Last Night’s SOTU

Trump looked good, sounded strong and well-rested.

The highlight of last night’s State of the Union Address was when he got all of the white-outfit radical-left congresswomen to dance and high five each other, then he said, paraphrasing: “Don’t sit down yet, you’re gonna like what’s next!” For a moment he had those broads eating out of his hand. He got them glowing with love for Bad Orange Man. Game recognized; as Heartiste reminds us, Game will save our civilization.

On its face value, I loathed the bulk of that speech. In contemporary America actual Americans — Whites — exist as a tax-paying object of abuse. Nick Sandmann was not invited or mentioned. And the shoutouts to record black, Hispanic, and now Asian (wtffffff!!????) employment… the mention of Pittsburgh synagogue killings but not the Tennessee church mass-murder. Trump is operating in a reality in which Americans have no political rights. Only pets, squatters, value-extractors, and invaders do. And those population groups are on their way to outnumber Americans. Democracy means that we have to speak their language, not they ours.

Positive things in the speech:

  • The recounting of the glories of the 20th century omitted a mention of Civil Rights. There is no such thing as an innocent lapse.
  • He called them “illegal aliens,” several times.
  • Anti-war positioning, including the call to withdraw from Syria; Trump legitimized the Taliban. Recall that the Taliban abolished pederasty and poppy-farming in Afghanistan prior to the US invasion.

The state of the union is unsustainable. The Left’s consensus is that you and I are to be stripped of our legal rights and then…


You and I are a national security risk. And it’s not because we read right wing blogs.

The SOTU is just a speech. Trump is operating in a political reality as it stands now. If you take his affirmative nods to status-quo leftism literally, those things are the death of Western civilization. The enthusiasm for legal immigration means a Third World future; promoting female participation in the workforce destroys the family; the war on antisemitism… think about it.

So take those statements as you judge best. But also keep watching what he does and not just says, asking yourself: are Whites more, or less, awake now than they were two years ago?


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  2. Is Trump even angling for a second term?

    I hope so. But I don’t know. I think it depends on (1) how far the Dems go with their impeachment insanity and (2) whether or not Trump finally drops a bomb on all the corruption, rather than just tweeting about it. Why aren’t people in jail?

    Will you vote for him?

    My pointless New York vote will go for Trump. I mean, who else? He’s disappointing on multiple fronts, but he actually DOES get wins for heritage America. Anybody else, R or D, would still be selling us out as fast as they could.

  3. — Will you vote for him?

    Yes. He’s on our side and survives whatever it is that the Swamp throws at him.

    @Aquinas makes a similar point to mine:

    To those of you upset at all the cuckery in Trump’s speech:

    76% of Americans approved of the speech. We’re a cucked nation. He’s working with what he has to work with. He did what was necessary to unite the nation as much as it can be to give him political capital to work.

    Let’s do the work to change the culture.

    The present political reality is extremely unstable. One way or another, things will change and not necessarily in ways that are to libs’ liking.

  4. “Let’s do the work to change the culture.”

    This is the right attitude. And don’t be discouraged by the presently deluged 48 hour national memory; these things happen. Submerge yourself in a passion that will patch history’s dimming hull with its luminous unearthings.

  5. It’s all a holding action (at best.)
    The die is already cast, the era of the Nation-State is already over, and the shrillness of Leftist Dogma talking points (by Trump, too) is not a sign of Forever Continuation, it’s a sign of a trend in exhaustion.

    The breakup of the “marriage” is certain, because the wives have invited an endless stream of (ahem) male guests to stay overnight. Today’s events simply fine-tune the conditions that will apply when the couple enters the divorce.

    We should not be sanguine; the MSM’s megaphone is amping the greatest idiocy of our Age (which is quite an accomplishment, BTW), the Green New Deal. That its actual adoption would undoubtedly usher in a famine/collapse a decimal place or two to the right of the HOLODOMOR should give each of us a wake-up call.

    Nothing of serious substance will change as long as the DJIA is >25,000 and the 3-month T-bill yields <4%, so now is not yet a time when the Idea Whose Time Has Come is here. We must chafe in impatience while our adversaries gloat in their power.

    I guess the trade-off is that we'll be well-entertained by REALITY TV, as Harris, Booker, Biden, Sanders, O'Rourke, etc., etc., etc., etc. all turn American Politics into a Three Ring Clown Circus of Idiocracy-On-Display. I fully expect political debates to become a full-scale TV series to rival "Ow, My Balls!"

  6. At PA “One way or another, things will change and not necessarily in ways that are to libs’ liking.”

    I keep asking myself what the often-discussed North American redux of the Spanish Civil War combined with a Holodomor-like “event” to be carried out in a phenomenally well-armed countryside will look like. One thing’s for sure: Score-settling will be front-and-center, and being the settler will be much better than being the settled.

    I concur; the condition of American politics (and by inference, society as a whole) is a vast house of cards. The tiniest change, seemingly from nowhere, could be like watching the World Trade Center towers collapse in real time. What happens under the cover of the “dust cloud” could determine much.

  7. I have no idea what is really in Trump’s mind. No one does. Maybe he just says whet he thinks he has to so he can maintain support. But his election is necessary to continue the work he’s doing. If the border wall stops most illegal immigration and ICE and DHS are allowed to continue to round up and deport, we still have a chance. Or it may lessen the blow when it all falls apart. And really, who else is there to vote for that would come anywhere near him? As to the future, I think the Spanish Civil War combined with the breakup of Yugoslavia is what we face. But as long as the DOW is up, the banks are open, and the power is on, I expect little change. Enjoy your front row seats.

  8. Is there any realistic way that the U.S. doesn’t become majority non-white eventually, and probably in the next decade or two at most? Can you describe a scenario where that believably does not happen? And if the country is majority non-white, is there any realistic way that it doesn’t become Third-World leftist?

    Realistically, the non-white Left *is* going to have pretty much absolute political power in the not-distant future. Oh, but we’ll still have the Supreme Court? Not for long, not once the Left has enough senate votes to impeach the remaining right-leaning S.C. judges. Roberts doesn’t appear to have any real spine to him any way, to stand up to leftist encroachments.

    And when the Left has absolute political power, they are going to gleefully set about getting their revenge on white men. In the not-distant future, there is going to be almost no good political news at all for our side.

    Then the critical moment is going to be reached and this whole thing is going to be decided. Things will get bad, very bad, for white men. The whole question then will be, will white men be willing to resort to actual violent revolution to protect themselves, or will they be too weak, too few, and just surrender to it. I think there’s only going to be one chance, because there are too many non-whites in this world. We’re too outnumbered. Just like it’s too late for the whites in South Africa. When you’re outnumbered 10-to-1 and you have no allies in the rest of the world to help you, you’re done. If you’re lucky you end up like the American Indians, with a few reservations to live on. If you’re not you’re just exterminated.

    My point is that while it was disappointing to hear Trump cucking so much in his speech, we need to get used to it. We are going to have to patiently wait while it gets very bad for white men and then see if the revolution happens. I don’t see much point in getting worked up about anything Trump says, because if Trump was going to be our solution, we would have seen that when there was a Republican Congress for two years. Instead we got no wall, no nothing at all, really – from a Republican-controlled Congress! Instead we are reduced to hoping that there’s some secret “Q” deus machina or big secret brilliant Trump plan that will unfold in the next couple years and suddenly save us.

    I don’t think there’s any big secret plan. I think Trump is pretty much just what he looks like: a fairly intellectually lazy guy who likes the spotlight, isn’t too comfortable with the direction things are going, but is basically a liberal Republican and not capable or actually empowered to be able to stop the way things are going.

    He might have slowed down HB-1 visas or some other things but that all instantly gets reversed with the next Democrat. The only things he could do that would really matter would be things that reverse the demographic trend to white displacement in a fast enough fashion that it could not be undone by the next Democratic president. That would have had to have been mass deportations of illegals, an end to birthright citizenship, an end to legal immigration (except from white countries), a sudden and dramatic increase in white birthrates above the level of non-whites, and so on. Nothing like that happened. We are so far from anything like that, that would have really made a difference, that we’re reduced to being excited that Trump used the words “illegal aliens” in his speech. Big f’ing deal.

    Nope, if Trump was going to save us it would have happened by now. Our hopes now have to be that: (1) the Left stupidly continues to overplay its hand and wakes whites up to the seriousness of the situation before the white fraction of the population shrinks to South African levels; (2) technology continues to evolve that allows us to continue to communicate and organize once the Left completely controls the government; (3) a critical mass of white men exist who still have the testosterone and will to save themselves, their families, and their people. If too many of us are pudgy dissipated nerds…well, then we’re lost. We’ll be just another disappeared people among many others that disappeared in history.

    (I do think, though, that in any case there will still be a hard core of whites who survive and become very tough, very formidable warriors. It may be in Eastern Europe/Russia, it may be in the U.S., I don’t know. But there will be some real hardened f*ckers, some real Chechan types, who the non-white Left just won’t mess with. I think maybe the best we can hope for is to be one of them.)

  9. 76% of Americans approved of the speech. We’re a cucked nation. He’s working with what he has to work with. He did what was necessary to unite the nation as much as it can be to give him political capital to work.

    Let’s do the work to change the culture.

    “Political capital to work” – to do what? Some little non-“racissss” nibble around the edges of illegal immigration?

    What we need done is

    end birthright citizenship
    mass deportations of all illegals before they give birth to more citizens
    end non-white legal immigration

    There’s no possibility of those kind of changes being passed just because 76% of the population likes Trump’s platitudes about “compromise”.

    “Let’s do the work to change the culture” – you’re going to change the culture so that non-whites don’t want revenge on white men for making them feel inferior by comparison? How do you plan do to that? Fundamentally change human nature?

    The problem is racial, is genetic. It is not a cultural problem. It is a matter of racial head counting. The problem is a non-white population growing radically faster than the white population, and thus on track to take control of the government – and thus the country, the territory – for themselves, just like whites took the land from the natives. This is not a cultural issue and it is not a matter of winning over the moderates with platitudes.

  10. Jim-Bob, it won’t matter if “heritage Americans” (whites, esp. people of Northwest European and English ancestry) are a political minority. When shit gets real (and it will, sooner or later, although I’ve waited 23 years so far and my patience wears thin) then whatever happens, happens. My descendants could be part of even 10% of North America but they’ll be the ones who are engineers and (actual, not Affirmative Action) scientists. If they’ll need a bomb that kills only those with African, Asian and American-Indian DNA, they’ll make one. Long before that day, if the Left gets its way it will have reduced most of North America and Africa to starvation anyway. Me and mine will survive because we have the intelligence, REASON and mental flexibility to do so.

    I realized one day that democracy is itself simply a subset of Leftism. Democracy is quite literally at the end of its lifespan, and we see open evidence of its worthlessness in the election of open idiots like Occasional-Cortex and Book-me Booker to Congress and we see Affirmative Action morons like Kagan and Sotomayor on the SCOTUS (yes, I know the latter are appointed, but the clowns who appointed them were elected by Boobus Americanus.)

    Pick up any (actual) encyclopedia and open to any random page. What you will see is something that is deemed permanent but is not. Our entire world is built on a foundation of lunacy, held together by a somnolent complacency without precedent. When the hardships arrive, those who remain complacent will be bulldozed by the tens of millions into shallow graves and what remains will be bitch-slapped into a “no barbarians inside the gates” mindset not seen in centuries. That’s my 2 cents, worth not even a penny.

  11. Getting 76% approval means hitting the zeitgeist bull’s eye. But I’d like Trump to instead move the zeitgeist. He’s done it before — we can at least discuss migrant invasion now.

  12. 50% of the SOTU speech repulsed me, the other half I accept as Trump pandering to the various lobby and interest groups. Probably smart play by Trump as SOTU is propaganda for normies.

    But he’s going to be pilloried to hell and back leading up to the elections, and face a fully mobilised anti-Trump vote in 2020. His best hope is if the “democrats” go nutso full anti-white and internal bickering.

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  14. — you’re going to change the culture so that non-whites don’t want revenge on white men for making them feel inferior by comparison?

    No. I don’t give a damn what nonwhites want. I want to change the culture of Whites.

  15. No. I don’t give a damn what nonwhites want. I want to change the culture of Whites.

    I agree with that, then.

    Not sure how you do it, though. Can any person or group of people really change the culture? I think it pretty much evolves the way it’s going to evolve. About all I can see to do about it is to make yourself as excellent as possible and to find and quietly form groups with other like-minded, excellent white men.

    It’s a very interesting gigantic game that we’re all involved in, though. I am more and more struck by how little reason and logic affect people. It’s all emotion. There are so many fanatical white male Antifa types, who really virulently hate other white men who are “racists”. This amazes me. Don’t they realize that they too are the targets of non-whites who hate white men? But then the capacity for people to hold on to emotional self-delusion even unto death itself is amazing. Like people committing mass suicide in the Jim Jones cult. Or belonging to cults like Scientology for decades. And I have to say, whites seem to be unusually capable of that. Our ability to devote ourselves passionately to an ideal is both a great strength – it allows us to create honest, non-corrupt, high-trust societies – and a great weakness, when we get sucked into beliefs like progressivism that destroy us.

    The thing that seems to cut through all the emotion-based belief nonsense and force people into a clearer perception of reality is financial collapse, hunger, danger, and so on. When people get hungry and cold enough, all the illusions are gone and you’re right back to the primal realities of life, like the importance of family, clan, and race, the importance of health and strength, of useful skills, of frugality, of owning weapons, of belonging to mutual-defense groups.

    I’m preaching to the choir, since we all know that. My original point is just that I think the opportunity for peaceful, within-the-system change that saves us disappeared after the last election. I think it was actually too late ten years ago, but this last 2016-2018 Republican congress and president really were the last chance. If the Republicans had been bold and pushy and hit hard on all cylinders right from inauguration day 2017, we might conceivably have turned it around from within the political system. But the Republicans cucked out, as could have been predicted. From here on out I don’t think there’s any real good political news for white men until the revolution comes. Not sure there’s any point in voting, either. If our side cannot win a national election anymore because too many brown illegals birthed new brown citizens 18+ years ago, why legitimize the election by participating?

    Meanwhile what we need is a real leader we can rally around. It ain’t Trump, either. He’s too lazy, too clownish, too fundamentally cucked, with too poor judgment (look at how many bad cabinet appointments he’s made – remember Anthony Scaramucci?). We need a serious man who speaks clearly and explicitly about our problems. But it’s probably too early for that man to appear because he would be destroyed right now, and things are not desperate enough yet to wake up a critical mass of white people. We’re probably better off for now if he just stays quiet.

  16. I’m hesitant to sophomorically ‘quote Nietzsche,’ but he had some excellent things to say about the phenomenon of culture, though he oared that term around in the way that Bach composed certain music unconstrained by specified instrumentation.

    “The danger of our culture: We belong to a period of which the culture is in danger of being destroyed by the very appliances of culture.”

    Curiously, if more men closely studied Nietzsche’s (sloppiest) work, his Birth of Tragedy, culture as such would vigorously fix & compartmentalize itself into something tidily worthy of this native planet of Rembrandt and Ancient Greece.

  17. Trump can only do so much by himself. The Republican establishment is really jawdroppingly bad. Their greed, it can be nothing else, has overruled every other impulse or moral consideration. There is nobody and nothing they won’t sell out for a country club membership.

    In an old school movie, Rs would be the guy counting gold pieces with trembling hands as the tomb doors slam shut.

  18. SOTU was pretty much boilerplate stuff. Nothing new or nothing that would stand out in any way, IMO.

    I figured it’d be this way after that quick impromptu speech he gave during the shutdown and referenced blacks and hispanics as part of national security. In fact, PA, your assessment of that blurb stayed with me and has kept my ears attuned to when Trump makes these references.

    I took this speech as that of optics: the juxtaposition of Trump rattling off the good of the nation with Pelosi Galore either trying to keep her dentures from falling out or looking at various dinner menus. In fact, her distraction with those menus was the most glaring and earlier today I realized how inappropriate it was.

    But timing by certain applause cheers against the wishes of PG and her contemporaries is what started to stand out as the speech continued.

    This was the “normie-safe” speech, thus the cuck pandering. It was the build up to set the stage for those on the fence to make a choice. And soon.

    Something about 2019 so far, gentlemen. Can’t quite put my finger on it. From my POV, I’m seeing the faintest of lights up yonder.

  19. @PA agree with your analysis. For those who nit pick the speech I think they miss the bigger picture.
    Trump came in as the outsider and many voted for him because they couldn’t vote for you know who.
    The most important part of the speech is to build a case for the wall.
    Not inviting Nick Sandmann was to avoid the leftists and (((media))) distracting from the main point about curbing illegal immigration. Bringing Sandmann in would only have revived the false narrative (((they))) love to bask in.
    It’s far more powerful to show Nancy Pelosi huffing and puffing in response to the partisan investigations line.
    He’s setting up his 2020 campaign. He’s letting the left burn themselves out.
    Nick Sandmann is well taken care of with the lawsuit against media his lawyer is launching. Trump’s endorsement with a seat at the speech would be overkill.

  20. How many alt-righters would it take to flip Vermont? Let’s see … about 110,000 votes more to start to badly worry Bernie.

  21. Matthew Yglesias gets ratio’d pretty hard on that thread. The exchange between a ViperX83 [cuck] and is John King PhD, is revealing of their mindset, which is committed.

    And for some next level self-importance, check his tagline:

    The only take that matters: To win in 2020, Democrats need a nominee who agrees with all of my preferences on policy and rhetorical style.

    How do these guys get to be so self important. Just by having the right opinions?

  22. On the CH front, I wanted to post this following, but am not going to:

    tfw Greg Eliot aka Superdog, gots you questioning your own sanity

  23. Do read that Washington Post article that Sophia posted. Their mentality with regards to White communities of whatever culture (small town Alabama in this case) is predatory.

  24. Much of the SOTU speech can be taken as blowing smoke up the biparty’s ass to secure cooperation for getting the Wall done.

    If you’re not machiavellian though, listening to the lies and nods to leftism chafes badly. Trump said:

    “I want people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever, but they have to come in legally.”


  25. Until a sufficient number of woke white men put the re-scripting of the sickNarrative on the issue of “desire for supremacy” and who really possesses it (ravenous para-sights) and who doesn’t not (broken betas) then there will be no flipping the script.

  26. No flipping of the script. We gotta stick to the original script.

    @Major: excellent.

    @Suburban: you’ve been an acquired taste for me and I’ve now come to appreciate your comments. Namely, taking Greg Eliot to task regarding CTs. I used to defend that man but he’s grown increasingly antagonistic. And petty, too. He really does sully the comments section.

    @PA: I wonder if Kushner wrote that “largest numbers” line. Doesn’t sound like Miller’s MO.

  27. The “original script” is desire for supremacy.

    The sickNarrative claims this “script” evil and degenerate.


    Woke white man desires (S)upremacy as an alt-writer.

    Flips the script.

  28. ‘Dusk Delivers Dusks’

    A lone Amazonian schlong
    Haults speed’s scripted flip.
    Absurdity’s greased gong
    Somersaults from instantaneity’s grip.
    Right the auction zoo’s stiff-bid wrongs,
    As frank aquariums dip.

  29. Boomer postin —

    Black ice. It sounds like something made up, like the yeti, to make life more dangerous-seeming and interesting as in “we’re hard core up here, see for example the black ice” but no it’s real.

    They say it’s the car exhaust freezing on the road, but “my opinion” is that it’s that thing combined with other iciness factors. Because sometimes it’s just as even more colder, but there’s not so much muh black ice whereas now it’s cold but not super cold but black ice is like the plague.

    —–> other factors at play

    We need our best science minds, on the case, now!

  30. “My opinion” is in quotes because it’s an “inside joke” referencing the “confrontation” that Suburban_elk got the pleasure of having with muh boomer Greg Eliot aka Superdog aka Tarbaby Extraordinaire.

    My conclusion re Superdog aka Tarbaby aka Greg Eliot, is that he is mentally ill. Specifically with that old man orneriness that old men get as they go demented. Unfortunately it’s a very common thing, which most of us have probably experienced in real life with people we know.

    I made the mistake of expressing my opinion, explicitly as a mere opinion, that the “moon landing may have been staged” but it turns out that opinion isn’t acceptable, and anyone having it is either Alinsky, Chomsky, mighty white, and an “alt-rite ally” (in quotes in the original). Heavens to Betsy that is a lot of insults to be leveled, over one meek and mild opinion.

    Frankly it is unhinged albeit internet behavior. The guy has to be losing his marbles. Not that that in itself is a damnable offense.

    The topic itself, of whence the basis of the aforesaid meek and mere opinion, is almost worth an effort post.

    I will just say that, as a statement, “the moon landing may have been staged” is not an implication that it was.

    Greg aka Superdog would — I guarantee it — insist that the implication is there. He quibbles like an insane jew lawyer over connotations. That’s kind of his thing, the difference between connotation and denotation. In my opinion, fixating on that distinction as if it’s the unified quantum theory of life, is a dead giveaway of a less than stellar intellect. We all know words are complex. Do your best when using them, kids!

    Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. I don’t consider it bad form commenting here, about that blog. Where else would be the place?

  31. Black ice. It sounds like something made up, like the yeti, to make life more dangerous-seeming and interesting as in “we’re hard core up here, see for example the black ice” but no it’s real.

    I sincerely apologize for any implications imputations or imbecilities, regarding the realness of yetis.

    What’s next, mermaids?

  32. Well, I did get a long lecture for clicking “Like” on your comment.

    Speaking of your comments at CH, nice work with that Straponesque “seg-dialogue” commenter. He came in well insulated from insults, but you zapped his “I’m just looking for dialogue” act when you engaged him in dialectic on his terms. Oops! He dropped off when you got him at “race is a key element in regulating reproduction.”

  33. Off topic. Required manosphere reading for American Men.

    If I might recommend yet again Edge of Forever. I am finishing it up. It would be neat to do a definitive effort comment on it, but not gonna happen.

    It’s real history, about the “Indian Fighters” and Texas Rangers. Those guys were the toughest hombres to ever walk the earth, it would might seem. The two chief characters named

    Thomas McKlarren
    Raifford MacReynolds

    First of all, could you ever even wear a name like that; are those the mythical Scots-Irish of legend?

    Thomas is only 15 and he is visiting his (future) in-laws on their homestead in central Texas. They get beset by Comanches but Thomas is fishing and so escapes the massacre. He hears the screams of his family being tortured raped and killed, and wants to join the fight, but two little girls are in his keep so he cannot.

    After the war party leaves, three bucks are left behind as a rear guard. This 15-year old kid, one on three kills one and takes his horse, and tactically outmaneuvers the remaining two and brings back the children.

    Then he sets out after the war party, because they bound and took his mom and sweetie and it’s all he can do.

    (I don’t like this comment either.)

    Those guys were tougher back then and more manly. For instance our two heroes get beset on the trail by yet another war band, and it’s literally 30 on 2, but they retreat to a wash and fight them off, with their superior war skillz. Another reason they are able to do it, is because the Comanches don’t have limitless numbers, and after they suffer enough losses, they reappraise what it’s worth.

    From the recent Civil War MacReynolds got his hands on some repeating rifles which were new back then. During the fights they would both have five or six guns apiece, and MacReynolds made sure to tell Tom to aim for the horse’s head and make each shot count. MacReynolds was good with that rifle to 850 or 1000 yards. Blood Meridian featured kills at a mile, but Lucius says those scenes are made up.

  34. At the homestead, this was outside of Waco. What they did to his father-in-law, was tie him to the wagon wheel and un-man him.

    Then they raped his wife, then scalped and slit her throat. It may have been in this order.

    Then they gouged out his eyes, and left him tied up and alive with a shallow puncture wound. Sometime during this process they bash out the brains of their 2-year old.

    Thomas comes upon them after half-a-day. He has to put the old man out of his misery. It’s an emotional and difficult thing.

    Raifford, who is the experienced killer and meets up with him sometime thereafter, consoles him that he didn’t kill his father-in-law (the Comanches did).

  35. aim for the horse’s head and make each shot count.

    Close in with the 10-balls they could take out both horse and rider.

  36. “…Edge of Forever.”

    Thanks elk, I will traverse those pages out some time in my life. I remember you saying that only biography was worthwhile these days. I will recommend Far Away and Long Ago by W.H. Hudson. It’s an account of youth, but will pull broader Perspective’s limbs out of their cobwebbed, diving-bell hibernation and into eyeshot & the finer highlands of appreciation.

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