The kind of talk that is sure to decrease antisemitism


Poland, Hungary, Croatia, and Lithuania all received a “red” rating, indicating that these countries have a serious incapability of “living up to their tragic histories.”RT

So concludes a study as reported by RT, published on January 25. It was conducted by Yale and Grinnell Colleges and endorsed by something called the European Union of Progressive Judaism. The study:

… suggests that Holocaust denial is at its worst in Eastern Europe, where “revisionist” governments driven by feelings of “victimhood” try to erase their nation’s culpability in the massacre of Jews.

Look guys, this works both ways. Jews were culpable as Communists and Soviet collaborators. One million Poles murdered or deported to Siberia.

Poland keeps a passionate and faithful rememberance of her own martyrology. Hungary, Croatia, and Lithuania, no doubt, also keep their own histories alive in the hearts of their people. Jews are free to do the same in Israel.

Nobody cares about other people’s history. This is why, for example, when I talked about WWII with my Armia Krajowa veteran grandparents, it was in a different way than how I write about it now on an English-language blog. Here, I try to tell an interesting story and relate to things that are on Westerners’ minds. Taking that approach, I framed the Katyń Massacre as an example of when the Left “goes for the head.” I write about the 1944 Warsaw Uprising to show that sacrifice today means glory forever. Western Rifle Shooters Association distilled the four elements of whacking opposing-force leadership in my recent article about the execution of Franz Kutschera: adjudication, intel, cached weapons and ammo, courage.

Respect your audience, is the name of the game. You beat others over the head with your national pathos and at first, they’ll be sympathetic out of politeness. Then bored, if you keep on pounding that drum. Eventually, they will feel like you’re telling them that they’re not allowed to have their own history. This is when they begin to hate you.

Poland is particularly taken to task in the study. The authors describe the country as run by a “right-wing nationalist government” engaged in “competitive victimization, emphasizing the experience of Polish victims over that of Jewish victims.” — RT

The Greek word hubris and the Yiddish word chutzpah mean a similar thing. “Hubris” is a cautionary word for us because it instructs one to know when to stop.

The Discovery of the Gamma Personality

“Gamma” is a rank on Vox Day’s theory of male sociosexual hierarchy, which he developed in 2011. There was previously no word for the personality type, even though Gamma males have always been around: the socially and sexually repellent without necessarily being low on the totem pole or physically unattractive, the resentful and depressive, often shrewd or intelligent but also self-sabotaging. There were always words that got at the aspects of the Gamma male, but not at the clinical phenomenon itself:

Immature, delusional, prideful, callow, dishonest, narcissistic, unreliable, weak, passive-aggressive, backstabbing, effeminate, unpopular, ass-kisser, coward, creep, nerd, pussy.

The Bible’s Book of Proverbs [ESV here] nails the Gamma’s incontinence, using the word “fool”:

  • A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.
  • A fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly holds it back.
  • The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.
  • A fool’s lips walk into a fight, and his mouth invites a beating.
  • If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.
  • [A fool] is the man who deceives his neighbor and says, “I am only joking!”

“Gamma” puts those qualities into a recognizable composite.

A great Gamma character in classic fiction is the first-person narrator in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “Notes from the Underground.” What struck me about him is the way he humiliated his regular prostitute because he was in the position where he could. The novel ends wildly, with the author himself stepping into his own novel to shut him up.

There is also a significance to defining the Gamma personality that goes beyond practical psychology: it counters the subversion created by an influential Frankfurt School book that came out in 1950, “The Authoritarian Personality” by Theodor Adorno et al.


The Authoritarian Personality “invented a set of criteria by which to define personality traits, ranked these traits and their intensity in any given person on what it called the ‘F scale’ (F for fascist).” The personality type Adorno et al. identified can be defined by nine traits that were believed to cluster together as the result of childhood experiences. These traits include conventionalism, authoritarian submission, authoritarian aggression, anti-intellectualism, anti-intraception, superstition and stereotypy, power and “toughness”, destructiveness and cynicism, projectivity, and exaggerated concerns over sex. [Infogalactic]

Shaming the Free World as “fascist” was a blow to the gut. The message encountered no resistance on the western side of the Iron Curtain, exposing countries to the most virulent, slow-release strains of Marxism. We see its apotheosis today, with the rape of Germany.

The propaganda that purported to be social science pathologized natural and honorable male behavior that thrives in an uninfected society:

  • The Delta is pathological in following his duty as immediate protector and provider.
  • The Beta is pathological in his loyalty to the captains of the community.
  • The Alpha is pathological in assuming his responsibility as a leader.

Vox’s sociosexual hierarchy, with “Gamma” as its most original component, reverses the arrow of pathology, pointing it, correctly, to personalities that are in fact unhealthy. Hating the “authoritarian personality” is the Gamma’s cover for his Alpha ambition without the Alpha goods. It is the unwanted boarder’s lust for the goods of his host.

(A discussion of the hierarchy.)

Smiling While White: A Microaggression

A comment at Chateau Heartiste:

The only crime these boys are guilty of is being a white young male in 2019. They are effectively considered 2nd class citizens in the eyes of the Liberal Marxist Left and thus must be put in ‘their place’. Which for now is a revolving purgatory of humiliation and ridicule but will later be upgraded to prison/concentration camps if the LML gets its way.

Anyone with a brain must realize that, despite their young age, they all conducted themselves admirably and are beyond reproach. That little smirk however is a first hint of a new generation of white shitlords that appears to be in the making. Make no mistake, genZ is paying attention and there will come the day when the Left will rue the day it ever opened this can of worms. — Redpillage

Remember when “microaggressions” became a word? Right away, I recognized in it the spirit of feudal lord-serf protocols. Serfs had to lower their eyes when addressing a lord. Direct eye contact would have gotten them flogged for defiance of station.

But modern egalitarianism arrests this tendency to stratify people by class. For example, someone like Jeff Bezos still expects his employees to call him “Jeff.” (I don’t know if that’s literally true of Bezos’ style, he’s just my shorthand for any liberal Fortune 500 CEO).

Leftism is a drive to reestablish an aristocracy of elect Whites over ordinary Whites. Of course, an internet celebrity bluecheck on Twitter or a social justice bluehair barrista is not ‘elect’ but he aligns himself with the actual Leftist elect through his submission to, and aggressive guardianship of, the Leftist narrative.

Hierarchy, legitimate or otherwise, always reasserts itself — in spite of modern egalitarianism, in spite of the manifest absence of individual superiority of Western nations’ ruling classes over their people. In a work-around those things, Leftists have created their proxy lords, which is “people of color.”

I know. POCs are not lords. By no stretch of credulity are they more noble than the European people on whose lands they squat. But just like Caligula’s horse wasn’t a senator, woe to the man who pointed that out. POCs are proxy for the Leftist narrative itself, a totem that’s as taboo to micro-aggress as it was once taboo for a serf to eyeball a lord.

Caligula and his horse were patiently suffered until they weren’t.


To Bring People Together

“Nick Sandmann and the students of Covington have become symbols of Fake News and how evil it can be. They have captivated the attention of the world, and I know they will use it for the good – maybe even to bring people together. It started off unpleasant, but can end in a dream!” – President Trump on Twitter


“Bring people together.”

That phrase flashes up an image of a happy multiracial polity. And that’s impossible because right off, we’d fight over what kind of music is played. The end game of liberalism is a permanent Third World, by violence or by entropy. Trump, no doubt, knows this but his strategic objectives are tempered by a wish to prevent the CONUS empire from falling apart on his watch.

There is another way to look at his phrase, bring people together: with “people” referring to heritage America and the Red-Blue ideological rift that divides them. That reconciliation is not only desirable but possible. It started off unpleasant but can end in a dream.

Liberals are driven into demonic contortions over an impressive Roman Catholic teenager’s standing his ground against White Genocide banging a drum in his face. Look at their Twitter posts. But unlike interracial animus, which is irreconcilable, ideological divisions among a people of the same nation can be healed. In our present intra-White near-civil-war, the divisions are not over politics, they are the worse kind of people’s opportunistic attack on Western Civilization itself.

The good news is that we need those people because they are not just our family in many cases, but also part of our organic social pyramid. The other good news is that they can be turned away from liberalism because they are all followers, and they’ve been following bad leaders. Nick Sandmann, with his Christian defiance of evil, is an example of a new generation of leaders who will bring them back to righteousness. Deus vult.

Facts about the event involving the Covington Boys and Nathan Phillips


Some facts and brief commentary I put together on this event:


Bravo for the young man. You can clearly see his dignity, integrity and intelligence in that statement. He also did not run from “racist,” which is a big deal as the country moves forward. He was, no doubt, well advised by the adults in his life.

As to adults in his life who have failed, this is the statement posted by the Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic High School:


The school and diocese should have taken an uncompromising stance protecting their students. Instead, they threw them under the bus. This blog’s regular commenter Suburban_elk nails it:

That’s what is unforgivable. I don’t know how long the “full length video” has been out and about, but even w/o that full length video, it’s cowardly and despicable for the school administration to side against their own students.

At some point those people have to be called on their COWARDICE.

Daily Stormer has doxed the administration, and they will get some online heat. But more needs to happen.

The students themselves might make a show of solidarity, and not boycott their school. This would clearly be an effective move, on their part.

I am not “up” on the story and its details, but that’s a UMC Catholic school with tuition?

The administrators at that school are charged with a responsibility and given a lot of status for their positions.

They are in a shitstorm now. Ffs imagine how angry some of the more upstanding parents are; or at least we can hope.

I checked out a number of the twitter threads from the leftist accounts, and how they just stick their heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge their mistake, is something to behold.

Nathan Phillips, the American Indian who aggressively entered the underage minor’s personal space in a way that could be perceived as aggravated assault, has a history of radical left wing activism.

The most ignominious antagonist in this story is the serpent National Review, which published an article comparing the Covington High School student to Christ’s killers. They promptly took that article down, but not before it was archived.

As others said, President Trump should invite the young men from Covington Catholic to the White House. In fact, that’s what he should do for any for any of his supporters who suffer from the violence of the media and the mobs they sic on honorable Americans.


A Hero For The Gammas

It’s Negan from the television show “The Walking Dead.”

Soooooo wordy.

I haven’t seen this series, just the above clip and a few of the zombie-fighting scenes. My familiarity with the show is limited to that, plus conversations about it with others. I watched the above and found it repellent because Negan is a Gamma male’s wish-fulfillment avatar.

One, it’s his omnipotence. Gamma males’ avatars are larger-than-life, effectively superhuman figures in a story that is not premised on having supernatural protagonists.

And two, the character’s use of his power to humiliate vanquished men. You see this in the lineup of Negan’s kneeling victims. Now, as I understand the narrative arc of that show, those captives aren’t entirely sympathetic characters, but that’s incidental. What’s not incidental is their very normal look. Fit, with intelligent and loyal faces. The Gamma and the (((Gamma))) envies that which is part of the natural order of human society and relishes the abasement of those who represent it.

Tell someone: “Create a fictional character. Anything you want, no limits. We’ll provide full studio support and production.” A Gamma writer, if given to following his resentments, will line up all of his real and imagined enemies and torment them. The more incontinent such a writer, the more he will indulge in scripting a character who is cruel in the sort of verbose way that appeals to the darker side of a certain kind of female viewer and to the Gamma male.

People in the entertainment industry are not us, but they tell our stories. Sometimes they deliver an intelligent show but you still walk away feeling a little bit dirty. Trust that feeling.

(Gamma Male, if you are unfamiliar with the term.)

Harmonies Of Hope

ABBA, “I Have a Dream.” The all-time greatest pop band. No other act does harmonies like Agnetha and Anni-Frid beginning at 2:45. They sing “I believe in angels.” Do you mean that, ladies? The children’s choir joins in. Africans are included in later such performances to virtue-signal, corrupting things. But they’re not in this one.

Swedish patriots who have the future of their nation’s youngest on their minds, no doubt, are contemplating action. Such a patriot might hope that in seventy years, young people on the streets of Stockholm will chant “Honor and glory to the heroes!” for him. The spirit of Ebba Åkerlund watches over the hero.

The arc of entanglement with, and one scenario of disentangling from, Diversity:

  • One: Curiosity
  • Two: Hospitality
  • Three: Tolerance
  • Four: Grumbling
  • Five: Political action [*You are here]

And now an inflection point if there is a critical mass for it.

  • Six: Open hostility to all of them
  • Seven: Action against organized groups
  • Eight: Action against all adult males
  • Nine: “Suitcase or mass grave”
  • Ten: Not letting them escape alive

In 2017, brown human garbage migrant killed Ebba Åkerlund, a deaf Swedish girl, in a terrorist act. A year later, another brown human garbage migrant, who almost daily vandalizes the 11-year-old Ebba’s grave, attacked her father Stefan. The grieving father said, “When I called the police no one came.”


I once told a story about a Swedish man named Stefan who snapped. He felt that it’s okay to destroy evil.

Rispettiamo Luca Traini.

Albano Carrisi and Romina Power, “Ci Sara” (“There will be”). Possibly the second-greatest pop act of all time. In Italian. Refrain begins at 1:10.

You must believe it
There will be – a love story and a better world
There will be – a deeper blue and a more immense sky
There will be – your shadow at my side dressed in white
There will be – a more human way to say I love you more

Maryla Rodowicz, “Golębi Song” (“The Doves’ Song”). This hippie ballad from 1983 reflects the anxieties of its time. As it turns out, it’s not with nukes and tanks that the Cold War’s winner “replaced our breath with smoke,” but with Diversity and Poz and GMO. That word, “replace…”

They want to replace our breath with smoke…
The Flower Children are all grown up
They have their own homes
Who’ll sing today, who’ll raise his hand?

The refrain, which begins at 1:05, is very nice:

A tu świat jak zdrowy sad /  And this world’s a healthy orchard
Tyle słońca, pszczół i lat /  So much sunshine, bees and summers
Tyle ziarna, róż, pejzaży, gwiazd /  So many seeds, roses, landscapes, stars
I smutku, i jesieni /  And sorrows, and autumns

A tu świat jak zdrowy sad /  And this world’s a healthy orchard
Tyle róż, orzechów, gwiazd /  So many roses, grain, and stars
Czy przed burzą zawsze, zawsze jest  /  Is it always so beautiful, so sunny
Tak pięknie, tak pogodnie? /  Before the storm?

Zaprešić Boys, “U Porazu i Pobiedy” (“In Defeat and in Victory”). From Croatia, the best song on this list. The best song of the post-9/11 era. Don’t miss the outtro vocals. A selection of comments on YouTube:

  • I dont understand a Word but this song is great as hell! Respect from Sweden!
  • Braty hrvati respect z Ukrainy!
  • Respect from POLAND !
  • Respect from Germany
  • Respect from neighbour (Hungary)! HRVATSKA!
  • pozdrav iz srbije !
  • Respect from Argentina
  • Respect from Sparta Prague – Czech Republic.
  • Brati Hrvati, respect from Slovakia.
  • Respect iz Makedonije!
  • Pozdrav braci iz HercegBosne, Sarajevo!
  • Respect from italy
  • BELARUS z Vami!!!
  • Poz iz Kanade
  • Respect from Russia, bro!

At 0:54, the refrain:

Kad hladne kiše padaju /  When the cold rains fall
Il oganj žari zemlju tu /  
Or fire burns the earth
Ljepota tvoja ostaje  /  Your beauty remains
Jer sam tu i čuvam te (Hrvatska!) /  I’m here and watching over you (Croatia!)

Ja te volim dobro znam (Hrvatska!)  /  I love you, you know well (Croatia!)
Kad ti pjevam, osjećam /  When I sing I feel
Da smo kao jedno mi /  That we are one
U porazu i pobjedi /  In defeat and in victory