The kind of talk that is sure to decrease antisemitism


Poland, Hungary, Croatia, and Lithuania all received a “red” rating, indicating that these countries have a serious incapability of “living up to their tragic histories.”RT

So concludes a study as reported by RT, published on January 25. It was conducted by Yale and Grinnell Colleges and endorsed by something called the European Union of Progressive Judaism. The study:

… suggests that Holocaust denial is at its worst in Eastern Europe, where “revisionist” governments driven by feelings of “victimhood” try to erase their nation’s culpability in the massacre of Jews.

Look guys, this works both ways. Jews were culpable as Communists and Soviet collaborators. One million Poles murdered or deported to Siberia.

Poland keeps a passionate and faithful rememberance of her own martyrology. Hungary, Croatia, and Lithuania, no doubt, also keep their own histories alive in the hearts of their people. Jews are free to do the same in Israel.

Nobody cares about other people’s history. This is why, for example, when I talked about WWII with my Armia Krajowa veteran grandparents, it was in a different way than how I write about it now on an English-language blog. Here, I try to tell an interesting story and relate to things that are on Westerners’ minds. Taking that approach, I framed the Katyń Massacre as an example of when the Left “goes for the head.” I write about the 1944 Warsaw Uprising to show that sacrifice today means glory forever. Western Rifle Shooters Association distilled the four elements of whacking opposing-force leadership in my recent article about the execution of Franz Kutschera: adjudication, intel, cached weapons and ammo, courage.

Respect your audience, is the name of the game. You beat others over the head with your national pathos and at first, they’ll be sympathetic out of politeness. Then bored, if you keep on pounding that drum. Eventually, they will feel like you’re telling them that they’re not allowed to have their own history. This is when they begin to hate you.

Poland is particularly taken to task in the study. The authors describe the country as run by a “right-wing nationalist government” engaged in “competitive victimization, emphasizing the experience of Polish victims over that of Jewish victims.” — RT

The Greek word hubris and the Yiddish word chutzpah mean a similar thing. “Hubris” is a cautionary word for us because it instructs one to know when to stop.


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  1. You beat others over the head with your national pathos and at first, they’ll be sympathetic out of politeness.

    Heh, too true.

  2. A study by joos concludes there’s anti Semitism. But try explaining to the outside world what Poland suffered during ww2 and the communist era and you get blank stares.

    Joos conveniently overlook all the ways in which they collaborated or contributed to the massacre of their own people foisting the blame on everyone else regardless of the actual circumstances.

    It’s interesting how these studies only resonate outside Poland. Inside Poland joos know how far they can exaggerate their lot before they get shut down. Poland remembers.

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  4. That “study” is beyond loathsome in its arrogance. Also under that RT link:

    On the other hand, Romania and the Czech Republic were both given a green rating, and were held up as exemplars. The Romanian government was praised for requiring mandatory Holocaust training for its military general staff and establishing an independent Holocaust-study commission.

    That’s a “good doggie! here is your green treat” and even more insulting than the presumption that countries should elevate Jews over their own people in teaching history.

    Jews were responsible for horrific atrocities when they eagerly collaborated with NKVD, primarily by denouncing any Pole they disliked as “class enemy” and having him and his entire family shot or sent to Soviet hinterlands. After the war, they ran a ten year reign of terror as Soviet-installed secret police.

    There was never any “Nazi-hunting” style vigilance about bringing them to justice. One Jewish criminal, Stefan Michnik, was a stalinist judge after the war. He ordered executions of since-exonerated Armia Krajowa veterans under Poland’s post-war communist regime, and he is still alive and comfortable in Sweden, where requests for extradition have been declined over decades.

    This finger pointing about historic “culpability” can end if people accept that collective guilt passes when war ends. But that’s not what they want, even as their own hands are bloodsoaked to the armpits.

  5. I posted this before but it’s worth watching if you haven’t already done so:

    This one is in English

    They all get a pass because….they’re joos. A Pole in a country town in Eastern Poland makes some remark about the joos who used to overcharge for vegetables at the market is labeled the vilest of humanity because he didn’t do enough to save his jewish neighours who lived in the isolated town 10 miles away and with whom he had no regular contact apart from those weekly markets.

  6. independent Holocaust-study commission

    Would be hilarious if that commission concluded nothing really happened to the Jews that was any worse for the other groups.

  7. Jews value themselves very highly. That’s fine, but they shouldn’t expect everyone else to feel the same way. I don’t care about Israel, Jewish identity or Jewish history. I prefer my own people.

  8. “The Greek word hubris and the Yiddish word chutzpah mean a similar thing. “Hubris” is a cautionary word for us because it instructs one to know when to stop.”

    And they think chutzpah is a good thing. They don’t know when to stop.

  9. It’s strange how White people will absolutely condemn their own ancestors as entirely irrational and superstitious – I did it myself for nearly 30 years! The Inquisition, National Socialism, all the pogroms throughout history: all of this was “irrational.” No, the truth is as simple as it sounds. If I’m kicked out of 109 bars, and all the bouncers site similar behavioral reasons for their decisions, they are not all simultaneously being assholes – I am.

  10. If one could only transform talk of “antisemitism” into a dialogue about white (S)upremacy? These two topics are, after all, and per “equality” dogma, the very same “thing.”

  11. this (((holocaust))) thing is like a Black Hole; it’s already eaten up WW2, and will soon consume the entire 20th century. During which the wars instigated by zionist Jewry, and the revolutions instigated by communist Jewry, killed more than 100,000,000 people. I’m frankly unsure how many Jews the 3rd Reich rendered harmless; but clearly, it wasn’t enough.

  12. ………..A Pole in a country town in Eastern Poland makes some remark about the joos who used to overcharge for vegetables at the market is labeled……………

    Yet in the second world war many jews collaborated or were major players in communist death camps and in murdering patriot nationalists yet like in this case I have seen Poles on TV make similar statements that the problem with the jews was that they only gave % discounts to fellow jews…..please I don’t understand this.

    I think it is some modern misplaced politeness by Eastern european peoples and selective (((media))) editing that this is the line that comes out.

  13. There was an infamous video in the 90s, where a (((Western))) journalist went to Poland and interviewed some old man who remembered German mass killings of Jews in the area. The journalist asked, “So a lot of Jews died right here on this spot?” To which the old man answered with seriousness “yes.”

    The interview went on, and the journalist kept coming back to the same question, “So a lot of Jews died right here on this spot?”

    After several iterations of this, the man chuckled at the seeming obtuseness of the (((Western))) interviewer and laughed “yes.”

    That laughing reply was the only take that was aired.

  14. — this (((holocaust))) thing is like a Black Hole; it’s already eaten up WW2, and will soon consume the entire 20th century.

    Good point. Reminded me of Jean-Marie LePen getting fined for truthfully saying that the holocaust was a footnote event of WWII.

  15. The interview went on, and the journalist kept coming back to the same question, “So a lot of Jews died right here on this spot?”

    Back in the era of cable tv circa 1990 through 2005, travel shows were a big popular thing. They appealed to UMC sensibilities. Of course Rick Steves was the godfather of those shows. Steves was not a bad guy actually (for a boomer). Incidentally a hs acquaintance who was a “richie” which is to say very UMC — we didn’t call them richies; that’s what they were called in John Hughes movies though and in the 50s too — this bitch who had a very pretty face and a fairly cute behind, met and traveled w/ Steves. In Europe of course. She posted about that on facebook. A very successful status symbol post: hard to beat traveling with Rick Steves in Europe, as far as goes facebook status posting …

    I had a cringe beta love thing for her, back in hs. A real dick shriveller, that memory. Many hs guys had that exact same thing for her. I wrote something about it here not so long ago and DN said it was too much info. It went something like how it might woulda gone better if.

    But on the topic of those travel shows. For awhile there, circa 2000 they were the thing. Everyone who could put together a camera crew and funding was doing one. What was the English dude with the slight stature and reddish complexion; he had the most famous one of those shows. He played the “possibly gay” angle to his “sexuality”.

    Another one of those shows, aired with your tax money on PBS, was by a gen x jewess, and she was bringing you the authentic flavor of a real working class neighborhood in London, by eating at a counter and getting the traditional fish and chips, and daring the regulars who were classic style blokes. And she was doing a live voiceover commentary all the while, and you could see the expression on their faces, as they averted from the camera, was just like Who the is this obnoxious bitch and when will she be outta here?

    How do they say that phrase in those neighborhoods though?

    For the finale, then this funny looking guy walks in and smells his fellow co-ethnic and the next thing the viewer knows, they are talking about the Nazis and how that neighborhood was bombed.

  16. Was it staged, that last scene, where the two jews “just happen” to meet in a fish and chips joint in a classic traditional neighborhood in London?

    I might have seen that show in 2008, and what stuck was the incredible obliviousness of the producers, for them not to see how obnoxious it was. Here they are celebrating the joys of working class London food, and the next thing you know it’s a kvetch fest.

    So was it staged? No of course not. That’s jsut the magic you get when jews run your television studios.

    That particular show, that particular gen x jew woman hostess, would be well enough known to anyone who liked those sorts of shows and watched them on PBS. Let us call her Rick Steves’ audacious epigone. But she couldn’t hold a candle to him. Steves had a realness that was appealing.

    He looked like a square and he was, but he treated respectfully his subject which was Europe. I saw his show which covered a clusterfuck holocaust memorial in Germany, one of the deliberate architecture blemishes, and the way he presented it was very telling. He made it clear enough that we wasn’t impressed.

  17. On a different note, that red complexioned English dude who was a big celeb back then and had one of those shows, was a real game dude. He would eat anything.

    He got into a hot pepper eating contest with these old school Mexicans in a bar, farmhand types, and they “let him win” by eating the most and hottest peppers, at which point politely declined and ceded the victory.

    Well played, hombres, well played …

  18. Life. It’s better and more exciting on television. Right?

    I bragged recently enough about my pepper growing prowess. It was 2017 I had maybe 25 pepper plants. For hots, the varietals were Grampa’s Best, classic Cayenne, and Chinese Five Color. A red chinese five-color is very very hot.

    The best way to put those sorts of peppers up, I have found, is a dehydrator and then into mason jars. You can process a lot and quickly, and they keep well.

  19. On the CH front. PA is beefing with the commenter going by King, aka Matt King.

    I made just now the following comments over there, addressed specifically to King, on thread A Caravan of Foreign Invaders —

    Commenter “King”. Will you please state for the Crowd. What is your position of diminishing the genitals of baby boys, Whites, neonatally and without their consent?

    I ask this question of you, because here on this blog in the past you compared said practice to “tradition” that ought to be respected as such.

    Are you man enough to state on your position on the topic, and let the audience decide what to think of you and your wisdom? Let the audience decide what your opinions are worth.

    The commenter King has voiced his opinion in support of involuntary neonatal genital reduction assignment, in the CH thread with the word “bioshock” in its title.

    How much value can such commenter’s opinion have? I put the value of his King’s opinion on all matters relating to the health of White people, at less than zero. King’s influence on the health of White children is a negative, and hugely.

    And on a lighter note —

    It is self-defeating, Matt, to complain about the company that a person finds himself in.

    What would Jordan Peterson say to someone who complains about the company he keeps?

  20. The context of my comments made at CH to King, and reposted above, would have been more clear had they been blockquoted perhaps, but whatever.

    Anyone interested will know the context: King is a big dog commenter over there with a very shall-we-say particular unusual, reputation.

    He sets himself up as on a high horse. As my comment above describes: in the past he has, incredibly, come down in favor of circumcising baby White boys, for its value as a “tradition”.

    I have asked him more than once, one the original thread it came up on and now at least two others, to reconsider said position. Until he does, his influence on the health of White children, can only be considered malign.


    The recent CH thread about the tranny freak show, had several commenters drawing the apt and appropriate comparison, of those horrors, to male genital mutilation. They are both MGM and indisputably so.

    So now King comes back on and does his as ever holier-than-thou schtick. And yet he is unwilling to reconsider and renounce his position on circumcision.

    And “ironically” one of his frequent debate points is about how it is less than manly to hold a grudge or something.

    This isn’t a grudge, Matt. It is an accounting of your position.

    To Matt King and or anyone in support of that bad thing: We are not allies, we are enemies.

  21. To update this series on the CH front.

    Commenter King did reply but he did not answer my request to renounce, own up to, or simply state, his position on the topic of circumcision of White boys. I left the following two comments.


    Unimpressive replies, commenter King. But hey, continue to pretend that you got something to add. I’d say it’s good entertainment; except that it’s not. It’s tedious and long-winded. Your infrequent comments of late, are more than enough.

    Exhorting people to be better. At your best Matt, I have seen you at that level. You are not there now.

    As for your disregarding my request for you to clarify your position on what is euphemistically called circumcision, as if it’s a minor thing. It’s not to your credit, not to own up to your comments on the matter on the previous, referenced thread.


    To the Crowd. Please note that commenter King will not disavow his support of the ritual of circumcision.

    I thought he might have it in him, to recognize his mistake, but he does not. Not only that, he arrogantly dismisses my question, as if it doesn’t get to the heart of his feelings about White children and their fate, and our fate.

    How much credit insight perspicacity and or wisdom, can such a person have, who will not take said subject seriously?

    Please see the CH thread referenced in my comments above, which thread title contains the word bioshock. King’s treatment of the topic, was disgusting and disgraceful, not to mention a vulgar insult to us all.

    Any posts from that guy here on out, are a waste of time.

  22. It’s weird to have Christians defend circumcision, and twice as weird when they claim it’s some sort of ‘tradition’. Hey traditionalists, your forefathers back in Europe kept their foreskins.

  23. I think Matt King is done, as a commenter there.

    Interestingly I am not finding the thread on which he posted his disgusting images and characterizations. He compared a man wanting intact genitals and the full God-given sexuality, to a sex addict masturbating furiously into a flashlight and wearing virtual reality goggles. Said comparison was made with an video image.

    As if it would be better not to have intact genitals, because natural sex is comparable to a man in a VR mask with a fleshlight. I swear on my right hand, such was the meaning and implication of his posts on the topic, on that (MISSING) thread.

    Now why isn’t that thread isn’t coming up in my searches?

    My best guess is that CH deleted it.


    But back to commenter King.

    It is interesting to speculate on his motives, but ultimately meaningless. He is either 1) a shill, jewish or not; or

    2) very messed up and doesn’t want other men, and including newborns, to enjoy sex as he seems not to be able to.

    It’s also worth pointing out, that King did say one time, that he was in a wheelchair, and made a joke about the nurse smiling at him and giving him a flirt. Again, I swear on my right hand, that such comment was made with no irony or hidden symbolic meaning in appearance.

    I am inclined to believe the second explanation. That’s what my gut tells me. Also, if he were a shill, rather than a severely flawed human being who envies and resents other men’s successful sex expression, then he could simply concede something on his position and retain at least a little credibility.

    And why else would he so attached to the position [as we was], except that he is irreparably and tragically damaged?

    I can’t see his commenting career recovering. He has no credibility with me. On the other hand, if the second explanation is closer to the truth, and he’s just another asshole …

    Then God forgive him his stupid opinions. In any case his arrogance is not becoming.

    If you [as in, whoever tf] don’t have respect for your audience, and consider them at least your equals? well then what are you doing here?

    His “i beneath a deeper sea” complex is weak, febrile and un-manly.

    Hey bud I got problems too. Grow the fuck up already, matt.

  24. My gut is absolutely that he is in a wheelchair.

    Why else would he say that he was?

    Why does it seem to fit with the stance he takes on everything?



    His “i beneath a deeper sea” complex is weak, febrile and un-manly.

    That may not a bullseye hit on him. It would be on me.

    His whole tone was to be fierce and God’s warrior blah blah blah.

    I thought his tone tone was not contrived or fake, but the type of pose that can only be affected for awhile and temporarily. A cover for grief, essentially.

  25. At first, I thought he’s a priest and I was impressed with his comments. He commented here several times as well and it was good/cordial.

    I eventually saw him (metaphorically) as a smart law student who can make an impressive argument for whatever case he picks out of a hat. The verbosity, and then the repeated stock phrases, especially the stock insults.

    I saw him for something other than the persona of intellectually muscular man of God he cultivates when I laid into his advocacy of predatory imperialism toward small European countries.

    You’re right Elk, his rep is done at CH until he humbles himself — assuming your “asshole” scenario, rather than shill.

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