Harmonies Of Hope

ABBA, “I Have a Dream.” The all-time greatest pop band. No other act does harmonies like Agnetha and Anni-Frid beginning at 2:45. They sing “I believe in angels.” Do you mean that, ladies? The children’s choir joins in. Africans are included in later such performances to virtue-signal, corrupting things. But they’re not in this one.

Swedish patriots who have the future of their nation’s youngest on their minds, no doubt, are contemplating action. Such a patriot might hope that in seventy years, young people on the streets of Stockholm will chant “Honor and glory to the heroes!” for him. The spirit of Ebba Åkerlund watches over the hero.

The arc of entanglement with, and one scenario of disentangling from, Diversity:

  • One: Curiosity
  • Two: Hospitality
  • Three: Tolerance
  • Four: Grumbling
  • Five: Political action [*You are here]

And now an inflection point if there is a critical mass for it.

  • Six: Open hostility to all of them
  • Seven: Action against organized groups
  • Eight: Action against all adult males
  • Nine: “Suitcase or mass grave”
  • Ten: Not letting them escape alive

In 2017, brown human garbage migrant killed Ebba Åkerlund, a deaf Swedish girl, in a terrorist act. A year later, another brown human garbage migrant, who almost daily vandalizes the 11-year-old Ebba’s grave, attacked her father Stefan. The grieving father said, “When I called the police no one came.”


I once told a story about a Swedish man named Stefan who snapped. He felt that it’s okay to destroy evil.

Rispettiamo Luca Traini.

Albano Carrisi and Romina Power, “Ci Sara” (“There will be”). Possibly the second-greatest pop act of all time. In Italian. Refrain begins at 1:10.

You must believe it
There will be – a love story and a better world
There will be – a deeper blue and a more immense sky
There will be – your shadow at my side dressed in white
There will be – a more human way to say I love you more

Maryla Rodowicz, “Golębi Song” (“The Doves’ Song”). This hippie ballad from 1983 reflects the anxieties of its time. As it turns out, it’s not with nukes and tanks that the Cold War’s winner “replaced our breath with smoke,” but with Diversity and Poz and GMO. That word, “replace…”

They want to replace our breath with smoke…
The Flower Children are all grown up
They have their own homes
Who’ll sing today, who’ll raise his hand?

The refrain, which begins at 1:05, is very nice:

A tu świat jak zdrowy sad /  And this world’s a healthy orchard
Tyle słońca, pszczół i lat /  So much sunshine, bees and summers
Tyle ziarna, róż, pejzaży, gwiazd /  So many seeds, roses, landscapes, stars
I smutku, i jesieni /  And sorrows, and autumns

A tu świat jak zdrowy sad /  And this world’s a healthy orchard
Tyle róż, orzechów, gwiazd /  So many roses, grain, and stars
Czy przed burzą zawsze, zawsze jest  /  Is it always so beautiful, so sunny
Tak pięknie, tak pogodnie? /  Before the storm?

Zaprešić Boys, “U Porazu i Pobiedy” (“In Defeat and in Victory”). From Croatia, the best song on this list. The best song of the post-9/11 era. Don’t miss the outtro vocals. A selection of comments on YouTube:

  • I dont understand a Word but this song is great as hell! Respect from Sweden!
  • Braty hrvati respect z Ukrainy!
  • Respect from POLAND !
  • Respect from Germany
  • Respect from neighbour (Hungary)! HRVATSKA!
  • pozdrav iz srbije !
  • Respect from Argentina
  • Respect from Sparta Prague – Czech Republic.
  • Brati Hrvati, respect from Slovakia.
  • Respect iz Makedonije!
  • Pozdrav braci iz HercegBosne, Sarajevo!
  • Respect from italy
  • BELARUS z Vami!!!
  • Poz iz Kanade
  • Respect from Russia, bro!

At 0:54, the refrain:

Kad hladne kiše padaju /  When the cold rains fall
Il oganj žari zemlju tu /  
Or fire burns the earth
Ljepota tvoja ostaje  /  Your beauty remains
Jer sam tu i čuvam te (Hrvatska!) /  I’m here and watching over you (Croatia!)

Ja te volim dobro znam (Hrvatska!)  /  I love you, you know well (Croatia!)
Kad ti pjevam, osjećam /  When I sing I feel
Da smo kao jedno mi /  That we are one
U porazu i pobjedi /  In defeat and in victory

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  2. > if there is a critical mass for it

    Yes, that is a necessary qualification. Not merely mass either but an appreciation of how to make a difference. The baizuo hegemony is such that no publicly organized movement has any chance, in my opinion. It will be deplatformed, harassed by cops and lawfare, its assets siezed, its members fired.

    For a movement to make any difference now, it has to be underground, conspiratorial, secretive, vigilant against infiltrators and so on. Its members would be able and willing to use difficult and tiresome communication methods involving cryptography.

    Is such a movement even feasible? I don’t know. I do know that open defiance will fail, so for example it is safe to predict that the ‘yellow vests’ will fail.

  3. “U Porazu i Pobiedy” sounds very down-home in a cragged and chasmic way. Voices that resound with summery valleys’ mineraloid longings to again be replenished with the ‘Shamrock River That Was.’ Their Croatian melding of The Clash and Irish sing-along ‘joie de vivre’ makes me want a couple well-made vodka/gin gimlets this fine evening, and gimlets I will soon have!

  4. I have listened to the the Abba and the Croatian song. Interesting stuff. Abba was very sincere and that still comes through. The one woman, the second one appearing in the video, Agnetha, looks like an angel. Wasn’t her mixed German background from the war, a controversial thing?

    Abba’s wiki page makes no mention of it. Is it edited out or maybe I am misremembering. However their wiki page does include this:

    In September 2010, band members Andersson and Ulvaeus criticised the right-wing Danish People’s Party (DF) for using the ABBA song “Mamma Mia” (with modified lyrics) at rallies. The band threatened to file a lawsuit against the DF, saying they never allowed their music to be used politically and that they had absolutely no interest in supporting the party. Their record label Universal Music later said that no legal action would be taken because an agreement had been reached.

  5. The Croatian song, In Victory and Defeat. As an American I find it hard to imagine the feeling in evidence in that video, the rousing nationalism and togetherness.

    I have to wonder about the extent, of not having ever in living memory experienced, such feelings, is the result of living in scaled-out and ahistorical America, and to what extent it’s the result of personal problems.

    I have never walked in a line a sung patriotic songs that rouse nationalist feelings. And in fact I am not sure that I know anyone who has. I missed out on the Trump rallies. Apparently they were approaching such sentiment, except for that they were soundtracked to Quiet Riot, and maybe Journey. At least it wasn’t Fleetwod Mac …

  6. The closest I can think of, to a song that could have been called a hit on popular radio, that had a nationalist theme, was by the Pogues, and it had a lyric about “the land of our Fathers”.

    That was 20 years ago, and I bet that no one can come up with another example, of any popular song that came even that close to nationalism. In this country of the USA, or whatever.

    I never liked the Pogues. That style of aggressive alternative rock was very very hip, for awhile. I didn’t care for their sound.

  7. A selection of comments on YouTube:
    I dont understand a Word but this song is great as hell! Respect from Sweden!

    I was not disappointed!

  8. I never liked the Pogues.

    Then we’ll swap for Owen Benjamin, bud, because I adore the Pogues, that album is one of my all-time favourites in any genre. It was the soundtrack for a summer I remember very fondly. ‘Course I have Celtic music in my veins anyway for other reasons.

  9. — The one woman, the second one appearing in the video, Agnetha, looks like an angel. Wasn’t her mixed German background from the war, a controversial thing?

    It’s the brunette, Anni-Frid. Her mother was Norwegian, father occupant German soldier. Mom and daughter moved to Sweden to escape the stigma.

  10. I unzip my pants
    I pull out my shlong
    Hello old friend
    Wake up!
    Wake up!
    Adventures ahead

  11. “‘Course I have Celtic music in my veins anyway for other reasons.”

    The Pogues were covertly resuscitating yore’s true melodic yeasts, then got distracted by some foggy fist-fight on ‘Darkey’ Kelly’s absinthe-green moon. Tell me you don’t hear the skirmishing remains of early clarsach music on their live albums. When it came to siphoning the glazes of the ancients’ clog-dancing inebriation, S. MacGowan may be the most sober man of the whole Celtic swarm. I know a guy who runs a record store in Austin who, interestingly enough, has both a huge Pogues and ABBA fetish — even transcribing much of the latter to works for the viola da gamba. “Older the fiddle, sweeter the tune.”

  12. What about “Life is Life” by Laibach?

    I know Laibach are tongue in cheek nationalists but you have to admit the song is catchy and inspirational.

  13. Roy Batty at Daily Stormer on this event:

    The stabber said only this: “Hello! Hello! My name is Stefan. I sat innocent in prison, I sat innocent in prison. Civic Platform tortured me, and that’s why Adamowicz is dead.”

    Interestingly, none of the mayor’s people who were on stage with him did anything, other than one very corpulent fellow who sort of milled around aimlessly for a bit. From the video it didn’t seem like anybody screamed or made that much of a fuss. Their reaction was more like, “okay that happened… I hope he doesn’t stab me now.”

    Also, why was Stefan in prison?

    The answer to that question might clear up quite a bit about his motivations.

    Meanwhile, this happened in the context of the political class in Poland now pushing for hate speech laws and more intense monitoring/censorship of HateThought in Poland. This probably can and will be used to justify some sort of crackdown – that is if the ruling center-right PiS party plays along. They’re pretty kosher, so they might.

    Why isn’t that question answered, of why was the guy Stefan in prison in the first place. He says he was tortured and innocent, and the articles in question don’t even look into what his side of the story?

    Is was Pawel Adamowicz jewish? If that is a typical jewish face in Poland, then they are sorta kinda hard to tell.

    Given the backstory and his name, that obv points to him being jewish. Adamowicz is was an EU hack.

  14. The comments at the RT link, are quite illustrative of the Great Divide that exists between White people. Those on the Left are all taking there that Oh because you disagree with someone, you want them knifed?

    At this point it’s just all so tiresome.

    It’s like no, bitch, I don’t want them knifed. What I want is them not in charge of the policies that directly bear [bun intended] on this zoo we call our playpen, I mean home.

    Who gets to make them our zookeepers. I wanna be a zookeeper.

    In order to be a zookeeper, you are subject to Natural Duel. When JB ‘the Godfather’ introduced that meme many years ago at Majority Rights, he took a lot of heat for it. It seems too fantastical and science-fiction-ey and larpy and try-hard pretend.

    But you watch, you wait and see. It’s absolutely necessary for citizens aka zookeepers to be held to account by their fellow citizen zookeepers. What other mechanism than Natural Duel, can there be?

    Democracy. What a joke.

  15. Rule of thumb with who is a leftist in current Poland, from my broad ring of acquaintance:

    If you or your parents were well-to-do Communists pre-89, you are now a EU-fellating liberal embarassed of the “ciemnogród” (backwardsville) of traditional Poland. As my parents say: once a traitor, always a traitor.

  16. Sounds like Poland and the US are a lot alike. Only the children of the idle rich could afford to be coddled hipster commies.

  17. Thought this site would enjoy Ronnie Reagan (yes, I know….) in this compilation of har-hars. Just imagine if Trump were to try to do the same. The libs would find it funny at first, but they would flip their lids. ORANGE MAN BAD. WHY HE FUNNY!

  18. It’s disappointing to hear that the more quote unquote upper class Poles would be inclined to the EU.

    On the topic of Gillette. The best most likely hot take is that the people who did and pushed through the campaign are millennial super liberals who are trying to out Green Grocer their millennial super liberal friends, by getting credit for that campaign.

    That is just a guess. Why does Gillette want people avoiding their products now, especially when a lot of their products, and Proctor and Gamble’s, are middle class and UMC family orientated products?

    The retired blogger Ryan Landry pointed out a long time ago, that there be a HUGE NICHE for more explicitly White friendly business practices.

    Like for instance a suggestion for the “The Facist”, the red supercharged truck that has to be purchased cash up front and runs in silent kill mode.

    On the Sailer thread on this topic of Gillette, it’s rather comical to see that people have such passion for talking on their grooming habits. It’s like ffs, I figured out how to shave a long time ago. The trick is really to shave twice.

    Funnily enough, that “wisdom” was passed down through the halls of high school in the 1980s, in preparation for prom night. I kid you not. That’s when you were supposed to look your best and that was part of the deal: shave twice, kid. (It wasn’t yet necessary to trim your nose hairs at that age.) But for some of us, it was necessary to shave twice for to get that clean close shave. The point being, that’s still the best quick and dirty method a clean close marriage.

    Also though, the other best method is to go to Portugal and get a shave on the street.

    And also it turns out that NOT brushing your teeth is a thing. As in brushing your teeth might be a whole modern invention on the level of of many other things, like canned food for instance.

  19. — Alright then your car will be in here in ten years.

    — Morning or afternoon?

    — Ten years from now, what difference does it make?!

    — Well the plumber’s coming in the morning.


    That was excellent delivery by Reagan, on that joke about the difficulties of purchasing a car in the old Soviet Union. He comes across as a “likable guy”.

    But what was the deal with his wife?? Without wanting to be unsympathetic (to her, or to them); but come on.

  20. — It’s disappointing to hear that the more quote unquote upper class Poles would be inclined to the EU.

    Only the former Communists, and they are not the better kind of people. Upper class people with a good education who are Catholic and were not (or their parents weren’t) members of the Party pre-1989 are, as a general rule, patriotic in ways that would strike an outsider as extremely Right Wing.

    On an unrelated note, I spent several days in Miami. Not my first time there, no real surprises. Seeing “a different kind of Diversity” there than what’s here around Mordor goes a long way toward confirming that yeah, any which way it sucks. South Beach is a giant souvenir shop with a Third World vibe and Manhattan prices. It coasts on the fumes of its old reputation. The place is ugly. Heard “Despacito” play in one of the places — the song and the video is an idealized tropical world in which brown clappy-jumpy-singy people slither around doing sexual displays (hips, buttocks, and groin), and that’s just how they live. Trash and sewage don’t overflow, the females don’t form matrilocal pigstys, prostitution is not the primary form of barter, and the males don’t shoot and stab each other. That’s because White (or legacy White) oversight of municipal services keeps the trash bins changed, the wastewater infrastructure running, and police on every street corner after a tourist is robbed or two Haitians stab each other and local businesses raise hell to dedicate more cops to the nightlife areas. The only attractive women you’ll see is tourists.

    I had a good time though, the South Beach visit was brief. The Miami area is interesting in its contrast with the mid-Atlantic. Much less female obesity. Almost none, in fact. Also, I noticed that places there cater to our culture, with bars and restaurants, unlike here, playing White music. The overall area is much more mystery meatball, but Whites do a good job of segregating themselves into their own public space.

  21. So Steve King voted for a resolution condemning himself, for something he says he didn’t say.

    I love this country, and representative democracy. / not really

    Because Steve King is the best that we got, and if he wants to make a statement clarifying his position on, oh the future or something, he can take a picture of what someone else said he said and then post it.

    Thx Steve. You are doing your ancestors proud, you are doing White Americans proud because we really can’t make simple statements without being told what they mean by the New York Times.

    Because to do so is beneath us, or above us or something. FTSW [fuck this sucking world]; or as they used to say in Texas: Damn it to Hell!

  22. Miami Beach sounds … interesting. I wish I had the opportunity to go there. In another life, with another soul, with money, and with another physiology that could drink and do coke with hookers; in moderation. Like Jackie Junior in Sopranos, but w/o the life consequences that he faced which meant facedown dead in the snow.

  23. Steve King. I don’t want to play the armchair dissident in this case, as he had stuck out his neck to begin with. Perhaps the Cabal that Anonymous Conservative writes about made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

    If not, his self-disavowal takes us back fifteen years to Lawrence Auster’s never-ending frustration with Right Wing figures who blurt out the truth and then fold under pressure from the Left’s outrage. Net result: a win for the Narrative.

    But not entirely. We’re still in the no-trust phase of the greater Prisoner’s Dilemma. One man does or says something good, nobody joins him. So he dies, goes to prison, loses his job and the clownshow carries on. A scene from a long-ago nature show stayed in my mind. A giant herd of antelopes stood at a riverbank, preparing to do its annual water-crossing. The waters of that river were filled with crocodiles, who waited for their big annual meal. The antelopes were the unstoppable object, the crocodiles the immovable object. The water had to be crossed.

    A skittish antelope dipped its hoof in the water and immediately pulled back. And another and another. Then they waded deeper and jumped back to safe dry land in terror. The mass of antelopes inched toward the riverbank. The crocodiles shifted closer. Then more of the mammals went in — and finally one or two craziest, bravest individuals dive in come hell or high water and more followed, and then the entire thousands-strong herd spilled into the river in one epic splash and churn of the brown waters and passed on to the other side, all but the several trampled and ripped carcasses left to the crocodiles. The difference between man and other social mammals: we remember our heroes.

  24. I quite enjoyed that water-crossing anecdote, PA. One of the best lunches I ever had was a gator sandwich. My crazy grandfather had killed the creature and fried much of it up; with homemade chive aioli sauce. An authentic water-Tyrannosaurus. Just wouldn’t be the same at a restaurant.

  25. Miami Beach sounds … interesting. I wish I had the opportunity to go there.

    That far down in South Florida is hardly recognizable as the USA anymore, it might as well be Bogota.

  26. Off topic. The last Rebel Yell podcast entitled Rebel Yell 117 Serial Killers is good listening.

    The show host Musonius Rufus and his guests knew their topic, which was serial killers. The focused on some major serial killing dudes from the 20th century and then also this French Guy from the 1400’s.

    One observation was that serial killers typical spend a lot of time driving around. Another habit they have is being cop-wannabe-follower types.

    Apparently the current thinking is something along the lines of they are basically psychopaths who don’t feel empathy, with bad childhoods.

    That’s the quick and dirty hot take of the current answer to the question of what makes a serial killer, if I got their summary right. Also, it used to be that sociopaths were psychopaths who weren’t predatory but now sociopaths are covered under the rubric of anti-social personalities.

    In a way though, all that categorization is a bit reductionistic. It’s like yeah, people kill each other. In the old days you couldn’t get away with killing in your larger in-group, but nowadays in our scaled out society it’s easier to get away with, and further there are actually incentives now.

    Lack of empathy and associated bad habits is very much a part of life though, and a part of what drives us forward as animals having to live on this earth consisting of life and death.

  27. Florida has a lot of serial killers. It’s known for that.

    And also a lot of tough guys who are not serial killers, but just rather tough guy characters in a tough guy milieu. And also just a lot of messed up people, and otherwise in desperate shape aka used to be known as desperados. Not to mention the various stages of drug addicts.

    There were two guys featured on that old show America’s Most Wanted, who were wanted for murder. What they did was to arrange to check out a deep sea yacht under the guise of maybe buying it, and went out on the water with the owner. These two guys were brothers and I have to say, that if they wanted to go out with me on my yacht just the three of us, it would raise metaphorically some flags of warning. My amygdalus works fine tyvm.

    But so they went out, and one of the bad guys removed from his duffel a sawed off shotgun and said to the owner of the yacht to jump into the ocean, and then shot him dead and left him for the sharks. Pretty brutal. Then they gassed it out of there and onto the Islands and sold it to someone down there.

    Interestingly enough, that same scam features in Lila, Pirsig’s second book. Phaedrus’ charge, Lila, whom he picked up in a bar in order to dance with and then stick his dick into her well seasoned front-hole, tried to enlist the help of two shady black NY “friends” of hers, who would be better described as accomplices, and their plan was to push him overboard and then sell the boat to some people they knew. It’s worth noting that Pirsig’s tales of adventure are based explicitly truthfully on his life experiences.

    The dark side, the criminal underworld. Those people can come across as sympathetic on television but are better avoided, and ideally in a better world put down.

  28. One other quick note. On Rufus’s show, he brought up the Dark Triad of personality traits. Which Dark Triad is a well worn theme by now, but it’s worth repeating that many people who call themselves psychologists and otherwise consider themselves important, put some stock in it.

    The Dark Triad consists of three things. In no particular order,

    1. Narcissism
    2. Machiavellianism
    3. Psychopathy [*]

    * Can we please put the pronunciation for this word back on the first syllable where it belongs, rather than on the second where it does not? That would great!

    Where was I going with this … Back in the old days CH used to like to espouse or even romanticize these traits as being useful in opening up with front-holers.

    After all. It’s a well known that women like to have adventures, and the couple that with it’s exciting to get raped and killed. Total adrenaline rush, like, to the end!

    But i remember, i remember how on one thread glorifying those Dark Trial personality traits, a bunch of nobody commenters were chiming in with “I am a psychopath” and Matt King was taking them to task.

    I admire Matt’s work there, in spite of his coming down on the side of [… ] well, never mind that for now.

  29. On the off chance of any new readers: I admire Matt’s work there, his taking to task some of the overly enthusiastic womanizers; except for his

    explicitly stated and to my knowledge un-renounced support of involuntary neonatal genital reduction assignment, for boys which is what I call it because that’s what it is.

    With friends like him who needs enemies?

  30. And it’s not just on the level of individual competition within the group and in conditions of scaled-out dystopia, that psychopathy confers an advantage.

    Having it around, to some whatever extent, confers advantage on the group as well, in its competitions with other groups.

    Ideally such condition is kept track of and directed outward. But by its nature it doesn’t want kept track of.


    It is my opinion that a worthwhile hypothesis, is that breeding successfully with and despite diminished genitals, correlates with psychopathy. Ffs look at the jews and the arabs. Those are what caucasians turn into, after breeding for a number of generations in spite of (and because of) their half dicks.

    Not suggesting that that’s the only factor, but to think that it doesn’t effect [no sec], who breeds successfully and who does not, seems unlikely.

    Have I ever told you about this sensitive guy I know who was lying in bed after sex with a nice breedable White woman, and instead of being blissed out, they were kind of feeling like something was missing. That’s just an apocryphal story though (it’s not).

    Nb4 Any such difficult modeling of such hypothesis, has to account for how much of the population is so afflicted with the condition in question

    Nb4 I have no pretenses toward being able to even articulate the necessary hypotheses and their variables; HOWEVER it is absurd that it’s not ever even considered as a factor in how people reproduce; and its effects on their lifestory

  31. Nb4 “Poor Me”

    Here is some good trivia. David Chase wanted to name his series that, instead of Sopranos. / no joke

  32. — I admire Matt’s work there, his taking to task some of the overly enthusiastic womanizers

    From year-one, I’ve always disliked commenters there who pretended to be womanizer but clearly weren’t. Their comments were this put-on mix of nigger-morality and affectations of callousness, without the kind of wit or savior faire a womanizer would have. And loads of transparently fake DHVs. One such long comment was posted there today, about how he bangs married women because (get ready for this!) — women are hypergamous!

  33. Comment at CH this morning by Akuma:

    “What is stopping you from getting rid of all the non-whites and taking power in your country?”

    White women, ZOG and LEO, Laws on the Books, The Gamma Warren, NPCs (in the form of Gangstalking) and 4GW.
    Let me explain below.

    Any White Man that is illuminated to the horror that has beseiged his homelands is subjected a flurry of of gangstalking attacks by the NPC horde (what the psychs call Paranoid Schizophrenia as experienced by the Patient) is subjected to a flurry of micro-shit tests by White Women and Gammas. Once you understand that Feminism is a civilizational shit test you will see it everywhere. The White Women will also sense that you know and employ every tactic to get a violent response in collusion with their mino male “friends”.

    Ive been subjected this tactic everywhere from the gym, to the smoking area at the bar, the bar itself, the work environment, and even the line at the convenience store. Which harkens back to Gangstalking. The NPCs are robotically reacting to someone their AI narrative programing has identified as a threat. Even before you speak. You’re forced to deal with tactical dilemmas in every milleu in the current year. Hence why the study of 4GW is so important. If you dont believe me go to one of your local haunts and shout nigger.

    The White Women know what they stand to lose if White Men marched into the streets. No protection from ZOG and its agents. No more laws on the books that act as a barrier to perserving the Feminist Hegemony. No more manipulating the Alphas who are to spineless to point out whats going on. They will also lose the domestic sphere protection of Gamma apologists.

    Second to last paragraph is to the point that I like to complain about, as in “Shit tests all the way down.”

    Here in the domesticated living environments of urban and suburban America, in other words everywhere except manly work zones; it’s a coffee klatsch and don’t you be thinking about stepping up.

    Or if you do want to look and act as a man, be ready for the shit tests because they will be coming your way fast and furious.

    It’s hard to complain about them without revealing your own dissatisfaction and disgrace, really, with your station in life. I was meant to be out in the wilderness like a real man but instead live in the suburbs. So go the grocery store and stand in a confident way; and watch the dissatisfied women freak the fuck out and do everything they can to knock you off your perch.

  34. Sorry for missing the blockqoute tag up there, thx for correcting it.

    I am out of it, and am trying to step back from compulsive internet behavior which includes too much screen time and commenting.

    But this complaint wants said, on the theme above, of White women and their tiresome tiresome shit testing.

    The complaint is: Women taking what they think is their prerogative of a shit test, but when you want nothing to do with their front-hole!

    It’s like Bitch you don’t get to shit test me; respect the public space and be quiet!

    But and here’s the thing: the Public Space is a VACUUM

    But that’s the bitter pill of this gay place. Every woman you come into contact with, including the old hens at the grocery store or at the non-manly gym, broadcasting their aged permutated once womanly prerogative. My perception of this behavior of theirs, is that it’s anti-social and rude. Effrontery it might have been called, back in ye old days when there were standards.

    How ironic is that the old days were more well mannered.

    The form of such behavior that gets on my skin, is the CACKLING

    These women and their CACKLING. They think what they are doing is a robust version of self assertion and robust laughter, or something.

    It’s just another shit test though. Oh look at that nub who would be a man, get him!

  35. Nb4 on the personal, the solution is to avoid places that are too feminated; aka the mall, the grocery, the cafe, the gym; jobs in retail; jobs at Encorpera: these things comprise a short list of places to be avoided as they are too feminated

    As high agency player characters, this lesson is consciously learned by now. (for most of us methinks, and except perhaps for those demented lovable funlovers wanting to more extensively suffer the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia wherein everyone is out to get you; except for those poor sodden souls, we get it by now!)

    But on the macro. Such strategy of avoidance does nothing for the social problem of who gets to influence things like such as where are we going?

  36. @PA

    The long stretches along the Gulf Coast, on the other hand, are like time travel to 1963.


    The entirety of the Florida Keys is extremely white, same going northwards along the (West) Florida gulf coast from Marco Island through Sarasota – even Tampa metro is only something like 7% black. The Tampa/St Petersburg area is one of the few areas I’ve seen in the South where poor whites live urban in big numbers. (a lot of them are lower end retirees, though – the type who retire to trailer/RV parks rather than fancier condo complexes or villas)

    From there northward to the panhandle and around the “curve” of Florida are the only highly white areas below Washington DC that are NOT in the mountains/foothills.

  37. On the word, feminated.

    The original Red Zone usage of this unusual but colorful word form, is by Simon Sheppard, of Heretical. For any younger readers, he was a dissident thought leader from England, about 20 years ago and had to go to prison for his bad thoughts.

    He wrote very compellingly about Shit Tests. His complaining on the subject was pretty definitive. He is out of prison and let’s hope doing alright. I don’t know what he’s up to now.

    He gets credit for a famous aphorism that goes something like, Men get credit for the women that they bed; women get credit (status) for the men they reject.

    He used “feminated” to describe men who were on the regular having area-to-area congress with women, as opposed to those who were not and were thus un-feminated.

    A link to his historical essays detailing these ever crucial dynamics might would go here but alas!

    My usage of the word was not in that sense; it was used to simply mean feminized.

  38. “…it’s a coffee klatsch and don’t you be thinking about stepping up.”

    Step up with asking about their perfume (existent or not) while austerely sipping a good Chambord w/ cacao-nibbed espresso. Even if in the feminized phosphorescence of a local grocer.

    “…the CACKLING…”

    They are cackling at your maidenly and draconian sobriety, elk. It’s time you ‘nubbed’ at a round-bottom pocket flask at your AA meetings, blasé & convexly refreshed.

  39. The Dissident Right including yours truly: Meme-ing trucks of love into existence since last week.

    Toyota appears to have “cornered the market” on trucks of love, though it is yet to be known when they will release our specially long awaited model The Facist, available only in red and cash upfront.

    For now, the Tundra will have to do.

    Observe some expert level driving. The driver who is unfortunately Mexican goes into his swerve to take out one of the pieces of shit and does so, and then swerves right perfectly around the bollard and drives on, no damage to his beloved truck.

    Batty Roy covers the action at Daily Stormer. This is the age-restricted video to watch:

  40. One such long comment was posted there today, about how he bangs married women because (get ready for this!) — women are hypergamous!

    Yeah that thread, Colostomy Girls, is pretty out of control.

    Anal sex. Married women. Prolapsed anuses.

    Which of these three is not like the others?

    Oh wait — you mean they all goes together? FFs I can’t keep up!

    At least I am no longer the only commenter over there anymore, condemning circumcision, which also comes up on that thread. As we say in AA Progress not perfection

  41. One sure sign of a fake alpha on such threads is the heavyhanded way in which he insists that “all women are like that” while in paradox with his heterosexuality, expressing palpable hatred of the female sex. And like with all trolls or just damaged men, he delivers the bad news with glee.

    (Greg Eliot toes that line a bit in black pilling on Trump. No shit, jackass. I am picking up on your glee. And I know that the wall isnt built yet. Can you shut the fuck up though while the rest of us, who arent the Polyanna retards that in your obtusity you hold us to be, indulge in a bit of Heartiste-hosted cheer?)

    Back to women. Anyone with any experience with women knows as an axiom, that women are on a spectrum across all of their qualities. And if someone “corrects” me with “but hypergamy!”, I shrug him off as I would shrug off a person who tells me that the sun rises in the east.

    Of course they are hypergamous! Of course they have their feral nature! No kidding. So do men.

  42. Some saw “radical sexual autonomy” in the works, but dare not speculate the next radical step for fear of making real what was still unreal in the minds of the masses. Abstractly, some can go to the very last radical step. Final Liberation. Those who cross can’t swear by their act. Mundanely, they deny the desire for self-annihilation. “We” witness the “colostomy bag” and know even better. In rejection is (P)erfection. Progress not (p)erfection is the alcoholic’s anonymous confession. So for those who “preach” and don’t reach that place of self-abasement, the next radical step is desire for (S)upremacy. An “elite” that teaches anti-(S)upremacy is dead. The most successful result a mass self-annihilation. No sane white man should rejoice! Victory by default is jew-nigger.

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