To Bring People Together

“Nick Sandmann and the students of Covington have become symbols of Fake News and how evil it can be. They have captivated the attention of the world, and I know they will use it for the good – maybe even to bring people together. It started off unpleasant, but can end in a dream!” – President Trump on Twitter


“Bring people together.”

That phrase flashes up an image of a happy multiracial polity. And that’s impossible because right off, we’d fight over what kind of music is played. The end game of liberalism is a permanent Third World, by violence or by entropy. Trump, no doubt, knows this but his strategic objectives are tempered by a wish to prevent the CONUS empire from falling apart on his watch.

There is another way to look at his phrase, bring people together: with “people” referring to heritage America and the Red-Blue ideological rift that divides them. That reconciliation is not only desirable but possible. It started off unpleasant but can end in a dream.

Liberals are driven into demonic contortions over an impressive Roman Catholic teenager’s standing his ground against White Genocide banging a drum in his face. Look at their Twitter posts. But unlike interracial animus, which is irreconcilable, ideological divisions among a people of the same nation can be healed. In our present intra-White near-civil-war, the divisions are not over politics, they are the worse kind of people’s opportunistic attack on Western Civilization itself.

The good news is that we need those people because they are not just our family in many cases, but also part of our organic social pyramid. The other good news is that they can be turned away from liberalism because they are all followers, and they’ve been following bad leaders. Nick Sandmann, with his Christian defiance of evil, is an example of a new generation of leaders who will bring them back to righteousness. Deus vult.


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  1. I hope he does. And let’s not have it be a “beer summit” style meeting with Phillips. Just Nick, maybe with his classmates.

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  3. Round them on up with a chance smirk. I’d say both Jesus and Nietzsche would get a kick out of this righteous taunting of Trouble itself, ‘multidimensionally simplified’ for the multitudes.

    “Between Yes and No, stars fall from heaven and heads fly off at the neck.”

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  5. I personally would like to see the black Hebrews interviewed. They are the ones who started this whole thing. One of them is already saying he is proud of his behavior that day. He says he “taught these kids a lesson”.

  6. Retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief Don Shipley

    Youtube channel: Buds131

    So that’s what a ex-military tough guy looks like …

    His latest video is on Nathan Phillips and called: Nathan Phillips, AKA Nathan Stanard, Native American Drummer Dude was NOT a Vietnam Vet.

    I haven’t watched it, but this will be his chance to solidify his reputation and relevance; or not. Let’s see how he does …

    Like I said in an earlier comment, his mission statement is exposing what they call stolen valor.

  7. That’s exactly what I’m thinking. They are really the biggest players in this whole thing and they are being completely ignored. My guess is they would be more than happy to do an interview, but would end up being very un PC, so we have to pretend they don’t matter. I bet that makes them angrier than they already are.

  8. Phililps was a HVAC tech at El Toro, a marine air base (now closed) outside Los Angeles. A real shithole but not as bad as 29 Palms.

  9. Leadership isn’t enough. People will never properly abandon their evil ways until they realize that they themselves are evil for embracing those ways.

    What our country needs is the widespread acceptance of what biblical righteousness is, and to embrace that throwing down the arms we have taken up against God, and declaring allegiance to him as our master and savior, is the only way to live.

  10. Historically, this has usually (always?) been precipitated by either religious revival or massive oppression. Pray for the former.

  11. Nathan Phillips, AKA Nathan Stanard, Native American Drummer Dude —

    So that’s what the Red sons of Ham are calling an Elder now?

    That whole thing of being an Elder and what that means, is good topic material for effort comment post. Fortunately though it is already summed up in Sailer comments:

    It’s a honorary title that they get to bestow upon whom they see fit. It is their designation not ours and we don’t have to honor it, and making a big deal out of it is self-abasement but hey that’s a feature not a bug …

    However; there is that whole thing of looking up to the Indians and having some respect for reasons and so perhaps their honorary title of elder might be acknowledged. (The equivalent title of the blacks is player and we have appropriated that instead. Not wise, kemosabe!)

    Robert Pirsig wrote a book about their influence on our culture; it’s not just a contrived thing from the 70s commercials. Back in the old days for example they were admired for horsemanship.

    There is a deceased half breed Comanche called David ‘he’s actually an indian’ Yeagley who wrote good WN 1.0 essays on that theme about how the good Indians want the White man to reassert patriarchal lordship over the New World and set things right. Yeagley called White men lost little brothers or something.

    The Indians are a lot of people and they run the gamut. And the Comanches are a particularly odd group. They were the Cossacks of the New World in that their tribal membership was half cultural. The Whites and others that they captured who could withstand their torture ordeals got patched-in full-blooded into the tribe to the extent that there were a lot of patch-ins.

  12. Literally half the Comanches were half breeds. Many of their best warriors were half White or even more. The Whites who were that far out there on the Plain were known as Wildcats, as a testament to their craziness and virility. You had to literally be insane to be trampsing around in Comanche country back then, when it was well know that falling into their hands was a terrible fate. Incredibly though, if you were “lucky” you might instead of mutilated tortured and put down, you might be put to the test and not maimed and if you didn’t cry about it, let into their war band. Some people ended up doing that. And good number.

    In book called The Edge of Forever, by Tom Morris, which is helpful in re-imagining Who We Are, this character called Blue Coat is one of those half breed Comanches except that he resented them for torturing to death his White slave mother, and killed and scalped his adopted indian mother in the middle of the night and took off on a horse and rode back into arms of the Rangers. It’s worth pointing out that particular plot point is part of a true story. The book itself is fictionalized history and it is factual. Blue Coat is a historical person, and the first known half breed of a captured White women in Texas. He was in an odd position, he hated the Comanches enough to want to help the Whites. Imagine his experience, his psychic place if you will. Lonely I would think.

    When he “came in” they would have killed him on sight even though he was only [estimated] around 12, because he looked indian, and that was the Rangers’ policy; but he spoke enough English to make his case.

  13. As I recall Yeagley died of cancer. An image search on him is pretty good. He was handsome in his younger days, and then got to looking more old and frail.

    In both of those life stages though, it can fairly be said that he looks like a uh, half breed.

    The term half breed is what they used to be called, and it was derogatory. Nigger back then was not necessarily derogatory but half breed pretty much always was. It features in that movie with Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt on their ranch in Montana. Anthony Hopkins wasn’t going to force the half breeds in his household to eat alone in the kitchen. How did that work out for Brad Pitt? (not well it turns out)

  14. Tfw you’re wondering whether the starchild meme still helps people come to grips with their own inconsequentiality

    Tfw you don’t want to ever have to say “meme” again but don’t know what else to use?

    Star child was a meme from the early days of the internet, about how some people had mythical connections to the universe, moreso than the dull other people zombies around them. Sounds entirely reasonable, come to think of it …

  15. — It features in that movie with Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt on their ranch in Montana. Anthony Hopkins wasn’t going to force the half breeds in his household to eat alone in the kitchen. How did that work out for Brad Pitt? (not well it turns out)

    “Legends of the Fall” was an interesting movie from the standpoint of character dynamics and plot. Pitt’s character lived long and well.

    That was part of 1990s tradition-wrecking fares, wrapped in superbly produced bait. You came away from it:

    – Hating Manifest Destiny and its great frontier national myth

    – Forsaking traditional honor, represented by his idealistic older brother

    – And scorning a White wife, represented by his younger brother’s barren bride contrasted with Pitt’s big brood of half-Indian kids.

    Also, for sport you got to (((enjoy))) the grisly killings of German soldiers, a (((hollywood))) staple even in films like “Karate Kid” where Mr. Myiagi was made even more sympathetic when he drunkenly bragged about killing x-hundred German soldiers.

    Similar bait-coated blockbuster subversions of the decade:

    “Dances with wolves”
    “Sleeping with the enemy”
    “The last of the Mohecans”
    “A few good men”
    “Forrest Gump” (that one more passively)

    “A Few Good Men” was especially perfidious. A bud of mine in the Army in 1993 was a Marine, with all of the USMC esprit d’corps. A personification of young dumb and full of cum in the best, healthiest sense of the expression (good times winging for each other and smashind poon that summer). The kind of guy you want in your foxhole. Not a cliche in this case, since we did in fact dig and train in foxholes.

    He’d fuck with the Army NCOs by singing the Marine Corps hymn — “From the Halls of Montezuma / To the shores of Tripoli” — but his big high-T grin always let him get away with it.

    Anyhow, he crowed about “A Few Good Men,” which had come out not long before that. He was not a reflective man. He was a kick ass mofo, and he thought that the movie glorified his beloved Corps.

  16. An interesting NYT article by Ross Douthat. It’s his dialogue with his own conscience. Literally. Unless as he twice hints, that voice was the devil.

    It’s about the Covington Boys. He calls himself, er… — his conscience calls him — Cuck.

    Cursory web search doesnt confirm or deny if he’s a Jew by ancestry. If he is, then “cuck” wouldn’t fit. His bio says that he and his family converted to Roman Catholicism, but doesn’t say from what. The names in his immediate family tree arent obviously Jewish either. He calls himself a “Gentile columnist” and speaks of Jews in third person.

    “… to bring people together.” — Trump

    If he’s of fully Christian ancestry, are we seeing a White liberal struggling with Trump’s cryptic “It started off unpleasant but can end in a dream,” which I interpret as White natural-born-followers (liberals) abandoning Leftism?

  17. I thought is was a bad idea to let the boys wear the hats on the field trip. However, Nick said he bought his in D.C. that day. Since that’s the case, it seems more like a souvenir than a prop to start trouble. They might not have even been aware of how triggered some people are by the hats. Personally, I would never wear one. I am not going to seek out a confrontation.

  18. Ross Douthat does have a valid point that the mainstream media has mostly corrected the record on this story. I suppose we should be grateful for that.

  19. It’s a clever device that Douthat employs.

    I don’t follow all his lines of thought, for instance his “inner voice” saying

    Are you listening to yourself? The path is always greased when it’s our tribe. The “nonpartisan” media took what felt like years to discover that some of the Women’s March organizers had an anti-Semitism problem, but some teenagers get rowdy at the March for Life — while they’re being yelled at by black nationalists, for God’s sake — and it gets covered like Kristallnacht. Pro-life activists get video of Planned Parenthood suits talking about chopping up unborn babies for their parts, and we have to hear claims about how they’re “selectively edited” repeated in the press forever — but a clip of an anonymous teenager smiling while someone drums in his face is a five-alarm “fascism in America” fire!

    So his conservative leaning inner voice is saying the Women’s March organizers are anti-Semitic and therefore what?

    I am a little thick sometimes, but that doesn’t compute.

  20. I took “tribe” to mean the Democratic Party coalition. He alluded in passing (I guess) to anti-Israel elements of that coalition, and how his side in the media edits out those uncomfortable tensions in reporting. In other words, he’s owning up to left wing media bias. But yeah, that paragraph is a bit rushed-sounding and unclear.

  21. The record that they are correcting Lara, is their own hostile version of events.

    The damage that they do, can’t necessarily be retracted. It’s already done, at least in the eyes of some.

  22. I never thought of the boys as angels. They were in a large, rowdy group and a little confrontational. At one point, Nick told a boy who was arguing with one of the Native Americans to stop doing so. I think he realized the situation was getting out of hand.

  23. “Redpillage” just posted a cut-to-the-chase comment at CH:

    – – -QUOTE- – –
    The only crime these boys are guilty of is being a white young male in 2019. They are effectively considered 2nd class citizens in the eyes of the Liberal Marxist Left and thus must be put in ‘their place’. Which for now is a revolving purgatory of humiliation and ridicule but will later be upgraded to prison/concentration camps if the LML gets its way.

    Anyone with a brain must realize that, despite their young age, they all conducted themselves admirably and are beyond reproach. That little smirk however is a first hint of a new generation of white shitlords that appears to be in the making. Make no mistake, genZ is paying attention and there will come the day when the Left will rue the day it ever opened this can of worms.
    – – – UNQUOTE- – –

    This reminded me of a comment I made at GLPiggy years ago when “microaggressions” became a word. I wrote that it’s in the spirit of feudal lord-serf protocols. Serfs were forbidden to speak to a lord with eye contact. They had to lower their eyes and address him in third person. Direct eye contact would have gotten them flogged for defiance of station.

    Liberalism is driven by the same instinct to reestablish an aristocracy of elect Whites over ordinary Whites. A run-of-the-mill bluecheck on Twitter is not ‘elect’ but his impulse is to align himself with the Elect through submission to the Narrative.

    But particular to modern times and its faux egalitarianism, someone like Jeff Bezos — aside from ordinary corporate subordination protocols (for example, when you and a senior person start talking at the same time on a conference call, you yield him the floor) — still expects all employees to call him “Jeff.” He doesnt demand feudal-style deference, eye contact is right and proper.

    (I dont know if that’s literally true of Bezos’ style, he’s just my shorthand for a liberal Fortune 100 CEO).

    But here is the thing, a workaround egalitarianism: leftists have their Proxy Lords, which is “people of color.” POCs are not at all Lords, just like Caligula’s horse wasn’t a senator, but woe to the man who pointed that out. POCs are proxy for the Leftist Narrative itself, a totem that’s as taboo to micro-aggress as it was once taboo for a serf to eyeball a Lord.


  25. The Noble Savage myth has been a thorn in the side of Western Civilization for millennia. People often encounter the exotic and immediately attach some sort of cultural superiority to the Other without reason or rational reflection. I spent several years in Japan and had a great time. Great place, wonderful people, loved the food and the ladies were to die for; but I was not, could not be, and had no desire to be Japanese. I knew several people who broke their hearts trying. I guess it springs from the same feeling of inadequacy that Progressivism does: the place between the soul and persona where fear turns insecurity into self-loathing which, to maintain some semblance of sanity, the persona must convert/project outward as hatred for humanity in general and their native culture in the specific, hence Socialism (more accurately Misanthropism).

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