A Hero For The Gammas

It’s Negan from the television show “The Walking Dead.”

Soooooo wordy.

I haven’t seen this series, just the above clip and a few of the zombie-fighting scenes. My familiarity with the show is limited to that, plus conversations about it with others. I watched the above and found it repellent because Negan is a Gamma male’s wish-fulfillment avatar.

One, it’s his omnipotence. Gamma males’ avatars are larger-than-life, effectively superhuman figures in a story that is not premised on having supernatural protagonists.

And two, the character’s use of his power to humiliate vanquished men. You see this in the lineup of Negan’s kneeling victims. Now, as I understand the narrative arc of that show, those captives aren’t entirely sympathetic characters, but that’s incidental. What’s not incidental is their very normal look. Fit, with intelligent and loyal faces. The Gamma and the (((Gamma))) envies that which is part of the natural order of human society and relishes the abasement of those who represent it.

Tell someone: “Create a fictional character. Anything you want, no limits. We’ll provide full studio support and production.” A Gamma writer, if given to following his resentments, will line up all of his real and imagined enemies and torment them. The more incontinent such a writer, the more he will indulge in scripting a character who is cruel in the sort of verbose way that appeals to the darker side of a certain kind of female viewer and to the Gamma male.

People in the entertainment industry are not us, but they tell our stories. Sometimes they deliver an intelligent show but you still walk away feeling a little bit dirty. Trust that feeling.

(Gamma Male, if you are unfamiliar with the term.)


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  1. He’s got a good look for a killer though. But yeah what’s with the speechifying and the 50 thousand f-bombs.

  2. While all the cool kids wanted to be Han Solo or Boba Fett, I always just wanted to be Luke Skywalker. Pretty sure that puts me solidly in the delta category.

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  4. The concept of the Gamma has blown my mind, quite honestly. I have a social profession, and so I meet a lot of people, and a fair number of them are enormously unpleasant and dislikeable trolls, and I used to think that these people are what we call “personality-disordered”, but now I see that many of them – the men, anyway – are just Gammas. Whiny, insecure, annoying – it’s the Gamma personality disorder.

    Something else is dawning on me, which sounds weird, I need to consider it more, but I think that when I was young inexperience caused me to mistake Gamma posturing for actual Alpha credibility. No wonder they do it, if they can fool at least some of the people some of the time.

    I was very taken with your post a few months ago about Lavrenty Beria, the creepy Soviet Gamma. Of course you have heard of Trudeau, but you probably don’t know that the brain behind his facade is a loathsome toad called Gerry Butts:

    He is Trudeau’s old university buddy, and is exactly this sort of snide, slimy, inferiority-complected Gamma male drunk with power; he is exactly what I thought of when I read the Beria piece. It seems that behind every successful Leftist there may be a Gamma Wormtongue!

  5. — when I was young inexperience caused me to mistake Gamma posturing for actual Alpha credibility.

    Same here. I came to despise them because of a thing they all did: in a good faith discussion, they treat any honest concession as blood in the water. I’ve always hated aggressive-effeminate men.

    A great gamma character in classic fiction: the first-person narrator in Dostoyevsky’s “Notes from the Underground.” What struck me about him twenty years ago is the way he humiliated his regular prostitute because he was in the position where he could. [SPOILER] The novel ends wildly, with the author himself stepping into his own novel to shut him up.

    — No wonder they do it, if they can fool at least some of the people some of the time.

    The collateral damage of this: young deltas (normal men) can be similarly fooled and then emulate gamma patterns of behavior in a misguided move to improve their social dominance.

  6. “[SPOILER] The novel ends wildly, with the author himself stepping into his own novel to shut him up.”

    “Notes” was my introduction to Dostoyevsky a decade ago, and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve since read all of his novellas/short stories, but have remained too exhilerated by the conflagrating felicitousness of the immediate moment to trek through any of his substantially longer works. I think I’ll definitely embark on his “Karamazov Brothers” at some point, though keeping it on the psychical backburner almost feels like forging its decisive postscript with my very postponement. ‘Leider!’

  7. I hate (not really) to derivative post but this wants said now.

    Notes from Underground is THE already written skeleton screenplay, for this the Alt Right Swansong’s victorious re-emerged re-imagined victory dance!

    As I recall however; original doesn’t end well. In the original story by D___, at the end it’s more like, Ok then what now, suicide?

    So this new version wants a new and better ending. A totally different ending. Other than that it’s pretty good to go.

    And now a few words, on the medium in which it will be presented, this “play” by which the terrible terrible terrible terrible loneliness and isolation and frustration and despair, will be presented and recognized and dealt with and dispelled of.

    The medium is your imagination; the elastic slingshot these words; ah but details are the devil!


    Hey did you catch the one about the ten-inch lady?

    She’s got a bearded clit. / Ouch!

  8. In case it wasn’t clear, I was thinking it’s a great template that could be rewritten, about how we have been driven underground. And but then! like the glans penis of an intact man, wants to emerge and sense feel taste KNOW the world once and again, and live.

    (One day I will know that feeling.)

    Of course, prissy literature fags — here’s looking at you, James O’Meara [*] — will be quick to point out that “it’s (already) been done.” Kerouac wrote notes from underground about the jazz scene in New York fifty years ago, in which his love interest slash prostitute instead of being White was mystery meat.

    * Yeah it’s gay to even name James O’ Meara. I feel dirty and am ashamed.

  9. If anyone needs a long list of podcasts, Tanstaafl has up the ultimate list of year end podcasts. He follows the scene [the Dissident Right scene] and from an intellectual perspective. His post of a podcast list is boomer posting x10 but he has earned the right.

    He links to this blog which is about human genetics and features Razib Khan,

    Razib was a science editor at NYT but he got canned for not toeing the line. He was a bigshot at Unz and among the commenters. He does a really good job on his podcast with some White guy named Spencer Wells. Is he a bigshot in the real world of science?

    It easy to admire those people for their accomplishments in those difficult and competitive fields, but it might be more interesting to get an inside view of the drama that goes on in their circles, but from a true story perspective.

    There’s probably a lot of “he thinks he’s so smart.” I envy those people their success. I was looking at some pictures from my past, and some people I knew, one of whom was “destined for success” as goes the saying.

    These pictures were from my past, and specifically it was a summer college university course of some prestige that was an archeological dig, that was the real thing. I could give the long story, but no. I was on my own trip, and things went differently for me, but my point was that he was a “very impressive young man”, which I sort of got then but not really. Looking at the pictures reminded me. He was brilliant and determined to succeed. I really want to look him up but can’t remember his last name nor want to bother that much.

    The other thing about him, is that he then already was wifed up [we were the same young age], or at least fianced, with a Southern girl no less. Her name wasn’t Peaches but it coulda been and she was a doll.

    He somehow seemed to know the score, about life. That you ought to work hard, and that time is short. Oddly enough his name was is Larry. You wouldn’t happen to know where he went?

  10. I made the big find though, and not what’s-his-name, at the site that summer. God’s honest truth. Funny how that works out.

    It was a beautiful projectile point, flaked on both sides of its head, and made of chert, dated to 11 thousand years ago or something. It’s part of the record, that particular artifact and its context.

  11. My parents were clearing out their closets, and passed my way a bunch of stuff including the photo album I put together from that summer and mostly that trip.

    I used to make photo albums as a hobby. It seems pretty quaint, but that’s what people did before the age of internet and digital photography. As is oft remarked, things were in some ways better back then because for one, the pictures meant more, and you would take care to compose them, and then when putting together an album, to try and create a narrative context. Or at least that’s how the better half lived!

    Looking at those pictures tripped me up. I had a a half dozed or some similar photo albums from the same general period of life and I threw them all away, in a pique hard headedness and frankly, self loathing. The pictures themselves and the photo albums were well done, but I couldn’t bear to see my young fresh face and compare it to now.

    I don’t know if you can relate, but sometimes the Boulevard of Broken Dreams is fairly glaring in its incessance and you don’t want to be reminded.

    This isn’t a downer post though. It was good times, that summer. I was such a “cocky” young man; “the arrogance of youth” as mom would say.

    I got humble pie’d. Everyone does of course.

    [ain’t that the truth. – PA]

  12. Negan from the television show “The Walking Dead.”………….the baseball bat scene is probably a rip-off from the infamous one in “inglorious basterds”.

    The “Walking Dead” is an interesting series for “doomsday-preppers” but whenever it starts getting good good they toss in some unreality, and absurd leftist stuff, and the casting is anti-white to the max. The only great white characters are stars from the early series, My theory is the first 2 series started off faithful to the books, then with success the brought in the “media-experts” and had to foist multi-cult max on the large audience.

    Still series 1-4 is pretty interesting, after that its basically the same stuff repeating but with EVEN MORE gamma anti-white themes.

  13. Why the 1/2019 update with Kris Kristofferson? Something recent happen? Or does he just fit better?
    I’m sitting in a bar drinking Talisker surrounded by pussy hat marchers and their companions with nothing better to do than post. Feel free to respond with a “why is a cow’s tail long? why is a fox’s tail bushy”? Which is how Sam Johnson once tries to stop the importunate Boswell’s many questions.

  14. In that old post? I was at a loss for finding genuine Alpha rock stars. Steven Tyler, from what little I know of him, seemed to fit the bill. I had also read a bit about Kristofferson and found him to be a fascinating character. Son of a Swedish army officer, helicopter pilot, ballsy guy. Don’t know if he is an alpha, but it was worth a swap.

    I wonder if Johnny Cash was an alpha. In his mature videos, he does carry himself like a bona fide leader. His early-career surrender to drugs and booze though, point to a weaker personality as far as that goes.

  15. There is a scene in Walk the Line where Cash’s father asks him why he sings all those songs celebrating outlaws. We all are fascinated with outlaws – pretty normal. And throw into the mix the corporal work of mercy visiting those in jail though Johnny wouldn’t have called it that. Johnny was abviously realer than real. But still – I found the question disturbing.
    Have you seen that PBS tribute to Johnny when he’s on deaths door from diabetes. Powerful scene where he finally walks on stage, the look of sadness on Emmy Lou’s face still haunts me.

  16. — Johnny was abviously realer than real.

    That’s my feeling about him too. No, haven’t seen that tribute. His cover of NIN “Hurt” was powerful. He died not long afterwards.

  17. My favorite of his last songs is When the Man Comes Around.
    We can retake our ancestral lands to that song.
    Much better than than filthy Yankee Battle Hymn.

  18. Here is what I’m talking about with “Sometimes they deliver an intelligent show but you still walk away feeling a little bit dirty.”

    I just watched a compilation of Walking Dead kills on Youtube, contrasting what I saw when it comes to characters dealing with the tragedy of a family member having become a zombie. With black characters, it’s weepy-weep. A suburban black man fires his sniper rifle at various zombies milling about outside of his house, until he sees what I assume to be his wife, now in zombie form. He sees her her through his scope and she looks back at him, looking sorrowful when they make eye contact.

    Zombies, in that show, are lifeless cadavers that are mechanically animated by a virus, they are not undead in the sense of the real person’s consciousness being trapped somewhere under the evil. The person himself or herself is no less dead than a body you’d see in a morgue. And yet, there is that soulful gaze from the black female zombie.

    Contrast that with a character known as the Governor, who (I surmise from the brief clip) keeps his zombie-turned daughter, a little girl, safely chained and hooded because he can’t part with her. It’s a grisly perversion of grief, and intended to be so. A black female character dispatches the zombie-girl by pushing a sword into her mouth. No weepy-weep here, I guess. Just the (((entertainment industry))) finding some way to run with their antiwhite child-kiIIing fantasies, and general mockery of White grief.

    And then, there is that scene of little blond girl-zombie with a teddy bear getting blasted.

    Good God, I felt filthy after watching those scenes from The Walking Dead.

  19. The Walking Dead is the last most recent cultural phenom; right?

    A cultural phenom as in Something that rises, like a zombie, to the level Game of Thrones.

    What’s even the word for those things. In intellectual-speak they might be called cultural artifacts, or instances of culture. “mass produced television events” might also fit the bill.

    Boomer post alert: I never got into either of those series. The last series I “got into” was True Detective Season I; not so much Season II, and Season III no thx.

    There’s still a huge opportunity for that stuff. For making those stories and presenting them. People are still sitting around doing screen time whenever they can and they want to be entertained and more to the point, they want things to be made sense of.

    Game of Thrones was in the Red Zone recently, for the big reveal that its author JK Rowling turned out to be a jew, on the level of one-quarter. That kind of Italian-style jew, maybe maybe sorta pass as not-a-jew IF he insisted but he went the other way.

    There was a excellent Third Rail on Game of Thrones where they really got into the meta of the heroic story, and how a story that isn’t heroic, isn’t a story at all. Iow GoT was doomed from the start; or from at least the point where Sean Bean unexpectedly got his head chopped off and the twins were giving it to each other from behind. Not very Tolkien, that! Was there even twins in Middle Earth?

  20. I have tried to make the point for awhile, that the most relevant form for the narrative arts, at this point in our sorry history, is Autobiography.

    This isn’t a black and white statement, and nor is Autobiography a black-and-white category. However as a general statement it is worth considering.

    No one needs to hear about anyone’s adolescent wankery fantasy. What we need is people who have perspective and what they used to and still call gravitas. Once you have enough of that gravitas thing THEN you can go ahead and make up stories. Guys, or rather men, like Tolkien and Dostoyesvky had remarkable lives. As many readers here will know, D____ was mock executed by the czar. How cool is that?

    He came to some metaphysical conclusions, as a result of that. And then he had to go to prison. In Siberia, obv. It’s worth pointing out that going to Siberia for the penal experience was in comparison to the alternative which was the dungeon, might as well have been an all expenses paid vacation to the Caribbean.

    What was my point …

    Or yeah. Live life have adventures and THEN make up stories!

  21. One more comment on the theme of what makes for story.

    A new book that’s pretty hot and it vindicates my assertion above re autobiography being the best narrative format.

    Edge of Forever by Tom Morris. Without wanting to do a gay Amazon style effort comment book review it’s the true story about this guy McKlerran who grew up in Texas in the 19th century and had to fight Indians ala Cormac McCarthy.

    It gives the perspective of all those Cormac-ian themes of what makes for hard men, and who these people were, and why people today aren’t so much like them.

    For starters, only the strong survived.

    This guy McKlerran was moving domiciles in a covered wagon from Galveston to a ranch outside of that place where Janet Reno killed those kids [Waco]. Back then, right after the Civil War, it was wild country.

    He was 14-years old and traveling with his mother, young sister, their cow dog and two mules, and their black manservant who his grandfather’s “man” and quite a hero it turns out. Sorry to say but some of those blacks in Texas back in the day were qualified.

    They were beset by two highwaymen on the road, who were going to kill him cold blooded and rape his mother. These two outlaws got the drop on em but as “luck” would have it the good guys prevailed. With the help of the black manservant who was hidden with a shotgun in the wagon, McKlerran shot but did not kill his first man at 14. And went on to be a “indian fighter.”

    That’s what people had to go through back then. It’s just not like that anymore. I for one would not have been out on the frontier to that extent. I would have been back in town, maybe camping out by the river or the beach once in awhile.

  22. I haven’t even finished the book, and hope not to be disappointed, but can’t recommend it enough.

    It paints a picture of what makes for being the type of man who was that type of guy, the mythical American cowboy hero ala Daniel Boone.

    What’s weird about this book, is that it is or at least appear to be, the barely salvaged true story, of one of those guys who was the mostest.

    Duels in New Orleans for instance. You couldn’t go around fronting, that’s for sure. Men in black suits with Derringer pistols would “call you out” and hand you their business card and inquire as to where their seconds could find you; and if they were gracious maybe give you an out to apologize.

    The Kid in Blood Meridian also started out in New Orleans, in that same time period. He was also 14 come to think of it.

    The Kid would get in fights for something to do, with the sailers. They had Fight Clubs for real. Eventually he got shot in the back by a Sicilian and then some whorehouse madame nursed him back to health and he slipped out of town in the middle of the night.

  23. Gammas sound like the type of men I would try to interact with as little as possible.
    What do you guys think of the Covington Catholic kid who was in a staring contest with that Indian man? Do you think he handled the situation well?

  24. His Diocese and school officials are cowards. They put out statements condemning him and looking into expulsion. I’d love to spit in those people’s faces.

  25. This is just one example of the Left’s collective hysteria:

    “From elementary school through college I went to school with sheltered upper middle class white boys who could DEVASTATE with a smirk. A facial guesture that weaponized their privilege. Infuriatingly you can’t fight that fucking smirk with a punch or words.” (Some bitch on twitter)

    GenerationZ is for real:

    “An entire generation of young white boys and men are being radicalized by Trump in front of our very eyes. Impeachment or no impeachment, defeat in 2020 or no defeat in 2020, I suspect it’s too late to put this particular #MAGA genie in its bigoted bottle.” – some bluecheck named Hasan on twitter


  26. The only thing I would have preferred is that he had not smiled. I think that was due to nervousness. That Indian man obviously has a seething hatred for white men.

  27. I understand the school apologizing honestly, They know this kid was not the aggressor, but the crowd was somewhat rowdy and it is their parents/teachers’ responsibility to rein them in. I don’t see it as a complete capitulation, more as an attempt to deescalate the situation.

  28. From a little I read about the Indian, he’s a “professional activist” who looks for spotlight, like with some pipeline protests not long ago. He saw the group of students (underage minors, if that means anything) and provocatively invaded the boy’s space. By layman’s understanding of the law, that’s aggravared assault, with that drumstick he was swinging.

    The boy stood his ground. Anything other than submissive gestures would have broken Leftist protocols.

    I have insight into the Left mentality. Those people can’t be reasoned with. Facebook is full of pages dedicated to harassing those boys and their parents at their homes and work.

    The school and diocese should have taken an uncompromising stance protecting their students. Instead, they threw them under the bus. Deescalation would have taken the form of firmly standing behind those boys — who broke no law at any point, didnt provoke anyone at any point.

    The young man’s smile was fantastic. His parents ought to be proud of him.

  29. The school and diocese should have taken an uncompromising stance protecting their students. Instead, they threw them under the bus.

    That’s what is unforgivable. I don’t know how long the “full length video” has been out and about, but even w/o that full length video, it’s cowardly and despicable for the school administration to side against their own students.

    At some point those people have to be called on their COWARDICE.

    Daily Stormer has doxed the administration, and they will get some online heat. But more needs to happen.

    The students themselves might make a show of solidarity, and not boycott their school. This would clearly be an effective move, on their part.

    I am not “up” on the story and its details, but that’s a UMC Catholic school with tuition?

    The administrators at that school are charged with a responsibility and given a lot of status for their positions.

    They are in a shitstorm now. Ffs imagine how angry some of the more upstanding parents are; or at least we can hope.

    I checked out a number of the twitter threads from the leftist accounts, and how they just stick their heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge their mistake, is something to behold.

  30. That Indian’s drumming was pretty blah. His singing too.

    I will say for him, that he doesn’t look bad for an old man his age.

    As long as I am on an oversharing spree, I have done my share of shaman dancing and drumming, and know of what I speak. In AD&D terms that guy is a fourth level monk, or fifth at most.

  31. * The students themselves might make a show of solidarity, and boycott their school.

    That would be effective activism, and easy enough to pull off.

  32. The Walking Dead has been an ok show in the few episodes I’ve watched, but it does annoy me to see them ignore to many common sense principles of defense like using high ground, cutting down trees and obstacles so walkers can’t sneak up on you, wearing some decently armored/padding clothing instead of just walking about in wife beaters, using boats/water and living on islands for safetry, or just rolling a big tree down on the Walkers instead of using up all of your valuable ammo.

    Or, if you’re going to shoot the walkers at least use plain old fencing to corral them into a straight line where you can maybe save some bullets by shooting through them and seeing if the bullets will overpenetrate.

    Yes, I know that’s all petty stuff.

  33. Your proposed examples of realism are a big deal for me as well. I attribute those “lack of common sense” scripts to the studio’s need to appeal to sub-100 IQ viewers, who’d get bored with the kinds of things you and I would appreciate in action stories.

  34. Your proposed examples of realism are a big deal for me as well. I attribute those “lack of common sense” scripts to the studio’s need to appeal to sub-100 IQ viewers, who’d get bored with the kinds of things you and I would appreciate in action stories.

    I think it’s also attributable to their huge fraction of female viewers, who don’t want the boredom of technical details.

    And that may also explain why there’s not much rape depicted in the show, at least not anywhere near as much as you or I know would be common in a post-Apocalyptic world.

  35. The Walkers do make a great antagonist for a post-apocalyptic story because they are not unfightable, unlike say, the robots from The Terminator.

    Their weakness: sub-animal intelligence, slow moving, generally not stealthy (they shuffle and growl), physically weaker than humans as the tissue had somewhat degraded.

    Strengths: virtually infinite in number, inexhaustible. Can only be “killed” with a hit to the head.

    My imagination is already at work “devising tactics.”

    Also, wondering about the real danger in that world: other men. Given North America, would despotism like Negan’s take root, or would general civilization eventually reestablish itself. After all, as lawless as the Wild West was, eventually the Indians were subdued and the outlaws hanged.

  36. Good point about female viewers. On Facebook, it’s only women I’ve seen enthusing about its season premieres. Someone like Negan appeals to their darker side (and gammas’). Otherwise men are more likely to find him repellent.

  37. I was watching the show with steadily decreasing interest right up until they brought out the triumphant decry of every character being a faggot or interracial.

  38. I watched a bit of highlights from the early seasons on YouTube and the concept was great.

    Also just saw a trailer for new episodes, that introduce intelligent Walkers. They even carry machetes. “An army of Jasons from Friday the 13th” was my instant thought.

    Many series would have done well to end on a fourth or so season. Beyond that, they are propping up an exhausted story arc with what they can to generate revenue. “Breaking Bad” went on too long. “The Sopranos” did well over the entire series-arc. Looking forward to the second season of “Cobra Kai.”

  39. Sopranos was the first last and only television show, in the way that they say that same thing about Crime and Punishment by D_____.

    They shoulda ended television with the last Sopanos final episode. If we had any self respect as a culture we woulda agreed to do so.

    Everyone just staring at their blackscreen enigmatic ending and saying well that was strange. But clearly the takeaway was that there’s nothing left to watch. And they were right. THere is nothing left to watch.

    I have watched that entire series front to back ten time. It is 99.99995 per cent 100 per cent red zoned on race and JQ. At the time it seemed like they would sorta kowtow to convention and “political correctness” as it was then called, but the writers always slip in the bitter reality that we live with. For instance in throwaway lines like when Junior is “on trial for his life” and he calls his jewish attorney Melvoin, who it turns out is in Ireland with his daughter who just so happens is doing abortion activism, over there out of her love for women’s rights in Ireland.

    That’s just a subtle piece of the pie. More in your face was Meadow at Columbia in NYC giving up her sweet nose-jobbed Virginity to the dorm advisor on the floor above her, who is a jewish mulatto named Noah who went to Hollywood High and whose dad is an entertainment lawyer. They actually put the act (of penetration) right on screen in your face, and you couldn’t help but think that it was gross, his ugly face and hers becoming a woman.

    As I have said before, an offhand comment from an entertainment forum or somewhere else random called David Chase the Michelangelo of our time. It seemed absurd hyberbole but I have come to agree with the idea expressed, that he is THE most signifcant artist of these our times. The comparison with some dude from the Quaternary fails for other reasons, but that’s not the point.

    As long as this is a Sopranos post, it’s worth pointing out that Chase introduces the symbolism of his missing penis, right off the bat in the pilot. He explains to Dr Melfi about his penis falling off and being carried away by seabirds ducks not storks and being terrified of his mother and panic attacks.

    But hey This is America and ya can never go broke underestimating the stupidity of the American public, so many of them grokked the symbolism?

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