Snapshots For A Chinese Century

A song from the 20th century:

I’ll give you television
I’ll give you eyes of blue
I’ll give you a man who wants to rule the world!

NSFW photo below

The Buffet. Chinese girls patrol the floor. Inscrutable faces, not one word of English. Dragon Lady hostess leads me and my friends to the informally White section of the dining area: “you sit here.” Chinamen in kitchen uniforms are posted at their stations. One hovers over the ice cream and barks “use different spoon!” at the ghetto kids who’d otherwise make an unholy melange of the flavors. Another inspects diners’ plates to ensure that that blacks don’t cheat the system by eating just the sushi and not the rice.

Royalty. Another occasion in a Chinese restaurant. This was an upscale place. A loud group of expensively dressed black women is seated at a big table in the center of the dining room floor. They are not pleasant to the hostess, and even more unpleasant to the bus-girl that came by to pour water into their glasses. Their behavior became downright obnoxious as the waitress was expressionlessly taking their orders. They visibly enjoyed abusing the restaurant staff, but without the sadist’s awareness that their victim has feelings and is distressed. They were also oblivious to the crackling hate directed at them by the Chinese.

Game. You’ve seen the cringe videos of young Chinese men being publicly humiliated by their girlfriends. They’re all over YouTube. There was also a video of a cocky English tourist in China making out with a local beauty at a nightclub. A heartbroken Chinese fellow stood next to her, bawling his eyes out while holding the girl’s one free hand.

Baizuo. A lively discussion drifted to the subjects of diaspora Jews eyeing China as their next landing pad. A Chinese commenter wrote:

Some Chinese know who the opium merchants were. Some Chinese also know who mentored Mao, or who were behind his insane policies that eventually led to the destruction of so much of our heritage. We can also see their hand today not just in China, but in the Far East in general. And we are very, very angry about it.

Imperialism. A warning to colonial Chinese: good bloodlines turn brown because men take brown wives and the stain spreads upward.

Europeans best sit that one out. A snapshot for the 21st century:


From Wombs To Victory

Pro-natalism messages are coming to the forefront in Europe:


Translation: “And what is your reason to fight for Germany? Dare, Germany!”

Heh, Kampf

I like her smile. Not ingratiating like a politician’s. More like a wounded but dangerous mama bear.

Here is an idea I haven’t completely formulated:

Oppressed people hide behind women because women are not threatening to the powers-that-be. Women can get away with more, which is why babushkas in the Soviet Union got away with public displays of Christian devotion. To stay with the Russian example: when Russia was weak during the 1990s and 2000s, its face to the world was that country’s hot girls. Everybody wanted to fuck one or wife one up, and many a foreign beta-bucks did. The Russian men? “Losers and drunks,” as every Western mail-order bride catalog sweet-talked its prospective clientele.

Russia is strong now, so Vladimir Putin has become her public face. A leader with the world’s highest T levels. His bare-chested horseback photos weren’t just a vanity shoot. They were a transformation of Russia’s image, concurrent with that country’s emergence from weakness. And Russian men get a little more respect now too.

Did that make sense? When you’re weak, the men stand back, the women carefully carry your message because when you’re under foreign domination, displays of your nations’s masculine energy come off as criminal.

Maybe that’s why Alternative für Deutschland’s Frauke Petry is posing with her baby like a single mother, and not with her husband despite the fact that she is indeed married. It’s a bit counterintuitive to do that — to make the men stand back at a time when you want to assert your right to exist. For example, I would have gone with a traditional family look, had German patriots commissioned me to design their propaganda. A German man, woman, children. But I’m not an advertising art director; the person who made that AfD ad is, and that person followed a professional hunch that it’s better, at this time, to hide papa bear.

Does this still make sense?

The West — all White countries — are presently weak, even as some are doing better than others. Neoliberalism hit all of us hard, but the governments of Hungary, Poland, and other smaller European countries are finally taking concrete initiatives to help their people be fruitful and multiply:


It’s just women in that photo. Not gratuitously, if there is merit to my theory.

If fertility goddesses it must be, then fertility goddesses it is.

Oh, and there will soon be time for men to step into the bright lights of destiny. And once again control fertility when at the age of seventeen, every White man will do what’s best for himself and his future.

We have got to make it here

A YouTube commenter writes: “It took me 41 years to understand this song.”

I’ve listened to The Eagles’ The Last Resort on and off since 1989. What I’m coming to understand is that places that are less afflicted by globalists’ demographic and cultural war on White nations owe their more-afflicted brothers moral and material support, but they should never welcome them as refugees.

A reader on Gab sees how White flight from California to the sparsely populated Idaho would destroy the host:

Really this is even true with honkies invading Idaho. [People in Idaho] have their own thing and we would bring all our things up there and screw up what makes it a pleasant place to live.

We’d need a ton of new housing, which brings Mexican laborers. We would want Targets and Kohls and NTBs and car dealers and crap chain restaurants. We would spread like leprosy all around Boise, uglifying the countryside. Traffic would exist where there had been none. We would take over their municipal governments to institute our priorities, ignoring their desires. And so forth. This is what happened to Texas

The refugee also pays a price for uprooting himself. The pernicious effect of geographic mobility is not well understood by many advocates of White nations.

A Dark Original

Suburban_elk wrote song lyrics in the traditional mode:

As I was walking out this morning
I spied a lass and fair
with silver bells upon her ankles
and marbles in her hair

Her hair was blonde and silver
and skin a milky white

Muh dick a called a to me
Let’s give this girl a fright!

A fright a fear
A life to lose
A love to loss my dear!
A jingle jangle signal clear
u’neath the stars tonite!

So says I, come hither miss
let’s walk unto the wood
I’ve a present for you fair young lass
will do you milks some good!

Come and follow, trust me now
and tell not your brother where

we’ll have you back ‘fore dinnertime
and fed and groomed aright

A thrill to have
a love to make
what else for us to?
the flowers bloom the birds a flight
a sign for me and you!

And so we went into the wood
returned from there but one
she’d not have known what waited
nor why for love begone

(c) 2019 Suburban_elk

He leaves the musical interpretation up to the performing artist:

As with most real world things, it’s in the execution … The theme featured above, dark as it is, is not an uncommon theme. The idea of getting a girl to go along with you, and then raping and killing her, is something that happens enough that they make songs about it. For instance the American Traditional, Pretty Polly

I courted pretty Polly, the live long day [x2]
then left her in the morning, before the break of day

uses a simpler chord structure of two minor chords, D-minor and G-minor 7.

The D-minor is a somber sound. The opening line of Rammstein’s great Ohne Dich (Without You) begins with the Dm chord and ends on A-minor: “Ich werde in die Tannen gehen” (I will go into the woods). The Romantic/Gothic story of an abducted object of a madman’s love comes up in Falco’s Jeanny. The late vocalist Johann Hölze had the perfect male speaking voice.

No Magic Dirt in Minnesota

Question: What do Minnesota’s 5th U.S. congressional district and the majority-female American universities have in common?

Answer: If you drive them away, it will fail. “They” refers to men. To be more precise, intelligent White men of strong character. “It” refers to an organization that was vacated by those men.

These are the available photos of Minnesota’s 5th U.S. congressional district representatives, from 1883 through 2007 in chronological order:


In 2007, Martin Sabo (above, lower-right) was succeeded by Keith Ellison, a mulatto Muslim. He, in turn, was succeeded by this indisputably, incontrovertibly, incontestably, incestuously, irrefutably, and indubitably all-American individual:


Ilhan Omar

Not changing the subject: establishment press is worried about the fact that the majority of college students in America are women:

Higher education has a gender problem: With a surplus of women and a shortage of male students, colleges are becoming more and more gender unbalanced. The more farsighted among university administrators are starting to worry that this will turn universities into a pink-collar ghetto, places that the public thinks of as finishing schools for girls rather than gateways to middle-class stability.

Steve Sailer coined “magic dirt” as a mockery of the Left’s assurances that given access to our land, our institutions, and our communities, people who are biologically not-us will become just-like-us. Needless to say but I’ll say it anyway: there is no such thing as magic dirt. A congressional district that’s colonized by legal immigrants from Somalia will become them. Similarly, a university that drives away men will not produce female-driven innovation and expertise, it will become, as USA Today so aptly puts it, a pink-collar ghetto.

What now, in Minnesota?

There are many White people in Minnesota. I’ve never visited that state, but a friend recently did. When asked about the Somalis, he said: “I didn’t see any Somalis. Everyone in Minneapolis is White.” That’s certainly not the literal truth, but as the visitor’s impressions go, I can see how much less-diverse the upper Midwest will look to someone who lives in a major mid-Atlantic metropolitan area.

Here is what I wanted to get to. There are many White people in the 5th congressional district, which encompasses Minneapolis and several of its neighboring suburbs to the west. Of those White people, many are between the ages of infant and 18 years old. They are White, they look and sound White, their ancestral lines are a continuity of European settlers and farmers. If you live around Minneapolis, you see them every day.

So having established the fact that White people in that district exist and more so, their own young demographic points to some kind of a future in which they figure as active agents, here are the possible scenarios with regards to their future:

  1. Kumbaya. They will peacefully coexist with Somalis, in their proximity but never interacting like white-square and back-square bishops on a chessboard.
  2. White Flight. They will be ethnically cleansed by Somalis (that is, they will move to a Whiter area).
  3. Caste System. Like in Latin America, upper class Whites rule over brown people, with the remaining middle and working class Whites having been absorbed into the brown mass.
  4. Diversity + Proximity = War [Losing]. They will be killed or enslaved by Somalis; or to the same effect, amalgamate with them.
  5. Diversity + Proximity = War [Winning]. Their longing for home, along with the pain of injured honor, will become so deep that they will expel or eradicate the aliens.

Looking at the photo of Ilhan Omar above, one phrase lights up like a bright red neon light:

A Period of Transition.

A transition to one of the above five scenarios. A district that went from 124 years of administration by White men of strong physiognomy to one that elects foreign-born black female Muslims to political office will not be the same district as before. There is no magic dirt, which means that at some hypothetical point when Somalis take over the administration of municipal infrastructure, law and order, and other civic functions, Minneapolis will, by law of nature, become Mogadishu, except very cold. Any African can survive the northern winter… provided that his home is reliably heated and that food is reliably restocked on shelves. No White people means no snow removal, which means no food on store shelves.

I don’t like what I did at the end of that previous paragraph. What I just did, is what we’ve all been in the habit of doing: positing the Other as the protagonist of the scenario. And nullifying the other party, namely Whites, except as an incorporeal force that keeps the lights on. That schema is an ingrained pattern of thought and speech in any talk of Diversity. “What about the vibrants, what will happen to them, how will they manage, who will take care of them.” The destiny of Whites does not figure in.

This culture of White abnegation (we don’t exist exist except in clown-world terms of how good or bad we are for nonwhites) was most evident when President Trump, as reflected by polled approval numbers, hit the ball out of the park in his State of the Union address by matching the national cucksensus on White invisibility with his appeals to the good fortune of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Jews.

But White people exist. Quite irrepressibly I might add. What do you think is the great repressed dread in the backs of minds of sentient nonwhites? It’s the anticipation that at some point, White people will agree among themselves that they exist.

What now, in Minnesota and everywhere else?

Identitarian Songs: Can You Write One?

There are videos showing Gilet Jaunes having lost an eye and in one case, a hand, to police-launched projectiles. Glory and honor to the heroes.

Aux armes, citoyens
Formez vos bataillons
Marchons, marchons!
Qu’un sang impur
Abreuve nos sillons!

In 1981 I listened to an illegal song on a cassette tape, “So that Poland be Poland.” (Żeby Polska była Polską). Now the same anti-Communist struggle is going on in points-west.

Can you write a simple song about your country that covers its sweep of history and connects its people across the centuries? If you write lyrics that speak to your national spirit, there is no doubt that someone on the Right can perform and record it.

Żeby Polska była Polską / So that Poland be Poland
Jan Pietrzak, 1976

Z głębi dziejów, z krain mrocznych, / From the dawn of time, from murky realms
Puszcz odwiecznych, pól i stepów, / Primeval forests, fields and steppes
Nasz rodowód, nasz początek, / Our birthright, our beginnings
Hen, od Piasta, Kraka, Lecha. / Onward from Piast, Krak, Lech
Długi łańcuch ludzkich istnień / A long chain of human beings
Połączonych myślą prostą. / Connected by a simple thought:

Refrain x2
Żeby Polska, żeby Polska, / So that Poland, so that Poland

Żeby Polska była Polską! / So that Poland be Poland!

Wtedy kiedy los nieznany / When inscrutable fates
Rozsypywał nas po kątach, / Scattered us to the corners of the world
Kiedy obce wiatry grały, / When foreign winds swept our land
Obce orły na proporcach, / And foreign eagles crowned the pennants
Przy ogniskach wybuchała / By the campfires burst out
Niezmożona nuta swojska. / The tireless familiar note:

[Refrain x2]

Zrzucał uczeń portret cara, / The student knocked down the Tsar’s portrait
Ksiądz Ściegienny wznosił modły, / Father Ściegienny held Mass
Opatrywał wóz Drzymała, / Drzymała supplied his wagon
Dumne wiersze pisał Norwid. / Norwid wrote defiant poems
I kto szablę mógł utrzymać / And each who could hold a saber
Ten formował legion, wojsko. / Formed legions, armies

[Refrain x2]

Matki, żony w mrocznych izbach / Mothers, wives in humble homes
Wyszywały na sztandarach / Sewed on banners
Hasło: “Honor i Ojczyzna” / Slogans “Honor and Fatherland”
I ruszała w pole wiara. / And our boys took to the field
I ruszała wiara w pole / And our boys went to battle
Od Chicago do Tobolska / From Chicago to Tobolsk

[Refrain x4]

Last Night’s SOTU

Trump looked good, sounded strong and well-rested.

The highlight of last night’s State of the Union Address was when he got all of the white-outfit radical-left congresswomen to dance and high five each other, then he said, paraphrasing: “Don’t sit down yet, you’re gonna like what’s next!” For a moment he had those broads eating out of his hand. He got them glowing with love for Bad Orange Man. Game recognized; as Heartiste reminds us, Game will save our civilization.

On its face value, I loathed the bulk of that speech. In contemporary America actual Americans — Whites — exist as a tax-paying object of abuse. Nick Sandmann was not invited or mentioned. And the shoutouts to record black, Hispanic, and now Asian (wtffffff!!????) employment… the mention of Pittsburgh synagogue killings but not the Tennessee church mass-murder. Trump is operating in a reality in which Americans have no political rights. Only pets, squatters, value-extractors, and invaders do. And those population groups are on their way to outnumber Americans. Democracy means that we have to speak their language, not they ours.

Positive things in the speech:

  • The recounting of the glories of the 20th century omitted a mention of Civil Rights. There is no such thing as an innocent lapse.
  • He called them “illegal aliens,” several times.
  • Anti-war positioning, including the call to withdraw from Syria; Trump legitimized the Taliban. Recall that the Taliban abolished pederasty and poppy-farming in Afghanistan prior to the US invasion.

The state of the union is unsustainable. The Left’s consensus is that you and I are to be stripped of our legal rights and then…


You and I are a national security risk. And it’s not because we read right wing blogs.

The SOTU is just a speech. Trump is operating in a political reality as it stands now. If you take his affirmative nods to status-quo leftism literally, those things are the death of Western civilization. The enthusiasm for legal immigration means a Third World future; promoting female participation in the workforce destroys the family; the war on antisemitism… think about it.

So take those statements as you judge best. But also keep watching what he does and not just says, asking yourself: are Whites more, or less, awake now than they were two years ago?

Notes about the Super Bowl

Quick, one-take comments about the game and the cultural phenomenon of the stuff surrounding last night’s Super Bowl.

The game was excellent. Patriots’ victories are always symbolically loaded. Happy to discuss the game more in the comments. Respect to apex man Tom Brady, his team, and also to young Jared Goff of the Rams who fought hard and bravely.

The halftime show: Maroon 5 has some decent songs but that medley, along with the rap cameos makes me wonder, does anyone like that kind of production? I get it, that the fans around the stage were caught up in the moment, the beat and lights show, that’s how concerts are. But watching it from the screen, it looked like technically impressive visuals plus auditory mess.

Anonymous Conservative points out that lead singer Adam Levine’s big tattoo, displayed when he took off his shirt, is a p-d0pizza butterfly icon.

The commercials weren’t as in-your-face anti-White as usual and I don’t recall seeing any with a mixed-race couple. Still, one wonders if there is some law that there must be a black in every commercial.

NFL’s paeans to “social justice,” they used those very words — what would one expect. They gave a shoutout to something involving, forgot the exact words, “justice in juvenile discipline,” which indubitably translates to “let violent, adult-bodied black 16 year olds get away with criminal TNB.”

The honors to MLK serve solely to showcase the anachronism of that charlatan. An updating of that propaganda: one of the Williams tennis players’ speech about how when you’re not invited, you invite yourself in. That, in one TV ad, is liberalism. Never build, always squat on someone else’s real estate and run it down.

Modern, heavily funded liberal entertainment, including ads that reach for epic heights, fall flat because their liberal “attitude” and casting make them the opposite of inspiring. Diversity ruins everything.

The game itself: fantastic.


See this video. This is what we lost. Third World population exploded and powerful domestic interests have ever since been invested in sending these waves of brown meat into our countries. Most people have accepted Diversity as an immutable state of affairs and believe that we will never, ever again have a music video with nothing but White faces.

Are most people right?

Watch Mellencamp’s “Pink Houses” video to the very end without skipping. I don’t even mind the ancient black man as some kind of a national relic at the beginning. It gets good.

Now, compare that “Heartland Rock” from 1983 to Kid Rock’s “Po-Dunk” video from 2017, which features a similar series of visuals about rural Americans (under this post). I reviewed the “Po-Dunk” video on its own complex terms in that linked article and I wouldn’t change anything I wrote then. But I can also be blunt:

Unlike the characters in “Pink Houses,” the people in Po-Dunk are portrayed as people stripped of their dignity. “Enslave us! We are beasts of the field just like the blacks, see how we mix with them!”

When you have a country of your own, the public space is yours. The stories and myths, even banal things like TV commercials, valorize you. Not so here. We’re under enemy occupation here in America, no hyperbole.

A sympathetic foreigner can sometimes tell your story well.  For example, the great ballad “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” was written by a Canadian who visited the South. A hostile “domestic foreigner” such as members of American media will always lie about you.

That Gillette ad. But hey, another product came out with a response to it, this time praising men. I saw it and nah. We’re still under foreign occupation. Blacks have the proud and heroic roles in that “positive” commercial, whites look archaic, tragic or weak, so it’s still enemy propaganda, just less abrasive. A simple fact about heroic propaganda: if it features any protagonist that isn’t of your people, most egregiously so if that protagonist is black and portrayed to possess your traditional qualities of virility, strength, honor, and self-sacrifice, the message is corrupted.

Boys in parts of Eastern Europe don’t have to watch demoralizing advertisements. They own their public space, airwaves and otherwise. I’ve seen it on my most recent visit. For one, nowhere on television, nowhere on roadside billboards, did I see a single nonwhite face. One particular TV commercial in Poland was memorable. It featured two children, a blond boy and a girl engaged in some contest. The boy wins, the girl looks up at him with admiration.

On the other hand:


Those powerful domestic interests I mentioned at the beginning, who are determined to drown us in brown immigrants. They are trying to make us tax slaves to the Democrats’ coalition, already stripped of political rights and soon, as they would have it, stripped of legal rights.

The dispossession happened gradually, through the replacement of traditional male virtues with its facsimiles in Political Correctness, like tolerance. To own your public space, you need what we can call intolerant guardians of that space. In America, those guardians were Chads and Rednecks. Those are contemporary shorthand for assertive White men of the middle class and the proletarian class, respectively. They weren’t always “nice guys” but that’s exactly why they played such a vital role in securing our public space and it is also why Hollywood propaganda, in the 1980s, defamed the Chad/Redneck archetypes with such a commitment to destroying their appeal to the average person.

Mission accomplished, Chads and Rednecks are now cagey about appearing “racist.” Tough in confrontation with another White but reflexively toning down anything that might come across as swagger in an interaction with a Person of Color. Their submission is codified to such a degree now, that the most recent publicized act of civil disobedience — a White teenager confidently smiling as an adult Person of Color invades his personal space, in his own national capital, has members of the Left’s vanguard making terrorist threats against a school with impunity.

Nonwhites are now cleared to have swagger in the public space. Their free expression of confidence, of course, is artificial because it’s state-backed and it fizzles when a Chad or a Redneck with a modicum of nonchalance to political circumspection reasserts the natural order. But in the typical case, when those Chads and Rednecks are neutralized as intolerant guardians of public space, it’s not the ordinary White kid who feels like he owns his land and by extension, his destiny.

It’s really very sad. People internalize the ruling classes’ negative propaganda. It took a few decades, but now Whites feel strange when they see an image with only Whites in it. This is why the populist images in the Mellencamp video are so congruent with the entirety of our cultural tradition yet so against the grain of our time. The incoming Third World, certainly, has eagerly internalized the negative propaganda — another three caravans are approaching the U.S. border from the south and they are confident. A reader at Chateau Heartiste explains their invader-mentality:

When they come here, they see themselves as saviors. They are reservoirs of culture, who make America a richer place that white people could never have created without their help. They see themselves as saving white women as well, because the Jevv has cast us for years as an impotent pink loser in worldwide advertising.

Somebody is the favorite son of the late-liberal Western state, and in America it ain’t our sons.

The “Pink Houses” video above shows you a different and more natural way things can be. I wish I could offer something more contemporary but not long after the Eighties, culture went to sleep. Something’s gonna move. The attack on Covington Boys unmasked everyone. And now the layoff-apocalypse of Leftist “journalists”…

Right now I wanna do those moves like Mellencamp at 2:45 in the yellow flower field!