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Why the Boomer-bashing? For one, that’s how anger works itself out. To a Boomer commenter at Chateau Heartiste named Jim (not the NRx blogger known by that name), whose motivational speech begins with “I don’t owe young men anything” and includes a boast about his divorce, a Millennial reader replies:

There’s a lot to unpack here and I haven’t read all the comments or the root of this comment from Jim but I’ll give a dissident millennials retort.

I doubt you do owe us anything Jim, and some of your fellow boomers to add, who very well represent the best of their generation. However, I owe you nothing and can comfortably toss the failures of my generation at your generation’s feet. Let’s not forget, dad, you are the ones who raised us. You stood idly by while Ted Kennedy, his minions, and their scum successors undid the world you were allowed to be born and raised in. Your observations are accurate and the shortcomings you recognize are aptly noted. However, your last paragraph needs to be crux of your thought, not a final, passing notion.

[Jim’s last paragraph: “But then, we didn’t have ‘smart phones’, liberal-based CATV and 16 years of SJW training, K-12 and 4 at college like a Millennial. Maybe that’s where they’re hamstrung and THAT I can’t help them with other than to say to throw off the yoke, don’t get married and get a motorcycle. That would at least be a start.”]

The Stephen Paddocks of the world are the ones who allowed for the monstrosities of today to be born and reared. Boomers have been busy fattening their defined benefit plans on my generations back, buying up all the prime properties so that my generation must live in cubicle size rentables owned by foreign interests, and chasing waifus from distant lands while your ex-wives brow beat and torment us. You forgot to keep your home, our home, in order. It’s not YOUR fault, but it’s not MINE either. We are victims of our existence. Born at the worst time under the worst conditions. Generation Z has protection, in the form of Donald Trump and the vanguard of the Alt-Right, which as I’m sure you are aware of, is made up of yes, you guessed it mostly millennials. Millennials didn’t have that; we had to navigate the world on our own with no guidance and boomers like you telling us to get off our ass and do something in a world that hates us and actively works against us.

You aren’t wrong when you say many of us have no accomplishments nor care to seek any; but there are among us many eager to earn such accolades, to make up for lost time, to live in a way that wasn’t allotted to us. Millennials like myself have lived in a world with no peace, we have been guilty from birth of our heritage and our mere existence as true heritage Americans makes us enemies of the state. We have been in a state of war all our life, a cultural war, where no one like Trump stood up for us. We were truly on our own. And you are surprised we turned to video games and iphones? We can’t even go to Starbucks or look on our iphones without being exposed to the world’s contempt for our existence. Yes, the worst of the world is among us, but just by chance maybe the best of the world is also among us as well, lying beneath our shamed exteriors desperately waiting for an opportunity to act and earn those accomplishments you talk about.

Before you lose hope in us millennials let me say that the world’s contempt, in addition to apathy, laziness, and weakness, is creating other traits in millennials like anger, which leads to hate, which leads to violence (taking action). I think you will be surprised who steps up from my generation when the time comes and what that looks like. No one thought Octavian would become Caesar Augustus. He, like us was a sickly youth, who in time took action and created the greatest civilization the world had known.

Yes, Generation Z will be the shock troops, however, don’t be surprised if they are led by people from my generation. We have the most to prove, and I believe, the most to gain, a world we heard about and saw in a not so distant past. There are ones among us who have had experiences like yours and aren’t just finger pointing do nothings.

I’m prepared to accept my generations faults and shortcomings, but honestly it seems boomers refuse to accept theirs.

Back to me, PA. Once Boomers pass, the wrath of the young may well turn toward us, GenX. That’s how anger works itself out. But we will accept their scorn because unlike Boomers, we accept our part of the blame. We saw evil, we flinched, we never forgave ourselves for that. We have none of the arrogance of our parents’ generation. And pretty much by the time we turned twenty, we abandoned our expectations of ‘having it all’ that Boomers will cleave on to to their last day.

Economically, we’ll be in the same boat as the maturing Generation Zyklon and their children, no damning appearance of burning through their inheritance. So I don’t foresee a similar kind of Xer-bashing or even Millennial-bashing when our respective generations become old.

PS: Is there a word for nostalgia for things that are still here? Part of me will miss Boomers when they are gone. The heart softens when recalling long-ago images of when they were young and vigorous, we trusted them, and their undying cheerfulness wasn’t out of sync with the world around us.

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  2. Not much to disagree with in the article.

    I have neen saying this for decades that at some point, the generational worm will turn and it’ll get ugly.

    Millennials should understand that there was and continues to be an entire cultural movement that has been pushing and supporting the attitudes displayed in the article, but were drowned out by media and academic scorn.

    That knowledge and values are and always have been there for you to pick up, most of us old geezers will help, but not lead. That you’ll have to learn yourself.

  3. “Is there a word for nostalgia for things that are still here?”

    A couple: “ichor poignancy.”

    As a ‘millennial’ myself, I nautically endorse that young commenter’s Sailor’s sanguine aspiration. Just as a virtuoso violinist’s talents are crucially enabled by the abdomen and legs, the legacy of my generation will stem from the smoldering ‘rami’ — the sturdy and smoldering bulwark branches — that limb determinedly beneath the more frivolous fronds of the crop’s peculiar collective.

    The future’s skiff hankers deciduously for Action!

  4. I forgot about that prize-winning “letter to the parents” post.

    Part of me will miss Boomers when they are gone. The heart softens when recalling long-ago images of when they were young and vigorous, we trusted them, and their undying cheerfulness wasn’t out of sync with the world around us.

    Yes, as discussed a short while ago in the “Mellencamp” thread, for all their sins the Boomers are a fading link to a past that was safe and comforting. That’s why I’ve become more fond of their music.

  5. Well, to be fair, the Boomer generation was reared by the Greatest generation, so plenty of blame to go around. Problem with the Boomers is they just can’t let go to create room for the next generation to take over. They have passed their sell-by date. Nature will take care of it in the long run, but GenX will have only a fraction of the time Boomers had to correct what they can, and from the numbers I’m seeing, there are not enough red-pilled GenXers, Millenials or Zs around to make a sufficient impact. Maybe a true civilizational crisis will change that, but it would take something of biblical proportions – on the order of dogs and cats living together.

  6. While I don’t know much about the genocide in Cambodia, I’ve heard a few commentators say that it was really all about intergenerational rage – followers of Pol Pot slaughtering the older people. Politics was the excuse, but not the essence. Basically, that was what the killing was all about after you wipe away all the political crap layered on top. Maybe some of you here know more about the history of that era in Cambodia.

    Maybe we have to raise our kids better, or maybe it’s some kind of genetic thing coming to rest, I don’t know. But there’s a saying, “When everyone [i.e., just about everyone] is doing the same thing, it’s not their fault. ”

    So all this younger-blaming-the-older is a giant mistake. Every generation inherits traditions and thinking but they don’t want to make the effort to sort out the good from the bad. All generations are guilty of that narrowness.

    PS. I’m a Boomer, tho not one of the earliest ones. I do recall a certain amount of sanity compared to today – but I also recall how my elders (born 1920s and 30s) just wanted to have their own way in all things, a continuation of the good parts of their own early lives (stability and predictability) combined with the comforts brought about after WW II. My parents’ and grandparents’ generations were most certainly not given over to self-reflection, never mind self-criticism. They were born constricted and wanted to stay that way.

    So, it just curls my toes when I hear calls from the prowhite crowd about a return to Tradition. Yah, right, folks. Trust me – the Universe always has other plans for you. 🙂 The spoils go to the flexible. Always.

  7. How about a link to Chateau’s piece?

    [I had that “Millennial’s Retort” in my drafts for something like a year, and just added my own commentary yesterday. Alas didn’t save the link for the original Heartiste comments thread. — PA]

    Before I go, this “Jim” fellow should be beaten to a damn pulp.

    I’m a 64 year-old “Boomer” and I owe my children and grandchildren (four kids, eleven grandkids and counting) a decent, moral, functional civilization. I owe the young men in those generational cohorts advice and training and my wife (of 39 years come May) owes the same to the younger women. And we, never married to any other and clearly not divorced, indeed give it and do so willingly.

    1 Timothy 5:8 – But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith, and is worse than an unbeliever (infidel).

    I’ll beat his ass myself and do so joyfully and with a righteous spirit the entire time. “Jim” is a lover of self; a destroyer rather than a builder. It’s assholes like him that have made bleak the future of those who have come from my loins, those whom I love. As ass-kicking King David said in Psalms 139:22 – “I hate them with perfect hatred: They are become mine enemies.”

    I’m a “Hater” and I’m good at it.

    That said, to the “Boomer Haters” out there it is important that you understand the following.

    “My voice but a whisper, your deafness a shout.” – from “Thick as a Brick” by Jethro Tull (’72)

    Everything that hit that generation was a product of social engineering, just like yours regardless of whether you are an X’er, Millenial or from “Z.” Virtually everything that influenced them was set in place by the “Greatest” and “Silent” generations – socially, academically, culturally, economically. For that matter, the two seemingly worshipped generations that preceeded the Boomers had certain circumstances set in place for them by generations that never were given identifying monikers. After all, when was The Federal Reserve and the Income Tax put in place?

    1913, when the so-called “Greatests” were kids and the “Silents” were not even yet born.

    The Frankfurt School and it’s destructive effects on social science academia? In the 1930’s. So-called “Equal Rights”, the deracination of this country and the onset of “Second Wave Feminism?” 1950’s. The 1965 Hart-Cellar Immigration Act? 1965. All done by Greatests and Silents, well before Boomers could vote on a damn thing. The oldest of the Boomers couldn’t vote until 1967 (the voting age was 21 back then) and even if they knew anything besides what they had been taught (ringing a bell here?) by the “teachers” from the Greatests and Silents, what difference does the vote of a single year of a demographic cohort mean?


    Who was importing the drugs back then? Greatests and Silents. Are you so stupid you think teenagers were international drug smugglers? Who introduced The Pill in 1960? Greatests/Silents. Who legalized abortion in 1973? Greatests and Silents. Rock and Roll? Greatests and Silents (Google up Dave McGowan’s series “Inside the L.C.” for a mind-blower on that topic, folks). Who led the “Counter-Culture” of the 1960’s? Not Boomers. It was Greatests and Silents. Check the ages of “The Chicago Seven” for a wake-up call, not to mention those running the SDS and The Black Panthers back then. Acid-Guru Timothy Leary was born in 1920, people. The folks who created the underground cells in 12 different major cities to to spread and begin the move to “normalize” and then legalize homosexuality set that up network up in the 1950’s and one of them was good old “Grandpa Walton” from “The Walton’s” television series.

    Not Boomers.

    And who owned those movie studies and the televison networks introduced the filth on the screen? And the radio stations which played that “Rock and Roll?” Profit-seeking, cultural “Change Agents” form the “Greatest” and “Silent” generations. Who started to mainstream “Porn?” Hugh Hefner was born in 1926 and the first “Playboy Magazine” hit the stands “unnamed” in December of 1953. It sold so well to Greatests and Silents during the ’53 “Christmas Season” that the January of 1954 issue came out with the name “Playboy” emblazoned on its cover. I wasn’t even born yet and the rest is history.

    During all of this the Boomers were literally nothing but kids, most not even a part of the late ’60’s “cultural revolution”, it the peak of a wave created “by others” quite deliberately built to crash the edifice of this civilization hard onto shore.

    “The tidal destruction, the moral melee…” – from “Thick as a Brick” by Jethro Tull (1972)

    (P.S. Note that there were a mere three television netorks plus perhaps PBS during that era, depending on where you lived. There was no “cable” or satellite television. There was no “internet” and no way to communicate viewpoints and/or observations contrary to what the gods of the media, academia and government wanted you to know/think. Use your tools and do so wisely.)

  8. There is a great amount of people born between 1945-1965 that worked their ass off and raised their families. That’s the first point that people should remember. The media has long promoted this fantasy that every teenager in the 60s was a hippie that protested Vietnam. I know more boomers who weren’t that stereotype than I do those who would fall into that category. The hippie boomer does exist, but to the extent they do, I believe it’s mainly a coastal phenomenon (New York/California).

    My uncle was born in 1950. Was drafted and served in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. Came out after his time in and worked at a steel factory on a swing shift for 40 years until his retirement several years ago. I knew him to own only two trucks since I’ve been alive–a late 80s Ford Ranger that he drove until the engine blew and a 2004 Ford F-150–which he still drives. I can go down the list of boomer relatives in my family tree and they all have similar life arcs.

    They are frustratingly hard headed on issues of race/demographic/culture as a rule, but I think that has more to do with the brainwashing in media/education. It’s just been around longer than we think. They probably placed too much emphasis on working and the “two income” household and endless divorces all but set the stage for the current crisis in the family.

  9. The commentary was written by a clueless (self proclaimed) “millennial” who spent himself into oblivion (going into heavy debt) attending a college to receive a worthless degree… and now the only job they can get is at Starbucks.

    Let me open a can of “whaaaaaaam” for you pal.

    I am a baby-boomer, I operate a small business which fixes machinery used in auto shops and some of my clients are tech-schools. At these tech schools (automotive) there are dozens of dummies like this millennial who are returning to school to actually learn ‘something’ after they received one of these worthless, feel good “air degrees” from universities. I even see some goofballs with MBA’s and law degrees who cannot find a job, going back to school to learn how to turn a screw and do something productive other than CGI for gaming or shuffling papers around on a desk.

    Advice to millennial types… wake up and smell the coffee. Learn how to do something actually productive and realize that everything you’ve been taught in the government school system was a lie.

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  11. Is Boomer Bashing fair? On an individual basis, not always. How an individual reacts to such ‘bashing’ tells a bit about himself though.

    It just now occurred to me, what if this inter-generational anger isn’t rooted in economics or accidents of history, but is at its core anger over deracination, with Boomers pointed-to as the party that had cut us off from our roots.

    Post-War prosperity and life in a big, prosperous, peaceful, beautiful, White country let that happen. Boomers were the first generation to start moving far from home in large numbers. This of course accelerated with subsequent generations. Traditionally, the family reunited at grandma’s house for Thanksgiving and Christmas because she stayed in her hometown while her children grew up and moved far:

    I met a man who lives in Tennessee, and he was headin’ for
    Pennsylvania and some homemade pumpkin pie
    From Pennsylvania folks are travellin’
    Down to Dixie’s sunny shore
    From Atlantic to Pacific
    Gee the traffic is terrific!

    Now, Boomer grandparents are in Florida or some other warm clime, and who the hell can afford multiple airline tickets during peak-travel season to follow them there.

    And then, the divorce epidemic that exploded with Boomers. Thanks, Governor Reagan. Parental divorce might well be the defining formative scar of GenX (my parents didn’t divorce). Add to it Boomers’ flight from country and flight from urban neighborhoods to suburbs — which are essentially unprotected White Flight refugee camps — and then moving from place to place as their kids had to sever their formative friendships because Boomer parents were following their careers…

    Of course, in some cases the geographic mobility was fueled by greed, but in may other cases it was fueled by Civil Rights, national economic policies, and immigration. Sucks to be hated for that but life’s not fair.

    All of that accelerated with subsequent generations. But those same subsequent generations also identified the problem as they return to Tradition aka the AltRight aka nationalism.

  12. Shinmen Takezo @ 1202,

    Thank you for your remarks.

    Myself, I have dealt with the whining, fat (literally), undisciplined, sniveling millennial types for many years. They are self-centered, lack respect for others and are extremely lazy. Blaming their lack of responsibility and motivation on another generation. While they themselves have chosen to be inept and disinterested in living life. When was the LAST time you saw boys playing a sandlot game of football or baseball ? How many go knocking on the doors of their neighborhood contemporaries to “come out and play some basketball” ? The fatsos are too busy playing with XBOX to entertain themselves with physical activity.

    In my former career I had a millennial moron who didn’t know how to lace a pair of boots. And this waste of oxygen was an alleged, 2nd year engineering student ! Better hope this loser doesn’t engineer a bridge. I’ve been flabbergasted by millennial misfits who could not correctly spell their middle name because “I never use it”.

    I could go on and on regarding millennials, especially the emasculated and feminized male of the species. However, the female version is not without sin. They’re too busy trying to be a “man” rather than wanting to marry a man, bear children and raise a family.

    Rather than blame their self-induced failures on another generation, perhaps the millennial generation will someday awaken to the fact that they themselves are responsible for developing their lives and fortunes. Not those who came before them.

  13. “Dirtnapninja | January 10, 2019 at 9:50 am
    The Boomers were given paradise. And they pissed it away. All of it.”

    Bring it, sonny. Letz fight among ourselves endlessly, that’ll show em.

    The power and narrative then were sufficient to the times, just as the power and narrative are sufficient to these times. Some small and similarly ineffective minority then were trying in vain to wake people up. Sound familiar?

    Shove it up your whiny ass.

  14. Shinmen Takezo- you just can’t help it can you? Even when it’s spelled out for you, you still can’t help but be a selfish, arrogant asshole. Me, me, me. Typical Boomer. Just hurry and die already.

  15. As a boomer born in 1953 I have to blame my parents’ generation for a lot of crazy shit that went on after WW2. They put LBJ in office. The Hart-Celler Act was passed when I was twelve. MLK was shot when I was just a teen and had to dodge the black kids, a majority in school. I hated the world I grew up in and had to struggle for the position I have now. I think that a lot of rot set in during the Greatest Generation, and that rot, whatever the cause, definitely continued and grew, and affected the Boomers. I love Trump, and I hope that he succeeds, but I don’t think that we are going to vote our way out of this.

  16. It’s stupid to blame another generation for the problems we’re facing. It accomplishes nothing except to make hard feelings among people who need to pull together. Boomers are a product of the times and culture they grew up in, same as Gen-X, Millennials, Gen-Z, Silents, Greatest, etc. If you’d been born in Boomer times, you’d have been like them too. And if you’d been born a Millennial, you’d be like they are.

    The situation isn’t really anybody’s fault. It is simply evolving as it had to. Why did the Jewish congressman who sponsored the 1965 immigration act in the house do so? Because it made sense from his perspective. Why were his ancestors allowed in the country to lead to such trouble? Because of the circumstances of that time. How is that any generation’s fault? How can you blame people for being a product of their times and not accurately foretelling the future?

    I understand young peoples’ anger at Boomers…how could they not have seen what would be the result of the stupid left-wing policies that led us here? Well, how can there be so many young white men now who can see much more clearly how bad things are for white men, and yet will actually go join Antifa and work to completely dispossess white men like themselves? Who is the bigger idiot, an idealistic young Boomer white man in a 92% white America in 1965 working for Civil Rights, or a young Millennial white man in a 60%-and-shrinking-fast white America in 2019 wearing a mask and beating another white man for being a “racist” because he doesn’t want America to become nonwhite?

    Can someone explain these young white male Antifa idiots to me? Do they not understand that they are white men too, and will be chewed up and spit out by nonwhites the same as the “racist” white men they work so hard against?

  17. The malaise suffered by the Boomer generation is nothing new in human history, it’s called decadence.

    As soon as people become safe and secure and the need to fight, organize and hold together falls away your society can become soft, feminized and foolish. With Northern Europeans it’s what caused them to let their natural altruism go off the rails, along with their pity for less capable peoples, who they assumed could succeed in the modern world if simply given access to it.

    With millennials they’ve never had to spend a single day concerned with their safety or security and haven’t had cause to consider the 1-year consequences of a single one of their actions, let alone what will happen 2-3 generations down the road.

    Just like the old-timers said when we were kids and you saw someone doing something stupid and you ask “why is he doing that?”.

    “Because he can” is the obvious answer.

    [Good to see you back, man! – PA]

  18. — As soon as people become safe and secure and the need to fight, organize and hold together falls away your society can become soft, feminized and foolish.

    The infuriating tragedy is for those people whose conditions are harsh and they are either struggling with them or just overcame them… but their comfortable/decadent and more powerful compatriots or fellow Westerners attack them.

    Examples would be Americans who lost their hinterland jobs to NAFTA, having to hear smug pontification of coastal upper middle classes. And the biggest one, the infamy of the 20th century: Serbs who had overcome the Ottomans, German invasion, decades of Tito’s tyranny, and Albanian/Muslim gangsterim finally kick ass and expel unwanted people from their ancestral land only to get bombed by the degenerate Bill Clinton and NATO.

  19. Can someone explain these young white male Antifa idiots to me?

    Much has been written on that question.

    A quick and easy hot take is that the young white males in question, get status from behaving in such manner, and that’s why they do it.

    The social structures that those people find themselves in, encourage that behavior. But the status that they get is not what it’s cracked up to be because …

    As goes the well known and long running joke, the women in said milieu would rather a handsome right wing Chad.

    R and K selection theory explains it that there are two different mating strategies, for individuals within the same group. You can be a rabbit or a wolf, and it is wise to choose that which fits your profile.

    As populations have become softer and more domesticated, as do all with a growing dependence on civilization, there are more rabbits and less wolves.

    The rabbit versus wolf thing, is not a full explanation though, it’s just a factor that is involved. It has some problems, as an explanation. Quite simply, we’re neither rabbits nor wolves; it’s more accurate to compare us to a domesticated animal such as a dog.

  20. To add to what Elk said, Antifa males are in many cases drug addicts and other marginal types. often paid to attend those rallies. The former claim (unhealthy lowest strata males) is backed by various police mug shots I’ve seen on Twitter and Gab. For the latter claim, Soros sponsorship, I’ve seen screenshots of Craigslist ads for pay-by-hour activism.

    Antifa is very new in the United States. It’s been around in Europe for a long time, dating back to Communists in Weimar Germany and in various ways legitimized by the East German government.

  21. I tend to the view that classifying people by birth year is as silly as the Marxist practice of classifying them by income level.

    Recency bias is real; most people believe that if something hasn’t happened in their vicinity in their lifetime, it cannot happen ever. For all Americans living today, civil war, megadeath pandemic, hyperinflation, and famine are things seen on the History Channel and sometimes CNN, not outside your front window. Except for a few survivalist nutters, we float through life assuming things will always be as they are now.

  22. >boomers: “you have to go to college to get a good job, you don’t want to end up flipping burgers, do you?
    >also boomers: “by the way we jacked up tuition costs 5000% over what we paid for college, go ahead and take on $60,000 of debt”
    >also boomers: “what, you’re too good to flip burgers because you have a degree? What lazy whiners you are!”

    And you wonder why we hate you?

  23. “As soon as people become safe and secure and the need to fight, organize and hold together falls away your society can become soft, feminized and foolish. With Northern Europeans it’s what caused them to let their natural altruism go off the rails…”

    Much of that ‘need to fight, organize and hold together’ has proven soluble in the rubbery bayou of distractions that the automobile has gratingly convoyed into consciousness. All hail the mule-heaved road wagon! Travel itself, including regional, might not hold together without the purposeful jogtrot of gloomy yearlings re-commanding the tobacco-notched streets.

    “…And now he’s poppin’ the piano just to raise the price
    Of a ticket to the land of the free
    Well, he say his home’s in Frisco where they send the rice
    But it’s really in Tennessee…”
    —Hoagy Carmichael, Hong Kong Blues

  24. — “by the way we jacked up tuition costs 5000% over what we paid for college, go ahead and take on $60,000 of debt”

    Also, Boomers bought a house in a White neighborhood on one modest income, financed life’s major expenses on rising equity, and sold it thirty years later for a fortune. GenX and later: go house-poor in a marginal area, throw $30K into improvements, watch the resale value tank. Those are extreme but representative examples.

    The home value example is analogous across all areas of comparison between Boomers and their descendants. Cost of education, barriers to entry in the job market… even women — by my twenties, cute girls were plentiful and fun to party with but good luck, at 23 in the mid-1990s, finding one who has good character and wants to get married. By Millennials’ time, holy shit, the obesity epidemic.

    Those are macroeconomics, not any one Boomer’s individual fault. Where they get individual and collective contempt is for outbursts like “hahaha your student loan debt for a worthless degree!”

    Motherfucker. Who guided a 17 year old Millennial to go to college and get that stupid degree. Who had every door open for him just for having that BA in basketweaving.

    Particular to the Mordor area… then: Boomer with a fluff degree or a few years of military service cakewalks his way to a fedgov job in 1970. Retires with benefits, gets a sweet deal at a Fortune 500 firm. Now: Affirmative Action, H1B, and entrenched nonwhite mid-level management = White men need not apply.

    Overarching point: no GenXer or Millennial would begrudge Boomers the fortuitous accident of their birth. Further, we know that they had their problems too. What we slam them on is their arrogance and their entitlement.

    — Much of that ‘need to fight, organize and hold together’ has proven soluble in the rubbery bayou of distractions that the automobile has gratingly convoyed into consciousness.

    Flight is cheaper than fight, especially when the government is your enemy.

  25. “… even women — by my twenties, cute girls were plentiful and fun to party with but good luck, at 23 in the mid-1990s, finding one who has good character and wants to get married.”

    I don’t suppose the young males at the time had anything to do with all those girls developing a poor character. You know – those girls were having sex without the involvement of young men in their 20s.

    [Weak boomer dads and divorce-happy boomer moms also had nothing to do with raising bad daughters. — PA]


    [Ending a point with a “LOL” makes men not respect you.]

  26. Late boomer here.
    As is the case across all discussions, post hoc logical fallacy looms large.

    To me, people act in ways that are utterly determined by the then-current position in the Grand Cycle. Each generation acts due to the conditions they experienced as young adults. People who were young adults during the Great Depression exhibited behaviors peculiar to that experience, those who attained adulthood in the post-war boom displayed behaviors peculiar to that, and so on.

    Just as no snowflake feels (or really IS) responsible for the avalanche, no one I know of my (or any) generation happily ramped higher the cost of higher ed, of medical services, or the metastasizing evil that is SJW-Leftist Cultism.

    As individuals we can be wise or stupid, impulsive or controlled, imaginative or herd-animal conformist. But as groups we exhibit the utterly mindless behavior of an insect in a hive.

    I raised my sons well. I insured none graduated college with debt, because I knew (from MY experience) that debt was a trap. I encouraged them all to BEAT THE UNIVERSITIES at their own game, and each did in his own way. So frankly, FUCK YOU if you were too stupid (or your father was too much the herd animal) to see a way around standing line with the other sheep while you got fleeced for that B.A. in Romance Languages. My sons were told that the world would crush them if they didn’t see each step on their path, from late-grade-school onward, as a staircase they needed to CLIMB to become self-sufficient and self-supporting. They were TAUGHT self-control, forcefully. I openly ridiculed the stupid things that their peers did, showing them just how STUPID were those who believed Life is one long period of adolescence.

    That said, my sons are still products of this insane society in which we live. They don’t value or nurture their possessions half as much as I think they should, because they only know this time of Plenitude. It’s not really their fault, they don’t know what it’s like to struggle (I was the last cohort alive today who knows what it was like to have the world shit on you year after year, because the last real recession that mattered was when I graduated college and couldn’t find a job, any job, at the point of a gun, and then eventually bought cars and a house when interest rates were 15% or more, something no “kid” grasps today.) I worry that my sons will be ill-prepared when this Plenitude-on-a-credit-card comes to an end and they, too, will have to struggle. But that’s the way things are, no sense in whining about it.

    For those younger people who hate boomers, take heart. If (BIG IF) the trend change is finally upon us, those who are 55+ will be Ground Zero for the volcanic eruption that’s coming. Older people are extremely ill-prepared for what I think is baked into the cake (complete evaporation of pensions, 401(k)’s, and all the wealth people think they own in the debt markets.) The last 50 years have been a vast party, and no one partied harder than Boomers. I suspect that a vast number of them will be literally killed by the metaphorical hangover.

  27. “America’s values are expressed in our founding documents…” – sad Steve King

    He is unfamiliar with the original United States Naturalization Law of March 26, 1790 (1 Stat. 103), which limited naturalization to immigrants who were free White persons of good character.

    The so-called “Civic Nationalism” is an expression I dislike because it’s neither civic nor nationalist. Those who avow it, especially in such a bombastic and slogan-heavy way, are ensuring that the Left’s attacks on them will intensify and support on the Right will erode.

  28. The comments at the twitter include this question:

    Why are there quote marks around his own words in his own statement that he, himself, is announcing on Twitter?

    He doesn’t win by disavowing “white nationalism and white supremacy”. Now he gets it from both sides. As Vox Day noticed long ago, when someone disavows they simply get attacked harder.

    I don’t follow politics and King specifically well enough to know his thoughts and feelings; actually on second thought the picture of his statement is where he is at.

    What a disappointment.

    On the boomer question. They simply need a leader to not cuck, for once. Whether it’s Trump or King — and it’s not — that there’s not a single one of em, who can say, at the end of his life, that I want a White country for my children.

    It’s not a complex statement to make.

    I agree that the inter-generational is messed up, and that blaming boomers is a weird sideshow. Otoh diplays like the above by Steve King, are hard to take. What is wrong with that motherfucker. I thought he was on our side. He would say that he supports “Americans” but god forbid White Americans explicitly.

    The inevitable point, Congressman King, is that real advocacy requires explicit statements of interest and intent. Or at least it does now, at this point in time.

  29. Don’t worry about today’s civic nationalism.
    Don’t worry about what could easily be enough immigration to fuel a lurch to the Left on a national level.

    In the end, these things will be addressed by war of one kind or another. The “We-Are-The-World” of colorblind civic nationalism is, like Leftism itself, an artifact of a people having spent decades, if not a century or two resting on its laurels, whose offspring are spoiled adolescents who belief in fairy tales.

    Complacency brings catastrophe. We’re still assembling the hardships of the future, and for that I’m very sorry (for us), but nothing can accelerate the timeline of this (or any) cycle. We get to the next phase when we get there, it’s out of our control.

    I take heart from being of the tribe that has chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers…the best the world offers. When the tide changes enough, it will be human innovation that arms the warriors, and if the warriors’ hearts are strong, they’ll have the will to use those terrible tools.

    It’s hope, and no more than hope, to believe that this will be the fulcrum on which Nature’s selection/culling will pivot, and it will be the intelligent and creative who inherit the Earth…which is my tribe’s blessing and curse. [For the record, I do not think Nature is teleological, so I cannot ignore the possibility that the fulcrum on which “fitness” hinges is some attribute my tribe lacks, such as high melanin content or idiotic savagery.]

  30. Don’t worry about today’s civic nationalism..

    I take tremendous heart in the fact that everything is polarizing. Staking one’s political fortunes in non-commitment to one or the other side like Steve King just did is the way of ‘yesterday.’

    I take heart from being of the tribe that has chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers…the best the world offers.

    No doubt. To add to it, we even have the best ditch-diggers that the world offers. Best of everything.

  31. [Weak boomer dads and divorce-happy boomer moms also had nothing to do with raising bad daughters. — PA]


    [Ending a point with a “LOL” makes men not respect you.]

    OK, I should not have put LOL. It’s dumb most of the time anyway, a bad habit on my part. But that is not why I will be disrespected; I will be disrespected here because I dislike seeing groups of whites clawing at each other based on…when they were born?

    Now, about those weak boomer dads and divorce happy boomer moms and the bad daughters they raised: did they not also raise weakling sons, who love to drink and act crazy and have plenty of sex with those same dumb & weak girls of their own generations? I don’t know if you are a parent, but you will surely find out, when you become one, that parents are not to blame for everything “wrong” with their children. I have nothing but contempt for people who think their kids “turned out good” purely because of their own efforts. Things are not that simple. I have kids and they are “good enough” and that will just have to do in this rotten, insane ass-backwards day and age.

    If despising and blaming some other generation (boomer VS younger ones; younger ones VS boomer; and everyone against the Greatest Ones) is the way to go, I can’t see how it’s productive. I am a boomer and believe me kind friend, I wasn’t partying hard, as another commenter suggests we did. Oh wait, I do recall when I was 17 or 18 and went to a party, was plied with rum, and puked it all up. I still cringe. Still managed to make it to work the next day, though.

  32. — If despising and blaming some other generation (boomer VS younger ones; younger ones VS boomer; and everyone against the Greatest Ones) is the way to go, I can’t see how it’s productive.

    Clearly, there is animosity directed at people who were born during the decade after WWII. It’s not me making it up. It’s culture-wide. I’m trying to understand it. As my original post shows, I expect that anger to hit my generation when we become old. I also think we’ll handle that anger differently.

    There is no point in taking offense. What we all have to take away from this is what the host of WRSA said, “Try to be helpful.” I am also raising the next generation. The arrow of responsibility points forward.

  33. — I raised my sons well… So frankly, FUCK YOU if you were too stupid (or your father was too much the herd animal) to see a way around standing line with the other sheep while you got fleeced for that B.A. in Romance Languages.

    I hear you on personal responsibility. I got my Bachelor degree with zero loans. GI Bill and work-study. Thing is, personal responsibility is not enough. We need our ‘left half.’

    To illustrate: I have arranged my life so that when I go to a tire service shop, I deal with a White manager at the cash register and White laborers in the bay area. When I go out for a pizza and ice skating, it’s where mostly lower class White teenagers work and hang out. (When I go to a park, it’s where upper middle class White teenagers play lacrosse). When I take my son and his friends out for ice cream, it’s where pleasant redneck girls ask them about the flavor and the toppings and hand them the ice cream. When I stop at a gas station convenience store, there is a White teenage boy behind the counter. Yeah, there will be a homegrown nigger here and there unfortunately but not representatives of a replacement working class.

    In a SuperZip, you have bunker-communities surrounded by Arab, East African, and Subcontinental service classes. Nightmare.

    My point is, that some of those younger working class Whites (I did all manner of shit jobs in my mid-teens thru early 20s, it was normal then) might be less responsible or forward-looking than me. And if that’s the case and the system doesn’t change, very little of my personal responsibility will do me and mine much good down the line.

    Because those young Whites who sometimes make idiotic decisions with their lives don’t need me. I need them.

    This is why even though there is nothing I can do, nominally, about other people’s decisions, I do what I can to understand nationalism and help make people embrace nationalism. You gotta love your people because we’re in this together. A properly ordered White society allows for errors on the margins.

  34. Totally off topic. There is a big news story that broke today in Northern Wisconsin, about a 13-year old White girl named Jayme Closs. She lived out in the country with her two parents, and three months ago they were burst in on and shot and killed, and she was abducted. She had been missing until yesterday.

    This is rural Wisconsin so very likely it was a White guy who did it and sure enough the only suspect was arrested and is named Jake Thomas Patterson.

    Yeah that’s a soft neotenous face, and he is 21 years old. His shoulders are husky though and he is no twerp.

    They are saying his motivation for double murder was to abduct that particular girl. They haven’t disclosed many details about her health, other than that she is more or less ok.

    This appears to be exactly the type of crime that they love. Sick psycho ugly White man goes crazy. This link has a good recap and includes the following quotation,


    “It has been 88 days of hope for her safe return. Eighty-eight days of prayers for Jayme, her family, friends, our students, staff and community. Eighty-eight days of holding on to the faith that our authorities would never give up, and they certainly did not,” Diane Tremblay said. “And finally, 88 days of our close-knit community with the same goal in mind. And that was to bring Jayme home and back into our arms.”

  35. Another off topic comment, on the very White youtube celeb Owen Benjamin.

    In case you are living under a cave, or a boomer, Owen Benjamin is a top-level celeb on the margins of the Dissident Right. He’s not really on the margins except that he is, on most but not every last, question that matters.

    As a person of the dick-having variety, he is, as they say in jolly old gay England, “the quality.” Not to suck his dick too embarrassingly hard, but he is the natural aristocracy that we talk about. Six foot 8, handsome as a Michelangelo, plays the piano and sings easily and well. The analytical skills of a lawyer and the verbal felicity of an honest jew Irishman. Now there’s an American we can point to, as an example of hybrid vigor!

    I don’t really have anything to counter signal him on except that he’s trying to walk the line of being a real person and not lying to himself and his audience, but still has black and jewish friends. He is the latest and best incarnation of that one neat trick, for which there is apparently still a demand.


    Any who can livestream, this is their chance to be famous. But you have to have something that makes you better than the others.

    His episode, 157 Bono Is Evil, makes the totally convincing case that Bono and their album Boy were in fact actually, about man boy love. The case he makes is totally convincing. Why does Bono always be hanging around well known sex predators such as Weinstein and Clinton? Not to mention the album covers.

  36. U2 and their music, and that particular album cover, has come up for discussion on this blog at least once.

    They were the single biggest popular music band of the 1980s and into the 90s. Benjamin was motivated to make his case (against Bono) by his viewership being unwilling to accept the claim that is out there, that Bono is in fact totally about man boy love. And that it’s written fairly obviously, into all the symbolism associated with their art; if art it be.

    Benjamin raises the question of how can art be appreciated and enjoyed, if in fact that’s the place it’s coming from. Bono had a lot of popular appeal. I for one was moved by some of his songs. The imagery and symbolism that they make use of, points quite strongly toward the practice of whatever-it’s-to-be-called.

    Somehow both the phrase “man boy love” and the more correct clinical designations, don’t seem the right phrases. Deviant homosexuality and child abuse, are accurate descriptions, but not a neat phrase.

    The topic of homo’ism, is one on which Benjamin tries to walk a line, as in he’s got lots of gay friends, or so he says.

    I agree to an extent, with the position that there has to be a more mature take on a lot of this stuff, than for instance what is on offer at the Daily Stormer.

  37. Benjamin isn’t always fully into the Red Zone though. He still worships that smarty pants nigger Thomas Sowell, and virtue signals about how niggers-in-general like his material.

    Also he lamented how Kevin Spacey set back ten years, the homos’ happy progress, by equating homosex with pederasty. I don’t recall the details of how Spacey set back their progress, but the point is that Benjamin was all on the side of the homos and them getting mainstream acceptance.

    So the long and the short of it is he doesn’t want to go 1488.

    In other news there is a huge market for livestreams.

  38. Speaking of off-topic and on-topic (Generations) — Generation Zyklon is here.

    Daily Mail: “REVEALED: Majority of the teens who posed in high school prom photo throwing up the Nazi salute have REFUSED to apologize – while many supporters believe THEY are the victims”

    I’ll toot my own horn: way back in 2012 or thereabouts, I was saying, mostly in the comments at GLPiggy, to never apologize (to your enemy). Always stand by your words.


  39. — U2 and their music, and that particular album cover, has come up for discussion on this blog at least once.

    Just looked it up… I wasn’t familiar with that one. From Wikipedia:

    “The album’s theme is the psychological nature of the transition of adolescence from childhood to manhood, with lyrics and atmospheric music examining a dawn of sexuality (‘An Cat Dubh’), the entry into adolescence (“Twilight”),…”

    The lyrics to those two songs add to the Preponderance of Evidence of deviant homosexuality being that album’s theme.

  40. verbal felicity of an honest jew Irishman

    NO. I cannot grasp what anyone sees in this guy; I tried one of his videos and had to turn it off after about four minutes of rambling.

  41. Older people are extremely ill-prepared for what I think is baked into the cake (complete evaporation of pensions, 401(k)’s, and all the wealth people think they own in the debt markets.) The last 50 years have been a vast party, and no one partied harder than Boomers. I suspect that a vast number of them will be literally killed by the metaphorical hangover.

    I’d like to know what anyone thinks we *should* be doing about retirement, though. Even though I lean towards your viewpoint, I personally follow the “proper” script, having a retirement account that I stuff, because I don’t know what else to do.

    On Boomers: yes and no. It’s easy to hate them if you assume that they were somehow privy to understanding how their behaviour would turn out, which isn’t fair to assume. From where I write, their chief fault is in STILL refusing to grow up and become responsible. I saw a Honda the other day sporting a ‘BEATLES’ license plate; my reaction was ‘die pls boomer’.

  42. NO. I cannot grasp what anyone sees in this guy; I tried one of his videos and had to turn it off after about four minutes of rambling.

    His looks, his stature; his wits, his piano playing and musicianship: are on abundant display and beyond dispute.

    Granted though: Beyond these things one might wonder whence his appeal. I can see that.

  43. In seriousness though, the format of livestreaming is itself going to get on your nerves. Having someone so VERY halfway REAL staring at you in your living room from your own tv.

    It’s almost better to have mr plastic person from corporate casting; and least then you know you are being faked, and so less unnerving. / seriously

    It’s essentially watching someone’s face talk to you, in real time. There’s a danger of it becoming a substitute for real life, but that’s an old concern by now. It certainly stands to reason that some streamers will appeal to and or annoy various viewers, in the same way that real people get along or don’t, independent of their otherwise sympathetic politics and qualities.


    As a point of fact though. Owen Benjamin has superstar charisma. In terms of AD&D his 3d6 score is 18-PLUS, in the realm of Deities and Demigods. He has a cult of personality surrounding him already. Dispute as you like, these are observable facts.

    I recommend in addition to the Bono video above, this following. It’s only seven minutes long:

  44. On the question of what it takes to be a worthwhile livestreamer. I would say it’s necessary to have at least one of the following:

    1. Looks
    2. Intelligence

    That’s it. This last:

    3. Talent, is optional but it’s a big help.

    Someone with ANY TWO of those and with perseverance and luck, might should succeed. (and of course leaving aside the problem of censorship)

    As far as what is Talent. Well that’s the question isn’t it. In any case though, musical talent gets full marks for this ever elusive thing.

  45. I’m 1/3 thru, just got to the part about Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain. He makes a fascinating tangential point. I’m automatically also thinking of Episode 2 of Kieslowski’s “Dekalog” (1988), which is themed after the same Commandment.

    Worth your time if you have an hour to unwind.

    PS: a bit later – great point about the lions and the zebras.

  46. Really agree with your commentary. I’m a “late” boomer (1961) but feel more kinship with the Gen-Xers first dealing with the distrust and slo-mo collapse of formerly trusted institutions. I have a millennial daughter and Gen-Z son, and both display many of the stereotypical characteristics of their eras, and I regret not having been more of a part of their lives. (Thanks to feminist-biased family courts worshipping the platinum Vagina cult) I tell people that boomers make an awfully big assumption – that Gen-Z and strained millennials will unquestioningly pay for the largesse and waste of their elders. The center isn’t holding, the bills are coming due, and I predict that the time will come when a great wave of “we won’t pay it” will wash over the land. That’s why I laugh when I hear pols and fellow talk show hosts bleat about “Putting these debts on our children”…Uh, yeah, only until the say NO. I sense that time is coming in my lifetime. Prep for debt repudiation and sporty times.

  47. Late boomer here. We can talk about all the mistakes our elders made but we never undid any of it, and lately have made it worse. Including things like Educational Debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, despite what the Constitution says; that Fats, and not sugar, makes you fat in spite of evidence to the contrary; that you are allowed to borrow more than 3x your income to buy a house; that you have no right to know what your medical treatment will cost before you are treated; we continued pumping out money from the Fed, enriching “first movers” in the financial arena and everyone else carrying the load. We let banks/financial firms decide what their assets are worth because of Mark to Model, instead of requiring them to Mark their assets to Market.

    This is a short list, just what I can pull out in a couple of minutes. (I haven’t talked about the deliberate destruction of the education system.) Yeah, the payback is probably going to be ferocious. Can’t really say we don’t deserve it because we didn’t fix anything and made a lot of things worse.

  48. GenX gave us grunge music and the intentionally underachieving archetype. They were the first clumsy attempt at a countermovment. Their cynicism and the fact that each GenX bedroom/dorm room had a hidden playboy and a high-times makes them the vanguard of the counter revolution

  49. Beyond these things one might wonder whence his appeal.

    Yeah, I can’t say I care about any of them.

    He has a cult of personality surrounding him already. Dispute as you like, these are observable facts.

    I don’t disagree with you here at all, in fact I had noticed the same thing and that’s exactly *why* I was so taken aback when I tried the guy out and was like, what’s all the fuss?

    That’s really all I have to say about it. Some people like some things that other people don’t, which is fine.

    I would say it’s necessary to have at least one of the following:

    1. Looks

    Dude… we are so not on the same page, like I cant even man. You actually watch these things, like who has time for that? I listen to them while I clean up from supper.

    Not even to get into the whole judging another man’s looks thing, like I don’t mean this as any sort of a homo thing, but it would never occur to me to call another man especially “good-looking”, or not.

    Podcasts aren’t my thing but this one was excellent.

    Well, I’ll give it a second chance!

  50. I generally don’t have time for any of this either. Totally know what you mean. I had some excellent burrito wraps last night. It took awhile to finally get that technique down to what I was looking for. The funny thing that the missing technique was to do it like Chipotle does, and not heat up the wrap. Use a fresh wrap though. Eggs and grass fed ground beef, sour cream and lettuce.

    And let’s be clear about one thing: men can’t be beautiful. Only women.

    Michelangelo musta been gay, that’s the only possible reason for his fixation on the male form, he obviously wanted to masturbate in those marble assholes. Did he have to be discouraged from carving out masturbation canals in his statuary, do you think?

  51. Not even to get into the whole jdging another man’s looks thing, like I don’t mean this as any sort of a homo thing, but it would never occur to me to call another man especially “good-looking”, or not.

    Of course it’s a valid observation that to comment on other men’s looks is totally awkward and taboo. You’re not supposed to do it, because it’s … awkward and taboo.

    But on the serious, who do “you” (as in whoever) like to hang around, presuming you have any friends and social networks in the real world, along the vector of mannerbund? Anyone saying that looks are not a factor, whether or not said factor rises to the level of conscious observation, is a low-level and I daresay egalitarian, fool.

    But if it’s a taboo subject for commentary at a Red Zone blog, that is a little bit silly, in my humble estimation.

    Somebody back many years ago at Takimag when that was a place, made a sweeping generalized comment about how to their wry and seasoned eye, men were in the form of get-things-done machines, whereas women were to be beautiful and display.

    It’s funny because he had it exactly backwards. It’s women who are meant to work, and men who are meant to display, as with lions and birds and the other better animals.

    That’s an obvious homologue courtesy of Our Friends, the Animals but hey let’s pretend the reverse because taboos are meant to be followed!

  52. Nb4 it’s a given that females do displays for mating rituals

    Nb4 mating is a big part of life

    Nb4 men do equal displays in such rituals

    But the larger point is that there’s actually a domain of life past that. And said domain of life is the domain of stability; and in said domain it’s the woman who work and the men who grow mains.

  53. But if it’s a taboo subject for commentary at a Red Zone blog, that is a little bit silly, in my humble estimation.

    I agree that nothing should be off-limits for discussion here. All I’m saying is… how do you even assess another man’s attractiveness. Do you remember the “Hot or Not” captcha? You know a Captcha, right, a little box that comes up on some sites making you jump through some hoop to prove you’re a human? There used to be a Captcha that would draw photos from HotorNot, it would select 3 attractive people and 6 unattractive, and you had to prove you were human by picking the attractive people.

    Well, and this is no homo, it was interesting to me as an experiment, I never could figure out which of the men were supposed to be attractive, never, ever got it right. Women, right every time.

  54. The other youtuber who is “watchable” is Shaun Attwood, whose streetname in the American Southwest before he got taken down by the Feds, was Bank of England. He was a high level, high status drug dealer of ecstasy not crank.

    His youtube videos are generally ten minutes or so. But the point being when he tells his stories about the prison life, every character who comes up, is prefaced with a description the primary attribute is his dick size height weight musculature and race. He and his guests frequently break it down do bicep and chest measurements, in addition to the basics of six-foot-whatever and how many “stone”.

    But yeah it’s true they don’t comment on the Michelangelo-ness of the guy’s face. Except to say that some of them have hard looking faces and others not so much. That’s the one quality of their faces that gets commented on.

  55. Well, and this is no homo, it was interesting to me as an experiment, I never could figure out which of the men were supposed to be attractive, never, ever got it right. Women, right every time.

    That’s relevant data alright. How many men, and which sort of men, can match the selections that women make.

    That would be some good social studies.

  56. I mean that Captcha hasn’t been around in a while (not PC, I suppose), and I was a much younger man then. It seems to me that I was probably selecting the men I thought looked “cool”, which is not necessarily what women find handsome. I might do better at it today.

  57. I’m halfway through the Bono podcast. It’s good info, I mean I respect the guy’s efforts, I just don’t see the charisma score of 18 personally. He has that extraverted ADHD-type personality that I can’t tolerate in real life.

  58. https://dailystormer.name/great-white-neet-named-as-jayme-closs-kidnapper/

    Holy shite, I hadn’t considered the angle that Anglin puts forth.

    I was all like muh sweet teenage virgin, but he’s all like this bitch is trouble and participated in getting her parents murdered.

    He suggests that Jayme Closs had an online relationship with Patterson and very possibly colluded with him into murdering her parents; or at the very least had something to do with it.

    In that picture it’s hard to believe she is only 13. Does she look like sexy trouble in that picture or what?

  59. It’s kind of frustrating trying to figure out what might have happened.

    The whole story seemed unlikely for many reasons. The DS skeptics are focusing on the unlikeliness of it being random. That sort of makes sense.

    But what makes more sense (or less sense as it were), is that how the girl is disappeared but then against all odds turns up alive and more or less unharmed and in one piece after three month?!

    Uh … no. Not gonna happen like … UNLESS they are working together somehow. If the guy were a total crazy random sicko psycho, it wouldn’t play out like that. She wouldn’t have been kept alive and in one piece enough to get away relatively unscathed.

    So the only question that remains, is is she still a virgin?

    Seriously, that’s all that matters now. Right?

  60. * Uh … no. Not gonna happen like that … UNLESS they are working together somehow.

    That’s the whole “miracle” of it, that doesn’t make any sense!

    She just turns up ok? Yeah, right. They were colluding.

    However, I haven’t actually been following the case very much. It’s frustrating because we’re not getting any “hard hitting” journalism on these matters.

    What kind of family was it, what kind of relationship did she have with them. She was only 13, and here’s the thing to be remembering — no one has good solid family relationships anymore.

    That’s hyperbole of course, but the point being that sooooo many people are totally crazy now. 13 year old girls were always crazy. Now they are online and can solicit the murder of their parents. It has to be considered as a possible explanation.

    My intuition is that it is likely.

  61. So the only question that remains, is is she still a virgin?

    Seriously, that’s all that matters now. Right?

    For any female readers, that was a joke. / sort of, not really

  62. A brief TMI post. I went to the mall recently. It was crowded and full of people. That was the draw for going there, was to be around people and to see who they are, these other people who live around here. It was a winter day and Saturday afternoon and many of them felt the same feeling and so were there.

    Many lost souls. That’s the long and short of it. I am one of them too it would seem.

    This unhappy story has a good true story ending. The huge multilevel parking ramp was clogged up like hell, and getting out was seemingly taking forever. I said fuck it and pulled into the oncoming traffic exit lane and nosed my way past everyone to the front of the line, like a rebel but with conscientiousness for the children’s safety and was out of there just like that. They honked their horns.

    Wiser men don’t go to the mall ever again. (as if needs be said)

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  64. Owen Benjamin update.

    First of all let it be known! what I had for breakfast this morning. I opted for a jazz apple. Owen, you will want to get ahold of these seeds for your garden. I don’t think that jazz are yet properly heirlooms, but mmmm are they tasty. Someone elsewhere, a long time ago, a comment suggestion made that some of the new fruit beloved of so by urban swapples, is hybridized or whatever tf so that it’s unnaturally high in its sugar content. See for example the jazz apple.

    Well if that’s the price we have to pay for civilization? oh well then, suffer the children.

    Also was to be having some bedeviled eggs. That’s how I roll.

    What was I talking about again … oh yeah Owen Benjamin and his latest livestream podcast, 208 Sins of the Father (My Origin Story), released January 12 2008.

    Quick notes summary take.

    1. He opens with a lengthy intro on his piano keyboard, a mixture of Shostakovich and improv variations on said themes. Jeez the guy is a very good musician. It doesn’t rise to the level of “greatness” at least not as presented there, but it’s good. Very good. Musical talent.

    2. Secondly the title Sins of the Father. Well. See for yourself. It’s a grandiose theme but indeed is it not the theme of these our time? [Dad; you know I love and respect you to the end; in many and most ways that matter you are a better man than I]

    Owen in his livestream there merely touches on it, this grandiose them, then he gets distracted. Most of his livestream is in fact distracted into what it is, a social pass-the-time format.

    3. Personal details of the man therein revealed. He didn’t have his sons genitally diminished aka “circumcized” and therefore case closed I love him as a brother warlord. Perhaps he will address this topic more at length, as it is directly in his wheelhouse which is the sex abuse of children.

    On that whole theme I have here an ax to grind. Yeah sexual abuse of children sucks big time [no pun intended] but however I would rather have had my dick played with and sucked on, and anus too for that matter, by a thousand mohels a day up to and including this morning, than instead getting it ripped off and thrown into the trash, w/o even the courtesy of a biohazard bag, two days after live birth at hospital.

    120 MILLION. Remember the 120 Million. Yeah it’s a disgrace that we allowed Leonardo DiCaprio to be fondled and sucked off, and was he penetrated? by that sick jew in television hollywood. Yes of course. But such abuse is literally less by a thousand orders of magnitude, than ripping off that same person’s genitals and throwing them in the trash w/o so much as a by your leave.

    The other personal detail that Benjamin reveals is that he is a quarter jewish. It’s hard to believe, with his physiognomy, but on the other hand some of the German Ashkenazis are pretty White to begin with.

    That’s the meat of my comment here, but I have two other quick points.

    A. Owen freaks out when one of his viewers calls his work “performance art.” It’s like huh? playing the piano and livestreaming is what else but performance art.

    Obv to Mr Benjamin such term has trivializing connotations; due to it being associated with degenerate street (performance) art and the like; but in my humble estimation such term need not (have such connotations).

    B. He gets into a comic riff of “Who is your master” while wearing a (real) bear mask, and it’s a big score as a joke. 5 out of 5 stars on the performance art joke-o-meter. It’s near the end of the show, so any viewers will have to suffer through the rest of the performance art performance to get to it.

    C. Livestreaming is the new television. It’s like yeah who has got time for it — but it beats watching the big game.

  65. Latest info on James Patterson and Jayme Closs, and the double murder of her parents.


    Homicide and kidnapping charges are expected Monday against the man suspected of fatally shooting Jayme Closs’ parents inside their home, then grabbing the 13-year-old and holding her captive for three months until her escape. [ … ]

    It’s possible — but not guaranteed — that narrative [the case to be laid out today] will include what led him to the Closs home, given that Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald has said he had no previous contact with the family. The charges also could reveal a motive for the crimes and how Jayme was treated during her nearly three-month disappearance.

    Patterson’s attorneys, Charles Glynn and Richard Jones, issued a statement the day after his arrest calling the case “a very tragic situation.”

    It went on to read, “There is a substantial amount of information, interest, and emotion involved in this case. Mr. Patterson’s legal team will be relying on the integrity of our judicial system to ensure that everyone’s rights are protected and respected.” [ … ]

    After fleeing the home, Jayme approached a woman walking a dog to ask for help. The two went to the home of a neighbor, who called 911. Jayme, who looked bedraggled and malnourished, told the residents, and later police, that Patterson had hidden her in his home for the nearly three months she was missing, concealing her when anyone visited.

    On Friday, Jayme was released from a Duluth hospital and returned to the Barron home of her aunt, Jennifer Smith, who has since posted photos of a smiling Jayme on the “Healing for Jayme Closs” Facebook page.

    The question is whether it will be revealed today by Patterson’s attorney, that Patterson is claiming that Jayme ‘the little vixen’ lead him on, to do what he did.

    Amongst the real adult men reading this comment: Who here thinks that Jake Patterson coulda woula kept her for three months, against her will, and then she escapes in enough of one piece to be walk away find help and be ok?

    To my reading, the chances of that are zero. If she wasn’t cooperating with him, she would have had to be beat down into submission.

    But of course the authorities will present her position that she was scared for her life and so had to cooperate with her captor. Which is in fact entirely a legitimate point. But on the balance it doesn’t seem likely, because that scenario would presume that Jayme had nothing to do with bringing him in to begin with.

    Could it have been totally random? Of course it’s possible.

    An interesting angle is how “the community” is going to react when Patterson’s counter-charges come out this afternoon, that Jayme colluded with him. She will be excused for being a 13-year old girl. And there’s something to that, but on the other hand, it doesn’t seem fair that our Salamander-necked gun-wielding autistic evil-doer, doesn’t get some likewise consideration.

  66. She lead him on, thinkg went bad; now what?

    The other Red Zone movie of the day has to be this one, which is of the feel good variety. Enjoy!

    I can’t find the damned motherfucking link to the actual news story, but the big White man who decks that black girl, was apparently charged by the local authorities, in spite the exculpating circumstances being 100 per cent in evidence in that video.

    At some point the local authorities have to stop with the Green Grocer signaling and be held accountable for abusing their authority.

  67. They are saying that Closs was targeted at random, and that she and Patterson had no prior contact online or otherwise.

    Comments at the Fox news story,

    Now hopefully all of the low IQ conspiracy theorists will finally keep quiet and stop blaming the poor girl.

    Exactly The people suggesting she was involved were disgusting.

    I guess I am eating some crow on this one. Poor girl. Is she still a virgin though?

  68. PA might be interested in the current Daily Stormer headline article, “A Lot of the Democrats Were in Puerto Rico Celebrating Something. I Don’t Know, Maybe They’re Celebrating the Shutdown.”

    Which article is a general position statement on a number of things and includes this quote:

    I have never actually seen white advocacy persons argue for “an absolute point blank end to all immigration” before, because usually they want to say “we want white immigration.” Which I mean, whatever. Firstly, you’re not going to get that policy. Secondly, I’m not really all that concerned about just filling the country up with bodies. What is the point of that? Is this some “and then maybe I’ll finally get laid” type thing? Why should we have any immigrants? This is not a “nation of immigrants,” and accepting the premise that immigration is – for some vague reason – fundamentally good is wrong. We have white people in this country who are homeless, on welfare, addicted to drugs, etc. We need to figure out those situations.

  69. Yes, even purely from the point of view of core American interests, I’m against White immigration.

    Anglin puts it well: it’s a veiled wish to see attractive women come here.

  70. If anyone wants to sing the Pogues song linked on the other thread,

    It’s A D and E, straight chords no 7ths, with the low note on the vocal being a nice baritone ‘A’ and with three verses,

    If I should fall from grace from God
    and no doctor can relieve me
    and i’m buried in the Sod
    and the angels won’t recieve me
    Let me go boys let me go
    let me go down to the muck where the Rivers all run dry

    This Land was always ours
    It’s the proud land of our Fathers
    it belongs to us and them
    not to any of the others

    If I should die at Sea
    and no merry ghost can haunt me
    something something something

    Repeat first verse

  71. I don’t have it down like they do. But my bitch is that there’s nowhere to go and play the old songs. I used to bring along my baritone uke to Caribou and improv to whatever crap they had on the speakers. I am fairly domesticated and they don’t have to ask me to keep it down.

    Of course a person has to find his own niche and network and blah blah blah, and that’s the challenge.

    In Wales [*] it used to be a thing to have a nice baritone singing voice, and to sing out loud at the pub with your mates. That’s the tradition that those bands were a part of. Those “alternative rock bands” would have felt that and had their own take on it. For faggot Americans it was all twice-removed and over the radio. I fucking hate this place.

    * That Pogues song linked on the other thread is was a Welsh song

  72. The people who live in Europe, particularly the Brits but this following observation applies to all of them. They mercilessy mock and deride rootless Americans who fancy a spiritual connection with an imagined homeland back over on the other side.

    Of course the flip side of that, is that those same Euros used to would openly admire New Worlders for their spirit of adventure and conquest.

    My heritage is mixed British but I expect no sympathies from them, and none given.

  73. “…those same Euros used to would openly admire New Worlders for their spirit of adventure and conquest.”

    This still holds true if your polished charisma can collectedly make the Redwood Forest blush & render the Colorado Red Rocks florid with the revitalized fulfillment of a perky nymph-harliqueness. My own heritage includes two N. American kingpins, and apparently between twelve and fourteen verified aboard the Mayflower. I’d probably get very limited sympathies from them, only “merry ghosts” haunting both their own dreams and mine. America needs to drop the sportsball ‘idée fixe’ and recultivate the osmosis of ‘hand-rolling & sandstoned-goaling’ that she was instituted with. Best of luck with your methodical busking, elk.

  74. I wish I had the means to show you all the two charts I have (essentially) framed on my desk, a monthly closing price chart of 90 years of the Dow Jones Industrial Average graphed both arithmetically and on logarithmic scale, with 13- and 26-period Exponential Moving Averages and a classic MACD with histogram.

    It’s astonishing, almost inarticulably perfect in its conformity to the hypotheses of R.N. Elliott and Robert Prechter, Jr. (the Wave Principle and Socionomics, respectively.)

    All things made up of living things are dynamic, and all that is dynamic *must* both ebb as well as flow (trend, and trend change.) The message of my charts, combined with even a tidbit of awareness of social, political and economic conditions now and past, when analyzed under the socionomic hypothesis is that we’re on the precipice of a change in a trend that goes back quite literally centuries, to at least the late 1700’s, and possibly much, much further than that.

    The message is that the period ahead will be corrective, the “ebb” inevitability of the preceding “flow,” and that its depth and duration will be commensurate with the size of the advance that preceded it (in other words, it will be a “correction” of centuries of advancing living standards, human innovation and relative peace.)

    On a social scale, the collective insanity we see is analogous to a surge in “investment” in economic activity that will prove utterly unsustainable, a vast waste of capital, that always occurs in the final stages of a financial/economic bubble-boom. In fact, these two assort together.

    If the trend is finally in the early stages of change, then we should have confirmation of that later this year. If that proves true (and it’s by no means a certainty yet), then the number of “unprecedented” and surprising things in all silos of human endeavor will multiply rapidly in coming years and decades. Life will become very, very difficult for those unwilling or unable to adjust to self-reliance and self-discipline.

  75. @Deter: I would be very interested in reading more about your theories. I am no economics expert, but am adequately financially savvy from a “personal investing” perspective, so, for example, I’ve seen the graphs showing that on average the stock market has always gone up over the past century or so.

  76. @Deter. Is this what you are trying to say: that in all things there’s a swing of the pendulum and therefore we are now headed for the opposite of the comfortable, materialistic era we’ve been “enjoying” for 70 years or so.

  77. I have often wondered why Boomers can’t see that they’re the only generation, well, maybe ever, who is going to have a better life than their parents or their children. Or, why the lack of grandchildren doesn’t start the wheels turning?

    I have struggled with cross-generational anger some too. I think often of PA writing that we judge our fathers by how prepared they got us for reality. Many boomer fathers failed that essential test, but on the other hand, what if they didn’t know how the world worked? After all, our fathers made the same journey we did, without the benefit of the Internet. Besides all that, their observably terrible advice did, in the main, work for them.

    Many boomer fathers care deeply for their children. Too often, we mistake their obliviousness for maliciousness. They’re human too. They’ve absorbed 50+ years of Poz, Inc., too. They tell you get married, buy a house get a Good Job, not because they hate you — it’s because they’re the slaves who’ve never been taught to read. Well, most are, anyways. I think they really don’t know any better.

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