a link to Christ Dangerfield. This guy is trending hot. He was on with JF Gariepy yesterday. They did a very well produced interview hangout thing, with high production values. Professional mics and studios and blah blah blah.

    Dangerfield is a genius. Is there even one other youtuber comparable?

    His commentary is performance art; which is his background.


    He is in SE Asia hooked up with a woman there. Originally from England, some particular place in it where they speak with an accent. Apparently it is the same place as Russell Brand.

  14. — Kind of ironic if we spent the proverbial seven fat years on negroes and migrants

    And thus puffing up their delusion of being our equals and then some.

  15. It’s officially over. LOL Of course I knew the Jussie Smollett story was a hoax the moment I heard it. He’s not getting off for this one, he’s going to get charged with filing a false report.

    His pathetic attempt at staging this hoax is about the most stereotypically incompetent failure you could ever imagine from a black gay overemotive media attention whore who has been on social media screeching about Trump non-stop for the last 2 years. The obvious details he never considered and his inability to even keep his story straight show that he’s as dumb as a brick.

    Typical African ineptitude.

    He was too stupid to even enlist some white antifa types to help him – they would’ve been able to pull it off with Teutonic precision. The dumb sissie enlisted ex-con Nigerians instead….

  16. I think we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 15,000 Somalis in metro Atlanta, but they don’t cause trouble to white folks on the streets as they’re living deep in black areas. They just bring crime to the areas already infested with crime.

    And their 2nd generation starts behaving like regular black Americans, regressing to the mean.

    Lovely, enriching contributions of the Somali community here:

  17. — His pathetic attempt at staging this hoax is about the most stereotypically incompetent failure you could ever imagine from a black gay overemotive media attention whore

    On the other hand, when you’re part of a demographic that’s a target of death threats for Smiling While White Teen, you end up not taking the littlest possibility of a screw-up for granted, should you plan to do something unlawful. Remember how complicated the simple act of hanging a pro-White overpass banner turned out to be among us presumably non-career-criminal types?

  18. The pictures of the Congressmen show only 2.5 smiles out of 14 (counting bottom right as a half smile). Nothing notable about that, it’s just that it’s bad how people are goaded into smiling for the camera when a photo should show how one looks naturally: not happy, not sad. A sick, unnatural smile that some fat woman emotional fascist bullied one into wearing by yelling say cheese or “I’m not going to take this picture until everyone is smiling” is ghastly when it shows up in print or on screen. The soyboy grimace is not a natural expression either. A simple way to boycott: never smile when they tell you to, unless you’re already smiling naturally (and they themselves are so unnatural that they might not recognize a true smile and claim it isn’t one and try to warp into something else).

  19. I was in Minnesota a few years ago and don’t remember seeing any Somalis. They must stay in their own enclaves. Minnesotans genuinely seem like nice people, but many of them are smugly liberal. I can’t really muster up much concern over the problems they have created in their state.
    I have noticed that reading non whites accounts of living among white people often paints us a backdrop to their full and interesting lives. It’s irritating and why I mostly avoid reading those types of stories. I’d be more interested in reading a non white person’s experience of living among their own people.

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  21. No magic dirt…
    A divine ground
    Defined mound
    With perfect crown.
    No magic dirt…
    Short skirts
    Distant flirts
    Perfected grounded pound!
    No magic dirt…
    The parasitic twerp
    Bereft of home
    Come up town.
    No magic dirt…
    Alter memes
    And doubles the doubt.

  22. About Ilhan Omar (spell?) and the other new-american senators, I guess they got their position to run for senate etc by BRANCH-STACKING their party groups in their area with their co-religionists.

  23. Actually, Minnesota went from English to German to Norwegian, displacing the native WASPs. That is ethnic suicide.

  24. I was meaning that eg. Somali’s get all their co-religionists to join a local political party branch and have the majority numbers in the local party vote for candidate, so they vote in a Somali to be the candidate. (Somali’s may only be eg. 1% of Minnesota but get to be 51% of the local party candidate voting machine) Oldest trick (and flaw) in a fully democratic system.

    Now the state office of eg. Democrats isn’t going to come out and say the Somali’s played the system as it would be racist (and also show the flaw in the system).

  25. This is a pass-the-time post. The picture above of our beloved “representative” what-tf-is-her-name Ilhan Omar, is exactly what I was referring to, re the CONFIDENCE that Somalis have, as opposed to American blacks.

    It’s utterly not the same thing, what they have compared to American blacks. Look at her face and expression. They are all like that.

    It’s not the puffed-up variety typical of American apus commonus. It’s very real. They don’t have White iq’s, but they have a culture and history that gives them something.

  26. Back when I was a lost soul, I considered joining with them. Literally joining with the dark side.

    I went so far as to go to their “community centers” and hang out. They were reasonably friendly and welcoming, but told me I had to quit drinking and then we could talk.

  27. Not that anyone cares or is keeping track, but I am not friendly with them now.

    I avoid them as much as possible. Having to be unfriendly and avoid people who are everywhere, is part of Bowling Alone, and a price. As most of us will know.

    One factoid not yet included, from my first-person report of having to live in Somaliland-on-the-River, is that they are quite prone to drug addiction and alcoholism.

  28. Actually, Minnesota went from English to German to Norwegian, displacing the native WASPs. That is ethnic suicide.

    America is not Europe.

    And Americans are a distinct ethnic group derived of Euros.

    It would be cool to be like a geneticist and be able to talk about such things with graphs and numbers, and authority. But back before there was even genetics, people knew for a fact that Americans were become their own damned selves. “a people” as it were.

    But for in order for that to still be the case, some stability might would help. I am a total American White supremacist. I think Americans were comprised of the most adventurous and enterprising people, and the hardiest and strongest. Thus, the singing cowboys, which was the height of human accomplishment.

    I was in a dentist office a long time ago [note to self: go to dentist] and their was a magazine that was a sportsman’s mag on the specific sport of some sport which is shooting guns at targets whilst mounted on horses. There is a word for this “hobby.”

    As if shooting wasn’t enough. As if rodeo riding wasn’t enough. There’s a whole lifestyle subculture combining those two things.

    I went out w/ muh gun last summer, strictly out of obligation. Loaded it up and then put it away because why bother. What needs shot? In any case, each to his own.

  29. Relatedly. Just yesterday I handled a dead rabbit which my little dog and middle-aged, managed to roust out and kill. / this really happened

    Which is impressive considering how fast rabbits can run. (they can run very fast)

    My dog has had “rabbits in her jaws” on three occasions that I have seen. I was knowing something was up, it was literally “too quiet” and went out and saw the dead warm rabbit she was working on and pieced together what happened.

    In likelihood the rabbit was sheltering under the shed and once the dog got under there with it, it didn’t have a chance to get away.

    I took it away and brought it somewhere else to decompose somewhere not in my yard. I thought about skinning it but no. There used to be meme that suburban rabbits were not safe to eat. That’s what they told us growing up back in post WW 2 America. It’s probably one of those memes like Halloween razor blades in the apples and cookies. Iow promulgated by the yenahus because they would know instinctively what’s good for them is us not eating rabbits.

    Or, for those doubting conspiracies, the other possibility is that rabbits aren’t safe to eat.

    Which is it? Rabbits are extremely domesticable. Before I started gardening in earnest, I would hang out with them and they will let you get within 1 one 2 meters. Very touching. Like said that disgusting piece-of-shit American nigger indian Chief Seattle, but where would our hearts be, w/o the animals?

  30. That’s why Going to the Stars is so so ever lame.

    I think it has died by now. I like to self-aggrandize and pretend I had something to do with putting it to bed.

    It’s literally gayer by a thousand order of magnitude, than pretending to be Bilbo and looking forward to a permanent vacation among High Elves of Rivendell and the Grey Havens.

    This is our home. We have to live here. Even if some planetary exploration is feasible, and evidently it is feasible on some scale, what about the people who live here on this planet?

    It’s pretty grim. Over the long term, for politics to be effective, they must be inflected on a global scale. We don’t get to go back to localism and the Bronze Age. That came it and went. It was fun but life was nasty. Many higher order animals end up dying of mouth infections. Their teeth break off and then rot set in. Lions and tigers and elephants and rhinos. It must be an unpleasant way to go.

    Maybe we can work out a league of nations scenario, but in that case any supra national organizations have to be kept subservient. Money has to be removed from the jews, obv.

  31. — One factoid not yet included, from my first-person report of having to live in Somaliland-on-the-River, is that they are quite prone to drug addiction and alcoholism.

    It’s useful to know others’ weak spots.

    Are Somalis superstitious or irrationally afraid of things we aren’t? Blacks are. One day, I’ll get around to telling a story about how I rescued a couple of black (US homegrown) females from… birds.

    Ok. I’ll tell it now. Years ago where I used to live, I let a little bird die. It got trapped in my dryer vent line while I was out and died before I was able to let it out. My fault, I had let the exterior vent cover go loose and that’s how it got in.

    Not long after, a very primitive but I must say nice, fat black female runs up to me in visible distress. I can barely make out what she’s carrying on about. “Lawsey, the’ be a debil in mah paintry!!” as a friend I later related the story to joked.

    She was asking me to help her get birds out of her kitchen, is what I gathered. I still felt guilty about that bird I let die so I agreed. So she lets me into her house. Her teenage daughter is there and she looks equally unsettled. The mother points to her boiler/HVAC closet, and I hear birds behind the door. Lots of them.

    I asked how long they were there. She tells me that it’s been a week. She’s too terrified to do anything about it because she and her daughter are scared of birds. As I shortly saw, they were the common tiny birds. Sparrows, if that’s the right name.

    I tell the younger one to find a blanket, and stand at the (doorless) kitchen door, on a chair to block the birds from flying deeper into the house. She does it, blocks the way-in with the blanket. I tell the older one to turn off the kitchen ceiling fan and to open the kitchen’s sliding glass door to the back porch. She does it. I tell her, “be ready.”

    I open the closet door. Like missiles, five or maybe seven birds instantly shoot straight for the bright sunlight beyond the open glass door. One bird is cowering in a nook, so I nudge it out with a broom, and it too flies outside. There were several dead birds on the floor.

    The boiler and hvac tower unit were covered by a uniform glaze of white bird shit. The two women are profusely thanking me. They earnestly looked at me as though I had performed exorcism and chased demons from their house.

    I’m polite but inwardly overjoyed at having saved at least some of those poor birds. I told her to call her landlord right away because that poo-covered equipment will cause a fire.

    Anyhow, Hungarian border guards hang creepy masks made of vegetables to keep migrants away from the border fences, and it works. Afro-arabs are superstitious in ways we can’t relate to.

  32. An uncanny thing just happened. Two years ago I wrote a post titled “Two Kinds of Girls,” in which I described four high school-aged girls sitting together one evening at a Starbucks. Three of those girls were pretty, one was downright luminous in her young feminine beauty.

    In that March 2017 post, I contrasted them with two college-aged girls who were also there, who looked like SJWs, one of the two being a fat blue-hair. It occurred to me, and I concluded thusly in that post, that in contrast with aberrations of their given eras (SJWs in our era, for example), pretty young girls are the same across time, their fresh beauty a rhythmic marker of time over the course of decades and centuries.

    Well, I saw those same four pretty girls again. It was at a Chic-fil-A, next door to that Starbucks of two years ago.

    Impossible, though! The ones today were no older than sixteen years old. I’d say, in fact, exactly 16. They’d have to have been fourteen two years ago, which wasn’t the case. They looked 16 then too.

    Just like two years ago, the four of them sat together with bright faces, all facing each other at a table and carried on a soft but lively conversation punctuated by laughs.

    Were they the same girls? They looked it, and the luminous lovely blonde may well have been the same girl. Or they were different girls? Two years younger than the ones from 2017 but the same fresh young American middle-class beauty. If they were different girls, that illustrates my original case, that normal, healthy youth is the same over time, a familiar constant.

  33. Chic-fil-A sounds like a nice place. Hubba hubba!

    Your mind can play tricks on you. Pirsig in his second book wrote a good bit on the theme of Lila versus lila. There’s this actual specific flesh and blood person, and then there’s an avatar if you will, that said flesh-and-blood inhabits for awhile, and which same avatar may be in someone else too.

    How goes that saying, about one woman with a thousand faces.

    Or is that saying only in re heroes?

    In any case. If it were possible to verify whether or not they were the same people; PA’s guess would be better than mine. He seems to set up the idea that they were not (the same people); on the other hand, given the resemblance and location, it might be a likely guess that they were.

    I have an excellent memory for faces. They say that face recognition as a bell curve-able talent, does NOT correlate with G-force intelligence. At my 20-year hs reunion, I was able to identify just at about everyone instantly, in spite of that they were wearing name tags.

    Of course I refused to wear a nametag. What a bunch of sheep. 60 per cent of the people there, wore the tags. Hahahaha

    One girl there came up and gave me a big hug. Like a bear hug.

    Another guy w/ a struggling neotenous face responded to my 20-year greeting of how-are-you-doing, that he was doing the best he could (“I am doing the best I can”). He said it with such plaintive sincerity. I am fairly sympathetic, and can guess what his problems were. They were the usual.

    Some other guy sort of disrespected me. I didn’t fall for it or put up with it, but might still have a grudge, or a “resentment” as it’s called in Recovery. He was a total country boy hardass w/ a short man’s complex. I may have sperg-stared him in the face, so partially my fault. It was a while ago. For any slow learning spergs, eye contact exceeding a few seconds say four, can be considered less than properly respectful by certain people with short-man’s complex. With Samoans you probably shouldn’t look at them at all.

  34. Thirty year reunion is coming up and I will probably go. Just for the learning experience and to get some material for this theme, of what happened to us and how did we turn out.

    One guy from the old neighborhood, accomplished much more than we might woulda guessed. The rest of us would seem to have struggled more. He was not in the “enriched” courses, which courses started in the seventh grade. It would be interesting to know the exact data of what that means, but it means he was not in the top 15 or so percent, in terms of his standardized test scores.

    In any case back when I saw him at the 20, he was the city manager of a large neighboring suburb, which is a reasonably prestigious position to have. Much more so than say, food service worker. And here’s the thing: In retrospect: All one had to do to get such a job, was to obtain a relevant degree, perhaps a masters but not necessarily, and stay out of legal troubles, and then apply to openings diligently and “land the job” and then put in ten or so years of good work, and then apply for other higher position openings. Next thing you know, it’s 30-years-on and hello sweet retirement. Those guys’ pensions are like, seventy thousand. Talk about easy street.

  35. 100 thousand is a typical city manager’s salary, for a prosperous big suburb. City managers are the top of the administrative pyramid, which is a parallel pyramid to the political one with the mayor at the top. They are hired by the city council, not elected. I think that the retirement is around 70 per cent after 30 years, for municipal employees. 70 per cent of the average of their last 10 years, maybe.

  36. I have been successful enough, since commenting at this blog for instance. But got a very late start. And health problems, some of which never go away.

    A super hit song, a real heartstring tugger from about five years ago,

    “I wish, that, I knew then the things now
    When I was younger

    When I was stonnger”

    I was at the grocery store buying some candied peanuts in bulk. They have a good price there, 3.99 per pound. All the old men and suddenly I am one of them. I almost started crying, hearing that song, because it’s the same damn grocery store and blah blah blah everyone’s getting older.

    It was also the sugar rush from the donut samples. Over come with that sweet sad feeling. Feelings. You can’t live w/ em, you can’t live w/o em.

    I used to get drunk and cry. Hahahaha

  37. The vocals on it are by Ron Wood. The song was redone 10 years ago. Originally it was Rod Stewart and the Faces. How’s that for some boomertime-fantastic fun?

    I have a my-life-is-weird-and-sad series of comments, to follow.

    nb4 Not everyone is a fan of these comments; and nor should they be. I would not wish my life on anyone.

  38. I wrote a series of comment recently, about finding a backpack full of money and drugs. Sounds unlikely or made up?

    It’s not. This whole persona is stranger-than-fiction true to the last detail. It’s part of what makes for believable. How often have you wondered whether you will get to find a backpack full of money and drugs? I used to wonder that, and then it happened, like two weeks ago. The money was negligible and the drugs were prescription anit-inflammatory and non-steroidal painkillers. Oddly enough, probably exactly what my dcotor might proscribe for me, but that’s another story. Anyways I returned the pack to where I found it.

    Then today I found, and returned, a wallet WITH money and low-rent ID cards that bespoke of desperation. It was at the library downtown, and what are you doing in the bathroom and the toilet stall no less. I had to attend to my foreskin stretcher. It happens. It’s going well btw, the foresking restoration. I wear it about 8 hours per day, and occasionally it needs adjusting; and occasionally you have to take a piss and when wearing that thing it needs privacy.

    But bathrooms in the downtown library as OBV as-a-rule to be avoided. I am a low-rent broken type person with a past, and know about these things. But I go in there to adjust and relieve, and there’s this wallet sitting on the toilet paper dispenser. I pick it up and go out and ask the guy in front of the mirror, who looks like he might be the owner, if he left something in the stall. He thought I was referring to drugs, and seemed to think that I was telling him to clean up the stall so that I could use it; nb4 perhaps thought I was a low-rent homo. It wasn’t even awkward, that’s the life I live. This guy was an addict and he was high. I identified him by name, from his wallet, and returned it to him.

    He was a sad case. A well built handsome man, and using drugs at the library. At that point he asked me if I wanted to roll, as in get some drugs. I left that behind, but going to the library is like that.

  39. People smoke crack in the bathroom there. They deal drugs in there too. Suprise surprise, right?

    The story gets better. I was down there to play the piano, and my progress is going well. I can’t dox myself, because it wouldn’t be worth it, but I would like an audience.

    On the train ride home, some Russian prostitute made me as a mark and tried to allure me with her wares, which were D-cups and jeans with tear marks across the thighs. The chances that I am mistaken in this impression of what she was and what she was doing, are exactly zero.

    What would she have cost. She gave me such a professional opening. She had sat quite near enough, and near to the last stop, she made eye contact and then feels around her pockets and says “oh shit” as if she forgot something. That was my mark to ask if she needed a ride.

    She was not a high-tier call girl. I bet she wanted 100 dollars for an hour or two, and a ride back to the train. That lifestyle is dangerous. Prostitutes ride the train, if you are hard up. I sort of regretted not trying to see how it would go. It’s been awhile. It’s not good behavior though. Not right living.

  40. If you don’t masturbate and your genes are still wanting to express in spite of your own shitty attitude about life aka sickness unto death, women will sense that.

    Last night was all sad and lonely and how nice it would be, an intimate relationship with a fair sex front-holer; but at this point? whatever.

    I have had one steady gf, ever. We weren’t even long term. I spent probably 10 or 15 nights together with her. I knew at the time, that it was not unlikely she would be the last gf I had, perhaps ever. She was a nice enough girl, but not top shelf.

  41. I did a good enough job “giving it to her,” that one and only gf from the past. (In Japan and presumably other parts of the Orient, they regard the man’s penis as something shared, in the act of love.)

    Four or five times per session, which were sometimes entire nights but more often half-nights where she would go home. That number of fucks is probably typical for a 30 year old male, but maybe a little above average.

    She responded well to the “taking it from her” play-acting. Many most of them are like that now. Them mostly being like that, and that together with gentler males having a hard time initiating said sequence, is the basic problem of contemporary White-on-White courtship.

  42. In spite of that weirdness it was big success journey on the piano. It’s a lot of fucking around though, for an hour.

    Triumphantly, with feeling, double-plus loud

    In steady 4 and one measure each —

    F#7 F#7 F#7 F#7
    A A A A
    E7 E7 E7 E7
    B7 B7 B7 B7

    As always it’s in the execution. Finding the sweet spot on the piano-in-question, getting the right voicings and balance; repeat with subtlety and variation.

    Hoffmann in his the all time classic, Playing the Piano, says that exactly half your brain should be on the LISTENING (and the other half on playing).

  43. That library bathroom scene didn’t present in the most best way possible.

    I knew it wasn’t going to; that was part of the joke. Of course; it’s necessarily a compromised situation, using the toilet stall in the bathroom of a downtown library; for any reason.

    Next thing you know you’re going through some guy’s wallet and counting the bills and figuring if it’s that guy’s and since he’s White and has an honest (enough) face and needs the money more than you do, it’s a no-brainer.

    But I couldn’t tell from the photo ID for sure, and didn’t want to ask him if it was his wallet. So I said, did you leave something in the rest room. Yeah that’s what I said. Kill me now please. Life is a joke, sometimes it falls on you.

    He had just gotten high. He knew that I knew. The people who end up in those compromised, drug-addicted situations; they are not all losers. They become losers, if their path doesn’t change.

  44. On the topic of —

    Involuntary neonatal gender reduction assignment aka circumcision

    I just now submitted the following comment to the current CH thread, Just Like You and Me, which titularly is about homosexual degeneracy.


    The studies showing correlation between circumcision and sexual dysfunction of all sorts including predilection for anal sex, and impotence aka ED, and everything in between, are hidden in plain sight. They are peer reviewed and mostly European in origin.

    Also it’s commonsensical, that radically altering and diminishing a human male’s fully evolved innervation profile, the capacity with which a man experiences sexual pleasure and pair bonds, will have adverse effects on his sex expression, and by consequence his partner’s, and his (and her) life (lives), sexual and otherwise.

    Epigenetics; how are they effected [no sic] by the trauma of circumcision?

    We have a large sample group of Caucasians with which to speculate and compare. The semites. Perhaps their predilection for psychopathy, has something to do with reproductive success over the generations, despite diminished genital innervation profiles and less-than fully evolved pair bonding.

    Remember the 120 Million. How can the breeding patterns, and the reproductive results, of a people subjected to such an experiment, not have been altered?

  45. On the CH front, and in the subthread referenced above regarding male neonatal genital diminishment aka circumcision —

    Two of the most outspoken characters on the board, trav777 for one, and Greg Eliot for the other, have responded in defense of the semitic ritual of diminishing the genitals of White children. Greg Eliot writes:

    This mania some of y’all have with circumcision is telling, although I don’t care to delve deeper into your own psychological and physiological traumas at this juncture.

    I’ll just say that if it were the ONLY issue facing the West today, we’d be doing pretty good.

    To which I have responded:

    So let it be noted. Greg Eliot will not have circumcision criticized, or when it is, turns it back on those who would.

    Speaking of psychological trauma, Greg, as you brought it up; what is yours, and will you answer for it? —

    How many of your sons, did you let genitally diminished? Did you fail them there?

    Did you at least have the respect to witness directly their trauma, or did you put it off entirely on someone do your dirty work for you, in another room?

    Answer these real questions fairly, or forever be a poser.

  46. As is in evidence in the exchange above, Greg Eliot made it personal. He writes that a position against circumcision is to do with “your own psychological and physiological traumas”.

    That is text book ad hominem. However, it’s not irrelevant, or even necessarily wrong. OF COURSE our life experiences which include traumas inflicted, effect [no sic] our perspective. If someone is traumatized by having part of their body removed from him w/o his consent, is his opinion on said topic, therefore suspect for the reason that he does not concede?

    That is absurd, and yet exactly what Eliot would suggest.

    Such an argument is textbook begging the question. (I think; though that is an aside for logic spergs, to be thought over later)

    Also, let it be observed. Eliot in the past has frequently resorted to argument by authority, where he is the authority by virtue of his having sired multiple sons.

    If he will argue along those lines, then how else are we to respond?

    He assumes the authority if it suits his case; well then, I question his authority. Was he a fit father, or did he concede his patriarchal authority at that crucial juncture, no less the birth of his sons; to the medical establishment and the broader semitic influence thereon?

  47. GE states his position, such as it is, over there.


    Apologies for TMD.

    Sometimes it seems necessary, to affect the tone as if it matters.

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