Facts about the event involving the Covington Boys and Nathan Phillips


Some facts and brief commentary I put together on this event:


Bravo for the young man. You can clearly see his dignity, integrity and intelligence in that statement. He also did not run from “racist,” which is a big deal as the country moves forward. He was, no doubt, well advised by the adults in his life.

As to adults in his life who have failed, this is the statement posted by the Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic High School:


The school and diocese should have taken an uncompromising stance protecting their students. Instead, they threw them under the bus. This blog’s regular commenter Suburban_elk nails it:

That’s what is unforgivable. I don’t know how long the “full length video” has been out and about, but even w/o that full length video, it’s cowardly and despicable for the school administration to side against their own students.

At some point those people have to be called on their COWARDICE.

Daily Stormer has doxed the administration, and they will get some online heat. But more needs to happen.

The students themselves might make a show of solidarity, and not boycott their school. This would clearly be an effective move, on their part.

I am not “up” on the story and its details, but that’s a UMC Catholic school with tuition?

The administrators at that school are charged with a responsibility and given a lot of status for their positions.

They are in a shitstorm now. Ffs imagine how angry some of the more upstanding parents are; or at least we can hope.

I checked out a number of the twitter threads from the leftist accounts, and how they just stick their heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge their mistake, is something to behold.

Nathan Phillips, the American Indian who aggressively entered the underage minor’s personal space in a way that could be perceived as aggravated assault, has a history of radical left wing activism.

The most ignominious antagonist in this story is the serpent National Review, which published an article comparing the Covington High School student to Christ’s killers. They promptly took that article down, but not before it was archived.

As others said, President Trump should invite the young men from Covington Catholic to the White House. In fact, that’s what he should do for any for any of his supporters who suffer from the violence of the media and the mobs they sic on honorable Americans.



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  1. How stupid do you have to be to be an Indian but in favor of more immigration? Oh yeah, there was that wheel thing they forgot to invent so maybe they are that stupid.
    And if they think their raza cosmica brothers will give a tinkers damn about them they need to read up on the Comanche wars. Empire of the Summer Moon is a good place to start.
    And without romanticizing them one bit I actually believe that once we cleanse the foreigner from our lands there’s gotta be away to make things right with the Indians.

  2. CNN just released video of a group of dindus who started it all.

    But of course if you’re a shit skin you get a pass because MAGA hats immediately mean Wacist. and that means you’re condemned from any future opportunities.

    Ironic a catholic school would be so quick to condemn without knowing all the facts yet remain so silent on its own scandals.

  3. This is also true for all times when attacks on Trump’s supporters left us with the question, “does he have our back?” — @JohnRivers doesn’t mince words:

    Where the fuck is Trump?

    these kids only got attacked cause they were wearing his hat

    you think Obama would’ve been quiet if some Black kids in Obama shirts got attacked and framed by the Media for something they didn’t do?


  4. Well, one politician said something. Member of Parliament of Poland Dominik Tarczyński tweeted:


    Dear Covington Catholic students,

    I’d like to invite You to the Polish Parliament

    After watching this video, I Am now standing up for these wrongfully accused young men and all of You!

    You are very welcome to come and speak out what You believe in!



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  6. Here is a “mature” take from Bill P at the Sailer thread, Jessica Valenti Can’t Stop Thinking About That Awful Smug MAGA Boy and His Smirk; emphasis added:

    I wonder how my own take when I see the boy can be so different from so many others’. I see a slightly awkward, nervous boy trying to hold it together in the face of hostility from a weirdo, and doing a decent job of it, but not quite handling the situation as well as an adult would, which is to be expected.

    If I were there I would have put myself between the boy and Mr. Phillips and the black Israelis. I’m pretty sure an adult was present, but whoever it was had no balls and didn’t stick up for the boys. Of course, having no balls is pretty much a prerequisite for being employed in education these days, so I suppose that’s to be expected. Nevertheless, it isn’t the boys’ fault that a man wasn’t present.

    So, here’s the weird thing about it:

    All these white lady liberals are sexualizing the boys in an unseemly manner. They are ascribing a power and virility that these kids don’t yet have to their awkward juvenile behaviors and antics. It’s reminiscent of homoerotic fantasies that pederasts regularly indulge in.

    Perhaps this explains in part the rash of female teachers committing adultery with their teenage boy charges. There was that tension when I was a high school kid way back in the 90s, and there was a sort of mutual hatred between the girls and the pretty young teachers, but there was also the understanding that the former had the first choice and upper hand. Because, after all, the boys were just kids.

    Maybe that has broken down, and the juvenile psyche has become the default amongst our woke women, who have essentially become female versions of gay men. That would explain the simultaneous pathologization and eroticization of teenage boys in the feminist realm. It would also explain the rejection of the maternal role, the hatred of reproduction and the enshrinement of sexual liberty and “choice” (i.e. sexual power) as the highest social goal.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I have a great deal of affection for my boys and their friends, and little time for women who would use them, sexually or otherwise. So I won’t take risks in that regard, but rather gather them under my wings when and where I can and keep them far, far away from the Jessica Valentis of the world.

  7. It’s fun to play pretend and ask how I woulda handled it. I am 50 years old so it’s a different equation; the answer is: not well.

    There’s no way an indian gets in my space and beats a drum like that. It’s totally aggressive and in fact can be damaging to the ears.

    Ol’ Remus always says avoid crowds because you’re fate becomes theirs. There’s a long effort comment on the nature of crowds and the public space, and what one hopes to find there.

    Back in ye old days of youth, it was like there was something there, and now there’s not. The question is though, how much of that progression is simply stages of life, and how much is it that “things have changed.”

    Obviously it’s some of both but on the other hand it would be neat if there were a town square not the mall.

  8. Those two faces captured in the still above play into the Left’s narrative because White looks young and strong and indian looks old and beat-down ——> White Supremacy and why can’t White people be nice to poor beat-up conquered Indians?

  9. Can’t appeal to anti-Whites’ sense of decency and shame because they have no decency and shame. The only effective rhetorical appeal is to their fear.

    Better to show our people as young and strong rather than old and weak.

  10. Here’s a longer video showing the set up and puts the whole story into context. Clearly those kids were just standing around when they were approached…because they were white and the rest of the set up to make them look bad unfolded.
    The fact the school threw them under the bus without waiting to hear their side is disgraceful.

  11. — The fact the school threw them under the bus without waiting to hear their side is disgraceful.

    Also what Elk said about no adult stepping in during the confrontation.

    We hit a big moment: a revelation that Christian leaders are failing as shepherds.

  12. A hushed staredown with a red man–
    boon of a Blood Wolf moon…
    Whose cross-eyed craters said ‘banned!’
    While aloof lunar blushing just crooned.

  13. God bless those Catholic Zoomers. Based and Redpilled, indeed!

    This is me as I watch this controversy play out (Cheers, all):

  14. — lunar blushing

    We stayed up past midnight to see the total lunar eclipse. It was eerie and spectacular.

    My first one ever. All previous occasions were thwarted by overcast skies. The sky was also overcast yesterday but it cleared by nightfall. Visibility was perfect, and it was ten degrees farenheit.

  15. Word’s out that every tweet and post made by a media personality that doxxed, defamed, or incited violence against the Covington Boys has been archived (and more are submitted around the clock to their families’ legal counsel) and all will be served.

  16. I was thinking about the female teachers/male students dynamic earlier, with regard to the army broad who tried to rape a soldier (were they Army?). Someone wrote that even if you go for her, you might get one taste – and then what? For most guys, the ball is totally in the woman’s court at that point.

    These teacher chicks don’t have “hand” over their students in this way. It’s still illegal for adult females to have sex with juvenile males. Some people talk about how the women teachers are abusing their authority and violating the trust of their students and this may be true. These high school dudes are some of the last males around who maintain a vestige of power over these women.

    Bill P’s take is more developed than mine and has got me thinking again.

    PA, The Christian leaders are failing as Shepherds. I heard a guy on the radio yesterday, talking about how Catholics are like children of parents in an abusive relationship – they are powerless as they watch the Father (Church leaders) beat the Mother (Church).

  17. Bill P makes a very good point about no adults from the school stepping up. I wonder why. There are new videos surfacing of the black men being extremely confrontational with the boys. There were really upset there was a black student among them. It seemed like a bad situation from the get go.

  18. I think part of the reason the boys were initially seen as the aggressors is because they were the much larger group. If the kid who was singled out is able to, he should do an interview. He seems intelligent and kind and I think it would be obvious he was slandered.

  19. The left’s story:

    Dastardly white boys attack innocent black people. Indian activist Phillips is moved to defend the innocent Africans, and heroically moves in.

    I’ve seen this before:

    Dastardly polish army attacks innocent Germans. Communist activist Stalin is moved to defend the innocent Nazis, and heroically moves in.

  20. These teacher chicks don’t have “hand” over their students in this way.

    No they certainly don’t. In fact the opposite is true. The male students have blackmail power over their adult teacher female sex partners and will sometimes use it. One recent case involved some explicit extortion for money.

    It is interesting to consider whether the students have some Hand over the teachers before the sex occurs, and whether that is what attracts the teachers to them. God knows the women teachers are surrounded by beta males. And in contrast, some of their student are of the fast and early life-energy deployment strategy, and may be high T and not yet beat down by life, fka young dumb and full of cum.

    In parts of the Manosphere, there is sometimes a pretense that such male teenager with female teacher relationships are damaging or wrong, in the same way that the reverse would be. Considering those reverse images as equal in terms of the morality involved, is advantageous for the purposes of Manosphere arguments.

    I for one don’t believe that teenage boys are hurt or damaged in those relationships. I fucked my third grade teacher when I was 10 years old and have never looked back. / that’s a joke

    However that doesn’t excuse the behavior of the women teachers. I don’t think that they should necessarily be punished as hard case sex felons.

    I have proposed a solution, to the problem of underage sex. Quite simply: sex is prohibited for minors. The punishment on the parties would differ according to their status as minors or adults. Blah blah blah details etc

    To go along with that, the age of majority might be less than 18. And or it also would have a voluntary aspect.

  21. That previous was an off topic post, but it was brought up by how the Left is focusing on Nick Sandmann, and focusing “in a certain way” if you know what I mean! and particularly certain frustrated unhappy women journalists like Valenti projecting onto him their frustration which is mainly sexual!

    Many such cases!

    As a name: Nick Sandmann on its surface, is an odd name. The scuttlebutt is that it’s German (and not jewish; apparently Sandman with only one en might be German jewish).

    The kid young man has very strong jawline, especially for someone his age.

    The fixation on jawlines is kinda become a joke; but otoh it’s a metric and it’s right in your face.

  22. If this was written by Nick Sandmann, junior, catholic high school high, then I get to be Peter the Great.

    I love my school, my teachers and my classmates. I work hard to achieve good grades and to participate in several extracurricular activities. I am mortified that so many people have come to believe something that did not happen — that students from my school were chanting or acting in a racist fashion toward African Americans or Native Americans. I did not do that, do not have hateful feelings in my heart, and did not witness any of my classmates doing that.
    I cannot speak for everyone, only for myself. But I can tell you my experience with Covington Catholic is that students are respectful of all races and cultures. We also support everyone’s right to free speech.
    I am not going to comment on the words or account of Mr. Phillips, as I don’t know him and would not presume to know what is in his heart or mind. Nor am I going to comment further on the other protestors, as I don’t know their hearts or minds, either.
    I have read that Mr. Phillips is a veteran of the United States Marines. I thank him for his service and am grateful to anyone who puts on the uniform to defend our nation. If anyone has earned the right to speak freely, it is a U.S. Marine veteran.

  23. “mortified” ??

    “If anyone has earned the right to speak freely know when to STFU, it is a U.S. Marine veteran.”

  24. One more quick off topic post. The youtube recommended to me, based on my “viewing history”, some channel by a former navy seal. His name is Flipper and he wants to go home. Ha

    For real this was a navy seal and he is pretty based. Believable as such in his “visage” [that’s what physiognomy used to be called]. His explicit theme, his mission statement actually, is stolen valor. There is a whole thing going on where people claim to be veterans and special forces and navy seals; they are making these claims to no end and needing checked.

    That’s not really a surprise, but the larger theme is why do purposeless men who have doubts about their lives and their worth and their accomplishments and have never really been put to the test, why do such men feel the need to claim to have these military qualifications and adventures?

    This guy’s channel was recommended based off an episode on Shaun Attwood’s channel I had watched, which featured a guest who was an American ex-con doing the stolen valor thing.

    I thought it was interesting, the form that it takes, of the stories that people are making up now, to make themselves out to be more than they are. People have been doing that now and forever, of course …

  25. One more post. This comment is borrowed off of Sailer’s Valenti thread:

    I don’t doubt that what you say may be true concerning the writing of the letter. But if the reaction was of a “regular kid” as you state then I guess things are shaping up better than I thought. His holding frame in that surreal, chaotic environment seemed nothing like regular to me. Especially for someone not raised in big city madness being accosted by not one, but two, groups of DC lunatics while just enjoying an afternoon on the Mall with his classmates. He also had the presence of mind to shush the student who was taking the bait from the vocal Indian. Did the drum banger sense to go right up to him, as leader of the boys? The boy was definitely not a regular kid when it came to instinctively dealing with group dynamics in uncharted territory.

  26. The diplomatic language in Sandmann’s statement notwithstanding, he “gave nothing away.” To me that’s huge. Certainly he had adult guidance in writing that letter. You can see legally-prudent language in places.

    A great event on Martin Luther (who?) King Day. “Doctor” and “Jr.,” I forgot to add.

  27. Tanstaafl does good job summing up where we are at in understanding human origins, and the intertwined point thingy of how that understanding is obscured by (((certain semitic parties called jews))). At his blog under the heading,

    Discussing DNA and White Origins with Norvin Hobbs

    The larger context of the paleo-archeology is so-called Out of Africa and how that’s not the case anymore except it still is (the case) actually.

    That’s one point that I would argue w/ Tan about. The Out of Africa model is what the jews have used to beat the drum that we’re all the same, and that we left Africa 40 to 50 thousand years ago. It’s more complicated than that but here’s the thing: the new findings w/ genetics are that we still left Africa but it was 3 or 4 times that long ago. So iow we’re still related to those nigger apes on a level that’s not far enough back for us to put them in zoos.

    The other twist in the story is that Africa has the most actual diversity and races, and some of them are really primitive, almost on the level of monkeys BUT those super primitive ones are NOT the ones we have to deal with mostly, for example in America as slave descendants or in Europe as invaders; these ones are from the branch of Africans who are more closely related. So that’s ironic.

    One issue that isn’t covered in that summary and I don’t hear much about, is the Erectus Walks Among Us angle. There is a book with that title that says that people came back to Africa to fuck the monkeys there and thus Michelle ‘orangutan’ Robinson and Patrick ‘he doesn’t even have a forehead’ Ewing.

    THat book itself used graphs and stuff, but the idea itself is not being treated by the serious scientists and laypeople who are on our side.

  28. The show in question uses high info graphics such as this one:

    The other point that is worth mentioning, in the topic of paleo archeology, is that I don’t hear much anymore about the Solutrean hypothesis. They [as in those whose opinions are more informed and also who are not jews] are suggesting that the explanation for those genetic findings of same haplogroups or whatever, and the Kennewick man and other indians who look White, is that they have commons ancestry in the form of Ancient Northern Eurasian.

    That explanation doesn’t preclude that there was migration from Europe during prehistory; and the archeology still might suggest that; however they are saying that the genetic are explained otherwise and by the traditional explanation of migration from Asia.

  29. The other praise that I have for show is how it explicitly suggests and conveys the context [I hate this word now] of the topic.

    The context of the topic is Who We Are. People have an instinctual interest in the question, but somehow Whites just are convinced that their interest in who they are, is racist.

    It really does boil down to that: how the (((hews))) have convinced White people that pride and interest in their own origins is racist.

    Every other group is totally into their stories and here’s the irony: White people have developed a fixation on other peoples’ origin stories. See for example turtles all the way down. That’s a great little riddle, and so the indians aren’t totally worthless it turns out, but why can’t we come up with neat little explanations that don’t really explain anything but sort of do? The point being that we used to do that for ourselves. And imhe it’s not just the jews who lost that for us.

    By way of context [I hate this word now] Tan says that you don’t have to be a scientist to understand and get behind your origins, in the same way you don’t have to be a physicist to throw a football.

    Such questions are right at level of eating and drinking [not alcohol] and breathing air. W/o such pride of place? forget about it.

  30. I watched the video again and I think Nick may have been smiling because he had this weird man chanting and banging a drum in his face. It was kind of a funny situation. It’s normal behavior for a teenage boy.

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