See this video. This is what we lost. Third World population exploded and powerful domestic interests have ever since been invested in sending these waves of brown meat into our countries. Most people have accepted Diversity as an immutable state of affairs and believe that we will never, ever again have a music video with nothing but White faces.

Are most people right?

Watch Mellencamp’s “Pink Houses” video to the very end without skipping. I don’t even mind the ancient black man as some kind of a national relic at the beginning. It gets good.

Now, compare that “Heartland Rock” from 1983 to Kid Rock’s “Po-Dunk” video from 2017, which features a similar series of visuals about rural Americans (under this post). I reviewed the “Po-Dunk” video on its own complex terms in that linked article and I wouldn’t change anything I wrote then. But I can also be blunt:

Unlike the characters in “Pink Houses,” the people in Po-Dunk are portrayed as people stripped of their dignity. “Enslave us! We are beasts of the field just like the blacks, see how we mix with them!”

When you have a country of your own, the public space is yours. The stories and myths, even banal things like TV commercials, valorize you. Not so here. We’re under enemy occupation here in America, no hyperbole.

A sympathetic foreigner can sometimes tell your story well.  For example, the great ballad “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” was written by a Canadian who visited the South. A hostile “domestic foreigner” such as members of American media will always lie about you.

That Gillette ad. But hey, another product came out with a response to it, this time praising men. I saw it and nah. We’re still under foreign occupation. Blacks have the proud and heroic roles in that “positive” commercial, whites look archaic, tragic or weak, so it’s still enemy propaganda, just less abrasive. A simple fact about heroic propaganda: if it features any protagonist that isn’t of your people, most egregiously so if that protagonist is black and portrayed to possess your traditional qualities of virility, strength, honor, and self-sacrifice, the message is corrupted.

Boys in parts of Eastern Europe don’t have to watch demoralizing advertisements. They own their public space, airwaves and otherwise. I’ve seen it on my most recent visit. For one, nowhere on television, nowhere on roadside billboards, did I see a single nonwhite face. One particular TV commercial in Poland was memorable. It featured two children, a blond boy and a girl engaged in some contest. The boy wins, the girl looks up at him with admiration.

On the other hand:


Those powerful domestic interests I mentioned at the beginning, who are determined to drown us in brown immigrants. They are trying to make us tax slaves to the Democrats’ coalition, already stripped of political rights and soon, as they would have it, stripped of legal rights.

The dispossession happened gradually, through the replacement of traditional male virtues with its facsimiles in Political Correctness, like tolerance. To own your public space, you need what we can call intolerant guardians of that space. In America, those guardians were Chads and Rednecks. Those are contemporary shorthand for assertive White men of the middle class and the proletarian class, respectively. They weren’t always “nice guys” but that’s exactly why they played such a vital role in securing our public space and it is also why Hollywood propaganda, in the 1980s, defamed the Chad/Redneck archetypes with such a commitment to destroying their appeal to the average person.

Mission accomplished, Chads and Rednecks are now cagey about appearing “racist.” Tough in confrontation with another White but reflexively toning down anything that might come across as swagger in an interaction with a Person of Color. Their submission is codified to such a degree now, that the most recent publicized act of civil disobedience — a White teenager confidently smiling as an adult Person of Color invades his personal space, in his own national capital, has members of the Left’s vanguard making terrorist threats against a school with impunity.

Nonwhites are now cleared to have swagger in the public space. Their free expression of confidence, of course, is artificial because it’s state-backed and it fizzles when a Chad or a Redneck with a modicum of nonchalance to political circumspection reasserts the natural order. But in the typical case, when those Chads and Rednecks are neutralized as intolerant guardians of public space, it’s not the ordinary White kid who feels like he owns his land and by extension, his destiny.

It’s really very sad. People internalize the ruling classes’ negative propaganda. It took a few decades, but now Whites feel strange when they see an image with only Whites in it. This is why the populist images in the Mellencamp video are so congruent with the entirety of our cultural tradition yet so against the grain of our time. The incoming Third World, certainly, has eagerly internalized the negative propaganda — another three caravans are approaching the U.S. border from the south and they are confident. A reader at Chateau Heartiste explains their invader-mentality:

When they come here, they see themselves as saviors. They are reservoirs of culture, who make America a richer place that white people could never have created without their help. They see themselves as saving white women as well, because the Jevv has cast us for years as an impotent pink loser in worldwide advertising.

Somebody is the favorite son of the late-liberal Western state, and in America it ain’t our sons.

The “Pink Houses” video above shows you a different and more natural way things can be. I wish I could offer something more contemporary but not long after the Eighties, culture went to sleep. Something’s gonna move. The attack on Covington Boys unmasked everyone. And now the layoff-apocalypse of Leftist “journalists”…

Right now I wanna do those moves like Mellencamp at 2:45 in the yellow flower field!


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  1. Joan Baez had a huge hit with The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down in 1971! Can you imagine that now? They’d burn her alive.
    As Quentin Compson said, I don’t hate the South.

  2. We used to have a compromise – Yankees would welcome the South back into the fold, Southrons would become patriotic, and we’d all admire each other’s heroes. That’s gone – like the old homosexual position – no we won’t come for your children, we just want to be left alone.
    East Europeans flew the Battle Flag as they fought for their liberty from the soviets. That meme – as the kids would say – of the Battle Flag as a symbol of revolt from Leviathan used to be available to all and immediately understood.
    If I were as brave as Matt and Sentient – and wasn’t that a spergtarded spergout! – I’d get drunk and climb up onto a bar in my Bluetopis and harangue the crowd on the natural and constitutional right to succession – helas! I am not them.

  3. “My homeland doesnt yet exist. It has no name. It isnt even an idea. Its a dream, a whisper of a thought that somewhere there is a place where I can be me.”

    I saw this on a long vanished forum long ago, and i liked it so much i copied it down. Our goal, our only goal is to be the Masters of our own house.

  4. Trivial question: what is the lyric near the beginning after the black man says to his wife “I remember when you could…”? It always did and still does sound like he sings “…starve a flower.” Someone told me it was “stop a clock.” Nope, I just listened to it again after 25 years and it’s not “stop a clock.” Is starve a flower some kind of rural black saying? If not Mellencamp got some splainin’ to do. Even if it is he got some splainin’ to do. And some elocution lessons to take.

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  6. I can’t hear it properly either but googling the lyrics tells me:

    “And he looks at her and says, hey darlin’
    I can remember when you could stop a clock”

    Meaning back when she was a beauty, presumably.

  7. Marc: there are also Confederate flags in that big hippie rally scene at the end of “Hair.”

    Dirtnapninja: “Our goal, our only goal is to be the Masters of our own house.” Is that too damn much to envision as possible?

    Fodor, Glengarry: it’s “stop the clock” by “official lyrics” but by golly it sounds like “starve a flower.”

  8. Purple Haze – I always hear Jimmie singing “scuse me while I kiss this guy.”

    I remember my guitar teacher telling me that this had been a commonly misheard lyric, so that some people thought Hendrix was gay. He said, with a wink, “So make sure you sing it the right way, or people will think you’re gay!” Ah, the days when it was utterly normal to be anti-gay.

  9. There must be some upside in being absent from the quicksand grab-bag of advertising. Space, public and private, would favor those who steer white-wheeled through the higher voltage depths rather than anchor in the shallow feu d’artifice inlet of sustained soap-opera climaxes which yearn plastically for a beginning or end.

    “Purple Haze…”

    I saw a gypsy girl in New Orleans do covers of most of Hendrix’s canon. She repeated that “help me” part in P. Haze many times, putting her own Chinook spin on it. I bought her album and gave it to another busking gypsy girl I saw outside my hotel later that night.

  10. “And he looks at her and says, hey darlin’
    I can remember when you could stop a clock”

    They drawl out them words in Southern Indiana, boy do they.

    Letttin ya know they’s not from the city …

  11. Hendrix was a good lyricist.

    He mighta tried microdosing though, but that’s not how they rolled.

    Don’t do drugs kids. Nancy Reagan was right.

  12. Listening to the song in my early teens, I thought it sounded like “start a plow.” Just learning English in 83 though, I gave allowance to “plow” actually being some word I’m unfamiliar with that sounds like “prow” or “prye”.

  13. — There must be some upside in being absent from the quicksand grab-bag of advertising

    Oh there sure is. We also need the public space. I hear that advertising is going wild with mudsharking and oil drilling. A study of history of propaganda would be interesting. Is there an “unreality-point” where people mock or tune out? By people, I don’t mean politically sophisticated blog readers, but ordinary-folk. We need them.

  14. In the video above, he does say “starve a flower” and not stop a clock.

    I had never heard it like that, but if that is an actual expression, and that sure as hell is what it sounds like he is saying, and if 2 plus 2 still equals four …

    Johnny ‘Cougar’ Mellencamp was a great American. He has been the topic of many a comment.

    No less a jew than Jerry ‘a good one’ Seinfeld made fun of the guy, about the Cougar thing.

    If wiki can be trusted:

    After about 18 months of traveling between Indiana to New York City in 1974 and 1975, Mellencamp finally found someone receptive to his music and image in Tony DeFries of MainMan Management.[9] DeFries insisted that Mellencamp’s first album, Chestnut Street Incident, a collection of covers and a handful of original songs, be released under the stage name Johnny Cougar, insisting that the bumpy German name “Mellencamp” was too hard to market. Mellencamp reluctantly agreed, but the album was a commercial failure, selling only 12,000 copies. Mellencamp confessed in a 2005 interview: “That [name] was put on me by some manager. I went to New York and everybody said, ‘You sound like a hillbilly.’ And I said, ‘Well, I am.’ So that’s where he came up with that name. I was totally unaware of it until it showed up on the album jacket. When I objected to it, he said, ‘Well, either you’re going to go for it, or we’re not going to put the record out.’ So that was what I had to do… but I thought the name was pretty silly.”

  15. Johnny Cougar seg-yues fairly well into another great American by the name of Jerry Lee Lewis aka the Killer.

    I don’t even know where to start with that guy. For starters, the answer is yes.

    There is a first rate youtube documentary on him, in fact two that I will recommend, and in order:

    1. Jerry Lee Lewis “I am what i am”
    2. Jerry Lee Lewis Documentary 1990

    Both of these are made for (real) television back in the day.

    Back then he mighta been charitably known as a “a child of God” but which phrase is no longer in use. See the Cormac McCarthy by that name.

    He wrestled with addiction apparently. He was one of those guys who sorta bucked the trend (w/ addiction) and found a steady state, which goes against the current conventional wisdom of how it ALWAYS behaves as a disease and as such is progressive. The medical opinion on addicts and alcoholics whose use levels out and doesn’t progress, is that there is another category for them. That’s another topic though obv.

    It’s hard to appreciate the prodigiousness of his talent, in retrospect. He peaked twice, as a musician. First as a boogey woogey honky tonk, and then as a country man.

    He was a first cousin to Jimmy Swaggart the famous preacher, and some other country man Gilley.

    The big four, the million dollar quartet, Perkins, Jerry Lee, Elvis and Cash, were NOT racially pure. Perkins is part black, one of those ‘don’t inquire too closely about his grandpas’ — is how they were known back then in the segregated South. He passed (i think) but at the same time everyone woulda known. As he aged it become more clearer that he was black.

    And of course Johny Cash’s first wife was part black.

    Jerry Lee himself seems not to have fallen for that, but his first NY tour, his debut, he was co-billed with what’s-his-name Chuck ‘please poop on me’ Berry, and the scene that they were part of would necessarily have had race mixing. The stupid nickname reference above is the dirt on his file, and would indicate that he had compulsive sex behaviors.

    The links above include his national television debut on Steve Allen show. This is that performance but not a good quality. It’s no secret anymore that these guys used a lot of amphetamines, to get up to speed.

  16. His biography is fairly larger than life. Obviously.

    The novelty of that style of music is not what it once was.

    Born in the rural South in the 30s it is unlikely that he was neonatally diminished, unless he had the misfortune of being born in the hospital domain of a physician psychopath, which as we now know, is a thing.

    Physicians who like to cut people, are more likely to be clinical psychopaths. [*]

    Also, anyone reading up on the topic of circumcision in America reads many accounts of how those sick sick doctors could not get their hands on enough baby boys and their genitals, to satisfy them.

    Jerry Lee’s wiki would appear not to include his circumcision status. However it is part of his mythology that he was a bona fide stud. And his good friend Elvis Presley famously had a hillbilly penis. That’s what they were called. Why would Elvis be known for that though then, and not Jerry Lee?

    The other comment of note on Jerry Lee, is that he was proud of his English roots and on stage would call England the mother country. And those were his looks what with the wavy blond hair.

    And he played the piano with his butt.

  17. Physicians who like to cut people, are more likely to be clinical psychopaths. [*]

    This is a recent red pill, which my comments have been a part of, and it’s worth repeating for its undeniable truth, and for to keep in mind for your health, your own and your children’s.

    I still have yet to file the lawsuit against the hospital of my birth. Ten Million dollars is not enough to compensate for having to go through life without intact genitals, but it is the amount I will be seeking. Obviously there is no price that can compensate for health, but it’s one of those things about life in this physical dimension that there are actuarial tables and shit to do just that.

    How much is your right hand worth? How about one index finger on your dominant hand?

    That last is perhaps an appropriate comparison for the sake of a law suit. If we can get enough White men in the Supreme Court, it will may be heard.

  18. 1. White people exist.
    2. White people have the RIGHT to exist.
    3. White people have the RIGHT to exist AS White people in White Communities and Nations.

    Its always good to point out that the transformation of America from a 90% White country was the result not of love for humanity but of hatred for White people.

    Access to white people is not a human right: Enough.

    Immigration is Colonization.
    The racial and cultural identity of America is legitimate and defensible.

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  20. I like this idea of suing for circumcision. I think doctors bullied my mother into having mine done.

    I can’t believe any White people are still engaging in this disgusting Jewish nonsense. The hospital staff must have asked a dozen fucking times, matter-of-factly, as if cutting off the tip of a perfectly healthy penis is normal routine stuff, where we were having my son circumcised. My words may have been polite but my tone said fuck you.

    Jews are such sick faggots. The whole idea of inflicting trauma on an infant in order to prevent sexual pleasure, and create a trauma based first experience so that the male will be more neurotic and controllable is just some bizarre shit.

  21. One thing I noticed during my time in Poland last year is that there were roving groups of large, intimidating men in the nightlife districts of the large cities I visited. I was lucky in that they usually assumed I was a fellow Pole and would leave me alone (cześć, ciao, hej, dzień dobry…). But I also noticed that they monitored the activities of people that were obviously foreign.

    For example, I observed a black guy who seemed to be American who was very aggressively and obnoxiously trying to pick up local girls on the old town square one Saturday night, Bizarrely, he opened them by asking them if they were Russian, which is quite an awkward thing to say to a native Polish girl. While I was watching this loser, I noticed a couple of Polish guys about five yards behind him that were observing him as well. it was pretty obvious they were getting ready to run this guy out of town. Luckily for the guy, he wandered off after being rejected for the tenth time…

    But it was very heartening so see people with a sense of national pride and identity. I saw this in Italy as well. On the other hand, I saw the opposite in Germany…

  22. Lothar, I gave some Negros out of gas in my neighborhood gasoline from my lawnmower stock. They thanked me profusely, never comprehending that I just wanted those Goblins far from my home.

  23. Lothar, your comment made my morning!

    That’s how it should always be, everywhere. Here’s to our German brothers also shaking off the “tolerance” regime.

  24. The line “little pink houses” is a response to the early 1960s folk song “Little Boxes,” which was very influential at the time, and was a typical Leftist attack on white WASP suburbia. Sample lyrics:

    And they all play on the golf course
    And drink their martinis dry,
    And they all have pretty children
    And the children go to school,
    And the children go to summer camp
    And then to the university,
    Where they are put in boxes
    And they come out all the same.

    The chorus kept right on with it, totally dismissing the worthless, boring white people.

    Little boxes on the hillside,
    Little boxes made of ticky tacky,
    Little boxes on the hillside,
    Little boxes all the same.
    There’s a pink one and a green one
    And a blue one and a yellow one,
    And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
    And they all look just the same.

    And hey, guess what? It was written by Malvina Reynolds. Oh yeah, maiden name Milder, born to Jewish Socialist immigrants. Suhprise!!

    They’ve been at this anti-white thing for a very long time.

  25. Good observation re pink houses.

    That song was before my time; it was a big counter culture hit. Does it have any musical value, or was its popularity 100 cent based in snark?

    However she did eventually get owned, by our boy Johnny Cougar.

  26. There is the larger point, that the criticisms expressed with that song snide though they be, are not groundless.

    The problems of our neighborhoods, are in many ways our own doing. The jews did not make us build the suburbs in such a way that they not conducive to community and rootedness.

    Her remark about pretty children was tipping her hand though.

  27. The jews did not make us build the suburbs in such a way that they not conducive to community and rootedness.

    Yeah they did.

    “Levittown is the name of seven large suburban housing developments created in the United States and Puerto Rico by William Levitt and his company Levitt & Sons. Production was modeled on assembly lines in 27 steps with construction workers trained to perform one step. A house could be built in one day when effectively scheduled. This enabled quick and economical production of similar or identical homes with rapid recovery of costs. Standard Levittown houses included a white picket fence, green lawns, and modern appliances.

    Levitt was born in 1907 to a Jewish family. His generation was the second since immigrating from Russia and Austria; the paternal grandparents who immigrated to the United States had been a rabbi grandfather from Russia and a grandmother from Austria-Germany.”

  28. There were push and pull forces in suburbanization in the 1950s:.

    Pull: class and geographic mobility.

    Push: desegragation, northward migration of blacks, “Urban Renewal” campaigns to break up ethnic White Catholic communities.

  29. The jews didn’t cause that problem. They participated in it.

    That same shit is going on to this day, down at City Hall. There’s no jews on the city council here. It’s all, what are those guys called, the Rotarians or whatever. The Elks of Howard Cunningham fame. The business friendly goys.

    Why is the nature of progress the way it is?

    That’s not an easy question. I am pretentious, so I used to try and comment on that theme. My conclusion was that

    He who takes advantage, has advantage

    But that’s simplistic because then advantage has to expanded upon. Who has advantage and for how long?

    Whatever. Life is short. Make money.

    My new theme is Sickness Unto Death. I wouldn’t call it a cliche, though it’s a well known and well worn aphorism, at least to liberal arts people. It is an awful philosophy, the worst really, w/ which to approach life and crush it! ABC: Always be crushing.

    CH had an out of character post recently. Perhaps he felt bad for taking down the bioshock thread. About the four forms of loneliness, that a man might know.

    The last of those four was the loneliness of missing the man he is yet to become. FFs. Optimistic, are we?

    The only comment that went against the grain was Uncle Elmer who said the more poignant feeling was rather, missing the man you never were.

    How much more of a man, are you expected to become, at this point?

    This is not meant as a deliberate black pill, but rather as a counter point.

    nb4 Older wiser men consider these themes trite; obv

    There and back again. You expand this much like a garden plant in the summer, and then you don’t.

  30. — The jews didn’t cause that problem. They participated in it.

    How’s this. Am I right or wrong:

    Whites self-moderate their excesses. A libertine decade is followed by a straightlaced decade. Harvesting is moderated by conservationism. Dabblings in feminism, socialism, and other 19th century excesses are also moderated by opposite reactions.

    Jews throw accelerant on any White tendency that leads to perdition if there is value to be strip-mined in that unsalutary behavior. And suppressant on a corrective response. Occupying financial and mass media choke points gives them the leverage to do that. It’s not conscious masterminding, it’s their instinctive, adaptive group behavior.

    That’s how our benign dabblings in leftism have spiralled into self-destructive madness.

  31. On the broad topic of Dignity and a never ending theme —

    Young bitches misbehaving, but let’s not call it that because muh sweet princess precious (not so) virgin vagina so instead dirty old man

    A couple of late headlines at the Daily Stormer, one of which has two 13 and 14 year old White girls prostituting it out to an old man muh boomer. This was down in Kansas or thereabouts.

    And another was American White girl fucking her neck-tattoo dad, and now they are both in trouble because that’s against the law. She was at least of age. (So was he.)

    But the news story I wanna complain is on the eponymous youtube channel of Englishman Shawn Attwood. I did some effort commenting on this guy recently. He is a big time youtube celeb. He uses hard-won real life prison cred to cash in on this prison genre which is very popular and very current. I was singing his praises initially but now am not; for two reasons:

    1. His latest video entitled Q150: Will #YouTuber Austin Jones Survive Prison For Sex Offences? #austinjones

    Austin Jones is a Chicago-based White American 20-something youtube celeb who got his teenage girl fanbase to take off their clothes to him — online and online only — and share those images. And now he’s going to prison for five years. Which is bullshit.

    And Attwood to his eternal discredit, virtue signals fifty times, about how Jones deserves his punishment, which punishment will include anal rape and sex slavery. The main contention of Attwood’s video is that yes Jones will be punked out and fucked in the ass. The secondary contention is Attwood’s editorializing that Jones deserves it.

    Jones does not deserve that punishment, and anyone saying he does, is a blue-pilled faggot.

    2. This pales in comparison to the first, but it is of a piece. Attwood does frequent AMA’s, and one of his viewers asked what he thought about Brexit and Attwood replied that they don’t do politics because it’s a waste of headspace of something. Again, weak.

  32. This is a repeat-and-emote post, but Austin Jones’ case as described above, is fairly remarkable.

    So this 25 year-old guy gets 14 to 17 year old girls to show him her tits, and now he’s gotta go be a bitch in prison?

    Those are the details as summarized; I am not checking the actual court files or whatever. But the point is, this has to be happening quite frequently right now and all the time. If I were — scratch that: if you were — 25 years old and sexually frustrated, and in a position to get teenage girls to sext you, maybe might would ya?

    I am not confessing to ever having masturbated compulsively, but how is that not a defense?

    Did you know that it’s actually not a crime to smoke crack, or use cocaine? At least that’s what my lawyer told me, as regards the laws in this state. It is against the law to be in possession of that stuff. But presumably, the thinking, is that humans are fallible creatures with appetites. As with sex and mature hairy if mis-shaven pussies.

  33. Broken Man Chronicles, Ep. 75

    Yesterday featured an everyday goofy ass type frustration adventure.

    I am doing a favor for this woman, in the form of a ride to the grocery after a nooner AA meeting. This woman is 20+ years outside the fertility index window, and I am not into Louis CK-style degenerate kink sex. Even so the thought maybe perhaps fleetingly …

    This woman woulda been hot hot hot 40 years ago, but she is pretty broken now. As in funny farm style broken. High iq though. She knew what the word lugubrious means when it came up in a reading and gave for it an accurate and quick definition. As readers will know it means excessively mournful and sad, in a melodramatic way. This particular word might seem resurgent in its popularity. In any case it’s impressive for an old funny farm woman to know this, and indicates that we all have story arcs to our lives that include chapters from the past.

    The point of this post though is on the ride to store, which I am doing as a favor out of what little goodness is left in my shriveling heart; on the way there she is asking me questions the sort I am tired of —

    What do you do?
    What’s your story?

    And especially annoying —

    How old are you? (you look so young) [*]

    * I have an idea for a play, it’ called: Contemporizing Checkov; or, the travails of a neotenous face

    I answered all these questions with Heartistian aplomb which is to say keeping in mind, every interaction is a practice for an opportunity to pretend like it matters.

    Which is to say I didn’t answer the questions at all. I am not the type to tell an old women to mind her business and STFU, but the larger point is how those questions are the default for an older woman to fall into to be asking.

    Obv I am not in a position of power, to even be in that situation. But still and all it’s reflective of a relevant dynamic. Perhaps you can fill in the blanks. Perhaps your answer will include the concepts of neoteny; domestication; and too-much-mothering.

    How can you even be a man w/o having gone to sea and nor to war?

  34. I mighta coulda gone instead w/ —

    My story, bitch? My story is I need extra pressure on this here 7-inch American-brand diminished innervation profile. Now get on it.

    The staircase wit as ever; a day late and a dollar short …

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