Autumn To Winter


The purpose of spring is to feel the sun again. Summer is the time to live it up. Autumn is for contemplation. Winter is when we get to be our real selves.

This year, we had our first snowfall in November. An unheard of early snow in the mid-Atlantic area. It usually doesn’t snow here until January. Is NASA right, that things are getting colder?

Ron Turner a Senior Science Advisor to NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts program, said at the time that this solar cycle was “among the weakest on record,” noting that in the 23 solar cycles since recording began in 1755, there were very few solar maxima weaker than that recorded in 2014. As a consequence, scientists are predicting one of the coldest periods ever recorded for our upper atmosphere – and that means cooler temperatures down here, too.

Ice people feel most alive on the edge of birch woodland, with the distant caw of migrating birds under a heavy sky.

Peak-experience moment, twenty years ago: it was a chilly afternoon, I took the MBTA Green Line to do some research at the Boston University library. See it below. Spent a few hours there, then gathered my things to catch the streetcar home. Stepping out of the building, I beheld a spectacle of pure, unexpected joy: it was snowing. Hard. Huge flakes were pounding and there already was significant accumulation on the sidewalk.


And about that snowfall last month. I was driving to work, taking a road through a wooded area and enjoying the year’s first show of the white stuff. And to give another dimension of pleasure to the moment, “Who’s Gonna Drive You Home” by The Cars came on. Its melody gently lets thoughts settle in nonverbal contemplation. Then the song was over.

“Was it a vision, or a waking dream?
Fled is that music:—Do I wake or sleep?” — John Keats

No, it’s not over. The next song kept the spell, starting with its opening notes. It was Guns N’ Roses “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”


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  2. “Ice people feel most alive on the edge of birch woodland, with the distant caw of migrating birds under a heavy sky.”

    I definitely see where you’re coming from. Also, it’s particularly rewarding to work using one’s hands in the spring and summer; using the mind more, ‘col cervello’ in the autumn & winter — the heavier sky burnishes one’s thoughts in the way beeswax revamps newly-cleaned bronze. With some interplay of course. Eagles and other raptors are in fact portents of excellence. Unsought eye-contact with an owl is bound to chisel at one’s fate in ways only known by the Gods’ bird companions, Holy Ghosts of the dinosaur kingdom.

  3. Who’s Gonna Drive You Home has some of the tenderest vocals I can think of.

    Only a few years later we had Mellissa Etheridge.

    Pop music died in 1988, it seems. 1989 brought a noticeable surge in Bobby Brown, Paula Abdul, and their ghetto contemporaries being forced upon us. Even the White musicians auditioned to fill roles that the producers created, rather than making good music and striving for their big break.

    Casey’s Top 40 never was the same again.

    I may have mentioned this before. My bad if so.

  4. When you’re in 1989, you don’t see the macro-trend, you’re just annoyed to hear yet another Janet Jackson song on the radio. You might well be right, was there any more good pop after 1988? Rock certainly had its second creative supernova in the early 90s.

  5. Reluctant as I am to admit it, I think Hipster music can be creative and passionate. My neighbor’s skinny long-haired teenage son grew up to become a short-haired bassist of some renown, and when I finally decided to listen to his hipster band’s music, I was pleasantly surprised at how uplifting and creative it was.

    I saw the kid and told him the same, and he responded, “Yeah, we definitely don’t want to be making any Downer music!”

    They also are very touchy about maintaining creative control over their music. I see this as a good thing.

  6. Agreed 100 percent! That’s exactly what I had in mind in the Derb post, “There is also an independent art and music scene, if you know where to look.”

    A comment I made at Heartiste on May 30, 2015 (a few moths before starting this blog) lists some of those bands:

    To continue with the subject of popular music, in the midst of the past decade’s autotune doldrums, there is an emergent new style with young artists that I like to call Hipster/Folk fusion. It has alt-Country elements. The music, including videos, is very strongly implicitly White. The aesthetic is 100% European. The character of the music is melodious, contemplative, nostalgic, very Heartland/Nordic. One quality it lacks is anger. Political anger a la Springsteen, chaotic anger a la Grunge. It would be interesting to see if that element creeps in as the style evolves. Here are some of the bands:

    – The Head and the Heart: good songs include the upbeat “Shake” and the contemplative “Down in the Valley.”

    – First Aid Kit: a northern Swedish duo of two sisters. I understand American-style Country is very popular in northern Sweden. “Emmylou” is great. Virtuoso vocals.

    – Jason Isbell: less Nordic, more Redneck. True to his roots, his music includes the sharper edge of sublimated anger. The great song is “Outfit”, which he recorded with his old band Drive-by Truckers. Outstanding lyrics, including an F.U. to John Lennon’s anti-Christian blasphemy.

    – Father John Misty (aka Jay Tillman): unlike the more wholesome bands above, he has a nihilistic, almost SJW’ish vibe. I include him because he has what I consider the best pure voice of his generation. If you can look past his “fuck you dad” posturing, the great songs to check out are “Learning to Love the War” (an existential contemplation that uses environmentalism as a launching point) and the unsettling, hypnotic “I Love You Honeybear” (which brilliantly uses the current global market crash as metaphor for the fleeting nature of love).

    I like this new direction, but it leaves me hungry for the anger and rawness of Grunge after several songs. Let’s see if it takes that direction, in line with our interesting, unraveling times.

    Peterike tipped me off to Jason Isbell / Drive By Truckers on Chuck R’s old blog earlier. The other bands, I learned of myself.

  7. “an emergent new style with young artists that I like to call Hipster/Folk fusion. It has alt-Country elements. The music, including videos, is very strongly implicitly White. The aesthetic is 100% European. The character of the music is melodious, contemplative, nostalgic, very Heartland/Nordic. One quality it lacks is anger.”


  8. Let’s now look to movies for a moment. I hate movies, for the most part, as they have become filth and Soma.

    However, I enjoyed The Guest very much, watching it three times,

    I usually lack the patience to watch a movie twice, as my only interest is in the story (and once I’ve seen it, I’m done) There’s something very satisfyingly modern about this flick, however. And its synthwave soundtrack encapsulates the feel of potency that makes the story so engaging (if not epic).

    It’s disturbing (because indie film needs to find some sort of anti-governmental angle) but satisfying (because anti-hero sticks it to the Deep State, somewhat, sorta, with a valuable life lesson for the underdog).

    Only one Magic KneeGrow appears in the flick. He fails.

  9. A hearty hello to my fellow Ice People!

    For the first time in a number of years I plan to spend Christmas in The Rust Belt with my immediate and extended family. They have already seen plenty of snow. I am looking forward to seeing more. As a California native, I will be wearing my entire winter wardrobe: a cashmere Brooks Brothers jumper from Scotland and some Alpaca gloves.

    Speaking of eagles, Alaska is a great place to see bald eagles. I was there on a fishing trip for salmon and halibut a few years ago, and it was hard to ignore the flocks of bald eagles who followed us and scavenged to the point where they resembled large pigeons!

    We are blessed with a large population of Great Horned Owls here in NorCal. They are majestic souls who happen to be mortal enemies of crows. There is one who lives in a Magnolia tree in my parents’ backyard that we watch out for. My father has killed a few crows who have gotten close to him with a .22 rifle. Not the best gun for the job, but he has been killing crows with a .22 since he was in junior high…

    I have made eye contact with the owl many times. They are a wonder of nature.

    PS – I love the bar fight scene in The Guest, although I didn’t care for the ending. The same writer/director did a girl-power remake of Straw Dogs that is a lot of fun. It’s called You’re Next!

  10. Speaking of pop music, this was one of the most popular songs at the night life venues that I visited in Poland in September/October. The duo who made it is from Moscow. Every time I heard this song people got out of their seats and started dancing:

  11. This one was popular as well. I can’t help but love it, as it is pure Europa. Especially the part when his fans give him homemade pickled vegetables.

  12. Hipsters are good people but their 3d6 wisdom life journey is retarded; or maybe artificial is a better way to describe it.

  13. I saw a youthful three-piece band on the Christmas stage at the Mall. This band totally bucked the trend in that they were young people who were into being musicians and making an effort on their own, as opposed to what is usually up on that stage, which is like the junior high jazz orchestra or the old folks home.

    But the bassist was this ectomorph guy in the mold of ectocmorph bass players and he was doing that thing where every note that he hit, involved a convulsion of his entire body. It’s pretty funny (looking) but as some of you will know, not an affectation. Getting the spirit so to speak.

    Anyways; these girls his peers in the audience, were all omg! look at him. The memory sticks as I’ve seen it many times. It’s the whole shocked reaction against anything real and natural and god forbid authentic. No doubt those girls would have been ok to hear the latest preprogrammed crap.

  14. Yesterday on my dog adventure walk I was moved to song. The light at this time of year is slanted in a particular way. The oak trees and the prairie grass and the snow on the field. Oh it’s a golden light. The small ponds, the ice, the struggling birds.

    This was at a park that gets plenty of Nordic White traffic on these Saturday afternoons. Cross country skiers, dog walkers. Generally the sorts of people who are not in the midst of say committing suicide.

    The song I was trying to work out was from Sopranos, it’s that fucking one that features on the tv Tony is watching and then later when he is at the stable with his horse. The singing cowboy.

    Purple Haze
    In the Canyon
    that’s where I wanna be

    With my three true companions
    my Rifle Pony and me!
    my rifle pony and me

    That melody is on the pentatonic and ranges across one octave. In the key of F, the high note will be a D. Standard range for a cowboy baritone! Three chords, F B-flat and C7.

  15. I can’t follow a melody closely enough from my own head, however. My singing voice is rich and big, but the ear-to-voice neuro mechanisms are a bit on the lack.

    Sven of the Tedious podcast journey, is an excellent singer btw. His rendition of the Kansas classic, Must in the Wind, is fairly on a level with the pros.

    I have a criticism of a lot of his and those guys’ other tracks, and it’s the attitude. The mock irony which is a mask.

  16. I have a criticism of a lot of his and those guys’ other tracks, and it’s the attitude. The mock irony which is a mask.

    Those who can’t do criticize, right?

    But also, those who can’t do, do an insincere version with a mock irony voice.

  17. In the old days, apparently singing groups used to be a thing. Christmas caroling but not just that.

    It’s one of the oldest tropes in the whole AR, about how Christmas Music got turned into jew music. Back in the day the first time they heard Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, they knew what it was about, but eventually that meaning got lost, and now we know again.

    It’s a bizarre characterization of a jew though. A cute reindeer guiding Santa’s sleigh. As if all the jews ever wanted to be, was part of the Team, and help bring presents to children.

    What was Christmas music before it got commercialized?

    Churchy music of a sort it’s hard to even know about now. Now it’s all fast and chintzy reindeer tracks.

  18. Back when Trump got elected, a neat even two years ago now, there was talk about the Christmas spirit being revitalized. Many such comments. How Christmas lights were spellbinding in their bounty. Never had we seen such like since the 50s at least. Since the dawn of time, since the beginning of electricity.

    How has that panned out? hahahahaha

    Trump is a bust that’s a subject for another post.

    Imagine Christmas carolers at your door. There’s always a lot of talk about taking back the streets. Everyone knows that the problem, is that we don’t have workable community units. Community is another and simpler better take on “SCALE” which as a meme sort of worked but not really because intellectual pretentious.

    As I have pointed out many times. The criticism of society along the lines of Scale, is LITERALLY the oldest criticism in the book. It was the basis of Confucian philosophy, that people should live in their villages and stay there.

    So we want neighborhoods and everyone agrees. So as a practical suggestion a great way to work toward that, is Christmas caroling. Could you get anymore implicitly White. Actually though, it is a hate crime now to Christmas carol w/o a jew of either or both sexes (the same jew).

    However here’s the punchline and it turns out the joke is on us. Pleased to be imagining Christmas carolers show up at your poor. Maybe I’m just too warped now, but I don’t know that I’d be comfortable holding open the door to them. Too much uh exposure. As the holder of the open door, what will you be wearing?

    Would you be dressed appropriately for the early evening hours, in woolen pants and leather shoes. Pipe in hand, brandy glass on the mantle. Where is wifey and is her hair up or down? What kind of dog in is the picture?

    Because you’re totally willing to open the door of your house to strangers.

  19. — This one was popular as well. I can’t help but love it, as it is pure Europa. Especially the part when his fans give him homemade pickled vegetables.

    Lothar, you’ve discovered Disco Polo! From infogalactic:

    characterized by simple diagrams harmonic,[3] simple melody,[4] which is often harking back to the tradition of folk music of village,[1] steady rhythm coupled with syncopated samples of drums and accompanying delicate synthesizer sounds.

    The better-heeled folk in Poland will turn up their noses at it, saying that its country bumpkin music. It exploded in popularity right after Communism, and it still has strong niche following, as well as mainstream appeal recordings like the one you linked above. Its lyrics are often “melodramatic levity” about mishaps in love. In any case, I love it! Still have a few of the Disco Polo CDs I bought twenty years ago.

  20. “Trump is a bust”

    Central Americanos arent afraid to cross the border. That’s all you need to know.

    Domestically, why were all of those Confederate statues torn down with inpunity?

    WEAK. We would have taken to the streets for you, Mr. President, if we got the word and felt that you had our backs. No hyperbole: I’d have taken a bullet for you. Men like glory, Mr. President.

    A contrarian counterpoint to Elk’s is my unrelated words upstream:

    When you’re in 1989, you don’t see the macro-trend, you’re just annoyed to hear yet another Janet Jackson song on the radio.

    We are too close to 2018 to pick up on the macro-trend. We just see certain discrete developments: mainstrwsm media have zero prestige; our enemies are letting it all hang out, and this includes Professional Smart Jews who crow about replacing us; the accumulated humiliations obey the law of conservation of energy and matter. The public isnt ready yet. I trust the plan.

    PS: the bankruptcy of The Weekly Standard – is the Cabal going broke?

  21. Lothar, I have often wondered why, it seems, no band has made a video consisting of lingering shots of women in bikinis. Thanks to your link, I now no longer wonder about such things.

    It’s interesting that Western bands would be panned for such a video, but, I assume, the Russian band enjoys great success from it.

    There’s also this, for those who enjoy a more electronic sound. Please ignore the degeneracy and focus on the beauty of the slender White woman:

  22. The Ectomorph bassist and the Asperger’s drummer. Two staples of time. Funny how both have unique access to women.

  23. “is the Cabal going broke?”

    I’m barely not willing to entertain such a thought. I’ve been burned too many times before.

    However, I do want to keep the flame burning. Maybe, finally, it will be worth it this time.

  24. PA, are you a natural or did you hone your English skills by being a stickler?

    “*A* contrarian counterpoint to Elk’s *is* my unrelated *words* upstream”. <– extremely tricky, yet you nailed it

    "We just see certain *discrete* developments: mainstream media *have* zero prestige;" <– most of the mainstream media themselves can't get this point of usage correct

    "The public "isn't* ready yet." <– more of the same–and you stay consistent within your comment.

    You would, no doubt, obtain an elite score on any standardized test of English. Yet English is not your native tongue. How did your prowess come about?

  25. I see sentence structure, as in, physically. “Doesn’t everybody?” Well, probably related, not long ago I discovered that I have synesthesia. From wikipedia – yep:

    “Some synesthetes often report that they were unaware their experiences were unusual until they realized other people did not have them”

  26. Know what might be an interesting and or useful effort comment?

    What are larger and long term effects of Rave Culture on the Health of White peoples?

    What are larger and long term effect of Rave Culture on the individuals (as individuals), who have participated in it?

    Or are such questions besides the point, because those effects are not much, and or they are mostly negative so that they take out those whom they bear on? In other words the effects are not much.

    Rave culture has been a big thing for 20 years or however long, but I haven’t seen anybody try to make sense of it for a larger audience.

  27. To state the obvious, it looks like a lot of fun. Beautiful young people enjoying the beautiful world and themselves and their bodies. And taht’s a bad thing a good thing a bad thing?

    Hey, wanna feel beautiful and in touch with everyone and at ease with the universe? Take this one little pill

    Presumably those video shots were taken at private beach parties in Europe? They sure as hell weren’t taken at any public beaches around here. As if that needs said!

    As a matter of course, the default advise [no sic] position, is Don’t Do Drugs! and that includes alcohol. But realistically many of them can be used to good effect and even good health.

    In the case of Ecstasy, which some people like to class as empathogenic; as a social phenomenon it falls under the vizierate of Uncle Ted and his proclamation that technology has outpaced our social and physiological adaptations. Note to Uncle Ted: why did you have to blow off the limbs of complete strangers? Wtf was wrong with you! asshole

  28. Obviously one “bad thing” about Rave Culture is that it can be a whirlpool and a lot people will get lost in it and never come out.

    On the other hand, we all gotta die sooner or later, and many of them will not be looking back on their rave years with regret.

    Here is an interesting graph from wiki:

    It says on the scale of badness from 0 to 3 that at 3 heroin is really bad and cocaine is 2. 5 so that’s pretty bad too; and alcohol is also pretty bad too rating in at 2.0; but ecstasy is not that bad.

  29. I have wondered here if rave/ecstasy experiences in the late 80s thru the mid 90s damaged a slice of a generation. Weakened their spiritual resistance to unclean forces. Specifically, I theorized that the late-X and Millennial SJW problem can be in part blamed on demonic tainting of the souls of people who did certain drugs in their adolescence.

    To my understanding, the Catholic Church forbids meditation except Christian prayer, including all Eastern forms of it to include yoga, because those activities open you up to things you shouldn’t be open to.

    Ecstasy, never took it. Someone (female) who did told me that at raves it gives you a wonderful feeling of closeness to everyone around you. As occurs to me now, the opposite of hypergamy – which of course is dialed up to red otherwise at clubs.

  30. [Ecstasy] “gives you a wonderful feeling of closeness to everyone around you.”

    So does running your hands down a girl’s sides when she thrusts her hands in the air at the club (i.e., having some natural Game). Takes balls, though.

  31. Nice summary of Rave Culture Chakrates. Or at least so it appears to me, who was outsider to it.

    I hung around on the fringes of Deadhead culture for awhile, and that intersects quite a bit with the rave scene but was not the same thing.

    I never took ecstasy. However looking back it might have been more in tune with my quote unquote “personality” than the drugs that I did do, which were typical of time and place. I advise in the strongest terms, to not ever do any drugs ever at all. Otoh people handle them differently, and in fact they can be mind expanding and in good way. They whole topic is quite LARGE.

    My high school AP European History and Philosophy teacher was a genius, in the mold of the totally out of place at our high school, real deal genius teacher among the more averagely tending bozos. His name was Ukrainian and he was a swinging dick old man who painted and was passionate about history. The first day of AP history he puts to the class “Who is the smartest in this room” just to toy with us, and proceeds to test us all with a memory exercise reciting a lengthy definition of what is history. He’s the subject of another post, but he said that the whole Eastern Enlightenment thing was just some dude sitting under a tree on psychedelic drugs.

    Such thought was not original to him, but it seemed fairly radical and profound to a 16-year old with long hair. I got a 4 on my Euro History AP and therefore an A in the year long final grade for that class. The next year was American History AP and by that time I had gone off the rails into the ditch of the party scene and got a 2 on that test! hahaha

  32. But the people at raves…I could have done without the weirdness of gay black guys pretending to be women hitting on me? Because if I’m at a rave I must be at least bi if not lesbo, right? Because those guys weren’t gay, they were just predators. Rave isn’t really a big thing with blacks unless they’re looking to screw white girls. But rave culture promotes one-worldism like a religion.

    That’s exactly what I was looking for, is a first person account to confirm my prejudices. / seriously

    Those types of black guys are psychological predators who see a niche.

    In fairness, that same niche looks appealing to most any middle-aged man looking in on the rave party beach scenes in the video above. It’s like who doesn’t want to uh commune with those beautiful young women who to all appearances are on steroids of sensuality.

    But so they say Mollie doesn’t inspire throbbing genitals as much as beating hearts.

  33. There’s a predictable letdown after effect to those feelgood raves, which is described as Depression. I have met a number of people who complain about that, and show it in their faces.

    Clearly the best path in life which leads to most sustained slow steady release of joy and associated feelgoods, is ye old Path of Family.

    It’s not the love everyone party at the beach requiring of chemicals. The flip side of it though, is that the world is changed. I don’t see human beings as a whole returning to the Bronze Age. How can that happen when the whole of technology and science can be contained on a smart phone and there are ten billion of those around?

    We’re not struggling isolated bands out on tundra who need another kid in order to make it through.

  34. I hear ya, internet friend. As goes the song,

    Walk hard (and don’t look back)

    But that whole advice of not look back, I have always found to be completely unrealistic. The notion of leaving it all behind and walking into a bright new sunrise in which the past has nothing to do.

    And now we know, with the benefit of DN’s commentary, that in fact there is no getting away from the past, that every day makes us more and more who we are, and every day that was.

    There was a great line from Dune, it was the death thoughts of Leto Atriedes as he lay dying of poisonous treachery,

    The man shapes the day and the day shapes the man

    which line was apparently something they used to say back when in the past. The all time great line on the general theme of time passing and us being stuck somewhere within it, is by what’s that guy’s name, the author who said that the past isn’t dead, it’s not even past.

  35. That line is attributed to that guy Hawthorne was his name, which sounds like a cool English derirved American name but does anyone even know, of any living Hawthornes?

    Can you imagine being named like for instance, Marshall Hawthorne the Fourth.

    It would be cool in the Alt Right, to actually have that name, But in the real world you best be having very straight long English blond hair and of robust frame and strong jaw in order to have that name and stand up to all you abuse you are going to suffer.

    There was funny line this morning by our Anglo-named opinion leader, Andrew Anglin, in evaluating the question of whether or not some recently deceased was jewish,

    I can’t figure out if this guy was Jew or not. It’s typically a Jew name, he looks Jewish, and his partner was Jewish – but Jews usually brag about being Jews.

    Also, you know: sometimes nerds just look Jewy.

    The “line” is the last line there, not the whole quote.

    Clearly though the guy in question most likely was, if you see his picture. His name Colin ‘Schmeully’ Krollbergenstein which would seem to indicate; but apparently in his actual like livingtime life he was implicitly disavowing of being a jew.

    That’s a fun game to play, because you can’t always tell. A great case in point, and this example is boomer posting but let’s do it: your hippy parents’ favorite LP recording artist Jim Croce: Notajew!

    And actually his notajew status was not hard to tell; one just had to look past his nose and instead his lanky Aryan frame and big White hands with which he dominated the guitar with heavy hitting 3d6 dexterity.

  36. Speaking of connections to the past. One thing works to excite those feelings, is to build a fire and stand around it for awhile.

    You will find that you start thinking of all the other people who have done that, and now you are looking at the same fire, in a sense.

    The future without people standing around fires, will not be the same. That’s why that saying of Nothing new under the Sun, has always seemed inappropriate. Possibly I am missing something in its “usage” and “feeling tone”. And also there’s a more difficult philosophical point in it, involving perspective and rate of change; the second derivative of perspective itself. Bear with me, this is not pretentious!

    Things have always changing toward the future. Even back in the day, people were sitting around saying, wow thing’s sure are different now. It’s not it used to be.

    Mel Gibson brilliantly illustrated this feeling tone in his movie Eucalyptus. The Indians were around the fire and some guy was telling the story about how man got fire and the animals became afraid.

    So even back then, even (especially?) those non-Whites, knew. That we stepped up from the muck and we can’t really go back into the bog.


    I went out and made a fire down by the River yesterday. My woodcraft is weak. I fell through the ice into the creek.

    But it was a nice winter day and your feet aren’t actually going to turn black and have to hacked off with a bonesaw. But let’s play pretend that they are and make a fire and warm up. It took three tries to get it started. I used only matches and available kindling of which is abundant down there in the form of dried out grasses.

    The blogger Ol’ Remus advises that woodcraft preppers have at least two forms of fire starter in their pack. I would add heartwood kindling, a couple ten pieces.

  37. It’s worth pointing at the good new Dissident Right ontology meme, among the more engaged youth, that prepping is fundamentally facing in the wrong direction.

    I like prepping. It means going on adventure walks with the dog and building fires. My next step will be cooking outside. I figure the full-on heavyweight cast iron pot, and hanging it from dual tripods.

    But there’s no more room for running away. There’s nowhere to go. Realistically where can you go anymore? If you live in Europe it’s not even worth asking. If you live in America you used to be able to go places away, but not so much anymore. Even Siberia has a Chinese problem and Alaska has a lot of Mexicans.

  38. The self destructive parody stopped being fun a long long time ago. Yes. Yes it did!

    However the joke is on you, if you’re reading something and don’t like it. Pleased to be keeping in mind.

  39. Shall we joust then with our wits, Chakrates?

    You’ll have to do better than calling my posts intellectual though. I take a criticism as well as the next fool; but can’t believe for a second that their tone isn’t obv, and that intellectualism is the cow that’s done gettin gored.

    As for the reference to Calculus 201 and the second derivative of how our perception changes over time. Do you not math?

    The second derivative is (conceivably) where lies the constancy, in how we perceive our progress in evolving out of the muck. Change itself has accelerated, for instance in our population density; and our perception of this speeds up along with it. But perception of that perception, might perhaps be regarded as unchanging. Just an idea!

    By all means contest, but at least demonstrate a refutation.

  40. Global warming is, of course, bunk. Recall that in 2008 shyster Al Gore promised that there would be no ice in the Northern polar region within five years. How’s that goin’, Al? Doesn’t matter, he still made a fortune from his lies, and continues to.

    Is the world getting colder? I think it is. The solar cycle rules all. But the oceans store tremendous amounts of heat, so a colder solar cycle doesn’t mean it’s suddenly colder over night. It takes time, decades in fact. But if we are heading into another “Little Ice Age” like the one from about 1500 to about 1850, then we are due for a world of hurt. There could be famines of a type that could literally kill billions in today’s massively overpopulated world. Well, we can hope. Massive calamities have a way of focusing the mind.

  41. Could you just stop with the intellectual nonsense, betimes?

    Really man, as much as I loved this shit upon a time,…it’s old.

    What specifically is the “intellectual nonsense” that Chakrates asks I spare her the pain of suffering from?

    Perhaps she will be so helpful as to point it out. To not just talk the talk but back up her words with something more than a dense and opaque reference. Perhaps if she is unwilling to speak for herself, some man will come to her aid!

    And if her criticism is not on the substance but of my “style” … Hmmm. Well I guess everyone gets an opinion these days.

  42. If this were a real world relationship here between me and Chakra, cordial and platonic or for that matter otherwise, and we were real people with real feelings — which we are totally not! — but were that the case! then I hope that my redpill journey woulda been alpha dog along enough to have said, in place of what I did just say … “Ok then go ahead.”

  43. Chakrates will understand that my previous just now [9:08 pm] had to be made because this commenting series is in fact, for better and for worse, part of the manosphere!

    I am totally not trying to break back into a resolved drama! because that’s not cool. And that’s not how Supreme Gentlemen roll.

    I am however, posting out that in the real world, those subtle details [emPHASis on the LAST sylLABle of that word plz] will sometimes be sticking points in the power dynamics of relationships especially between men and women.

    As the Eskimos have 17 words for snow [is that even true?], the Japanese have 34 words for apologizing, and at least two of them involve disembolument.

    At the level of real world diplomacy, re apologies the Japanese likely will not accept as adequate contrition, a statement of intent .

    On the level of real human relations though — which we totally are not real people! — apologies are made and accepted implicitly though too, and going with the flow is part of being more than like five years old. So there’s that angle too.

  44. Since no one else is commenting …

    Looking back at the exchange, my honest take on it is that it was a shit test, by Chakrates to Suburban_elk, and Suburban_elk failed utterly and entirely. Beginning to end. Front to back. Start to finish.

    I accepted an apology that wasn’t even offered, in an effort to smooth things over with a woman I don’t know, after she insulted me gratuitously (and well I might add) on a blog where I participate frequently in good spirits and always in good faith.

    That’s just what happened. It’s nobody’s fault but mine.

    Women shit test men and that’s all they do, besides children. They are good for nothing else. Unless they are your mother and cook you dinner. That counts too.

  45. Look, this is not drama posting. An honest question. Is “I will apologize” an apology? If I were weighing in on that question, my answer is, of course not. It is a statement of intent.

    However as we all know, there is an primary element to communication that is beyond the literal meaning of words. This is Non-sperg Living 101.

    So I am sperging out. Guilty as charged. It will be noted that Ms Chakrates insulted my commenting gratuitously and now I have responded. I am sorry to belabor all this. It’s not necessarily a labor of love but perhaps it could be considered as such. I love you all. Gn

  46. Internet echo chambers are not the place to lose the path.

    Life is lived in stages. When a man gets to the stage where he’s old enough to know he can’t go back and undo/redo, videos that show incredibly lithe (largely 17-year-old) girls in next-to-no-clothes (nudity for NW Europeans is associated with imminent sex, I don’t care what you think otherwise) are just a vice (a self-harming act undertaken because it’s nominally pleasurable.)

    We live as a pre-adult/post-adolescent for months, a year or three at most. We have an entire artificial world now, perfectly defined by music videos, that posits that pre-a/post-a stage can be lived permanently. No greater lie was ever composed.

    We do not escape the things we’ve done. Each moment is accessible with near perfect clarity in our memory Today’s mood is the frame by which each of those moments is accessed; dissatisfaction today means yesterday’s pleasures, even if they were disastrous at the time, are colored rose. This amplifies today’s dissatisfaction…and time is the great dissatisfier.

    Happiness is a choice. It is the direct result of placing ones expectations at or below what one has (and that includes what one carries from the past.) I can only imagine the future mental horrors of those blindingly beautiful, generic girls who populate music-video fantasies. What must it be like to have time steal, then crush, then burn to ash an attribute that once placed you at the center of an orbital galaxy? The firework that flashes most brilliantly does so but briefly, and then must spend eternity falling to Earth.

    The hardest expectation to master is that of time’s consequences.

    PS: The “entertainment-uber-alles” social fad of our Age is an adoption of Sun People’s perpetual frolic and Africans’ loose, female-family-head, open sexual marketplace. It is unbecoming of Ice People, like whites who ape Africans with their dreadlocks and melody-free, rhythm-only proto-music.

    PPS: Nothing…nothing will change until this decades’ long drunken lurch into mass pathological openness, trust and optimism (yielding as it did an ethos of unlimited resources) comes to a complete and total end. All pop culture, markets, economics, finance and politics follow social mood. High social mood produces a repeating constellation of upbeat music, high asset prices, robust economic production and togetherness…while deeply low social mood produces expressions of rage and distrust in all those columns. Are financial market prices finally indicating that the 40 year bubble (longer than any on record) has burst? It’s too soon to say, but so far behavior is consistent with nascent trend change. If so, we sail into utterly uncharted waters, but I assume that what was once highly valued (but cast largely aside) will become highly valued once again. Pick what you will from that vague statement, for it applies to many possible columns.

    Final note: I told my sons I didn’t use legal or illegal drugs (and rarely consumed alcohol) because I always wished I was just a little smarter than I am, and couldn’t spare one iota of what always seemed slightly inadequate. The wiki graph about drugs placed above is utter bullshit (and I know more than a little pharmacology), no more than a restatement of the lies and misinformation most people “think they know that just ain’t so.” Alcohol makes white males dangerous. Pot makes the brown people dangerous. Nitrates were part of the drug cocktail on which Duesberg blamed the 1980’s AIDS epidemic (the modern one is blamed on anti-HIV drugs, which are among the most toxic agents available by Rx.) Most of what we think we know today is a LIE, and this applies to history, politics, news, science………everything.

  47. — melody-free, rhythm-only proto-music.

    I was having craft beers with a friend the other night and the conversation got to why we (all Whites) are so allergic to contemporary nognoise music. You know, the irritant you hear from a cheap car with tinted windows next to you at a light or in a bar with a jukebox. That conversation doesn’t translate well to the written format because verbal timing certainly, gesticulation and even facial expressions are part of the explanation, but here goes:

    He said that White rhythm has a progression, and he illustrated this by pantomiming a continuous 4-4 beat, along with various complexities it can take. He then said that blacks don’t do that, they just have this loitering-around thing with their rhythm, at least in the contemporary music that they like, and which is fair to assume to be distilled to their innate tastes. He demonstrates: “Boom!… supporting beats” – (nothing, WTF, I’m already getting uncomfortable). Then again “Boom!… supporting beats…”

    When Whites appropriate rap (Eminem, European nationalists), to my perception- and I have no background-understanding of music – they do give those beats a White progression.

    He then explained why Dubstep and even more so, extreme-metal bands like Meschugga are congenial to us, while driving blacks out of their skulls: “beat-beat-beat-beat- [some crazy offbeat thing that trips up their frontal lobes] beat-beat-beat-beat- [some crazy offbeat thing…”

  48. PA, some people are alive simply because it’s (so far) against the law to kill them.

    When a car pulls up beside me, tinted windows make ID impossible, and the “boom-boom-boom” of anything remotely related to rap starts to rattle the trim in MY car, it is pure restraint not to put my car in park, get out and hose that car from dashboard to back-seat seatback with enough lead to Swiss-cheese even the goldfish in a small tank inside.

    I have zero use for full-auto, even if I was inclined to afford it (or lived where it was even remotely possible to legally own) except in that one case.

    There are (to repeat) some people alive today simply because it’s against the law (SO FAR!!) to kill them. Common courtesy arose from people living for centuries under conditions where being impolite was to volunteer for Darwinian Selection. Common courtesy is all but gone from the public sphere now.

    Cycles are cycles.

    The only interesting effect of multiculturalism is to shuffle into geographic proximity peoples who can barely tolerate each other’s presence when social mood pins the needle to the upside. I have little doubt what will occur when social mood does what it ALWAYS does, which is overshoot to the downside whatever manic boom preceded it.

  49. Two OT comments:
    1. Despite being oversold, stock rallies have fizzled lately (with today being the latest.)
    2. The current yield of the 13 week T-bill is well above Fed interest rates, so it’s highly likely that a rate increase is forthcoming.

    If this keeps up (stocks weak, bond prices weak) long enough, we’ll awaken one day in 2019 and discover that the inertia of the last 40 years has been spent entirely, and all roads now lead to Something New. At some point (or a few of them) along the way there will be air-pocket changes in altitude. Fast seat belts.

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